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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ','-7.”'.', V'-" wrnrnMh t Weather- Occasional rain tonight, Saturday. Pow tonight, 60. nihils Saturday, mid 70s. VOI,UMH 02 NUMBER 212 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS OEDAIt RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUSTO, 1074 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Nixon in Emotional Farewell to Staff p*?w, WASHINGTON (AP) - A tearful Richard M. Nixon performed the final acts of his devastated presidency Friday, bidding sorrowful farewell to his 76, the aircraft that had taken; him to so many memorable events in his presidency. His wife, daughter Tricia and pahinnt an a ai    her    husband,    Ed Cox, were with1 "d_<V?il,n?    him as he left for a home that is that only a man in the deepest / exfs of Nixon resignation speech and Ford follow-up statement on page 2. Photo on Picture Page a Western White House no more. The younger daughter, Julie. I and her husband, David Eisenhower, stayed behind to help pack the family belongings. Fords with Them The Nixons had trod a red carpet from the White House to a waiting helicopter for the valley can know “how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” Then he took off for San Clemente, Calif., in the Spirit of short hop to Andrews air force base and the presidential plane The new President, Gerald! j Ford, and his wife walked with! ;them and watched the takeoff. One last time, as he stepped: into the helicopter, Nixon waved I the two handed V-for-victory I j sign he had flashed so many! times before from hundreds of! political platforms. Nixon’s last White House1 words: “And so we leave in high! Indictment Possibi I ity Faces Nixon WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Nixon left office Friday with no public assurance he will not become a Watergate defendant in the future. The charges that might be hoPes’ in g()od sPirits and in! brought against Nixon ° range; deeP humility and with very across the breadth Wit scandal m u c h gratefulness in ouri that emerged in the two years Ihearts- Wc come from marW faiths, we pray perhaps to different gods but really the same j God in a sense. “In Our Hearts” “But I want to say for each 1 and every one of you — not only will we always be grateful to you, always you will be in our since the Watergate break-in. Lawyers familiar with the investigation suggest that the most obvious charge would he obstruction of justice, a felony carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $5,(MM) fine. Civil rights violations, ob-|hearts    and in    our    prayers, struction of justice, conspiracy,(Thank you very much.” bribery, fraud and tax evasion    The    Nixon aides,    many of are among the other charges    whom    had wept    as    did their that could stem from the Ells-departing leader,    stood in ap- berg breakin, the milk fund plause. case, his income tax payments and the disposition of campaign funds by his friend C. G. “Bebe” Rebozo. Nixon’s farewell to those clo-, sest to him was in marked contrast to the solemn formality of his resignation address Thurs- Most of the applicable day night. It was intensely per-charges are felonies, but as one sonal and intensely emotional, justice department lawyer put He spoke of his parents, say-it, “with almost any felony, a ing his father was a great man good prosecutor can find a way though never a man of renown. to reduce the charge” to a mis- that his mother was a saint who Sworn In by Burger; Monday Address Set WASHINGTON (AP) —Iappointed vice-president suc-Gerald Ford became 38th Pres-Reeded to office, ident of the United States Fri- “I am acutely aware that you day and told the nation “our have not elected me by your ; long national nightmare is ballots,, so I ask you to confirm over    me as your President by your ‘‘Our Constitution works,” prayers,” Ford said. “I have not sought this enor- will ! Ford said as he assumed the of Tice of the resigned Richard M.fmous responsibility, but I Nixon. “Our great republic is a not shirk it,” he said, government of laws and not of I men.” At 11:03 a m. Iowa time, Ford “Reaffirm Promise” Ford guess” said that “I can only , ,,    ,.    ,    ...    ,    ac    the burdens of the pronounced rte oath of office ld a|th h he sajd he Nixon was accused of violating ^    wi,n«3ed    thp in the Watergate scandals. 