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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g The C edar Rapids Gazette: Mon.. Feb. ll, 1974 Best-Dressed List Stresses Elegant Flair By Jurate Kazickas NEW YORK (AP) - The titled and talented, the flamboyant and the conservative, the dressed-up and undressed all made the International Best-Dressed list for 1973. While dominated by Europeans, the list of twelve men and: twelve women — “outstanding examples of elegance without ostentation,” did include such Americans as Mrs. Mary Wells Lawrence, the Honorable David Bruce, U. S. representative in Peking, racing driver Peter Revson and Sen. Barry Coldwater, Among those elevated to the. Fashion Hall of Fame who’ve been regulars on the list were Mrs. Henry Ford II. Mrs. Ronald Reagan and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar de la Renta. Good Quality The annual best-dressed list! was voted on by fashion design-,1 ers, reporters and social and theatrical personalities. Final; tabulations were made by 20! leading fashion editors and announced by publicist Eleanor Lambert. "We looked for people with a personal, elegant flair. Gone are those crazy years of freaky fashions.” said one committee member. A male counterpart added. "We voted for good, quality dressing that adds up to a wonderful appearance. This is a moment of enormous elegance in fash- |-ion.” Sen. Barry Coldwater was trapped in a weekend Washington snow storm when called with the news, but his staff said they were delighted. Peter Revson, a handsome! bachelor, stands out as the male glamor entry, a spot vacated! by actor Robert Redford who gressive behavior in young didn’t make the list this year. boys, Dr. Leonard Eron said Mrs. Samuel P. Reed was also! in an adress to “Changing Society for Women Features Sweetheart Queens Proudly wearing their Beta Sigma Phi Sweetheart queen crowns are, top, Mrs. Jerry Bender, route one, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. James Kimber, 1526 Third avenue SE. Mrs. Bender, a representative of Sigma chapter, was named Nu-Phi Mu Ritual queen and Mrs. Kimber of Xi Gamma Sigma was crowned queen of Exemplar Preceptor. The crownings took place at the annual BSP Sweetheart ball Saturday evening at Armar ballroom. Tearful Interview Mrs. Randolph Hearst, at right, hold back tears while talking to newsmen at her home Sunday. At left is one of several pictures of her daughter, Patricia, that she brought ou-I for newsmen to copy. This picture, one of six, shows the kidnaped daughter at her Communion. Choking back tears she handed the pictures to a local radio reporter and retreated back inside the house to wait for word from the kidnapers. -Gazette Photo by John Mclvor Nebraska Girt Wed Saturday Robert M. Cook, Changing Family Dr. Eron Talks on Television Violence By Gail Cooper . Television violence plays a major role in producing ag named to the Best-Dressed Hall of Fame. Her mother, Mrs. Charles Engelhard, jr., is there already. David de Rothschild of the Paris banking family thought it was “a great compliment” to be selected. He is the on again-off again beau of best-dressed Marisa Berenson, who was a winner last year, too. Miss Berenson favors the romantic look of long, fluttery dresses and picture hats but is still remembered for a stunning nude appearance in a fashion magazine some years back. The 1973 list of twelve men and twelve women who polled top honors as best dressed were: Marisa Berenson. actress. Count and Countess Brando Brandolim. Italy. Mrs. Sidney Brody, Beverly Hills, Calif. Mme.    Bernard    C a m u, France. Duchess De Cadaval. Portugal. Duchess De Cadiz, Spain Mme.    Francois    Catroux, ! France Baroness Arnaud de Ros-nay. Senor and Senora Reinaldo Herrera, jr. Mrs    Harding    Lawrence (Mary Wells), advertising executive. Baroness Thierry Van Zuy-len. American-born wife of the French racing stable owner. Mrs. Oscar Wyatt, jr., wife of the Houston oil executive. The Hon. David Bruce, American statesman. Luiz Gastal, Brazilian-born banker, New York. Sen. Barry Coldwater of Arizona Horace Holland, son of the late American novelist Clarence Buddington Holland, now living in London. Peter Revson. American automobile racing driver, Los Angeles. David Rothschild. France. Valerian Stux-Rrbar Yugoslavian-born interior designer Yves Vidal. France Bill Dee Williams, Amen can actor. Michael York, British actor. LOSE WEIGHT STARTING TODAY ODRINEX contains the most effective reducing