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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa TV Odar Rapids Gazette Fri , Auk 3. 1974Ray: Acted in Public Interest mr Hrre are comments of Iowa political leaders On the Nixon -Ford transition of power Gov. Robert Ray, Des Moines Republican By resigning as President of the United States. Richard Nixon has taken an action that he apparently sees as sparing our nation the additional agony of intensified decisiveness that might result from further impeachment proceedings in the house of representatives and an inevitable trial in the senate “We are witnessing a system of government that has required accountability, answerability, and a standard of conduct The process of removing a President from office, though it was moving forward, would have further drained the capacity of both the legislative and executive branches of the federal government to concentrate their attention where it belongs—on the overriding problem of inflation and its costly consequences “A heavy price already has been paid bv every American for the lack of firm, coherent policies to deal with economic difficulties — a lack that stems largely from Washington's absorption in the impeachment process. The simple truth is that Mr Nixon's credibility and leadership role s have become fatally eroded beyond repair “Therefore, his replacement by Gerald Ford is in the public interest, whatever the route Gerald Ford brings to the presidency long experience in the federal government, great vigor, candor and impeccable integrity “He is entitled to. and will surely receive, the same initial nonpartisan cooperation accorded to other vice-presidents who have succeeded to the presidency in the last 29 years: Harry Truman in 1945 and Lyndon Johnson in 196.1 “The resolution of our na tional troubles requires nothing less than universal cooperation; cooperation within the federal government, cooperation between the federal government and the state governments. cooperation across the whole spectrum of economic interests, and — most of all — cooperation among all citizens of the land. “ “There are lessons to be learned from this entire tramatic and tragic experience. And equally important is that those lessons not be forgotten “Perhaps the simplest and most significant lesson to arise out of this whole set of events is the importance of ; telling the truth Regardless of one's position in life. the j lesson applies - the obligation to tell the truth is fore* Nixon did not appear to be contrite He continued “We waited for the words. I am sorry and the blame is mine They never came Nor was there any expression of compassion or regret for the lives of the men and their families of his own staff that were ruined by Watergate, nor was there any offer of help to clear up the matters that remain unresolved and that are critical to the cases of those people ‘ Resignation ('lids the par alysis of the presidency It does not resolve the funda mental issues and questions which led Mr Nixon to this fateful day “Sadness in that for the first time in two4 centuries of our eonstitional republic the President has left office under less than honorable circumstances, with an overwhelming majority of our people and their elected representatives feeling he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors “A sense of joy in that once again, in the midst of tragedy and national crisis our institutions stood the test and the orderly transition of government and the power of that government will be made “Our constitutional system. which we so often take for granted, has once again demonstrated the wisdom of our founding fathers and the entire world marvels. “I join, I know, all Iowans and all Americans in expressing my best wishes and found-est hopes to Gerald Ford as he accepts the most difficult mantle of responsibility in the world, the presidency of the United States." ★ + * Mary Louise Smith, Des Moines, co-chairman of the Republican national committee and Iowa's national committeewoman: “I think the President made a correct decision by resigning It was a painful decision for him to make, but he thought first of the good of the country “Mv heart goes out to the President and his family The American sense of fair play should guarantee that they are treated with respect and compassion. “The fine accomplishments of President Nixon s administration will stand the test of history. “Vice-president Ford. in moving into the presidency. will provide the leadership and the calming influence this country needs now. He will, without doubt, receive the co operation of congress and of the American people as he moves the country forward “It is time now to do away with the rancor that has been a part of our lives for so many months It is time now to look ahead.” ★ ★ ★ State Sen. Tom Riley. < edar Rapids. Republican candidate for Second district congressman “This has been a sad chapter in American history and a sad moment for the President and his family “Under the circumstances, I believe the President's decision was the only correct one that he could make The alternative would be to prolong the nation’s agony and delay solving critical problems facing: us such as inflation “I ani confident that the vitality of the American people will rise to the occasion and that we will enter the third century of American independence with a new resolve to meet the high expectations