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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Mostly cloudy, colder tonight and Sunday, (’hance of snow Hurries. liOw 15-20. High Sunday in 20s. VOLUME NUMBER 332 rn Celtic fUtpttfo CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS. UPI. NEW YORK TIMES NAKARIOS AMNESTY PLEDGE Economic And Energy Aides Meet "Stick to Drive for Reform" — McGovern WASHINGTON (AP) - President Ford called in his chief economic advisers Saturday to Other proposals were a public service jobs program, tax reform and tax cuts for low-and-middle-income families, a national health care program, a stringent energy conservation effort, better anti-trust and price-fixing regulation, and revival of the depression-ora Re- KANSAS CITY (AP) - Sen. George McGovern told the Democratic party Saturday to stick to its reform drive and extend it to the nation’s economic and political problems    rather than seek safety in a    middle-of-the- road political position. McGovern's speech came as join his top energy advisers to the Democratic mini convention construction Finance Corpora-review energy-related economic prepared to adopt the first1 tion to help ailing businesses, problems. There were indica- charter ever t0 Rovern a major ,coupled with lower interest ,• c .    ,,    ,    ,    American political    party.    rates and credit rationing. lions he would ask congress    for    I    y J i i * while he made no direct ref-    Pulled    Out new anti-recession legislation    *    ..    ,    *    ,    . .    .    h    erence to the internal reform An ,    ...    .    .    .    ,,    , after reviewing the worsening compromise beimi sought bv , ,y pfAnftmif* cifnQiinn    I    ♦    i    a    i    if    ,*    for gasoline rationing as a last economic situation    party leaders, he    spoke firmly    resort    bu(    (hjs wasBpu„ed oW Secretary of the    Interior    ut general terms    against com-    before    (h    rwo|uUonHwas    prc. Rogers Morton was on the promise that would thwart sented tQ thp delegates phone in the cabinet room as "years of struggle to open the    ®    " the session began, asking Trea-; closed doors of politics.”    °*    " sury Secretary William Simon There were increasing threats ^    American to join the group. It also was of walkout by black delegates as expanded to include economic the moment approached for fi- adviser Alan Greenspan. Origi- nally driving the 1972 quota sys- nally it was to have been with tem from party law. Morton. Federal Energy Ad-    Renewed    Threats mimstrator-designate Frank    _ Zarb and other key energy' Black leaders    held    an lith- The resolution was adopted by aides.    ’ hour meeting with Party Chair- voice vote right on schedule Ford has ordered a full-scale man Robert Strauss Friday after the allotted one-hour de-energv Dolicv review amid re nij?ht and came away with re-! although some delegates Mrts volurdarv consition newed threats- ()ne said Strauss I complained that it didn’t cover ports voluntary conservation    Dotation boss ” this or that pet concern, measures are proving made- dCiea llKe 3 Piamauon o°ss I    ^ quate in his battle against infla- The chief points of contention; JAnother rnajor topic of he tion and efforts to cut down on by blacks and women were a r^orJc ?r^ay nlght *as .the oil imports.    section which banished quotasineed 10 beal Democratic divi- from party rules and portions of s'on^ The delegates were re-Kesignation Talk    {he document which wouid minded of last month’s election Simon’s unexpected appear-1 make future credentials chal- victories to prove the value of ance came amid reports he may lenges more difficult.    unity. be considering resigning if Ford McGovern told the 2.000 dele-    “Launch    Point” makes a major policy shift to gates that the recent Democrat- fight recession rather than infla-ic election victory was not ajd , indirectly the out-t ion ary trends.    mandate but rather presented a    thel97«el^tions    and Press Secretary Ron Nessen challenge which the party could .    .    ,    „    u    ,    .    . aid no decisions were expected not ignore without inviting di- House5 DemocratK people are prepared to accept energy rationing if this becomes clearly necessary for the fairest and best use of our supplies and in order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.” Surrender To PLO by 4 Hijackers His Return To Cyprus Acclaimed AP Wirephoto An unidentified Washington state delegate to the Democratic mini convention shows the effects of what must have been a long day in Kansas City. (More photos on picture page.) said from Clark: Will US. Give Grain? Saturday s meeting A saster. There is the equivalent of two pack cigarets or one drink. TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) - Four dissident Palestinian guerillas who hijacked a British plane to .Tunis last month and executed a passenger have voluntarily sur-i NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) rendered lo Ihe Poles!,ne Lib- Archbishop Makarios returned to Cyprus today after five eration Organization, Interior monjhs 0f (,xjje and m a dra_ Minister Taher Belkhodja an- matic balcony appearance told neunced Saturday.    a roaring crowd of 200,000 he The move was a victory for w°uld R^ant amnesty to the men the PLO, which has repeatedly j'who plotted his overthrow as I condemned the hijacking and president. the execution and demanded    A large section of the throng I custody of the guerillas in order screamed disapproval, chanting to put them on trial. If this “EOKA-B murderers, try them, takes place, it will be the first try them ” time the PLO has tried guer- But Makarios held out his dias for hijacking.    jhands, appealing for quiet, then Seven other Palestinians who said, “Please, please. I absolve were flown here from custody them of all sin and grant them in Egypt and Holland were also I an amnesty in the hope that this handed over to the PIX), and all will bring about the desired conli left Tunisia for an undis- cord and unity of our people.” closed destination, Belkhodja He also said he would “never said.    accept’’ a military solution im- The hijackers surrendered to posed by the Turkish invaders. Tunisian authorities Nov. 25 The record turnout of Greek after holding the plane and its Cypriots welcomed him with passengers and crew hostage c h a n t s of “Makarios! Moliere. They were given an oral karios!” promise that they would not be    . handed over to the PLO    1 acKea J*MM1,y But President Habib Bour-i *he square in front of the Iguiba later said they would be Pldat’<‘ and ad streets leading put in PIX) custody if they B wore packed solidly with agreed in advance on the move. ■ pe°ple, their attention riveted The four hijacked the jet Nov. on *be black-robed ligure on the 22 as it refueled in the Persian balcony, gulf sheikdom of Dubai, then Thousands more formed a flew it to Tunis and pressed jagged skyline around the pal-their demands for release of ace- standing on roofs and bai-fellow terrorists held in Egypt conies of high-rise buildings as and Holland    far as a half-mile away. They executed the German Makarios was visibly moved, (when authorities tried to trick Tears streamed down his face °f venbon 'loll    TX*    ^cch    Tnd The grain would save at least,grealer percentage of womenl^f    *'**'    h,s    brok<;    frequently. 1    6    at    the    Tunis    airport    when    in    “This    is    not    the    time    to    set na Sen. Dick Clark of Iowa said and can say we have re-established The question is whether the mental damage resulting from prolonged hunger. “We should take the lead by ment flew five terrorists to gut he added, ‘We shall Economic Policy    lun,s    an(l    [hc    Dutch    govern-    ncvcr    accPpt    a    settlement    in Most members of the Iowa ment flew two others to the volving transfer of populations our great coalition of working    ”,    ^    giving.a smallpart of the grain delegation joined rn the voice families, minorities, labor, Ihe .    . .    .    needed.”    Clark said. "to show vote adopting a far-reaching ‘ lonowea f urm/ii* o n/4 I bn Knetnacc man J r    or    *    ___..-I*..       ff    •    «•    a ... a    .    —■»    ....................... * tt    ow i fr«t lfV70 . . *- *    .Thomas O'Neill called the con- Bv Frank Nye major staff session on the en- The 1972 presidential nominee. fe „th ,    .    .    .    f    7    7 ergy problem is scheduled at:who suffered the party’s worsts. ne-™-**,, returnto the! KANSAS CITY Camp David next weekend to defeat ever in a national elec-i..,,..    ..    enough grain on hand in the,    — M.v    « draft proposals for Ford to tion — in large part over party! „Af,    1Q7„    ,    .    