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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hajj - The Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Dec. 14, 1971 By Seymour Topping kl 19/4 New York Tim** S*rvlt* JIDDA, SAUDI ARABIA -I his is the tune of the sacred Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, and hundreds of thousands are thronging through this Red sea port to the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed. Saudi officials say they expect a record number this year as the Islamic brotherhood of SOO million experiences a resurgence of spirit and pride nourished by political successes and oil money. About 880,000 made the journey in 1973 The climactic day of the Hajj, which falls on Dec. 25, will bring more than a million pilgrims before the Kuaba, the House of God, in Mecca which Moslems call "on earth, the noblest spot that God has chosen.” Promise They come to redeem the promise of the prophet: "If anyone performs the pilgrimage for God’s sake without talking immodestly or acting wicked, he will return free from sin as the day his mother bore him." The influx is taxing the facilities of this kingdom of only about six million people. "The cost to our government is very great, but we gladly accept it as part of our duty to Islam,” a Saudi official said. King Faisal, absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia, holds himself chief guardian of the Moslem religion. Petrodollars dropping into state coffers at a rate of $25 billion annually have given him the secular means to endow the faithful. Stone dormitories are under construction rn long rows in Jidda to house the pilgrims at their first way station Dignitaries welcomed as state guests may stay at the magnificent Hainra palace overlooking the clear waters of the Red sea The great yellow palace was built for Faisal, but the king, spartan in his personal habits, spurned it as too luxurious. As the pilgrims journey to Mecca and such other holy places as Medina, site of the tomb of the prophet, they will bi* given free medical care and other facilities at government stations. In this desert kingdom, the furnishing of water and ice is the most for-findable task Most of the pilgrims arrive in groups aboard (bartered planes and ships, many from such distant lands as Indonesia, Pakistan and Mauritania. In mid-November, three F.gyptian passenger ships and a converted freighter started through the Suez Canal — the first ships to make the trip since the 1967 war with Israel — bringing pilgrims to Jidda Each group is met by a guide in Jidda representing a mutawif, who is commissioned by the government to tend to material and spiritual needs. Before taking the road to Mecca and entering the state of purity known as Ihram, many pilgrims have a final fling of a few days in Jidda This port, already frenzied with a trade and construction boom generated by oil revenues. becomes a traffic-jammed crossroads of the world. Trade Center Pilgrims of more than a dozen Asian and African nationalities in native costumes mingle on the streets with stately Saudi men dressed in the thoub, the flowing ankle-length white robe, and the gutrah headdress; their veiled wives are draped in black from head to foot. The latest mixtures are hundreds of American and European engineers and businessmen scrambling for the fabulous contracts dangling in this banking and trade center. Jidda accepts the influx casually. Once almost all foreigners, especially nonbelievers, were restricted to the port city. Foreign diplomatic missions are still in Jidda, as is the foreign ministry, the only ministry that has not been moved to Riyadh, the royal Capital Probably half of Jidda’s population, estimated at 450,* OOO, is made up of foreigners, most of them Yemenis, Pakistanis and black Africans, who do virtually all the manual labor in the construction of the scores of apartment houses and office buildings that are turning the city into a jumble of old and new. (onstriiction Housing and commercia! construction has been