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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4 Tbf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Toes., Aug. 13, 1974 Tornado Smashes High Level Support" if if 4V.*r* wiaw? ii V k,    >    iv    ^    ?v. I Ray a V-P Possibility? By Jerry Mursener DKS MOIN KS (IPI) -Sources close to (io\ Robert 1) Ray said late Monday prospects . .at the governor will be seriously considered to become the nation s next vicepresident have "passed the wishful thinking stage.” The source said a quiet drive mounted by Republican leaders and close associates of the governor has had "some impact and we are getting to the point where it is getting kind of serious The governor has support from some pretty high levels.” Another source, who has been supporting Ray’s selection for the No. 2 spot, said it east one cabinet member has submitted the Republican governor’s name to President Gerald Ford for consideration. By Weekend The new President indicated last week he would name his choice for the vice presidency bv the coining weekend In addition to the cabinet member, sources said Ray s name has been plated in the running by "some other highly placed people in Washington” and "some other governors ” "I know for a fact that people iii Iowa who are close to the President have also written on behalf of Ray," said one source Two Involved The sources said two prominent Republicans have been involved in the campaign They are Mary Louise Smith, a former Des Moines resident who is co-chairman of the Republican national committee, and Iowa GGP Chairman John McDonald of Dallas Center, who is chairman of the national Republican state chairmen’s advisory committee The source said he believes tile "odds are now 75 to I. where last Thursday they were 200 to I that Bob Ray would be chosen.” Not Seeking Post The governor, however, has indicated he is not actively seeking the position and has listed several Republican governors who would be qualified for the vice-president nil post. Ray, who will be one of More than 30 houses in Ryan were at least partially destroyed shortly after 4:20 Monday afternoon when a tornado ripped through the Delaware county community. The photos here illustrate the devastation at the John Fuller    residence.    The house was demolished, but the cabinet containing a supply of canned goods was left nearly intact, although it was deposited amid the debris of the house. Gazette Photos bv Duarte Crock $2 Million Allocated for Buses DES MOINES (AP)- The allocation of nearly $2 million to 47 public school districts for purchase of buses to transport nonpublic school students was approved Monday by the school budget review committee. The money comes out of a $2.2 million appropriation voted by the 1974 Iowa legislature as part of a new law which requires public school districts to provide for transportation of nonpublic school students on roughly the same basis as public school pupils. The allocations provide for the purchase of 144 school buses at an estimated cost of $1.* 973,289 The committee also tenta tively approved the future purchase of 105 additional buses provided the legislature votes the funds—about SI .5 million. Formal Requests Dr Robert Benton, state superintendent of public instruction, said 54 seh(M»l districts originally had presented their formal requests at hearings on July 15 and Aug 5 for fund allocations. He said the requests of seven districts were denied because less than 40 eligible nonpublic students needed to Im* transported, or there were no nonpublic schools operating within their boundries. Under the law. public school districts have three ways in which to provide for transport of nonpublic school students. Three Methods They are transportation in a bus owned and operated by the public school district; transportation in privately-owned and operated vehicles under contract; and reimbursement of parents up to $4(1 per year per student for a maximum of two students for transporting their own children. Funds allocated for the various school districts immediately include: Swea (Tty $38,313; Jesup $26.154; Keota $15,1X10; Maquoketa Valley $13.(HK); West Delaware $25,100. Remsen ! n* Okay Private Student Buses The Cedar Rapids Community school Ixia rd Monday night agreed to purchase 9 school bust's for transporting private school students this fall, using $90,000 received from the state. The buses are 1972 and 1973 models, and are required to transport the estimated 800 private school students qualifying for transportation under the recently passed state law In an informal work session Monday afternoon, the board also discussed a proposal from Charter Coaches. Inc., to transport some of the school district’s pupils $83 Charge The firm would use its own buses and charge the school district about $83 a student. the amount of the school district’s cost last year. If Charter Coaches used the school district’s buses, the cost would tx* about $73. Tom Fleckenstein. of Charter Coaches, said those figures would have to be adjusted for routes over 50 miles or containing fewer than IOO students. Most school buses run double routes. Board Secretary Otto VViedersberg said one advantage to the school district in contracting with the