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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Nixon Text:! Shall Resign the Presidency ii.    >i    I    rt'ttiiaiiQ    lf WASHINGTON (ITT) •— Text I need for the process to be proof President Nixon's address to I longed, the nation Thursday night:    ■ I would have preferred to Good evening '    |carry through the defense Therefore, I the presidency noon tomorrow. Vice-president where so many decisions have to do so. been made that shaped the his-' tory of this natton.    "j    Nave Never be mu • . u «"jiU *• ti Whatever the personal agony it (sworn is as President at that IS the 37th time I have wo„|d have    And    my|hour in ,his off|cc spoken to you from this office family unanimously urged me As I recall the high hopes for J America with which we began this second term. I feel a great (sadness that I will not bo here Each time I have done so to j ’    ^    '    ,,    'n °Niee» working in your discuss with you some matter Seen O Quitter i,he"ext two-m'L'-telf ye^.1" that I believe affected the na-1 guj interest of the nation Hut in turning over direction tional interest. In all the deci- must always come before any of the government to Yiee-sions I have made in my public personal considerations. From president. Ford. I know, as I life I have always tried to do1**16 discussions I have had with told the nation when I nomina- congressional and other leaders ted him for that office IO I have concluded that because months ago. that the leadership Throughout the long and dif- ?of the Watergate matter I of America will be in good ficult period of Watergate I might not have the support of hands. havp felt it bas mv dutv in the congress that I would con-1 In passing this office to the 7”!“IL,sider necessary lo back the vice-president, I also do so with ’ 1 • very difficult decisions and car- the profound sense of the weight possible efloit to complete theLy old ^e duties of this office (of responsibility that will fall on term of office to which you the way the interest of the na- his shoulders tomorrow, and shall resign start of that process of healing These years have been a mo- of civilization effective at which is so desperately needed I mentous time in this history of, its grave. in America. I regret deeply any injuries that may have been done in the Ford will what was best for the nation. elected me. In the past few days, however, it has become evident to me that I no longer have a strong enough political base in the congress to justify continuing that effort. tion would require.    I therefore of the understanding. I have never been a quitter. I^e patience, cooperation he will course of the events that led to this decision. I would say only that if some of my judgments were wrong — and some were wrong — they were made in what I believed at the time to be in the best interests of the nation. —   rs  pTMSsa We must press on however, throughout my years as a confer a goal of not only more and    a senator, vice- hotter jobs. hut of full opportu- suj(in, and President, the nity for every Americ an. And ol [.ause ()f p(,ace not just for what we are striving so hard Americ.a but among all nations, with the Soviet right now to achieve, prosperity our nation and the world. They have been a time of achieve-    \"BequnLimiting ment, of which we can all be    'j i)r,lu,t    Nuclear    Arms Achievements that represent) the shared efforts of the ad-! together    fi-tinn ministration, the congress and Union, we have made tin' cru- w J, a h.|n a quarter of a the people. Rut (he challenges;etal breakthroughs that havcj    fl(    b|jc |ife (|haU , ahead are equally gteat. Anil bt,Klln |(,e process of limiting , shared a turbulent history they, too, will require the sup- .    u .    ‘    ..    .    ,    fnll<fht port of the congress and nuclear arms. But we must set,of this    *    I, \ |rj!