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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- < hance of rain early tonight, becoming clear by Tuesday. Lows to-night, mid 60s. Highs Tuesday, mid 80s. VOL!IMF, IU NUMBER 215 Ow Cedar tumU CnjfHr CITY FINAL IS CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES USE Blacks Rob Bus, Shout Race Hate U. N. Reports 3-Day Cyprus Truce Broken rSHMrw WtKHgmmmu'tou i nil n By United Press International Greek Cypriot national guards- | men traded rifle and mortar fire with Turkish villagers on Cy- r am artt rn    /im    1 Prus Monday, breaking the un- CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) -jcasy truce whic|, had held for Authorities said Monday that the last three days, a U.N. three armed black men boarded spokesman reported in Nicosia. a Greyhound bus and raped a Agreement was reported close in Geneva on plans to permit the Turkish and Greek Cypriot pregnant teenage girl, pistol whipped a man and robbed all leaders to work out their own 34 passengers before making a constitutional problems but the fighting Monday jeopardized the getaway. A passenger said one of the ‘I outbreak of once again Geneva talks. P 3    ’    . 4| The crisis earlier had been hate you, I hate you, you white reported eased by the Greek (s.o.b.s)! Give me your mon- Cypriot decision to free the first ey’.”    of thousands of Turkish war pris- A Ventura county sheriff’s oners on c>’Prus and to evacu-spokesman said the girl, who :dc some Turkish enclaves. was not identified, was six    Reinforcing months’ pregnant. The spokes- The U.N. said fighting Mon-man said she was raped in the daY around the southeastern restroom aboard the bus, but villages of Melousha, Arsos and was otherwise unharmed and Ayia Kabir followed light artil-continued the trip.    lery exchanges east of the Tur- ,,KT. .,    „    kish beachhead at Kyrenia dur- ‘•Nightmare    jng ,he njgh( (he ^ The trio boarded the San .shooting following three days of Francisco-bound bus at North calm on the island, the spokes-Hollywood and pulled out hand-man said, guns and a sawed-off rifle about j The fighting broke out when 30 minutes later. As one of the the guardsmen began reinforc-robbers kept a pistol on the ing their positions around the driver and another stood at the three villages, the U.N. spokes-rear, the third walked down the man said. The Turks let loose aisle demanding money and with rifle, mortar and machine valuables from the passengers,!gun fire until U.N. peace keep-police said.    1 mg troops in the area inter vened “The two sides are both scared of starting up the shooting again but they refuse to put dowTi their arms. Ifs a tricky .'situation and all it needs is for some jumpy person to fire a shot Glenn Coons, 56, of Santa Barbara, was hit with a gun after he told the robbers he wasn’t carrying any money, deputies said. “It    was a    nightmare, Mats Grape, 24. a student visit-i:;*rt^J^n^‘lu 1,1 * d . raj ut an(1 they ll all start up again. tvL M ^    the spokesman said, frightened. The blacks were so full of hate and so nervous, it “Procedural Progress” made me frightened.”    The    British,    Greek    and    Tur-; The gunmen, all identified as k*sb foreign ministers worked in /n    -A    D0;~o rn I    7    \    Geneva to find a basis for a new; (Continued.    I age 3, Col.    7.)    political setup in Cyprus    that --would be acceptable to    both Greek and Turkish Cypriots, but Asks    Restraint by All;    Suspension TV Talk at 8 Tonight a/ Ari:    . [INGTON (UPI) - Pres- last up to and through the elec- WI ill 6 I VVI Is Upheld WASHINGTON ident Ford, preparing his first congressional mesage that was expected to stress economic matters, Monday said a recent General Motors price increase should not be taken as a signal for a new round of higher prices. In his strongest statement in up to and through tion, because we want to cooper-j ate and work in partnership with President Ford and the administration,” he said. Appearing on NBC-TV’s “To-1 day Show”, Mansfield said By Mike Deupree fighting inflation should be The indefinite suspensions of Ford’s top priority. “Whatever he thinks is necessary to de- the four days he has been Pres-c r e a s e inflation from the ident, Ford denounced the GM present rate of 12 percent, we price rise and said, “In this crit- would give consideration to,” ical period the President of the Mansfield said. “And we would United States cannot call on eagerly await any initiative he others to sacrifice if one or would show.” more parts of the economy de- Mansfield said congress would cide to go it alone.”    i    „    . „ ,    ...    ,,    ,. I (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) Ford will address the nation    ____________________ on television at 8 p.m. CDT Monday night before a joint session of congress. Press Secretary Jerald terHorst said Ford will urge wage-price restraint and discuss the inflation-ridden economy. Meet Hussein Unions Back Ford Despite Wrong Votes WASHINGTON (AP) - Or- anti-labor voting record in congress. Ford, according to the AFL-CIO, voted “wrong” 109 times —UPI Telephoto IN RUNNING FOR VICE-PRESIDENT — Former New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller arrives at the O'Hare International Tower hotel in Chicago Sunday. He addressed the Republican Governors Assn. on land use, drug abuse and campaign research. Grim Outlook on Corn, Soybeans WASHINGTON (AP) nation’s com corp, plagued by heavy rains last spring and drouth this summer, is expected to be 12 percent below last year's record harvest and the smallest since 1970, the agriculture department said Monday. Based on indications as of Police Continue Hunt For 4 Prison Escapees LEWISBURG, Pa. (AP) -j Provo, Utah, convicted of hi- progress was slow despite what State police continued their jacking a United Airlines jet in Britain called some ‘ proceduraljSearch Monday in the thick; 1972 after bailing out with progress.    I    & Turkish sources said Secre- woods of BaId Eagle state for€St $500’000 ransom; Joseph Havel, Theltary of State Kissinger inter-for four inmates who escaped 60, of Philadelphia; Larry Bag- vened in a personal telephone from Lewisburg federal peniten- ley, 36, of Des Moines, Iowa; call to Turkish Prime Minister tiary on Saturday morning. and Melvin D. Walker, 35, of Bulent Ecevit Sunday to save    Police said they    did not know    Morely, Mo. the talks from threatened break-    whether the four    were armed    The latter    three were serving down over Turkish demands    but termed them    “dangerous.”[terms for bank robbery plus that the island be divided into The escapees included a former extra terms for previous at-Turkish and Greek areas.    Green Beret serving a 45-year tempts to escape, according to New Proposals    term *or skyjacking.    William Bones, associate war- The sources said Kissinger    It is believed the    men are hid-den of the    minimum-security It is believed the men are hid- den of t Aug. I, the 1974 crop is esti- put new “proposals” for a set-!^^ ^ ^b® dense and moun- prison, mated at 4.965.950,000 bushels, dement to Ecevit who promised tainous woodlands of the state[ After the men fled the prison 678 million less than last year, to consider them. Details of the Park located some 20 miles|they drove several miles to a the department s crop reporting proposals were not disclosed from the prison.    farmhouse where they tied up board said.    The    ♦hree    ministers Sunday state and l0cal P°lice were tW0 women and stole a car. Nei- Moreover, the estimate - first held a day of on-again-off-again ioined by the FBI    ther of the women was injured. of ;he season made from actual negotiations and continued their after the men made their way t0 Police said tbey lost the es* field surveys — is about 984 mil. talks over dinner sunday night freedom b-v commandeering a capees’ trail somewhere in the lion bushels below the minimum at British Foreign Secretary garba8e truck inside the prison maze of mountain roads in the USDA had projected on July 25. j ame* Callaghan's laknsirio and driving away under a hail state park...... The 1974 soybean crop was hotej of gunfire from the guard! “We still figure they’re in the terHorst also said Ford will meet Jordan’s King Hussein, ....    .    ,    . Friday, the first foreign chief of 8an,lzf lf.bor has pledged sup- state to visit since the new ad- J*■ the new President de-.....    . .    ...    „    .    spite Gerald Fords nearly solid misistration took office. Ford r    J also will meet Wednesday with the visiting Egyptain Foreign Minister Ismael Fahmi. In his statement on GM, Ford . „    .. 1A said, “I was very disappointed ^    V and . hope the Genera! Motors''^iXr du« adon will not be read as a Jig- 25 congreyssional care|r. ital by other auto companies or wj(h Ford assumjng ,he other industries.    [presidency,    organized labor's It )s ess*ntial particularly at.jhjjf spokesman, George this time that all segments of Meany, pledged on behalf of the the economy, industry and labor, l3 5 muii<nT-mrmber AFL-CTO exercise restraint in their price “au possible support in meeting •Atkins.    .the grave and serious problems terHorst said there was no in- the nation faces.” dication Ford would seek a; similar comments came from price rollback rn the increase] th , ^ leaders which added about $480 on each United Auto Workers Presi. j new car manufactured by GM. dent Leonard Woodcock said his Announce Choice    |    union would cooperate with the terHorst also told reporters new administration “in any ef-he expects Ford to announce his [fort to correct the enormous ec-pmm    J Pl J ichoice for a vice-president by onomic and moral difficulties FITES (Mu K* l00oSithe end of th€ week- Ford spent tho nation faces.” most of Sunday afternoon con-' “You can count on our sup-low. H««-    Herring with a Republican lead-P°rt 311(1 cooperation in your Evacuation of some homes in ers on ,hcir recommendations <‘fforls to brinS America hack central Iowa followed heavy fQr ^ p^0 2 spot    to the principles upon which it rains which covered the state Adminisira,ion' officials said waf foundcd and,under which carty Monday    .    