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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 7 e/ev is lo n I odd y By Jay Sharbutt Tomorrow' Plans Viefnam Visit NKW YOUK (AP) - You rarely hear much about Vietnam on network news shows these days. After 12 years as an almost-constant TV news fixture, it’s almost America’s forgotten story except for those who lived it. But next month, NBC-TV may air a quartet of 60-minute shows about South Vietnam, taped there for an unlikely showcase — Tom Snyder’s “Tomorrow” program. It all depends on how much of war is going on there late this month. The segments will be part of an 18,200-mile “Tomorrow” trip, scheduled to begin Aug. 22. In addition to Vietnam, three programs will be done in Hawaii and one in Hong Kong. The first show will be taped entirely aboard a Hawaii-bound 747 jumbo jet, with a program guest list that includes veteran pilot Ernest Gann, author of “The High and the Mighty” and other aviation classics. The aim of the Vietnam segments, says Snyder, simply is to see what the country is like today, a year after the last U.S. combat force pulled out of a bitter war that still continues in the northern and the central part of the country. “Vietnam was so prominent in the news for what — 10-12 years? — and meant so much or so little -to people in the U.S. that I think it warrants going back to,” Snyder said. “We simply want to see if we can give any assessments, any kind of look, or get any kind of feeling about what America left behind there after fighting so long and so hard for all the things we were told wre were over there for.’” Snyder said he hopes to interview President Nguyen Van Thieu, as well as possibly visit the former U.S. base at Cam Ranh Bay and maybe do stories in My Lai, Da Nang and Hue. He said the itinerary isn't set yet. But the talk show host made no bones about the fact he doesn’t plan to become a war correspondent, voluntary or otherwise. He won’t venture into active fighting areas, such as the Que Son Valley southwest of Da Nang. “We’re watching the whole scene with a little trepidation,” he admitted. “There’s still a war going on over there and probably, if it's widespread, we may just scrub the whole trip to Vietnam.” If that doesn’t happen, it’ll be the second trip to Vietnam for Snyder, who customarily does “Tomorrow” in Burbank, Calif. In 1967, while working for a Philadelphia TV station, he flew to Vietnam with other Pennsylvania newsmen covering a war zone tour by then-Gov. William Scranton. The tour lasted only I Vz weeks, he added. The entourage visited Saigon, Tay Ning, Plei-ku, Cam Ranh Bay and the carrier USS Kitty Hawk before heading home. * * * Snyder worried aloud that his pending second trip to the war-battered country could prove futile. “It might be the wrong decision,” he said. “It’s highly possible that so many people in this country are so darned fed up with Vietnam they never want to hear about it again.” House Sets $1.7 Billion For Health Programs WASHINGTON (AP) - The house has authorized $1.7 billion for health programs that have been extended for the next two years. The measure, sent to the senate on a 359 to 12 vote Monday, would continue a program of block grants allowing local authorities to spend funds largely at their own discretion for public health needs. Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMt-TV, Cedar Rapid* 7—KWWt-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse 10—KROC-TY, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13-WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Tuesday Night 6:00 9— ' 3— A — 6— 8— 10- 12- 13- 40- Evewitness News Action News News, Weather, Sots. News, Weather, Sots. News, Weather, Sots, 6 O'Cloch Edition News, Sdis., Weotber News, Weather, Sots. Performance Eyewitness News Newsline 6:30 9—Andy Griffith 2—To Tell Truth 7—Community Quiz 3— Bobby Goldsboro 4— Hee How 6— Emergency 8—Bobby Goldsboro 10—Police Surgeon 12—Audubon Wildlife 13—Let s Moke a Deal 40—Celebrity Tennis IO 9—ABC Movie— “Pray for Wildcats’* 2—Moude 7— Adam 12 3—ABC Movie— ‘ Pray for Wildcats B—Maude 0—Adorn 12 2—Man Builds, Mon Destroys 3-Adam 12 0—ABC Movie— ■'Pray for Wildcats” 7:30 2— Hawaii Five O 7—Mystery Movie 4— Hawoil Flve-0 6—Mystery Movie g_Hawaii Flve O IO—Mystery Movie 12— Eve to Eye 13—Mystery Movie 8:00 12—Jeanne Wolf 8:30 Hawkins 4_ Hawkins 8— Hawkins 9:00 9—Marcus Welby 7—Police Story 3—Marcus Welby 6—Police Story IO—Police Story 12—Showcase 13— Police Story 40—Marcus Welby Wednesday Morning 6:30 2—Summer Semester 4—New Zoo Revue 8—Summer Semester 7:00 2—CBS News 7— Today 4—CBS News A—Today 8—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 8:00 9_New Zoo Revue 2— Coot. Kangaroo 3—Music 4—Coot. Kangaroo 8—Copt. 