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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa TfCRRDJta*** SATURDAY HOURS. CEDAR RAPIDS: KILLIAN'S DOWNTOWN 9:30 AM to SKK) PM., LINDALE IOtOO AM to 9KH) PM MALL SHOPPING CENTER, IOWA CITY: 9:30 AM TO 5:30 PM The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri KILLIAN S, LINDALE PLAZA OPEN TIL 9:00 PM SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21 ALL THREE KILLIAN STORESOPEN SUNDAY12:00 TO 5:00 PMChoose one of    the se novelty items for    Christmas giftingShelfmaker s Fantastic New and Versatile Planter Pole By Oswald & James Jacobs I really have tough luck,” groaned South Not really, roared North "That fluttering sound at trick one was made by your contract as it flew out the window South had let the first diamond run to his hand Then lie had led the three of clubs to dummy’s king East had taken his ace and led the nine Now, you con put hanging plants just about anywhere with the pole that fits up to 9 4 ceilings. Chrome or brass pole with 8 arms that swivel and can be positioned as you like Brass Chrome NORTH    ^ A A K 8 8 2 ♦ 54 2 ♦ K 5 4 ♦ K «t WEST    EAST ♦RID    A J953 ▼KJ10 3    ¥98 7 ♦ J IO 9 7 3    ♦ « 2 ^52    4 \ Q h 4 MU TH IM 4 74 9 A go ♦ A g« ♦ J 107 61 North-South vulnerable Hest North East South Stationery Items on Sale! Regularly 3.00 and 4.00 Choose from photo cubes that are musical, metal flower stands with a dear plastic pot and a small sprayer for indoor plants mans aturday hopper topper Downtown Street Floor Only Opening lead — .U of hearts South's queen had lost to West’s king and hearts were continued South won the third lead and finally stopped to think. Then he led his jack of clubs. East won anil led a spade to West s queen and dummy's king. The clubs failed to break. South wound up down two. South should hate done his thinking before playing from dummy at trick one Then he would have gone up with dummy's king of diamonds and led the king of clubs. After that start there would be no way for the defense to keep South from scoring three clubs, three diamonds, two spades and a heart Actually South had been lucky A spade opening would have beaten him irrespective of what he did. Killian s Brings Back on Old Fashioned, We have a notion you 'll pick up a bargain here to make your Christmas merrier! Th** bidding ha* betm Hest North East South INT. You. South, hold ♦ 4 3 ¥ AQ IO 86 4KJ4AAQ3 What do you do now'' A —Bid thr«*«* hearts Your partner just might he able to raise you to game TODAY’S QU ESTION You bid thro** hearts and v»»ur partner bids tour clubs What do vou do now’’ Handy Closet Accessories Designed by Lee Rowan A Mint Trouser Hangers of lacquered hardwood come in a set of 3. Hangers have spring open action. Saves closet space, too    4.00 B Gold Swirled Designed Guest Hangers in a set of 4 Form fitting neck and slender contour. Plastic tips prevent slipping,    9.00 Writer Bellow Says U.N. Should Move to Uganda JERUSALEM (AP) - ’The I nned Nations should move to Uganda That way many of the so-called Third World delegates would not have so far to travel and would be deprived of the life in New York which they adore " The speaker was American novelist Saul Bellow, one of three internationally known authors in Jerusalem for a writers’ congress who strongly criticized the Inned Nations Educational. Scientific and Cultural Organization for its recent sanctions against Israel The African-Asian majority in the UNESCO assembly recently voted to suspend aid to Israel and denied it membership in UNESCO's European regional group on the grounds that Israeli construction work in Jerusalem was destroying archeological monuments Bellow told a news conference the action was “stupid, ignorant, partisan, unworthy of a cultural organization. He said the U.S. should withhold financial support from the organization West German Novelist Heinrich Boll, winner of the 1972 Nobel prize for literature, said UNSEW J) ’ had no business adopting this kind of action against a country that could teach it a lot more culture and learning than it appears to have ’ French playw right Eugene Ionesco said the resolution was "incomprehensible, especially against a country that has done so much for culture and knowledge and could do so much more for the benefit of the entire world C French Collar Combination Hanger of lacquered hardwood with steel roller lock Coat hanger with trouser hanger, each    4.25 D. Automatic Tie Rack is handsomely brass plowed with a walnut finish. Holds up to 24 ties and keeps them wrinkle free each    5.75 Comfortable Angel Treads the softest thing on two feet E Barry Polished Cotton Moccasin has an elastic instep and a soft sole. Blue, pink or yellow sizes small to extra large.    3.50 F Pile Bootee with the bubble sole comes in cerise, emerald, gold, pink or white. Sues are small through extra large    4.00 Just what every man needs . . a versatile turtleneck at a 3.00 savings G Velour Ballerina styled tread with a bubble sole Choice of cerise, gold, peacock or avocado. Sizes small to extra large    4.00Men s Acrylic Turtleneck Sweaters H. Embroidered Velour Scuff has bubble sole Choice of soft blue, pink, royal blue or in white Small to extra large sizes.    3.SCYour Choice of the following RogulaHy 2.00 loch Mechanics mate tool set with small screwdriver, wrench and hammer. Jam or Johnny Groom sets with your choice of comb and brush or toothbrush holder with cup Cute novelty gift ideas! Downtown Street Floor Only REGULARLY 7.99 It s the topper that does the most for any man s wardrobe! Long sleeved ribbed sweater is available in solid navy, red, green or gold. Basics to mix or match with what you have! And, this is a great way to give gifts ... at a savings! 100% acrylic sweaters are easy care washable, Sizes are small to extra large. Coelar Rapids; Aul# Bar, Downtown Straat Floor Downstairs Budoot Store Linda!* Budget Shop Iowa City: Mall Shopping Cantor on Six at Sycamore ON THIS DATE in 1973, Spain s President Luis ( arrero Blanco was killed when assassins bombed his car in Madrid. ;

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