I Ford’s speech to congress, 11'1ias Pro^rc^' -.u‘    ^ More than three inches of rain which was expccted to run ldent F,oyd E- Sm,th. president were reported in already rain- ab0ll, 30 minutes, would present 'he International Assn. of drenched Toledo and Garwin.Ia genera, overview „f what he ^,ac,hmlsts and Aerospace Some homes in that area had to codders to be urgent domestic ™ erai ,. , ,, , „ be evacuated because of flash and [oreign pr0Bbicms. fort Jeams,crs    Fnank    E. flooding by UK Iowa river, but , mucBh of the weekend | no injuries were reported. working on it    former    I resident Nixon, said Seven inches of rain in the! Members 0f congress, mean-|his union is “ready ,0 uni,e" Overnight Storm Accompanied by Tama-Toledo area had previous- while, anticipated having much ly forced postponement of the better relations with Ford than Mesquakie Indian Pow Wow eel-, they did with the Nixon arietation over the weekend. ministration. Tracks Covered behind Ford. Labor leaders generally consider Ford a conservative on most issues and although they ..... j ,    , „    „ .rarely saw eye-to-eve on legis- 0 do    ,.r    cbma J; lation they respect his integrity. About two feet of water cover- cluestlon ab°ul s^d we ll j An ApL-CIO staff official cd railroad tracks in western bave more cooP^atlon atween caned Ford’s relationship with Tama and about six inches of f>resldeat Ford and the j the labor federation on Capitol water ran across the intersec-[fon^ress’w..Scnat.e    j    Hill “exceedingly friendly.” Leader Mike Mansfield said! “He was a man you could see [charges against the officers. five Cedar Rapids police officers have been upheld by the civil service commission. The commission, which heard the officers’ appeals Friday morning, filed its unanimous ruling shortly after noon Friday. The decision was announced Monday morning. The officers, suspended July 9 by Chief Wallace LaPeters, are Assistant Chief Wallace Johnson and Detectives Kenneth Millsap, Darwin Ammeter, Robert Manchester and Donald Rosdail. Men Indicted They were suspended because they have been indicted by a county grand jury on charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and in some cases conspiracy. The commission upheld the suspensions despite testimony last week by Chief LaPeters that seemed to support reinstating the men. In answer to questions during the appeal hearing Friday, LaPeters said his own investigation of charges against the officers convinced him the indictments are “unreasonable” and the officers innocent. He also said he believes the city and (he police department would be best served if the men are reinstated. Sufficient Nevertheless, the commission ruled that the fact the men are under indictment is sufficient to warrant their suspensions. “The commission would be negligent in overlooking the fact that indictments were brought against the above named officers,” the ruling said. “It is the opinion of the commission that the public interest would be best served if the suspensions were upheld.” Expect Appeal An attorney for one of the officers said Monday he is sure the ruling will be appealed in district court. LaPeters said he was surprised and disappointed at the ruling. He said it is impossible to replace the five men. Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck, who affirmed the suspensions when LaPeters issued them last month, was not surprised at the commission’s action. ‘Did Not Evaluate’ “It was expected,” he said. “Most certainly the fact of the indictments is still there.” He pointed out that the commission did not evaluate the estimated at L314,232,000|''c _f officials said th™ towers, crashing through two area,” a state policeman said. bushels, down 16 percent or 252 decided to cancei a fuu COnfep locked chain-link gates.    “They’ll    have    to    make    a    move million bushels from the record last vear. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Authorities identified the four as: Richard McCoy, jr., 31, of sooner or later. We’re ready for them.” Rore Nervous Disorder Brain Pacemaker Aids 18-Year-Old By William Schiffmann TULARE. Calif. (AP) -Mark Bevins has simple goals: to talk without stuttering, to care for himself. Things most people take for granted. And with the help of a pair of experimental brain pacemakers implanted in his skull two months ago, the Tulare teenager may be a little closer to those goals today. Bevins, 18, victim since age seven of a rare unnamed nervous disorder which gradually blinded and paralyzed him. returned to the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco last week to pick up two timers designed to regulate the pacemakers automatically. Until then, the battery-powered machines implanted in an experimental operation after Mark suffered a seizure which nearly took his life had to be turned on and off several times an hour. At night, they were left off so his au-tomobile-salesman father, Jake Bevins, could sleep. During the seizure last May, Mark s heart and respiration stopped. His parents thought the progressive