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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NMIOMA.I WIMMIK tMVlCt fOHCAVt »* 7AM ISI IX- ^ - M Obituaries Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., December 4, 1971 3A John W. Miller, Business, Civic Leader, Dies John W. Miller Rapids, he was torn Aug. 17. 1903. I lf* was married to the former Harriet Colder July 23. 1929. Surviving in addition to his wife are two sons, Joseph C.,| London, England, and James L..I Cedar Rapids, and six grandchildren. Services:    Rending at St 'Raul’s United Methodist church. Burial: Oak Hill. Friends may call at Turner chapel east after 111 a.m. Thursday. Sylvester Lattimer John W. Miller of the executive I the Armstrong prominent civic I Wednesday morning following a brief illness. Mr. Miller, who lived at 2222 committee of store and a worker, died UH WI Al Ut MOIOC. ASI Snow is expected Wednesday night in the northern and middle Rockies, changing to rain in Arizona. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. Fendricks, 1700 SE; fined $30 and costs. Traffic signal violation .    1 Sylvester V. Lattimer, 60, of 71, chairman, j948    avenue SE, died Wednesday after a long illness. Born June 14,    1914, at    West Hope, N.D., he    had lived in Cedar Rapids most of his life. He was a member of Immacu-_. .    %tr„    ,    t .    .late Conception Catholic church, First avenue NE, had been as-jEagles lodge and the sociated    with    ‘the    Armstrong!Teamsters union    and was    a restore    since    1927.    His    father    had    tired employe of    Chandler    Gom been a partner in the business Dany( jnc He was married to I before him.    Emma Schillig at Vinton Dec. He had served as president of 28. 1935. I J® Eedar Rapids Chancer of I surviving in addition to his Park avenue Commerce in 1952, president of wife is a son, Richard, at home; a daughter, Mrs. Michae’ The Weather * High temperatures Tuesday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation: anchorate Atlanta Bismarck Chicago .. Denver .., Duluth Honolulu houston gasoline at road NE. 8:10 a.rn the Rotary club in 1944 and Douglas Carlyle, 1635 Tenth I member of the Rotary board, Lynch Cedar Rapids, and four street NW; fined $20 and costs, president of the hoard of Jane pr inHrhilHren Louis Brown 361 twenty-first I Boyd Community House, and as i I .    ,    in street SE; Mary Wlebel, 293 nrli(ten, . ,!in.nr^rvirp! Services: Friday at 10:30 am 5528 Center Point sixth str^. sW; Joann’Gra. nr ^    cl    ham, 1846 A avenue NE; Larry Wednesday. Short Zahrnrlnilr Flv    111 mt I n ct 33 13 .Oi L. Anqeles 42 57 1.98 St 2v Miami 48 48 23 12 Min'apolis 24 22 3S 31 N. Orleans 54 32 57 29 New York 43 30 24 20 .OI Phoenix .73 48 el «3 Seattle 51 44 .53 42 44 Wash'gton 51 35 president of the Interservice Club Council. He had served in in Immaculate Conception church bv the Rev. William in drVr it Vo rn s n . v h , Zahrad"*. Ely; Ralph Hunting, leadership roles with the United "u,un . u> NAV    drivel 1952 First avenue NE; James pw    .Leonard.    Burial:    Mt.    Calvary. Magistrate’s Court Bartosh, Walford; Dan Egly, P    j    .    ,,    , 1846 A avenue NE; Brucej    graduate of Coe col- w .. rue.    Edkin,    2129 North Towne court he had served as a life 153 P<><( Ye^tridge ° ^ drive"1 nw’ NE; M i chao I Brcen^Springvi! Ie; trustee of the college and was fined $60 and costs gotsinger,^ I MB ^Bcver^ avenue j White ‘Eagle’ trail" SE; eachl1942- Mr. Miller also had been a member of the Elks club; the j Cedar Rapids Country club; SE; Timothy Curley. 