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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa You can do something about the energy ■ ■ ■ crisis! Highway Accidents Claim Three Lives on Weekend By The Associated Press Three persons were killed on iowa hifihways this weekend, and the body of a fourth, killed in an accident several weeks ago, was found. Phyllis Kisellus, 59, of Braceville, III., died in a one-car accident Sunday in Iowa City at the intersection of highway I and interstate 80. lier husband, Victor, 65, was admitted to University hospitals iii Iowa City, where his condition was reported as critical Monday. Car-Truck Elmer hammers, 63, of Manchester, was killed Friday when the car he was driving collided with a pickup truck driven by James Banwarth, 26, of Dubuque.    , hammers was alone in his car. Banwarth received minor injuries. The accident occurred at a Delaware county road intersection four miles northeast of Manchester. A Jefferson man, 34-year-old hloyd haVerne Ford, was killed Friday when the tractor-pay-loader he was driving overturned in a ditch and crushed him. The accident occurred on a gravel road about one mile north of Jefferson. Body Found The body of a rural Nichols man who had been reported missing since Jan. 14 was found Saturday. Authorities said Millard Rus sell Hedix, 54, died in a one-car accident just north of West I cherty on a county road. It wasn’t known when the accident occurred, but officials said Itedix had been dead for several weeks before he was found. Authorities said Redix a|>-parently lost control of the car, hit a bridge railing and landed in ditch filled with water. School Children To Hear Talks on Smoking Dangers A man who has had his voice box removed will speak on the dangers of smoking to youngsters in Cedar Rapids Community elementary .schools during the next three weeks. Donald T. Ritchie of Spencer, a former heavy smoker, speaks through a process called esophageal speech. Cancer of the throat forced removal of his larynx and left him with no way of speaking. Esophageal speech creates distinguishable sounds by controlling forced air as it passes through the throat. Ritchie will speak at Polk, Grant, Madison, Squaw Creek, Erskine, Taylor, Truman, Jackson, Eisenhower, Hoover and Hiawatha schools. He is sponsored by the Iowa Interagency Council on Smoking and Health and funded by the Iowa Division of the American Cancer Society. Feld Criticizes Bill Revising Criminal Code OELWEIN - Speaking before the Rotary club in Oelwein Mon day, Michael J. Feld, Republi can candidate for the nomina tion for the Second district eon gressional seat, stated that the vast majority of Iowans are opposed to turning the Hawkeye state into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Feld criticized certain Iowa criminal code revisions in a senate judiciary committee bill now pending before the general assembly. These provisions would remove the current prohibitions against sodomy and adultery and would legalize the private viewing of pornography by adults. “As a citizen of the Second congressional district of Iowa and a resident of Oelwein,” Feld said, ‘‘my experience in government both in Iowa and in Washington reveals that Iowans will never accept the encouragement of permissiveness by condoning loose morals and peep shows.” Feld called upon all concerned citizens to write their ^respective state legislators, registering their opposition to this proposed legislation. IO YEARS AGO - The Cincinnati school board reported approximately 35 percent absenteeism as Negroes staged a one-day boycott of public schools in protest of alleged segregation. LAFF - A - DAY “May I suggest the businesswomen’s lunch?” Fish Hook Burglar Strikes KALONA — Representatives of Farmers Savings bank reported to the Johnson county sheriff’s office a possible loss of moneys from the bank’s night depository. Sheriff’s deputies said it was believed a line with fish hooks attached may have been dropped through the depository slot, possibly snaring cash or checks dropped there over the weekend. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were expected in Kalona Monday to assist the sheriff’s department with its probe of the incident. Bank officials said no losses of deposits had been confirmed by late morning Monday, but declined to discuss why they believed a theft attempt had occurred. Bishop Neill To Lecture at Luther College DECORAH The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., lei). II, 1071 Two Injured and Three Charged In C.R. Crashes Three persons were charged md two persons injured in traf-an an intern fJC accidents over the weekend. Matheny vehicle was struck inland knocked to the ground the rear by the Boots vehicle, Road conditions were listed as and the Boots vehicle was slippery and snowy. gent person be a believer in    Walter W    Drew, 38, of 445 struck    by one    driven    by Charles!    Mrs.    Tate    was    treated    at 1974? That question will be die    Ninth avenue    SW, was charged A Serbousek,    18, of    IGOI Oman Mercy    hospital and    released.    No general theme for Bishop! with drunk driving Saturday I dove SE.    charges    were    filed. Stephen Neill when he spendsjnight after his car struck an-! Matheny was charged with ’    .    .    ,    rjc    other    one    in    the ret ........... ''' L (our .lays at Luther college a.    ()f    avp|)up sw Ruthcr's second Staley Distal-    |,ohce sajd    orcw s car strucic bell,    176 Carter street NW, guished Lecturer.    ion(,    driven    by Gary Herman, 29, owner of the car Matheny was other one in the rear in the BKK) driving while his license was JJIsfgr Gunmen suspended, and William Camp-    ... Attack Workers Bishop Neill, most recently of 2000 Lauren drive SW, which driving, was charged with per professor of philosophy and re had stopped to make a left turn, mining an unauthorized person ♦ * * I to drive. BELFAST (AF) - Guerilla gunmen sitting in a parked car opened fire on workers arriving ligion at the University of    *    *    *    I- —•    at a meat fartnrv north of Bel- Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, wilt visit JamM w IIoots>    Ana.    *    *    *    ‘fagt early Monday, injuring six Lui he I next week to give a    mosa was treated at .St.    Luke’s    A ear-pedesrian    accident    persons, police reported. series of    public lectures rem    hospital Saturday night    for a    Sunday morning in    the 700 block    The attackers then fled 12-14 and    to meet with several    nose jnjUry an(j released    follow-    of Fifteenth street    SW resulted    The motive of the attack was select groups    mg    an    accident in the I HK) block in injury to Helen Tate, 75, of not immediately clear. luesday, Feb. 12, he will 0f First avenue NPT    1705 Eleventh avenue SW.    Earlier,    two    gunmen    killed speak on    Do we really know    police said Charles L.    Math-    Police said she    was walking    two men as they came out of anything    about Jesus. at 7    en^ |<j ()f Kencrest    street    north on Fifteenth street SW    a bar in a Roman Catholic p.m. in Koren Chapel Wearies ^ stopped his car because a when she was brushed by a car section of Belfast, and the wife day, heb 13, he will discuss (>;jr m front    |ia(j    stopped    driven by Truman Knutson, 64. of one of the men was badly Hie credibility of the Gospel ^    hitchhiker.    The    of 1516 Fourteenth avenue SW, injured, police said. in a 10:15 a rn. lecture in the Koren Chaped. Thursday, Feb. 14, he will lecture on ‘‘OtherJ faiths today and their challenge to the Gospel” in a 7 p.m. lee-) lure, also in the Koren Chapel Bishop Neill will also give the devotional messages in Luther’s! !daily chapel at IO a m Thursday and Friday in Koren Chap-j (el. Other events on his schedule include a luncheon with area pastors and an address to the college’s board of regents on the church in higher education. 20 YEA R S AGO - Gov. | Beardsley said he had notified I President Eisenhower he would I not be able to accept the Pres-1 ident’s invitation to visit Korea [in the spring. ^Fof Distinguished Savers Modal BR 4Buy MICROWAVE^OVEN made only by Amana,SAVE 50 - 75°/® OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD —NONE IS WASTEDI The Amana Radarange Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cookf You can make big savings in the electricity you use!* 56*/* SAVINGS — 4 lb. 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