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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa PA The Cedar Rapids Gazette Wed., Dec 4. 1174 Your U.S. Secret Service With an excessive number of gold coins surfacing, a question arises Has the secret service the right to confiscate these coins without some form of remuneration to the original owner9 The answer can be* found in section 492 of title 18 of the United States Code. “Seizure and forfeiture is not taking property without due process of law within the meaning of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution since such coins were neither property nor the subject of property, but were products of felonious acts outside the law.” Page 295 Encyclopedia of U S Coms. Nothing in this section authorizes the secretary of the treasury to return to a person from whom a coin was taken either the counterfeit fir the value of the bullion it contained Has Xutbnrity The treasury department, through its enforcement arm. the secret service, has the authority to determine when a by Mort Ree coin is counterfeit, when unlawfully in the possession of a party from whom taken, and to forfeit it, and after forfeiture. to direct in what manner it should be disposed of with no judo tai condemnation being necessary As a bureau of the treasury department, the secret service is the oldest law-enforcement agency in the federal government, with headquarters in Washington D.C. and field offices throughout the United States. It was established in 1865 for the express purpose of checking widespread counterfeit and alteration of the nation’s currency. The duties of the secret service are prescribed by the US ('ode, title 18, section 3056 In addition to providing protection for the president, president-elect, vice-president, the vice-president elect, their families and related responsibilities, its functions are: The detection and arrest of persons engaged in counterfeiting, forgery or alteration of currency checks, bonds and other obligations of the U.S. and foreign governments, including violations concerning the manufacturing, sale and use of tokens, slugs, paper or other things similar in size and shape to any of the lawful coins or other currency on the United States. Counterfeit. Forgery An authorized coin of the United States is an obligation of the Unit (Kl States, and any unauthorized reproduction is defined unlawful and subject to penalties described in isolations by classification Heading sections from title 18 of the U S Code will familiarize readers with the requirements of the code, thereby avoiding direct or indirect involvements in an illegal act pertaining to the coinage of the United States A statement by the director of the Secret Service to the effect tiiat an informed public is a strong foe of the counterfeiter is backed by constant public relations efforts to educate the public on tho detection of counterfeit money and steps to be taken when a piece FAMILY SHOE STORE* OPEN THIS SUNDAY 12 TO 5 P.M. 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S.E. of questionable currency is found in circulation. 1) lie not return Hie questionable coin or bill ie the passer. Unless it is detected at the time of exchange at a hank or cashier's window. 2) Delay the passer. I se any reasonable excuse to delay the passer until help can be summoned, such as a store manager or person of authority to whom you can relate the situation without causing the passer to notice. Note his physical appearance, license plate's, etc 3) Telephone the nearest po lice headquarters. Explain the conditions under which you received the counterfeit, give a description of the passer, his car or any other identifying qualities. 4) Mark paper currency. Write your name or initials and the date — in ink — on the face of paper currency believed to he other than genuine Ask the responding officer for his identification (this is not considered offensive to a police officer) Ask for a receipt before surrendering the counterfeit, hut under no circ umstances surrender it to anyone other than a recognized police officer or bona-fide representative of the Set ret Sen ice. Japanese Use Sub To Sink Blazing Ship TOKYO (AP) - Tho torpedoes from a Japanese submarine finally sunk a Japanese tanker that had burned for 17 days since a fatal collision with a Liberian freighter in Tokyo bay Scores of ships had been used in a fruitless effort to extinguish the fire, fed by 50,000 tons of naphtha and liquefied petroleum the tanker was tarrying. And despite half a dozen jolting explosions that intensified the blaze, the 43,723-ton tanker, the No. IO Yuyo Maru, remained afloat The ship was towed out of the hay before the 1,800-ton submarine Narushio was called in to send her to her e\entual grave MHI miles in the Pacific ocean. A maritime safety official had estimated it would take six months for the fire to burn itself out. Four destroyers and four aircraft of the Japanese self-defense forces used the ship for shelling and bombing practice hut saved her for the torpedo salvos from the Narushio. The 10.874-ton freighter Pacific Ares was almost instantly engulfed with flumes from how to stern in the collision as the fire shot out of the ruptured fuel tanks of the Yuyo Maru. Of the freighter s 29crewmen, wily one survived Five crewmen of the 38-man tanker crew also died. 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