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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NMIONM WI ATHER KOVIC* FOOICAfcT I    IST The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., I eh. 20, 1974 JA soCr^ v) DEI WI Avn. 0 FDICX AS! $> Rain is expected Wednesday night over the north Pacific states and across the couth em Great Plains and lower Mississippi valley. Snow is likely over parts of the upper Mis sissippi valley and mid plains. —Daily Record— The Weather High temperatures Tuesday, low Fires 4:54 p.m. Tuesday. Gas furors to pilot light at 3000 J street SW. 9:48 p.m. Tuesday. Investigate odor at 707 Twentv- 11:17 p.m. Tuesday. Un-_ .    . . —    .    ,    ..known    to    junk    at    509    J    avenue Extended Forecast — Cloudy NW Friday through Sunday with a 7:02 a m. Wednesday. Leak-chance of snow late Saturday or] ing refrigerator compressor at Sunday. Highs in mid 20s north-]4220 ( ouncil street NE. east to mid 30s southwest. Lows Magistrate's Court IO to 15 north to the low 20s south. perjures overnight and Inches of pre-1 capitation. Anchorage » S L. Angeles 60 SS Atlanta 63 35 Miami 76 68 Bismarck 34 3t Minneapolis 39 31 Chicano 43 33 .OS N. Orleans 70 39 Denver SI 34. OS New York 54 45 .39 Duluth . 34 I Phoenix 77 53 .03 Honolulu . 83 66 Seattle 48 43 i Houston 70 S6 Washington 54 43 .03 Herbert O. Wood Herbert O Wood, 78. of 210 Collins road NR, died Tuesday following a long illness. A lifelong resident of Linn county, he was born May 18, 1895, at Martelle. He was married to Leona Mellugli May 18, 1922, at Cedar I Rapids. Mr Wood had been employed by Allis Chalmers Mfg. Co. for 20 years. He was a member of Martelle Presbyterian church and a veteran of World war I. Surviving are his wife, Leona; a daughter, Carol Throckmor-| ton, Alburnett; two sons. Hill, Marion, and Robert, Bellevue, Neb.; two sisters; Nellie Stearns, Mi. Vernon, and Ruth Wilkey, Cedar Rapids; seven grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren. Services: Chapel of Memories at 10:30 a rn. Friday by the Rev. j William Harnish. Graveside services by Hanford post. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Cedar Memorial funeral — home after noon Thursday and St. Paul’s United Methodist after 9 a.m. Friday at the chap-church. Martin s.    el. Rosary: Thursday at 7 p.m. Central City Hie! Bender- at the funeral home. The casket son. 71. Services Friday at ] will be closed at 10:15 Friday. Church of C brist. |rrien(js    jf they wish, do-  Ernest A. nate to the American Cancer So- Services at 91 ciety. New Rate Hike Plea Seen by Senator: Loosen Limit on Iowa Electric Truc* S/zes 0/7 Interstates .    WASHINGTON    'UPI)    —I Curtis opened the first day of i M   I | u    i    V1 * n< * yn    0W( r    Longer trucks should be allowed hearings before a senate public ,aio ayran ,    nu    < n< s-    (j0 wjj| soon bp ;jskjn^r    for an    0n interstate highways to re-1 works subcommittee which is day alter a brie!    illness.    Born    other increase in rates.    lieve a shortage of cargo space considering whether to increase in Spillville Aug    12, 1914, she    That was clear in the    firm’s    f°r agricultural products, Sen.[federal weight and size limit; Mrs. Carol Mayrand Helen ('. Mayrand, 59, of Power Trailer Court, wife of other increase in rates. That was clear in the 1973 financial report issued Wednesday. Duane Arnold, chairman of IR Neb.) said Carl Curtis Wednesday. The American Automobile Assn. 'AAA), however, said had resided in Cedar Rapids since 1937. Mrs. Mayrand was in charge of the dict kitchen at St. Wen- tho IF board and president, Curtis’ proposal “would jeop-ceslaus school and day carc,s;nd .*The neressjfy t0 recover ard*/e the safety and well-being c-nter for 26 years. St,,, was a fix,.d charge- which are the    motorist    on    the    inter- ,.r vt    state system and would hasten '    '    result of higher financial costs, tbe deterioration of our high- cliurch, the ( aition/* Sokols, St p|us inflated construction costs ways and the destruction of our Bridget's circle, Altar and Ros- ,    .    .....    .. ’ .    ..    .    for the new facilities required lo budges. ary society and the Homemak    ^ prs club. and a charter mem s',l)ldv m,r customers dependa- ber of the Fraternal Order of bl(* service, will require another    — iSrCSel — Fagles auxiliary. Surviving are her husband. to whom sh'* was married Mar. 24. 1934, in Golden, Colo.; two daughters, Mrs. Lee Smith, for trucks using the interstate system. “The economic implications of the current situation are grim unless action is taken,” Curtis said. “All major meat packers in the Midwest are now processing at rates below demand because they cannot secure transportation. The shortage of trucks is manifesting itself in rapidly increasing rates on exempt commodities.” rate increase* filing in the very (Continued from Page I.) near future.”    Federal    law    now    restricts from the leaders of the    (Labor    lruck w(,ight to 18 00o pound8 ncome own    party) alignment and its    institu-    pep axle and a gross weight of The IE    report    showed    an    in-;tions ”    73,280 pounds per truck. Width C R Weather High Tuesday ................45 Low overnight ...............33 Noon Wednesday ............ 42 2 p.m. Wednesday ......... 39 Precipitation ..............None Total for Fob.   Trace Normal for Feb.............I 03 Normal through Feb.......2.54 Total for 1974 .............. 1.63 Barometer, rising ........ 29.85 Humidity at noon ...... Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p.m. S at 16 mph. Sun rises Thursday, 7:55; sun sets, 6:47. Year Ago Today — High. 38; low. 20: rainfall, none. Traveler's roreeas* Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo PtCldy 29-12 Rain 48-25 Clear 54-37 . .Clear 47-33 Snow 36-24 PtCldv 43-32 Rain 48-39 Rain 40-26 Rain 40-25 Cloudv 33-15 Rain 48-27 Cloudy 43-22 Cloudy 34-15 1:30, United Murdoch’s. East Amana Bahndorf, 57. Thursday at East Amana Com-! munity church. Hoover-Valen-1 tine’s. Ossian — Carl Balk. 90, of Sterling, 111. Services Thursday at ll at St. Lucas Catholic church. Rosary at 8 Wednesday at Schmitz’. Dysart — Mrs. Katherine Schrieberm IOO. Services at    12. 1885, in    Germany, she had 10:30 Friday at Trinity United    ,, ,    ... Methodist church. Overton’s.    J Jived    in Franklin Park, 111., Dysart — Helen Sterner, 65.    most of her    life. She had spent Speeding    —    Gary    Yates.    Graveside services Thursday at    part of each    year with her son. 5342    Holly    avenue    NW;    Mark 1 10:30 at Mt. Auburn cemetery,    Clarence, in    Cedar Rapids for __       I    Ovprtnrvs Clinton, and Mr s. Paul Mann, jcrease in net income but a    “Under present conditions, J is limited to 96 inches. Cedar Rapids; a son. S-SGT. [decrease in income available to    without such wide support, I am    Slates rather than the    federal Carol J., Fort Monmouth, N J.;    common strrk during    1973.    n0| W1ijmg to be    a minister,” he    government regulate truck eight grandchildren: three sis-    Total not income for    1973 was    reportedly said.    length. Some states allow truck ters, Mrs. Roy Novak, Spill- j $ I 1, 7 8 3 , 5 I 3 compared with    Panlvsis    Feared    combinations up to 75 feet while Ville, Mrs. Leonard Humpal,    $11,520.381 in 1972.    Require-    others limit length to 55 feet. Calmar, and Mrs. Al vis Jirak, ments for preferred and prefer-    Dayan, in statements made    The Curtis proposal    would Jackson .Junction; two brothers, once dividends left a net income    through associates, said Tues-    allow three -1 r a 11 e r    truck George and Frank Klimesh, for common stock of $8,893,044    day afternoon he would refuse    “trains’’ up to 105 feet, both of Spillville    in    1973    compared    with    $9,262,906    t0    j°'n    Israel's    next cabinet un- The AAA, leading a Mrs. Henry Prueter Ida Prueter, 88, widow of Henry Prueter, 245 Brentwood drive NE, died Wednesday following a brief illness. Born Dec. lobbying Services: Saturday at 9 am in 1972. Per common share fig- ,<>ss lhe ^abor P3^ agrees to|effort against bigger trucks. in St. WencesJaus church by the ure.s were $1.87 in 1973 and $2.17 shar<; P°wer with the ,jkud said motorists “fear sharing the Rev. Clarence Prana and at I in 1972.    