2509 each fined $15 and costs. One-way street violation - Joe Proctor, 1847 Wilson ave nue SW; fined $15 and costs. Extended forecast — Snow is    . expected Friday .brough .Sun- f-^es1 ZnZ^oTZIWhite -«•» day. Highs in the 30s and lows oust road SW; each fined $40 in 20s.    *and costs. Bernard Johnson, 12805 A avenue NE; fined $35 c. R. Weather    and    costs.    Scott Addington, «»• l m * i    o'?!Waterloo; Donald Share, Fair- High Tuesday ................"    fax;    James Logsdon, Wheeling, Low overnight ...............19    ill.;    Linda Medberrv, Iowa Noon Wednesday .............2SiCity;    Mary    Fraser. 227 Six- J    teenth    avenue SW; Donna Bic- 2 p.m.......... .    ...:.........24.kel,    Central    City; Thomas Jen- precipitation .............None nings, 812 Sixteenth street SE; Total for December  None|Alan ToI«lcr’ 2848 Fourteenth , , z. ,    . I avenue SE; Barbara Buhrman, Normal for December ......I-**    2320    Twenty-fourth avenue , Normal through December 33.18    Marion; Carole Bunt, 292 Sar- Rosary: Thursday at 7:30 p.m. by Father leonard at Teahen funeral home, where friends \TW.I1V-’ #T*iV“MV4    UHi«iftViiic,lllU3W:C    U1    Ult*    tVllfliC    dllU    Wd3    ,,    At    tx David A*:|^ary    3«»    Park    terrace    prPsldcnt    of    lhe    Alu^ni    AsSn    in    may    call    Thursday    from    9    a    m. to 9 p.m. Memorial Services 45.531 toga street; Ralph Total for 1974 ......... u c..iiinn    ‘i/Hw;    135b    Iwenty-s e c o n d ave- Barometer, falling .........MOG    nue    gW; Ferdmand Schulte, Humidity at noon ...........3%    jgjj    Fourteenth avenue SE; Wind direction and velocity at    John    Sadler, 230 Wesley drive o o .I    14    NW; Elizabeth Harmon, Hia- 2 p.m. S at    14 mph.    Watha; David Wolfe, 1713 Sun rises    Thursday,    7:19;    sun    Third avenue SE; Kirk Findley, . , j    524 Fourth street SW: David sets, 4.0D.    j Heims, 2106 Otis road SE; Earl Year Ago    Today -    High.    39;    I Kirklin, 6039 Eastview avenue SW; Dennis Roberson, Davcn- low, 30; rainfall, 1.02. Traveler’s Forecast Thursday Weather Hl-Lo Bismarck ...... Cloudy 35-14 Chicago ........ PtCldv 43-31 Cincinnati...... . . Fair 43-31 Cleveland ..... .. Fair 38-29 Des Moines .... .PtCldy 40-26 Detroit......... .PtCldv 40-26 Indianapolis ... PtCldy 43-30 Kansas City ... .. Fair 52-35 Milwaukee .... PtCldy 37-27 Mpls.-St. Paul . .Cloudy 34-24 Omaha ........ . Fair 47-27 St. Louis ... Fair 48-35 Sioux Falls PtCldy 40-30 Degree Days .Tuesday ....... ... 50 Total to date . . 1,656 Through Dec. 3, 1973 .. .1,250 Percent of normal year . . 24.9 Total normal year ..... 6.631 Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday .. 683.31 Births — Mercy port: Donald Wadsworth, Cher okce; Sue Sage, 2628 First street SW; Glenn Resisting an officer — Thomas Prescott, 152 Westview drive NW; fined $75 and costs. . Accident, damage to vehicle — Edgar Belzer, 527 Sixteenth street NE; fined $15 and costs. Prohibited parking — Robert Hudson, 2657 Worthington drive SW; fined $10 and costs, Iowa Deaths Keota — Eola Dillon, 66. Childres, I Powell’s. Monticello — George D. Schafer, 77, Friday at 1:30, Wayne Zion Lutheran church. Friends may call after 7 p.m. Wednesday at Goettsch’s. Keota — Florence C. Sheetz, 74. Saturday at 1:30, United Presbyterian church. Friends may call late Thursday afternoon at Powell’s. Belle Plaine — William S. Benda, 67. Hrabak’s. Anamosa — Harold G. Big-.    , Dighton, gert, 56. of Rock Springs, Wyo., until next July. Godfrey, Nellie E. — Services! „    ,    ,    rn , were in Turner chapel east at Crescent Masonic lodge; Trowel 11:30 p m wdnesday by the chapter and Commandery No. Rev. Neville G. Clayton. Burial: 49. Royal Arch Masons; Apollo!Cedar Memorial, Commandery. Knights plar, Palestine Council, Royal Lauterburg and Oehler funer-and Select Masters; El Kahir a1 home at Arlington Heigh* . City's Yule I ree Goes Tho city’s Christmas tree was erected W^ notday morning at the center of Memorial plaza on May’s island. The tree, a 35-foot Cilo.