>d bi people, working in cooperation^88.00!'not Jtat lintiting butjfor what t 1 with the new' administration. To those who have stood with We have ended America’s me during these past difficult i longest war. Hut in the work months — to my family, my 0f SP(.uting a lasting peace in friends, the many others who joined in supporting my cause because they believed it was "Will Deserve Support of All" As he assumes that responsi ve leave office before imy term need from all Americans is completed is abhorrent to (every instinct in my body. Hut as lYesident I must put the interest of America first. America needs a full-time As long as there was such ^president and a full-time con-base I felt strongly that it was gress, particularly at this time^Mty, be w*d deserve the help necessary to isee the oonstitu-) with problems that we face at an(* tbe support of all of us. As tional process through to its J home and abroad. To continue !we 1°°^ t0 tbe future, the first conclusion: that to do other-(the fight through the months essential is to begin healing the wise would be unfaithful to the jahead for my personal vindica- wounds of this nation, to put the spirit of that deliberately diffusion would almost totally ab-!bitterness and divisions of the cult process and a dangerously j ^ the time and attention of recent post behind us, and to re-destabilizing precedent for the: both the President and the con- discover these shared ideals that future.    gress in a period when our en- lie at the heart of our strength But with the disappearance of tire focus should be on the and unity as a great and free that base I now believe that the great issue of peace abroad and people, constitutional purpose has been prosperty without inflation at By taking this action, I hope served and there is no longer a home.    j    that I w ill have hastened the right — I will be eternally grateful for your support. And to those who have not felt able to give me your support, let me say, I leave with no bitterness toward those who have opposed me. because all of us in the final analysis have been concerned with the good of the country, however our judgments might differ. "Let All Now Join Together" the world, the goals ahead are even more far-reaching and more difficult. We must complete a structure of peace, so that it will be said of this generation, our generation of 1 Americans, by the people of all nations, not only that we ended one war but that we prevented future wars. We have unlocked the doors) that for a quarter of a century I stood between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. We must now ensure that) the one-quarter of the world’s people who live in the People’s! Republic of China will be and remain not our enemies but our So let us all now join together i frjPn(js in affirming that common com- ]n the Middle East, IOO million! mitment and in helping our new people in Arab countries, many: President succeed for the bene- 0f whom have considered us j fit of all Americans.    their enemy for nearly 20 years, I shall leave this office with I now look on us as their friends, regret at not completing my term but with gratitude at the privilege of serving as your President for the past 54 years. reducing and finally destroying!the best of my ability to dis-these terrible weapons, so that charge those duties, and meet j they cannot destroy civilization, j those responsibilities, that were And so that the threat of nu-jentrusted to me. (clear war will no longer hang over the world and the people. We have opened a new relationship with the Soviet Union. We must continue to develop and expand that new relationship so that the two strongest nations of the world will live together in cooperation rather than confrontation. prosperity, justice and oppoitu-nity for all our people. There is one cause above all, to which I have been devoted and to which I shall always be devoted, as long as I live. When I first took the oath of office as President, five-and-a-half years ago, I made this sacred commitment: to consecrate my office, my energies and all the wisdom I can summon to the cause of peace among nations. I have done my very best all Sometimes I have succeeded | the days smce t0 be truc to thHt Sometimes I have failed, but , . • A§ a resu|t 0f these ef-always I have taken heart from ,forts { am confident that the what Theodore Roosevelt once woHd jg a safer p,ace todaVt not only for the people of America, Marred by Dust, Sweat and Blood' Around the world — in Asia. Africa, Latin America, the Middle East — there are millions of people who live in ter rible poverty, in starvation. We must keep as our goal turning away from production for war and expanding production for peace, so that people everywhere on this earth can at last look forward in their children's time, if not in our own time, to having the necessities for a decent life. said about the man in the arena whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood Who strives valiantly. Who errs and comes short again and again because there is not effort without error in shortcoming. But who does actually strive to do the deed. Who knows the great enthusi- but for the people of all nations. And that all of our children* have a better chance than before of living in peace, rather than dying in war. This, more than anything, is what I hoped to achieve when I This, sought the presidency. asms” the great' d^voTionX whol [™re    "h®‘    1 spends himself rn a worthy hope w.ll be‘°p'T1' cause, who at the best knows in :'<> <*>' «>un,r>' as 1 lcdVe ,he the end the triumphs of high (presidency, achievement. And with the: To have served in this office, worst, he fails — at least fails, is to have formed a very per-Here in America, we are for-(while daring greatness.    