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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapids Gazette: San., Dec 8. 1871 —Daily Record- C.R. Weather High Saturday ...... 3# IO p.iii Saturday  ft Noon Saturday    ;p> Hamfall    ll    19 Total for December    0    IM Normal for December    I    43 Normal through Dec. 33.1H Total for 1974    .19    411 Barometer, steads    29    98 Humidity at Kl p m, 88% Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at III p m., NW at 17 m.p h Sun rises, 7 22 a.rn , sun sets 4 35 p m Year Ako Today - High, 33. low, 24; rainfall, none. Births—St. Luke's 0*c. 6 — To the families of Wayne J. Pariiak, Belle Plaine, a daughter; Tom Sounders, 628 Twenty-fifth street NE, a son, Harry C. Stephan, 1503 Maplewood drive NE, a son. Rusted Shipley, Shellsburg, a son, Glen A. Satek, 413 Third street SW, a son, Michael Luken, Hiawatha, a son; Richard Fife, 2728 Otis road SE, a daughter,, Patrick O'Ranion, 1928 Western drive SW, a son Joseph C. Studt, lisbon, a son Dec. 7 — To the families of David I. Pierson, 309 I avenue NW, a daughter Ronald W. Anderson, Mf Vernon, a daughter, Dale Farley, 161.5 Third avenue SE, a daughter; Donold R. Avis, Route 3, a son (Continued from Page I.) they will receive. However, he raised doubts if such expropriations are in the hest interests of lesser developed nations who may need foreign investments. The I S. has doubts about the actions taken in the L\ N general assembly by a coalition of Arab and so-called Third World nations concerning South Africa and Israel He said debates in the general assembly “should be related*’ in some extent to the merits of the issues and not just reflect political alliances He has seen nothing to in dicate an Egyptian change of mind that the Middle Fast peace efforts should follow the American formula of a step-by-stcp negotiations. He is “reasonably confident'’ that the understandings reached with the Soviet Union on easing restrictions for Soviet Jews will be carried out The visit next year bv President Ford to mainland China will be another step toward normalizing relations between Washington and Peking. However. Kissinger did not answer when asked w hat effect the Ford trip would have on American relations with the Nationalist regime tm Taiwan Wayne Arthur Rife of Mf. Vernon Dies at 65 MT. VERNON - Wayne Arthur Rife. 95. died Friday at Mercy hospital Born May 6. 1990. he married the former Gladys Talcott June 15.19-Mi in Randall. A retired civil service employe, he was an Eagle’s member. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs Gay Torrens. Chicago. Mrs James Cooney. Milwaukee, three sons, John. Mi Vernon; James, Des Plaines. Ill ; Roger, Garner, four grandchildren; and a brother, Raymond, lame Tm* Services will be held Monday at 2 at Sorden chapel.‘ Lone Tree. Burial Lone Tnt* cemetery Ford— (Continued from Page I ) atnm must move cautiously i dealing with the energy m-lation because of the inevita-Ie impact any actions would ave on the domestic economy fid conditions overseas He said if the administration ere to impose a specific arillary cut in domestic oil eon* jmption to reduce foreign nports. for example, it could iuse “some very adverse and nexpel ted ’ consequences in S dealings with other naut!* Alway* Welcome I Green Plants AVE FLORAL I BOTANICALS 39 16th Ava. S.W 366-7148 Iowa Deaths Monona — Mr* Emma Kuthe, IOO Monday at I 30 at Schultz where friend* may call from 2 to 9 Sunday and Monday until the torvice* Brandon — letter E Applegarth, 62 Tuesday at 2 at Brandon Methodic church Violation at White Phillip *, Vinton Chelsea — Frank J Kluber, 88 Monday at IO at St. Jo*eph * Catholic church Rotary Sunday of 7 30 at Hrabak s Watkins — Mr* Glen (Mary) Boddicker, 56 Monday at IO at St Patrick * Catholic church Vitiation at Fellmet t in Keystone after 2 Sunday Rosary Sunday at 8 Mechanic*Ville — Julia Walton. 83 Monday af I 30 at Chapman * in Clarence where friend* may call from 2 to 9 Sunday Tolada — Be** C Heun, 85 Mon day at ll at Header ton s Burial Eldora cemetery Decorah — Herbert Serslond, 54, of Rock Island, III , and former Decorah resident Monday at I 30 at Washing ton Prairie lutheran church Worthington — William Ostwmkle, 93 Monday at IO 30 at St Paul's Visitation after 7 Saturday at Kramer t, Dyersville, where Rotary will be recited 7 30 Sunday Olin — Merle G Hawley, 82 Monday at I 30 af First Methodist church. Visitation after I Sundoy of Hoyden s li*bon — Sarah Franks Proctor, 34 Memorial services Tuesday at I I at the United Methodist church Memorial fund established Oelwein — Harry Benzer, 76 Monday at I 30 at the United Pres byterian church Hintr Mechanicsville — John Murphy, 21, of Arcadia, Calif , and formerly of Mechanicsville Graveside services Monday at Rose Hill cemetery Horner s Malcolm — Lester Hall, 75 Nevenhoven s, Brooklyn Iowa City — Bettie Vopanl, 71 Monday at I I at Broth funeral home in Solon Burial St Bridget s cemetery near Morse Rosary Sunday at 7 at Broth s where friends may call after 9 a rn. Sunday Oelwein — Anna Ritchie, 88 Monday at IO at Socred Heart church Hintz . Oelwein — George Tennant, 66 Tuesday at 2 at Brant-Kern s Oelwein — Dewey Thompson, 75 Monday at IO 30 at East Side Church of Christ Brant-Kern t. Mf. Vernon — Wayne Arthur Rife, 65 Monday of 2 af Sorden chapel. Lone Tree Burial lone Tree cemetery Waukon — Nelle Duggan, 88 Monday at I 0 30 at St Patrick s Catholic church Visitation after 2 Sun day at Martin s Postville — Evan Owen, 54 Monday at I I at the Community Presbyterian church Masonic services Sun day at 7 30 at Shutte s Sigourney — Joseph Michael Greene, 49. Tuesday at IO a rn at St Mary s Catholic church. Rosary 7 30 p rn Monday at Reynolds' funeral chapel Tell Damage To Cars at Picket Line Two complaints of damage bt cars driven ac ross picket lines at the Roosevelt hotel were reported Saturday to polite. Traudel H. Dunn. 2320 Linden drive SF, told police a man scraped the side of her ear when she drove through the picket line at the hotel's parking ramp. Konnie Mitchell, 3319 0 avenue NW. reported a man jumped on the bumjier of her ear and several picketers shoved signs into her car w hen she opened a window to ask them to clear a pathway as she was leaving the parking ramp The Roosevelt hotel has been the scene of several incidents involving arrests and criminal complaints since the Hotel. Restaurant and Bartenders union local went on strike August I. Police Probing Robbery Of Service Station Cedar Rapids police were investigating a report of a robbery Saturday night at the Clark service station, 729 Center Point road NE The robbery took place at about 19 pm. a police spokesman said No other details were available at press time. Still in Hospital TOKYO (AP) - Chinese Premier Chou Fn-lai is still in a Peking hospital, but was well enough Saturday to receive guests, the official Hsinhua news agency redried WREATHS GRAVE MOUNDS GRAVE BLANKETS Ptck’s Green Thumb SOOS Center Point Rd. N.I. /■ JOHN E. LAI**:* -va flowers Since 1909 ^ Convenient downtown location Aik MivAffe 'Witt    308    Third    Avenue    S    f "W    365    -051    * SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS (More Briefs on Page 22A.) Dow mown Kl wants — Board meeting Tuesday at Montrose hotel Washington high school hand and choir will perform at Wednesday noon meeting at the Montrose hotel. * * * Optimist Club — Streets Commissioner Richard Phillips will speak to the Daybreak Optimist club at 6 45 a rn Monday at the Holiday Inn. * * * Craftsmen's Club — Dinner-meeting will Im* Wednesday al 7 p m at Holiday Inn for husbands and wives Rodney Strang, credit manager at Armstrong’s, will speak. * * * Senior Christian — A Boy Scout film will be* shown to the Senior Men’s Christian club Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Central YMCA. *    *    * Rotary dub — Dr Franklin Koontz of the state hygenic laboratory at Iowa City will discuss venereal disease Monday noon at the Montrose hote l *    *    * Evening Optimists — Annual husband and wife Christmas party will begin with cocktails at 6 p m Tuesday at Flmcrest country club. *    *    * Tuesday Optimists — Transcendental Meditation will be the topic of discussion Tuesday noon at the Roosevelt hotel. *    *    • Y Camera Club — Christmas dinner at 6:30 p.m. Thursday will precede meeting at 7:30 at the YMCA Derailment Spills Grain Shipment ANKENY (I IMI - Crews were working Saturday night to clear 19 derailed cars of a Chicago Northwestern freight train from ll. S 69 south of here. Authorities reported the ears containing grain went off the 159-year-old tracks late Saturday afternoon, blocking all traffic traveling along the highway. Railroad workers with vacuum machines were called to the scene to sweep up tho spilled grain and clear other debris Officials said two of the 19 hopper ears tipped over and the others remained upright No injuries were reported and officials said the gram was being transferred to other hopper ears A railroad official blamed the poor shape of the old tracks for the derailment. Pearl Harbor Date Observed PEARL HARBOR. Hawaii (CPI) — Navy men stopped their chores and stood with their heads bowed in a moment of silent prayer Saturday at the exact moment of the surprise Japanese attack 33 years ago The military remembered Dec 7, 1941, the date