encouraged by the government, which offers its citizens longterm bank loans up to 70 percent of building costs at no interest and with an understanding that only 50 percent of the loans need be repaid. The selling price of land in downtown Jidda has been pushed up by speculation to as much as $25 million for an acre With alcoholic drinks, dancing and other close mingling of the sexes in public entertainment places forbidden in Saudi Arabia, most of the pilgrims find their amusement in the Jidda shops, where the Hajj sales are in full swing The city’s markets are among the most diverse in the world. Bedouin silver bracelets and python skins from the Sudan are sold in the Suk, the old bazaar, while nearby in glistening modern shops there are products ranging from Jean Patou perfume to Sony television sets and fat Cuban Monte Cristo cigars Bargains can l>e picked up in foreign goods since Saudi custom duties are modest and there are no currency exchange controls. Foreign Cars In front of the city hall, Bedouins sell hooded falcons to hunt birds and gazelles in the desert. The streets are crowded with new Cadillacs, Mercedes and Toyotas driven by Saudis. Dealers moan that they cannot get deliveries fast enough. For poorer pilgrims, the best buys are food staples. To protect the population from world inflation, the government subsidizes the retail prices of such items as flour and sugar, which sell at about a third of the import price. Gasoline is also cheap. The road to Mecca is a four-lane asphalt highway lined with stations selling high-test at IK cents a gallon Pilgrims in white Peugeot station wagons, Datsun trucks, Chevrolet taxis and European-made buses rush down the road at more than KO miles an hour past camels and black goats grazing at construction sites in the hilly, rock strewn desert. Thirty miles down the highway curving west from Jidda and 15 miles from Mecca, there is a sign barring nonbelievers from the Holy Places. Their cars are diverted down a bypass. Prayers Said Before entering the Holy Places, the pilgrim dons his garments of Ihram For men there is a two-piece white seamless gown and sandals, while women are draped from head to toe except for their veiled faces and hands. Fingernails are cut, hair is shaved, body and clothes are perfumed and prayers are said. The pilgrim groups walk into Mecca where their mu-tawifs are waiting to assign them to housing About a quarter of a million people live in Mecca, which is burgeoning with new apartments, with many extra rooms set aside to be rented to pilgrims. There are tents for others. Limited Visas Many pilgrims will remain in Saudi Arabia for as long as two months, but then the government insists they comply with their limited visas and leave. Thousands would like to stay because of the economic advantages here. The government requires that Moslem embassies in Jidda keep track of their pilgrims. Indigent pilgrims who say they cannot afford transportation home are A SM Mat Y Of OOO Control — 3030 F ova HW Ramon Booth SS 9:30 Sot. 10:30. Ev* 7 30 W*d *v* 7 30 First — 2531 42nd it NE Gary A Jenkins SS 9:43. Serv. 10:45. Ev* 7. Wed eve. 7. BAPTIST Bereaw — 5037 C#nt*f Fowt rd. NE G4*n V. High SS 9.45 Sot IO. Ev*. 7. Col vary — (CSA) 1203 3rd av* SW Harry R Egner, Wayn* Peterson SS 9 30 Slrv 10 45. Ev* 7 Wad •v* 7. Edgewood — (SGC) I av* and Edgewood rd. HW Rog*r T Good ton SS 9 30 Sot 10.45 Ev* 7. Wed wa 7 30 First — (ABC) 1200 2nd av* SE Dr Wayn* A. Storeman SS 9:30. Sot 10.50. GaiUo* — (GARB) 1947 Wash inylon av* SE. Larry R. Engl* SS 9 30 Sot 10:40 Ev* 7 Wad eve 7. tmwamyl — (SBC) 1900 F av* NW William R Riley SS 9 Sot 10:15 "ChrisHon Assurance Ev* 7. 15. * Qimtmo* Cantata . W*d. *v*. 7 Mf. Zion — (HBC) 824 8th it. SE L*Roy Whit* SS 9 30. Serv 1045 Now Testament — (BBF) 749 Old Monon rd. NE Hobart McGraw SS 9 30 Sot IO 30 Ev* 7. Wad •v*. 7. No*lindy* Parti — (OBA) I 147 Clifton av* NE Brae* W Young, SS 10 30 Sot 9 Ev* 6 30 Wed *v*. 