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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Feb. 20, 1974 VALUABLE COUPON PREE CHECK of all shock absorbers, including grommets bushings, and mountings • Free inspection of steering damper • Replace if necessary at price listed • Price includes installation. Shock Absorber Special $14.32 (Steering Damper) regular!/ SIS IS All Standard Bugs $40.95 (4 Shocks) regularly S45 60 Other models slightly higher, ask for our spheral pnc* Reeve Volkswagen, Inc. 1919 Collins Rd NE Cedar Rapids, Iowa All work ii dont by trained VW mechanics, using    genuine VW parti We personally guarantee oil work on your < n<    for    months    ot M\ 8,000 miles, whichever comes first, in normal use    em I Valid until March I, 1974    Vw We hope this special won come as a shock: we check'em out free. Because your VW shock absorbers generaly last so long mony owners just don't think about their shocks. Think about them. We ll check them all plus the steering damper at no charge. Please bring thus coupon with Spec i of. •*    Ae**    *    *    m    cs    *    rn    j,    4    »    ♦    *    4MN    L Radio for Divers A public demonstration of new radio equipment bought for uso by underwater search and recovery units in Linn county was given Tuesday niqht in the Kennedy high school pool. The equipment is the property of Linn county civil defense. The demonstration was by the Linn county underwater search and recovery team, an affiliate of the Hawkeye Scuba club. In picture at right, Jerry Short, 154 Bali Hai Estates, Hiawatha, talks to divers from the shore unit. At .’ A, Mark Godar, 324 Tenth street, Marion, has the chrome - plated underwater unit fastened to the tank of his scuba unit. Civil defense has obtained four diver units and fwo shore or boat units, powered by a 12-volt car battery. Previously, all communication with divers had to be by tugging on the rope that connected them with the boat. Voice communications now are capable up to about 200 feet. Connelly Tells Iowans GOP Can Win Elections By Pam Huey DES MOINES (UPI) -Former Texas Gov. John Con-nally said here Tuesday night it can be a “great year” for Republicans despite the Watergate scandals if the party backers have the courage of their political convictions. Connally, a Democrat-turned Republican, said that despite the criticism heaped on the Nixon administration in recent months which could have a damaging impact on the 1974 elections Iowans can win the battle at the polls in November. Addressing 1.400 party faithful at the annual Lincoln day dinner, Connally told the GOP workers, “You can defend it (the Nixon record I on every street corner in the state of Iowa if you have the courage to go out and meet it on an is-sue-by-issue basis.” Connally. who has been frequently mentioned as a possible presidential prospect in 1976, said that despite the Watergate woes the Nixon record also includes such accomplishments as halting U*S. involvement in Vietnam and using the nation s prestige to ease Middle East tensions. During his 39-minute address, Connally asked the audience, “Why can’t you go out and take the record of this administration, if you don't go and apologize for it, and win an election?” Earlier at a news conference, Connally said he was still uncertain if he would actively seek the party’s presidential nomination m 1976. He said the office of President was the “most thankless job in history and it takes one heck of a commitment.” “I’m not sure I want to he President and I don’t have the faintest idea whether I have a chance for the presidency,” Connally said. The former governor said the Republicans’ chances in this year’s congressional elections were good because he believes that it will be a bad year for incumbents, noting that Demo- John Connaliy crats currently hold a majority in congress. “I doubt the American people arc that bigoted and narrow minded that they would vote against Republicans just because a few people, who called themselves Republicans, were involved with Watergate,” Connally said. “Tying all Republicans to the Watergate and related scandals was “guilt by association,” he added, Mitchell-S+ans Trial Bogs Down NEW YORK ill'll - The trial of John Mitchell and Maurice Stans, the first criminal prosecution of former cabinet members since the Teapot Dome scandal 50 years ago, bogged down Wednesday in selection of a jury — a process that could take a week or more. Both men are charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and lying about the part they allegedly played in exchanging government favors for a $200,000 campaign contribution from financier Robert Vesco, now a fugitive. Kills Self, 2 Others in Hijack Try SAIGON (AP) — A young South Vietnamese who tried to hijack a Vietnamese airliner to Hanoi killed himself and two passengers Wednesday when a | grenade he was carrying explod-; cd during a scuffle aboard the plane. The grenade went off after the plane landed at Phu Bai, 65 j miles below tho border be-I tween North and South Vietnam. There were 46 passengers and a crew of six. Authorities said 15 persons were injured. I The blast ripped two holes in the fuselage. ' The hijacker was identified as |Nguyen Cuu Viet, in his early; 20s, from near Dalat, in the central highlands. Officials said he pulled out a granade shortly after the plane left Dalat for Qui Nhon, on the central coast, and ordered the pilot to fly to Hanoi. The pilot, Duong Van Em, told officials that, as he approached the border, he changed course without the hijacker noticing and landed at Phu Bai. The fuel was also getting low. As the aircraft taxied off the runway, officials continued, the American co-pilot — Bill Anderson of Great Falls, Mont. — tried to open the door and jump out. The hijacker tried to hold him back; the American kicked his assailant; and the Vietnamese let go of the grenade. which exploded Anderson escaped injury'. The plane was on a flight from Saigon to Da Nang. 260 miles northeast of the capital, with stops at Dalat and Qui Nhon. It was the second attempt to hijack an airliner from South Vietnam to the Communist North. On July 2. 