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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa WfATMt* ta felix#.'ii    £2 ?9.77 •Winn    00    7    J    7V.53 Weather Oh WI AIMC it fOTOCAST €> Snow IS expected Monday night from central New York into northern New England, over northern Michigan and in the northern Rockies. Rain is forecast for northern Call. omit, Oregon and Washington. Mostly fair weather is expected elsewhere. church. Cremation at Cedar Memorial cemetery. Harrison’s. A memorial has been established, Traer — Mrs. Alma Anthony, HO. Services Tuesday at IO at Overton’s. Burial in Oneida cemetery near Clutier. Kalona — Dudley Allen, OO. Services Tuesday at 1:30 at Petorseim’s, Burial in Riverside public cemetery. Marengo — Jennie Wilson, 93. Services Tuesday at 1:30, lloovcr-Valentine, where the Rebekah lodge will conduct services at 7:30 p.m. Monday. Marengo — Miss Alice Messer, 73. Services Wednesday at 1:30, Hoover-Valentine. Burial: IOOF cemetery, Victor. Delta — Arven Wayne Hac- Hiqh temperatures Sunday, low temperatures overnioht and Inches of pre* rpltatlon Anchorage 75 4 Atlanta 42 25 Bismarck 3J -I Chicago . 24 16 .21 Denver 37 is Duluth ....32 0 Honolulu BS 72 Houston ,. 52 34 L. Angeles 87 56 Miami Bi 41 Min'apolis It 2 I N. Orleans 6S 37 New York 42 32 Phoenix .. 77 56 Seattle SC 45 .21 I Washington 47 35 .07 20 ,x9 20 20 C. R. Weather High Sunday Low overnight Noon Monday ........... 2 p.m. Monday ..... Precipitation  .....  None Total for Feb. ..,..,...,...,0.33 Normal for Feb. ,1.03 Normal through Feb 2.54 Total for 1974 ...............1.96 Barometer, steady .......30.46 Humidity at noon ....... 63% Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p.m., W at 15 mph. Sun rises Tuesday, 7:47; sun sets, 6:53. Year Ago Today — High, 36; low, 28; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Tuesday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck ...... PtCldy    43-10 Chicago ........PtCldy    34-27 Cincinnati  PtCldy 35-22 Cleveland ....... PtCldy 28-20 Des Moines ....... Fair 42-32 Detroit .........PtCldy 30-22 Indianapolis .....Clear 35-27 Kansas City ..... Clear 58-36 Milwaukee ...... Fair 36-23 Mpls.-St. Paul ..PtCldy 38-18 Okla. City.........Fair    65-40 Omaha .........PtCldy    55-26 Sioux Falls ........Fair    47-20 Degree Days drain valve at 432 Seventh street SE. 5:32 a.m. Sunday. Short iii wiring in ear in front of 340 Wilson avenue SW. I :f9 p.m. Sunday. Assist area ambulance at Tenth avenue and First street SW. 1:57 p.m. Sunday. Overheated pan on stove at 355 Eighth av enue SW. 7:47 a.m. Monday. Unknown to alarm system at 717 Sixteenth street NE. 8:01 a m. Monday. Assistance call at 1464 Council street NE. Magistrate’s Court Speeding — Dennis Worde Doff. 226 Fourteenth street NE; Linda Siemering, 2106 L street SW: each fined $40 and costs. Anthony Clayton, 227 Twenty-second street NW; Kenneth Bracy, 5458 J street SW; Frank Hoists, Mechanicsville; James Johnson, Swisher; Richard Foster, 1235 Fourth avenue SE; James Vick, 4405 Lee street NE; Robert Primrose, 3849 Clark road SE; Richard Klein, Coralville; Donald Andrews, 1727 Maple drive NW; Clarence B r e y e r, 2239 Forty-second street NE; Colin Williams, 2971 Sixth street SW; Barbara | Kautz, 1411 Eighth avenue SW; Florian Goedken, 336 Forest drive SE; Nancy Balsiger, 225 Sixteenth street SE; Nancy Kick, 65 Oklahoma avenue SW; Kathleen Devine, 1605 B avenue NE; Charles Guthrie, 1501 Fifth avenue SE; Frederick Swope, 1126 Eighth street NW; Charlotte Wade, 2316 Otis road SE; Steven Meister, 1802 Central drive SW; Mark Heck, 1604 Eighth avenue SE; Janet Goldsberry, 4418 Twin Pine drive NE; each fined $30 and costs. Joseph Koffron, 4600 Mt. Vernon road RE; fined $25 and -Watergate- (Continued from Page I.) The Cedar Rapid* Cf arette; Mon., Feb., 25, 1974 Josephine Bydzovsky    Golden    A.    