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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa • ''is.UPP® ■    *. > I J Vi* ’ ™    ,    T-    -    "•    ▼    ? NAIIONAl WI Al HE I mvict FOMCAtt to 7 AM IJT «-** UHWIAtWMOTOCAH® RT/1 wi iv 'N WMwinfci i# —,-............................."vmmm* Snow is expected over parts of the Lakes region and Ohio valley. Rain is expected in the mid and south Atlantic states, and the Pacific Northwest. Fair to partly cloudy skies should prevail elsewhere. Doolin Named To Head C. R. Rights Unit Aaron Mark Doolin, 24, was namod executive secretary of the Cedar Rapids human rights commission Friday. Doolin, 1921 A avenue NE, formerly worked for the commission, first as an investigator and then as a compliance officer and administrative assistant to Ralph Coty. He resigned Oct. ll to take the head job at the Iowa City rights commission, a position he resigned Friday. Coty resigned as executive secretary Dec. ll to take a job in private industry. Economy— (Continued from Page I.) dential steel action” on the issue after the meeting. The government council has no authority to forbid price increases. But the agency could hold public hearings to focus $ public attention on steel prices, j ^ Because steel is a basic com- , ponent of many manufactured „ products and because U. S The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frl., December 20, 1974    3 City Pay Hikes Vary- A SHOPPING DAYS JT TILL CHRISTMAS President Rents (Continued from Page I.) mend an employe. The step is given without a recommendation after eight years, however. Changes Possible a payment of $240 in June and another one in December. * * * The manner in which the plan operates can be illustrated by using one department as an example. Steel usually sets the price! trend for the industry, the E°rdi Colorado House administration was concerned _    c± • k J* about the inflationary impact of'TOm Strip Minor the company’s move.    j    VAIL,    Colo.    (AP)    —    President    after    the    department    heads    see rlr ,f ?!will be spending Christ-!^ data. mas in a house rented from a A major part of the study was in the police department, as to provide various job clas- in all departments, each em-sifications, then fit each em- ploye will receive at least a 12 ploye into a classification. That percent increase if the plait is has been done, but some 'Adopted. changes will probably to made , ''7ever; Iieutenants,*® «et ..    ^ largest increase, 21.2 per cent. That amounts to $2.362.12 steel firm has matched U. S Steel’s increases. That company Mayor Canney said Der year. Sergeants will get any 118.96 percent, captains 18.4 per ils increases. I nai company    changes will come because of    HotnrtivVc m m>rrrnt k was the 13th largest steelmaker, Dallas investor whose federal errors in ciassjfying specific ia. I onvaie __CF    * 1 Stc,cl ^ ""“J? earl!- coal lease would be affected by Idividuals. 7f such" erWT are I thc'chU lil5JrcenT1^11 Ji ..    '    r    er    reported    profits    for    the    first    por(ps    action    on    a pending strip found by the department heads. I)«tm I* a native of Cedar nine months of this year which roinin? bi„.    He    said changes won’t be    Starting Rate Tining Ho hnm<5 a RS no0rA#» in    tun    loin* fim**c? if©    ,    , Ford denied Thursday any :made in th® P|an merely on the .nowledge that Richard Bass, he house owner, holds the coal Rapids. He holds a BS degree in sociology and psychology from Northeast Missouri State university. He will begin his duties in Cedar Rapids Jan. 6. were more than four times its earning level for ail of 1973 Going Ahead The Weather 8:30 p.m.    Thursday, llnde* ... .   __ ...    .  .    I    (ermined to    rags in bucket at Hiqh temoer»»urc» Thursday, low tern-;—,. . . peraiures evermore ami incite* of or#- Thud street and Sixteenth ave-elpitalion:    J    nue    SE Anchorage MMM L. Anqelo* 7t 51    . Atlanta .. 