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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- Occasional rain tonight and Friday. Low tonight, mid fids. Highs Friday, low fins VOLUME 92 NUM BKH 21 NIXON rn (Mine fUtritfo CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 1974 AT CITY FINAL 15 CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Shortly after Ford’s office announced he was postponing a scheduled 12-day political trip to the Far West, correspondents were called into the While House briefing room by Deputy However, an aide to Rhodes ,press Secretary Gerald War RICHARD NIXON Hour of Decision Several Ways to Avoid Prosecution of Nixon the President’s resignation — first in the 198-year history of the Republic — would be effective at noon on Friday. Ford would become President immediately. r----------- ..------ .    .    House    Democratic    Leader ign or be removed from office, pifarop* IX°n ,0m cnm,na' Thomas O'Neill said he under- n i    *s,ood Pord would take the oath Reso1'  .of office from Chief .Iasi,ce Senator Brooke (R-Mass.) Congress or special Watergate Thursday introduced a sense of Resignation Statement Awaited; Ford Due To Be Sworn In Friday Gazette Leased Wires    nod to announce his resignation Haig were understood to have WASHINGTON — Richard M. tonight.    been    deeply concerned about Nixon prepared to tell an ex-    In    that statement, Rhodes said    the potential    impact    of    a    pro- pedant nation Thursday that he    'niy    that ii was his impression    longed    impeachment    crisis    on the President would make a de- the nations foreign affairs. would resign as president.    fjnjUve stalemenl    win Word that the President had leave no doubt in the minds of decided to leave office rather jibe American people as to the than undergo the trauma of im- ultimate outcome of this tragic peachment came from sources J period which the country has in the White House and on (endured. [Capitol Hill. Amid an intensifying flurry    said    that the original account of    ren of resignation reports, Nixon    the    Arizona congressman’s in ... met for one hour and IO min-1 formation on resignation was v r5na .'announced that utes with Vice-president Ford correct.    Nixon had asked the vice-pres who would become the nalion's    .    n    .    i ent o come lover tor a pri-! Kissinger Role    vate meeting Another source who also Une of Ford’s aides said later asked    to remain    anonymous    teat I be    vice-president would ment that the President would (said he believed Kissinger had have no immediate comment on address the nation on television been instrumental in persuad- tee development, saying any and radio at 8 p m. COT Thurs- mg Nixon to resign Kissinger word would have to come first day.    held a long late-night meeting from the White House. Call Meetings    'vi,h the President in the White Njxon and Ford, who succeed Ford later .summoned Score- H°USe family qUar,erS    ,>d "> vicepresidency aller : (ary    of    State    Kissinger    to    a midafternoon meeting. Nixon called congressional!-    ,    , . , . leaders to the White Hou.se for ,rom newsmen who asked lf he svas,on charge, met alone in an early evening meeting    fe,t the Resident should step I the Oval office. (ongressional    sources    said    Both    Kissinger    and White    ‘ milv talks House    staff chief Alexander    lllc    President appeared    to be putting the final pieces    in 18th president. Shortly after Ford left the White House came an announce- WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- said he is “not prepared to dis-ident Nixon faces possible crim- cuss it. inal prosecution should he re- Congress also could act day*    Spiro Agnew resigned last Oc- The secretary of state earlier tober before pleading no con had pointedly ignored questions test to a federal income tax to but several escape routes may be open to him place for resignation, his two I sons-in-law. David Eisenhower! and Edward Cox, were spotted making the rounds of the Executive Office Building, next door to the White House. Wednesday, j A source said they were say-1 mg good-bye to old friends Steven I). Hills, 22. of 661 Fit- Julie and Tricia and their hus Steven Hills Is Victim of Crash On Motorcycle GERALD FORD Waiting in the Wings W’arren Burger in the White,. .    ..    .    .    . _________________House East Room between    3jteenth avenue SW, died shortly j bands visited the President in prosecutor Leon Jaworski could rongress resolution    urging that    pm. and 5 pm COT Friday    A *fter 8 a m Thursday at Mercy his hideaway office in the Exec-!    f"    I    IX    I    I    I    *    I    *    I take steps to save Nixon from a NiX0n ^ granted    immunity    White House source said    it hosP,,al of injuries suffered utive Office Building Wednes-    W-CW FA    K    A\/n ATA    |C    XI    I    ^1    I    TV/ criminal trial. So could Vice- (rom the prosecution if he re- would be at 5 p.m.    when    he    1()st    con,ro,    of    ,he    mo_    da-v afternoon after Cox flew in! WlVJI I \ U V I I U I C IO WV/IIUII V president Ford if he succeeds to sjgns    I    ^    torcycle    he    was    riding    and    from New York.    j    *    * the presidency.    The    resolution would not have!    “Calm”    jammed    against    a    fence. Some legal experts believe the force of law. but Brooke1 ^skod h°w Ford has taken the Hills suffered severe head in “Gloomy. Distressing’* Nixon could even pardon him-    said he believes all law enforce-1news* Paul    Mtltich.    the    viee-!juries. crushed ribs, a    broken    ,h* ,a,™Lv lathering ap    |y    ei«iuent and    never    flamboy- self of all crimes beton* leaving    mcn, officials should abide bv it    presidents press secretary    said.    pelvis and multiple fractures topfared f0 “ iino,her sl*n tea1    ant.    Gerald    Rudolph    Ford    is    a office, but that is viewed as onlv jf the congress passed it. ' “Hes remarkably calm and his the legs at 12:45 a rn. Thursday momentous eV , , werp    man with a penchant for work a remote possibility.    Asked    about    congressional!"100*1    is    one    of    business-like    when    his    westbound    motorcycle!{Ktu,r- !N,*on later strolled in and simple, straight talk. Most constitutional scholars    moves to immunize Nixon, the    dispatch.”    ran off the west end    of the    ,oe rose garden with Tricia, and concede that a President cannot    attorney general said. “The    pord met    witb top    aides and    Eighth avenue bridge.    family dined together in the By Jim Adams WASHINGTON (AP) Rare- „ general said. “The, be indicted while in office, a1- only people who can interpret advisers to discuss the inaugu- though it is not an undisputed what the American people want ra^ address he will deliver curbing, tossing Hills into the The motorcycle mounted the legal principle Ducked Issue The Watergate grand ducked the issue when it chose to name Nixon as an unindicteri is the congress. I think they’re sources aware of this and if it were handled in that manner, it    _____ 1UIX would not be a legal question.’’ and tor forming his cabinet, ac-jfence. White House Nixon broke his isolation late Wednesday afternoon and sum That’s won him immense respect from both sides of the Ford’s solidity, whatever it larks in color, is viewed bv leaders of hoth parties as tailor-made for a nation } earning for a government it can trust. Rep. Repuhlii an leader, a pare he j kept up as vice-president. I It he became President, he told the senate last fall, he would regularly seek advice from congress and his cabinet. And he said he would try to Edward Boland <D- halt the increasing coneentra- aisle in 25 years of ^ingression- Mass.) said, ‘ Jerry Ford ex-jtion of federal power in the al .service and nine months as udes the kind of confidence that President. If any immunity proposal sur- (’°rd*n8 to the sources. Confirms. Denies said. He also began ajr jor 42 feet, police said. Hills mnnpjS <J,nafpM r n pD lJlnTr vice-president.    I    hope    to    see    in    a    President.    