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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa MARION ^oarc^ Approves Road Fund f/\tir * /<irr\r rn.    _    __    Mv    th**    tliimp    9.1    Unit)    (ho    ..I,...    ......... Five Band Members Perform at Festival Five Marion high school hand members have br*en chosen to take part Saturday in tho Northeast Iowa Hand masters honor hand festival at Independence. Students taking part are Jennie Relcom, Mike Benedict, Duane Goohrmg, Christy Boots and Sue Ryan. WWW Thanks to everyone for gifts, flowers, visits, cards and all kindnesses while hospitalized They were deeply appreciated Alma Zimmer. — Adv. W W it Once attain for the convenience of our customers beginning December 2, Farmers State Bank will handle automobile license renewals at their offices in Marion. Alburnett and Hiawatha — Ad\ ★ W W YMCA — Wednesday’s activity schedule at the Marion branch YMCA is. Non aquatic — women’s fitness class 9 am, men’s fitness class ll: 45. women’s volleyball I pm, gymnastics 4 and 5. basketball league 8. trimnastics 8; pool, — school lessons 9 a m. and 2: •MI p m,, pre-school lessons ll 15 and I, adult open swim noon, youth lessons 3:TCI. swim team 8:30. family and adult swim 7 30. WWW Hickory smoked barbecued ribs. shrimp and chicken served Wednesdays, Stickney^ Scoreboard — Adv. * * * l ook to the Stars' Christmas shop the Want Ads. — Adv * * * Lions — Marion Lions evening club will meet tonight at 6:15 p.m. at the Suburban .loe-Butterfield of the Linn county conservation board will speak on the Squaw Creek development w w ★ Drawing Dec. IO for a $15 Family First Aid Kit. Creal gift for Christmas. Register fret1 at Sorg Pharmacy. — Adv. * * * Fldon and Margaret Post would like to thank all of their relatives, friends, and neighbors for helping to make our 40th Wedding Anniversary a happy occasion with your attendance. cards and gifts. A spec ial thanks to our daughters and families — Adv. # ¥ ♦ XI Gamma Sigma chapter of the Beta Sigma F’hi will meet tonight at 7:45 in the home of Mrs Keith Hall, 355 Twentieth street W it W Stop and meet Pat Johnson. Marlene’s Beauty Nook. 980 7th Ave , 377-4424. - Adv. ♦ * * Returns Hume — RE. Ixudigh, 1080 Ninth avenue, returned home Monday from Oklahoma City where he visited in the home of his brother-in-law and sister. Mr and Mrs R Y Bach. ★ w * Far Piercing Clinic! Saturday Noon to 3. Ray's Jewelry. — Adv Recession Forces GM Institute To Cut Operations KLINT, Midi (AP) -General Motors Institute announced it will reduce its operations by about one-third over the next year because of the recession Harold Redes, president of (LMI, said the student body will Im* trimmed to about 2.WHI by February. 1978, from the present enrollment of about 3.(MMI About one-third of the faculty and staff also will Inlaid off Redes said the reduction is necessary “in view of the current economic situation confronting the automotive industry in general and General Motors in particular, the decline iii sales, production and employment Redes said next year’s freshman class will be much smaller than this year s Students who are doing unsatisfactory work or riot making academic progress will be dropped, In- said (hose doing satisfactory work will Im- able to stay (IMI was founded in 1928 About 8(1 percent of its more than IO.(HH) graduates in the last 25 years still are employed Marion Courts Cases heard Monday in magistrate’s court were Speeding - Stephen M, Barth, Mt. Vernon, $30. Ronald I) Wallace, 400 Lindale drive, $30; Edward L. Koehn, 1919 Chandler street SW Cedar Rapids, $30. Kevin P Wright. Alburnett, $30; Rose M. Hotchkiss, 111 Summer circle NR, Cedar Rapids. $30; Jesse K Lint, Center Point $30 Sarah J Cole, 1580 Twenty-fourth street, $30; Randy L Rule, 390 Twenty-fifth street SE. Cedar Rapids, $30, Kathy S Stephen, 1482 James drive, $30, Randale E. Trumbleee, 328 Sussex drive NE, Cedar Rapids, $30; Kenneth J Sheldon, Bali Bai trailer court, Hiawatha, $30; (’indy L Gaines, Mt. Vernon, $30 Traffic signal — Darrel W 1-arson, 440 Ridge drive, $20 \ tolation of an instruction permit - Marty J. Klinger, 781 Central avenue, $15. Fail ure to stop for an emergency vehicle — Kevin P Wright. Alburnett, $10 Intoxication — Keith T. Hall. 355 Twentieth street. $25. Stop Sign - Marlys J Herring. 385 Hillview drive, rid Expired driver’s license -Timothy D. Jones, 1588 Fifth avenue SE. Cedar Rapids. $15 ★ WW In time for Christmas, everything marked down in stock: chairs, davenports, sewing machines, tables, lamps, RCA Televisions. House of Stereo. 