40 38 .si Miami .....74    *»    !    10:03 p.m.    Thursday.    Hush Bismarck ll -4    Min'apoiis    34    is    .OI g-asoline    at    2001    Blriirs    Ferrv CMCMa ...JI 34    NTOrltans    MMM K . “r,    X31dlIS»    ceity BMW# ... 42 IS    Maw York    38    M    | road NE. BSSSw-. a 15 •“?»!!*    *«”.«    1:11    am- Friday. OvMh.Jt.dUon. Houston 42 54 washington 54 14 .oi > grease in fat fryer at 115 Sec- Paul’s Catholic church. Parish *A'ss'n«-    ond    avenue    SE.    Rosary    Friday    at    7:30 Extended    forecast    —    Chance    9.59 am    Friday. Extraction Kramer’s. of light snow    again    Monday    or    of victim at accident at 4000 Tuesday. Lows IO to 20 Sunday! Sixth street SW. and in the 20s Monday and nation after 9 a.m. Sunday at George L. Gay’s, Iowa City, and after lo a.m. Monday at the church. Watkins — Henry F. Ets-cheidt. 82. Monday at IO at St. Patrick’s Catholic church. Rosary Saturday and Sunday at 8 a t Halverson’s, Blairstown, where friends may call after 3 Saturday. Worthington — Celestine Stoll, 75, formerly of Worthing-Saturday at 10:30 at St. at Lester G. Smith, 66. in tile 20s monday ann Magistrate's Court Tuesday. Highs in the 20s Sun-! Spcrdills _ Francis Q.Con. day, and 30s on Monday and m.r> 7U0 Thirty-fifth street, Tuesday.    {Marion; fined $35 and casts. {Paul Gullaume, 6526 Minden C. R. Weather I lane NE; Mary Hogan, 1706 Hic* Thiir«iiv    on    Apache trail HW; Clark Jones, High I our sa ay ........ af    51(. Fortv_first street Ng; Pa_ tricia Kirk, 2136 Twentieth street NW; Roger Moorman, Manchester; Betty Hoven, 1607 Eighteenth street NW; Low overnight ...............25 Noon Friday .................29 I p.m. Friday............... 29 Precipitation .................30 Total for December ..........71 Normal for December 1.43 Normal through Dec 33.18 Total for 1974 .............. 40.03 Barometer, falling.........29.84 Humidity at noon ..........90% Wind direction and velocity aft 2 p.m., NE at 12. Sun rises Saturday, 7:31, sun sets, 4:37 Year Ago Today — High 12; low, 2 below. Precipitation, none. Traveler’s Forecast Friday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck..........Rain    44-27 Chicago ........Cloudy    32-19 Cincinnati  Snow    38-24 Cleveland ....... Snow    36-19 Des Moines......PtCldy    30-16 Detroit ..........Snow    31-21 Indianapolis ..... Snow    33-18 Kansas City  PtCldy 44-27 Mpls.-St. Paul    ...Cloudy    27-lt) >    Adkins,    2325    Golfviiw    drive Omaha   .PtCldy    38-15    NE;    fined    $25    and    costs.    David St. Louis ........ PtCldy 43-25 Spichcr, 2148 Mt. Vernon road Sioux Falls  Rain 42-30 J SE; Wayne Holdsworth. Hia- n    n    Watha; each fined $10 and Degree Days    costs. Friday.,................ 4    43    Vehicle    control violation — Total to date  ....... 2,272    Brenda Peek, route three, Glass Through December 20, 1973 I road NE; fined $40 and costs. 1.998 Traffic signal violation — S. Percent of normal year .. 34.4 S. Statler, West Chester; fined Total normal year ......6,6311520 and cost . John Clymer, _ ...iii    1280 Thirty-fifth street NE; Coralville Lake    {Margaret    Fox, 173 Sixteenth Hoope, 3812 Crestwood drive NW; Timothy Jones, Center Point; Mark Desotel, route one, Marion; Bruce Whiting, 889 Oakland road NE; Leland Morris, Toddville; each fined $30 and costs. Kathleen Driscoll, Williamsburg; Diana Les-meister, 3033 Leonard street NE; John Shaver, 3430 E avenue NW; Ronald Caviness, 1745 Hillside drive NW; Dennis Singsank, Iowa City; Belinha Vandyke, 201 Brentwood drive NE; each {fined $20 and costs. Intoxication — Mark Smith. no address; fined $30 and costs. Cynthia Pettit, no address; fined $25 and costs. Garland Daugherty, 1849 Mallory street SW; fined $20 and Keota Powell’s. Anamosa — Mrs. Ray Click, 8 4. Monday at 1:30 at Goettsch’s where friends may call after IO Saturday. Olin — J.H. Ballou, 68. Saturday at ll at St. John American Lutheran church. Visitation after 5 Friday at Hayden’s, Olin. Memorial fund established. Petersburg — Mrs. Lawrence Henry j (Mathilda) Rolfes, 66. Saturday at 10:30 at Ss. Peter and Paul’s church. Visitation after I Friday at McBride’s, Dyersville, with Rosary Friday at 3 by the Christian Mothers society and scripture wake service at 8:30. Parnell — Carroll Berry, 46. Saturday at IO, St Joseph Catholic church. Rosary Friday at 8, McSwiggin and Uhl-mann’s. Williamsburg — Opal Sweitzer, 76. Services in Howe, Ind. McSwiggin and Uhlmann’s. Memorial Services Miller, Wilbur C. — Saturday at I p.m. at Chapel of Memories by the Rev. Marvin L. Ehnen of Our Savior Lutheran church. Burial: Cedar Memorial cemetery. Cedar Memorial funeral home is in charge of arrangements. Bierie, William J. — Saturday at 9 a.m. at St. Patrick’s Catholic church by the Rev. Martin Laughlin. Burial: Immaculate Conception cemetery, Fairbank. Prayer service Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Teahen’s. Andrews, Brenda — Turner chapel east at 1:30 p.m. Saturday by the Rev. Harmon Webb. Burial:    Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner east until I p.m. Saturday. The casket will not be opened after the service. I Refunds for Home Canning Lids Set WASHINGTON (AP) - The department of health, education welfare reports that the costs. Improper turn — Laverne and Hall, 535 T i g h t h avenue, Eerr Glass Manufacturing Corp. Marion; fined $20 and costs.    u    ...sn    _ David Kuennen, 909 Belmont h s annouJced it "ill give con-parkway NW; fintel $15 andlsumers refunds toward the cost coats. Faulty equipment Jeffrey of home canning lids that failed to seal and were sold between November, 1973, and August, 1974. The department said Kerr will also reimburse home canners toward the market price for food which was discarded because the lids failed to seal The faulty lids were produced when Kerr modified its lid-sealing process. The first modification did not produce consis-Pnni level Friday    680.471 avenue SE: Kim Koopman. 141 {tent results and the process was .    Cherry    Hill    road    NE; William changed, but Kerr said some Births — Mercy I Wilson 1550 Julienne drive, |j(js ronlainmg ,he    com pound were i n a d v Cipaitis. 3806 Vine avenue SE; shipped to consumers Police officers will start at basis of disagreements over $10,069, a raise of slightly over how much a particular    job clas-    12 percent, and will go to $11,000 As with the earlier U S Steellease    ori 20’700 acr®s in    north-    siflcation should    pay.    after the obligatory proba- increase, Rees sent off a tele- eastern Wyoming.    ; Employes will be placed in theltionary period, gram asking CF & I for a “full Presidential News    Secretary'    n.f'v Pr°gram without    regard    to Hie proposed new    plan,    as explanation and justification.” Ron Nessen said Ford does not    ^    are on *n theirlcan be seen above, makes a dis- At CF & I headquarters in make decisions on    environ-    f)n‘sent Pay program.    Unction    between the    grades    of Pueblo, Colo., Edwin Lord said mental or strip mining bills “on Automatic Increase the company planned to gobasis of whose    house he ahead with its announced price rents at Christmas. Would    Pay    U. S.    her at least a    12 percent in-}    Another effect of the new plan Companies    and    individuals,    creaS€- In    ,cases    that wi!1    will be to start fire fighters and including Bass would have to t)e    steP'    in    ** wdl police officers at the same pay. increases despite Rees’ telegram. Lord, CF ii Vs vice-president for sales, said the increases ^ federal government the ! tinction sergeant and detective. Now both are paid the same, but Each employe will be entered under the new plan sereants will on the step that provides him or receive a higher salary. « A- i i ti ii fcost of reclaiming stripped land were ‘•entirely justified. He jf Fwd sigm ^    bm no effect on our plans whatso- has expressed about the bill. be actually off the scale h- for For several years police have instance, if the employe is a1-1 started at a slightly higher rate, .  