President Franklin D. R«»osevelt said would “live in infamy," with an observance at the gleaming Arizona Memorial, built over the sunken battleship where more than I.KHI men remain entombed The ceremony was made more poignant by the shipyard s siren signaling 7 55 am. the beginning of the moment of prayer when the first bombs fell in the attack that plunged the U S into World war IL Charter UCI Telephoto Cheers for McGovern Democratic National Committee Chairman Robert Strauss (right) introduces Sen. George McGovern to a wildly-cheering Democratic mid-term convention. McGovern, who led the Democrats to their disastrous defeat in I 972, received a roaring three-minute ovation at the opening of the convention's second session. Lawmaker Sees Repeat of 72 (Continued from Page 1.1 accompanying story for details) It was Rep, Joe Waggoner of Louisiana who told convention delegates they would be heading toward another 1972 if they accepted the compromise language, Iowa delegates played a prominent role throughout the convention in working for the compromise language and in leading the way toward a more open party However, they were on the losing suit* in three other attempts ti! change the charter — two of them on roll-call votes The Iowans voted 26-3 in favor af un amendment to make future mid-term conventions, like the present one. mandatory. But the convention voted down the amendment, 1.006-823, Losinu Side A second attempt to accomplish the same goal found Iowa on the losing side on a voice vote. Hard to convince, those who want mid-term conventions mandatory, came back with a third amendment to order one held in 1978 with future mid term conventions optional after that Iowa voted 25-4 for this amendment hut it lost. 968-851. The    Iowa delegates were on the winning side in turning down another amendment which    was designed to give larger states and conservative forces more representation on    the Democratic National Committee They als*! voted with the majority in amending the charter to require all meetings of the national committee, and other official party commtt-U*es. to he open to the public with secret ballot    votes prohibited \ ounu Democrats The convention voted to permit Young Democrats to name two members to the national committee at their convention in addition to the YI) national president, who already sits on that ImhIv Iowa voted against this on grounds that many states do not have YI) organizations since the younger people prefer to wink in the main parts itself The convention ends Sunday with little business left to transact after Saturday s marathon s«*ssion, which start-cd at Kl 39 a iii. and lasted until 8 (Hi p.in. There wasn't even a luncheon to- dinner break for the 1,911 accredited delegates. Instead, they munched sandwiches, pot atli chips, apples and grapes, washed down with coffee or soft drinks while they considered changes in the proposed charter. Twice the hall took on a national convention atmosphere as delegates cheered Senators Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern, their respective 1968 and 1972 presidential candidates. Sunbird, chairman of the Democratic Charter Commission, was at the rostrum when Humphrey took his seat with the Minnesota delegation Standing Ovation Sanford spotted the former vice-president and introduced him with the comment that the United States would have been better off today had he been elected President six years ago. This brought the cheering delegates to their feet for one of the most enthusiastic responses since the convention open**! Friday. Meanwhile, two members of Iowa's congressional delegation — Congressman Neal Smith of the Fourth district and Congressman elect Tom Harkin of the Fifth — expressed concern over the convention's action in adopting. by voice vote, a sweeping economic policy resolution before adjourning Friday night. Two other congressmen, Edward Mezvinsky of the First and John Culver of the Second, with U.S. Sen Dick Clark of Iowa. had some reservation hut favored the resolution All are members of the state's delegation to this convention The resolution put the party on record for an expanded public works program I*! reduce unemployment, for tax reduction and reform, for revival of the Reconstruction Finance corporation to help faltering private businesses with loans; for “across-the-board" wage-pnce controls, for tightening anti-trust laws and their enforcement, for an independent board to administer emergency economic controls, for a mandatory system of energy conservation, and for national health insurance Also included in the resolution were endorsements of Democratic congressional goals for consumer