sonal    sense    of kinship with each We must continue to build on tunate that most of our people I    pledge    to you    tonight,    as    and every American, and leav- that friendship, so that peace!have not only the blessings of,long    as I have a breath of life    in    ing it. I do so with this prayer, can settle at last over the Mid-!liberty but also the means to my    body.    I shall    continue    in    May (rods grace he with you in die East, and so that the cradle1 live full. good, and by the , that    spirit.    I shall    continue    to    all the days ahead. Iowans Outwardly Unworried Ford Text: Great Nixon Sacrifice By Frank Nye    j    him closely will hardly be able chairman, expressed a sense of Iowans went about their daily to recognize him.”    relief that the final chapter on tasks, chores and work sched- At Ayrshire, also in northwest Watergate is being written, ules in routine manner Friday, [Iowa, the former Mayor Jody Hut he doubted the resigna-But ancone who got the im Smith, 21, who seconded NixonV tion would have much impact in pression they weren’t keenly I nomination for President at the the fall election Other Nations Express Admiration For Democracy, Relief over Exit The dominant reaction around,to end it. and Pentagon sources morning to watch Nixon s WASHINGTON (UPI) — The suit of peace in the future as we the world in the hours after have warned that North Met-address, relayed by satellite to s t a t e rn e n t of Vice-president have achieved it in the past. Richard M. Nixon closed the nam ma-v be P*ann*n8 a new in- 13 g;uropfan countries. Evening programming was thick with curtain on his presidency was admiration for the American de- vasion. In Egypt which more than Nixon retrospectives and analy- Miami Beach convention, said sonhUtirated Voters rora ancr rresiaem ™xons|    “Cooperation” kWUIH^lU ct leu f Wills    I    J    A*    a (More Iowa Commem Page O    !!’"    That    wasn't    tho    view    of    Scott    res,gnatlon specch:    •    We    have    many    other    prob-    «••■**•«*»■•    arn-other Arab state put its trust -the    country    C    ^^    Chatrman    ‘    'J*    lent.,    We    have    problems    a.    "W and relief that uncer-    Nixon    adminstration to se* of his career e* Kaisprnf Pflvennort.    m 0 S.1    and    saddeM    xvhinh    ™llct    rat!fxutaA    tainty in Washington was over, end the Middle East crisis, and ‘‘As friends oi aware of the orderly transition    X    u    .    .    |    Ira    Kaiser    of    Davenport.    J”0*1    “dd".‘!home    which must be resolved.' ta|ntyin Washington was over, end the Middle East crisis, and “As mends of the American of power taking place in Wash-    io?o    “I    think    WO    havp a snnhis-1Anri th™ hi    In    some    troubled    corners    of    where    last spring Nixon was people, we are glad this night- is over,” said Norway's Premier Trvgve Rratteli. The Dutch government viewed the resignation as an affirma- OI PUW vp IdJvUik pi dot; 'I* VY doll*    .    »| a»t 4Kinlr |itA Un* q cAnhie I* * *    .    ,    ,    ! » j    i    i    «    %    I    *■*    uvllic    UOUUiCvI Ca/i II* I S OI llcl v letoC opt 11 Ii-, I ilAvii v inglon was sadly mistaken. ™av.orl9'2' “,d he,    ,J,ed set of voters in Iowa' mCldentK 1 haveever witnessed. .A* they can he resolved andj(he |obe ,eaders voiwd    greeted    as    a    national    hero    marp Rather there was an utterly- hlnk.Nl,ton 15 mn,'«'nt ,,f d    **    me    ***lhat 1 lhink the will be resolved, by the coopera-t hension for the fate of policies: the press carried stones    about inc fr^hnc of CTeat Dride amone tCTgale C0Ver'Up charE<‘s af,Cr c ^7, "    ,v , ? ! ^    President of the United States Ilion of the mg teeung ot great priae among his admisSi()n jast Monday “of tion influence the election. congress, with the Nixon had championed. But Nixon under black banners, a °bstrUC,ing ,hC FB1S inVCStiga-: But Adair « ^ePup''can j personal sacrifices for ' the £ “ em of representati go tion of the Watergate breakin.” Chairwoman Yvonne SchildbergU.