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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa .nm* ITT s egghead seminar Palm Coast and knee jerks The Odar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Dec. I. 1971 7A By William F. Buckley, jr. ITT has a development project going in Florida, in a place called Palm ('oast near Daytona. Anything wrong so far? Well, one can assume that some of the sports who live in the area aren’t pleased, hut what else is new? The Indians no doubt were displeased when Peter Stuyvesant started building frame houses in their old hunting grounds on Manhattan Island. As far as ITI’ is concerned, a development is an okay thing to do, under the law Indeed, the expenditure of capital for construction means employing people, and that is, nowadays in particular, an especially commendable thing to do. The ITT people decide they want to bring attention to the area they are developing. So what do they do? Hire Jackie Gleason to preside over a golf tournament? Entice Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor to stroll the beach and become reconciled? No, they decide to stage a highbrow extravaganza, to which end they approach a distinguished professor of sociology from Princeton, and ask him to round up a dozen or so well known names for four seminars to last over the weekend. Professor Tumin does his ingenious best, and comes up with big name scientists and Nobel sociologists (eg James Watson, Gunnar Myrdal), famous writers, (e.g. Truman Capote, Saul Bellow), philosophers and critics (eg. Sidney Hook. Leslie Fiedler) and even the requisite freaks, a woman libber (Rate Millett) and a conservative (me). The experiment was conducted before an enthusiastic audience of Florida educators The conference has suddenly become a cause celebre. Not because of any of the speeches given, or insights discussed. But because* the intellectuals were, or such is the fancy, dancing to the tune of ITT. The current issue of People Magazine, for instance, heaps great scorn on the enterprise, suggesting that the tycoons really put one over on the intellectuals. Professor Arthur Schlesinger is quoted as having accounted for his presence at the conference by saying. “The more you can rip off ITT, the better." After which, the reporter tells us. “he laughed.” A few observations: I. American corporations are always being told that they should spend more of their time and money sponsoring the Vl»ws    Opinion Ideas    Background    Page Judgments Comments    2 life of the mind. Why should they be reproached when they do so at Palm Coast, Fla ? 2. The planted assumption of the critics is that the intellectuals who attended the conference were doing something they would not normally do. In point of fact it would have been pleasant, not to say sensational, if, at the conference, Gunnar Myrdal had blurted out that all of a sudden he had come to recognize that American capitalism is the hope* of the world Or if Arthur Schlesinger had delivered a sol emn lecture (he is expert at it) explaining the overarching justification for ITTs opposition to the government of William F. Buckley, jr. Allende. Or lf Rate Millett had said that, upon profound research into the question, she now knew that it was right that at ITT the women do the secretarial work. while the men are the executives. As a matter of fact, these conversations were not effected: Myrdal sounded like Myrdal, Rate Millett acted like Rate Millett, and Arthur Schlesinger sounded like Arthur Schlesinger. If Mr. Schlesinger had really wanted to rip off ITT. he could have gone down there and said something sensible. One wonders how else Mr. Schlesinger thinks we should rip off ITT. By pouring ketchup on the carpets of ITT-owne*d hotels? J Most of the distinguished gentlemen who attended the conference and gave thoughtful speeches are affiliated with universities. Most of these universities are endowed by funds accumulated by American capitalism. In what sense is it improper for a professor to Reviewing Medicare /Medicaid C. R. hospital-stays guidelined By Percy G. Harris, M. D. Choirman, Utiluahon Review, Medical Records and Audit Committee St. Luke s Methodist Hospital, Cedar Rapids These comments arc* in response to a front-page article in the Des Moines Register, Nov. 2)1, headed “U. S. Review of Hospital Admissions", with a subtitle of “See Big Savings for Taxpayers". The article outlined a new program callt*d “utilization review," stating it had been designed to ensure that the government does not pay for unnecessary hospitalizations and expensive treatment in the Medicare-Medicaid health programs This would be accomplished, the article said, by further policing the doctors and hospitals that treat elderly Medicare and needy Medicaid patients by means of reviewing a patient’s record within two days of admission. A nurse or technician would conduct the initial review and if she felt the admission was not justifies! the record would be reviewed by a group of doctors and a decision made as to whether or not the patient needt*d to remain in the hospital. We wish to assure the public that this will not change the programs at St Luke’s or Mercy in Cedar Rapids, as utilization review programs are in effect at both hospitals. The “new" utilization review program refern*d to in the article was implemented at St. Luke’s hospital in April, 1973, and follows in part the procedures stated in the article Medicare Mi'dicaid admissions are reviewed by an R N coordinator within two days of admission. If the admission does not seem to Im* justified, the advice and decision of the utilization review physi-cian is sought. If the utilization review physician feels the admission is not justified, he contacts the patient’s physician. The patient’s physician may decide to discharge the patient, or if he thinks the admission is justified he may need only to further document this