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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tho Cedar Rapids C«a/ollo: Wed., lob. 2ft, IM71 Court Order Board Delays Action on Opens Plane Squaw Creek Park Plan Crash Report — City Briefs — By Kevin Kane Action was delayed month on a $50,000 Squaw Creek proposal. [than 14 days in any 21-day another |period- Aftor carnPinK for 11 days, such person may not camp again in the particular au f°,ces investigation of a area involved for a minimum of Fob. 24. 1972, accident in which A Cedar Rapids man has won Kenwood branch access to part, but not all, of the First avenue SIC Story Hour Weekly story hour for preschoolers will be held Thursday IO:.IO a in at the library, However, the Linn county con seven days. servation board Tuesday night approved several other expenditures totaling $14,193 for inclu- “No boat or other form water conveyance shall be unattended either on or his son was killed. of Cedar Rapids federal court *t'11 Judge edward J. McManus has ordered the air force to provide *    *    * Linn Co-op Oil Company annua! Appreciation day, Thursday.    February    21,    from    IO a    in to 4    p rn.    325    35th    street.    Adv. *    *    * Hiawatha Jaycees The llia- Musie Missing Cary Sclnveg ter, IMH Higley avenue SF, reported Tuesday a stereo set 32231 valued at $174 w as missing from his residence. ♦ * * Toastmasters Five Seasons Toastmasters will meet Friday noon at the Embassy club. Speakers will be Dan Coffey, El Shievers and Phil Kuhn ,    tached    to land under    the    juris-    .....1,11    ,l,,“    lu »,,u'mr    **“*    *    * sion in an    additional    federal diction    of the    . . conservation    9avid    Brockway, 4245 Fox    Watha Jaycee board meeting    Unique    terrarium revenue    sharing grant    of board    except    in certain sped-    Meadow    drive SE. witness state-    wi,! b*‘ 7 |),n Thursday at the    lamps $49.50, matching $57,922.    tied areas for more than ments which dealt with factual ft l'ommuni,v. building., hanging terrariums $24. Supervisor Richard Wenzel I *2 consecutive hours. Any water mat(m    .'TwJir    aT*' reported at the meeting at the conveyance in violation . . . m ,    J    .    i^P gee ing at H to discuss NW. - Adv. Linn fairgrounds, the additional I hereof shall bo removed and However. f ™    «* am plans for the charter banquet.    *    *    * funds yvill be transferred to the stored at the expense of its lone need not punkie a upon    * * *    Catholic Layman—Priests of conservation    board fund    in    the i owner,    which expense shall not    01 l‘u>    Cessna Ail craft Co.,    Dairy Queen Sundae Sale,    the Cedar    Rapids deanery    yvill near future    to be used    in    the be less than    $25. It not re-    claiming    the upon is exempt!    Thursday, February 21, one    be guests    at All Saints    Catho- general budget as a means of claimed within six months. . . , Prom tho ledeinl tieedom ot in day only'. Regular 40c size for lie school for a dinner and eventually reducing tax levies.    d shall be considered aban-i Ruination act.    Cedar    Rapids.    Marion, Mt.(smoker at 6:30 p m. Friday. However since the conserve-doned and shad be disP°sed ofi Second Lt. David L. Brock Vernon and Tipton. — Adv.    *    *    ' * tion board operates under a Hamilton said designated ua> - J1 •* was killed when his A-,    * * *    Optimists — Dr. Percy unique    policy    by    which    funds    areas for boaters leaving    boats    37 jet    clashed    during    a training    Education Meeting - People    Harris, president of Community must    be    “in the    hands of    the,over 12    hours yvill be    set    up in    mission    at    England    air force    for Informal Education will    Cable    Television Co., yvill speak meet Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at    to the    Friday Morning Optimist (liven Some    I    the teachers* lounge of Tyler dub at 7 a'rn. at the Holiday school, Twelfth avenue and    Inn was provided por- Eighth street SF    *    *    * * * * Professor Julian Bern ano recital this Sunday a in Saturday at the parking lot of Ilk' shopping center on Mt. Vernon road and Thirty lout th street SE, tor a trip to the Lls bon Optimist club. *    *    * Most proof sets in stock Jerome's Rare Coins Adv ♦    * * C.R. Rights Unit Backs Proposed Legislation Several tee iii the Junior Overnight brandy YMCA will conduct a junior high girls’ overnight Feb 22 starting at ft 15 p.m. ('fist will be $ I 25 for members and $1.50 for non-members. Registration deadline is ft p.in. Thursday, * * * table Feeling inadequate? Phone swag 366-7462. Benedict. Adv. Pier-    *    *    * Bhd stevan S. Mowrey D DS. announces new location 1201 42nd St. NE. 393-6152. Adv. . support Tuesday night Ii ls Cedar Rapids human bills now in commit- deletes a respondent’s statutory date legislature drew I right to recover damages I rom rom the the state commission if there is Lipids human rights no reasonable giound on whit Ii commission.    