ailment had finally claimed their son. But the youth revived, and on June 16 Dr. John Adams implanted the tiny pacemakers in an effort to reverse the effects of the illness. The pacemakers supply to the brain a tiny electric current, designed to block muscu lar rigidity and control the shaking and tremors which make it impossible for Mark to feed himself or control his movements. The father says Mark’s condition has improved in the short time since the operation. “It was so gradual we didn’t notice until recently how much he had really improved.” He said he could tell when “we disconnected the pacemakers . . . once they were off, we could really notice the change.” Although the doctors have made no such promises, Mark’s parents still hope for a dramatic recovery. “I wouldn’t have as much hope as I do if I hadn’t seen how well it worked in the hospital,” Bevins said. “He held a glass of iced tea and drank it through a straw for the first time in three or four years. He talked real well.” The disease has not impaired Mark’s mentality, and his father says the youth is pleased with his progress. “When we shut off the pacemakers it showed how much good they really did, and it gave him a lot of en-cour agee runt. “Right now he just wants to be able to talk and use his hands to take care of himself,” Bevins said. “But his real goal is to walk and be just like you and me again.” I anytime, a man you could talk In Partnership”    to,” the official recalled. “This “I think the honeymoon will was not a man who was unap-+ if +    proachable.” Predict President Will Want Pentagon Cuts tion of highway 30 and Fifth street in eastern Tama, accord- 1 londay ing to city police. Sewers were backed up in the downtown district flooding the basements of several businesses that had just been pumped out following the previous rain. Firemen were called to the Alfred Hofer farm near Toledo and to the Everett Helleseo farm near Garwin. Water was flooding farm buildings in both    WASHINGTON (AP) — cases.    I    , ; Fire Reported    thou8b    a    stron8    d<?fense A fire sparked by lightning'vocate’    Ford    will leveled the barn on the Leo make the Pentagon pull in its    ■ cvciLu im. (lain vii ult    ,    Some    of those advising Ford the spokesman said. Cech farm near Swisher. His!belt to save money, close as- tjeiieve biggest spending; Sherman and Valentine were th^hl Nat0r W(jre in soc‘ates Pred*c^-    cuts should come in manpower charged in    a    criminal    informa- tne blaze. No animals were in T^e ^st ^{.tightening move    costs, which now account for tion with a    single    misdemeanor the barn at the time, according may come withjn two    months.    about 55 percent of the defense [count. to Cech. The barn was termed a /    ...    hlld|t t Rpsidps nav such costs----- total loss    A source familiar with Fords uuugei. oesiaes pay. sucn costs 1 More than two-and-one half tbinkin8 says tbe    Pentagon    cover housing, food, clothing,! More than two-and^ne-hall^    medical care and other support inches of rain fell in Marshall- ProDaD1y wl11 ,naye ^ eai, a    ^ Al-; ad- perhaps by cutting the number of personnel below levels planned by the Nixon administration. Guilty Plea on Milk By Former HHH Aide WASHINGTON (AP)-Hubert ll. Humphrey’s former press secretary Norman Sherman, pled guilty Monday to aiding and abetting illegal corporate donations from the milk producers, a spokesman for the Watergate Special Prosecution Force said. Sherman’s business partner, John Valentine, also pled guilty, town and WUtaib^~(5to W    °f a»out *1.5 bd- jj military personnel and their Rapids New Providence ^ jTeOW mim'ary men a,to A new White House push to Steamboat Rock each reported man AWfcUW military men ana m;iif..PV mf„rth».r more than an inch    women and about one million cl- trim military manpower further! A broad area south and west vd‘an employes. of Cedar Rapids was without ^ s‘ tbe source sa,d be meant the Pentagon will have to absorb the increased cost, electrical power for three hours Monday morning. Hit Power Line Iowa Electric L'^w‘ and Power Co. officials s lightning knocked out a 34,500-volt trans mission system at 5:20b.rn; Power was restored va various [Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) Today's Chuckle A secret is something you tell only one person at a time. could bring the first strain be-! tween the new President and Secretary of Defense Schle* singer, who has said U. Sj forces already are thin. Ford, who served for years on the house defense appropre ations subcommittee, supports many of the key weapons programs w'hich have been urged copyright | by Schlesinger and former President Nixon. Todays Index Comics .................... 18 Crossword ................. 18 Daily Record  ........ 3 Deaths    3 Editorial Features .. _______ 6 Farm ............. Financial .......... Marion ........... Movies ........ Society.......... Sports ..... ...... State ............ Telev i.sion ....... Want Ads.......... ...ll ...ll . ..I .. 17 8 13-16 .. 4,5 ii 21 25 ;

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