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Day at Night Eyewitness New* Newsline Wide World of Entertainment -CBS Movie — • Murder Ahoy' - Tonight -Wide World of Entertainment -Wild Wild West -Tonight -CBS Movie — • Murder Ahov -Tonight Century Theater if -Tonight -Wide World of Entertainment 11:30 4— Rawhide 12:00 J-Lost Word 7~Tomorrow 8—Tomorrow IO—Tomorrow J3_ Tomorrow 19:30 ■ **4—Country Music 10:00 9—All My Children 2—Now You See It 7_High Rollers 3—All My Children 4—Now You See It 8—High Rollers 8—Now You See It 10—High Rollers 13—High Rollers 40—Not for Women Only 10;30    ,    D    H 9— Brody Bunch 2—Love of Lite 7— Hollywood Squares 3— Brody Bunch 4—Love of Lite 6—Hollywood Squares 8—Love of Lite • IO—Hollywood Squares 13— Hollywood Sauores 40—Brody bunch ll:0fl 9- Password 2—Young and Restless 7—jackpot 3—Password 4—Young and Restless 6—Jackpot 8 Young and Restless IO—Jackpot 13— Jackpot 40— Password 12*15 5—Town and Country IO—Virginia 13—Cartoons 12:30 9— Playbreak 2—As the World Turns 7—Jeopardy 3—PLavbreak 4—As the World Turns 6—Jeopardy _ 8—As the World Turns IO—Jeopardy 13—Movie 40—Playbreak 1:00 2—Guiding Light 7— Days of Lives 4—Guiding Light 6—Days of Lives 8—Guiding Light IO—Days of Lives 2-Edge of Night 7—Doctors 4—Edge of Night 6— Doctors 8— Edge of Night IO—Doctors 2:00 9— General 2—Price Is 7—Another 3—General 4—Price Is 6—Another 8—Price Is IO—Another I j_ Another 40—General Hospital Right World Hospital Right World Right World World Hospital 2:30    ,, 9—One Life To Live 2—Match Gome 7—How To Survive a Marriage 3—One Lite To Live 4—Match Gome 6—How To Survive a Marriage 8-Match Game IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 40—One Life To Live 3:00 9—110.000 Pyramid 2—Tattletales 7—Somerset 3—$10,000 Pyramid 4—Tattletales 6— Somerset 8—Tattletales IO—Somerset * 13— Somerset 40—$10,000 Pyramid 11:30 9—Spilt Second 2— Tomorrow 7—Celebrity Sweepstakes 3— Split Second 4— Tomorrow A—Celebrity Sweepstakes 8_ Tomorrow 10— Celebrity Sweepstakes 13—Celebrity Sweepstakes 40—Spilt Second Wednesday Afternoon 12:00 9 I yewltness News 2 News, Wenthei I Nevi,., Weather 3 - News 4 Dick Van Dyke e Noon I adion 8 Noontime 10 News, Weather 11—News 40—All My Children 3:30 9 — 2- 7- 3- 4-6— 8-10-13— 40- 4:( Star Trek Dr. Ma* Room 222 Movie Mike Douglas Jeanme Bewitched Not for Women Only Floppy Western Stars 7— Bonanza 6— Merv Griffin 8—Daniel Boone IO— Bonanza 12— Misteroger s 13—Merv Ct itfin 40—Trails West lf 4- 17— 40 Big Valley Bewitched H-gon's Heroes Sesame Street Pioneei j 5:00 _ J— Consequences 7— Dragnet 3— Newsteatures 4— Hazel 8 -Consequences IO—Munstei s 40—Robin »::7d 5:30 9- 2- 7— 3— 4— 6 — 8 — IO -12— 13-40- ABC News (HS News NHI News ABC News (BS News NHC News CBS News NHC News t lee tr ic Company NBL News ABC News Nearly Half of Tapes In Jaw or ski's Hands The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., August 13, 1974 Inflation Looms as Top Election Issue By Arnold B. Sawislak WASHINGTON (AP) — Judge Mitchell and the otlier conspire WASHINGTON (UPI) John Sirica said Monday that by Tuesday bet will have turned over nearly half the tapes sought by special Watergate prosecutor Iveon Jaworski for use in the Watergate cover-up trial. Sirica, who has been listening to the recordings to decide their relevancy to the case, said 17 new tapes will go to the prosecutor. That makes 27 of the 64 conversations covered by the supreme court order directing former President Nixon to furnish ithe tapes to Sirica. Missing Tapes Eight other sought-after conversations were never recorded and the tape of a ninth could not be found, according to White House lawyers. Sirica had no comment when asked if the trial, now scheduled for Sept. 9, might be postponed. He had previously turned down several attempts by defense attorneys for postponement. Meanwhile, former Atty. Gen. ition were that the Republicans For I were going to take a whipping al“Thp onf> thin? tint ill 36 tbe 1974 Nitical campaign, the |)(raiAse of lhe wrong-doing in Hie one thing that .ill .ta    white    House    and    the Presi- members agreed on was that name of the game now changes dent-s 1972 campajgn commit- Mitchell was criminally in- from Watergate to inflation. tee These omens which were volved in Watergate. ’    ,    The resignation of President backed by poll results and spe- 1 he defense lawyers said Ja- NTjxon djd ^ cnd the scan(ja| cial election votes, may have wot ski had opposed postpone-]    nolitical    exDloita-    been as mucb or more caused ment because there was previ-story nor its political exploit djs    •    •    • ously no indication uhen wide- lion in the fall congressional.