of our founding fathers." “The President will be remembered for the new directions he provided in foreign policy, notably in detente with the Soviet Union and communist China." * ★ ★ State Sen. Michael Blouin, Dubuque. Democratic candidate for Second district congressman, said he hopes the judicial system moves swiftly to determine the guilt or innocence of those involved in Watergate and its coverup “now that the President is assuming the role of a private citizen." He continued: “(It is important) that we do noxt forget the lesson of Watergate — that the political system must be purufied so that our nation will not face this type of crisis again US. Sen. Dick ( lark, Mar ion Democrat: “(Nixon's resignation) brings to the country both a national sense of tragedy and a national sense of relief “The country has been deeply torn and divided for more than two years now and we must put the divisiveness behind us (It) will not erase his admitted violation of the people’s trust nor should it detract from his significant foreign policy accomplishments in achieving detents." aaa Congressman John Culver, Cedar Rapids Democrat “Mr Nixon s resignation should be seen as a regretta hie but entirely proper vindication of the constitutional process by which he was brought to account Culver said he has known President Ford for ten years and supported him for vicepresident He continued “We have had and will continue to have policy differences, but they will be honest differences and we can be confident of his integrity." a a a State Rep. David Stanley, Muscatine Republican, who is opposing Culver for Hughes' seat in the U.S. senate. “(The President’s decision) was in the public interest. Ifs tragic that a President who did so much for world peace undermined his many achievements by his mishandling of the Watergate crimes “I have consistently urged the President to reveal the whole truth and let justice be done. If this course had been followed in the beginning, our nation could have resolved this crisis with less pain " ★ * a has been written culminating one of the most difficult and disheartening crises this nation has ever faced “But our nation has faced it, and I am confident it will rremain strong in the after-math Mr Nixon’s decision to voluntarily resign must be commended as an act that will avoid more days of bitter dissent ion and turmoil for the country. “Further, it will allow congress to get back to other important issues facing us today. I am confident a smooth transition will be realized as the reins of government pass to our new President “With Gerald Ford, we can look to a future of promise and achievement, I am hopeful that tonight will signal a reunification of purpose and spirit in America." A a A Democratic State Chairman Tom Whitney. Des Moines “I think I probably feel like most Americans do, that it is a time of sadness and also a time of joy. ★ A * State Sen James Schaben. Dunlap, Democratic candidate for governor, said he was “personally saddened" by the whole affair. He continued; “But it (Nixon’s resignation) had to be done. Now we must, as a nation under a new leader, meet the future with our traditional American spirit and prove to the world that we can go on and confront other pressing problems." “Mercy should — and undoubtedly will — tamper the treatment of the first President to resign from office But ... (it would be) . . an ignoble form of plea bargaining (lo guarantee Nixon immunity ) • “Is amnesty to be extended to the person of first responsibility, while his sabalterns are tried and convicted and sent to prison? “I believe it is imperative for the future of our country that the record of these misdeeds must be completed for history — no blurred images, no doubts about what happened or who was responsible.” Congressman Wiley Mayne Sioux City Republican.and member of the house judiciary committee: "(Nixon) accomplished much that was good for America (in the cause of world peace) . . . (but) . . it is indeed tragic that his achievements . . . have been tarnished by h’s admitted personal involvement in acts which led to his resignation. “Whether the good he has done for America will be outweighed by impeachable offenses must await the judgment of history .” ♦ * a Republican State Chairman John McDonald. Dallas Center “Tonight a truly tragic chapter in American history Waterloo Firemen Vote Against Strike WATERLOO (UPI) - Local HH of the International Association of Firefighters here voted Thursday against a strike or work slowdown to protest the city council’s refusal to give the 123 members pay raises immediately. The Wateerloo firemen earlier demanded at a city council meeting that they be given salary hikes at once to keep pace with the rising cost of living and inflation. Bernstein said he will ask Mayor I^o Rooff and the city council to establish a citizens' salary review board to take an in-depth look into the salaries of public safety employes in relation to public service employes. ON IMIS DATE in 19H4. the I \ Security Council adopted ais proposed resolution (ailing for a cease-fire between Greek and Turkish Cypriots on Cyprus Hoover Speaker Views Move I trunk now we must commit ourselves to the same high purpose which Abraham Lincoln set before a divided republic at the close of another decisive American experience ‘Let us strive to bind up the nation s wounds to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with