377-7924 - Adv. ★ WW Microwave Oven, Marion TV - Adv Police Report Theft Of Snowmobiles Marion police reported the theft during the day Monday of two snowmobiles from a local residence. Police said two Polaris snowmobiles were parked on a trailer at the Al C. Ebsen, jr., residents, 1849 Eighth avenue Thieves apparently backed a vehicle up to the trailer, hoked it on and left. Value of the two snowmobiles was estimated at $2,OIH) Carrying Heavy End of Coffin Sets Off Fight MELBOURNE, Australia (UPI) — Two undertakers who fought over who should carry the heavy end of a coffin have been convicted of assault against each other A suburban court was told Mendel Kacew and Sziomo Kurdish got into a fist fight at the Chevra Kudisha funeral parlor after one of them claimed the other always forced him to carry “the heavy part" of the bodies. A policeman testifed that Kacew came to the police station bleeding from the head, claiming Kurdish had hit him with a large stapler Kurdish said it was he who had been hit with the stapler The two men said they had worked at the funeral parlor for about six years and were always arguing "I used to all the time pick up the heavy part of the body and Kurdish picked up the legs." Kacew said Lead Danger in Wine Reported MOSCOW. Idaho (Al*) -That bottle of wine may make the perfect dinner But it also might mean a tenfold increase rn your body's lead content, a University of Idaho chemistry professor says Br Chien Wai sad a research project which began in 1971 shows that wine bottles capped by a metal seal often contain one to two parts per million of lead in the liquid He said consumption of four or five bottles of wine sealed with metal caps over their corks can give the average person the equivalent of one year's accumulation of lead Wai said the bottles’ soft metal contains 95 percent lead. When wine is pro|H*rly stored, with the liquid touching the cork, the alcohol can attack the lead, causing corrosion and diffusion of lead back through the cork into the wine. Wai said lead poisoning could occur in countries where the yearly per capita consumption of wine is as high as IOWA CITY - The Johnson county board of supervisors Tuesday morning, by a vote of 2-1, allocated $208,080 to the county’s secondary road fund Voting for the    measure were SujM-rvisors Robert Burns and I-orada Cilek. Vot mg against was Supervisor Chairman Richard Bartel Bartel had fought for a 5(1 percent revenue    sharing committment. The $208 (KHI figure represents    approxi mately a 48 fie rec nt commie ment. Bartel Warning Bartel warned. "I doubt if the highway commission will even approve this budget .’’ He said that the $208 (NMI committment would mean a reduction in the 1975 budget as compared with the previous year By the same 2-1 vote, the board gave approval to the county submitting a $1,793,008 budget to the State highway commsission The Iowa code sets Dec I as deadline for the budget to be submitted However, at the last meet mg, Cilek was in the hospital with Bartel and Burns unable to to agree on a revenue shar mg committment The $1,793,(KIO 1975 budget compares with a $2,330,000 1974 budget out of which approxlmel.v $2 million was sfwnt Future Monies Both Burns and Cilek in dicated future monies could Im- allocated to the road system at a later date on the basis of need 0 J (lode, countv engineer. also recommended to the supervisors the hiring of an arbitrator to handle future salary negotiations between the county and county employes (lode also reported to the supervisors that all county roads were passable as of Tuesday morning following the weekend snow storm although many were* still slick and ice covered Holiday Weddings December. the holiday month, also is one of the three most popular months for weddings in the United States ON THIS I)ME in IHT! in World war ll. American troops (Tossed the Saar River in der many Banker Foresees No Depression BRUSSELS (Ul’l) Richard LeBlond, vice-chairman of the Chemical Bank of New York, predicted that the Western world is not beading for a 1938s-style depression I have a more optimistic vlewpoint,” LeBlond told a luncheon here al the end id' an European tour. “There are already some encouraging signs of improvement we are not headed for a worldwide depression similar to that of the ’30s.” LeBlond said tie believed the U.S. economy will turn upward in the last half of 1975. the inflation rate will decline to 7 5 percent by the end of next year. unemployment will “level off" at 7 percent, and interest rates will continue to decline The Cedar