^^ ovcr comfpL and spread pubhcity about Water- and state campaigns. But it;hanky-panky. But it was hard gate might end.    ^    |    does require candidates of both I to convince many Democratic “Diminish Nightmare” parties who expected Watergate candidates that they were not “With Nixon gone,” the brief ^    .    A hj    .    going to get a free ride from said, “the nightmare of Water-    p ' y    Watergate and many Republic- gate is going to diminish and in their Plans-    :ans that they were doomed by the foreseeable future the cli- The national public opinion their party’s scandal, mate is going to be more con- polls were showing even before Democrats talked about corrup-.of Ford to the presidency could tion in Washington, they were reduce Republican losses in tho aiming at the President and all who shared his Republican label. And when Republicans talked house from about 60 seats to about 40, and most who heard the estimate appeared to agree about the need for political re- that Nixon’s departure would form, they were washing their make a dramatic difference, hands of responsibility for the    Serious Inflation the activities of the President’s! But the Republicans are a men.    long way from home safe. The Unlikely Capital    inflation got serious under Nix- Now, it seems unlikely that ion» bul llie national administra-there is political capital to be t*on remains taken from the Watergate episode. Campaign finance reform, which got its impetus solely in control of the COP and the Democrats will be blaming the opposition for the high prices. Ford obviously cannot roll trial they could receive on Sept. 9, [prices than disclosures of wrong-1974.”    doing. Now, with the impeach- Another of the defendants, ment ruckus over, candidates from the disclosures of the last 18 months, may have built up ba( k tbe prices of everything In all of this, of course, Nixon (sufficient momentum to be a Americans buy, but if he ad-the central due,vc    to    providing    these    de-j Nixon    quit    Ii,at    the    people wert was (he ^ , figure' when I useful ,ssue for    candidates, but fesses himself forcefully to the defendants    a    fairer    trial    than    .more    concerned    about    rising---------------5—: it is unrealistic    to    expect it to!Problem of inflation and if there I be the prime topic    of the cam- *s tlie smallest sign of a break paign.    in tbe Prlce spiral, he and the GOP will get the credit and former White House domestic affairs adviser John Ehrlichman, already bad asked for a minimum two months delay and Sirica said Monday he expects the same request from lawyers for the other four defendants. are going to have to address themselves to the old fashioned “bread and butter” issues, and that means they must talk about stemming inflation. Omens of Whipping The prospects for the fall elec- County Hopes Centers To Ask For Licensing The first guess about the poli-1 lical effect of Nixon’s resigna-j tion has to be that it will cut Pflce "se continues or acater. Republican losses in November. ? J . f. ^ePubllcans may Even though the Linn social j A well-regarded pollster told -ac in e soup, services department can no Democratic governors several! longer require certain day-care j months ago that the succession centers and nurseries to be Ii- censed, Ixiren Jansa, admin-    fisted The judge said he hopes to Mitchell formally requested a bol(1 a hearing on the motions postponement    on    grounds    that    f°r postponement late this week.    