^try an(i one Gt fblest Wlth him. has made one of the greatest j President and those that work most were confident that Henry usual sign of mourning «nt aac u/nrkincr cmnnthlv —---  «—*«•     *°!countrv    and one of the finest lronicallv, only a month ago of Greenfield said the GOP personal decisions on behalf of Kissinger, to continue as secre- israeli leaders refused corn- 1 have been very fortunate in, tary.°f ?t;aJc in the G,eJrald Ford ment. but government insiders administrahon wnu H tion of democracy as a form of assure said Premier Yitzhak Rabin is 80Xeminent. under one of the severest tests* in its nearly 200 year history. That was why they appeared unworried, outwardly at least. At Republican state head-, iowans acted with mixed emu-,corrupt than Nixon.” quarters in Des Moines, °ne:tions to the President’s resigna-i Black Hawk County uemo-iVf,ars a foreign nolicv in the lastf question was whether the new tion.    cratic    Chairman Dave Nagel of fiVe years that has'been mosU™ngr?^, ^ lhe nel res.u,t 1S President, Gerald Ford, would Janies Reisetter, a Cedar Waterloo said economy will be successful in the achievement of    nl!tUu.nriI?^0r^t'h    nom**1 are always stamped in the spirit many capitals, one Israeli of- honor the Sept. 23 date be made Falls school teacher, seemed to the main issue this fall and peace for ^ of ^ here and    dhi    Demo- of COOperation trust and under. ficial said. “If Kissinger was as vice-president to address a sum up their feelings when she called on Democrats “not to hopefully the rest of the world.    WII u,Jf ~ fn 15tl^, standing,” said government resigning, it would be an earth- fund-raising dinner iii Des told United Press International relax because of Watergate.'’ it hA«»n -a nnlirv that I    .    .    .    cmkPQman Armin r.ruMoutay quake. But Nixon's departure is It has been my opportunity toj^^ But j don-t think i government said it expects no    No uMajor impaet” watch over a period of nearly 25 .    ieinuip    pn^mv    in fup I chan8es in U. S. foreign policy, Demo* I vta a re a f/rroiun rvnii/M? in tho last:    11    alliances or economic interests Expressing a feeling echoed “German-American relations b.v diplomats and officials in Moines. that: Seventh Time Saved from Trial He More Victories added that if President a major im- It has been a policy that I    ^    ,0 work    on    the probloms    spokesman Armit. Gruenewald. think can continue peace in    the;_ „riA11B    u._    In Rome, Italian President    not    **kely    to have . *    J    XI    VV    I    dmwJIS ' 1,1,1 Ye I UC.-. II WC I •    *    ■rn    f    n f\ >^4 , T j- — months and years ahead.    have at home    (iiovanni Leone sent a message Pact on Israel If he keeps the date, it will he “At first I was for impeach-' Ford is able to bring the econ-    Kissinger Staying    And    the spirit of cooperation J® :praising him for his Officials of the North Atlantic the seventh time Ford has visit* | merit to really get everything omy around by election day u,t me say without any hesi-hvhlch 1 lea'J exhibited with the    of    international    pressed S and wnfidence ed Iowa since 1962, including an out, but I know that Nixon Republicans will win more vie-tation or reservation that the congress and the new President, i”a fho    "    r ?    ? rA , L appearance rn Cedar Rapids inLould not be rn office. I am tories than if he doesn't    ^ that hts .Seved ^ace'■> the problem overseas and ^t'^^er eZer cS l^renL an7d^!eness th^ then^the'mavorho was "‘TV" “th naU0" wllll the count>’ P81-^ of,icials 3,1(1 built Ih(' bl«'ks for futurl' Lwdida 6not ^nK^o the 2U oration between nations." said was lacking under a belea-son,    then    the    mayor, who    was    be    saved from the long trial. interviewed, wily Wapello Conn-    peace will be continued, as    far    beneficial not    only to    the -ll    miprrH    \’ixon the GOP candidate    tot Second    A retired U.S. marine, John ty Republican Chairman    Matt    as I am concerned, as President    nation hne    Americans    but    to    Met    Alert district congressman.    Warner, 46. of Humboldt, was Lawrence of Ottumwa blamed of the United States.    .the world as a whole.    In Saigon. President Thieu or- In    Sioux    City,    a discordant    tougher on    Nixon.    the    news media    for    Nixon's    We have been fortunate in    the    P‘edge    to    you    tonight,    de red a military alert through* note about Ford was    sounded by;    “All he did was compound one (troubles.    