He    t0    avoid    a    Watergate    in    his working on    contingency plans then    skidded along    the sidewalk    H    h    ^    Sen Goidwater (R 1 Richard Nixon would    have    cou,d ** th(> kind of President    administration. Ford said, he vice-presidentjstriking a    chain link    Arj    and    Rhodes t0 hjs ova, preferred a more electric    vice-    that Harr>’ Truman became    would “thoroughly screen and president, namely John    Con-    “The President, has to lead    carefully supervise his top office for a 85-minute meeting Close Scrutiny Police are seeking help in j The three leaders told Nixon "ally-    Republicans    con-1 by example, displaying the White House aides co-conspirator in the Watergate ? i"con8ress-!' would Tsl    Confirm., Denies    !    reconstructing details of the the au,^ nn Capitol Hill was - vim-ed him of useful qualities standards, morally, ethically cover-up    'kei>'    ,bo    a    rcsolutlon rather Mouse Republican U-ader accident and request anyone -.verv g^y verv distressing"vin Ford: personal likeability, a and otherwise by which most    “conserva. Nixon was accused as a ca "7 ii*JL ,    ,    ,    Rhodes    confirme.1    in    an    rn-    having knowledge of the ac- for the* President's chances ol clean rcpu.alton, an unflap Americans I,ye their lives. (smsplTator In the^Dlot to block    ? f °[ L'?', cr view    that the    Pre s, dom cidcnt to contact them. A newer acquittal in a senate trial .Nixon Pfhle d.sposi Mon. a solid base    Average    Man    affairs^    s the original Watergate tu es ,7    ,    ‘ar pf?baWyi would resign, but later said he ^car was seen in the area and congressional leaders agree ol *upp.«i and a certain iVeral on Fore gn poitcv ' Ford ffgaUon am! cIceThe WW..    ^Me^had ^ '-sunderS„«l    at the time of the accident,; ,hat houfP impeachment ,s a rjy accep.abdity to almost    U    S    8"^bat' «££ House involvement in the break-    The    Constitution    gives    the    a    .>r,Pt ,olerview- K in at Democratic national President, but not congress, the "'dS    rep° headquarters June 17. 1972. that Run in ’76? ^ a 4    .the    President would resign, and power to grant reprieves and j ,u    .    ti    t . Monday, he admitted ordering pardons for offenses against the ^    ?ue' * ’    • •    issued ct statement denying that the investigation halted for political reasons and concealing the information from his lawyers and the house judiciary committee. Some members of congress say Nixon, in effect, confessed to obstructing justice, a crime carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $5.0(8) B Tom Fruehlin fine Multiple counts and related (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8 > he had said the President plan-, fatality of a motorcyclist. Prosecution, Nowlin Defense Rest; To Jury This Afternoon habits of the average man. It is improbable that Ameri- rv j ii. j . L . w    I    The    Democrats,    at    first,    found    cans will find him moving from ninth traffic fatality in Cedar had only about IS votes against an additional reason In support one large coastal estate to an-Rapids this year and the t ir conviction in the senate and !1]m ,hey didn’t think it likely olher. (or his living tastes are *    *    *    According    to    the    Washington The death of Hills was the Post, the leaders told Nixon he anv prosecution for wrongdoing ^ove should he quit    pord    *s    an wtbodox Republi- ‘‘extensive damage to the throughout the trial is that if Scott said he expects the situ- can *s aks0 a df>vout Epis- Pharoi-g utr.m infTPR.P thp    m-    NEVADA    — The defense    rest-    brain’’ and    “large fractures".    Servey    was killed    following a ation to be resolved “reasonably t'°Pa,ian who ha5 attended teiftiaf pennies    pd u,ts casp “a>f    Instantaneous    '?«. premeditation on Now- (    c h u r rh regularly throughout if vivxn mc mn c ho viAiiM ho without calling any witMSses or ,    ,1ms part may be ruled out    ■    ”    *    his adult life. If Nixon resigns he would be    presenting    evidenc€    in    thp    In the pathologist** opinion.    