protection and no-fault insurance Smith Commem Smith, dean of Iowa congressional Democrats, expressed particular concern a bout the wage-priee control section, saying. “The one we had caused prices higher than they would have been otherwise. It penalized those trying to hold profit margins down and rewarded those that had the biggest margins That usually works for a few months but in the long run it catches up, forcing those with low margins out of business Controls won t work as a permanent program " Harkin. who'll take Republican Congressman William St herle’s seat next month, added that controls are “psychologically bad" in thai adoption of the resolution calling for them by this convention gives th** impression congress is going to follow through This. in turn. In* explained, is followed by price increases in preparation for the day they may be frozen bv controls. Senator Clark said “I generally support the resolution and the goals it sets out although I am not for everything in it." Farina Issues Mezvinsky said “I don’t know whether the resolution is a perfect answer hut it is at least an attempt by our party to face up to the economic issues at home “It sets a foundation and gives us a hast* to move from hut I don ’t consider my vote for it t*» put us into a locked-in position.” Culver commented that it is “imperative that the Democratic majority in congress develop a strong and effective economic agenda to meet the current crisis and general economic conditions. as well as the dangerous deficiencies of presidential leadership." He said the program "constitutes a useful framework for development of an appropriate congressional program to deal specifically with this overriding issue.” Drive Safely ! Smut CitizM Briss Cedar Rapids System I elephone .163-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 39&-50O6 Elsewhere 800-332-5934 TEAHEN FUNERAL HOME .Since 1930 Marian F. Teahen OWNER Cham- IM Wj; Fidel! B Knhn MORTICIAN MM First Vsr SH s < o We have so many beautiful way* to say something special FLORIST and Gin SHOP ”, 364-8139    y. phone answered 24 Hours every day CENTURY BURIAL VAULTS Since 1927 Charles. Henrietta. & Charles .lr Dot hobradskv 4219 MT VERNON KI) S F. 364 7478 Now, two completely -staffed locations to serve you. k)hnH.'IUnx*r&S<>n Turner s East 800 Second Ave SE Turners West. 1221 First Ave West (Continued from Page I ) hall leaped to their feet, cheering Chairman Strauss and charter commission chairman Terry Sanford, a former North Carolina governor A number of speeches stressed the need for unity "We are prepared in a spirit of harmony to support this proposal," said black state Sen Cecil Partee of Illinois, a stalwart of Mayor Daley’s Chicago organization. Daley smiled, applauded and accepted a handshake from black civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, one of his most bitter local rivals And Baltimore Councilwoman Barbara Mikulski said. It preserves the integrity" of th** commission she headed which developed the 1976 rules Original Effort The compromise was formally presented by Gov. Anderson of Minnesota, chairman of th** Democratic governors who last month drafted the original effort to prevent a blowup at th*1 party’s unprecedented midterm meeting. “We feel it is in th*1 best interest of this party, and we feel it sustains our position against quotas while committing us to the strongest affirmative action in the country.” Anderson declared But Albert Shanker of New York, president of th*1 American Federation of Teachers, charged that “they capitulated for only one reason, there was a threat of a walkout.” Sharply Limit That threat came from a number of black delegates, fearful that the original provision would sharply limit their effectiveness in future credentials challenges. Dissident leaders included Rep. Ronald Dellums of California and Earl Craig of Minnesota, head of the national committee’s black caucus The compromise specifically removes language which said a delegation’s composition could not be used as "prima facie" evidence of bias or to make a stat*1 party bear th** burden of pro\ mg nondiscrimination But it retained a provision declaring that, if a state followed an affirmative action plan approved by tho national party, a challenge could not he based solely on a delegation’s numerical composition ar the result af primary election Mt. Vernon Man Dies In Farm Accident MT VERNON — F rn 11 Pajchl, 38, of Route 2, Mc Vernon, was killed Friday when he suffocated while apparently trying to clear a blockage while unloading silage from a silt) The accident occurred on the Richard Bartosh farm, where he made his home and was employed for the last six years. it it it Ile was born near Solon April 7. 