bloc,    _    >    same highway with such huge p.m. in St. Wenceslaus church The average number of com-1, ‘ r‘ °    Hater    in in Spillville by the Rev. Louis [mon shares in 1973 was 4,758.280 Trzil. Burial: St. Wenceslaus and4,259,321 in 1972. cemetery, Spillville. Rosary: Friday, 7:30 p.m., in Kuba fu-    19/3    Revenues neral home east, where friends I Revenues for 1973 were Meir issued a statement i trucks.’ the day, however, say- John I)(, Lorenz! an AAA of- ing a broad coalition with Likud ficjal, sajd meat packers are would create a government f>f. on|y one of the many industries that have been hurt by trans paralysis unable to make deci sions in peace talks with the may call after 3 p.m. Thursday. $105,438,483 compared with Arabs- Friends may, if they wish, con tribute to the Eagles Cancer lurid. I Rodemeyer, 172 Barbet avenue NW; Ricky Munson, Hiawatha; leach fined $35 and costs. Marion Snyder. 5701 Gordon (court NW; Barbara Jones, 330 Alburnett road. Marion: Roger Holley. Story City; Larry Books, 1608 Fourth street NW; Dwight Hartz, 3740 Richmond road NE: James Glandon, 1328j Twenty-second avenue SW: Dennis Pesek. 140(1 Seventh avenue SW: Michael May. 252 Alo.' I Chatham road NE; Bill David, 0 1222>2 Third street SE: Thom- Overton’s. North English 16. Best’s. Kim Morse, as Hocgen, 327 Trailridge road SE; Lois Bailey, Center Point; Jerry Maland, 1624 Park T o w n e place NE; Sidney Ewing, 1627 Keith drive NE; William Erwin . Red Oak, Okla.: Val Nolan III. Bloomington, Ind.; Glenn Pesek. 3515 Sue lane NW: James Pecor, 610 Second street SW: Robert Null, 509 Fifth avenue E:    Mary Blackford. Palo; C\ J. Roberts, Anamosa; each fined $30 and costs. the last ton years. Surviving in addition to the son are another son, Walter, of Franklin Park, 111.; two daughters, Elsie Seiltz, Appleton, Wis., and Edna Melcher, McHenry, 111.; a sister, Baddy Bruce, Maine, F'la.; eight grand-{children and three great-grnnchildren. Services: Sax Tiedemann fu-iiome in Franklin Park. Ronald R. Wall Ronald Reginald Wall, 31, 1116 Hubbard avenue NE, Cedar Rapids resident most Mrs. Meir has headed a shaky, caretaker government since the Dee. 31 national elections failed to give any party a majority in the 120-seat Knesset. potation problems, and “any concession would only encourage other industries to seek similar relief.” Bismarck . . Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moines Detroit Indianapolis Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City Omaha Sioux Falls —Truck Radios— (Continued from Page I.) truckers “who are outwitting us.” He suggested more use of portable weighing scales. Ehlert said this helps, but as! soon as a trucker discovers that neral a portable scale has been set up,ill. Burial: Edan cemetery at in a particular area he begins to    Schiller Park. Turner chapel tipoff other drivers. He said the    east was in charge of local artiest means available now to    rangements. counter the truckers use of CB    I    _ radio is for the state to monitor Clifford Ritchie the broadcasts in an attempt to* c]ifford Ritchic 7S a former learn where drivers are circum-] Cpdar Hapjds resident> died venting weight stations.    (Tuesday in Centerville following Reed suggested point-of-entr;, a |ong illness, inspection of trucks, hut Ehlert; Mr. Ritchie lived in Cedar said it would require 400 men to Rapids most of his life until Charlene    Ashby,    38551 operate check points at every    moving to Colorado eight years Trailridge road    SE:    Robert    1location where highways enter    a„0 Re jater moved back to leskv, EW; Lawrence Dixon. .    .... . . ,    uiuvcu    uam lie • Bn,admen, drive SW; Iowa. “You got me more men, Centerville. $100,176,385 in 1972. Operating expenses and taxes were listed at $91,403,226 in 1973 and $87. HK).524 in 1972. j Arnold noted that the electric of rate case filed in 1971 has been concluded with the issuance of a Labor lost eight of its 59 seats final order by the state com-'in the vote and has failed since hic Ufo -ana on    I    f n    . merce commission Feb. 14. The then to form a new government his life and an employe of Cedar,effect this ord,.r is reflected with its old coalition partners, Rapids Clean-up. died Tuesday in earnings figures.    [the Natonal Religious party and in Veterans hospital at Iowa Increase Percentage tbe independent Liberal party. City following a long illness.    ....    Some    members    of    the    Labor    oral court. Born Aug    7    1942    a! Itort per,od ended ^-30'party have attacked Dayai for j    James Aossey, '*    19/2.    the    company    was    granted    auene(j|y a of I James Aossey Is Indicted on Federal Charge Indictments on two Eastern Iowa men were made public Wednesday in Cedar Rapids fed- / may -ti cl    .    '■y    now Mi i cc mu uo;un    cl a i ne?) Massey, formerly of Winthrop, he was married to s:/l95 m T^DoroXafeW ^ ?,le^d'y fai,in* to prepare 3226 Parkview court SE, was in-Anita Friz Jan 19    1974    in    S3’    y0, f pp a y 73 Israel for last Octobers 17-day dieted on two counts of trans- Cedar Rapids. He was a Viet-por 'tS® sin« Yr'but Mrs. Ml‘ir,has brushedSporting stolen jewelry, edward nam war veteran and was a    J'.™ ,L' otf    ,hc at,acks and ,nslste(i «" Valentine Ramsey, rural Waver- memhor nf St Ping \ rythniu.    A    his    staving    in    the    cabinet memocr of bt. I ius X Catholic allowed IE the increased church       'LJ    “,v nues amounting to $4,570,000 on Surviving in addition to his an annual basis, or some 98 per-wife are his mother, Mrs. Don- cent of the requested amount, ald Melton; his father Arnold Arnold said 1973 operating re-Wall; a sister. Mrs. Delmar suits were affected by warmer Klein, one brother. Wayne and weather during November and a stepson, Shawn Mentzer, all of December, which limited natu-Cedar Rapids, and a grand- pal gas sales, and by higher in-m other, Mary Wall. Man- terest rates payable on revolv-chester.    jng (erm ioans which IE has Services: St. Pius X church at used for construction payments Russia Fires New Missile WASHINGTON (AP) — Pus sin test fired a big new missile uifh multiple warheads info the Pacific Tuesday, the Pentagon announced Wednesday. This was the second round of bon wRh the Aug 31, 1972, theft diamonds and Iv, was indicted on three counts in connection with operation of an illegal still. The indictments were returned Feb. 13 by a grand jury in Cedar Rapids. The two men will be arraigned Monday morning in Cedar Rapids federal court. Aossey was arrested bv FBI agents April 27, 1973, in conjunc- No More Men Survivors include his wife. Fanchion, Centerville; a son, Dick, Cedar Rapids, and a has a (sister, Mildred Carney, Cedar for 90 Rapids. Degree Days 31 4.860 5,179 73 30 6 631 Tuesday Total to date Through Feb. 19, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year ... Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday 671,15 Births — Mercy Feb. 19 - To the families of Glenn Rundlett. 1631 Holly-1 Ehlert said, “if great enforce-wood boulevard NE: Michael ment is desired " Little. 1304 Twelfth street. Marion:    David    Stringer, 1925! Gretchen drive SW; James Ehlert s department Ei?,hero SM" Bowlin*** r««‘ liable of organization non', o'er a id "Maxwell. 3230 weight officers, but due to legis-! .Services will be Friday in Kenrich drive SW; Steven nature restrictions only 75 of Centerville. Teuffl, Hiawatha; each fined ]thope positions can be filled.    ----- and costs:    .    Director of Highways Joseph Faulty    equipment —    Michael _    .    ., ,    u„,    .___... Cherry.    Troy    Mills.    Murieta|CouPal said he had    been told    di- Hunter, 296 Thirty-fifth street redly bv Gov. Robert Ray that drive SE:    Timothy Wilson, no additional job slots would bt1 Swisher:    Rodney Yarrington, allowod 700 Thirty-fifth street. Marion. »«,,*!