7 30 Redemption Missionary — 1014 10th av* SE Harmon Webb SS 9 30 Sot ll. Ev* B Tues eve 730 Twin Mn#* — (NAB) 3300 42nd st. NE Werror l*mk* SS IO. Serv I I Ev* 7 Wad eve 7 30 Valloy View — (BOC) 5555 Mt. Vernon rd Si Carroll Van Anda SS 9 30 Sot. 10 30 Ev* 7. Wad ava 7. CA moue All Saint* — 720 29th st SE Edmund J. Becker James I. Block Im gar, Paul On mg Massas. Sot 5; Sun 6, 7:30, 9, 10.30, noon Immoculot* Com option — 859 3rd ava SI We, P Leonard, John Casey, Richard J He** Mosses. Sat 5.15. Sun 6, B, IO, noon, 5:15. St. Judo'* — 150 Edgewood rd. NW John M Gregory. Richard Ament, John flip Masses: Sat. 5.30; Sun. 7, 8 30, IO. ll 30 Bt. Lu dm Ho's — 211 21st ava SW Robert W Cuek, Paul C. McManus Masses Sal 5.30; Sun 6 30, 8. 9 30, ll, 1215 Bt. Mot rise w's — lit av* . 24lh NE A. A Sodowosier Arthur Kiev*, T. J Kilting Masses. Sat, 5.30; Sun. 6 30, 8, 9 30, ll, 12.15, St. Patrick's — «500 1st ave. NW Martin Laughlin, Cad A. Riel, Joseph Schneider Masses Sat. 5:15; Sun 6 30, 8, 9.45, ll, 12.15, St. Wa* X — Council st, Collins rd. NE. Bernard G. Collins, John Fnedenck. Masses. Sat eve. 7:30; Sun. I, 9, 10:30, noon, 5. St. W*nc#*l*»n — 1224 5«h st SE. Clarence Franc Masses Sat eve 7; Sun 6:30, 8 30, 10:30 CHRISTIAN Cedar — 526 3rd ava SW. Nevi ll* G Clayton. SS 9 Sot 10.15. "Th* Incarnation . First — 840 3rd av*. SE. SS 9 30 Sot 1040 Dr. Joseph McCab* Noeiridg* — 727 CoNmt rd NE Philip E. F wold sen. SS 10:45 Sot 9 30 What Do You Wont for Chmtmo*?". EPISCOPAL Groce — 525 A ava. NE Pout Traeumer Masses: Sat. 6, Sun 8, IO. Children s chapel and SS IO. St. John * — 355 !9ih st SE D. A. Lo ter ski SS 1030. Communion 8. Sot 10:30 Choral Euchonst serv 10 30, first Sun of month St. Michael s — 220 40th st NE Thomas C Ay cock, p Choral serv and SS IO Eucharist sot 8 Eve. 6. JEHOVAH’S W^MISSES Cedar V ahey-South Congregation — 1221 Center Point rd NE Pubhc talk, 1:30. Watchtower, 230 McCloud Spring*-North Congregation — 1221 Center Point rd. NE Pubhc taA, 9:30. Watchtower, 10 30 Pioneer Avenue Congregation — 3103 Pioneer ava SE Public talk, 9 30 Watchtower, 10 30 LA TTM DAY SAINTS Meitwon — 4300 Trotindg* rd SE Bishop Paul L Garvin Priesthood, 8 30 SS IO Sacroment, IMS Wed. eve 7 30 Reorganised — 120 19th st. NE Eider James toy. SS 9 30 Sot. 10 30. LUTHERAN Bethany — (Mo ) 2202 Forest dr.'SE A.C. Hombostei SS 9.30. Serv 8.15, 10 45 Concordia — (Mo.) 4210 John son av* NW Paul A Scheldt. SS 9.15. Sot 8, IO 30 "A Message of Action". First — (LCA) I OOO 3rd av* SE Georg* W Carlson, Dennis W, Wright SS 9 25 Sot 8 IS, ll. Otorie Dei — (ALC) 153 Cherry Hr« rd NW Charles G Schuht SS 9:30. Serv. 8:30, 10.30 Communion, 1st Sun. of month Good Shepherd — (WELS) 2900 42nd st NE Gary Kirschk* SS 9 Communion and sot 10:15. "Where TH*** t Hope, There s Life". Holy Redeemer — (LOA) 720 Edgewood rd. NW. Cedric J. Lofdaht. SS IO 30 Sot 9 30 Sat 5:30. Hope — (LCA) 2736 Bowling st SW Michael A. Lost. Communion 1st Sun of month. Sat eve 6. SS 10:45. Serv 9 30 . Our Savior4* — (ALC) 3634 1st av*. NE F. William Milker, Marvin L. Ehnen. SS 9:15. Serv. 8, IG30 Peace — 1515 29th st NE SS 9 30 Sot 8 30 St. Andrew — (LCA) 4420 Canter Point rd. NE James M. I ether SS 9.40 Sot. 8:30, 10:45. Whom Did You Expect? . St. Moth’* — (LCA) 2100 Isl av*. NE. David Frans Larson, Gordon Lundberg SS 9 30. Sot 8:30, ll. "Our Lord Comes". S«. Stephen's — (ALC) Meadowbrook and 31st st. SE. Landis J. Olson SS 9 15. Sot 8:15, 10:30. Trinity — (Mo) 1363 1st ava SW Richard L.Thompson SS 9:15. Sot 8, 10:30. "He Is th* One". Sat eve 6. Word of God-Doaf — (Mo ) 1515 29th st NE Allan C. Page. SS 9 30 Sot. ll. Zion — (Mo ) Highway 150, Hiawatha Lorry Brett*. SS 9:30. Serv. 815, 1G.45. MITH OO IST Asbury _ (United) 351 26th av* SW. Chort#* R Mehortey. SS IO Sot 9, 11. Bertram — (United) L. Net! Townsend SS 9.45 Sot 10:30. Bethel — (AME) 512 6th st SE George Moors SS 9:30 Sot 11. Buffalo — (United) Blout Ferry rd. NE Wilbert R. Trusheim SS 1015. Sot 9 Faith — (United) (OOO 30th st NE Wikerf R Truth*** SS 9:15. Sot IG30 Free — BOO G ava NW. Wayip Ryan SS 9 45 Sot 1G.45. Eve 7. Wad eve 7:30. HiMeide Wee!