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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The ( rriar Rapids Ciazelte: Tri., August 9, 1974 Television loden Bv Jay Sharbutt Nowlin Taken fo Reformatory; Suffered Cut Nose in Scuffle Regional YMCA Leader Training 130 Million Watched Nixon Resign NEW YORK IAP) - Pres-irlent Nixon, who in 1952 salvaged his then-young political career through national radio and TV’, has ended it the same way before an American viewing audience NRC estimated would total 130 million. And the major TV networks which junked all their Thursday night programs to air the historic story of his resignation, Friday resumed their live coverage of the somber transfer of power from Nixon to Vice-president Gerald R. Ford. CBS, NRC and ABC all said they were televising live coverage Friday and Friday night of major events. CBS News says it is airing live TV coverage of Nixon's departure from the White House, starting at 9:24 a.m. EDT. and Ford’s swearing-in at 11:54 a.m. EDT. ABC and NBG announced similar schedules. * * * The Public Broadcasting Service, serving 246 public TV stations, said it was airing a 34-hour special on the resignation at 8 p.m. EDT. Nixon’s speech was carried live by the nearly 650 TV stations and 2,700 radio stations comprising the three networks. public broadcasting and the Mutual Broadcasting System. On Sept. 23, 1952. when he made his famous “Checkers" speech, only NBC televised the 30-minute address — seen by an estimated 50 million viewers. CBS and Mutual aired it on radio. His Thursday night speech climaxed a frenzied day for all broadcasters, a day punctuated by some 20 midday or afternoon bulletins and updates that persistently jabbed into network game shows and soap operas. * * * The networks’ intensive planning for coverage of the expected resignation didn’t hit high gear until Wednesday, although all had been preparing various film and tape “packages" on Nixon, Ford and others for some months. NBC and CBS declined to say how long. But ABC said it had begun in November 1973 and had a three-inch-thick book of previously prepared film and tape stories — updated right until special news coverage started at 7:30 p.m. EDT. All three filled the time before Nixon's 9 p.m. EDT speech with recapitulations of the day’s events, live reports from Layfayette Park across the street from the White House and various analyses. ABC had planned an ambitious prespeech series of live ‘‘remotes’’ from Times Square to Hong Kong. But while the spirit was willing the electronics were weak. ABC's opening live report from Times Square went silent due to a bad phone line Mike Connell. Auburn, Iud ; Ste- |yjew Vienna Mayor veil Kaye, Cudahy, Wis.; John1    jn    Qybuqu© jLawrence, Boulder, Colo.; and Hon Christ, Eau Claire, Wis.    NEW VIENNA    Laurence VV Session    Plcwned    Former Cedar Rapids YMCA    w e s t h o f f, 70,    New Vienna Executive Ed Zeller will conduct    mavor and retired    owner of the , *4 m v    ..    .    r    ,. Nearly    IOO    high    school    and)next Sunday’s worship service    ff Transfor co, died out thinking about it, Kopecky who loses his cool’ and a fight coll studonts ,rom 13 states at the conference.    , "    ,    ,    Mpr„v argued    occurred    '    Thursday at Mercy Mtaiuu "■«* off lhc ' "Reasonable Doubt"    The    defense    attorney    eonchtd-H11 be m Ccdar Rap,ds    “ „**7r«taeJ center "> Dubuque, floor and handcuffing hint.    od by saying that the evidence flay lo participate in a week- CR. Man Arrested, .    u„.,.,wrt    bv    his    wife Biome said Nowlin wag told    bl™nd'"d” submitted by Ihe state "did not long Mid-America YMCA re- Car Return Failure Cfil‘ ,W0‘daughters; Mrs. Rob- “to relax' 10 ,ake 11 easy."ithat tbs''death of Sentry was!!?"''ha J®*8!.Rional b'adfrs ,raining con,er' Bobbie Ue Palmer. 20. of IOO! ort ’tLouAnne) Wieneke. Dubu- Keepcaused bv Nowlin and that i* ■ ),b|(. d0|fbl ”    *    cncc-    Fifth avenue SE. was charged que; Mrs. Dennis (Linda' Biome was premeditated.    ‘    nu...    ^    ^    .    Registration will begin at 2 Thursday with failure to return Vavricek, (’edar Rapids; six }.m. Saturday at Coe college,la rented vehicle.    sons; Dan, Fred. (Continued from Page IA floor, lifting his Nowlin told a deputy to |your hands off of me.” said Nowlin did “calm down' on the way to a jail cell later threatened him. Cut on Nose a cut on the in the “It is difficult to separate the i but tragedy of Michael Servey’sj death and the facts of the case,’’ the attorney told the jury. Ho said there had been no court-!