Wear Josephine Bydzovsky, 87, wife Golden A We.tr, 81, of 608 Ely of J a ni c s Bydzovsky, 346 avenue SW, died Sunday follow* Twenty second avenue SW, died ,nf> * illness. Formerly of Sunday following a long illness. ,ovv;i Falls, he had been a Cedar Born Feb. 22, 1887, in Czeeho-1 RaP*ds resident 49 years. Born Charles Slovakia, she was married March |^ov in City Hunts Funds To Build West Side Library Branch 14, 1891, at Ridge farm, 111., I House special counsel and polit! 23, 1020, in Marion, and had n< w;is Carrie been a resident of Cedar Rapids ^(‘Distorm Aug since 1919. She was a member    ,    ii- , , trustee of ZCIiJ lodge    ,’rior    u<    his    retirement,    he0"    h,c    gnmnds he behoved he .I i i i would he indicter! *ied to Sumo s’ ral troubleshooter, who was (>x- w‘ s)    branch library. i 5 19J7 p/.rJ. fused from testifying before the ,^r’ William Ramstad, 1 Watergate committee last fall ‘dent    *b() library boa ^_____ s    retirement, Surviving in addition to her    ',nlj|°V''d    l>y Link isband, is a daughter, Mary '    'orp'    or    ' ...    P    }    J    W/1S A VfMf»rnn \A7/>rl/l ti/* former White House aides II It. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlich-man, said he would not be surprised if his clients were indicted.    City    officials    are    reviewing    with about $230,000 allocated to Another possible target was ,hc budget thi‘s we<’k’ trVin« to|Iowa. Colson former White ,ind funds tbat cou,d match a To be eligible for some of Ihe federal grant to construct a funds, however, the city must apply by March I and must be pres-j willing to match the federal atcrgate committee last fall ,aeni 01 In« "P™TY board of funds for the project. ‘    Monday hush age, Cedar Rapids; a son, and three grandchildren. M,,nd j^r ty(!ar was f'rr:i ' bury United Methodist church; s rv ut. Hanford American Legion post, .Services: Turner chapel west and the South Side Civic club at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday by the Rev George McDill of lluss Memorial Presbyterian church. Burial: Czech National. Friends may call at Turner’s west. Bellon Slowter Belton Slowter, 54, of 512 “on®y    ,f,tru    Cost of the branch library is ink-Rolt woul<l bc indicted.    ,h A Jh avallabl( 1,1 estimated al    Half    of He Regwded    a* virtually certain    me Drancn.    th.|t W0||,d be    the    mo}jt    (he was a veteran of World    war I    !°    week were the find-    * JSi^btSIfeta^rfwn    cl,y c"uld hope    ,#r    ,mm    lhc a member of    As    ,ngs    of ,hc    paneI investigating    cr'il °?“gatl°n bonds has drawn    federyj funds __ mix    rOI As lh,, watery breakin and    majority approval on three cc-    bccauS(. ^    ^    ^ raw-up.    jcasions,    the latest    last No-    allocation for the whole slate, Other investigations    nearing member,    but each time approval Surviving ire hi« u/ifn• turn completion include campaign sborf of the 60 percent. re-1 daughters, Adel Abb" ' Kre —ca**, -he ITT a1 nulled by state law. mrmf r-.iif .r,.!    ■    trust settlement, campaign dirty    Funds Released    1    ,• Abbey Mountain Viz o f i t™ tricks, the    White    House    plumb-    ,    ,    .. . .    . ,    .    -o/nplicating the question fur- three Z AthZ’ V " ere and the probe of the anre- Uamsl?d ,adar?‘ f“m,s thpr ls fact Cedar Rapids is sons-    f    ■■    NHfj    obliterated    nib    Deviously impounded by Pres- changing fiscal years, and the ident Nixon have been released, b u d g e t recently approved covers 18 months. Energy— (Continued from Page I.) it s unlikely the full amount would be given to Cedar Rapids. corded of the obliterated rec song, Alborn, Cedar Rapids, Washburn, Oklawaha, Fla, and Douglas, Mt. Pleasant; J f $    t-.    