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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Snow ending tonight. Decreasing cloudiness. Low tonight in teens. High Saturday middle 20s. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 345 '(chi4 (it(‘tint- Hupidd CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS. UPI, NEW YORK TIMES ARREST TOLD IN C.R. DEATH Price Rise Drops Real WASHINGTON (AP) - The government reported Friday that the cost of living rose another 0.9 percent in November.! while workers’ real earnings declined to their lowest level since 1967. The labor department said a decline of 1.8 percent in workers’ real earnings during the month meant the nation’s! workers were earning 5 6 percent less than a year ago. Real spendable earnings — real wages minus taxes — declined 1.7 percent, the biggest monthly decline since the labor department began keeping such figures in 1964 Most Since 1947 House Okay on Trade, Adjournment Nears J. L. White Named in Indictment WASHINGTON (AP) — Clear- to workers covered by this pro- pa    q    "m    mg the way for final adjourn- gram. This would bt 13 more rSPIIIVIflC    *    im    ment ,b<* ^rd congress, the weeks than are now available. LdnilllUj    '    house Friday overwhelmingly Both houses also completed 9    i    v    WL    approved a major international    action on legislation    that ex- i trade bill despite complaints    empts youth .service    organiza-Iin,,,nrl    Kr..    _ that it Win not force freer soviet    Uoik from new sex    discrimi-    l,0land    Krekeler emigration.    ‘nation laws and sets limits on -John Lee White, 30, formerly The vote was 323-36    I students’ rights to inspect their of Cedar Rapids, is the person The bill now goes to the educational records    ,    .    who was indicted by the Linn ;ate, which was expected to give    ^ provides that    sex    discrimi-    grand jury Thursday on a final approval later in the day    nat,on laws shall    not    apply to    murdor charge m the February and send the bill to President service-oriented social ffraterm-l    . ! Ford for his expected signature. :ties and sororities ‘-consistingof Cedar Rapids primarily of students . . . et auctioneer, Donald Van Steems. Emigration Question colleges or universities.” And itj The name was not released In the house debate, Rep.jalso exempts "‘voluntary youth Thursday morning when the in-Robert Bauman (R-Md.) de-service organizations,    including    dictment was returned, because jmanded to know whether the    (the YMCA, the    YWCA. Girl    of a state law that forbids of- Soviets and other Communist Scouts, Camp Fire Girls and ficials to release the names of nations will get the favorable; Boy Scouts.    indicted persons unless they are trade treatment in the bill if —;    Student Records    in custody or under bail. Another portion of the bill! white has been in custody in frZ nnnifrratmn rf    amend‘s the Family Rights and the penitentiary at Fort Madis on* migration Jews and,pnvacy Act whicb took effect on on a sentence from a larceny Omer citizens.    last month, to place limitations conviction in Tama county. Lair n    n    ^    on the right of college students! However, Eugene Kopecky, bill s floor manager, replied examjne their educational county attorney-elect, refused to | that Ford would be a,^tboriz«l i files .The students would not be release the name until White The increase of 0.9 percent in    ,1,(>rn    ‘    ora    ,    ( permitted to inspect confidential had been served an arrest war- •ii    ^ cent annual rate — matched the    loans so long as they are nego-j|bejr parents \n applying for Thursday afternoon, interpret- sssrKsasc . .M •"d N,i“n '**•' -whi,t {““* c*pi'd “< «•    >-'■    • si^ysszslts sat st ratss in November than it was a year mg-in as vice-president. (More photos on picture page.)    frf,e emigration for Jews and    ]975    tthe new ^arge. earlier. This was the biggest 12-    other citizens.    A]so    senj    t0    Ford    was    a    cop.    Suspect month increase since a 12 6 per-    I    rn    m    mmm    ^    •    ■    ■    a f a f Three other pieces of iegisla- tinuing resolution making possi- cent increase    in    the    12    months IJ    IX\/    \#    SWX J C    I    AN    PN    III    ll    /NT    H    I    t    a    a    I    bon were on tbe docket for ac- blo a $34 billion foreign aid pro- White has been a suspect in ending    in    September    of 1947.    ||\v VIX    Y    V    U    VV ii    I    U    UU VC vl    I    V?    I , I    I    I U I    U    I    tion before adjournment:    gram for the current fiscal the case since early in the in- For the first ll months of    ®~    The trade bill which offers year.    vestigation of the February 1974. the cost of living was re-, WASHINGTON (AP) — Nel- the President how I can be help-: The new vice-president said, New York state champagne Russia favored-nation trading Another bill sent to the Pres-death of Van Steenis, but the ported up 11.4 percent. The Con- 800 Rockefeller began his first ful to him in his handling of “I pledge myself to the fullest handed him over the heads of status, conditioned on a Soviet ident would extend the Export- matter was not taken to the J    *    _      f    J    i    L    *i    ai ......t    in    At    I*    *.    m    ii    ,    •    -.    ...    .    •     i     i     —_ inannrl ii    imti    I    In!    n    tKie    ha    nu* sumer Price Index stood at 154 3ida>r ** vice-president by presid-jthese problems with the con-i limit of my capacity to work th(> . . N Kissinaer P01'^ PermittinR fr(*r emigra- Import Bank but put sharp grand jury until late this year. average of too, mg^ over the senate and then gross of the U.S.”    with    you.    Mr.    President,    and the1 wife 0f the secretaryof state ’ tion of Jews and other minori-limits on the use of its funds for Sheriff Walter Grant sai IVtftlffAeo in thrt ft rn a f fact/ of of the 1967 average of loo,I mg over inc senate ana men-gross oi tne u.a."    wan you, Mr. President, and the if f the secretary of st Re” ’Bion of Jews and other milton-!limits on inc use rn us lunas lor Mieritt waiter i.rani said meaning that it cost $154.30 to said he Plans 10 ** “as Hulet Asked if he had any specific congress in the great task of Th ,    .    comDleted    the‘ties‘    energy    deve,0Pmcnl    projects    in    there has been no new evidence buy a statistical supply of goods and as helpful as possible in ideas for dealing with them, he building the strength of Ameri-    f    f    senara,    ba|lo(s a minor tax bill doubling the th^ Soviet Union.    uncovered,    but ...............   replied    ‘Noca to meet the Srave new prob-;ha( werp nw.d„, |0 confirm amount taxpayers may deduct that sold in 1967 for $100. Although the Ford administration has been predicting an easing of the nation’s high inflation rate by spring, there was little evidence of decline in the No- working with President Ford. Talking to reporters as he left Aides said Rockefeller would lems which we confront as a na- Rockefeller. that outgoing Also cleared to the President County Atty. William Fiches for pditicar"corrtributions~ and was a bi,l Signed to give con would not present the case to The other votes were 9 0 rn increasing from 6 to 9 percent I enters full information on war-the grand jury earlier the senate rules committee. 90-7 the Pona,fy on deIin(luent tax r i00*? products costing Faches permitted Kopecky to more than $5. the Capitol to return to New return to Washington Saturday tion and as people.” York with his wife, Rockefeller! to meet with the President.    m    Disappojnted was asked about suggestions he    Praises Hearings    payers.    more than 55    take    the    matter to the grand might pose a problem for Ford. Durn    r    . He later told reporters that he j e    a    .    meatur#    rifsicrned    t«    induce    rompleted    con-    jury after his election in No- \ ember    ficures    on    consumer    “You can    be assured right Hockelcller’ one of Americas was delighted with the margin    the house judiciary committee A "lea sure    gressiona!    action on two house- vpmhpr sinrp Knnerkv will be \ember    figures    on    consumer    you can    oe assurea rigni most experlenced public ser f hL appr0val by the house prices.    