1° believe the complaint. The commission voted to con- Chairman I L. 'Tucker called tact local legislators, support tho bill a “housekeeping mea-ptkssage of the bills and urge sure” designed to accomplish they be taken out of committee an aim that was, accidentally and brought to the floor for con- omitted in an earlier bill that sideration.    eliminated the need for a com Of primary interest to the plainant to post a $500 bond commissioners are companion when filing a complaint, bills HF 1161 and"SF 1094. The hills have sions: To prohibit Services Friday for Hiel Henderson, 71 CENTRAL CITY — Hiel H. Henderson, 71, a retired farmer to give the state and lifelong resident of the Ccn-power to subpoena tral City community until mov- “in the hands of the treasure r and immediately!the near future, so the new reg-available” before use, the ex-|lllation will not inconvenience penditures were approved con-! resident campers but will crack tinpent upon availability of tilt base more than four members of the state civil rights commission to be of the same sex; commission during investigation of com- ing to Pompano Beach. I1 la , six plaints; to authorize the state!years ago, died Tuesday at an Pack 33 The    following    boys    commission    to    seek temporary    Iowa City hospital, have recently received awards    injunctions;    to    permit the state    jj(. was born June 13, 1902, at at Cleveland    school:    Alan    commission    to    defer complaints    Central City. On Feb. 26, 1927, to local civil    rights commis-    at Manchester, he was married federal revenue sharing funds. Cst* of Funds The $14,193 would go for purchase of: Playground equipment for Morgan Creek park, including $3,540 from Miracle Recreation Equipment Co., Grinnell, and $158 from Howard L. Whites and Associates, Inc., Northfield, III. Truck cab and chassis from Rapids Chevrolet. Cedar Rapids, low bidder approved Tuesday, $3,250 with trade. Two pickups from Suchomel Chevrolet, Center Point, low bidder. $6,370 with trade. Power mower, from North Linn Equipment Co., Central City, $875, low bid without trade. down on casual river visitors land weekend campers who indiscriminately leave their boats along county-controlled water areas. Public in Fiat ll. invited. Magistrate Court Two Sal es Tax Counts Dropped Brockway tions of the investigation report at the time by the staff judge advocate of the Tactical Air Command, but    the air force    peoples    Church claimed the remainder was ex-    _ Adv empt from federal disclosure    *    *    * !aws-    40    to    50    percent    off    on all Craft Judge McManus last August    materials.    Hours    10:30    to    5:30. ordered all but two parts of the    Thursday,    Saturday,    Sunday,    I investigation be    provided Brock- to 9 This    & That    Craft Shop, way.    108 29th    St.    NE.    -    Adv. The Cessna company report    *    *    * and testimony of witnesses were H earing Society —Cedar ordered withheld then, pending Rapids Hearing Society will Tesar, Mark Behrens, Heaveho, John Munn, Bruce, Scott Brian ‘Is Necessary” Two charges of making taxable sales without a sales tax permit against Eugene Augustine. Ankeny, were dismissed last week in magistrate’s court. He was charged with making taxable sales w ithout a sales tax Conservation Director George permit at the Happy Hour Mas-, .. . Hamilton is working with the sage and Valley Answering Ser-1    m many mstances d may county attorney’s office to de-,vice, both in Cedar Rapids, on cade on the suitability of several!sept. 14. other projects for which the fed-,    _ era! funds may be used.    _•    r% Dismiss Charge No Federal Funds    -    1    t    M    kl    lh/ . Although federal funds were    nondisclosure    of such confiden- not involved, the board also    ap-    charge of larceny less .nan    tial materials is    necessary proved $7,980 for the 1974 plant- 520 a£ainst McNulty, route to get the full informafion relating program, $1,250 for grass one» Marion, was dismissed mg to the cause of an aircraft and other small grain seeding thursday in magistrate s couit. accident to avoid similar ac-and $900 for seed corn.    was    cdar8ed with taking    cidents in the future    and reduce The 1974 planting program 19 gallons of gasoline from the, the accompanying loss of life.” will include olacement of trees Nash Fmch C°" 1201 BlaiFS JudSe Mc*Manus rejected the win include placement of trees    Ferry rQad N£ on Feb ,0    ^    conten(ion    f and shrubs in virtually all park    _ Chicago Flower Show', March 23. Travel and Transport. 