ti tm a brother, Charles, Yakima    'm a' "T 7lbe thrown off by renewed prob- Ninth avenue SE, died Sunday    a‘'*sder*^°BK‘stewart J jemj| gaining access to White following a long illness.    j    River    halls,    Wis.;    IS    grand    House    files    and    by    a    request to Born Jan. 15, 1920, in Ohio, Mr. Slowter had been a Cedar children grandchildren. and three great- de]ay any matters that might.irresponsible SorvippQ. rh- ,    .    j    involve Mitchell until the jury I Simon Rapids resident 34 years. He! J * '' ‘'iii! °I, ^c‘mo,1^:!has been chosen and segues- meeting of the national confer-was married to the former Nina ’.u.'llin; ^ nu r sd ay by the tared tor his New York trial Jury selection should be com milieu iviemooist church. I ni Burial: said and reckless,’’ in remarks to a Because of the change, it’s even harder to find the money to match a federal grant, if the grant is approved. Site Donation fl.    i lf most of the money can be Thompson, May 2, 1973, in Cedar! |{CV' Carles Mohaffcy of As- "arm-!''"“ “T IT'tVderal T?™* ""a Rapids lie was a member of bury ,U*“e' M«thodW Church.;p|c„.d this week.    Knerev    Of    tee calculabJ a ntf sou"f -Ramsta? *»*■ the New Jcrus-ilcm Church of h ,,(|ar Memorial. Com- Jaworski disclosed the extent ii .r !    ,    l    d    library    board may be able to Cod in Christ    mittal    wil1 ^ condutted in the of'hterffki's la^ Teenflict with f,dly v,; od * m bi1 f BJjheip by solieiting donation of a M el ,    •    ■    ,    ,    U    chaP‘'1'    win're military services the White I louse in a letter ' k 'TT *°, i*h;,Ut ? si"’ for ,he branc h or obtaining Mr. Slowter is survived by his, win be conducted by Hanford dated p “    *    *    £»    i    'm*    m.llton    barrels    a    day.    Last    w«k.    private    funds. wife. post. Friends may call at Cedar Feb. 14, to Sen. James ^    t0^aj    was    4    3 rnillion c rr .    ,    .|„    .    .    -      Eastland    (D-Miss.),    chairman of I harrnk a Hav Services: Turner chapel east Memorial funeral home after 6 the senate judiciary committee. , In Vt h e r Pum Wednesday by the p.m. Tuesday. The casket The prosecutor said the Pres-Lil. furley Bassett. I.itrialt.w H he dosed at 9 p.m. Wednes- ident had rejected his request1 A mandators for tapes of 27 presidential con-;phasing system gets underway at 3 Rev. Linwood. Friends may call at day. Turner chapel east until 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. The casket will not be opened after the service. Floyd L. Slaymaker venations Jaworski sought Iw Monday in Delaware, with mo- The city council was asked to advise the library board before energy-related'deaijne this week if it .should formally apply for the gasoline pur- grant “It does Folve the west side problem,” Ramstad said of the grant possibility, “and it gives .    ‘he    cover-up    investigation.    Also    toris(s rpquired    t0 buy    at lcast Floyd I. Slaymaker, 63, of 'JIH rejected    were requests    for tapes    « worth of    f„r    full-size'us some help downtown ” rhirty-second street SE, died and documents believed related autos and j., for sma|| cars. ( Mandatory odd-even    gasoline___ purchase plans    begin    Tuesday Sunday after a long illness. A lo investigations of the plumb-retired farmer, he was born ors and campaign contributions Get. 26, 1910, at Marengo and Rom the dairy industry. kerjv™ Services Tuesday at William Dolezal 74 of 2520    .ai Maren8° and i™m me uairy mousily.    in    New    York,    which    is    changing 2, Holms, Sigourney.    k'afhrvn    ♦    eu!’    ^ a    ,had lived in this vicinity most of 11 was understood, Jaworski f vnluntarv svstem Iowa City M.SS Mary Kiv- ^atb ^ ^ SW. died sudden- his life Hfi recently was OT-had decided against further fF?? VSS    xnrvev Im, 85. Services Tuesday at 9,    Sunday after a brief illness.    _____ ______________ u.,    An    Associated    I ress survey —Kc?lmbr?ch-- (Continued from Page I.) St. Patrick’s church. Rosary Monday at 7:30, Donohue’s. Hills — Ervin “Buck” Stim-meJ, 74. Services Tuesday at 2, Donohue’s, Iowa City. Decorah _ Selmer H. Narum, 83. Services Wednesday at I, First Lutheran church. Steim’s. Waukon — Lucille Kepler, church.j Suriviving are his wife, the former Verda Nederhi&er, to whom he was married Aug. 9, 1930; a daughter, Mrs. William Kullmer, Dysart; two grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Lester Konigsmark, Cedar 55 5,064 .5.350 .76.31 6,631 Sunday Total to date   ........ Through Feb. 24, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year .... Coralville Lake Pool level Monday .... Births — Mercy Feb. 23 — Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Gibbs, 1002 Eighth street SW, a daughter. Feb. 24 — To the families of Douglas Morris, 6025 First avenue SW, a daughter; Robert Junipt a daughter; Neal Births — St. Luke’s Feb. 22 — To the families of Rick Porazil, Fairfax, a son; Mrs. Barb Winnie. Hiawatha, a son; Fabian Skretta, 607 Thirty-sixth street SE, a son. 23 costs. Alvin Mouchka, Amana; Saturday ..................49|Robert Tokheim , 3620 John son avenue NW; Kevin Smith, Morley; Linda Weber, Hiawatha; Michael Gorman, 119 Twenty-sixth street drive SE; Stephen Drahos, 4009 Oakland road NE; Thomas Petersen, 1925 Second avenue SE; Lanny 670.751 Smith, 202 Fourteenth avenue SW; each fined $20 and costs. Driver’* license violation — Larry Anderson, 1225 Brockman drive SE; fined $25 and costs. Mary Hill, 2446 Wisconsin street SW; fined $20 and costs. Steve Huggins, 1519 First street SW; fined $15 and costs, „ ,   T $ j i our .Robert Knalse, 1031 Cheyenne t'’Am1. J{£!Kcrr '.KV‘;.SW'    NW; Linda Siemering. a daughter, Neal Gilbertson, vin#; t cironi cui. fin,.a cia .nj 2432 Eleventh avenue SE, a1L street SW, fined $10 and daughter.    -    '    .    _ Improper passing — Daphne Craig. Center Point; fined $15 and costs. Faulty equipment — Edward Johnson. Swisher, fined $30 and costs. Jack Powers, 6816 IKingswood lane NE; Steve Er-... m, ..    -    ... J lacher, 1645 Thirtieth street SE; ¥ cb. 23 -To the families oLftalph Morse, KHO M avenue Gerald Mounter, route 2, NW; each fined $10 and costs. Marion, a on; William Reeker,    , V lorn.-.:, ran    .,.,, 7.7.1' “n.uthorvrfpcf. _ . „    ’ _    ,    ...    .    son to drive — Gerald Dunn, Feb. Ii — lo the families of so'on, fined SZO and costs. Michael \ Lek. SMT Eighth ave- Improper registration HUO SW, ii son; Lo ret* L. Ross. S*o\o Krlaoher 1645 'I 1325 F avenue NW, a daugh- street SE; fined $10 and costs tcr: Jrffrry Braden. 883 Fifth Trafflc ki,nal violation Bradley McCullough, 90 Forti-|Kenwood eth street NE; Carl Takes,Uwn vonre Monticello; James Roman, 2417Jj Deborah drive $15 and costs. 77. Services Tuesday at 1:3(), Lutheran church in Ely St. Paul’s Methodist Martin’s. Postville — Mrs. Paul Helming. Martin’s, Waukon. Vinton — Mrs. Rolin O. Johnson, 81. Services Tuesday at 2, Campbell’s. Independence — Egbert E. Cole, 80. Services Tuesday at I, First United Methodist church. Masonic rites Monday at 8, White’s. Earlville — Ray C. Salow, 76. Services Wednesday at 2, Im-m a n u e I Lutheran church. Friends may call after 7 Monday at Clifton’s. Lamont — Carl Lunge. 66. ,    ,    ft    . Services Tuesday at 2. Im- chaP°‘ aftcr noon Tuesday rn a n u e I Lutheran church. Burial: Floral Hills, Oelwein, Kreussel-Fawcett. Iowa City — Mr. Gail Wiese,    Paul    D.    