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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa W eat h er— ('hance of rain tonight and Thursday. Lows tonight, mid «os. Highs Thursday, upper 80s. dWdar- &xt&t CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 NUMBER 217 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES FHA-VA Mortgage Lid to 91% WASHINGTON (AP) - The! cost of buying a home, particu-1 larly the crucial cost of borrow-! ing money, is pushing upward* relentlessly. Rising interest rates for home! buyers were reflected Tuesday in the government’s decision to* raise the maximum allowable rate on federally insured home, loans to a record 9.5 percent. Hie rate had been 9 percent) for just over two months. The increase was twice the govern-! ment’s usual quarter of a per-) centage point adjustment. Ceilings Raised Meanwhile, the senate Tuesday approved a compromise $11.3-billion housing and community development bill that, among other things, authorizes $8.6 billion in block grants for urban renewal, model cities, open spaces and other community development programs' over the next three years. The bill also increases from $45,000 to $55,000 the maximum amount of mortgage loans that federally chartered savings and, loan associations can approve. It also increases the ceilings for FHA-insured and VA-: guaranteed loans on single- i family homes from $33,000 to $45,000 The government’s decision on, the higher interest rate followed! two other government reports WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres-| raised the issue with Ford only ii n the Watergate cover-up detailing record interest rates, ident Ford has signaled his in- briefly during a session sched- named Nixon as an unindicted The first report showed that tention to stay out of any deci-'ulod to inform the new Presi- ; conspirator after^being told of the effective rate on conven- sjon to prosecute Richard Nixon dent about pending justice de- 1 e 0U U cons 1 u 10na 10 those not insured Turks Advance on Cyprus; U.S. Threatens Aid Cutoff BULLETIN    in the northwest to Famagusta of Nicosia and enveloped the NICOSIA, Cyprus (AID — on the eastern coast.    British high commissioner’s of- The Turkish invading force On Cyprus, the Greeks began Tice. and the Greek Cypriot na- falling back, taking anti-aircraft just before midday, a Turkish tional guard agreed to a batteries with them as the Tur- jet rocketed the Nicosia Hilton cease-fire in the Nicosia area kish tanks and infantry broke hotel, used as the center for the Wednesday, a U. N. spokes- j through the Greek Cypriot lines international Red Cross and man here announced. Areas behind heavy air strikes and more than IOO foreign newsmen, outside the capital were not tolling artillery and mortar bar- Cyprus Radio said at least 28 affected.    rages.    patients were wounded when The Greek radio claimed Turkish jets bombed a psychia-Gazettc Leased Wires    three Turkish planes had been trie hospital on the southwest Greece pulled its armed s^ot <iown» hut air attacks con-; outskirts of the capital. The I forces out of the North Atlantic i tinue<i through the morning at same hospital was bombed by Treatv Organization Wednesday various Points across the north- Turkish planes July 20, and 30 as Turkey launched massive crn Part of the island-    patients were killed. air, ground and naval assaults    Green    Line    a‘r    strikes    scnL    thousands on the Cypriot capital of Nico-    _    .    „    ..    .    Jof    refugees    streaming    out    of    the .    Other reports said the Turks cjty toward the soiith and drove Turkov u;UibpH /tut / f th« f>n advanced 400 yards beyond the y jyj. peace keeping forces from I urkey walked out cl the (/en- .so-called Green Line dividing    ———. eva peace talks and its armory Toyish and Greek quarters! (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) broke through Greek Cypriot, Ford, Kissinger Meet On Cyprus Fighting — UPI Telephoto PRE-DAWN YAWNS—Forced to attend a pre-dawn emergency session cf the U.N. Security Council, representatives of the People's Republic of China show signs of needed sleep as they listen to Cyprus Ambassador Zenon Rossides. At left is Chinese Ambassador Huang Hua. The others are unidentified. Ford Signals No Immunity Greek lines east and west of Nicosia. Greece in turn summoned political leaders to discuss the possibility of war with Turkey. The U.S. government warned Greece and Turkey that their |military aid from the U.S. will be cut off if they go to war.    