#yon — 2600 1st ave. NW Richard Ernst, Sam Block ford SS 9.45, 10.50 Sot 10 50. "Bom a King ". Eve 7. "Chntfmat in th* Making", Wad eve. 7:15. Kenwood Park — (United) 302 33id st NI Clifton W EHerbeck, Tom Mattson. SS IO Sot 9, ll. "Th# Shepherd's Response Lovely Lane — (United) 2424 (Continued on Page 8.) SI MMY, DECEMBER IT>, l«>7l IO IO a rn. Worship (single service) 9 15 a m Church School Topic: "Surprised tty Joy 4 30 p m. ANNUAL CANDLELIGHT VESPERS preheated by the combined chairs of First Presbyterian Church 310 Fifth Street S.F. < i-ilar Kupiitn, lima CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 3rd Ave & 12th St. SW Special Christmas obervances: SUNDAY, DECMEMBER 15th 10:45 am — Choir Cantata: “Song of the Holy Night” 7 00 pm — Sunday School Program; ••Christ Is Born” Come and worship with us... ...CHRIST is central at Calvary! rounded up each year and shipped out at Saudi expense. The Saudis do not grant citizenship to aliens, for they are determined to maintain the purity of their nationality. Although the country is severely short of manpower to fulfill its ambitious construction projects, foreign workers are admitted with permits only for the duration of specific jobs. Nevertheless, it is estimated that there are two million foreigners living in Saudi Arabia, many of them illegally, and all striving to join the new "petro-aristocracy” of the Middle Fast. Edmund J. Becker Reception Slated A reception honoring the Ut. Rev. Edmund J. Becker, V. F., pastor of All Saints Catholic church and a newly appointed monsignor, will be held at All Saints school Sunday from 3 to 5 p m. Msgr. Becker and 18 other parish priests of the Archdiocese of Dubuque were recently given the title of Monsignor by Pope Paul VI and were invested with their robes in a ceremony Dec. 8 at St. Raphael's cathedral, Dubuque. Msgr Becker, dean of the Cedar Rapids Catholic clergy, was born in Dyersville Feb. 23, 1911. Prior to his ordination on May 22, 1937, he studied at Loras college and St, Paul seminary, St. Paul, Minn During his 37 years as a priest he served as assistant pastor at St. Boniface at New Vienna and then as pastor at Immaculate Conception, Sand Spring; Immaculate Conception, Haverhill; SS. Peter and Paul, Springbrook, and St. Joseph’s, Earlville, before coming to All Saints 18 years ago. Advent^— Time of Carols, Children Children and carols, Nativity scenes and worship services are all a part of the Christmas tradition. As Christmas draws closers many churches use these themes to celebrate the birth of Christ. St. Mark’s Lutheran church will hold its children's Christmas program Sunday at ll a rn. The church-sthool youth of Westminster Presbyterian church will present "Colors of Christmas" Sunday at 4 30 pm 42nd ii. NE. Don F. Maple SS 9:15 Serv. 10:30. "ChrisSno* Cantata". Salon* - (United) 225 Ut ava SW Pool Pfoltigroff SS 9 Serv IO. Sharon — (United) 831 ISH* ava SW Everett K. Burton SS 9. Sot IO. St. Jam*. — (United) 1430 Ellit blvd NW Stephen R. Root SS 8:45. Sot IO. St. Monk . — (United) 4700 Johnton ava, NW Le* Roy Collin*. SS 9:45. Sot. 11. What Lie* Behind th# Tinsel?" St. bawl'* — (United) 1340 3rd ava SE. Arnold Hertnt, Denton Erlton, Warren Webb. SS 9:30, ll. Communion, 8 30 Sot 9:30, 11."A Christmas Festival ’. Eve 7. ShooyVille — (United) Rf. 2. Richard Sebemecker SS 9:30. Serv. 1030 Trinity — (United) 3rd ava. and Sit* st. SW Wilson Hyde SS 9 30. Sot 10 45. "On Making Prepare* hon* '. NAZAR CNI First — 3113 Ut ave SW Hardy J Power* SS 9.45 Serv. 10.45. Eve. 7 Wad eve 7 Oakland — 151 Bowman rd NE. (Bowman Woods school) Church offices, 6416 Devon shit. dr. NE Craw ford How* SS 9 45. S*rv. 10:30 Ev*. 6 W*d ava 7.30 Trinity — 1328 K st SW Jam** I. Hay** SS 9 30 Sot 10 30 Ev* 7. Wed. *v*. 