*ado blue spruce, was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cisler, 19C0 K street SW. It will be decorated with a star and approximately 400 lights. The job of putting up the tree was ha died bz the parks and forestry department with a timely assist from a Cramer Brothers C ana, which was on the island as part of the equipment being used to renovate the island rive' wails. Shrine; Phi Kappa Tau frater-1'1 Bu,rial: Ridgewood cemetery, mty, and St. Paul's Methodist DYPlaincsi 't _ , , h    Hanson,    Richard    I).    —    2    p    m cnurcn.    Saturday    at    St.    Michael’s    Epis- A lifelong resident of Cedar'copal church. C. R. Council: No Employe Bargaining Until July I Mills— (Continued from Page I.) not identify met with Mills in a Capitol office. “I don’t think he wanted to believe me. but I told him that Hiawatha Water MO Vernon Resident, Albert Lewis, Dies Bates' risrsassd The Cedar Rapids city council Teamsters union, and several made it clear Wednesday it hundred other employes repor- does not plan to start bargain- tedlv want to be represented by M T. VERNON - Albert Lewis, 83. died in a Manchester Hiawatha residents w ill see a nursing home Tuesday evening. 20 percent increase    in their!    A Cedar    Rapids resident    for was my judgment aRer having water bills starting    in    January    15 years until moving to    Mt. talked to cur colleagues ” the as a residt °* act*on    by    tbe Hia*    Vernon in    1962, Mr. Lewis    was newspaper reported Earth as wa*ba water board    of    trustees    born Sept.    18, 1891. He married saying.    Tuesday night. “He wanted to talk about his route two, Cedar Rapids; Con-Jand former Anamosa resident, nie Margo, 245 Wiley boulevard J Friday at 1:30 at Goettsch’s. Eva S p a n o s ,    3620    Sigourney    — Margaret Lucil le former Minnie Sommers in The board voted unanimously Galena, 111., in 1934 to raise the water rates from Mr. Lewis had worked as an ,    .    ,     ,,    ..    ■. .    ...V    bi-monthly    charge    employe    of    the    Cedar    Rapids Countv and Municipal I    J?    Z™    of    58 '0 $9 GO.    t ree* department and prior to Increased operating expenses that the Milwaukee railroad, were cited by the board as the* Surviving are five sons, A. ing collectively with employes the American    Federation of    llcalth and    he indicated be    was h Drescn( State. County    and Municipal    ™1    weil Hc said to    was    *** In a formal    resolution adopted;Employes (AFSCME).    completely    exhausted and    that unanimously,    the council said it A Teamsters    representative    be bad what he thought was a Twelfth avenue SW; James j ie Whitening, 65. Thursday lit*21 w0u*d no1 enter toto bargaining!has asked the council to name ( b°us stomach probk nv    reason    for    the    higher rates. Larry Lewis and Bernard C. Meskimen, 4503 Twin Pine at Hayesville Community with employes until July I, 1975, its negotiators.    I    he    Pioneer    Pre^s    said    Earth    Water    rates    were last raised Krabacher, Mt. Vernon; John drive NE; William Douglas, 962 j church. Reynolds’.    the date state law requires Mayor Don Cannev said the and his colleague advised Mills six years ag0 and the increase G. Krabacher. Fernald; James Gar-1 cities to begin bargaining.    