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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., December 14. 1974 ^,Vw,v,y WW    '^vv    >.yv    ...%.....  •    ...v    •    .    .    .    V.    ••• NAtlONM WI ATH!* SfiViCr FOt*CA*T to 7 AM ISI H- « ~ M COSTON 'NI W YOAK 30.M DEATHS Milo Chehak, Pharmacy Founder, Dies Supervisor Attacked at Convict Home Injunction Is Asked Against Officer Claim A night supervisor at Work Release Center, I1 ourill avenue Sc,, was beaten _ cUftDDHdf* ft A VC and robbed of $70 early Satur- |[JJnUrrmu DAT J Milo A. ( hehak, 77, of 305 day b.. ^q n^n,    ILL    CHRISTMAS Crescent street SE, a lifelong resident of Cedar Rapids and Jack Rees, 64, route two, Ana mosa, was treated at St. Luke’s hospital for a laceration on his right ear and bruises. Police said a resident of the president of the Paramount Pharmacies, died Saturday at University hospitals in Iowa City following a brief illness. ,    .    .... % in,- j* r.u .. house, a community rehabili-A IOU graduate^ the I raver- ta(lon center f0r convicts, was ••• OI Iowa college of I*"-stopped bv Rees when he re-I, he founded Security Lab-|hlmL    „.PB    rpnor. Boy, 14, Listed As Fair After Car Accident sity rn acy oratory, the foremnner and now: Douglas R. Thomsen, 14. of at the Roosevelt hotel Oct. 24 turned after curfew. Rees repor- 209 First avenue, Hiawatha, was, He charged the pair with a*Tart of ^aramounr'phar ited,y 3sked the man to take a in fa»r condition at St. Luke's beating him and illegally arrest-a pa,, of laramount Phar |brea(h ,eS[ ,0 determlne „ ta|    ^    ^L, him lle asked jao.ooo ln Lawyers for one of two Cedar Thro© Cos©S Bound Rapids men who have filed Over to Grand Jury ; damage suits in Cedar Rapids I fedora I court against Police Three persons have appeared (Chief Wallace LaPeters and two rn magistrate’s court and have police officers Friday afternoon been bound over to the grand filed a request for a preliminary jury. federal court injunction to stop Kenneth Dvorak, no address, a small claims court trial.    waived a preliminary hearing In November, Carson Borseth Thursday and was bound over filed suit against LaPeters and on a charge of drunk driving. Officer Antone Imhoff, alleging john Kratz and Gene Krotz, his constitutional rights were both of route two, Marion, were violated at a picket line dispute bound over Wednesday following preliminary hearings on charges of possession of controlled substance. vn we AVHtt jot oc as? ® *A,N E&how NAII MOW Snow is forecast for Saturday night for the Great Lakes and vicinity, while some rain will fall over parts of the west Gulf coast and the Great Basin. Elsewhere, generally fair weather is predicted. The Weather High temperature* Friday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation : Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck Chica eo Denver .. Duluth Honolulu Houston Monday at 9, Murdoch’s in Coggon, where friends may call Board Suspends Certificate of Former Iowan DES MOINES IAP) The y lf .01 JO L Anoles Miami TI SO TS al JO 03 Min'apolis 34 37 03 40 34 OS N Orleans 41 31 43 lf New York 44 41 BIS ” Phoenix 44 44 Seattle ... 44 4® .IS 74 M Washington 54 41 OS after 7 Sunday. A memorial state board of public instruction fund has been establisned.    . Jesup - Susan Stone, 23. has '"^finitely suspended the Mason-Hawe’s, Independence, teaching certificate of a former Independence — Mrs. El- Manson educator who broke his wood Boyd, 84. White s.    L Postville -    Carolynl    contract. I Schaffer, 89. Schutte’s.    | One board member said Fri- v ____ 37    Elkader — Goldie Hoffman,    day sbe was voting to suspend Low overnight  ..........35    6 ’^pendencr3^Wilma E.    David Luers’ certificate as an Noon Saturday ...............36    Connell, 64, Marion, formerly    example to other teachers con- 2 p.m. Saturday .............37    of Independence. Monday atitemplating skipping out on their Rainfall ........  None    10:30 St. John’s Catholici contracts. nw-i    io    church. Parish Rosary Sunday    . Total for December ..........19,    at 3 and wake at 8> Mason.    “Maybe it will make some Normal for December  1.43 Hawes.    (other    teachers think.” said Jolly Normal through December 33.18 New Vienna — Martin J. Ha-1 Ann Davidson of Clarinda. C. R. Weather High Friday Milo A. Chehak had been drinking. Refused The resident refused and alle- internal injuries suffered Friday in a two-car collision. damages from both men. Car Recovered Imhoff had previously filed a s    . ,    $1,000    damage suit in small After Chase? Thomsen was hurt when the L|ni_.    aaninsf    RnrsPth hAthTno'orRees’ knocking    cardriven    by„his bro,hHr'Dab;-    «g hi. Borith him    Trial    Driver    Flees nim to tne door.    16 same    address, and a car SPheduled for Dec 2.3 The second man, not a resi- driven by Jefirey T Meyer, 16. T ‘    f^    Marion police are looking for dent of the center, pulled a tele-    0f 2257 Chestnut drive NE, col- n petition filed Friday nija man w|10    Bed from    a    si0|en phone from the wall when Rees j    lided at    the intersection of    federal court’ Borseth s    attor-car af(er a    chase about    7;10 tried to call police. He alleged-,Blairs Ferry road and Council ney afked that an injunction be a m saturday. t_-       —    Ll    .1    %      «#    #      Al    *    IMMin/i    4 a /lolntf TMlO 4 t<I O I macies, in 1919. He also was the money and cash from the office, founder of Medical Arts Surgical Supply Co. issued to delay this trial. ly grabbed a knife from the street NE at’ 7 p m kitchen and demanded Rees’    ,, oney and cash from the office. | . fe .? hAQnitqi for injuries to    « 1,tai “*» w l,rc Rees asked the resident who .. a . , P .    .    request for Wednesday at 11:30 lo    his right arm and forehead and, was standing    by watching to , Meyer was also treat-; a m rtop the man.    The wadem re-    cd f#r a head injury at ^ hos.   — - pital and released.    WHIS16 T H e cl u S Police said the stolen car was U.S. Magistrate James spited and a SqUad car gaVe Hodges set a hearing on the Mr Chehak was a charter member of the American Col-fused to intervene, police said lege of Apothecaries and was a    Kicked    Him member of the Linn county, Iowa and American Phar- After kicking    Rees several    ink an illegal turn. Police maceutical Assns and of the times, the man    allegedly took    the Meyer car turned in front of American Surgical Trade Assn. ;about fifty cents    from his poc-    the Thomsen car as they were    (he    of    Com Meyer was charged with mak- He was a member of First ke's and ab?ut $7\'rom a f,le Presbyterian church, MI. Her-'cabmet- Bath men then Bed. mon lodge, AF and AM; Cedar , Rees, after lying on the floor Rapids Consistory. El Kahir tor a while, made his way to a Shrine, Elks club, Pickwick i sec0,nd floor room where he approaching from opposite directions on Blairs Ferry road. chase. The driver drove south from the city to the Squaw Creek golf course. The vehicle went through a fence and into Squaw creek and incurred extensive damage. The driver fled from the scene _,    .    '    . . land eluded police and Linn Ed Whisjer was named cha,r-jcoU„ty shcri(fs deputies „ho searched the area until 9:45 Judge Refuses onnne, xmas ciuu, ricftvtii:n i    „    _    ■    ^ club, Cedar Rapids Country | aw?,te a re?1(1(M1? who called po reed burge Ty club    and    Rotary    club and    had    ^5®*    .    ... ..    .    ..    r    nf    J    I been    on    the    Camp    Wapsie-Y    The man    who    did the    beating) por    Defendant apparently    had    served a jail sentence under    Rees about 15    NEW YORK    (AP)    —    A state, I s u p r e rn e court justice has j They quoted the man as say- turned down a request ing he had wanted to do 1 J1®1 j Queens authorities to force a members, ever since Rees “put him in the *    1 hole”. Total for 1974 ............. 39 40 gemann. infant son of Mr Barometer, falling 30.11 and It was the first time in at Mrs. Julius Hagemann. Private! mmo/ .services were held Saturday at least ten years a state teaching Humidity at noon ..........Kramer’*    in    Dyersville.    Burial    I    certificate has been lifted be hind direction and velocity at vienna. °ni Ut cimot(-ry> cause a teacher didn’t honor a 2 p.m., E at 13 mph. Sun rises Sunday, 7:28; sun sets, 4:36. U.S. Ruling Aids Year Ago Today - High, sa. Banks’ Planned low, 42: precipitation. JO.    # Computer Paying Traveler's Forecast Munday contract. The suspension will have little (effect on Luers, however, be- I cause he has left teaching for    a.m."    