WASHINGTON (AP) — Fac-jthe presidency, Ford invited the A U.N. spokesman said three mg (be first international crisis, executive council of the Na-1 U.N. soldiers were killed and 22 his infant administration,! tional Governors Conference to wcunded in the latest fighting. President Ford conferred with I seek their views on inflation. The International Red Cross    Secretary of    State Kissinger    F ifteen leading mayors    were to declared the Hilton and Cleopa-    Wednesday on    the new fighting    follow the governors into the tra hotels and the Kibis clinic in    in Cyprus and    then met with ai Oval Office to discuss    critical Nicosia as safety zones, and    veteran Soviet    diplomat.    urban problems, j said the combatants agreed to The Oval Office session with    Middle    East respect them. However, fighting Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Do- n .. .    .    ...    .    . u-..-:_______  J    ...J    The    President    also    will    take continued around the city. jbrynin was not announced in ad-1,    . ,    .    . A broadcast from Nicosia said; Vance. It followed an €ariy|hme out for a review of Middle Turkish forces had captured the I morning White House meeting F .J? developments when he Nicosia airport and were en-between Ford and Ki^mzer    ]^LwiLh circling the Cypriot capital. The latest crisis in Cyprus. Vr!TF^hrni Greek Controlled?    It    was    unclear, however, TerHorst told newsmen it nil A L The announcement of the cap- whet*(e^ ^ ]*>hrynm meeting! WOu!d be fair to say Ford was r re I tide:    Ash Iture of the airport came    on    the    Iwas    Jinked to the    Cyprus    deve1-    putting    the    Nixon    administra- I previously Greek-controlled    Cy-    °Pmen    Soviet    envoy    was    tion    economic    policies    of    indi- ,    .    (an indictment against a sitting WASHINGTON (UPI) - BudHprus Broadcasting Co. station. in his home country when Nixon vidual self-restraint and govern- k , h, anS *hose not insured for Watergate crimes.    partment    matters.    President.    Director    Roy    Ash said The station suddenly went off resigned and Ford assumed the ment spending cuts under close tJfl97 iwpnnrfnr^in! The President indicated that! “I told him that, this was in Nixon’s resignation stripped W e d n e s d a y that President the air, and eight minutes laterjpresidency,* and informants re scrutiny as he develops a Ford July uncf 9 percent for previous- ll? t'vould Ieave “ J* <? **<?"    have"* * its him of lhat shleld'    "    Proposal    to    recreate    the    "•«*    wilh    brief    ««**'    i";ported earUcr rn the week that program. ly occupied homes.    [wOTSk?*!* dS whether tolc^rse," the attorney general! Pardon Not Discussed ;Cost of Living Council was not From $200 to    $241    seek    an    indictment    against    the'said    as    he    reaffirmed    his    ownj    Jaworski    has    said    nothingjintended as a step toward a re- The higher    interest rates I former    President, Attorney    Gen-1    intention    to    leave    Jaworski    free'about    the    possibility    of    charges Turn to wage and price    controls, for you,” the radio said.    “Give higher prices and more restricteraI Saxbe sajd Tuesday after a!to decide the issue.    against Nixon. On the eve of;but rather a way of avoiding!yourselves up to the Turkish live terms mean the average;Pri'ate    «'ith    t'°rd    “i,h    ,k“    ‘ cost of buying a new home has; “Jaworski’s Area” increased from a purchase price of $36,700 with $8,400 down and for Watergate crimes. Legal experts familiar with Nixon’s resignation, the Prose* them    ~    I    forces. the Watergate investigation say autor said there was no deal ’    .    J    In    northern Greece, witnesses Nixon could face a gamut ofjpromising Nixon immunity if he! ln considering this proposal, rep0lded brand new tanks on “He made no statement on it, i criminal charges ranging from quit the presidency.    I    think    we    must    always    keep    in: fja^ cars and trains moved Ford has the constitutional mind our past experience with!through Greek for Greek Cypriots to he had returned with a personal Tcrborst reported that Ford give up.    message    for    Ford    from    Soviet    bad    t0|d    a    prjvate meeting of ‘‘Greece cannot do anything (header Leonid I. Brezhnev. lower-level administration of- Seif-Sacrifice    j    ficials    that    inflation was the na tion’s No. I problem. TerHorst said Ford told these but I got the feeling that it will obstruction of justice to subor- night early Turning to economic prob- terns the President also added a meeting with Sen. Umg (D-    with    insta£ La.) to his crowded schedule J    „ . . ■D „ .    ,    ,    ,,’aceas.    but    at    least    there would urging an “atmosphere of self- .    ., . Dro„ram » —it™" to help deal with in-* a p t ‘‘New President” down and $241 a month in July. The second report indicated interest rates would continue to rise for home buyers, probably to IO percent or so over the next four months. The shape of things to come was in the results of the auction The attorney general said he charges of obstruction of justice discuss that possibility. Asked whether Ford Four Prison Escapees Take $10,000 af Bank; 2 Caughf is considering pardoning Nixon, White House Press Secretary Jerald terHorst said. “I’m not aware that it has come up.” He told reporters, “The Pres-Dale is not keeping that ques- resident and Secretary Reminded that Ford had the their daily consid- same economic advisers who testimony to the house banking j wjth the new outbreak of fight- cation of urgent international formulated Nixon policies, ter-committee.    ing on the Mediterranean is- matters have been spending con- Horst said Ford “has told them “(lur experience with con !land- and tl>lcPhont- ;,nd telex'Arabic lime on the question that the country has a trois in the past has demon- lines to Cyprus were cut off. strated that government can-    U. N. Resolution not simply put a lid on infla-    ^ new of Cyprus,” Press Secretary President,” who expects to have I Jerald    terHorst    said early)    his    own inputs and perhaps I Wednesday.    come up with some new ideas. N. Security    Council! “As    you know,” said    ter-    11    wa* clear that Ford will met at. 2:30 a m.    CDT    and    in Horst,    “Secretary    Kissinger    has    wait    to convene his domestic He indicated Ford did not less than IO minutes unanimous-' been attempting through Ameri-i summit meeting before he pro ton ” of home loan commitments re-j NEW BERN, N.C. (AP» —(Cove City; and Melvin ported by the government s, Authorities say^four men who, Walker, 35, Morely, Mo.    •,'foMhp1 nation^H^feds^t’rvervIWdIu uuy luu«,,L'1    uuupieu    a    oiman ic3uiuuv.«jCan ana ms own diplomatic con-a yiuKr*ni Federal National Mortgage robbed a I ollotkswlle, N.C,* McCoy was convicted rn April r the na on e    >    relatively    mild    proposal    of    calling    for    a    new cease-fire anditacts in the Cyprus area to combat inflation. Assn.    bank were convicts who escaped 1972 of hijacking a United Air important The FNMA, known as Fannie from the federal prison at Lew- Lines jetliner and bailing out of Mae, commits itself periodically Tsburg, Pa., last Saturday. it with $500,000 in ransom after to buying a certain number of Two of the bank robbers were the plane had made a landing at mortgages over the next four    into    custody    after the Denver on a flight from New- months, selecting from among heist at the Bank of North Caro- ark, N.J., to Los Angeles. He the lenders who offer the best hna on Tuesday and law en- was sentenced to 45 years in return.    forcement officers were en- prison. F'annie Mac said the latest    #a8od in a massive search tor    jbe    former Mormon Sunday auction produced an average    the other two.    schocl    teacher had been a heli- yield of just over IO percent for Officers said three men copter pilot in Vietnam. loans insured bv the Federal    walked into the bank    and    took    The    other three men were H o u s i n g Administration and    an estimated $10,000    at    gun-1    serving time for bank robbery. Veterans Administration. The [point, then fled in a car driven-- average rates for conventional | by a fourth man. loans was about the same I want any tougher agency than;iy adopted a British resolution ,can and his own diplomatic con-j duces a program of his own to country the re,ative,y mild Prc • former President Nixon — with-1 resumption of the Cyprus peace Bevent a breakdown in the ne-1 F'ord, in the spirit of concilia-(Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) |out rollback authority or sub-talks.    !gotiations.    The secretary of tion. held a surprise meeting poena power.    