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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ■mill    UUU    HUO    IT    rf-    ut-    -firma    iiilWfWf    lHttlA'"*    ■    *    “F    *    t    \    •*•    •    "*    *    *    *    '    r..    •I IIM WWW ll IL.    •    •    Of    •    :,tw    «»       'f^r-Set Smokers1 ClinicThe Cedar Rapids Gazette: Son., Dec. 8, 1374    5/y Reservations will be accepted starting Monday on a “first come, first served’’ ba>is for a “Helping Smokers Quit ’ clinic to be bi Id next month. It will Im* open without charge to mon and women of all ages and will be sponsored by the Linn county chapter of the American Cancer society, Mrs. Don Bohart, the chapter’s education chairman, announces! Saturday. “The four-week clinic, with sessions twice each week, will be based on new techniques developed by the American Cancer society,” Mrs. Bohart said. Speakers and discussion leaders will range from physicians to ex smokers. Emphasizing that enrollment will have to be limited ' in order to conduct an effective clinic, Mrs Bohart incited persons who want to participate to telephone the Linn County ( .nicer society (3fi5-5241) this week. “rbe approach lo the clinic recognizes,’’ Mrs. Bohart said, “that smokers quit and stay off cigarets in ways unique to them and their individual personalities. The clinic will provide an atmosphere where the smoker may come to understand himself better in terms of why he smokes, why he wants to quit and how he reacts to the quitting process.” She emphasized that the clinic cannot offer “a diagnosis nor a prescription” but will be an educational process. The first session will be .Jan, 9 and the clinic will continue each Monday and Thursday evening until Feb. 3. Clinic will be held in conference room 1105 at Mercy hospital. 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