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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., December 4, 1974 Health Unit Asks Delay On Reviews Coe To Note Founders' Day Thursday Night Coe college students will cele brate Founders’ day and the a n n u a I meeting 123rd anniversary of Coe at a Jerome Hall dinner in the cafeteria Thursday Council Approves Tavern Films; Mayor Votes 'No' Mayor Don Canney cast the other councilmen by    surprise. ; The Hoover    Health    Council lone “no” vote Wednesday At Tuesday's informal    meeting'has called    for a moratorium    on against a proposed ordinance to!when the ordinance was dis-]submission of projects by health . . regulate entertainment in tav-cussed, Canney questioned the care providers for project re- n,g erns.    $100 fee but did not mention his view by the council.    Highlight of the dinner will be Canney, who said he voted reservations about what type of Thn ’aPtion hv tho    «„n_    a    SP^*31 sP°nSe cake dessert against the ordinance because films might be shown. he believes it would result in After the vote, he said he felt]issued by_____________________ hard-core pornographic films in it necessary to vote against per- dies Construction Review Com- vice on camPus local bars. said, “The day of the mitting any films, since the mittee.    Tbe    recipe    for    the    sponge sick liberal is over."    slate legislature has "pre-empt-' The commi„ee requested that    If®™***    byJhf,    f?'Tl The ordinance does not make cd the right of cities    to regu-i    of    the    late Charles T.    Hickok,j Stock To Head Consumer Unit John Stock was re-elected committee were Harold chairman of the business com- Armstrong, William Fluegel, sumers    bureau    of    the    Chamber    juries Soda aud Jack Talbot. ,    4l    ,    Richard Thoennes was also of Commerce    at    the    bureau s    e|ected |o ,he commlttee A1| Tuesday    were elected to three-year was re-elected terms. vice-chairman. Named again to the executive The action by the council sup- a ?^ial ,sponf.caka des“rV-±- r~ ports a call for a moratorium and 'hree-t.et^ b.rthday cake Citizen brOUDS issued by the Iowa Health Facil- m b> liie Corone: hood Ser-._ J 11 |cJgg<j On Fund Usage any distinctions regarding the content of films shown In establishments with liquor licenses. It does outline what building safety and fire prevention measures must be present if films are to be shown, and it late pomoraphy and it is apparently not possible for the city to permit old-time movies, cartoons or sports films without also permitting pornographic films. Public applications for project review l‘> T ltUC    ■    ,V*UN; be held in abeyance until after Professor emerl,us of P°""cal Improvements Com- requires a special permit be missioner Richard Phillips said purchased for $100. Others Surprised Recommendations on how to ...    _    .jspend about $1.3 million in fed- the completion of the state com- f, socia| S(‘lcace a*. ,oe’ and eral funds will be explained to prehensive health plan.    |the man for whom Hickok hall t^e ^ecjar Rapjds city council on the campus is named. Thursday May I Deadline    Tho birthday cake will be cut The ^ js cxpected t0 The Hoover Health Council in by Mrs. Carl C Keslcr and! undcr (h new cPommunilv Coe President Leo L. Nussbaum The business consumers bureau investigates complaints on business ethics and practices, products and services. It also alerts the community to fraudulent practices and questionable business promotions. Vinton Man Stabbed at Central City Russell D. Craddock. 43. Vinton. was in good condition at St. Hong Kong Returns Mainland Chinese HONG KONG (AP) — Five young mainland Chinese were ' returned to China Saturday in a new program by the government of Hong Kong to round up the “freedom swimmers” and other illegal immigrants. Hong Kong has not returned refugees since IfM>2, when 62.000 were sent back across the border by rail and trucks in a single month. The government of this British colony is apparently again trying to stem the influx of refugees into the already badly overcrowded city of four and a-half million. Mother, 3 Children Die in Snowbound Car BEAVER FALLS, Pa. (UPI) —A mother and her three children were found dead Monday in the charred wreckage of their car stranded in deep snow on state highway 251 The victims were Sharon Cook. 24. of Beaver Falls; Carl, jr.. 6; Fred, 4, and Silvia, 2. State police said it was not known how the car caught fire. It did not leave the highway. The accident occurred Sunday night or early Monday during the height of a severe snowstorm, police said. Drive Safely charged with completing an area-wide health plan by May I, he voted for the ordinance be- according to Stephen B. Rybolt, | ning. Decorations are being pro-cause he thought it was the only executive director.    