now.    he    said,    I    rn not going to)vants an(J wealthlest men, used rather than disappointed that Second in History states to Drosecute fathers who 8ressional action on two nouse-i vernber, since Kopecky will be ^ Sa*dldS'jirs!bi"8 torea,e new w"',n chars° prosccutmK — nrpwrv/pg    beginning    in January, the sher- I vJUov IV/    I    iiivil    V11UUI VI* ■ i    APlfOC I The labor department said P°sc a problem for anybody. hh^nau^raf^dr^L**Sur^day 128 members ToTed^aga'inst his Rockefeller's c o n f i r mation and to deny welfare to mothers CrneSS^ ; prices increased during the ’ I want to be as quiet and as night to praise the congressional confirmation    made him the second consecu- who refuse to help locate or month for a wide variety of con- helpful and only do that which review that scrutinized his ca- “Thorp are some Demorrds l!ve Per80" t0 move into the na-j identify the fathers,of their chil- I I C Q-fpp sumer goods and services, in- is appropriate and useful to the reer and delayed his contirma- wbo tlnd it verv bard to vote for t,on s No' 2 ?fflce by appoi.nt‘ dren. eluding most foods, clothing. President and to the people of tion for four months.    a Republican : he said reach- ment rather than direct P°Pu,ar In addition,    the house has ten- J    D    I, natural gap. mortgage interest: this country.” he added.    Just hours before being sworn mo with a smile for the glass of (Continued Page 3 Col 4) lively scheduled action on a wlV6S DOObl rates and even taxicab fares Meeting with Ford    |in by Chief Justice Burger in a’-Z_  1____I---------ll and parking fees.    ...    .    ...    ,    ,    televised ceremony in the sen    *    . ^ But it noted that the price of Although aides had    said    earl!    ate Rockefeller was confirmed    ki r* I mi I rn    1 J    a Kasoline declined for thv fourth er “ U,c "«<*    by the house. 287-128    /V7/////T/U/T/    IL    IO consecutive month, with regular! would meet with Ford Friday to I    iowa Republicans iff said. Broken Neck Van Steenis died of a broken neck caused by the impact of a .38 cal slug striking the base of his skull. Van Steenis reportedly was shot in the back several times. Robbery is believed to be the averaging vember day afternoon at the White House. Food Up 119 Percent    Asked    if    he    thinks    inflation or *    a,    •    I    ,    .    [    £ Food prices were reported up    recession    is the nation s biggest 1.4 percent during the month,    economic    problem. Rockefeller marking the fourth consecutive    sa‘d tbeY    are interrelated and    Ford, members of congress tatively series of senate-passed bills, .    ■    •    f•    i • which provide for speedier, Justification j trials in federal courts, extend | ;anti-poverty p ro g r a rn s until; WASHINGTON (AP) — The 1977. give subsidies to ship- nation’s largest steel producer, I motive for the shooting of the builders, and preserve wild and xT. S. Steel Corp . submitted132-year-old victim, since only 'scenic rivers.    written    documentation    to    the!about $250 of the estimated Jobs Bill Funding    (government Friday as justifica-1$1,000 he had was found, publican H. R. Gross and Demo-1 AU Cedar Rapids municipal ployes on the same, new salary    ,t|on 0f bs controversial 8 per- He disappeared Feb. 12, and crats Neal Smith and Edward employes will receive at least a program    In    other legislative business, jcent mcrease [n prjCes of many his truck was found soon after- Mezvinsky opposed it    12    jjercent    pay    hike    after    Jan    I    Comparative    Study    fta J1™L_.S11 steel products.    J    ward    near    the Cedar river east First Senate TV consecutive month, with regular ™U1U    ruiu/‘‘u«>    Iowa    Republicans    Wiley    ^    ^    .    —    . gasoline averaging 52 8 cents dlsclLSs 1IS j" e*presi< enM.n as-^ Mayne and William Scherle and    l"f\/    F"    m n/n\/QC per gallon and premium gaso- slKnmen s. hey san r,da> ,be Democrat John Culver support- 06/ TOf Vi / V Lm If/Di OVCS line averaging 56.7 cents in No- ^ n?ivvou f pace‘<,.u4r the nomination, while Rc- if    a    new salary    schedule pro-!    The program is one recom-    cont a1 mn 2° M    ^biflion^o ^begini    ^resident ^0,d ^ demanded!©! Cedar Rapids. After a week .1.,    ..    L>;ao„    mended bv a Chicago consulting    < I    k i    tbe exPlanatlon    of searching his body was found s posed by the    city    council    Friday    funding pub ic    service    jobs and    A S|K)kesman    for lhe Council I downstream from where his PUW,C SerV,(* lnAt,tU,e °f    assure a ?u,! 