last five years to have a very    ^    pledge    tomorrow and    in out    Vietnam    in fear the Alexander Barkan, director of lie over the past 18 months by “I have been a staunch great man in Henry Kissinger,:tae future my best efforts in co- communist command would AFL-CIO’s Committee on Polite opening his mouth and adding backer of the President and who has helped to build the operation and leadership ami take advantage of Nixon's resig- cal Education (COPE) in ad- another.” he told UPL    still am,” he said. “I am sure blocks of peace under President dedication — forw hat 8 good for nation to launch a general offen- dressing the Iowa Federation of Watergate went on so long, history will show he was a great Nixon. I think those policies ™fnca a 8(    ^<>r    vvor^ Labor convention.    Warner continued, because President    for his work in foreign    should be continued and those “I have no reason    to question    Nixon was “wanting to test the; relations,    peace and    many    j policies of peace will be con- phases of domestic progress. Millions of Europeans stayed up into the small hours of the QUESTIONS ABOUT LOANS? WEIL ANSWER THEM. (No names. No sales pitches.) Befor# you borrow, there may be questions weighing on your mind -—about payments, rates, anything. For quick, courteous answers, call us today. We won't ask your name or talk shop unless you want us to. Dial Finance We don't want you to like us just for our money. 113 Third Ave. S.E. 365-1451 Gm Loans to $10,000 Thank you very much. “Don’t Understand’’ his integrity or honesty,” Bar-(system ” kan said of Ford, “but I think there is every reason to question his competence to lead this A North high Des Moines stu-country of ours    in these troubled    dent, Ed Triplett, 16, said, I    retimes.”    ally don’t understand it all. The He said Ford    voted    “wrong ’    President is suppo>ed to    be 103 out of 109    times    on labor    someone who is honest, bills and that the new President "I really want somebody to must share some of the respon Nixon and now they won t sibility for inflation problems due to his support of Nixon’s policies. He added: A Snow Job be able to do it. By resigning like this the taxpayers will be* supporting him in rather grand style. “I wouldn't mind if we were “I can see the beginning of a supporting him in a federal inpropaganda snow job on the stitution, but I don't like paying American people to build his pension, office staff and Gerald Ford up into such a pie whatever.’’ ture of a great leader that those Harry Baxter of Burlington. of us who have been watching Des Moines county Democratic oMu (frclnr l\npiiU Estobiiihfd In IMI bv Th# Go/ett# Co on a published dotlv and Sunday at SOO Third av# SE. Cedar Rapids, lowo S2406 Second doss postage paid at Cedar Rapids Iowa. Subscription rotes by carrier OS cents o week By mail: Night Edition and Sunday A issues S3 7$ o month, S39 OO a year Af ternoon Editions and Sunday 7 issues *3 OS a month, $40 OO o year Other stoles and U S territories MO OO a veor No Mail Subscriptions accepted In areas haying Codette corner service The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of oil the local news printed in this newspaper os well as ail AP news dispatches sive. One South Vietnamese of-ficial, listening to Nixon’s address over America radio, expressed irritation when Nixon jtinued. I have asked Henry Kis-j    Tokyo    Extra singer, as, secretary of state, to TOKYO (AP) — Tokyo’s lead stay on and be the secretary of mg English-language newspap- claimed his administration had state under the new administra er. The Japan Times, issued 15,- ended “America’s longest war.” tion    OOO copies of a one-page extra Heavy fighting continues in I have known Henry Kissinger Friday on President Nixon’s South Vietnam 18 months after for a great many years. I knew resignation.    i    the    cease-fire    that    was    supposed him before he came with the    _ Nixon administration. I want y■■■■■■    1      ■■■■■............————.mi    ^ him to be my secretary of state and Urn glad to announce that he will be the secretary of state. Which means that he and I will bt* working together, in the pur- SENIORS SPECIAL . . . ALL LIVING COLOR . . . • ONE 8x10 • TWO 5x7 OR FOUR 4x5 • NINE “WALLETS ’ • “74” STICKERS $1095 B FOR JL vyr all! FOOD STORES SUPER SPECIALS LAND O’LAKES —PLASTIC JUG MILK q JIH Gal. Swift’s Premium SLICED BOLOGNA , 69 806-34th. Street S.I. 22S Edgewood Rd. N.W. 1944-42nd Street N.E. 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