Monday7    Burial: an agri-business position Platte Center, Neb.    jcaj|    at    Turner    east    after    I    p.m. board. Bom in Cedar Rapids July 28,,    „    sajd 1897. he was married to Ruth    rPV,„.. * .LCj Bryan April 15, 1968, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He was a veteran of World war I. Surviving in addition to his wife are a son. John, of Cedar Rapids; two daughters, Mrs. Willis E. Lamb, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Richard F. Donahue, Colorado Springs, and five grandchildren. Services: Turner chapel east merce’s international trade bureau at the group’s annual meeting. Tom Juracek was picked as program chairman. New directors include Robert Gilliatt, Karel Zachar and W h i s I e r . Holdover board members are Gaylen Hafar. Don MacKay, Robert Wood and Juracek. Gordon Fennell and Sid Myers by j w e r e made honorary’ a.m. The car had been stolen earlier from Cedar Rapids. Ohio Recount Is Called Off 1-380— (Continued from Page I.) sibility study, but that the approval was never given. man to undergo surgical removal of a bullet for possible evidence in the murder of a police lieutenant. Beer Gans Used To Break Windows COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -Democratic Governor John Gil-lYfg ligan has called off a recount of gubernatorial ballots after nearly complete returns showed former Republican Gov. James I Rhodes’ 11.414-vote victory margin holding steady. I* Gilligan’s press secretary, Robert Tenenbaum, conceded T,h.T Arr    , Two ,nC,dln,s of.™ 1C1°US, Friday that it was -evident that Thursday that to force, J*n damage on the northeast s‘de thcl.e' wi!I ^ no significant Smith. 26. to go through the caused by beer cans hurled at th jn ,he rosults „ operation would be unconstitu- At a Sept. 30 meeting of the I tional and “offensive to fair in I Cedar Memorial Friends mav regional P,annin« «rouP pur- play and decency and the Amer-'    ^    portedly approving the route ican way of life.” Weather, lli-Ln Bismarck . Cloudy 23-10 Chicago 39-25 Cincinnati .. Cleveland 36-29 Des Moines 30-20 Detroit ..... 34-27 Indianapolis 39-28 Kansas City Snow 32-22 Milwaukee Snow 34-20 Minneapolis 31-25 Omaha 34-13 St. Louis . . Snow’ 38-24 Sioux Falls Snow 30-20 Degree D*ys Friday .. 33 Total to date 2,039 Through Dec. 13. 1973 ... .1.697 Percent of normal year . . 30.6 3 O rn 2 a year 6.631 only 14 persons were present He also said removal of the and voting, according to the pe-; bullet would “constitute a major tition. It went on to say that on intrusion into the body of the Oct. 28 the chairman noted and respondent that would involve u’AcuTMPTrw' ADI a i H(? W3S a vocational agricu I- j Sunday and until    IO am. Mon- • w i j • ■ * * A™1' Jure instructor at Manson high! day. The casket    will not be mg by the administrator of the school when he resigned March opened after the    service. The national banks has given a boost 29, effective two days later, to family suggests that friends,    ,    ..    .    .    .    _ to plans by some banks to in- accept the Nebraska position, may ‘if they wish    contribute to:™1**1    that    the    vote    was vo,d    anditrauma    and pain and a possible stall computer terminals that His contract with the school dis- the charity of their    choice    “    contravention    of    the    by-laws    risk    of life.” will enable shoppers to charge (net ran through June 30.    “    ‘    ‘ purchases to their checking ac-; _ counts instantaneously.    I ii I • J • Comptroller of the Currency j 14 Injured in James Smith ruled Thursday rs •«     r-» and other locations: L/OrmitOry rire windows were reported early Saturday to police.    VsL    C*l J • Edgar Joyner, an engineer at Charge riled in that stores for the so-called Customer Bsmkl Communications I WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) Mrs. Charles Breedy Lois Cecil Bready, 86. widow of Dr. Charles J. Bready and a Cedar Rapids resident 36 years, died Friday in a Cedar Rapids Kennedy high    school, reported    r I in I • at 12 50 a rn.    Saturday    a win-!    ^CnOO I urea Kin dow at the building was broken A a   u    u by a beer can.    Damage    was es-    FrA.14'>ca,ri;old Kbo-v »as charged timaifri at SM    Frida>' "‘th a breakin last    Sat- David Nicholas, 2357 Aspen u,rda>' al .Polk scho01' ™,aen,h lane NE. reported at 12:52 a rn    ^J,*Vmenue *n I of the commission.    