firm would be the district would not have to worry about finding the bus drivers Existing Routes The routes contracted would not necessarily In1 exclusively private school students. VViedersberg said. because those students will be picked up on existing routes and mingled with public school students. He noted that if the state does not have adequate revenue to reimburse the district for the private student transportation program, the parents are to be billed fur the cost at the end of the year. He said the district might consider asking the state for additional aid, in lieu of billing the parents VViedersberg also Naid Trinity Lutheran school will operate its own buses and will be paid by the district. ion $38,000; Dubuque $195,000. Western Dubuque $380,000. Maurice-Orange City $43,800; St. Ansgar $12,800; South Winnishiek $54,000; Floyd Valley $40,400; West Sioux $13,800; Waterloo $62,000 and Sioux City $15,500 Also, Bellevue $25,000: Harlan $34.OOO. Howard-VVin-mshiek $29,200; Tri-Center $12,250; Williamsburg $29,200; Carroll $139,500; Turkey Valley $30,000; Guttenburg $14,647; Fort Dodge $80,000. Osage $14,800. New Hampton $15,000; Cedar Rapids $90,225; Benton $15,000 and Decorah $14,800. Allocations for the future contingent on the legislature’s appropriating include: Woodward-Granger $14,800 Ames $14,800. Monticello $14,-800; Jesup $13,077; Keota $15.-000. Edgewood ! olesburg $13.-HOO; Remsen-Union $43,(NMI; Dubuque $188,000; Western Dubuque $380,000 Maurice-Orange City $29,2(81; South Winnishiek $80,000. Floyd Valley $43,800; West Sioux $13,HIN), Waterloo $82.inn) and Bellevue $25,090 Also Howard Winnishiek $14,800; Williamsburg $29,200; Carroll $124.inn); Turkey Valley $30,000; Fort Dodge $60,000. Mason City $15,(NMI; Sheldon $14.6(N». LeMars $29.-5*NI, Benton $15,000: Decorah $14,800; Algona $75,(NNI Burlington $15,500; Fort Madison $90.(NM), Davenport $62.<hn»; Sioux Center $14 GOO, PLAY ROTO- Room ■aT-MoOM FOR ANY DRAINAGE FAILURE 365-2243 %/♦ DOWN dr Aiel WI FUN & GAMES EVERY WED., SAT. & SUN. EVENING Montrose Hotel Doors Open 6:30 EARIY-BIRD STARTS 7PM Sponged by fmerold Knight Drum I Bugle Corps and Comp Courage Iowans See Favorable Reaction to Ford Talk DES MOINES (UPI) - Reacting to President Ford s speech to a joint session of congress Monday night. Gov. Robert D Ray said everyone should have reason to believe the Ford administration already has a sense of direction. Ray said he felt there was nothing self-righteous about the speech, rather that it was humble but firm Ford made his first speech before a joint session of congress since becoming President last week. Fresh Air "It was like a breath of fresh air." Ray said. “Delivered with real honest-to-good-ness sincerity.” Also reacting to Ford’s speech, Sen. Dick Clark 11)-Iowa) said the President’s speech was well received by congress. “I am confident members of both parties will respond to his call for a truly cooperative approach to the economic situation and other problems we face," Clark said. Responsive Cord Rep Wiley Wayne, a member of the house judiciary committee who voted against impeachment of President Nixon, said he was sure Ford’s approach to congress to join him in getting on with the job "will strike a responsive cord with the American people." "He held out a hand of cooperation and compromise and I think most members of congress will accept it," May ne said. The Democratic candidate for the U. S. senate. Rep. John Culver, said President Ford’s stress on conciliation and cooperation with congress sets an excellent tone and framework for action on overriding national problems and especially the ills of the economy. Disappointed However, Culver said he was disappointed the President did not recommend anxious in the "highly inflationary defense budget.” Sen. Harold Hughes (D-Iowa) called President Ford s speech "a message of excellent forthrightness, good humor and cooperative spirit." The senator applauded Mr. Ford’s pledge for "continuation of our foreign policy, including the new initiative Traffic Signal Bids $12,000 Below Estimate OELWEIN—The    city council here opened bids Monday night for a major traffic signal system on South Frederick avenue. Bids were $12.-IHMI below the estimate. The project calls for signals at the Frederick avenue intersections with Charles, First, Second and Fourth streets. The system is designed to coordinate and expedite traffic flow. Dickinson Co., Oskaloosa, submitted the low bid of $39.* 881) Total project cost is set at $70,547. with the balance to come from improvements to bi' made by the city. Project is expected to be completed in December The council approved purchase of 140 parking meters from West Union at a cost of $1,200 DRIVE safely: Registration for New Students at Shellsburg Set SHELLSBURG - Any new elementary students who will be attending Shellsburg Community school arc asked to register at the superintendent’s office during the week of Aug. 19 — 23. High school and junior high students will register at the principal's office. School is scheduled to begin with a full day of instruction Aug. 28. Bus schedule will be the same as last year. Lunch tickets, book rent and school insurance is to be paid at the superintendent s office during the week. Physical