393-8747.—Adv *    A    * Television    Set    Taken    — A television set and radio valued at $500 was reported missing Tuesday    from    a    room    at the Ramada Inn, 5560 Sixth street svv. *    *    * Church Burglarized — First Assembly of God church, 2531 Forty-second street NE, Sions; to eliminate the require- t0 Naomi Conner Woodford. Mr. ment for trial de novo when a Henderson was graduated from Jim Jurgensen, Jon commission decision is appealed'Central City high school in 1922. Scheer, Chris Chicchelly, De- through the courts.    ,je was a member of the Stone Wayne Bahnsen, IX1 Wight Balm-    High Priority    school board for IO years, the sen. Clark Havran. Todd Han- The subpoena power and au Linn County fair board for 12 gartner Mark Harris Kevin thorization to seek injunctions years; was past master of Level Finneman, Steve Vandercook and Mark Hostel. thorization to seek have been high on the state    lodge 284 AF and AM; past pa- commission’s priority list for    (roil and member of Linn several years. Commissioners    chapter 740. DES; and a mem- Pack    27    —    The    following    boys    feel the additional powers are    ber of El Kahir Shrine, have    recently    received    awards    needed if the commission is to    Surviving are his wife; a . be effective.    daughter,    Mrs.    Willis    Lillie    of The authorization to defer    Marion; two sons, Donald R. at St. Piux X school: Scott Hail sci, David Bennett, Mike Glisch, Bi. k Dr aboral Bill Manti,ut complaints to local commissions Henderson of Marion, and Rob Brad Hatter, Todd Ditsworth the latest ruling.    I    meet at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at the “The Cessna Aircraft Co., community room of Peoples b r o k c n into Wednesday boing a private defense contract bank- 3570 First avenue NE, for Thursday and $85 cash taken, tor, is unquestionably a com-    dinner. Members should take a    *    *    * mercial enterprise,” .Judge Mc- covcred dish and table service. : Wanted — Silver Dollars and Manus ruled. "Reports it gener-    .    *    *    *    Proot Sets> 366 2225 ~ Adv- ates must generally be consid-    Amana Radar Range for rent    *    *    * ered commercial information at Thresh East. 366-1519— Adv. Chiton — Frank Hulbert will *    *    *    speak to the Civitan club Friday    Dennis and Duane Martin. be unwilling to share with com-    Johnn>’s Parkway    - Corner    at 7:30 a m. at Bishops down--- [ >e ti tor s.”    and E Ave. Thursday Spe- town on “Growth of Common    Visiting    Castro cia!: Pepper Steak, served up Cause”.    BERLIN    (AP)    — Erich Hon- til 8:30 p.m. Menu dining from    *    *    *    coker,    chief    of    the    East    German He agreed with an argument    1° a.rn. ‘til I a m. Carry out Optimist Club    —Sunrise Op Communist    party,    flew    to    Cuba put forth by the air force that orders welcome.—Adv.    timist club will meet at 6:30 Wednesday to visit Fidel Castro, nondisclosure — with concurrence of local ert E. Woodford of Cedar was Scott Ditsworth and Steve;commissions — merely puts on Rapids; seven grandchildren; or Thompson    *    paper a practice that has been one great-grandchild; a brother. Pack 34 — The following boys|done *n ,be Pas* on oct‘asi°n By Donald E. Henderson of Central have recently received awards mutual agreement between the city; and a sister, Mrs. Mary at Wright school: Don Hastings, Mark Younker, Kevin Burke. Tim Bergman, Troy Berry, William Partridge, Jim Young, state and local commissions. M. Henderson of Marion. Deleting the trial de novo pro- Services: 1:30 p.m. Friday, at vision permits transcripts of the United Church of Christ in hearings conducted by the state central City. Burial: Oak Shade | commission to be used during cemetery in Marion. Friends appeal, rather than forcing repi- may calj at the Murdoch chapel tition of testimony offered dur- jn Central City after ll am. ing the hearing.    