Smith    was    arrested last June Saturday a thermopane picture I . th„ w    uere The by-laws require that a 20 when he sought medical at- window at his residence was( p    .    .    vnmh^ailAooW majority of the 31 members ap- tention for a bullet wound of his;broken by a beer can. Nicholas .    •    3    J prove such a plan,    according to    [eft shoulder shorUy after Ll j estimated the    damage at    $100.    ^    n    JP the petition.    Henry Schmiemann was shot    *    *    * In spite of this,    the highway    dead on a Queens .street near! Tcrm'naks An early morning fire in a dor-    Her    hus,band    „    bad mined number of lunch tickets Police received a report Fri- .    .    “    .    3 commission has accepted the his home. Detectives theorized j day of a broken door window at I _._m c 8551,001115 an the caiete- Sept. 30 vote as valid and will that he was accosted by an!the Second avenue entrance to ria. (CBCTs) need not be considered ^    *    Brandvwine    cotlec'    served    as    minister    of    St.    Paul’s    certify    it    to    the    federal    highway! armed robber while on his way city hall. Kronr4sae a1 Knrhc    ■    *co    ,    f    _     I'    ,     u     I_a_____I.____ I____I in u'Arlr at tvaIiao haorlmiarfare    Tho    che •xml    j    ~    (    I sent at least 14 students and one IAS? ,,1^,,    fireman    to    urea    hospitals    for Methodist church. Mrs. Bready was bom April 3, administration unless ordered i to work at police headquarters. The shattered window was val-not to do so, the plaintiffs claim. I Because Schmiemann fired utd at $100. police said. The investigation is continuing, police said. :    treatment    of    injuries.'inching >888 in VesUburg. Mich. She __The^plaintiffs are March C|« « fires cy. If the terminals had been declared bank branches, the ■branches.H 2:35 p.m. Friday Mutual aid banks w0uid ^ required to seek to West Bertram fire depart-     .    .  . ment at Orchard trailer court f^rmisslon from regulators to set up or dismantle the termi- two girls who jumped from a was a third-story window.    United member of St. Paul’s;and Shirley L. Goldie, James W Methodist church and and Zeta M. Koenig, Cetus J. fore he died. authorities believe he might have wounded his as- Man Charged with UsookLwoman it Delaware    Mary    L    Conrad:    Warren    L.!»«*»• and therefore petitioned Tape Player Theft Divis^m tmspduT^said the fir” member ot cbaP,ar F0 of PEO. and Karen K Hobbs, and Ron- the court for permission to have lxK)nard Guy Bowen. 18. of 705 ^    tvun-.    unl.tU    Irk    nin P onH Ina SE. 8:52 a.m. Saturday. Short in nals. wirinf at 427 First street SE. Smith V« « aa,r^or,S‘tUrday'    jthat -even though a cautioned. man and six students were Tuesday Noon Study dub..Asarite R. and Jean A. Lewis, being treated there for smoke ^ey chapter of DAR and Daugh-    3    jbe    regional    plan- however    I inhalation, and two girls    were!ters °f ^    American Colonias.    njng group bad asked    for fur- .UU, eve, Uiuutp, a CWT is    ^‘"8    for P°sslble    ,inju-    “'sisC' vj? S 'T' t lf" not a hraneh PAmntrnHpr    r,es suffered in a jump    from    Muscatine,    a sister, Vera .v    roujes but highway commis- Iowa Deaths    possesses    regulatory authority ,h'rd.fl“°r. “b,dow ..fbe added ^TnndcWldren.    spokesmen    said    “    intfDd' North Enclish — David Lee which can be exercised to limit beloved the gir.s are in    ed    10 Sc and ridge,    33.    Monday    at    rgcTs to insure the v^winH do    good shape ”    Services:    Turner chapel east    through Hiawatha if    federal Powell    MCth0diSt    ChurCh ivelopment of the banking svs-    Brandywine college    vice-    at I f pin    !Monday by Dr Ar-    approval is given. Keota — Lulu Randolph, 97 tem.” But he said that authority president Bernard Daney saido old Her^Jt< Entombment ' the fire started in a third-floor 1 Chapel of Memories. Lippmann— (Continued from Page I.) “He camps neither with the liberals nor the conservatives.” the bullet removed from Smith    Fifth Avenue” SE wi "chanted    LiPPmann once    gave this credo: for a ballistics test.    Friday with grand shoplifting in'"^ After hts arrest, Smith was the theft of a tape player. j lightened American is conserv a Bowen was arrested at 4:45 p.m. Friday by a security guard ..men sun ■> imn.u,-    .    >J0Ung    H<!    at Target store. 4501 First fie explained: -This consertal    Jhe    hiXTv    was sentenced to up to 20 years    avenue SE a, he a|| ed,y. a(.    vative who is    a liberal is a un    ne    oigeway    |,n preon on that charge but has    lemptf<i t0 |cave without paving    progressive because he must no: been chained in the murder    (or ,a piaver valued at 837.    "orl1 and live,    he must govern aT    VAAIt    AA    I    I    Al    ltAMnn#    M    *    W charged and later convicted after trial of robbing and assaulting a young woman He tive and sive.” liberal and progres- of the police lieutenant. Sunday at 2, Powell’s.    should be used sparingly. Calmar — Edward C. Meyer, 90.    Monday at    1:30, Calmar;    s,„„    n, i Methodist church. Visitation at    Seven Die in Fire French’s after 2 Sunday. j LONDON (UPI) — Fire swept 00Dy*art 7~ Albert J Kosnar. | through a hotel Friday, killing 82.    Tuesday at    I, Overtons.    .    ^    ,    j.    I Military rites at graveside. WVCn persons, incliKling a fire- Cotfon — Carl O. Hill, 86 man. and injuring 18 Friends wing of Concord hall, where 75 ma>' cal1 at Turner east until I 'Hiawatha west students lived He said the Pm Monday Th? casket will not be opened after the service. The route favored by the high-1    - way commission goes through p0,,r4. Rplpr+c of highway 150.i^OUrT vices. cause was unknown. Within the city it would be ele- McCord AoDea vated on a 22-foot embankment    '    ' Mrs. Smiih Drives To Rebuild G.O.P. Image Woman Loses Dispute; Also Engine— (Continued from Page I.) EPA® findings in a later ap-i^fse and $72 pearance before the committee, j He noted that engines can be Anne Ilbor, 1313 Oakland road and its east edge would occupy land which now is WASHINGTON (UPI) - The I p 'N nj a railroad IU. S. circuit court of appeals wllllTy Tied right-of-way.    {Thursday    unanimously    upheld    WASHINGTON    (UPI) The route favored by Hi»|the conviction clI James McCord ,r< camFaign committee^^ for die,',herV V7hree'''>'eai:s''with f at n a    Anlrs    I'titm/’vo    ttmcf    Tai*    Hit*    caIa    im    I    Ka    I    fr/H    ll    a1    av,    *    ® Bowen was released to the an(f debate in the world as it is custody of community court ser- 'n his own time and as it is going to become.” Lippmann was bom in New York Sept. 23. 1889, to a wealthy family of German-Jewish descent. Privately schooled in New York, he entered Harvard A in 1906 and completed his stu- Inouye Backers Watha residents swings west- for his role in the 1972 Water ward before it reaches the Hia- gate bugging and breakin. Watha city limits and then McCord was sentenced to Sen. Inouye (D-Hawaii), a Bbl Beta Kappa honors, member of the senate Water- He is survived by his wife, the gate committee, pled guilty Fri- former Helen Byrne Armstrong, WASHINGTON (UPI) - Re- We must do a better job of hance. Thus, a car tuned for top had pelted it with snowballs, publican National Chairman seeing ourselves.”    {mileage    might    have poor accel-; Mrs. Ilbor told police that Mary Louise Smith says Pres- nc nuica iran engines can dc    — curves northwestward to con- from one to five years in prison ^ YI „VI*    I    •y‘n;    J* tuned rn various way., depend- NE, ttas $'^"r b ^ a nect with highway 150 near but has served none of it pend- Shuttan    3    a    mar"    ' mg on what aspect of perform- she apparently stopped her car;renter point    me    the    outcome    of    hi^    tnbution.    1    9    38.    A    previous    marriage ance the tuner wanted to en- f° reprimand four youths whoj_ er J_____mg    the    outcome    of    his    appeal.    ^ s    judge    George    ended    in    divorce. Minority Enrollment Guidelines Expected Hart said the violation was technical and suspended sentence    Wilson    Ailing Mrs Smith said she had ob- erat,on and pollution control when she left the car the boys,I * ''111    11    Y    vihuvhi    iThe maximum penalty for the LONDON (UPI) — Prime .tained approval from the while one tuned for the best I aged about 14 or 15. tried to get ^    • I /•    r    ii    misdemeanor    is    a    $1,000    fine. Minister Wilson has canceled all ident Ford holds the key to the partv-s execu(jve ^oup t0 dou. pollution control might have a large dog to attack her.    