Thus a    verdict of    first degree vulnerable to an malt tment.    murder tria) of Gcorge    Nowlin    dea,h was    instantaneous.    murder    should not    be returned. If he we" evicted in an im- ^ ^ ^    W0W,,n’    He alai told of 34 puncture they claim. rMVMVM^from office and Simi- The case was scheduled to go    ,m    !.hp tlM-’sL up to ani The two defense    attorneys en-* • I vtlin#rahip because the f0 ,lle 10-woman, two-man jury ' a a half in depth winch acred t)efore the jury a scen-larly vulnerable because the    owinff fm^, ar01impnu!he    believed were caused by a    J Constitution states that    Thursday    “small    pen    kttife ”. party convicted shall neverthe-    J    •    Some    of    these, he said. pene- less he liable and subject to in-    Regis    W eland, a ( edai should be sent to the Middle East.; he would insist on full enforcement of federal voting rights laws; keep the CIA under ........      _       close    scrutiny    and    control;    and perhaps only^ IO votes in the df> W(H,|d run for President in modest. Even when he became he would keep Henry Kissinger house against impeachment    Ford    said    as    much    hun-    vice-president, he chose to re-:as secretary of state There were unconfirmed    scjf    main    in his same    Alexandria,    i He    said    he    would    never au- broadcast reports that Scott    former    Nixon adviser,borne — unpretentious ex-jthorize anyone in his admits- nassed along to Nixon a propos    j^arrv    “Ford    C(’Pl    f°r    a much-cherished    tration    to    lie    under    oath and al for a ^ sense of congress ref’    fj ^ Republican party Uke    a    swimming    pool in    the back    ‘only    in    the    most    extreme olution to spare the President    im    yard He cases would I authorize even a is an open man. often temporary lie. holding forth with reporters several times a day. And his specchmaking averaged 2(Hl appearances a .year as house Ford, who :;prnt most of his boyhood in Grand Rapids, Mick., was born with another name. Leslie King, on July ll. 1913 in Omaha. the dictment. trial, judgment and Rapids pathologist, was punishment according to law.’’ (final stale morning. He to Deal with .lanorski    (opJy    hc ppr|ormfd To    avoid that fate. Nixon    Serve) March 18. eight u«y>    f|ia{    servev's cfiuld attempt to strike a deal    after    it us charged Servey was    •nicked’’ with Jaworski The President    killed    bv Nowlin near Palisades- trated the chest wall and “two arm they argued might have occurred at the death scene, They asked Dr. Wcland if the Terry Dennis Struck by Car; Dies to Injuries His parents were divorced (when he was less than a year old and his mother returned to her parents in Grand Rapids, where she later married Gerald R Ford, sr. He adopted the boy and renamed him. Ford was center on the Unifalling or at least modcrat-[varsity of Michigan s 1932 and food prices to ith predictions!111*1*1 national champion football  getting inflation down to a 7!teams — and then captain and was also thp knife m his rlk'ht ha,Kl* Qay !>n nignway JU,M 0Uls,af' ThiR works out to a staggering percent annual rate by year’s most valuable player of the The hand wounds, they ar- e Cedar Rapids cit) limits 44.4 percent on an annual rate. (Mid Consumer prices are cur The monthlv increase was tho rently ll percent above a year; or three" penetrated into the kn‘fe *"!",d*    have    been    Terry    Dennis.    25,    of Wholesale Price Rise Is Most Since August W A S H I N (» T 0 N (AP) - four straight months of decline. Wholesale prices jumped 3.7    1 be Nixon administration had mines. Thursday    The    phvsican    reported    ,nflic,ed    b>    Servey    himself    dur-    Shellsburg,    died    Thursday    aller    *,    '    *    '    Z |abor tied h ormed ,iu".Vhchael ^ « £ 'etfiid"    ^    »>'    a    *'ar    depnrt.nen,    redried    Thursday %% h 18. eifihl days |ha( S(,rvPV s jun(i was also ,be kn,fe in hls rl,!hl band    '    !