A,I]n;nn:cl    istrat()r of the department, said Nixon’s resignation and    the    tele-    Sirica a,so said he hopes to    v-miurilbT    he hopes operators of such facil-    pQf    ROFISftW finish his own screening of the Dpl^wc Ono Tlmo wib be ^censed voluntarily    r    ® Watergate tapes by next Mon- Clay*    wilt?" I Imc    L0 maintain the quality of ser-    (j^nCl    AIjUSB    U£S0 day. The judge said some tapes    Soviet    Defector    vicoS- have been ruled irrelevant with    |    The    Iowa    supreme    court    ruled the general agreement of the PERTH, Australia (AP) - A the Iowa department of social and White House!anion leader vowed Tuesday [that no flights will leave this some votes in November. If the Oppose Action Against Nixon prosecutors lawyers. To Boost Child vised bouse judiciary committee impeachment hearings make it impossible to select an impartial jury now. In a motion filed with Sirica, Mitchell’s attorneys said,s “President Nixon’s forced resignation has heightened the!.. .    .    .    . public view that Nixon and his Ald Provided close associates (such as) Mitchell, were criminal conspirators in Watergate.” Judiciary Hearings Mitchell’s attorneys also cited the judiciary committee hearings, saying: “The pro-Nixon forces on the house committee held to the view that clearly Mitchell and others were guilty ^ t . ,    .... of serious crimes in Watergate J1™ andS,bCCamC, f. " but not Nixon.    when    the Iowa legislature passed an appropriation of services could not require mandatory licensing under chapter southwest Australian city for j 327 0f the Iowa code because the London until Foreign Minister I children were not “lodged” at Don Willesee determines per-the facility, sonally that a young Soviet vio-    , ...    .. .    .. _    ^    .lutist    has    voluntarily    decided> Senate.flle 4?4 whlf Pr“vldes Care Centers ™t to defect.    '    ,n™c'al afs,stfce t0(r the,e,s-; v^ai ^    tablishment    and    operation    of    Ii- Rob Cowles stale secretary of ccns(.d day -care centers states WASHINGTON (AP) — House judiciary committee members I have taken a bipartisan stand opposing any house action that The Linn county department may be viewed as an indirect of social services, in an effort ;vo^e on impeachment of former to provide full service to the jPr®sident Nixon. j 1    .., ; Some committee leaders, in- community and comply with ;cluding chairman Rodino new child abuse legislation, N J.) do net even want to put has implemented a 24-hour-a- acceptance of the panel’s im- The Linn county board of so-! the Transport Workers union, refused to accept the word of one of Willesee’s aides that 18- cial services has appropriated $25,938 to “provide financial assistance for the establishment    , . ^    ^    .    . and operation of licensed child ye®T\°\d Ge0^y5lrmolcnko onro OOntprc ”    wanted to leave for Moscow on the first available flight. Cowles was among labor un- i 0 n i s t s and students who that a center may request, but is not required, to be licensed to operate. Because of the two changes,' Jansa said family day-care [homes, pre-schools and nur-' series and centers providing day, seven-day-a-week sys-t e rn for reporting child abuses. The two numbers for reporting a suspected abuse case in Linn county are 398-3950 from 8 a m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 398-3955 after 4:30 p.m. weekdays and on weekends and holidays. The telephone numbers will peachment report to a house vote because they fear it will be viewed as "a back door vote on impeachment,” a committee source said Monday. Rep. McClory of Illinois, the committee’s second-ranking Republican, predicted GOP members of the panel will stand solidly against formal house action. However, at least two Demo- sonal confirmation from the, youth that he no longer wished! P°inte^ out that the unlicensed facilities would not be eligible or entitled to federal or state funds in the form of appro ve report. findings. ‘•The pro-impeachment mem-&s“ ,an . aPProP,rlflon , °f Wonted‘Erm^ko^k^artow1 careU,an ,#urhours**1 put the callcr in touch with a icrats,callc? for ? formal house hers of the committee argued j®00’000..4" msur* ^a‘.*iallty    rn™day wou,d not required to be qualified person to deal with vote to endorse the committee's to the nationwide audience that Nixon was guilty along with Chinese, Arabs, Russians Bid for Brazilian Trade RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -Russia, China and the Arabs all day care be available through-! Monday mgM. demamiing FfJ; | lic"nsed out the state, particularly counties of greatest need. .    ,    , The    allocation of    funds isj to seek political asylum    in Aus- based on the number of low-in- K ’ as    indicated    Sun- come    families and children! ay    ,•    ,    ~    priations or matching funds. under age seven as listed in the; T*16    federal police and    the bo-^ 1970 federal census.    