KyUIQelineS CXDeC/GGf    Assistant    Watergate    Proser-    engagements    for    three    days bi- future of the C O P.    hie ‘ the Republican national P°°r    and    acceleration.    Mrs    liber    said sbe knocked at T    *    tor Thomas McBride said the cause 0f a viral infection. Launching a major effort to committee budget from $6.5 mil- he said.    the    doors    of    four houses and ^ MOI NEIS (IPI) — A quirement. And the recommen- comrnittee failed to report ei- • _    ^    —    —— build a new party image, Mrs. hon this year to more than $12    GM    Drivers    found    no    one    homo, but finally!***1 desegregation advisory dation is .stricter than either Aer the receipt or the return of *hf    Anpirf* Smith said Friday the fate of mi,llon ,n 1975 t0    for    He    claimed    EPA retuned its found 3 man at 3 n€arby church    is„eXp!c.te,    I^3,    0r:JSl3te    ^,deunes    Wlth    ^    ??! Republican candidates in 1976 cars depending on which test was to be run while refusing to, bree engineers to Mrs tests on the La Force car w ere conducted by GM test drivers. He said GM refused to let the the presidential elections. ,    A    $150,000    contract has been    ™ m _ njn will hinge on how well P ord j signed with a national public re* ’aiiow the LaF< does in the White House, partic-Nations firm to launch the ularly in dealing    with inflation! image-building.    An additional and recession.    $15 million has    been budgeted “Performance    — problem-; for advertising. solving - is the key,” she told a    p    seminars news conference    rarly **m nari She denied that the plans in- Comeback plans include party eluded a hard-sell advertising seminars next    spring and a    BaEorce camp    drive the vehicle scheme. “This is    not a phony, j massive voter registration drive    on    lts    test    traclt- artificial, PH    (public    relations)    in the fall to test the success. hustle,”    she    said.    “It    is    not    Mrs- SlTlith saw no need to    ll C    Romania designed to substitute shadow|change the parly position on    w    " for substance. It is designed to issues, determine where goes    the    party1 “I n°t    think we have to from here.”    {Change    what    we stand for,” she said "We are positioned cor-    S and    Romania    announced    Sat- rectly on Republican principles,    urday    they had    signed accords “All the PR programs in the    We are not saying it    right.    for cooperation and    exchange in world have very little value    “I think we have    a negative    culture, education,    science and unless they attract people to the    image to overcome.    We have to    technology — the    first agree- party. To do this, we have to    tell the story as we    see it. Tell    ments of any kind    between the generate interest in the party, jour story our way.”    (two governments. to escort her back to her car. When they arrived at the car, Ilbor’s purse, valued at $12. and $60 in cash were miss- to recommend that all schools federal guidelines building Co. in the summer of The state public instruction 11973. in the capital city district have a minority enrollment of at department guidelines say a    - least 8 percent, but not to ex- Des Moines integrated school    Soviet    Tests retune their engine.    *'4.    ana    w,inI    casn werenuxs- ^ ]2 ^^t by June, 1979.    may have less than a 5.5 per- MOSCOW (AP) - The Soviet He also said the acceleration    1    L________._    The recommendation, which    cent minority enrollment and no Union announced Friday that a and high-speed maneuvering    Canter*'pointr* cxi>€clcd t0 come 01,1 one than 31 percent.    (new    series    of    rocket    tests    in    the!    corner    Mruic* Cs’oftiisnwl In IMT Bv Th* Casette Co. ana published doily and Sundov at SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids. Iowa 57*04 Second dost pottos* paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rat** by carrier 9S cents a. wee* tv moll: Nipht Edition and Sunday * issues *3 75 a month, SJT OO a v*or : Afternoon Editions and Sundov I Issues ti IS a month, 1*0 OO a year. Other (totes ond U S. territories MO OO o year. Ne Moil Subscriptions accepted In areas having road NE. Crash Kills Seven paper os well as oil AR news dispatches. 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