aid available without prescription ! One tiny ODRINEX tablet before meals and you want to eat less • down go your calor ms - down goes your weight ! Thousands of women from coast tv coast report ODRINEX has helped them lose 5, IO, 20 pounds in a short time • so can you. Get rid of ugly fat and live longer J ODRINEX must satisfy or your money will be refunded. No questions asked Sold with this guarantee by All Mays, Hexad Drug Storrs 215 2nd St. S.t. Mail Orders Filled. Family” conference participants at the University of Iowa Saturday. The continued watching of violent television programs affects “the young male child so that he comes to think aggression is an appropriate way to solve life’s problems,” Dr. Eron said. Dr. Eron is director of psychology at the University of Illinois and a researcher in the field of child aggression and TV violence. Citing studies that he and other researchers made under the auspices of the surgeon general’s committee on television violence, the psychologist said further that the young boy, about the age of eight, begins to think of aggression "as the way to get rid of frustration and the way to acquire things you want and don’t have.” Damage Done He continued that “by the time he is a teenager the damage has already been done. By the time a boy is a young adult the kind of television programs he watches no longer affect his aggressive behavior.” Dr. Eron noted, however, that this was true of boys more so than girls, probably because there are more male violent roles on television with Survey: Family Interest Down LOS ANGELES (Apl - In-terest in raising families has declined and concern for women’s rights has irtcreased among college freshmen, a survey conducted by UCLA and the American Council of Education shows. The study released over the weekend was based on the questioning of 189.733 freshmen entering .'160 institutions across the country. Figures were statistically adjusted to represent the national total of 1.65 million entering freshmen Oily 56 percent of the freshmen listed “raising a family” as an essential objective, a decline from 65 percent last year and 71 percent the year before. Almost 92 percent of the students agreed with the statement “Women should receive the same salary and opportunities for advancement as men in comparable positions” while only 81.3 percent agreed in 1970.    • The statement, ‘‘Activities of married women are best confined to the home and family” drew a favorable response from only 30.4 percent of the first year students, whereas three years ago 47.8 percent agreed. The survey also showed a slight decrease in minority enrollment after several years of steady increases. Only 13 percent of the first year students said they were members of racial minorities, down from 14 8 percent the year before. The survey showed slight increases in such career-oriented fields as education, law, and medicine, and a decline in the liberal arts. There was a sharp increase rn the percentage of students who don’t declare a major. females being relegated to roles of victims or passive observers. Also, girls are encouraged not to be aggressive by their peers and adults. In fact, Eron said, "there are indications that viewing television violence may lead to lessened aggression” in girls. "So the more violent the programs girls watched, the more they were exposed to female models as victims and passive observers and the more they felt the consequences of aggression, the less likely they were to be aggressive,” he said. Aggressive Roles But, with the advent of more aggressive female roles on TV, current research with nine-year-old boys and girls indicates that girls are "now for the first time in our studies over the last 15 years, getting aggression scores just as high as boys in an experimental situation in which overt aggressive behavior is measured.” More female aggressive models, such as in Mod Squad or Girl from U.N.C.L.E., are providing the models for girls. "This is not to say that one is causing the other. They both may be a function of the rapidly changing role of women in our society. “After a while the youngster becomes satiated with violence. There is a blunting of sensitivity and the child becomes apathetic about violence.” LINCOLN,    Neb.    —    The mar-    lace. Their flowers wen* white    mastil and    Gerald J. Jakub, the of    Miss    Denise Marie    daisies.    