* i    law two charges: each fined $10 and 1',hU rt SdK 1fed^ral “J makes it a violation to use C B radio for the    commission of    a crime, “but    the    problem    is nearing new missile tests from within $100,000 in the Soviet Imon in loss than a rin6s durinf! lho armed robb,cr.v mon{^    of a Moline, 111., jewelry sales- _ man, The indictment charges him with transporting stolen jewelry valued at greater than $5,000 the day of the robbery, from Moline David Gas-1 avenue SE; j costs. Failure to stop - tee!. 1227 Fourth Tr a f f lr 3 si lr pal ^violation -I bowing who is using the Gary Canady. 1575 Northview Keith Weller. Springville; Mi- radio. He estimated t ut rn HH vp Mir ion a daughter; chad Bronson, 2724 D avenue, of every four of the big trucks Larry Seedorf. 117 Rapids ave- NW; Mark Polanskv. 1107 are equipped with CB radio, nue SW, a son; Donald What- Blockman drive SE; Boul(hen d ^ ^ 75 percent of the in-: _    i^wi.    Tune    Knlmoni. 524 Seventh street    ,    ,    .    .. !!    "t’    ion    loh.Y    ll.sen-SE: Ke vin Karliz. Bettendorf: terstate trucks have them. Kmnk riarenie a son    Ronald Coleman. 1548 D ave-.    The    federal law restricts    the, Feb 21 Mr and Mrs Ken-    nue NE: Rebecca    Cook.    150 cr    unjts    to five    watts    power. Bodenstciner, 845 West    Lenora drive SW;    each h avenue, Marion, a    1 SIJ and(costs. Striking unattended net Ii Tent daughter. Births — Sr. luke'*. Feb. 19 To the families of Anthony Rieder. Watkins, a son; Leonard Tiedt. 3709 Eastern avenue NE, a daughter; Richard Miller, 3(MM Henderson avenue SE. a son; Leon M. (’•wk. Monticello, a daughter; James L. Hopkins. 2406 Franklin avenue NE, a daughter. M*rr*aae Eleanor Newman and John O'Neill. Debbie Beaman and James Fright. Gina Seifert and Gary Auman. Mary Odell and Raymond LaMere, Beverly Newman and Robert Kren-berger, Anita Sells and Dennis Wolrab, all of Cedar Rapids. Margo Adams. Cedar Rapids, and Danny Tines. Clarence. Wendv Olson, Belmont, and Ted Schulte, Norway. Janice Klimes. Ely. arid Thomas Neu-hans. Cedar Rapids. Kathryn —Von Steenis— (Continued from Page I.) his wife when he failed to return home. Cedar Rapids police were able to determine Yan Steenis was last seen at 2 p.m. that day. Police issued an appeal! Wednesday morning for anyone knowing of Yan Steenis’ whereabouts or his truck to call them. A workman at the quarry,! who had heard the police request, spotted Van Steenis’ pickup truck. Sheriff’s deputies determined which would normally provide tnK*^ vvas    Quarry vehicle transmission distances of _seven t about a ha]f hour afkT his ]as( 10:30 a.m. Saturday by the Rev.'on the nuclear plant Bernard G. Collins.    completion at Palo. Burial: Mt. Calvary ceme- Additionally, he noted custom-tery, where military    services    er efforts to conserve energy will be conducted by    Hanford    resulted in lower electric and American Legion post, friends,naturaj gas sa]es than had been may call at Turner east. I he anticipated Rosary will be recited in Turner chapel east at 7:30 p.m. Friday*    ■> by Father Collins.    J -{    (Continued    from    Page I.) Clara E. Dahl    nated last Feb. 9 to receive up (lara E. Dahl, 83, of 421 Fifth;(0 kvo percent more gasoline if avenue SW, a resident    of Cedar    0jj companies could convell.ipids since 192.1, died    Wednes-    niently providt* it, these two    ^ ctumg,    M.ilaysia,    and    was    edu    The    three    counts    against states were assigned the full    cated    in.    ^Iala7sian    schools.    She    Ramsey    charge    him    with    pos- City Moines Equal Fmplcyneni Officer Patimah Fouts has been ap- to Cedar Rapids pointed equal employment op- On April 19, 1973, the indict-portunity officer for Cedar ment claims, he transported sto-Rapids. the city council an- Ion jewelry from Cedar Rapids nounced this week.    to Las Vegas, Nev. Mrs. Fouts, 27, was born in    *    *    * day. She was born May 29. 1890, in (I inton county, and was a percent increase on a man- u*ceived a BA in economics, session and possession with in United Meth- jdatory basis, to be added to ^rom typ* member of Trinity odist church. fined j Nathan Thompson, Oakland road NE; fined $50 and costs. Herbert Raton. Allison hotel: fined $25 and costs. Drivinc on rte Iii side JoAnn Morehouse. 