7. ORTHODOX St. Ooorye — (Sy.) 1202 10th st SE. Constant!na Now SS 10:15 Matins IO. Liturgy IG30 Sot. eve vespers 7 30 St. John'* — (E) 600 7th st SE Demetno* Walker SS, Matins 10. Morning prayers, 11. St. John'* — (Or ) 501 A ava NE J. Yciouns Orthros 9.30. Liturgy ' 1030. PRISBYTZRIAN Calvin-Skid air — (United) 715 38th st SE Eort A Huebner SS IO. Sot 9, 11:10 "A Hop# for Mon kind", Control bods — (United) I 700 8 ava NI Allen S. Van Cleve SS 1G45. Sot 9 30 Revolution , Christ Church — (United) 2000 Ut av# HW. Robert Bouton SS 9. Sot IG IO. "On th# Way to Christmas — 3; I Met Some Lott Seekers ", Fh»t — (United) 310 5th st. SE The members of Noelridge Christian church will present a live Nativity scene Friday, Christmas Saturday and Sunday from 6: 3(1 to 8 30 p m. in the park- MUSIC ing lot adjacent to the church. "Would You Believe a Stable?" will be the theme of the Community Christmas worship service Sunday at 3 p m. at Three Crosses Ranch, Inc., Strawberry Point. The services, which will be held in the ranch barn, will feature special music, scripture and fellowship. Cedar Hills Community Reformed church will present "Festival of Choirs" Sunday at 7 p.m. The cantata, "God/Man", will be presented at the Ellis Park Church of God Sunday at 10:30 a m. A festival of carols will be presented Sunday at 6 p m. at the church. The choirs of First Congregational church will present a program of special music Sunday at IO a rn. The combined choirs of First Presbyterian church will present the annual candlelight vesper service Sunday at 4 30 p m. A chili supper will follow the service. "Bom a King", the cantata by John E. Peterson, will he presented Sunday at 10 50 am at Hillside Wesleyan church Sunday evening, the Rev. Richard Ernst will show slides of his recent trip to the Holy Land in connection with his sermon, "Christmas in the Making". The choirs of Immanuel Baptist church will present the cantata "The Night the Angels Sang" Sunday at 7:15 pm The Kenwood Park Presbyterian choirs will present a program of Christmas music Sunday at 7 pm. Refreshments will be served following the service A reception will follow the Christmas Bell recital Sunday at 4 p m. at St. Paul’s United Methodist church At 8 p m. a supper will precede an all-church caroling party. The choirs of Trinity United Methodist church will present a candlelight service Sunday at 7 p.m. Refreshments will follow the service. The What Cheer United Methodist church will present a Christmas cantata Sunday at 7:30 p m. Children 's Programs Bethany Congregational church will hold its Church school program Sunday at 7 p rn. The children of Cedar Hills Community Reformed church will present a program at the ll a m. Sunday worship service. Central Park Presbyterian church will hold its church-school Christmas program Sunday at 4:30 p.m. Following the program, a light lunch will be served and all present will go caroling in the immediate neighborhood. Hus Memorial Presbyterian church will hold its children's Christmas program Sunday at 9 30 a m. Church school pupils at Kenwood Park Methodist church will present a Christmas program Sunday at the 9 a rn. worship service only. The New Apostolic church will present its children s Christmas program Sunday at 4 p.m. Norridge Park Christian church will hold a family dinner and program Sunday evening. The program, presented by the church-school youth, is entitled "The Friendly Beast". The church-school program at Olivet United Presbyterian church is scheduled for Sunday at 5 p.m. with caroling at 6 30 pan. The Message Center Advent Program The third of four Advent programs on KCRG television is scheduled Thursday at 7 p.m. Sponsored by First Lutheran church, the series theme is "A Time for Hope in Families", with the Thursday pregram dealing with "Yours and Mine”. Appearing with Dr George W Carlson, pastor of First Lutheran, will be Dr. James Reinertson, a Cedar Rapids pediatrician. First Lutheran The First Lutheran church congregation hosted a dinner Dix.'. 