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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Substitute Mane This luxurious mane of hair is a wig. Made of modacrylic fiber, it holds its curl and has the look of real healthy hair. Waterloo Man Pleads Guilty to Hitting Mailman A Waterloo man pled guilty in Cedar Rapids federal court Monday to a charge of assaulting a mailman in Waterloo June 24. U.S. District Judge Edward J. McManus delayed sentencing I.arry Joe Daniels, 25, until the man undergoes a medical examination at a federal institution Daniels could be sentenced to as many as three years in prison and fined $5,(MMI, although Asst U.S. Atty. Robert Sikma Monday recommended he be placed in a federal youth corrections center. Judge McManus said he would rule on the sentence after a three-month medical study of Daniels is made. ON' THIS DATE rn 11473. Israel’s first premier, David Ben-Gurion. was buried after simple services near the desert settlement where he had spent his final years Foreign Traders To Choose Officers The international trade bureau of the Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual election of officers meeting next Tuesday night at the Elks club. Donald Denkmger, an American League baseball umpire, will speak He has been a major league umpire since 1969 and worked in this year’s World Series A social hour will precede the 7 pm. dinner-meeting. Cost of the rib eye steak meal will be 15 75 Reservations are required. LAFF - A - DAY J&4 4 rJL FINE HOME FURNISHINGS Open Tonight (Tues.) ’til 9 Give a Gift to be Remembered By. •V. Granada Lady Lexington Choose from 7 different models Prkei Start $ As Low As 399 have our own watchmaker ur store to service what we Brenton vay floor clocks come in sizes, styles and is to match any decor and at prices to fit udget. The problem is, after you’ve selected jeway from our superb collection, you may hard to part with. Simple. Give it to your for Christmas and be remembered every day ihout the year. PRH at Smut*- Three Ute our new Stor#- dCPCS Oj of or th. Park 'n MdQIC bds ’n’ Shop Pion. Government Pumps Funds Into Research on Windmills WASHINGTON (AIM - The federal government is getting serious about th** windmills as it pumps more money into the development of new designs for the ant lent energy source. For centuries of European and Asian civilization, windmills ground grain, drove ships and pumped water. But their importance declined with the discovery of oil and the invention of the steam engine. In this country they have been used on individual farms to pump water and drive electric generators. Now, with world energy supplies growing scarcer and costs soaring, the windmill has acquired a new appeal as a clean, limitless source of power. Awarded Contracts The National Science Foundation and National Aeronautics and Space Administration recently awarded $5(MI (MMI contracts to two industrial firms for preliminary design of very large wind energy systems. The contractors, General Electric Co. Space Division and Kaman Aerospace Corp., will examine modern versions of windmills at sizes that generate UMI kilowatts for use by small communities or farm cooperatives to 3 megawatts for possible connection into the power networks of large utility companies. A 3 megawatt windmill would he the largest ever built. Its rotor blades would he* about 2(M! feet in diameter and each windmill could produce enough electricity to supply KHI to 2tMi homes, NASA reported. The foundation plans to invest $30 million in wind energy research projects in the next five years and already has invested nearly $1 million in construction of a KHI kilowatt windmill near Sandusky, Ohio. Power 111 Homes The Ohio windmill, to he completed next Indiana Man Pleads Guilty to Check Count An Indiana man who pled guilty Monday in Cedar Rapids federal court to one charge of interstate transportation of a forged check was given an 18-month prison sentence by Judge Edward J. McManus. Edgar Francis Hutton, 34, of Elkhart, admitted to cashing a fraudulent cheek in Cedar Rapids April 4. The check was drawn on an account in a Florida bank With Hutton’s guilty plea. Asst. U.S. Atty. Robert Sikma asked the court to dismiss other similar charges. July, will stand 160 feet tall and its 120-foot diameter blades are intended to catch the wind and convert it to enough power to run IO homes. I hat project and the newest studies are being managed for the foundation by NASA's lewis Research Center, Cleveland. tither wind energy projects sponsored by the foundation include research on the wind itself, methods of harnessing wind energy, small systems for remote areas, and the assessment of environmental, legal, social, economic and other issues regarding wind power The Atomic Energy Commission also announced this week that it is testing an egg-heater-shaped wind turbine whose 15-foot blades drive into the wind to generate electricity. A prototype has been mounted atop a building ai the Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque, N. M. Wide Potential I he AEC said this vertical axis turbine has the potential for wide use in the Great Plains and other places where the wind blows regularly with sufficient velocity. In another recent development. Honolulu has said it is the first American city to pay for a study of the feasibility of building windmills Donald Grace of the University of Hawaii Center for Engineering Research, which is conducting the study, said preliminary investigation indicates that a windmill, which costs about $5(1,(MMI, would pay for itself within seven years and could last up to 50 years. He said it takes about $7,(MMI a year to buy enough fuel to produce the same amount of energy as one windmill Monitored Speeds University researchers monitored wind speeds on several Hawaiian mountain peaks <\>v n\VV ♦TS* S Vr ,*V To Order Your Gazette Wont Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 A.M. lo 5 P M Monday Ow Fndoy ‘Til Noon So*.