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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The diner Inung tempted ‘ A dog or a cat The meals? A 19-cent can of dog-food a 23-eent can of eat tuna rhre<j billion pounds of < anned pel funds are con-sumed yearly in the I S b> a family-owned pet population of about 33 million dogs and 22 million t ats and enough strays to bring the estimated total to WI million Pet food, ringing up $2 billion in total sales yearly, is the nation's biggest grocery item with all types totaling more than 7 billion pounds Reports Persist But. as concern spreads about hunger and malnutrition as well as poverty and inflation. reports persist that canned pet food in substantial quantities is being eaten bv humans. especially the elderly poor Another version is that one-third of the canned pet food sold in some slum areas is consumed by people Inquiries bv city, state and federal health and welfare officials in the New York metropolitan area as well as grocery (hams and the pct food industry itself have failed to substantiate any of the reports. Industry sources said figures released in May showed a IO percent decline in canned pet food sales in the previous three months and 4 percent in the previous year after a H5 percent climb since loos, with dry and semi-moist pet foods each up 0 percent They also noted the increasing “anti-crime” ownership of large dogs by the elderly and poor. suggesting a possible connection with reports of rising pet food sales in low income areas “The only discernible sales pattern is that there is no discernible pattern." insisted .lay Ade I man, executive director of the New Jersey Fond Council, a grocers’ group Adelman also noted that a pet food purchaser who tells the clerk “it’s for myself" could perhaps not he required to pay the sales tax. due on alt items except human food Consequences Meaty Goodness The Cedar Rapids Gazette Sun Bee I, IV7I //\I Ocean Resources Topic Wednesday For U N. Assn. Doubt U.S. Poor Eat Pet Food By Laurie Johnston York Timps Service NEW YORK - The suggestion for the main dish (ailed for beef chunks cooked with <‘ggs, cheese and assorted vegetables (carrots, green peas, celery, green beans, onions, a touch of garlic ) 'Or as an alternative. luna fish with tomatoes, bell peppers, spinal h. celery, onions and a garnish of parsley. eve and nose, as well as the meat and-protein    image through cultivated advertising. which for all products totaled $Kii million in 1973 (HH percent of it on television) and is projected al dose lo $10(1 million this year “It s all those chefs oil TV' cutting ii|i meat for dog food. said Barbara Primo, a nutritionist wiih the health depart ment here Ii s not hard to meaty goodness" pitch for imagine some response from the canned foods, virtually all people who are craving some animal nutritionists agree that kind of meat or protein and the dry or semi-moist foods don t know cheap alterne- give j>ets “more nutrition for lives (Ironically despite the less money ’) Dr Yod Nunda, visiting professor of law and director of the international legal studies program at the University of Iowa, will be the speaker at a meeting of the Cedar Rapids area chapter of the United Nations Assn Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. in Peoples church His topic will lie “Who Owns the Ocean Resources?” Dr Nunda is a native of New Delhi. India and is a professor of law at Denver university IR* is a writer for a number of legal publications and newspapers and is a recognized authority on interna tional law He attended the recent international conference on Law of the Sea, sponsored bv the United Nations in Caracas. Venezuela The program is open to the public free A potluck dinner for members of the chapter will precede the program at fi 15 pm Catherine Eckstein, vice-president, is in charge of arrangements But the report concerning human consumers has had consequences For example, the manufacturers and their trade association, the Pet Food Institute in Washington D C.. are busily knocking down the rumors, which dismay and even irritate them with the inevitably resulting question (and higher cost) of human-food standards for jwt food ingredients and processing. The story thai many people were eating dog and cat foods first surfaced in June as an undocumented tidbit in a report to a senate committee hearing on    nutrition    In an article, “lid Them Fat Dog Food *" in a recent Columbia Journalism    review    Robert Samuelson traces th** escalation of the story From a top oft hi'head    estimate    (later disavowed) of tin1 one-third figure to insertion into the senate committee rc|M»rt, then into the news and eventually into "a claim thai had been repeated so often bv so mony people thai ll wa> accepted aiver! fled Most oi lh* (Mstplc interviewed during the Iasi wick considered (tun ii was a scandal if even one Midivi Iud in “overfed America was actual^ reiving on pc! Rho! Many had anecdotal evidence mostly sinoiid ut third hand j that it had Iss-n eaten by someone somewhere Heal i ase “In six months ut Irving we have not tome across a real ( ase," said Pat S« nil til New York I IIN " I iff Ice fot the Vg mg The credibility "• l,M‘ ,,JIII"r may stem pa Mb limn the industry s own stress on “palatability "i the MIW canned pet foods lo the human Save *50 to *180 5immons, Kroehler, and other sofa sleepers have been reduced Now is your chance to odd an extra room and at a savings! Nearly IOO sleepers in stock Save *30 to *150 No need to put off buying a much needed dinette when you can have one now at much wanted savings' We've a style and size to fit your family . . our selection is absolutely exciting! Save‘20 to‘I OO Choirs and swivel rockers make lovely Christmas gifts so why not toke odvantoge of the savings you'll find on our vast selection of styles and fabrics. 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