jVided by the student activities ,    way    the    council could have any1 “We are channeling all avail-! ccmmittec, headed by Mike The mayor s vote caught'controj over wjjat was sjj0wn in | able effort of staff and board to Judge. the development and completion    *    *    * of our area-wide plan by May Music for the celebration will I,” he said.    be provided by a jazz combo “The cooperation we seek will from the Coe music department taverns. Arrest Made In Stabbing During Party Jeffrey L. McMurrin, 22, of 209 Park court SE, was charged Tuesday with assault with intent to do great bodily injury in connection with a stabbing early Monday of a 22-year-old man at a party. McMurrin turned himself in to ‘Some Control’ . .    ,    ...    development    act.    Committees!    s    hosp1**!    Wednesday    wrth* at the student dinner that eve- representil>g each city quadrant puncture wounds suffered Tues- iWere organized two months ago day night at Central City. to determine the needs and ynn deputies reported the priorities of the community. | wounds were inflicted at the Report from those commit-1 Lorraine Harmon residence, j itees went to a priorities com- They said he told them he was mittee for study, and the com- wounded while cutting wood. “It was my understanding they could show films, anyway, and this ordinance at least gives us some control over them,” Phillips said. “If that understanding isn t correct. I would not vote for the ordinance. I think my record shows how I feel about pornography.” Finance Commissioner Hal Schaefer said he, too, felt regu mittee concluded its work Tues- Linn deputy sheriffs reported enable us to concentrate a led by Dennis Redmond, son of ?ay_n.igbt\ drarting.a.propo!!d Mr?: Harmon told lhcm !'he greater portion of resources on plan development.” Project review drains professional and technical skill from the plan development, he said. Pending Projects Health projects are normally; 1905 untj] 294^ I submitted by hospitals, nursing I    „    ’    .    ______________ Hating the tvpe of films shown homes, community health .~oeR^’asin 1801    - about $250,000 was not within the council's I centers., and other providers of the „Rev' Wlll,ston done! for powers, and voted for the ordi- health care to the health council    PtepaMn^ police Tuesday afternoon. He    because it provides some for review and comment. regulation.    I    Mrs.    Jane    Shipton,    Iowa    City, Dr and Mrs lamps H Red-budSet f0r presentation to the,stabbed Craddock after a deputy, mond ^Garden^fveSE. council Thursday.    (pointed    out to her that there There will also be a display of', T.he empbasis of ,h\c°Ti!; *aS L ,W°,Und "? °!"y °1 ,h<‘ Coe memorabilia from early I‘J*5 "ork |s on neighborhood arm, but also on hts stomach. years, and especially pertaintag lmprovemant’. Par“cularly re-, she reportedly told the depu-| to Dr Hickok Dr. Hickok was a *ardln8 housing- The major ties that the stabbing occurred were fighting after eave her resi- member of .he Coe faculty from J    Z‘1Ii'8L JJS *hU?    ,they $400,000 for use in each the Oak she told him to Hill and Riverside areas, ariki dence. for the Time Check area for the qUadrant. ’raddock reported1 v sad in the northwest wanted no charge- to be filed called authorities and told them to pick him up at Twelfth ave- The ordinance is designed to and ^aid Albright, Monticello, ministry. On Dec. 5. 1853, a New York deacon named Daniel Coe gave $1,500 to establish a “permanent institution of learning” Por Demo Dinner in Cedar Rapids which became Program Changed ie ana J mrd street bt.    lace    an existing ordinance ^ co-chairmen of the council's Ponce arrested McMurrm for prPhibjting any fj]m* jn taverBS project review-committee |g^Vt^daTRapids^cl! Dr Sign! Falk of or bars. The new one was draft- °^ec*s ."h*ch have already .    .    Rapids.    Second    district cd after requests by severalibeen submitted for review ml      dinator local business men who said not be held up by themoratori-,    JL,;n,rv    r.n„    address    a    va they want to show inoffensive ™s0^°|rd“g 10 beal,h counc,l: giate InJlitute and,’ in 1881. Coe cra,ic Womcn's club Christmas- Currently, two projects are college, being reviewed by the council — the expansion plans for Univer- allegedly stabbing Mark Beltz, 622 Westwood drive NW, in the lower abdomen while at a party at the home of Cheryl Loeffler, 22, of 135 Twentieth avenue SW. films. (good Condition    ordinance    will    become Beltz was initially admitted to law if passed on two more read- Cedar coordinator of Common Cause, will a Linn County Demo- (he intensive care unit at St. I tags and published. Asked if he “'2S    Armed    Robbery Tj.ka’c hncnifal in cneimte    Ll!