- Wait (his ought to be good. ’ Smulekpff's FINE HOME FURNISHINGS w. JJ Open Tonight (Tues.) ’til 9 Vici* vt*    Goes Modern Three, acres of Magic The Persian Hunting Design Rug Mf . ) Ka/atta// You ll discover that 16th century Persians can mix beautifully with modern when you put this Karastan re-creation of one of the world’s most treasured Oriental rug designs in your home. Its fascinating action scenes of hunters and animals are reproduced in 41 exquisite colors that will lend a sense of drama and warmth to the most modern furniture. Naturally, it’s perfect for traditional decor. Power-loomed of the finest worsted wools. Only *795°° for an 8’8”xl2’ Srntjjetaffe Take Months To Pay Carpet Addition, I st Floor South and found several where speeds reached an average of 20 to 30 miles an hour Ten mph is the minimum needed. Earlier this year, Prof. William Heronomus, a civil engineer at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, proposed an ambitious scheme to supply all of New England's electricity with a network of giant windmills anchored offshore in the Atlantic ocean. He said 14,7(H) windmills located 12 to 200 miles offshore would generate 159 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year — four times as much as the six New England states used last year fyu* load could be easily doubled, he said. Among technological problems that would have to be solved, he said. are designing large propellers that would turn easily and withstand hurricanes William Irving, director of research and environmental affairs for Boston Edison, said another problem is what to do when the wind is calm. “We couldn’t see a utility putting all those millions of dollars offshore and then depending heavily on it.” Irving said. “We’d have to have some kind of backup ” He said utilities are studying the uses of wind as a source of electricity in the future. But right now they are going ahead with a program to build nuclear power plants. You can do something about the energy crisis! Bm? Modal RIM Buy a MICROWAVE^OVEN mad* only by Iii® i SAVE 50 - 75°/. OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD — NONE IS WASTED! The Amana Radar anga Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cook! You can maka big saving* In tha alactriclty you ump sa*/* SAVINGS — 4 lb Baal Roast «3*/i SAVINGS —4 (8 oz ) BaKad Potatoes RI*/. SAVINGS —Two Layer Yellow Cake 7**/# SAVINGS — Frozen Broccoli (10 oz. boil in pkg.) •Comparison of microwave oven and electric range made by Sacramento utility District. From tha Amana Taal Kitchen: Baked 72*/. SAVINGS —2 lb Whole Chicken Jrf It SAVINGS    t cup of Instant Coffee to*savings — 4 Lobster Tails savings from the Fry Pan m/er * oz. tach)    __ 4 Hamburgar Palets (4 SI*/. SAVINGS —11 lb Turkey ox. aa.) Ums lass alactriclty and savaa tim#, tool • Cooks most foods in V. the normal tim# • Automatic Timer Control eliminates useless cooking time and saves energy, toe • Only the food gets hot. No massive heel build up lika conventional ovens. • Operates on 115 volts. No special wiring needed Energy savings will vory with th# portion* ond typo of food* TH# food* shown or# typicol food* ond portion* Some ofh#r food* or portion* will fad below 50% loving* and other* will be convenably more than 75% saving* Open A Smulekoff's Budget Account Take Months To Pay Prices Start at $ 249 95 RADAR RANGE* MICROWAVE OVEN FIVE-YEAR TOTAL APPLIANCE WARRANTY Amana warrants for five years from dot# of original pure bo*#, port* and feinted labor when lh# product ii used for normal horn# u*e within th# U S and warranty tervie# performed by on authorized Amana *ervic#r Owner's responsibility i* for serviceman'* travel charge*, local cartage and nor moi maintenance Warranty void where product i* misused, damaged or altered, send plate •* defaced or service led it broken Warranty applies in Canoda except for taxes, duties and assessment* levied at time of port export AMANA REFRIGERATION, INC. * AMANA, IOWA Where do you want the freezer in your new    Amana. refrigerator... L on the side? on the bottom? on the top? ana gives you a choice ll you want your zero degree freezer on the side there s the Amana Side-by-Side Or you can have it on the top or the bottom They re all Free-O-Frost in both the refrigerator and freezer And every Amana has two independent temperature controls, one tor the beezer, one tor the refrigerator There s a refrigerator within-a-retngerator that keeps meat (rash up to twice as long as an ordinary meat keeps* And a high-humidity compartment that keeps vegetable* fresh up lo Hires weeks Come and look at the choices Armona has tor you. Then choose the one you want from gold, avocado* Copperton© or white. THIRD AVENUE AT FIR8T STREET S E DOWNTOWN CEDAR RADIOS ;

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