1    -    - duct of the office by three Fres no was President already; [dents. Nixon’s resignation was deliv-i He said he would enter the ered to Secretary of State Kis-:p r e s i de n c y with “all the ^.singer at 10:35 a m. and with it, strength and good sense I have the powers of office passed au- gained from life,” with the help tomatically to ford, a plain 0f jjjs dedicated staff and the man who promised plain talk to “good will” of all Americans. “I reaffirm the promise I made last Dec. 6 (when he the nation. Address to Congress Ford said he would ask to ap- President and Mrs. Gerald Ford demeanor. Up to Ford Congress is expected to leave to the new President, Gerald Ford, the question of whether Nixon will be spared the possi bilify of prosecution But the impeachment effort is expected to die in congress now nursed two of his brothers and watched them die of tuberculosis. He told of reading, on his last night in the White House, the; The Search for a Vice-President became vice-president) ... to ut    i    do the very best I    can    for pear before a joint session of Amcrica J “God helping me, I    will    not let you down.” Calls Meeting While he will make what amounts to a State of the Union address to congress Monday, Ford settled into the work of office at once, aiding congres-j sional leaders to go    from    the oath-taking ceremony    to meet privately with him. I The East room ceremony was nationally broadcast    and    tele- j vised. Ford’s voice was firm, but there was a quaver when he spoke of the departed Nixon’s quest for peace in the world. Ford promised the nation that I quest will continue. “America will remain strong and united, but its strength will remain dedicated to the safety and sanity of the entire family I of man,” Ford said. Takes Oath Chief Justice Warren Burger administered the oath of office. “Are you prepared to take the oath of office as President of the United States?” the black-robed Burger asked. “I am. sir,” Ford replied. “Raise your right hand and repeat after me,” Burger said. Ford Advocate Of Compromise WASHINGTON (AF) — Gcr-ald Ford enters the White House favoring revenue-sharing, a high level of military spending, national health insurance and Nixon-style foreign policy. He opposes busing, a tax cut now, economic controls j and amnesty for draft evad-: ers. He says inflation is World public enemy No. J, a threat to peace and order as well as the pocketbook. These are clues to his political beliefs drawn from his recent public statements. Most of them were made as Richard Nixon's spokesman, but they are no different from the philosophy he expressed in 25 years in the house of representatives. Ford favors optimism and j compromise. congress Monday night to dis-1 cuss “my views on the priority ; business of the nation.” mu .    •    .    .    *    m    *    ,    . . .    „    „ ,    .    .    I    The    sergeant at arms of the;Then a uhrase at a time he i-    _    ,    OA    ui.    .    possibilities.    The    associates    think    Ford is more Interior Rogers Morton ml8^* house said the speech will be at re^the oatlTand Ford repeated >ordsof young Theodore Boose. Gerald R. Ford plans to launch list is expected to prow as the!likely to choose someone he movc to a key White House 8 p m. Iowa time Monday. lho words ,verv Fresidcmt^te VP t nn tho Hpflth nf his wife tu    t.mo    vi™.    non/    PrnciHnnf    aulrc    viowk    rtf    knnwc    wo    11 Cilloh ac Rorkofo or'    .      J    .    JUlt vvu,u:5 evtiy * lesiuuu suite W A S H I N G T O N (AP) — presidential velt on the death of his wife “He Went On” the same type of broad vice-Jnew President asks the views of iknows well, such as Rockefeller t presidential search that led to a broad spectrum of G.O.P. con-or a congressional associate. that Nixon has decided to relin- light had gone from his life for-L quish office voluntarily. Speaker ever. but he went on,” Nixon presidential search that led to a broad spectrum u- .wx ,u t. au his own selection IO months ago. gressmen, senators “TR in his 20s thought the A chojce js ulUikcly untl| after)ficials. and of- As we bind up the wounds of George Washington has spoken. In the White House, the major Watergate, let us restore the “j solemnly swear that I 'survivor will be Chief of Staff t?oldcn ™!e ,i0 . .our P°llticaI will faithfully execute the office new President speaks to Carl Albert said after Nixon said. “ He was a man. And spoke Thursday night that im- as j leave, let me say that’s an congress next week. Will Grow” would expect that before'Nixon administration, But some Republicans doubt that he would pick anyone who has been sharply