52 weeks    of unem    ^ Wage and    Price stability, trdek was found month of rapid increase. Sharply higher prices for sugar and sugar products were the major cause of the food price jump, the department said Prices als^o increased for fresh vegetables, pork and jioultry, but declined somewhat for beef, fresh fruits and eggs. added and the cabinet, Rockefeller’s is adopted. •Tm going to find out from famiiy and a host of New York! The schedule compete with N°rth A4mer,ca' Inf • af*er a|ployment compensation benefits me M.iituuic. wuiBicit wiin comparative study of 32 cities rn Ownership Probe Set By ASCS which is investigating the price WpalMIB overed hikes, said the information was    ^ received from U. S. Steel but The murder weapon has not declined to reveal the    contents,    been recovered. Officials saying that was    up    to    the steel    searched the river in the area of company.    the disappearance without suc- The chairman    of    U.    S. Steel,    cess. The cost of food in November was listed as 11.9 percent above By Al Swegle a year earlier.    Farm    i«t«r Most of the labor depart- Farm program officials in “ ZZZ hand 10 W charls iden.ifymg each employ,    threat    of be-L , '    ~~ Senate President Pro Tem- by name and giving his or her tween 90 000 and 200 000 POF^Ia*| Israel Calls TOT pore James Eastland (D-Miss.)jPresent and Proposed new sala-itl0n    Fnx/nlIAH T^llfc convened the ceremonies, and a ry, was made available to de Uiere are now four pay pro- 9TH c< mmittee of senators conduct-jpartment heads Friday.    I    grams    in    use    by the city, a situ- gmied er»»* mt»fnanon*i • ed first Ford, and then Rocke- Mayor Don Canney said he!3**0" tbat bas proved cumber-! |srae]i prime Minister Yitz-|E. B. Speer, was scheduled to( After the county attorney infeller, into the senate chamber, hopes any necessary adjust- s°me in the past.    bak Rabjn challenged Egyptian meet during the afternoon with terviewed possible witnesses in It was the first time television    ments can be made in the week    Putting ail employes on one    President Anwar Sadat Friday council chairman    Albert Rees,    lhe    case    under oath    in    April,    a cameras were allowed in    the    between Christmas and New    pay    plan was one of the coun-    to meet    him face to face “for!    Speer    requested    the    meeting    series of    searches    were    made    rn senate.    Year's day so the schedule can cil’s goals in commissioning the the purpose of a peace.”    with    Recs    to    amplify    on    the    Hie Cedar river at the Third av- ment's figures were adjusted I Iowa Friday initialed a probel, ,‘'fter ,a.ki?« ,he“alh-    be adopt*! as soon as possible^ study by the Chicago firm. j Rab.n said Egypt would have written presentation for sp amiral variations On an into the extent of foreign invest !fel,er read from hls 0wn hand' ^ bas,c Plan accomplishes Lnder the propos<‘d new plan, t0    within a few weeks inadT^ LT    r»ZnenrC,tt farSLS inThfrtate I *ri«en ^es Krawkd on a    yel-two purposes it ensures each    five    annual • step .ncreases^of    whether    |, sought proRre,s price    index    was    up    0.8    percent!    The    move    came    as a    result of ow leg^[ Pad and told tbe    na-    employe a salary increase    five    percent each are provided,    ward a    peace settlement or and food costs were ud I Der- disclosures this week bv The l,on‘ There ls noth,ng wrong greater 1 cent    'Gazette that West German and with America that Americans consumer price index during the which a supervisor must recom-jfor talks and preparation for >nerc couia ne additional presi- Non f 00d commodities in- Italian investors were taking iannot rigbt    last'year, and it puts all em (Continued: Page3. Col. 7.) war-    (Continued:    Page3, Col. 5.) creased in ovcr-aH pr^ bv 0 advantage of lax land laws in percent on a seasonally adjust-a b,de Ibe'r identities, ed basis in November. This was! County farm program higher than the October in- workers Friday received letters crease of 0.6 percent, but still from Dale Awtry, state Agrieul- I    ti    a    *         I    hif al ClakiiifQftnn an/i the second smallest during 1974. “Additional Action" White House Press Secretary Thursday (Continued: Page 2. Col. 6 ) it ★    ★ un I    Der- disclosures this week bv The l*on' Pbere ^ notb‘ng wrong    greater than the increase in the    A sixth step is a merit step, for would return to prior conditions    ^(’n Nessen said Thi Gazette that West German and with America that