cultural    attache    were    or- The    law stipulates    that the ^ered    to produce the youth for a court hearing on a writ of habeas corpus later in the day. Ermolenko, a Moscow univer- funds are to be used to acquire or improve physical facilities annohr tn hn -u/Anintr Rrntzii in al311(1 to acquire recreational or bid to promote closer economic!cdueational    or    supply    KnJent,    was    a    member    of relations with Latin America’s^-plies centers for licensed day care the Soviet delegation to a con iference in Perth of the Interna- bl'fmis^TnoMO Arab business-! The ™unty board of social)''onal Society of Music Educa-A mission ot 40 Arab business j j ^ receive annijcaJtion. lie said Sunday he wanted men arrived here Saturday for;“LIV    receive    appnca    j    in    Australia because the heninniniT nf an ii Hav vkit    1,ons    from    existing or planned    10 remain in Australia Decause the beginning of an 11-day visit,...........-----he did not like life back home. On Monday an announcement Moscow and Pekin? that the    are in    tbe    Process of applying    was ma(le tbat tbe youth had    lover    the    weekend    at the group s . Ioscow and Peking the    for ^    ^ board ^ set;    changed his mind and would re-    annual    convention...... and the government announced!care ccn.tcrs whjeh have a it has received word from both rcSular, provisional license or: Lawyers Demand Nixon Discipline MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The National lawyers Guild has urged that former President Nixon “be subjected to the ordinary processes of the criminal law” in connection with the Watergate scandal. The resolution adopted here “POO- FOOD STORES SUPE RSPECIALS Communist superpowers are seeking closer economic ties. A spokesman said Soviet President Nikolai Podgorny in a message received on Thursday said the Kremlin wants to “amplify and deepen contacts and relations with Brazil in all fields of interest.” China made a similar overture on the same day when visiting Chinese vice-minister of Aug. 22 as the deadline for filing turn t0 ^ussia-applications    for    funds.    Further    Ermolenko and the other five information is    available    by    tele-!mem^crs ,be    delega- phoning 398-3950.    !lion    bolded    a    British    airliner for Singapore enroute to London, but got off after the habeas corpus writ was issued. Airport workers also paid they would not fuel the plane unless they got a personal statement from Ermolenko that he was leaving Brenton Reports 14 Percent Rise In Total Income Brenton Banks, Inc., of Des;0f h;s own free will. foreign trade said that he was | Moines, which controls 17 banks I _ “certain that ... relations be- in Iowa, reported first half con-tween our two countries will solidated income before securi-have new development” and ties transactions of $1,200,619, or commercial exchanges would be $1.71 per share, up 14 percent from from $1,062,236, or $1.50 per share, for the same period theorem New York to Miami with the j previous year.    about    270 passengers aboard de- Con sol id a ted net income after) railed three miles south of here securities transactions wa si Monday night, injuring 27 per-$1,193,884 or $1.70 per share, up!sons on the increase. Brazil has been trying hard to attract foreign trade from both the Communist bloc and West. Amtrak Train Derails, 27 Hurt WAKE FOREST, N.C. (UPI) — An Amtrak train on a run also said Nixon should be subjected to professional discipline to determine his fitness to practice law. The organization, which claims a membership of 4.000 lawyers, legal workers and law students, added Nixon should be denied the usual honors; granted to former Presidents. 12 12-0Z. CANS Grain Belt BEER Whole Beef TENDERLOINS $029 S1 79 LB. 806-34th Street 5.E. 225 Edgewood Rd. N.W. I 944-42nd Street N.E. Soviets Report On Ford Speech MOSCOW (AP) — Tass car-ried a 250-word report Tuesday of President Ford’s address to congress, stressing his pledge to continue President Nixon’s policies toward the Soviet Union. “President Ford declared he was intending to go on with the foreign policy line maintained on June 30,1973~ to $238^634, under Richard Nixon ” tho nf-L~ r  on tn~4 under Richard Nixon,” the of ficial Soviet news agency’s dispatch from Washington said. It then quoted Ford: “Over the last 5'it years, in congress and as vice-president, I have fully supported the outstanding foreign policy of President Nixon. This I intend to continue. “To the Soviet Union, I pledge continuity in our commitment to the course of the last three years To our two peoples and to all mankind, we i owe a continued effort to live,1 and where possible to work, together in peace, for in a thermo-1 nuclear age, there can be no alternative to a positive and peaceful relationship between our two nations.” 