193H Surviving are two sisters Evelyn Rudish of Cedar Rapids and Virginia Webb of Lakewood. Calif three brothers. Donald of Chicago. Franklin of Cedar Rapids and V ictor of laikewttod, Calif Services Kl 39 a m. Tuesday in the Brush chapel. Cedar Rapids Burial Oak Hill cemetery Friends may call at the chapel after 9 a.rn Monday. Th** Odar Rapid* Cadette Established in 1883 bv The Gazette Co and published daily ond Sunday at SOC Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids iowa V?40e Second class postage paid at Ceoor Rapid* iowa Subscription rates by carrier 9* cent* a nveefc By moil Night Edition ond Sunday 6 issues *3 75 o month. 139 OO a year At ter noon Editions ond Sunday / issues ST 8S a month *40 o«3 a year Other states ?ndU S territories *60 OO a year No Wail ubscrlotion* accepted in area* having Gazette carrier service The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use far republication of an the local news printed in this news paper as well as all AP news dispatches Established in 1883 by The Gazette Co and published doily and Sunday at SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids Iowa SZ40« Second class postage paid at Ceoar Rapids iowa Mrs. Walter J. Kelly Mac D. Kelly, 87. of 222 Fifteenth street NE. widow of Walter J Kelly, died Saturday evening in a local hospital following a short illness She was born June 2, 1K87. in Marion and was a resident of the Cedar Rapids -Marion community all her life. She was employed in the bookkeeping department of Merchants National hank from 1921 to 1941 She was a member of St Paul’s United Methodist church Surviving is her daughter. Marie Kelly Shaw of Clearwater. Fla Services are pending at Turner’s east, where friends may call after noon Monday Risk Infant Scan Michael Risk, infant son of Mr and Mrs Malcolm Risk, 6532 Boxwood lane NE, died unexpectedly at his home Thursday night He is survived by his parents; two brothers, Scott, 4. and Shannon. 2. and his grandparents, Mr and Mrs William F Ball. Nevada, and Mr and Mrs Donald Risk. Independence. Services: Monday at I 39 p m at White’s, Independent *1 Burial: Mt. Hope cemetery. A memorial fund has been established to the National Foundation for Sudden Infant Death. Inc. Memorial Services Miller, Mabel May — Turner t east, IO 30 a m Monday by the Rev Tom Mattson, Kenwood Park United Methodist church Burial Cedar Memorial cemetery Friends may call at the Funeral home Ackerson, Mabel I. — Turner * west, I 30 pm Monday by the Rev Mary White, Bethany Congregational church Burial; Cedar Memorial terne tery Friends may call at the Funeral home until I p m Monday The casket will not be open after the service Dtnderman, John A. — Turner * west, 3pm Monday by the Rev Mary White, Bethany Congregational church Burial Cedar Memorial cemetery Friends may call at the Funeral home until 2 30 p rn Monday. The casket will not be open after the service Two Arrested for Computer Fraud Of $2 5 Million LOS ANGELES (AP) - A plot to defraud the city of Los Angeles of $2.5 million through city checks to phony corporate accounts laundered through domestic and foreign banks was broken up Saturday with the arrest of two men, a spokesman for the district attorney said George Stoner, chief of the district attorney's Bureau of Investigations, said information on the fraud came to the department about three weeks ago from investigators of the organized crime unit of the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations Th*1 “computer theft' involved payment of about $24 million in three checks to phony corporate accounts in Chicago and New York, according to a release in Washington, I) ('.. from Sen Jackson (D-Wash.) who heads the subcommittee Arrested at 12 30 a rn. Saturday outside a Beverly Hills hotel were Bernard Robert Howard, 52, of Yonkers. N Y , a self-employed accountant, and Morton Bernard Freeman, 47, of Palos Verdes, unemployed, who flew in from Montreal, Canada, for a meeting to divide the money, Stoner said Both have been linked to Fast Coast organized crime operations, he added Stoner said both men were booked for investigation of conspiracy to commit grand theft, conspiracy to commit forgery, attempted grand theft and forgery. Three other persons were sought, he addis! NOVAK MONUMENT CO. finf: mf wokixi s sis* f; ihs2 203 IAH* Ave. Si Phone 364-4439 Markers, Monuments and Private Mausoleums Co To The Church Of Your Choice Evcrv Sunday lr    J It's biter Than You Think! STEWART FUNERAL HOME 1908-1974 formerly: Mona ha n-Sle wart law F’irnt Ave. YE. 162-21 47 ;

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