world    today    to    feed    its    500    mil-,®116 billion people from starva- among its delegation than any fact ^ weren’t.    out mv views on how the Drob- make in his State of the Union and national reform issues — jman w _ f e ' bon starving people, mostly on t,0J1’. bo said and hundreds of other state. Of the .18 delegates Lajer t^e Kgyptjan o0Vem- lem should b<* solved ” be said message    urged    Democrats to stick toimany said we were finished as.the IrKlian%^bcFontinent. ^.s. milhons more rom the physical and alternates, 18 are women    '*ypt «overn should be solved, he said. For/added to his Saturday reform. He added that th>    ^    we    *“■    < schedule an afternoon meeting country now demands it.    Lafl’M„    ,^»0KiSeK^i!Fn(lay on the budget fw fiscal 1976    i Nessen said Friday the November unemployment rate of    ^    only to be a safe c v nerrem wa.' “a source of party, if we seek the center for jlarmer d™ lne .0US‘"'5S ™"; I lion tons of grain to get other our humanity to others.    economic policy statement at, its own sake, we will disserve dna ar” nou reaa> ana aD (’ “ nations to commit the rest.    Panel    Members    I-riday’s opening session, which, Jq^q Qf) Juror the nation," McGovern    said s<trve the people of our great c,ark made {he stalement as .    ,.    .    .,.    among other things, calls for The Federal Reserve Boart ”We will disillusion voters la"d    a member of the "Rural Life in h,niPP^ere"bri^ka’ovW‘' wa8e'Pn« to"trols- lightening;F00(j Backfires . ,    rim*    again    We    will    deserve to lose The charter was the result of Uj-u. Amprica’’ ksnp« nanel    .Nebraska    s    Gov.    J.    antitrust jaws national health j took action to counter ,h< rices b    almost two years’ work by a ‘    ,    s    p    John Exon, who called for Butz insunince -ind coinDrehensive PERU Ind <AP) - Countv .....       #u‘ sion It lowered from 8 to 7.75    « no one else deserves to    ^    ordered‘    bv    the    Democratic    charter    convell-    rcsl„natjon. Minnesota Gov ,nsl!rancc    “™P™hinsiv<    >    tm    .    ink    Al ) umnty m    ,0    d|f. percent the rate of inter*,, it    STJwlTSSl. It c^fled    ,    ,    Wenden Anderson. Kentucky's^ °' ^ r*d“rt,#"s ^'Counctlman Btl. Deed,, who i, ,«rences    U.We    to charges banks for borrowing in The PWJ"* haje avoiaed ^ co||ec|jon of ru|es whjch ha(j He told the nearly 200 dele- (ormer Gov Edward Breathitt,' I.    .    ,    ,.    . on Jur^ was Present for a find a way to safeguard the the New York and Philadelphia    ,-    *    _    governed party affairs and in- pales present that it had been w a ,s h i n g t on's Congressman ni mf ni ^ 0 e own cuuncil meeting that took up the rights of the Greeks and the districts.    I    v arK n( corporated most of the reformsl^efermined at a meeting ot the ^.bomas j,-0jey and chairman (”nBr.< sslona . ego on, a so appropriation for food catering.tbeir peaceful coexis- •    ‘ which the party has been pain- representatives of several na- Hob(,rt    partrldge    o( lhe    Na- m‘'ml>ers o 'he convention dele-    ,,XDt11ses    k»ce “d cooperation for their fully working on for six years •“»» »*    lasl    lhat    t.onal Rural Electric Coopera «a,lon’ SP« 3,.t0 2 «*    Ti    TL    L , T mu"Jal bene,it and comma the 7.5 million tons of 8ra,n tivc Assn    lution, with .sen. Dick Clark,While it was being discussed, welfare “ great ident concern to funisian capital. The surrender; an(j amounting to the partition of the island “We shall never recognize faits accomplis brought about by military operations. “Wants Talks” "We want talks with the Tur- did not elect us to permit or] preside over two more Strongest Move    hjs The action, which will proba- “Rather they asked us a sim- Key Provision    needed    to One key provision buried the hungry i feed the world’sf*;;,    ^    (Congressmen    Edward    Mezvin-.Deeds jokingly observed that Makarios spoke from beneath available now    Z    J    and.    Johll    Cu,vcr    support;!    the    meals^ aren t very good. ,two gaping shell ho|es In the quota system for representation about half of it in the United "Pffar on    (1^bl    ing    it    while    Congressmen Neal Thursday, while Deeds was facade 0f (Be second-floor bal- of women, blacks, youth and States.    hat    d£cussedf    "J®™    rang    Smith    and    Congressman-elect Erving on a 12-member jury, cony. Thc damage was caused other minority groups in the It woultl take about |2 billion J^t0 tB^^ation’s role in tht*!Tom liarkin °PP°«€d (t    11    <;l    were    delivered    dn    the    fjghtmg during the bloody month on the markup issue ly objected to that figure ai being too costly. Clark pointed out that the entire 7.5 million tons could be for lunch Deeds got the 12th tray, which held only a newspaper dipping    de>d — j .    —    .    on the council meeting and IO Double I fade Deeds comment France, Russia bly spread to the other Reserve pie thing, rare in politics: To do districts, makes it easier for what is right just because it is banks to borrow the money they the right thing to do. For our need to lend to other sectors of party the way to keep power is the economy.    to spend it in the struggle for  ........... ^    r....... It was the strongest move so fundamental reform.    makeup of national convention to pay for it, Clark said, and ^ ^    na^°n far in the Fed’s effort to ease Seven-Point Program delegations    about’$200 million to pay for a !?a,axy of governments on the the money supply    „    -    ii    In    place    of    the    quotas    came    million Ions if thc U S commit- ln rna na scene In    another    economic    develop- The Democrats    tire    was a i;an ..affjrma,jve    pr0.1 ted that much.    I The Iowa delegation caucused ment, the government s infla- auned a* the    .    , a gram which requires state par    ((bie,.ii„„    Saturday morning to plan stra- tion watchdog agency urged da> n|Sht as ,hc> u ' . ties to recruit the under- _    ,    „ .    .    .    tfgy for the floor fight expec- food stores not to mark up the seven-point program which they en(ed    ^    doesn    tl    But    he recalled. Agriculture ted |atcr in the day over what prices    of    items    that    have    been    Promised to    push    through    effort solelv on the    S*CTetarT Larl Bl!,z had recent- j the proposed new charter should placed on shelves    ‘.t£M* of numbers as the quota The plea from the Council on President Fort s handling of the | sys(em had Wage awl Price Stability result-- cd from hearings hi Id .a.. t ^ inhaling with national.    Landslide    Kills    12    purchased for less than the cost delegates is the language to bi1 and    , .    •    -    . problems,” Senate Democratic! JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — of one Trident submarine and adopted dealing with the method    l*1(‘ f>aets Friday after plain about it to the landlord Whip Robert Byrd said. “The , Twelve villagers in central    Java    that the $200 million for the of selecting delegates to future two days °*at ^ Chateau Democratic party    must    provide, were killed in a landslide    trig-    U.S. would cost each citizen national conventions positive action.’’    gered by heavy rains.    slightly more than 80 cents, or They want to make sure that July coup that forced him to flee abroad after the plotters contain. RAMBOUILLET, France (AFD —France and Russia have agreed to double their trade during the next five years. Yodel#'* Chuckle December is the month when you try to keep your apart- Particular Concern Of particular concern to Iowa * resident Discard d Estaing ment at a temperature where, J Soviet leader Brezhnev! if jt were August. you’d com- “I was counted among the dead And here I am among the living,” Makarios said at the beginning of his speech The crowd roared with laughter and chanted in reply, “The junta is dead ” Makarios landed at the British base at Akrotiri after a flight from Greece. GopvrivM Arrested for 1931 Robbery GREENSBORO, N C (AP) Rambouiilet. The Full Alert Greek armed forces and “Our very survival may depend on our ability to design and carry out positive programs j necessary to overcome the eco-The long arm of the law lias nom ic problems threatening, reached back 43 years for F'rank us,” House Speaker Carl Albert Smith, 68    declared. A policeman investigating a The delegates then roared ap- Employe Error; Cost of Living Was Overestimated it keeps the process open so that ail elements and factions (of the party will have proportionate representation at future conventions, During the Saturday caucus CARACAS (AP) Turkey's occupation troops had been placed on full alert in anticipation of any trouble. No outsider was allowed on the base to meet the archbishop except the deputy commander President the Venezuelan Guayana Corp , of the U N, peacekeeping force Venezuela Nationalizing U.S. Ore Subsidiaries that on Jan I thc announced earlier that $87 mil-Greek Cypriot civilian officials. lion wouid be paid Orinoco Min- Newsmen and aides who ac- WABBINGTON (AP) — TheXified employe misread the ,l ,Can)e !hat, *?wa ,was ^ Carlos Andres Perez announced^ regional development agency, in Cyprus and two unidentified ....WW*,..