15 percent from $1,047,348, or $1.48 per share for the previous year. Total deposits increased 14 percent at the end of the first half to $341 ,356, OOO from $298,945,000 a year ago. C. Robert Brenton, president, said loan demand continues to be strong. Total loans increased by 17.9 percent, from $202,267,000 OOO on June 30, 1974. A spokesman at Wake Memorial hospital in Raleigh said 24 persons were treated but only one of them — who suffered a dislocated shoulder — required hospitalization. R e x hospital, also in Raleigh, treated and released three persons, a spokesman said. Housekeepers Group To Meet Wednesday --Eastern    Iowa    chapter    of    the The senate National Executive Housekeepers Assn. will meet at Mercy 20 YEARS AGO dealt the administration a setback when it rejected a eompro- hospital Wednesday, mise atomic energy bill to Ii-) Following the association's cense atomic power plants and monthly meeting and luncheon, bolster allies with more atomic a tour of the new Mercy hospi-information.    j    tai addition will be conducted. Bite! Long-holding FASTEEYH Powder. It takes the worry out of wearing dentures. VISIT The Office of Dr. C. R. Kitchen Optometrist • Eyes Examined • Glasses Fitted • Contact Lenses By appointment only 395-6256 Closed Sun. and Mon. Lindale Plaza THE QUIZ worldscope (IO pa"** Im tach quarto* an (war ad conveth) 1 President Nixon admitted he attempted to blunt the investigation of the Watergate break in that was being carried out by the FBI, then headed by Acting Director (CHOOSE ONE: I. Patrick Gray, Vernon Walters). 2 The Associated Milk Producers, Inc., the nations largest dairy cooperative, pleaded (CHOOSE ONE: innocent, guilty) to charges of making illegal corporate donations to federal candidates in 1968,1970, and 1972. 3 Ian Smith s party was returned to power in a landslide election victory in .. ?.. a South Africa b Guinea c-Rhodes a 4 Ankara is the capital of (CHOOSE ONE: Turkey. Cyprus). 5 Government officials in announced plans to nationalize most of the nation s 'ship building, ship repairing, and marine engineering industries a Chile b Great Britain c Mexico newsrtame (IO pat*** rf pea cen klenity Nil* perron In (he new*) /< As chairman of the S?nate Foreign Rea-tionsCommittee I ufg d legislation to ease i e U S. trade embargo a ^    gainst    Cuba.    VV    "0    am    I* matchwords (4 petnli tor ooch correct metch) he Ct (‘chit AttpifU CfotjfHc THI WEEKLY QUIZ IS PART OF THIS NEWSPAPER'S SCHOOL PROGRAM newspicture (IO points lf you answer Kilt question correctly) He is the Commissioner of the National Football League, which has been feeling the effects of a players’ strike. Who is the NFL Commissioner' sportlicjhf (2 po tnt* tor each question enewored correctly) I leu Broi Maury W runs, Ste! is re n bar the St. Louis Card: ccid for tile most (( es) in a single seasor 'als hopes to break ISCOSE ONE: home won the Pleasant Valley Gc’i a Lee Trevino b-Johnny K* 3 The IOC wilt consider tv b'iity at an October meet lers I O C stand for? 4 (CHOOSE ONE Sandy K only pdcher in major le»gi batters than the St. Louts ( still on the active list. Classic. er c-Victor Regalado tges concerning eligl-enna. What do the let- ufav, Waller J; e ti.story to st ardmals’ Eel) < on) is the out Ti’.Ole on, wild is 3 Rick Wohlhuter of the U.S. set a world record in th* (CHOOSE ONE: h'gh jump, l.OOC-meler ion) at ti ie Martin Luther King Games. roundtable Family dlacuaalon (no acor*) Do you think the pet population is getting too large* YOUR SCORE ti la IOO point. — TOP ICORf! ll lo to pointa — Elephant 71 lo 80 poinia — Good ti to 70 polnta — Fair. 812-74 * VEC, inc . Maditon. Wlacon.ln I . a long, scolding speed, 2 .. penchant b cruel or unjust ruler 3.. . trenchant C strong liking attraction or 4 . . tirade d sorrow doings for ones wrong- 5 ..tyrant • keen, to the point ANSWERS ON REVERSE PAGE I $ I ;

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