o.............b    ........ ready receiving $16,000 annually a fact that has irked fire said, The telegram will have pgady passed bv congress Ford a^d new program says the;fighters. , . rocprvatinnc employe should receive $15,000 I at tim top of the scale, that .    ,        .    ,, ,    in,!.*    4    i employe will    receive a flat 12 Lord said    CF & I    would show Bass’ land is    not    cuiTently j per^,nt raise the council that the firm is pass-    ®°aL    according    to ever. Rockefeller— (Continued from Page I.) election. Ford, the man who nominated him, was the only other vice-president to assume office by that route. In his speech, Rockefeller praised Ford, congress and “the vigorous coverage of the free American press, radio and television, by which the American people are so well informed.” He hailed what he called the thoroughness with which congress exercised its responsibilities to investigate his past. Rockefeller said that thoroughness “has been another dramatic evidence of the endur- Marc’s Restaurant - _ r_ 1M ,    ^    ,    ,    in    other    words,    that    emp.oveDamaged by Fire au    -a    federal officials. The tract is ap-    r    I _ in the    cost    of, t—    ,—    _;_i_     ,    is as nigh on the pay scale as he    \ f)re caused by overheated can go. His only future raises,    grease in a fryer at the Marc’s unless the plan is amended,    Big Boy restaurant, 115 Second would be general cost-of-living    avenue SE    rented in increases granted by the city    damage to the kitchen arMj filled mg on i ere es w    paren^]y far rjch in natural gas, electricity, iron ore    areas    of    the    Rocky and coal, and the cost of a wage mountain region, contract which went into effect Environmentalists, who sup- i    ......    —    —i    a.m. Friday. Fire officials said swap suggests that the Ires- percent to over 30 percent in the fire caused light damage to WC|ident s sympathies lie with his some    ---- --- in August.    port    the    MB,    generally    did    not    councii    or    longevity    pay.    the building with smoke “I’m sure the council will un- accuse l ord of a conflict of rn- Actual increases to be granted The fjre was reported sat 7:17 derstand after they sec what!terest’ _But.^ouse Tange from the minimum 12 we’re up against,” he said, anticipate no problem at all.” 40% Auto Layoffs job “Rise Above” It    Sram. Cost 14.21% cases, depending uponu^ budding. a s so c l a t e s in the energy- how the employe’s present sala- ^ restaurant was closed for development farness rather -rv compares to the salary out- the m expected to reopen Meanwhile, the massive auto than W,th Protectln8 the land* \^d for his job in the new pro- Saturday, according to an em-industry layoffs, a major ingre-    “Rise    Above’’ It    gram.    ploye. dient of the deepening reces- “Under the circumstances, I sion, mounted Thursday.    hope president Ford will rise The total budget impact of the    ',ine    Tri,^cdy Ford Motor Co. announced a above his associations and sign boost for the city’s more than^ TOKYO (UPI) - Eleven coal 28 percent cut in car production the bill,” said Vim Wright, a |,000 employes is 14.21 percent miners were killed, ll were in-in the first three months of 1975,1 spokeswoman for the Colorado! in dollars, the increase is] jured and four were missing in a move throwing 64,000 workers off the job for part of the period. The Ford company’s announcement brings the number mg vitality of the American Lf aut0 industry layoffs set for Constitution.    