*...,, -    ....    —....  r    ,    /    Lkl ....    ,    .    only state to hold strictly to the , minor traffic accident in which proval of a resolution accusing Bureau of Labor Statistics says e    Pri6ts!quota system used in 1972 to m- a^ Smith was involved Friday dis- the administration of refusing it has overestimated the na‘| ZEfciteABn ,0" >ure mlnori,y Kr(>uPs represen- Venezuelan government will na-lng t|)p u s sted subl>1diary,'c o rn p a n i e d Makarios from covere<l a warrant outstanding “to take the strong remedial!|lona| cost 0f |ivjng slightly for:    lation on its national convention tionalize the iron ore mining in- and $13 million to Iron Mines Athens were forced to remain in for him. Police said ti accused steps that are urgently needed ^ ,as( Mten months because ,,!^1    delegation. him of highway robbery in a and that Americans are ready i    ,    I    elation    did    not    include    air-condi--------------- *72$ theft on April a, IMI. to support ”    of an employe s error.    tioning    in    the    prices    of    cars.L—----.... It was not learned why the    ,    __    Mark    The    error    caused    the    con-    That    month,    the    prices    were case had not been disposed of    ‘■amor price index to range-changed to reflect the value of, Todays Index dustry now operated by sub- Co , which belongs to Bethle sidiaries of U.S. Steel and Beth *l('m But since the crime is a felony Low Mark Strauss gave Ford credit for from 0.1 to 0.3 percent above its! that item, but the employe lehem Steel. Spokesmen for both the plane as he disembarked He immediately stepped aboard comp a- a UN. helicopter for the short The takeover, which has been riles said at their headquarters Bight to Nicosia. lions doesn t apply, Smith was    Sow marks on delivery.    spokesman said Friday. It    was    footnote. arrested He was released on    "I Bunk if we give    him the. the first mistake the bureau    has    The spokesman said the states own recognizance for trial    leadership he ll fall in    behind,’ had to correct since World    war    istician discovered his error this next week. Ford Freeway LANSING, Mich. (AP) Strauss said at a news confer !I he added ence.    Although    relatively    small,    the week and recalculations began The October index was in Democrats includes across-the- workers and retired persons AFL-CIO economist said trans-The board controls which would whose salaries, pensions and lates roughly into one cent an first public facility to be named cover not only wages and prices fringe benefits are linked to hour in wages after President Ford. a freeway but interest, profits and rent*!changes in the index in western Michigan, will be and would be run by an agency ; answerable to congress. The November index, comput- 4edicated Wednesday Hie spokesman said the error cd with the new information, is came about when the uniden-,to be released Dec 20 Comics ....... 6 Crossword ..... 6 Church ■ 3, 8 Daily Record 9 in Deaths .. . ........2 Editorial F’eatures 4 Financial ... ...... ll Marion ..... ....... 5 Movies ....... ........ 7 Sports ....... 9. Kl Television ........ ,7 Want Ads 12-15 the planning .stages for in Pittsburgh that they were not Berth the Greek and Turkish months, is expected to serve as surprised by the announcement, [communities on Cyprus feared a model for the nationalization Neither company revealed the sis return might trigger new later next year of the more im- valLM-‘ of its Venezuelan hold- fighting by extremists. The propellant oil industry.    lings    Greek    EOKA-B    underground mg; Perez said in a speech to: The US congress that compensation million long tons of iron ore a would not exceed the net book year, or about two-thirds of the produces about 87 threatened to renew fighting unless he changes his policies But the mood on the island was jubilant. Crowds of (Greek value of the iron mining hold- iron ore used by its steel    in togs but gave no specific figure dustry. Imports provide    the    Cypriots    hung banners saying Payment is to be made over IO rest, of which half come from Nlakarid, symbol of democra-years in government bonds at 7 Canada — 21 6 million long    tons    ry^in<'    I*‘at’ percent interest    last year — followed by 13    mil Argems Gamboa, president of lion from Venezuela. Th< government, now headed Continued: Page 2, Col. 7.) ;

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