>n    h'*1'*3-*    94    iuM    outs,dej    Tine    works    out to a staggering ()(.rcen And. Dr We I and continued. Suedt might have been caused The driver of the car. Charles iContinued: Page 3, Col. 6 ) increase in: Servey had six similar puncture when the knife blade was forced Richard Noung, 55. of 1151 Hill-1 largest since the 6 2 percent ago wounds on his right hand and back into Servey s palm    side drive NW. told Linn count) jump jhsj August and compared The wholesale several lacerations and bruises 1)r "'eland answered that he sheriff s deputies he was south- wjtd an a\orag(» monthly rise of food prices alone was 3 6 per* ■    *    -    -    -    -    “presumed’’    this    could have hound when he slowed his car happened, hut he characterized because he observed a ear 14 percent over the first six cent. with meat pacing it. as months of this year. an parked along Ihe road ooh its A|| fl(;ures are aller taking flashers on    „—variations into could offer to resign in ex- Kepler state park. change for Ihe prosecutor's    Cauw    „f    |>r»th promise not to bring criminal charges. But the deal would no!    Describing Servey as a "well    forehead    and ne< k necessarily hind a grand )ury developed, well-nourished young The prosecutor s office re-    man.’’ Dr. Weland speculated    Hit in Head    (he dt,fpn<e argument fuses to comment on the possi-jthe cause of death was a gun-    \    previous witness.    Steven    “outside probability.” bilify of plea bargaining. Atter j shot wound to the back of the Martin, testified that Nowlin told    R j ... ney General Sax be said on Wed head. which produced multiple hjm he hj|    in lhe hpad    "°a-v nesday he is not aware of any fracture*.    wjtd the gun before stabbing r? w,ln€s®cs were ques- arKj| a vetiicle* which was back ongoing negotiations Nixon's    The prosecution has contend-    and    shooting the teenager.    ?.    Prosccution    lawyers    jng    from a    drlvP when he strucl chief attorney, James St (’lair.    f*d that Nowlin kill(»d Servey    In    cross-examination,    one    of    ”edfH,sda>' afternoon in    an    at    onnjg    vvdo was standing on crease* sre usually translated their livestock with one of two sawed-off shot    Nowlin’s two    court-appointed at-,(>    ^hstantiate    earlier    ,he    road    a »    guns witnesses have claimed    torneys from    Iowa City attempt '‘'.snmony    and    to    identify Pr<*    shenff’s    report they saw rn Nowlin’s possession od to establish that Servey and v,®u**y submitted exhibits. I    was t Dr Weland said he found Nowlin might have been in-!. p Dennis Biome, chief many” .shotgun jiellets and a    volved in a    “struggle’’ before*    pu,y    m    lalnn    (‘<)Un,V Today's Index Even Larger Foreshadowing possible tur- , seasonal variations into ,«<    , Young said he was distracted (mjn,    fber    trouble for meat prices was by the lights of an oncoming ear    L. _    (an    even    larger    rise - 5.5 per cent — for the processed foods in- and feeds farmers must buy for* Financial Since Farm Price* wholesale price to Tocfiii/** Chuckle Anv boc who is anxious to mow ihe lawn is too young. ;p|as||r power piston within Sec the death n**vnoM ivev's brain Ile said there was Dennis in the sheriff, department explained ^rcden,. One of the defense contentions (Continued: Page 28A, Col 6 \ No charges were filed a into higher prices for con- Auto prices, usually stable at sumers, the report cast a pall this time of year, also rose taken to Universe over hopes for any slackening in Industrial commodities moved 1 ty hospitals in Iowa City, where inflation    upward although not as steeply, The biggest wholesale jump as farm prices. The industrial he died from injuries suffered in Comics 27 Crossword . 27 Daily Record Deaths .......I Editorial Features 6 Farm 25 Financial ........... ......SI Marion .ll Movies ........... .. 17 Society ...... 14-16 Sports ............. 21-24 State .............. .....4.$ Television ...... 26 Want Ads 3<F35 6 4 percent rise in July reversed pared to 2 2 the previous month ;

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