'january to at least 289,000 or “Humility” “I feel a great sense of humility ... of gratitude for the privilege of serving the country I love,” Rockefeller said. Rockefeller took the oath oil a family Bible held by Burger. It was his grandmother’s and his father’s before him and he has used it for four inaugurations in more than 40 percent of the automakers’ total blue-collar work force. In other economic developments: The commerce department reported that after-tax profits of Open Space Council, a    cooser-1    $1,332,718.98. bringing the total    a    cavein    deep    on    Japan’s vation group in Denver.    salary figure for next year    to    northern    main    island,    Hokkakk). “It’s an interesting comd $10,710,721.60.    - dence that the bill comes up at! The figures do not include Ion- Solve your buying, renting, the same time Ford trades gevity pay, fringe benefits or selling or locating problems fast bouses with Dick Bass,” said, overtime.    with a want ad. Kathy Fletcher of the Environ-! Longevity pay is also being    n    A    . mental Defense Fund in changed under the new plan.I _ Denver. “I think the most im- The five different longevity pay ,4'putt tXa sLdot et sm portant thing to conclude is that systems now in use will bel the President s friends and replaced by a single system. close associates are developers! It will pay $20 additional each of coal resources.”    month for each five years    of! The President and his family    service, to a maximum of    20 the nation’s corporations in plan to rent Bass’ five-bedroom years. The money, instead of A    .    The    department    said    further ! finee!r$^o arid costs.    SW;    I    information    could    be    obtained t«    T    AK.    familia    of    Ccdar RapWsJ Sylvan Boardsly, |    “U3 ^niu,uul,H urigu Dee. 19—To    the    fmniiiesL01    5424 Cedar drive NW; John    pound were 1 n    a d v e r t e n    tly Larry Schmaltz. 1537 Sixteenth1 avenue SE, a daughter.    leach fined $15 and costs. John! Der. 19 — Mr. and Mrs.1 Loras Weber, 4404 Lee street NE, a daughter.    |    *......... *    by writing to Kerr Glass Manu- lowa Deaths    facturlng Co.,    P. O. Box    21, Arlington — Regina Averill,    Oklahoma City,    73101. 181. Saturday at 10:30 at Gleim’s. |    ............. 778&1, ^7a,    Want    ads    will    help you find creased 13.5 percent in the third house in Vail for two weeks being included in each check, quarter this year. However, the starting Sunday. Bass says Ford will be paid in two lump sums. . department said there was vlr- will pav him $100 per day. in ad- An employe with ll years ser-Albany, New \ork s state caph tually ^ change in profits from aition to giving Bass the use of for example, could receive ta*‘    the second quarter after sub- a three-bedroom condominium Then, after the ceremony, he trading profits attributed to the w h i c h the President owns exercised the only formal duty rising value of business invento- nearby. given him under the Constitu- ries.    ~_[__ lion: He presided over the sen- An Associated Press survey ' ate for a brief interlude before showed that telephone companies from coast to coast are seeking rate increases, contending they need the extra money: to keep up with inflation. Subscription roto* by corral 95 Cbflts a. w««k. By moil: Night Edition and Sunday *    S3.75 a month, S39 OO a y«or: Af ternoon Edition* ond Sundov 7 tisuet SI IS a month. 