bride    s brother. Ushers included Peter Schissel served as best    Ross Erie    and.Richard Doug- man and groomsmen were    lass. Lori    Jordal and Gregg James McKendree, James Za-    Shaw were    flower girl and ring- bearer and candlelighter were Scott Sisel and Lisa Jordal. Saying that because of in creased exposure, “TV will nage Jakub and Robert Melvin Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Cook of 1806 Garry avenue NW, Cedar Rapids. Iowa, took place Saturday at 2 at St. Patrick’s Catholic church. Parents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Jakub of Lincoln Bridge West Side Club Following a wedding trip to Colorado the newlyweds will reside in Lincoln where both are Eron suggests that parents turn off violent television programs and boycott the products that sponsor such programs. Dr. Eron thinks that the real Anniversaries ----------------- Winners    of    a    Mitchell move- ,    ,    . The ceremony, performed byjment game p|ayed sunday at*fmpJ0y nm ynv m!1 JILr ™ determine    what the    child of    (the Rev. Paul Witt, was fol-    Weltv-Way were: North-south —    r0I\KS    c ropany•    *    - the    future    will be    like,” Dr.    I lowed by a dinner-reception at    Dr Beth Hatch and Mrs Royce    «radljated from    KirkwoodI Com- Our Place restaurant.    McCray, first, and Mrs. L. B. m y col,e8e in edar Rapids. The bride’s gown was fash-    Beers and Keith Bean, second; ioned of satin organza accented    east-west — Mrs. Mel Verne with Venise lace applique and    Smoker and Kenneth C. Hixson, styled with a demi-silhouette    I first, and Mrs. Nato Frink and skirt and    chapel-length train Mrs. George Jenkins, second, life consequences of violence edged with clusters of applique. The next scheduled game will FAMILY DINNER HONORS should be shown, "the blood, Her elbow-length veil was be played Thursday at 7:30 at THE MARION FREEMANS the gore, the pain, the perma- caught to a cotton lace daisy Welty-Way.    \ir    and    Marion    V    Free- nent damage to the individual clip and she carried a cascade      r    „vpm.    wprp and his family.’: He disa- of daisies centered with pha-    Marion    Club    ”    ’    J    t    "    ‘    ' greed, however, that the laenopsisorchids.    Mitchell movement winners of ^onor^c Wl ,l ami-V inner youngster would become sa-    Deanne    Hay Jakub attended the game played Saturday at    iSaturda.v    evening    at the Ox tiated with the consequences    her sister    as maid of honor and the YWCA were: North-south —    Yoke Inn    in Amana in obscr- just as he would with the vio- other attendants were Mrs. Mrs. F. G. Johnson and Mrs. Vance of their 35th wedding an-lence-    Terry Bescheinen, another Howard Wilfong. first, and Dr. n i v e r s a r v Their son and He also suggested that sup- sister. Mrs. James Jakub and d. D. Olsen and George Kane!- Hailohhir in Iaui Mr . port for public television be Mrs. Dermis Fairbanks. Their iis, second; east-west — Tait    J increased, airing children’s    gowns of    flocked mint green|Cummins and Dr S. S. Ortega.    ^°8er C.    Freeman    of Marion programs that are non-violent    crepe had    empire bodices withl firstf and Burt Champlin and De    Wi‘re hosts    t0 the 16    guests. Mr. and successful, such as Sesa- long sleeves puffed at the tops Vere Hirt, second. The next Freeman and the former Edna me Street.    and tiered skirts trimmed with game will be played Wednesday Barnoske were married Feb. IO, jjj—- evening at 7:30 at the YWCA fragrant doubt* velvety, whit* blossoms and deep green glossy leaves *•» GARDENIAS 1939 in Beaman. delivery C.R. Marion area HARDI GARDENS 3901 FIRST AVE. S.l. 9-9 MON-THURS FRI-SAT 4-3 SUN 11-4 4 Piece COFFEE SERVICE Warm gleaming silver For Gracious Entertaining LIMITED OFFER! MAIL ORDERS WELCOME Please add 3% St. Tax — Plus $1 mailing and handling WM. HOGEHH Az KON 81LVERPLATE % THE INTERNATIONAL SILVER COMPANY Ginsbergs Downtown Cedar Rapid* & Mall ('.enter, Iou a (lily I mr Jrurlrr* fur ii (tvneraliunn BJBsarn \ Open Monday and Thursday Ivenings A F I iii H iii . f 0m.. sr' rf jr * A •/ A r, r, -./> ti / my '! ►V rf, fry A Springtime Elegance . Dacron polyester organza gown with cotton venise rose motifs and daisies trimming . . attached chapel train. Price $115. The bridesmaid dress jj |y*V has pinafore effect, pinstripe yoke and sleeves, price $50. Bridal Gowns are $75 to $175 Bridesmaid Dresses $32 to $60 Register Howl you may win a SSO CERTIFICATE' to apply on any bridal purchase January winner! 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