council can’t begin to bargain to seek medical assistance and at (hal time amounted t0 two w. Krabacher, Chula Vista, Several reasons for the deci- under the terms of the new'state’Mills then put in a call for the sion were stated in the resolu- law until the terms are decided house physician. Maplewood drive NE; each Delta fined $30 and costs. Dennis rington. French, Robins; James Young,* Delta 1638 Texas avenue NE; eachjtary $25 and costs. Kathy j Holm’s, Sigourney. — John (Jack) 51. Friday at 1:30 at Methodist church. Mili-! honors at cemetery. I percent. Anamosa:    Suzanne! Homestead ■63.1 tion. One of the most important upon He said the council can't Dr. Guy Sciacca, a Boston Vectelko, 3012 Outlook drive j Sponar, SW; David Jenkins, 241 Nine-|Uhlman teenth street NW; Jeffrey Rip-! Tama perton. 2501 Tenth avenue SW;*73. Thursday Chun-Sik Jung, 1207 Thirtieth rison’s. street drive SE; Richard Bennett, 3916 Silver Spring drivel 68, *s rides and regulations to determine which unions repre- physician who examined Mills Watergate govern the bargaining have not sent what groups of workers un- Friday and gave him a vitamin    (Continued from Page    I.) McSwiggin and Harry F. Ehlersjyet been adopted by the state j til the state board sets up pro-'shot and multiple vitamin tab-    m;v-usc 0f tu at 1:30 at Har- public employe relations board, jcedures to accredit bargaining lets, said the congressman ap- Finance Commissioner Hal units. peared at the time to be suffer- Blairetow^nh^n11 ne^Biown. Schaefer said the resolution was The mayor said the council’s ing from exhaustion. NE:    William    Holmes,    369    former    Blairstown    resident.intended to clear up any doubts decision is intended to make; Mills has had health problem e SE; Steven Glea-J Thursday at 8 at Murray’s in employes may have about the j 3^2 iB    .NE;    Elkhorn Burial: Friday at council’s position on bargaining. Glenda Donels, 200 Wiley bou-jl:30 at Pleasant Hill cemetery, levand NW; Larry Tjaden.) Memorial fund established. 1003 Orrian drive SE; Laurine Wellman — Lida I. Fred, 97. | Ely, Mt. Vernon; Robert Rouse, Friday at 10:30, Powells’J Clarence:    Patrick McGrath, where friends may call Thurs-1 sure all fairly. employes are treated for several years. Calif.; Alvin Hammond, Dubuque: two (laughters. Mrs. Ernest ,(Betty) Piehle, Nucla. Colo.; and Mrs. Willie Freese, Clayton Junction;    14 grandchildren; Cia for    im-    nine great-grandchildren; five proper reasons    /’    brothers;    Ervin, Guy, Than, Immediately    after    the bench    (^rence,    Manchester, and Shir- conference,    Haldeman    returned    Aitkin, Minn.; ami a sister, to    the    witness    stand    and    denied    Mrs. Clif Newlin, Tacoma, 3025 Parkview court SE; Mary day Dec. 3 — To the families of I O’Brien. 1548 Sixth avenue SE:    North    F.njrlish    —    Pearl    E. Police have voted to join the Rockefeller— (Continued from Page I.) Darvl Waters. 206 Drexel drive Philip Hamos, 3219 O avenue Snare, 85. Friday at 2, Powells’, total worth is well over $1 bil- avo‘d “falling behind in ne- f        I    \TtIf    •    nun    I    Im    nn    ..    *___ J• * *    2 — AX. — SW. a daughter; Ron Troy, 5539 Klinger street SW, a son; Births — St. Lui:e's NW: Kent Burgess, route • I Cedar Rapids:    Harry one, lion. has unit” in never “acted as a its various gotiations With the council resolution. sw;j Bid's Opened for NE Storm Sewer YH\P,'?.S committee, that his sponsorship <*«®se their bargain.ng unit and, J* cMgrc&sm-m*s brother in jterv. lot a book derogatory lo Nelson's P^Pare tor lh‘‘ negotiations. bleated he,k|15w_nJ0,b,ng about s Democratic gubernatorial oppo-    ~ '    '    ~    ............. Wellman, where friends may Tatro, call Thursday afternoon. Burial, ...    ___ k .th    ——*—-    4000 Geor-i935    Nineteenth    street    SE:    in    Piersal    cemetery.    