examinations for junior and senior high athletes will be given at the school house at 2:30 p.m., Aug 20. All athletes are requested to report at that time. Fees are paid by the school. New faculty members arc: Antoinette Fuller, second grade; Susan Medberry, English. Spanish and dramatics; Joy Worcester, art; Brendon Dillon, junior high sixial studies and athletics Shellsburg voters will be voting on a 2 1/2 mill school house* levy at the regular school board election Sept ll) This is commonly called the 2 1/2 mill levy which many‘of the school districts arc voting or asking this year of their electorates. It keeps building, playgrounds and remodeling, or renovating of the buildings current Funds can also be used for site purchases, or development. Now! Have your furnace cleaned and checked before cold weather! Your headquarters for A 11 /ii ana GARY NOVAK All Makes & Models Furnaces and Air Conditioners 24-H0UR SERVICE Call 364-4626 After Business Hours; Call 365-5690 jy \i A lf Heating & Air Conditioning ■ * V W mw BW    56    16th    Avenue    S.W. "Serving Cedar Rapids for 39 Years” with the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. "It is in the arca of substance and basic philosophy that more questions remain unanswered than were answered," Hughes said. “Most Americans would agree inflation is the number one problem But. it isn t realistic to talk about cutting federal spending significantly without reductions in military outlays where the greatest wastes and excesses are to be found." eight governors to meet with Ford on Wednesday, stressed the importance of selecting a former or current governor Among those on Ray s list arc former New York Gov Nelson Rockefeller and Govs Ronald Reagan of California, William Milliken of Michigan, Arch Moore of West Virginia and Daniel Evans of Washington. Unlikely Despite (he apparent support for Ray among most Iowa Republicans, one source said it was unlikely that he would bo selected because his candidacy for governor is crucial to flu' state slate this year The source said "there is little doubt that Ray will be seriously considered,but now there is another consideration It would just throw state politics into turmoil. This is just too close to the election.** Ray also received support for the vice-presidency after Spiro Agnew resigned, but the source said "a lot of people would be hesitant to lose him off the ticket a few weeks before the election. I do think Ford will consider Ray, however." Retiring Rep. H. R. Gross says he will suggest that President Ford select California Gov. Ronald Reagan as vice-president. Gross and Reagan have been friends for more than 30 years since they were a newscaster and sports director. respectively, at a Des Moines radio station. Checkoff Referendum Gets 71.2% Approval DES MOINES - The state beef checkoff referendum passed by 71.2 percent Monday in elections held in UM) county extension offices across Iowa. The proposal passed by a 838 vote margin out of 3.788 votes cast. Some 82 counties favored the proposal, and the vote was tied in IO counties. The referendum raises the checkoff on fat cattle from IO to 25 cents |M*r head, continues the 5-cent per head checkoff on veal calves and establishes a new I lucent per head checkoff on feeder cattle. Strongest support for the proposal came in Sioux county where the plan passed by a 135 to ll margin. Clarke county turned thumbs down on the plan by a 7 to 88 margin. which was the worst defeat for the checkoff plan. The referendum passed in all counties in The Gazette circulation area with the exceptions of tie votes in Jones, Fayette, Clinton and Floyd counties. Increase Voted in Student Activity Cost OELWEIN—Board of directors of the Oelwein Community school district Monday night voted to increase the student admission prices at the gate for activities to 75 cents. The previous price had been 50 cents. The board also accepted the resignation of Gerald Falck, six'ial studies, pending hiring of a replacement. A vocational-agriculture teacher. Wayne Ducher, was hired after a long search. He will receive $11,995 Dorchester Mon Hurt In Motorcycle Mishap WAUKON—Kenneth Renner. 22. Dorchester, was in fairly good condition at a Waukon hospital Tuesday being treated for back injuries suffered in a motorcycle mishap Monday night. Authorities said a car turned into the path of Reis-ner’s motorcycle and he was forced to slide the machine to avoid the crash Sept. I 4 Date of Springville Bazaar SPRINGVILLE—The Springville SANSI harvest, auction and bazaar is to be held Saturday Sept 14 beginning at 12:30 p m. The event is being held to subsidize the social work program in Springville and Whittier. Sunday’s summer calendar in The Gazette incorrectly reported the date of the event as Aug. 14 HOW STUDY or How To Improve Your Grades Without Cheating A seminar course designed to help sharpen study skills. The course is developed for college bound students, career education students, high school students, and those interested in improving their reodmg and study skills. DV Office of Administrations Kirkwood Community College 6301 Kirkwood Blvd S.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa or call 398 551 7 I I 4 ;

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