In    Ankara,    Premier Bulent state an(j the President continue with AF1/-CIO President George The banking committee was Ecevit said Turkish troops on to watch the Cyprus situation Meyny Tuesday. Meany, who Torii! if'ft Chuckle Now there’s a deodorant that promises protection around the clock. It works, too. Notice how seldom you find a smelly clock these quickly approve Cyprus intend only to gain con- very closely today.” st to revive the trol of a “fair share” of territo- _    .. . , n(j Ford had planned to concentrate on domestic programs expected to F’ord’s requ council, which died’when wage-*ry for the Turkish Cypriot price authority expired April 30. not the entire island. I minus any enforcement power. He w as believed to be refer-The senate banking commit-'ring to the northern part of [tee takes up the matter Thurs-jCyprus, a region cut off from da>'s?    Coovriohf    I    (Jay    and    final    passage    of    the    bill    |    the    south    by    a    line    running    from 2 j is expected next w eek became a bitter foe of Nixon, had not been to the White House for more than a year. “The President hopes the meeting will serve to help the Ford administration establish good relations with the A FIX’IO Trying to touch all bases in and with a great labor leader,” Wednesday in a series of meetings with governors and mayors. the Turkish village of Kokkina the brief time he has served in terHorst said. Points Spotted by ’Copter Officers said the getaway car, Those rates might not hold up reportedly stolen in New Bern. in the market place, but they was abandoned about five miles usually do.    j    north of Pollocksville. And at IO percent, that means They said the bandlU, then FHA-VA home buyers and seff- j switched to another car with ors would have to pay about / 5 pennsylvania tags. It was sub- 125 Tiny Foresters Come to Aid 04 200-Year-Old Redwood Continued: Page 3, Col. 2. Todays Index Comics ...........TI) Crossword TD Daily Record SA Deaths 3.V Editorial Feature s 6.V I \ F’arm 6 it Financial SD Marion 4B Movies 13C Society ..... I oil i nt Sports ID-61) State 1C-3C Television .. 12C Want Ads 10D-13D j sentiently spotted by a police helicopter on an unpaved log- j ging road in the Great Dover: [swamp, about 15 miles west of I here. Officers aboard the helicopter! .exchanged fire with the fugitives as they abandoned the vehicle, police said. Officers said no one was hit in the burst’ of shots Arrested later as some 50 officers swarmed into the area i were Joseph Havel. 60, Philadelphia: and Larry LeRoy Bagley. 36. Des Moines, Iowa. Former Hijacker Still being sought were Rich- MILL VALLEY, Calif. (AID — A band of pint-sized foresters is struggling to save the life of Little Brother, a mammoth, 200 year-old redwood tree in northern California’s Muir woods. I/ast winter, flood waters from a nearby creek undermined the shallow roots of the 100-foot tree and it appeared in danger of toppling. The 125 children, ranging in age from 5 to 15, discovered the threat to the big redwood, which measures 20 feet in circumference, while on an outing from Mill Valley’s Hill-wood Academic day school early last month. Since then they have been lard McCoy, jr., 32. of nearby! working in shifts of about 15 two and three days a week to save the forest giant. Using adult tools shortened to their length, the little woodsmen first restored the soil washed away last winter. Now they are building four stone dams on the creek which will divert the stream flow away from the tree. They also hope the dams will allow soil carried by the creek to build up and form a natural harrier against future erosion of the root area. “I’ve never seen the children so happy and involved.” says Mary Libra, director of the * Hillwood school. “They call the tree Little Brother. To them this is a project to save a friend. “When you ask them why they're helping Little Brother they say because he’s a living thing and wants to live like we want to. They say they want to bring their grandchildren here some day to show how they helped save him.” The area where Little Brother is growing has been added to Muir woods national monument by congress, but it will not be officially under government ownership until late fall, preventing the interior department from stepping in to help save the tree until that time Mrs, Libra said the school asked for and received a $650 grant from the Bank of America to purchase the stones used for the dams. AH Wlrtphoto Children work on erosion at Little Brother's roots ;

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