805 South Seventh street, Marion; fined $15 and costs. Failure lo dim Hie hts Kevin Paulsen, route one, Marion; fined $10 and costs. Driver’s license violation Ricky Munson, Hiawatha; fined 1606] to eight miles. However, Ehlert known activity. said many cf the trucks arc Two sets of footprints were equipped with much stronger found jn mud leading to the broadcasting power.    !    bank    of    lhe Cedar river. ♦    *    * The discussion of CB radios in    Disappeared trucks followed a report recoin-j The larger pair, later iden-mendation bv Ehlert t h a t lilied as Van Steenis’, disap- J National Trailer    Convoy. Speared at the river’s edge. Inc., of Tulsa    was    being pl acini! The smaller pair of footprints on probation    for    60    days be-]returned to the area where    the* truck was found and their previous three percent "A Surviving are two daughters. staie hardship set-asides, for Eleanor Bahnsen, Cedar Rapids, distribution at the discretion of and Airs. W. M. Sorensen, IX*- their governors Queen, Ark.; six grandchildren, Arkansas, Delaware, the Dis-and 14 great-grandchildren. triet of Columbia. Kentucky, Services: 10:30 a m. Saturday J Maine, Mississippi, North Caro-in Beatty-Beurle chapel by the jjna Texas and Tennessee: Rev. Ernest Larson. Burial: These nine jurisdictions were Cedar Memorial. Friends may designated last Feb. 9 to receive call at the chapel after I p.m. additional gasoline ranging up Friday.    to two percent "to the extent Grinnell college and an tent to use a still and with rn business administration from the university of Iowa. Malcolm McLean Of Iowa U. Dies IOWA CITY (API - Malcolm S. Mac Lean, jr., 53, professor and former director of the University of Iowa journalism illegally producing distilled spirits without a license. The charges arise from an Oct. 26. 1973. raid by Waterloo policemen and special agents of the treasury department’s bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms at his property three miles north of Waverly. An unregistered still, ingredients used in distilling spirits and a bottle of allegedly illicit Burial; terr. Czech National cemo- $35 and costs. John Schulte.,    ,    .    . . ..    .    1 . » 1615 Fourth avenue SE: finedjcause of recent violations of its pickup $25 and costs. Susan Panek. oversize permits.    then    disappeared 2825 Schaeffer drive SW; fined $15 and costs. Roderick Shearer. H161.. Ninth street SE: Rchacra Cook, 150 Lenora drive NW; Rodney Yarrington, 700 Thirty-fifth street, Marion; each fined $10 and costs. Resisting an officer Terry Yousse, 1613 West Post road SW: fined $40 and costs. Reckless driving    Mark I Juster holt. 1812 Second avenue Olson and Carroll Hall, both of jjp. fined $25 and costs Central City. Uh Moran, Marion, and Douglas Pert. Cedar Rapid* Mftrrianes D'f.solvod Sandra Lorenc and Jack Dunlap Thorpe Barbara A and Huger G /del. Paul A. and Gary E. Redbug Annette Helen Marie and Marshall Dean Fulmer. Dasie Marie and Eugene Peter Vanhamme. Judith E. and Joseph W Wolfe Sharon M and Richard C Wat ton. Joy and Jerome Ackerman Thelma Ann and Alan Ia*e Mum,on Jamce L, aud Ronald E. Gage. Karen and .lame Stewart William John and Myrtle Matilda Robinson Dorothy E. and Earl ll Wyatt Information, aid at accident Claude Ingram, 922 Seventh street SE; fined $30 and costs. Pillion* to transfer title Lele- Richardson, route two, Marion: lined $10 and costs. Iowa Deaths 1.1 dor a 74. Services AniehV Waukon til. Services Aloha Friday Woodrow, at 2. Mc Herbert Jenkins, Thursday at 1:30, Linda S md Stanley ll I Juan and Douglas R Stiff otter Something wiirm, human and won derful hiippem wlimn you toy ii with Wow»ri PIERSON’S ' snm«K WheiK th* Selection Ic Belt IHM I I LIS III VI) NW I lowerphone HI#-1M2H National Trailer. Ehlert said,! A river search involving had seven violations in recent scuba divers, dragging operant nth.s after going a year and a I tions from boats and a heli-j half without any. Since Nov I,[copter and fixed wing aircraft he said. the firm s drivers have were launched, been stopped for speeding.    