Americans consumer price index during the    which a supervisor must recom-jfor talks and preparation for    ,here could be additional cannot right. ’    Hast‘year, and it puts all em- (Continued: Page 3. Col. 7.) war-    I    (Continued:    Page    3,    Col Bandits Surrender; Held 30 Hostages increase turaI Stabilization and Corner- RICHFIELD, Minn. (Apl r-    small children to a woman in    undetermined amount of cash, a hostage had suffered a heart at-    by friends or relatives while oth- 1 ivation Service (ASCS) director Three gunmen, whose escape    ber mid-80s. emerged shaken    policeman in an unmarked car tack, the gunmen refused to    ers drove their own cars home. requesting that they look into fr°m a super market robbery blJt unharmed Xwo of the turprised them and a flurry of allow him to leave (the question of foreign own- was ^ short at the door bV amen suffered minor injuries 8unfire ensued    ;    ‘    We’re    getting    him ,~t:................ policeman, dashed back inside ^ a sho wound ln |he    ™ jership of Iowa farmland Today'< Index    1    am    asking    each    of    y°u    t0    ,ht‘    Slor(>    an(!    touk    alXHJl 30 ^ Shoulder and the other lacera wn(‘ of thom was aPProhended them. “Don’t make it any worse men came I VUUy o flu ca    ,    inouirv    in    Vour    sons    hostage.    Tile    bandits    sur-    *in„c Kmin„ ni«c    as    he    tried    to    run    out    a    back    for    yourselves.”    "Everyone on Patty Cummings, 18, a checkout of out clerk, said she was about The men ran back inside but lu re,” Lundquist said he told |to take an order when the gun- in and said. Comics .............. ...... 24 Courthouse ....... ..... 3 Crossword 27 Daily Record ... ....... 3 Deaths .......3 Editorial Features 6 Farm ..... 15 Financial . 25 Marion IO Movies ... 21-23 Society .............. 12-13 Sports 17-20 State ..... 8.9 Television ll Want Ads ...... ... 27-31 (counties with local bankers, Re- Ordered to Floor The gunmen were not idem ti red the store to negotiate Police said the* final 14 bos- tified, although there were in I “They wanted a car and were (photos on Picture Page ) actually is a movement under *JKos were freed about 1:25 dications at least two of them foing to take the hostages," way for foreign investment in a m. when the last two gunmen were teenagers. Iowa land,” A w t r y ’ s letter 8ave themselves up following a! The sequence of events began wanted a helicopter.” read Awtry told The Gazette he ex Wendell Anderson. telephone conference with Gov about 7:30 p.m. Thursday when He said negotiations were “an suffered a heart attack pected that the investigation 12-13 would In* completed by Jan IO. as he tried to run out a back for yourselves.”    I    “Everyone    on the floor ” door Police Copt Donald Lund- A stretcher was rolled up to a She said she spent the entire quist and another officer en- door and the man was removed six hours on the floor. “I was under the register so I didn t see much,” she said. “They said they were going to kill us by I o’clock if they didn’t get something.” Lundquist said “some promises” were made to the gunmen before they surrendered but he said Lundquist. “They also without incident. Hospital spokesmen said later he had not John L. White Under Register four armed, masked men en- on-again. off-again thing. We d Another group of about 15 per- tered the Country Club super **» 0n tile verge ... and then sons had been released an hour market in this Minneapolis sub- something would happen They’d    Police hustled the hostages, refused to elaborate He added that farm policy earlier when the third gunman urb, ordered customers and point a gun at us appel), meya 1 mumm inc iMiiagcs, inww IU Claw. ave.    awav on vacation and tell us to several of them still clutching; He said they talked at least k,H. old;tinu,r ..Wh<.„’ signup forms The hostages, ranging from safe. As they were leaving with an Apparent Attack bags of groceries, to a store twice with thi* governor An across the street and discour- aide, Thomas Helm, said Ander* aged them from talking to re- son assured them of legal assis- linluii's Chuckle “I never had a hankerin’ to * mused I loaf, I want some work handy to loaf from ” ■ Copy rlgM When it appeared that one porters. Some were picked up dance. ;

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