Shanks,    81,    a    former 60. Services Wednesday at resident    of    Cedar    Rapids,    died ut George L. Gay’s. Cre- William Doiezal William Dolezal, 74, of nj™    ***    lluo "It-mny must OI ** »'«• recently was em-tia(^ decided against nuuni Associated Press A resident    p,#yfd    T    3    d^ys in. '^TUP ^ diselo^C^a.es are ciiung testified he arranRed for .bout i , ,r    ,    ,1    neer    at    the    nnt;f nffiPA    subDoenaim?    the    27 taDes.    .    .    ,    ^    .    .    $4nnnoo    in    nuvmnntc    u/*_ last 15 years, he was born Aug. 9, 1899, in Ely. He was .'garage owner and    af    a    declinc    » gasoline tax revenues. The Federal Energy Office said Monday it would encour- chinson (R-Mich. back on highway construction    $400,000    in payments to the Wa- surviving    are his wife, the    Kut subpoenas were consul-    and de|aying rnpairs t0 older    tergate    burglars while they former    Marguerite Hospo-    ered likely in an effort to obtain    roads because of a decline in    were    ia*L made other pay- operator in Ely for 37 years and    {?    wh<)ni    he    was rnar‘ th€,. GV,uefnCu -in ^ P.,umbcrs gasoline tax revenues.    mcnts    to    Emitted    political Z ,    ^ A\-,n!5’    V,atU^,(;r’    a?n"nr    WatergateTelated    The    Federal    Energy    Office1"/^    W lnHrrn ‘VI,S- (,ene Co,c’ Scottsdale, ,n anomer watcrgate-reiated    r    .    „)nilu    lWas    involved    in    a    number    of .John s Ariz’; tvvo    grandchildren; a    dovdopmenl, Rep. Edward Hutv    ^'d ^    gwiflh nrn4nrVmaj°r    campaign contributions Johns sister, Mrs. Charles Studt,    chins°n (R-Mich ), ranking Re- refineries to switch prodic-    fo thc    ]9? K campaign, a brother. Pelican on the    °    •"-'*«««    ^    from    dairy'    pi was a member of the Rapids Boat club. ZCBJ Ely IOOF lodge and St. Cedar Rapids, and at p.m. Rapids, and Mrs. Gilbert Hovor-| uesday ka, Ely, and a brother, Louis, Cedar Rapids. Services: Brosh chapel at 2 p.m. Wednesday by Pastor Alvin L. Danielson. Burial: Oak Hill. Frindes may call at Edward, of California. Services:    Brosh    chapel (10:30 a.m. Wednesday by the Rev. George W. Carlson.In^nt Inquiry Burial: Linwood. Friends may call at the chapel after noon committee, said he believed the gasoline by allowing them to ducers White House would cooperate c'harge a penny a gallon more with the committee’s impeach-Uor gasoline at the wholesale! level.    In    Monday’s    court    action,    the government said that between March and November, 1970, Kalmbach solicited pledges of $3.9 million for Republican candidates in congressional campaigns. __.. .    „    .    „    4    . , The prosecutor said he did Edward    Valentine lUmwy, SI., from    Cedar    Raptds    to    Las this    at tho direction of an un- 0 rural    Waverly    pled    guilty! Vegas    April 19. 1973.    named White House aide,    for    a onday in    odar    apids fedora    The jewels were stolen    from a    campaign committee set    up    in salesman in    Moline    ,hp l),slncl ot Columbia 1972. Aossey    was ar-    .J*    kin violation    of . . i , .    .    „ .    ,    ., the    law. had neither a chairman He    was    charged    in    an    indict- rested    in    Cedar Rapids    April 27, (10r    a treasurer, the government ment handed down Feb. 13 by a 1973 by FBI agents. The jewels said. This resulted in the felony were not found in his posses- charge against Kalmbach. sion, but a large sum of cash    No    Refund was. Innamed Aide thc James Jordan Seeks Return To Iowa House Guilty' on Still Charge; Aossey Denies Indictment Paul D. Shanks 1:30 mation to follow Iowa City — Baby Jonathan Barnes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Amil Baines. Services Wednesday at ll at Babyland in Me-mory Gardens cemetery. George