critical of the Alexander Haig, at least in the Sources close to Ford say he that list begins to shrink it will Richardson. Hatfield, peachment proceedings now come to a halt Special Watergate prosecutor . .... ,    „    ,    ,,    plans    to    keep the entire Nixon grow,” one longtime Ford as-Percy and Anderson wH; example I think all of us should    an/most    of    the    ,    ^oc|a,e    sa|d_ such as first months of the Ford Brooke, ministration Ford’s first ad- process,” Ford said of the President of the United remember. “We think White House staff while grad- He referred to a list, drawn Broad Range pointmen was a press secretary. Jerald TerHorst, Washington bureau chief of the Detroit He spoke, too, of Nixon, who states, and will to the best of at the moment of transition was my ability preserve, protect and ap- flying over the Midwest on the defend the Constitution of the way home to California and pri-iUnited States. vate life. “May special watergate piwcuiui, ..We think sometimes wheniua||y' working in his own peo- un bv Fordsstaff thatincludes P°rd has talked in the past of|^'”UiVu“    iwjh    ‘May    (>Ur    former    President    ^ongraiuiauons,:    Mr. rres- Leon Jaworski said shortly a e j things happen that don’t go the pjc ‘ They will come mainly! Rockefeller- former Secretary Ithe need t0 broaden the (I.O.P.L .    ,    '    ,    nrioinal    who    brought    l*‘ace    ,0    millions    ident,    Burger    said.    Hie    Last Nixon .announced his intention     VVU1    LUII,t    KOCKUeilcr,    iormcr    aCLrewrv       /kegler,    last    Of    the    original    finH    it    for    “    FnrH    caid    room    aud    PWP    ann    anHi*ri    Ford “So help me God,” Ford said. “Congratulations, Mr. Pres- .., ,u"‘ right way. we think that when from his vice-presidential staff of Defense Melvin Laird; Hi 1968. he urged presidential » Nixon announced of resigning, been no deal between his office guarantee that spared as either a witness in future Watergate trials. Earlier this year. Jaworski convinced a grand jury that an incumbent President could not be named a defendant in a criminal action. As a result, the grand jury named Nixon an unindicted co-conspirator in the Watergate cover-up conspiracy. Seven of Nixon’s ex-associates were named defendants in the same case 3 Juries on Job Thirty-six men already have been convicted or pled guilty in Watergate cases, including 14 (Continued Page 3. Col 6 ) original ;fjncj for himself,” Ford said. room audience applauded. Ford Ford said his first speech as shook Burger’s hand, then no political kissed Mrs. Ford on each cheek. a defeat that all ended.” “We think as TR said that the 1S in the White House and govern-!Oregon. Edward Brooke of Mas- ca^s mcnt before turning to pick the sachusetts, Charles Percy of II- managc- .    .    ment    expert from Ford's home’ As house G.O.P. leader and as |(>wn flf (rr;)nd H;]pjds little straight He said it many. "Troubles, Hurts” “Forward Together” Then in an extraordinary hour, he delivered to the nation “not an inaugural address, not a , I assume the presidency ^resldo    a    campaign man who will be the nation’s linois, Robert Stafford of Ver- vice-president, Ford has sup- pormer NiXOn officials who under extraordinary circum-rP^0*1^ Just a straight talk light had left his life forever. secon(j appointed vice-president, mont and Robert Taft, jr., of ported and campaigned for Re- ^ Not true. It s onR a beginning, pord was the first. always. “The young must know it, the old must know it. It must Though Ford associates differ Minnesota and John Anderson on his prospects, former New of Illinois. York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller G.O.P governors are expect Ohio; and Reps. Albert Quie of publicans who differed limn j ajrcj jf him in policy because belief the party broad range of view: if he ould    have top jobs include    stances    never before expcri-    arnon8    friends. isn’t vice-president;    enced by America,” Ford said. ^ord    sa,d even though    it is Bryce    Harlow, a key aide in the (“This is    an hour of history that    ia,t‘ m    an election    year    there Eisenhower and Nixon adminis-    troubles    our minds and hurts    ls no    way we can    8° forward (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) heads an initial list of 12 vice- ed to be added to the list, but Nowlin Found Guilty; Jury Out Less Than Three Hours Rations; and George He drew lire from conserve- formcr treasury and labor sec-j tives when he gave a I,re retary and budget director Shultz, our hearts ...” Never before had a Prasident resigned; never before had an Kissinger, Haig Key Men By Tom Fruehling with the verdict, finding Nowlin played no emotion. Nor did hir- The an activist role iii the Monday- George lunier k'ullt>’ of thc premeditated shot- wife. Dana, seated behind himt!