need in the patients record. If he agrees the admission is not justified but is unable to discharge the patient immediately due to placement problems, etc., the hospital medical care appraisal committee may need to issue a letter to the patient or the patient’s next of kin, depending on the condition of the patient. This letter states that after 72 hours from the date of the letter, Medicare-Medicaid lienefits will no longer apply. The attitude of the committee and the hospital administration has been one of concern and humaneness. Because of this there have been some instances where the hospitals have had to absorb the loss, which has been done without complaint, at least to my knowledge Both hospitals have a social service department and one of the responsibilities of the social service representative is to assist families in relocating patients when placement has become a problem. They are also available to assist in discharge planning and placement of any patient on request. Although this type of utilization review program was implemented at St. Luke’s in April. 1973, utilization review programs have been in effect at both hospitals since the inception of Medicare in 198H Therefore, we hope* this message w ill serve to ease the minds of the Medicare-Medicaid patients and assure them that the*se ne*w regulations are not going to keep those* patients needing to Im* hospitalized from being hospitalized without going through a lot of red tape. We agree with this program in general, as we fe*e*l costs must In* contained It doe*s, however, place responsibility on the physician and the hospital to obtain on an outpatient basis those* tests that can be* safely accomplished in this manner Knowledge of our duties is the essential part of the philos ophy of life Gen George Goethals Way with words What price cheapness? By Theodore M. Bernstein A headline iii a financial paper said, “Some day investors will agree price** are cheap." and a re*ade*r. Men* Moss of Montreal, asks whether price** can In* cheap. "Services may be* cheap." he writes, “or goods may In* cheap, but surely in the*se* case** price** are low” The inclination here* is to agre*e* with him. The meaning of cheap is low in price or in cost. Therefore, it is the things that are priced that are* cheap rather than the prices But it’s a fine point. • Word wrangler. The Columbia law school Alumni Observer, a publication, iii a recent issue printed the word chairperson over and over and that annoyed Arthur J Morgan of New York lh* wrote to the* editor “Judging from the last issue of the Observer, the word chairman is no longer acceptable iii good company. Let us now turn our attention to cowboy. Why not cowgirl? Why not bullboy? In order to avoid slighting ail sexes, genera and spe*cie*s, may I sug-ge*st boviperson," and lie added a footnote pointing out that bovi- is a combining form me*uning cattle. "Like* most rebellions," he said, "the* women’s lib movememt has swung ridiculously too far " On the same day that letter was received a news item spoke* of a girl who was “an 18-year-old Syracuse* university freshman " That se*t your host to thinking: freshperson? fresh worn on? freshgirI? At that point he* stopped thinking. rn Word oddities. There has lM*e*n much talk recently about the* police use* of hollow-pointed bullets that expand on contact, causing large*, jagged wounds. Such missile**, which are banned in warfare by international law, are* called dumdum bullets Why dumdum? you probably ask The answer is that they were originally manufactured at an arsenal at Dumdum, a place ne*ar Calcutta. India And the* name of that place* comes from the* Hindu damdama. meaning a hill of fortification New York Time* Syndicate Very Special Christmas Bonus Savings! travel to Florida to discuss physics, but proper for him to occupy, say,, the* Thomas B. Watson Chair at Harvard university? The portfolios of every major university in America contain stock in ITT. As that stock flourishes, so will the colleges’ resources and the professors’ salaries. For all they know, the future* security of a half dozen young scholars now hard at work learning an academic discipline, will Im* paid out of earnings flowing from a development at Palm Coast, Fla. • The cynics prove nothing much more than that their carping is ignorant, and their manners bad. The panelists apart, only ITI’ has come out of all this with honor: The treatment of the*ir gue*sts was exemplary, there was never a hint of what should be* said, there* were no tab<M)s. There were just too many cynics and (‘xhibitionists Washington Star Syndicate Isn't it the truth? By Carl Riblet, p When a couple marries, neither is certain what the other’s attitude toward money may turn out to be, except to Im* forewarned that if a woman enjoys sanding money, them her husband had better enjoy earning it ‘‘Nothing but money is sweeter than honey," —Benjamin Franklin It is a sun* sign that the years are overtaking us when we are heard to observe to our contemporaries that the girls of today all dress alike, look alike, think alike, and wiggle and jiggle so much "All young men greatly exaggerate the difference between one young woman and another. —George Bernard Shaw tnterOcean Press Syndicate In ut ast ic Sn ti tips nu the perfect gift for    i.hr SPLIT-LEATHER JACKETS /> JI MOH si/fs: i\ FA SUH HS ii HA) HS, MI TK U.S. HH IIT) TI RH TIU WA KM Lf (JULIUS Kl): REGULARLY $105. EA Mi HS MAK EH LAULU PERFECT LOK )(H Ii MILLION-DOLL A HAU HY! A TEH HIER' IDEA LOH VOTH (HTN IMH KAM E! FABI LOI S El R TRIM TAMIR S I HIEL SI LDI S RECCLARLY SLIZ. *119. ( IIHIM lf i s HOM n SFLA I ll! HEU I IH EIA SMOOTH HI HEH SOU CABRETTAS! KEIR LARIA $150. I URISTA! i s HOM S SIU I ll! •S (AFEU H IF THET OE (ll I Hi A OE (OI RSF DOU \ IO ll N /./Mi ILF Well read ... and with good reason! tbr Cerine Unpick ®n}rHo AKES! Insiglils ;

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