North En- unit in Pursuing    „    .    , : avpnut* NF daughter    Todd Hansen. 175 Mayden ave- glish.    business ventures and activities.    Lannoy said,    all    employes    know 4 Mr and Mrs Tim- nuo SW’ Dcbr;i Grobstick,1 Mt.    Vernon — Albert    Lewis,    Laurance also testified, as    he    wb(’n    negotiations    will    begin lh! fnxah SnVim.ville a vt n    5300 Harbet    avenue    NW;    83.    Friday    at    1:30    at    Turner    had    b(lforp    soriatp ruus and thus how long they have to othy I nash. Springville, a son.    j FvereU Krug,    2101 Brooklyn    Chapel    East,    Cedar    "    ”    d    ^t0re    S drive NE: Lynette Lubbock.!where friends ms. 1623    Eighteenth    street    NW;    Burial:    Linwood    cemetery Dec. 3    — To the families    of j Leon    Goddell, Vinton; Kimber- Raymond    Ryan,    Marion,    aijy Barnes, Solon;    Robert    Pike,! daughter; Drew Fairchild.    2411 Wisconsin street 3221 Kenridge drive SW, a    James Clarke,    811 Tenth    ave daughter; James Dice, 517 Sev- nue    Allan Miller. 1623 enth avenue SE, a son: John Park Towne lane NE; Warren Benn. 2247 Meadowbrook drive Johnson, 2910 Johnson avenue! ,,    _ SE, a daughter; Philip Andrew.    NW; Vickie Blazek,    1823 Cen-* Hennessey Brothers Construc- 211 Fifteenth street SE. a    tral drive SE; each    fined $20 tion Co. submitted the low bid    reported    Wednesday that Roc- zi a ugh ter; Phillip Wheatley, and costs.    Wednesday for construction of a ^feller has at times displayed iliughloT PmeS    '    "    Steve” U.cl“B*0OlD*aTOm^iSlOrm SeWer al Twen,V "'"th poor judgment but has done ...    NE; fined $4o’ and costs. Linda street    between    B avenue    and    nothing to disqualify himself    for Marriage L'censes    siemering, 1210 N street SW;|Franklin avenue    NE.    the vice-presidency. Kathryn Hazewinkelv, Cedar    fined $10 and costs.    The company bid $12,974.    The committee, which voted 9 Bapids, and Perry Jayne.    Disobey police officer_— Ste-;which was one of four bids    to 0 on    Nov. 22 to recommend Marion” Cedar he had any intention cf misus- Wash. ..    ..    .    ..    He    underwent    an    operation    ing the CIA or the FBI or of ob-! Memorial services will be H the councU starts negot.a-^ast ycar for treatment    of a    structing the Watergate inves- conducted    at    Turner    Chapel painful back ailment, but has tigation.    a*    friday    by    the    Rev. said since that he was    fully    Ben-Veniste was    referring to Raymond E.    Hearn    of    the    First recovered.    Haldeman’s indication right be-    Presbyterian    church    in    Mt.    Ver- In an interview- Monday, Mills fore the conference that Deputy    nan- Burial:    Linwood    cemetery, denied reports that he had expe- CIA Director Vernon Walters’    Friends may rienced a heart attack, but said testimony was substantially cor-east- _^ he suffered for years from a reef. Walters testified earlier chronic heart Irregularity.    that Haldeman had    said the CIA | In Kensett, Ark , Roger    Mills,    shculd «» 'he ™    to curtail its j lions with one union, he said, workers who have not yet selected a representative could feel pressured to join that union call at Turner Drive Safely nent in 1970, Arthur Goldberg, “was a mistake” and it was an investment “I wish I had not made.” The senate rules committee GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For News, Sport!, looikttpmq. Gtnofol Idiot* motion and Offwts Not Luted lelow (oil rion. Ellen Scherrman. von Carmichael, Springville;;. .    .,    •    .    Lu n i * ii ~    .•    u ir Rapids, and John Yaneffi! fined $10 and costs.    | below the engineering estimate the Rockefeller nomination be x City. Deborah Wickham,' Right-of-way violation — .of $15,927. One bid was above approved by the lull senate, («colation SubunptioR Dept Mon. thru Sot I a rn to J p m. Sundays Until 17 Noon Holtdoys 11 o rn to 7 p.m. Wont Ad! ................. Mon thru f rt I a rn to S pm Saturday until 12 noon Dt!p!ay Advertising    ....    . lo rn to Spin Monon OHtce 39S M211 391 1333 391 1234 391 1222 391 1430 MOU Marion, and Steven Walker. Ann McAfee and (Anton Krizan, Fredericksburg;! Ixoren McQuerry, both of Cedar each fined $15 and costs. Rapids.    Drive    left of center line — | _.    .    Steven    Carmichael, Springville;! Marriages Dissolved , fined $20 and costs. Jeffery L. and Susan M KT Fau,ty    ~    David! Ulrich. Diane Jean and Steven..*'!'4 Wilson avenue, Wayne Livermore. Darrel D. ?W; David Arthur, route one, and Patricia Lee. James P. and {Marion; Shirley Gruelkey Vm- Shirley J. Brown Janette Jon; Marine Frondlc, 908 Six-j Marie and Gary Robert Eby. ^to ■venue SE; Kevin Klein.! Paula Louise and William Eu- ]    . and road eaL*b gent4 David. Diane M and John    ^    a*. . Meter violation - Floyd Lee,[Patricia Jordan, Alburnett;!the estimate.    said it had found “no bar    or    im- The other bids    were $13,217 65.    pediment which would disquali- by Bowler    Construction    Co.;    ;fy him.” $13,944.50, by Bjornsen Con-! The senate has agreed to vote! struction Co.; $14,351.80. by Con- on the nomination next Tuesday! crete Maintenance Co., andjafternoon. Polls of senators and $16,789, by Dave Schmitt Con- all other indications point to' struction Co.    overwhelming approval. a heart problem and said the ccn-gressman’s behavior with Mrs. Battistella “doesn't seem like him.” “He’s a very meek ani humble person,” the brother said. “He’s always tried to be proper.” A spokesman for Arkansas Attorney General Jim Guy Tucker said he had received at least six telephone calls recently from persons asking if Mills could be removed frcin office. He said the state had no provisions tor such a recall. investigation and that Haldeman had expressed concern that the FBI probe could be “1 mborrass-inc” ani lead to "high people.” 1 The issue is whether Haldeman was acting from concern that the FBI investigation would expose secret CIA operations or from the desire to shield Nixon; re-electicn committee officials from being linked to the break- * in. '(the (lfclar ftupitU I shinned in IMI bv Tho Goiitto Co Ona published doily and Sunday at SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapid!, Iowa S2400 Second class postage paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa Subscription ra*es bv carrier ti cents a. week Bv mad: Night Edition and Sunday 0 issues II.7S a month, SJV OO a veer Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 issues S3 IS a month, SAO OO u veor Other states and U S territories SOO OO a vear No Mail Subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service The Associated Press is entitled electively to the use for republication of all the local news printed In this news* paper as well as all AP news dispatches. BROSH CHAPEL Cedar Rapids 'Hertiled f«» Vuhtir Service" Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Services Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LAPES Convenient downtown location m 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 Solon R, DeSotel. Fires Flowers Always Show You Care from . . . 11:52 p.m. Tuesday. Short in; wiring at Second avenue and Third street SE. 2:31 a rn. Wednesday, Nui-: hance call at Twelfth avenue and Thirty-first street SW. 7:16 a.m. Wednesday. 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