540 OO a year. Other Motet and U S territory* MO.OO a year. No Mail Subtcrlotiont accepted In areas having Gazette carrier torvieo. Tho Ateodated Prest It entitled euciutlweiy to the ut# for reoubiicofion of all the local newt printed in thlt newt-copei at well at all AP newt dltoatchot. going to a reception in the Cap! tot. Births — St. Luke s Dec. 19 — To the families of j, Marvin Naber, 2416 C avenue NE, a daughter; David Tratt, Truck Toll 33 STERKSTROOM, South Africa (AP) — A truck overturned Friday, killing 33 workers and injuring 26 seriously. PIERSON’S TSK IHM Ki l l*. BLVD. NW   'NI JOHN E. KAPES flowert far all oecasionti 30s 3rd Ave. SE 31541311 5s « —-c.....»    ---    -    Monaay    ai    i:jd    ai    we    rirsi     ,    ”    .......*— *■ Cog gem, a son, Draah 4\ara. Flderated church, Oxford. Vis- part or full time employment! 1721 Eighth avenue SE, a son;! _I__ Rudy fYey, Mechanicsville, a daughter; Kerry Flojd. Center Point, a son; James Mangold, Ryan, a son; Mrs. Virginia Gilboa route two Airport road, a daughter. Out of Town Births At Clarinda — Mr. ami Mrs ; Gary McDowell, a d a u g h t e I Dec. 19. McDowell is the son of • Mr. and Mrs. Bert McDowell, 2004 Johnson avenue NW. Marriage L'censes Kathie Latham and Gregory Waite, Theresa Hall and Jerome Lansing. Donna; Thompson and Charles Lewis, Jolene M ann and Charles Kirkpatrick, III, ail of Cedar1 Rapids. Gloria Bennett, Palo, and Kerry Barnes, Anamosa. Dc* bo rah kruckman and Earl Brown, Donna La Mere and Steven Ford, all of Marion. Linda Tschopp, Cedar Rapids, and Michael Blank. Spraggs. Pa. Ted Glasford. Cedar Rapids, and Robert MucArevey, East Greenbush, N. Y. Brenda Wheatley and Donald Norman, both of Denver, Colo. Diane Klnkcad, Whittier, and Steven Sullivan, Cedar Rapids Nancy Freese, Marion, and Gregory Andrew', Keystone. Fires 10:46 a.m. Thursday. Dirty paint to filters ut 44ul Bowling street SW. BROSH CHAPEL ( edar Rapids "IteroteH to Public Sen'ire" Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Services Solon Novv two completely -staffed locations to serve you. John B.lUrner& Sal Turner s East, 800 Second Ave. SE Turner’s West, 1221 First Ave. West <t O let our flowers spook for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day ‘‘We’re New In Town’’ KENMORE ftactile Drvff. 3 V9ort old, good condition 393 OOI.__ Express Your Sorrow With Flowers ,r° Flower 4 Seasons ss* 3028 Mf. Va*non Rd. 363-5885 “Hove never used your want ads before. Had 6 calls and sold the dryer. Very effective advertising'*aid Mrs. James Finerty. DIAL 398-8234 Zo discriminating people Do you normally learn the facts and features of a product before buying it? Do you normally prefer a national brand product which has quality features but sells at a sensible price? Do you believe, at the time of need, you would want to give the best in underground protection at a reasonable price? lf you answer ‘‘yes to the above questions, you will want a copy of the informative booklet—'Tacts Every Family Should Know' Write or Call YES NO □ □ □ □ 11.1 □ BURIAL VAULT ROLAND WILBERT VAULT CO., Inc. (Positively no sales contact will be made) 1210 Blairs Ferry Rd., Marion, Iowa 52302 \ isil Hie Inspiring Nativity Scene OPEN AGAIN AFTER BEING CLOSED LAST YEAR DUE TO THE ENERGY CRISES A free public service presented by Cedar Memorial Funeral Home Cemetery Open nightly December 20 through 25, 6:00 to 9:00 On Friday evening, Dec. 20th, Kenwood Park United Methodist Church will portray the Nativity family. A panorama of dazzling Christmas lights the whole family will enjoy. Again there will be real live animals in the Grotto of the Nativity, which is an exact replica of the real Grotto under the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem designed by Francis Brinkman. Other traditional Nativity scenes . . . the Wisemen with their camels ... the shepherds watching over their sheep are also to be seen along the route. PLEASE NOTE 1974 ROUTING Entry is from the West on Collins Road N.E. Map below shows full routing COLIMA RAMbj    .COLI (US A Apili UFI MVtSTORA OF seines COLLINS ROSO MCNW1T IJT UMALI PUZA PUK FINK RAI tM STRUT ;

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