Rapids Gazette Tues., Dec. 3, 1974 9A Legislators Consider Plan To Hold Night Sessions DES    MOINES (UPI)    - Members of the Iowa legislature    are considering    a proposal    to hold a session    at night once a week to give the working public a chance to see lawmakers at work The proposal was offered by Senate    Republican Leader Clifton La rn born of Maquoketa, who also has suggested cutting the legislative work week to four days Lamborn said a night session would give citizens a chance to visit the legislature after work and provide for broader public understanding of the legislative process Senate Democratic Leader (»eorge Finley of Des Moines said the idea of a night session is appealing but only if the working day starts after lunch He said legislators should try to avoid 12-hour sessions U.S. Population Hits 212,382,000 WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Census Bureau says as of Oct. I the population of the I! S was 212.382.OOO persons The bureau said the nation's population grew by an estimated 188.IMM) persons in September The population figure, which included armed forces overseas, was about 8 7 percent, or I 5 million more Americans than a year earlier From now until D#c 14, 1974, General Electric it offering the appliances and television shown, to its dealers at prices reduced from previous levels, and has also lowered its suggested retail prices. See your GE dealer for his prices and terms General Electric helps deflate inflation...Lowers prices on these famous GE major appliances and TV! sr SAVE'* am Model OB 7420 WO I 9” diagonal ,00% solid stat.    | gE 10QO/( [ColorTV    /|| |    S0L|D STATE COLOR TV with Black Matrix Spectra-Brite* IV Picture Tube; AFC ... Automatic Fine Tuning Control; 70 Position ‘‘Click in’’ UHF Tuning; Automatic Color Control (ACC); Insta-Color* Circuit; Sharpness Control. *398 r Mod.) TBI I BSR GE 17.6 cu. ft. N0-FR0ST REFRIGERATOR FREEZER with 4.65 cu. ft. freezer—all only 30l/2## widp1 Power Saver Switch can help reduce operating cost! 3 cabinet shelves—2 adjust! Add automatic teamaker now or later (optional at extra cost.)| *378 GE CONVERTIBLE POTSCRUBBER™ DISHWASHER —portable now; convert to built-in any time! 2 cycle selections: Normal, or Power Scrub™ for pots. pans, casseroles! Powerful 3-level wash action; built-in Soft Food Disposer! Wood cutting board worktop! Model USL44S Model WW A 7300P ■ Model | DOC 0580 GE 2-SPEED FILTER-FLO* WASHER has Normal, Delicate, Permanent P' ess with cold water cooldown and Activated Soak Cycles; 5 wash/rinse temperature combinations; 3 water levels. *248 GE FAMILY-SIZE DRYER WITH 3 HEAT SELECTIONS ... Regular, Low and No Heat Fluff Timed Cycle for manual selection up to 140 min. drying. 4 Cycle Selections. Perma nent Press Cycle includes long cooldown. Up-Front Lint Filter. Cycle Indicator Light. *158 GE MICROWAVE OVEN WITH NEW "DEFROST PLUS” CYCLE Model JET 83 This low-power cycle thaws frozen foods at the flip of a switch ,.. gives better cooking results, too, on certain foods. New recipe finder gives cooking times. Easy-to set 35 Minute Timer ... signals when cooking time is done. Use compact oven on countertop, cart or as built in Needs no special wiring PRICES START AT $248* -gsH* FOR JET 70    i< \ I    Bl ♦Distributor's suggested retail price Prices and terms optional with dealer All models may not be mailable at all (lea See these Appliance and TV Values at your participating General Amana Amana Seneiii Stole Belle Plaine S & W Home $ Auto Supply Blairstown Kubichek Hdw Cascade Glenwood IV $ Appliance Cedar Rapids Goodyeit Service Stoles 407 2nd Ave SI 3700 Williams Blvd S Bf men s Inc 106 2nd Ave SM Dyersville Sctietrman s Implement tk Appl 350 [ast Main Epworth Sillier s Farley I P Shenman Inc Grundy Center Don s lite $ Appliance 608 6th St Independence Home Appliance Stole 209 Fust Street Last tern s hue Value 220 1st St Last Iowa City Goodyear Set nice Store 314 Si Clinton St Stager Appliance 425 Highway No I West Mall Shopping Center Manchester Allen $ Appleby flee UIS franklin Marengo Goodyeai Service Store tg< cest IQI last Main Marion Goodyeai Service Stere 32101th Ave Price Hostile I Hardware 11201th Avenue Mt. Auburn Schmitt Appl I HOW Rowley Beetler s Appl Tama Hill TV I Appl Traer SIW TV $ Appliance 619 2nd Street Electric Dealer. Vinton Nick s TV & Appl I??«4th St Washington Mangold s TV & Appl HAS 2nd St Williamsburg iowa County Tail Sn vice funeral Electric Comnnnw Dnvonport District. 1074 S. Dittmer, Davenporv Uw*. ;

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