1972, a young South Vietnamese student returning from the U.S. fried to take over a Pan American Boeing 747 jumbo jet as it was landing in Saigon An American passenger shot and killed him. Why take our word that want ads work'' Try one yourself. Cal! 298 8234. Sex-Related Complaint Sent To Iowa Civil Rights Unit The human rights commission Tuesday night voted to refer a complaint to the state civil rights commission because the local unit lacks jurisdiction. Staff Assistant Mark Doolin said the complaint was filed on the basis of sex by a long-haired man. The man applied for a job, was interviewed a few days later and was told he would be hired but would have to wear a hairnet. The man said he would rather cut his hair, Doolin said, but that the restriction did not1 bother him. After touring the plant where he was to work, the man was told he would not be hired, after all. He said he was told the decision was made because of his hair length. Used Profanity Doolin said company representatives told him the man was not hired because he used profane language regarding the hair regulation during his tour of the plant. Doolin said several other workers in the plant have long hair and wear nets. He said he could find no cause that the man was refused a job because of his hair length. However, Doolin said, the man has a bone disease which has resulted in some deformity.! This would not have been apparent when the original application was filed, Doolin said. He said the man seems shy and soft-spoken, not the type to suddenly use profane language as alleged by the company.1 Doolin said he believes there is a possibility the man was not hired because of his deformity. Has Authority The case was referred to the state commission, which, unlike the Ineal commission, has juris-' diction over discrimination based on physical handicaps or disabilities. In all, the commission considered 32 complaints, 14 dealing with race and 18 with sex. Three of the cases were officially closed because conciliation agreements had been carried out, three were tabled pending conciliation, no cause was found in three cases and the rest remain under investigation. * * * In other business, the commission: Heard a report by Staff Member Joyce Van Deusen on the regional civil rights conference in St. Louis; Heard reports by Executive Secretary Ralph Coty on the Black American Law Student Assn. conference in Des Moines and tho legislative forum, also held in Des Moines; Discussed a preliminary draft outlining objectives of the commission, and plans for procedural changes in handling cases. Syrians: 'Israeli Crew Destroyed' DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -Syria said it divstroyed an Israeli machinegun post and its crew in a 15-minute firefight on the Golan Heighth Wednesday. The size of the crew was not given. Burglars Get $100 In Aurora Breakin Alf ROR A - A breakin at The Chief’s tavern here early Wednesday netted burglars $100 in cash. The money was taken from a cash register along with keys to the pool table and also keys to the cigaret machine. Entry to the building was jained b'f break’ng in the door. The Buchanan sheriff was notified at 4:04 am. when an alarm was triggered in the building. Some of the suspects were said to have secretly entered Greece using false papers and were setting up a ring to print subversive literature. “The main purpose of their arrival was the organization and leadership of clandestine organizations among studying youth,” the spokesman said He accuser! the suspects of taking part in the Athens Polytechnic riots last November and planning new' “mob actions” for this week. The November riots began as a college demonstration, hut turned into a studont-workor rebellion crushed by police and army tanks. The uprising led to the return of martial law in Greece and the overthrow' of President George Papadoooulos. The spokesman said papers taken from members of the alleged network revealed the Communists derided at a recent meeting in East Germany to take up active armed struggle in Greece He said the Communist parties of Western Corone and self-exiled Andreas Papandreou, son of the late premier George Papandreou, agreed to cooperate with the struggle. ARMSTRONG’S CUSTOM SIZE H. V Be sur*e to visit us during our Custom Size Week and see all the new spring custom size fashions — expertly tailored and strategically designed to flatter a mature figure. LARGEST SELECTION IN IOWA! Dresses and pant suits in custom sizes \iy2 to 24y2 Separates in custom sizes 32 to 46 Free Dinner for Two First 25 ladies to buy a custom size garment Thursday at regular price will get a free dinner for two in Armstrong Cedar Room. Register Daily for I RLL PKIZKS A lovely Amy Adams dress will be given away Thursday to the lucky winner. Other prizes will be given away during the week.' FRBK ORCHIDS    • Saturday, the first 25 ladies to purchase a custom size dress at a regular price will get a free orchid with their purchase. (.offer and cookie* will lie nerved all week. Sketched: Amy Adams two-piece polyester pant suit in handsome stripe and tweed combination. Blue. Sizes 12*4 to 22*/2. SGO. ARMSTRONG YOUNG MRS. SHOP—SECOND FLOOR Greeks Jell 35; Regime Sees Plot ATHENS (Urn - Security police have arr eel cd 35 persons on charges of plotting to overthrow the Greek government and set up a Communist dictatorship in the country. Authorities said the suspects, picked up in recent days, were leaders of the Greek Communist party or the Federation of Anti Dictatorial Greek Students, described bv the government as a pro-Communist group. A government spokesman said Tuesday authorities- uncovered “the existence of an extended plan of action aiming at the overthrow of the national regime and the imposition of a Communist dictatorship in Greece.” ;

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