Thursday. Friends may, if they Also Supported    wish, contribute to the Amcri- Also drawing support from the can Cancer Society us a memo1 commission was SF 1095, which rial. area s. The majority of the seed corn will be used in the Squaw Creek plot. Hamilton said the Squaw Creek revenue sharing outline, requested by the supervisors prior to final allocation of the funds, has been delayed because of difficulty in getting cost estimates on various aspects of the proposed winter skiing/summer picnicking area. Next Meeting The proposal, along with the WASHINGTON (Al*)— The 1974 budget and iongTrange capi- Pentagon Tuesday predicted tai improvement program, will tightening of security at mili-be taken up at the next regular tary airfields in wake of the board meeting.    wild weekend flight by an army That meeting will be March is|niechanicr in — a date arrived at after the ended UP on witness statements were intraage n c y memoranda exempt Marion Man Admits Drunk Driving Count fom public disclosure y    There    were    no    survivors    in Eugene Fisk, 1155 West Ninth the crash and it is extremely avenue. Marion, pled guilty in difficult for (Brockway) to demagistrate’s court to a charge termine what actually happened of drunk driving. Sentencing other than bv obtaining facts was deferred until Feb. 19. 1976. and evidence in (tho air He was arrested Dec. ll. Predict Tighter Airfield Security force s i posse Manus said. vsion.” Judge Mc- board voted a trial regular meeting change from the third Tuesday of the month to the third Monday. The 7 p m. session, as well as an informal meeting same time March 4, open to the public. * ♦ * In other business, the board recognized the Linn County Conservation Board Employes A^sn as a negotiating group, authorized taking bids for a restroom pumping contract, and passed two new county park regulations. The Regulations at the a'* *be will be man<! a helicopter that the White House lawn. Pentagon spokesman Jerry Friedheim said Brig. Gen. James Merryman, director of army aviation, has “reminded people under his comte double check” the security of their aircraft and helicopters. The other armed services are doing the same thing, Friedheim added Kidnaped, Freed After 94 Days BUENOS AIRES (AIL A kidnaped Danish banker. Enrique Andersen, 44. has been freed unharmed after 94 days in cap a spokesman for the of L. o n d o n and South The regulations, effective upon legal publication and post- tivity mg at tile parks, provide that:    Bank “No person may camp, nor may any individual camping unit be situated, in any one area reports saying $1.2 million ran-under the jurisdiction of the . . som was paid. but this could conservation board for more not be confirmed. Re jects Claim He also rejected the air forces claims the statements were provided on a confidential basis. “Numerous courts have previously considered this same question and have generally rejected the air force argument as it relates to factual materials,” Judge McManus said. In light of his review of the evidence, Judge McManus ordered all witness statements, provided Brockway, except three. The statements of three officers contained only “character and ability evaluation” and are not subject to disclosure, he said. The effective date of the order was stayed 60 days to allow the air force to file notice of appeal. Should such a notice be filed, the order would be stayed until conclusion of the appeal proceedings. DRIVE SAFELY Vtnerica said Wednesday. Newspapers quoted unofficial ENJOY EVERYTHING YOU DO MORE lly Taking Deeper Rest First LEVELS OL REST FREE Introductory Lectures for the Lost Course before tuition goes up. Change in Metabolic rat*. Wed., Feb. 20, 7:30 pm Ellis Branch YMCA Thurs., Feb. 21,12:30 pm YWCA,Rm.106 Thurs., Feb. 21, 7:15 pm Mercy Hospital, Rm. 1507 hr me In ter not tonol V# (J'It* I to* Vj1 *1 / JM. 4iS4 A OO" p(gfi ( Ov'Ottoiojl O' (Kmuation V    U#i*o(Ch Oh TM (Ion* (ii *-*0( vorfil Mea School. UCI A, & Sloe!trnt **ii be (betusked I tm* I MOU'% I Dorkio tne practice of Transcendental Meditation oxygen con vomptiori and metabolic rate markedly deirecne indicating a pro found ^tgte of rest Deep 'est dissolves stress ond tension done 20 nim. daily Tfonsrendenfal Mediia hon is not hypnosis or sleep the practice involves no concentration control or belief TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION AS TAUGHT BY MAHAKISIII MAHESH YOGI. DISHWASHER REPLACEMENT CENTER Built-In reature Packed PoUcrubbar Dishwasher MODEL GSD 161 SOCIAL SECURITY NO SIGNATURE ISSUE DATE General Electric can show you this. Because we have the dishwashers that will do this. INCLUDES INSTALLATION 95 Optn Mon I Blur* til V Optn Saturday 106 2nd Ave. SW Phone 363-0283 How many times have you wished for a Photo-Identification cord that simply tells people that you are you? Guaranty has the card you have wanted, and it s free! 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