___A    .U___JI..... S,t> Hospitals, IOWa Cit)’, and    / Luke’s hospital in serious condi-1 planned to veto the ordinance tion following the incident. He:Canney said. “Not unless I have was reported in good condition the votes ‘(to prevent an over-Wednesday.    ride of the veto) and I don’t Police said Beltz was playing seem to have the votes now.” cards when he noticed another-- victorv-recognition dinner at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Elks club. D*. Falk will discuss her recent trip to Africa, substituting fcr State Rep. Man- O’Halloran (D-Ceda* Fa’ls). who had n cancel due to a schedule roix*w Dinner reservations should be man at the party bothering some girls. Stabbed in Hall Beltz reportedly told the person to leave them alone. The two argued, and then went out into the hallway where Beffz was stabbed, witnesses said. The suspect, McMurrin, Breakins Reported At Central City Two breakins at Central City Tuesday night have been reported to the Linn sheriff’s office. Merchandise valved at about the Mercy hospital family prac- C^narCIP U tice center project in Cedar    ^ Rapids.    Orville    Skaggs.    36.    of    84! The Hoover Health Council Fourth avenue SE. was charged serves the counties of Benton, Wednesday with robbery with C3iied t0 363-496 Cedar, Delaware, Iowa. John, aggravation after his neighbor son, Jones, Linn, and Washing- complained $106 was taken from Mail Embargo to ton. Man Fined $100 on Possession of LSD which happened at Monday. him at knifepoint.    .France    Is    Lifted j Skaggs was charged with robbing Ernest Phratner, 839 Cedar Rapids Postmsaster Fourth avenue SE, in Phratner’s Charles Seda announced; apartment at 2 a m. W’ednes-Wednesday that the embargo on Perry Underran. 527 Six-day.    mail to France has been lifted $828 was stolen    in    a    breakin    aUteenth    street    NE.    pled    guilty!    Police    arrested    Skaggs a    The embargo    has    been in effect left | Snider’s    grocery    between    mid-    Monday    in    magistrate’s    court    to short    time after    the    alleged rob-    sinc« Oct. 29. Soda said letters previously! —    returned due    to    the embargo The pres-    may be remailed    to France with immediately after the stabbing, night and 1:30 a.m. Included in!a charge cf possession of con- bery was reported. Chamber Warns About Holiday "Gyp Schemes" The business consumers bureau of the Chamber of Commerce has issued a warning on so-called “gyp artists” that | seem to flourish during the holiday shopping season. John Stock, chairman of the bureau, said there are several schemes that crop up each year. He mentioned the following: Unordered merchandise, often sent in the name of an unknown charity or as an outright commercial venture. Telephone or house-to-house appeals from an unknown charitable organization for funds, clothing, food or fuel. Attempts to collect for a C O D package for a neighbor the deliverer claims is not at home. So-called bargain offers in magazines for cosmetics falsely sold under an established brand name or advertised as a brand name with a different label. Stock also advised that delivery time for gifts ordered from magazines generally is at least j four weeks. “Keeping this in mind will prevent disappoint-1 ments,” he commented. “Christmas purchases,” he' noted, “should be made in the same manner as ordinary purchases: Buy from established and reliable firms, examine the purchases, understand the warranty and exchange provisions and beware of bargains that seem too good to be true.” 12:30 arn.!the loot were 185 cartons of trolled substance and was fined-- cigarets and some meat and $100 and given a five-day jail    20 YEARS AGO — (beer.    sentence with credit given for ident of the United Steelworkers no additional postage by mark- The DX service station was time served.    Union predicted that the Cloning out the “service temporarily broken into, but first reports in- He was charged with posses- and AFL would merge within a suspended” endorsement on the dicated nothing was stolen. jsion of LSD or acid Sept. 28. year.    envelopes. 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