L. Gay’s. Rep. James Jordan Legislature Senate Convened 9:39 a m. Received seven bills including one to require owners to tie down their mobile homes. Began debate on the bill to Burial al Coraopolis, rewrite Iowa’s criminal laws. Recessed for lunch and committee meetings. House Convened IO a.m. Took up for fourth day a bill to establish a collective bargaining framework for public emnloves. Recessed for lunch to 1:15 pm, Sunday at Rogers, Ark. Mr, Shanks had made his home in Cedar Rapids with a daughter, Mrs. Charles McCrory, and the family had moved to Rogers only last week. In addition to Mrs. McOrory,|M^te Rep‘ James Jordan three grandchildren survive. Services: Thursday, set tentatively at IO a m., at Copeland funeral home, Coraopolis, Pa. court to one of three involving illegal operation of still. counts . ? j jewelry Aug. 31, Cedar Rapids grand jury Two men indicted on other charges by the grand jury pled innocent at Monday arraignments. James Aossey, formerly of , p_ 3226 Parkview court SE. denied two-count indictment charging His attorney apologized to Judge McManus for Aossey’s unshaven appearance at the arraignment. He had been denied a razor at Memorial Services avenue, Marion, a son; Don Reed, route I, Marion, a son. W.l Out of Town Births At Coralville -Mr. and Mrs. David L. Pratt, a son on Feb. 25. Pratt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pratt, 126 Twenty-fourth street NE. Marriage Licenses Peggy Gook and Timothy Cook, Phyllis Johnson and K d rf i e Ayers, jr., Sandra Medius and Thomas Van Ambury, Bcrnita Stewart and Rodney Simonson, all of Cedar Rapids. Louise Cortland, Hiawatha. and James Montague, Cedar Rapids. Bonita Teggutz.I Cedar Rapids, and Gary Lefc-hure, Fairfax, Beverly Mahr, Hiawatha, and Dale Abdat, Cedar Rapid1, Mary Burnett and Jackie St* wart, both of Marion. Marriage s Dissolved Mary beth and Jerry Lee Markwell. Judith Karen and Lo Simon Tiff, Car ma Lou and Merle ll. Cox. Willadcne and Vernon Sehminkcy. Susan M. and Steven .1. O'Connell Mary A and Stephen E. Troy. Diana K. and Robert /.aiger Fires ll) 49 a rn Saturday Defective fuel flow in furnace at 12(11 First avenue SE 2 44 p.m. Saturday Unknown to trash iii 50(H) block Council street NE. 6 02 p.m. Saturday Annist pollee in river rescue at L avenue and First street NW 7 Z.'l p rn. Saturda\ Broken -Art Theft- (Continued from Page I.) hirtieth jwou*d bave *° “re-examine” the security set-up. Protective arrangements at House were improved ago when two paint-SW; each*’ fined I *ngs    Century    Venc- Thomas Creen. Han Francesco Guardi wore sto- Stotelmyre, Franklin Junior — Services were conducted iii Turner chapel vet st at noon Monday by the Rev, Michael Last. Burial: Rector cemetery, Chelsea. Dvorak. Tracy E. — Services were conducted at 2 p.m. Monday in Janeba-Kuba funeral; announced Monday he]a will seek re-election to a second^;interstate transportal of sto term from the 30th district. |Ien jewelry from Moline, 111., to the Linn county jail since Satur-The district encompasses Las Vegas, Nevada.    day as inmates are not allowed three precincts in north Cedar] karry Orville Kiertenbaeh.j to shave over the weekend, the Rapids and most of Linn county i50*6 owner of a Lawler silo- attorney reported, north and east of Cedar Rapids,*making corporation, pled in-including Hiawatha.    ’inoeent to one count of obstruct- Jordan, 53, is a farmer and a inc Inlernal Revenue agents! The judge said he was not veteran of World war II He i$l'vbo were attempting to dispose Iaware °f sucb regulations and turn of his $100,000, but he did married to the former Mildred In the second charge, prosecutors said that on Sept. 16, 1970, Kalmbach, ‘‘as a reward for political activity,” promised Symington one of several European ambassadorships. The prosecutors said Kalmbach called the White House, “received assurances” that Symington would get the post, and “the deal was made.” When Symington did not get the job, he was offered the rc- Hoover and is the father of three children He is a member of the house committees on    agriculture J liens. Three Counfs $10 len. They were worth about $60,000 each and were found j several weeks later in Brussels. 1602 E avenue NW; fined and costs. Vehicle control violation — Donna Daniel, 1311 Highwood! D •# • » t* *    . drive NW; fined $10 and costs. | lirRaui S biggest previous art Striking unattended vehicle ,('bb€rV was in December, 1966,1 Daniel Gorman, 815 Nine- when eight paintings estimated St teen th avenue SW, fined $30 in value at $4.2 million were 110 mb avenue SW; Kl ^stolen fro,,, Ihe Duluich college costs.    gallery    in southeast London. Deaths    ^ Pic,uros — three by home west by the Rev. Leonard county government and finance. Showalter, Burial; Czech Na-1    ««, Renal.    rn Hottinger, Olive It. — Grave-    “"COUf    I    'mmmm side services were conducted at I    p.m. Munday    in Linwood    cill inned from Page I.) cemetery by the    Rev. Don, F.    forCed to purge its files of rome Maple of Lovely Lane United I    j    ' Methodist church. Arrange-1    rmaj,on gathered    in ments by Cedar Memorial fu- Vance of a 1969 anti-war demon-neral home.    Stratton.    Lower    courts ruled Harman. Mary    — 10:30 a rn.;    that    the information was gath- in Chape! of Memories    «,rod    h> tho FB1 t{) delerminc Ramsey was charged with three counts; Possession (rf an unregistered still; possession a still with intent to use it and illegally p r o d u e ing distilled spirits without a license. Check Policy said aware of such suggested Sikma Took into the n°l accept, according to prose policy since federal prisoners colors. are detained at the jail.      — i;''    Phantom Prof Aossey, a 42-year-old Cedar ()f Rapids business man, is curren- Still Colling? m.a tlv serving a (ivp-vear lerm in i    t* I I Changes School tly serving a five-year term in the state    penitentiary in Fort Madison    on a    conviction    of ii    xx    a    *    .    .stealing    about    $400 worth    of He pled guilty Monday    to sim- „    ®    .    worm    oi ,    1    ■.    x,.‘u * x ij    merchandise ole possession of a still, but told from a Cedar ad- judge Edward J, McManus he Th u^Snn^15rImar^et *n operated the still at his    **    °n    aPI>ea    t0 10:30 Tuesday by the Rev Don F Maple of Lovely Lane United Methodist church. Burial; Cedar Memorial. Arrangements bv Cedar Memorial funeral home. Pennington. Keith James , PMI rick’s Catholic church at a m. Tuesday by the Rev Martin Laughlin. Burial; Cedar Memorial. Survivors include a brother, Way ne Pennington, home to manufacture whisky. The charge resulted from Iowa lion site a month at a later. ^ ^    „    whose    name    was incorrectly Rubens, three Rembrandt*; and; reported to The Gazette Satur-\ n a inos,$    Ai id row    s    NI, I-    one |>y Gerard Drou —    were    ,lav- Services    Wednesday    at    fOTind abandon^ at a construe    Nordstrom,    Ona    Brosh chapel at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday and Fry chapel in Mediapolis at I s> iii. Tuesdax I. the R Yellow Fever    William {tarnish. Buna BALBOA, C. Z. (AP) - An "Uth cemetery. There are Ibret * j _ .j , .    ,    grandchildren    surviving American medical team    from    clition    to the the Panama (’anal Zone is    fighting an outbreak of yellow    fever sun. 83 I, Geett eh’s. Burial at Springville Dysart Mrs. Elsie Mask. 74 Services Wednesday ut I at Overtones. Burial in Westview cemetery, La Porte City, Ryan Mrs. Irene M. Rich* mund, 67. Services Wednesday at 10:30 at St, Patrick’s I the likely size of the demonstration, not to identify individual demonstrators. Rejected a challenge to the Federal Trode Commission’s power to make rules defining certain trade practices as unfair and deceptive and thus illegal. Decided to rule next term in a Montana case whether federal laws controlling liquor .sales on Indian reservations are unconstitutional. I pheld a lower court finding an Oct. 26, 1973, raid on his home by Waterloo policemen and agents of the treasury department’s bureau cf alcohol, tobacco and firearms. supreme court Trial on the federal charge was scheduled for 9 a m. March 25 * * * Kurtenbueh, owner of Krcp Keeper Midwest, Inc., is j charged with not allowing IR.S agents on his property Oct. 30, 1973, allegedly standing at the door with a shotgun in a case, j The agents were attempting to remove parts used for silo making which had been sold by The phantom phone caller claiming to be a professor from Coe college has apparently changed his allegiance to xMt. Mercy college Officials at Mt. Mercy reported receiving a telephone call from a woman who said a man called her and identified himself as a professor in psychology at MU Mercy. He said he was conducting a church. Rosary at 8 Tuesday at in a jungle area in eastern Pan-Shelly    Manchester, where friends may call after I Tuesday. Marengo Gordon W. Knip pie, HO Services Tuesday ut I 30 ut    First Presbyterian othci previously listed. Hopkins, Allard “ll.ip" a,rn. Tuesday in Jancba \sst. U.S. Atty. Robert Siknv; agents on his property Oct. 30, survey on sex and morality to told the judge thc government 1973, allegedly standing at the published in a psychology had agreed    to    dismiss the other    door with a shotgun in a case,    journal. He then proceeded to two counts    in    return for Ram    The    agents were attempting*    ask tbe VV(‘man general and sev’s guilty pica cai the posses- to remove parts used for silo- Rkn niore inmate questions sion charge.    making which had been sold by about sex He could face a maximum elosed-bid auction.    Both    Mt.    Mercy and Coe $10,000 fine    and five years’ im-    The    property had been sold to    college officials emphasize the pi isonment    on    the charge. fk*n-    cover    unpaid employes’ with-    man is not on either of their KoT- an statut0 banning the fencing was postponed pending holding tax.    staffs and advise persons rc- sak* of obscene books and mag- ''reparation a pre sentence Trial on thc charge was also! ceiving such calls to hang up in ad- azines by persons holding liquor report,    set for 9 a.m. March 25, and    •    — survivors licenses is unconstitutional. A    *    *    *    bail was continued at $5,000 A’ppr/ f/jp Rirrlc three-judge federal panel had Aossey is charged with Iran* surety bond,    !    int?    u    f05 k1!1( said the Ohio law- provided no sporting diamonds and rings va-j -—-  —_ >»hi/htilts I* itlf /nirt/tMf it oui lo u rilt1, mn ii with 11 on im I lower shop I mu I III I IIIKIS I I -Kl I I I is HI V I) NW I I OWI HI'IIONl Nit, (MZO "I PIERSON’S ama. Z < o funeral home \\< st WR. Eh Ic it Burial by the Rev I .Inwood. j legal guidelines and no hearing * toed al $100,000 from Moline to! process.    j    Cedar    Rapids    Aug.    31,    1972,    and when wolds aren't enough send sympathy with flowers HORIST anil GIF I SHOP 364-8139 PHON! ANSW! RID ?4 HOURS EVERY DAY f lonC for Ovtr 61 Yean .IOU*    K.(.AITS Convenient Downtown Location 308 3rd Ave.SE    365-0511 John B. Turner & Son Rincml Directors sine c 1888 Now, two completely-staffed locations to serve you. lunier sliest HI X)SC( Of Kl AVG. SI' Ult I HTS West 1221 thirst AYT West ;

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