^l>nrN Kissiice al Keystone was gun murder of Servey near Pa-'show a def.mte response    had    developed Today s Index Comics Crossword Daily Record Deaths Editorial Features Farm Financial Marion Movies Society Sports State Television Want Ads NEVADA Nowlin of rural found guilty by a 'jury Thursday of first-degree I murder in the killing of Michael Servey of Cedar Rapids. Pending appeals, Nowlin now {faces a mandatory sentence of department life in prison Story county lisa£tes-Kepler state park March Cleared Court Following the verdict, depu According to Linn county Chief Sheriff's Deputy Dennis Biome, however. Nowlin felt he was pushed as he was led out of , ties of the Story county sheriffV courtroom and responded by ordered all ob- Pajdd^8 of the three Linn doubt servers from the courtroom tor primary boost last spring to Rep Paul McCloskey of California, who had opposed Nixon’s! renomination bid on an anti-war! platform in 1972. In planning his new adminis-, |jv Frank Cormier Ration, Ford obtained a prom- f    c, vt-r- f    W    Aor 11 IN Ii I DIM ( >r to stay on. He j consciences and concerns of    two    to-Thursday    drama than any doped ties with His- men who helped fashion    Rich-jo!*ur    individual singer early in his vice arfj Nixon’s proudest achieve presidency. Schlesinger Doubts    Rom a landslide pi cadency that ^ was Kissinger who sat and Last spring, Ford expressed,^ad turned 10 ru^^;    talked    with    him    in    the    reaches its about the political aal-    the    night Not Served except together.’ Ford said “truth is the glue (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4 ) Nixon, seemed to play more of public on Monday self* But. as Nixon wrestled with , . himself, finally embracing a merits meshed to help push hun bought abhorrent to his nature, While leaving the courtroom, security reasons. j,j Nowlin struggled with and had On leaving the court, Nowlin county and two Story county men of Secretary of Defense aridor    and Secretary el deputies who were surrounding James Schlesinger, but no early ,,('ri['>' Kissinger (a,lll,d0‘ him. incriminating edited transcripts I of his private conversations, Nixon clung to a fading hope that congress and the people would agree his Watergate record “does not justify the extreme step of impeachment and removal of a President.” At a Tuesday morning cabinet meeting, Nixon expressed a seemingly firm determination to fight impeachment all the way to be subdued by sheriff’s depu- reportedly attempted to assault 11-13 ..I 15-17 4.5 Kl 22-25 arguments by aw enforcement personnel urn duty and ties. After closing prosecution and defense attor-i stoned by the neys Thursday afternoon, the present, j jury began deliberation of th* case at 3: IO pm. Tried To Hit said Nowlin Biome said Nowlin replied, was physically re-1 “you’re not pushing a punk inn five deputies around,” as he tried to strike one of the deputies. Tho five deputies restrained Nowlin by forcing him to the At 5:35, the 12 jurors returned!Edward Jacobson, Nowlin dis- (Continued: Pag** IO. Col. 3.) As the verdict was earlier read by a somber jury foreman .j1 chan*, is likely Secretary of raters in the design of    Both    Ila.*    and    Kissinger    ac foreign policy successes, worked cording to knowledgeable infor- lo l™ um*lh    R    * together anew to persuade a mants, concluded the national!noting, Gerald Warren, deputy reluctant President to step interest would not be served by Prt‘^s sectary, refused to say aside    Nixon insisting on a long and beboss would not resign. Haig, the dedicated loyalist probably futile search for vin- Haig anti Kissinger worried who rose Rom the obscurity of dication from the senate. Ini3^1 the possibility of a crip Tort a i/'.v Chuckle We just heard of a young lcl-who got 87 shaves from a low ! single razor blade. He’s 9 years I an army colonelcy to four-star i short, resignation was a course old. (<>ovr.qhf rank under the tutelege of Kis- tube promoted singer and the patronage of For two day: pled presidency leading to a dangerous power vacuum in after making (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4 i t f I ;

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