ail mankind “To press forward to the building of a more open society is now, as it was then, the first order of business for the citizens of this nation ♦ * A I S. Sen Harold Hughes, Ida Grove Democrat, expressed support for President Ford and disappointment that IOWA CITY (AP) - The brink of abdication over which President Richard Nixon stepped was a familiar precipice to many of America’s chief executives, a professional President-watcher recalls But Nixon is the only President who resigned from office Dr R Gordon Hoxie, president of the ( enter for the Study of the Presidency , New York, was in Iowa City Thursday for a symposium on the Hertx»rt Hoover presidency. The gathering was in conjunction with a celebration at nearby West Branch. Hoover’s birthplace. The 31st President would have been IOO years old Saturday. C ited Parallels As Hoxie and other scholars discussed in detail aspects of the Hoover tenure, the probability Thursday of the Nixon resignation evoked parallels between the two heads of state. Dr Hoxie believes “history would have been written differently" had Mr Hoover been confronted by Watergate The situation "wouldn't have reached this position,” Dr Hoxie said “I believe that when confronted with the facts stern, unswerving Quaker that he was (Hoover) would have acted: surgery immediately —in other words, the removal of those involved," Reached Nadir Hoover and Nixon shared a kinship with presidents Lyndon Johns9n Harry Tru- Nixon Stationed In Ottumwa As Navy Officer in 1942-43 OTTUMWA (AP) - This southeast Iowa city was home to President Richard Nixon in the early 194<h Then it was Navy Ll Hi chard Nixon, an administrative aide to top officers at the Ottumwa naval air base where pilots learned to fly The future President arrived here in the autumn of 1942. and departed May 7. 1943 —bound for the Pacific war zone Lt Nixon worked from 8 a rn to 4 p rn in those da^vs, opening his bosses’ mail and typing lie drank black coffee from paper cups and played the piano during his infrequent visits to the Officers Club with his wife. Pat who was a teller at a downtown bank Friends. Good Times Those days in Ottumwa don’t seem that remote," wrote President Nixon in 1969 “for we both remember quite vividly the friends and good times of those navy days The chief executive was jH*nning a note to Max Yon Schrader, Pat Nixon s old boss at Unum Bank and Trust Co The naval officer was reserved, businesslike, handsome and frugal, recall Of-tumwans who knew him then “He was very reserved, recalled Mrs DW Ellis, who was a waitress in the officers mess "A nice bellow to talk to but one of those who didn t go much out of his way to mix.” N®t Party Type “He waxn t the party type," said Thelma Metcalf, a nurse In 1942. Police Officer Jerry L Wood donned a naval uniform and sometimes patrolled the base with Nixon Wood never had an officer I liked better. Friendly, pleasant, just as common as they come. a good Joe. a little on the meek side." The Nixons who live in the White House paid $55 a month to live on the third floor of the Tisdale apartments in Ottumwa hack in 1942 The couple paid an extra $3 to rent garage space Melvyn L Burns and his wife, Julia, lived on the first floor "The only way I knew him was breezing in and (tut with his head in the air," said Burns, who worked in a factory I don’t know- whv he should keep his snoot up " Adver   ■- - The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpellate U.S.A. man and others, said Dr. Hoxie “They all reached a nadir—a bottom of approval of their programs " President Eisenhower, he recalled, believed “the American presidency was in crisis" during Johnson’s troubled years. Hoxie said that Truman had pressures so great that ‘the last year in office he was virtually ineffective ’ The presidential specialist said “many Presidents have been virtually forced to abdicate. Never ( ame Bark “Even (President Thomas) Jefferson, the last six weeks in office was under such a barrage because of his handling of foreign policy that he retired to Monticello—he never came back to the White House ” Dr Hoxie is concerned that, We perhaps no longer have that full -separation of powers — perhaps we are moving more toward a government by | will and by public opinion Not ; always is that public opinion J the same today as it would l>e on future reflection He characterized Nixon as I “one of the men most quail- J fled in many ways to become President ...” best informed j in foreign policy. “I just hope we can look at i the magnificent record of j accomplishment of Richard j Nixon and also profit by his ____ “J • WEEKEND AND O iu md mi 0 u > < a vt IU Z a IU J mistakes, which are tragic, indeed." Sought To Protect Hoxie speculated that a future generation may say that President Nixon's “greatest fault on the one hand and merit on the other was that he sought to protect his friends." Dr. Francis O'Brien of the Hoover Presidential Library Assn at West Branch, who conducted the symposium, said. “Given the situation, it (resignation) was the only course to lie taken. "It is unfortunate that the whole thing came to pass I blame Nixon for having made the tapes in the first place and havmg kept them.” ON rills DVTE in 19H9. three men and two women, including actress Sharon Tate and coffee heiress Abigail Folger. were found murdered af a secluded home in Beverly Hills. 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