Linn Sheriff Walter Grant as-j operating en unauthorized high signed I t deputies to the search. 1 ways. operating with improper Oft days were cancelled over escorts, and violation of width the weekend, and length limits    The    Iowa    bureau of criminal As a result of the probation, I investigation w as called in to the company will have to bring assist in the investigation when all future oversize permit appli the search hogged down. cations directly to the full com mission if it has one more viola (ion in the next 60 days. 'Phis would place a severe] limitation on the company's operation since it now seeks an average of 90 single trip permits a month Three More Holes Set at Jones Park U.N. Postponement UNITED NATIONS (AP) U N members have decided to postpone until spring a special General Assembly session on oil and other problems connected with raw materials BROSH CHAPEL ( velar Rapids "Denned lo Public Sen'ire" Inquire Ahmil Oui Pie arranged Sen ices Solon Memorial Services itation of their oil companies’ Brown, Blanche Lucille destribution systems. ' They re- Tumer oast at 1:30 p in. rnained in that position follow-Wednesdav by Dr. John P. m.,,,    *l_ Woods. Burial: Cedar Memori-,    and.th€ al    11* KO said it did not know how Kchluetcr, Walter ll. Thins- much additional gasoline they day at It a rn. at Brosh chapel. J actually would receive if any. No decreases or increases to February supplies were scheduled for any other state or jurisdiction Simon said on the NBG “Today” program that the extra The parks department was gasoline would not put an end to authorized to apply for a $40,000 long lines of ears at service stagnant Wednesday to assist in tions. lie reiterated that the fuel buying 25 acres of land adjacent shortage was a long-term prolate the Jones park golf course. lem, measurable in terms of The development is under the years and not months county land and water rouser- Even a lifting of the embargo vation fund program.    by Arab od producers would not I* arks Commissioner Stan be reflicted immediately in an Reims said the city plans to increase in supply, Simon said, construct three additional holes, He said that in the half year so golfers can play a full nine- following a resumption of im-hole course when the annual ports from the Middle East, his floods cover part of the course office still would expect supply and force it to close.    shortfalls of 6 to 7 percent. Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOP phone answered 24 hours every cloy school, died in Iowa City practicable and considering lim- ^|'^(!k    m    appaunt    bear*    distilled    spirits    were    confiscated MacLean served as director of the journalism school from 1967 to 1972. in the raid Skating Rinks In C.R. Closed For the Season All ice skating rinks have been closed for the .season because of mild temperatures and uncertain weather conditions, the recreation commission announced Wednesday. The three lagoon rinks in Noel ridge, Jones and Manhattan parks have been open an average of 36 days, the commission said T h c built-up rinks in Apache, Bever, Cleveland, Ja-colyn and Redmond parks and Arthur .school averaged only 26 days of skating Total attendance was 20,688 Car Swings Wide on Turn; Driver Injured A two care collision Tuesday evening at the intersection of First avenue and Fifth street E resulted in a possible ankle injury and a traffic charge for one of the drivers. Police said Scott L. Voeltz, 22, of 1962 A avenue NE, was traveling north on Fifth street when his car crossed the yellow dividing line on First avenue while attempting to make a right turn. A car driven by David E. Hungerford, 24. of 1724 Grande avenue SE, was traveling west on First avenue when it was hit by Voeltz’ car Voeltz was examined at St. Luke’s hospital and released. Police charged him with on driving on the wrong side of the road O lh- Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LARES (on vt* Hi* ii I downtown lotolion SOH 3rd Ave. SE    385-0611 ;

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