8 for 85 people who are 65 years of age or older. Music students from Erskine elementary school provided the program. Grace Brethren Grace Brethren church will host its 25th anniversary conference beginning Sunday morning and then each evening at 7 through Wednesday. Dr. Herman A. Hoyt, president of Grace Theological I seminary and Grace college, Winona Lake, Ind , will speak on the theme of Biblical prophecy. Pastor Named To Who’s Who The Rev. William Riley, pastor of Immanuel Baptist church, has been selected to appear in the 1975 International Who’s Who in Community .Service. Interdenomin 'I The film, "To Planet Earth With Dive”, will be shown Sunday at 7 p m at the Interdenominational church. The film takes a world tour of a changing world and says Bible prophecy and current events are on a collision course. Mt. Zion Baptist The senior choir of Mt. Zion Baptst church will present a "Formal Evening in Song" Sunday at 6 p m. Washington Prairie DECORAH - The Bev. Richard Sansgaard. 34. of Reeder, N. D., will assume pastoral duties at the 121-year-old Washington Prairie Lutheran church near here on Jan. I. Pastor Sansgaard is scheduled to be installed Jan. 12 in special services. He succeeds the Rev. Amdt Braaten. who served the congregation from 1971 until he resumed his position as theological instructor at Luther college in August The Rev. Oscar E. Engebret-son, pastor of the church from 1942 to 1952, is serving as interim pastor. Pastor Sansgaard was born near Story City and attended Waldorf college and Luther college. • It s tough to pick a vacation spot when you know what’s wrong with every one of them ” Justices Split On Court Chairs WASHINGTON (AP) -Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun has revealed a new split among the justices of the nation’s highest court, a dispute over chairs. Blackmun told a group of government law .vers that Chief Justice Warren Burger is pushing brr uniformity in the black leather chairs on which the justices sit in th*' courtroom Three are notably lower-hacked than I he others and Justice William 0. Douglas1 chair is more heavily padded than any of the rest. "The chief justice doesn t like the fact that the chairs are not the same and he is trying to make them uniform,” Blackmun said. “I for one hope they will remain different .” GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS for N«wi Stotts, lookkttpin^ 6«n*tol inlot motion and Offutt Not 1*1*4 toto* MI.......................WMH (mutate* Wa*ag»e*Soft ..... WUU Mon thru W I tm. * 7 pm. W*4oyi Until 12 Noon Hobdoyt ll orn. to 7 pm Wont Mi ......... TH 1234 Mon thru In lorn to Spa. S*tui4oy until 12 Noon Display Advortiytig .......... 194 8222 lorn to S p rn Monon {Hint    ..... 398 4430 NEW Living Bible with Words of Christ lr RED $10.95 CEDAR BOOK STORE 3519 First Av*. S.I. Cedar Rapid* 366-7 I 89 GUILD BUM INT I HI RHI 1947 Washington Av*. $.8. 9 30 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL 10 40 AM MORNING SERVICE 7.00 Evening Service Wed. Service 7 OO PM Therefor* th* Lord H*m**(t shall give you a ugn Behold th* virgin shall concave, and baar a son, and shall colt His nam* Immanuel" (Isaiah 714). This »* on* of mony prophecies concerning th* humanity of Jesus Christ, which was perfectly habited. Trinity United Methodist Church Third Avenue and 5th Street S.W ANNUAL CANDLELIGHT SERVICE Sunday Evening December 15 — at 7:00 P M. THREE CHOIRS Wilson Hyde, Minister Director of Chancel Choir, Levitical Singers, Organist, Mr. Allen Koepke Director of Shalom Singers, Mrs Warren Erbe TO PLANET EARTH WITH LOVE" Take* a world tour of a (hanging world and declares (hat Bibl* Prophecy and Currant Event* ar* on a collision course with the End See lie nim at THE INTERDENOMINATIONAL (HIR( H Sri Street k Uh Ave. S.W. Sudley I M PM—Dec Ii Followed by Refreshment* St. Paul s I nited Methodist Church 1340 Third Ave. S E. Sunday Services December 15 9 3(1 A ll A M. A CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL Combined i ham i i Sanctuary chmn* 4 Orcheuira * The Infant Jesus” by Huktrhudr Congregational singing of (hr Isl max Hymn* Liturgist Rev. Denton Known Organist Mrs Betty Delmar) Director of Muaie David R Noble Sunday UUriMn I M P M I CHRISTMAS REU. RECITAI. Silver Bells, Chancel, Carol 4 Wrulei Bi ll I lours Ki-ccptioti F ollowing The Public is Cordially Invited ;

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