“direct evidence other than that thoro was a killing but not a murder.” He added that the alleged admissions by his able doubt .Judge Robert Osmundson set Aug. 30 for the deadline for submission of appeal motions, lf motions are submitted, a hearing will be neld Sept. 6. Nowlin was scheduled for sen-, fencing Sept 20. arn Squirrel Blacks Oui City Block where the students will live and p0ijce arrested Palmer at his New cat their meals during the se- resjdence after the car he alleve n-d ay conference. Training Red|y rented Vvas found about a facilities half block away. was due to be re-Thrifty Rent-a-Car, street SW, last Pri vier! na; sessions will utilize both at Coe and at the Central YMCA    1hj '    turned lo Central Y Executive Chet Ca- 43Qj gjx^j sali said the purpose of the I q-jy training session “will be to give pa|mer was taken to the students professional advice county jaii pending a court have of jabout the charged killing. Credibility Attacked Several state witnesses were lins wife sat with her head in attacked for their claimed lack her hands in a chair in the cor- °f credibility, including “two I ridor. An inquisitive squirrel and pract ice in leadership skills j pearance jujj ■.    , , , applicable to teaching YMCA    _ the sp all of Richard, Dubuque; William, Sioux City; Robert, Gr’Tith, Ind.; 15 grandchildren: six sisters; Mrs. Monica Steffensmeir and .Josephine Westhoff. Dyersville; Mrs. Prank Wegmann and Mrs. Elmer Koelker, Petersburg: Mrs. Frank Besler, Farley; Mrs. Leo Mantermach, Worthington; seven brothers; Ed and Roland. Dyersville; Al, Dubti que; Hilbert, New Vienna; Wil-ham, Monticello; Ambrose, Earlville: Leo, Manchester. Services are Monday at St. Boniface in New Vienna. Visita- Nowlin received bridge of his nose 1 room struggle. j According to another deputy, Nowlin was like a “crazy man” ! who “went w ild” as he left the I clients were “hearsay.” court. Deputies had said during I Nowlin was characterized j the four-day trial that they were I again as a “braggart, maybe a blacked out a full city ^ block* app^ical)le lo teac^ng concerned Nowlin would cause a bully,’’ who might have lied ,    ,    ,    *    (courses    in physical education.” I “Great Tragedy” disturbance if found guilty of about the charged killing,    Thursday, when he poked nisi The partjcipants a]j wju be ATLANTA (UPI) - Former [the murder charge.    Credibility Attacked    nose into a transformer bushing mPmbers of volunteer leaders secretary of State Dean Rusk While tho events in the court;    .    (on a 13.800-volt electric trans- clubs throughout the Mid- sajd Friday that the resigna- room were taking place, Now-j Several    state    witnesses    were|mission line>    America    YMCA region,    which    (ion    of President    Nixon    was    “a The tranformer is located be-!stretches    as far west as    Mon-.great    tragedy    and    a    human lion after 6 Sunday and parish hind St. Luke's hospital, a tana-    tragedy for Mr. Nixon and his {scripture at 8 at Kramers Training    sessions will be family.” a _ lr    UMC    ako    arpupH    that    a I block that was without electrics I    Y,MLA siatr me*nDers’    Ray (asked to speak to his two court-Lf ‘ht» ‘ jiS have tXn olacelty between 11:57 a.m. and 12:27 Homer of Clinton and Bill Stein 'appointed attorneys, who had' s^vev's death and ha^ tn.. however, was near Mercy »f Djvenport. ialready left and was transport-Hf * herveys oeaui, ana tna ,    affected    was    ()tber    instructors    at    the    con- 1 airtitll, ana was inwispuii thg tepnagcr may have been ac- “0fPHai- area atreueci    was    Pncaii nN .cidentallv    shot    in    the    back    of    between Sixth and Seventh ave- Hong Kong never checked in (Anamosa at 6 p.m. by two Linnjthe    hoa(j    The defense    attorney    nue and Scvcnth and    A not!street SE. Mercy hospital was not affect-,karate    instructor    at    the    Ellis    V; od, the spokesman said, but St.    Beulah    Gundling,    Cedar    Rapids. Luke’s did lose power for aboutbo will    teach Aquatic    Arts; 15 seconds due to the mishap. George Hery, Cedar Rapids, The Cargill soybean mill    was    0 VV*P    teach gymnastics; convicted felons” who it was To Reformatory a ter, Nowlin reportedly imnlioH focfifiod aeainct Nowlin i sP°kesman for lowa Electric Faming sessions will o implied testified against Now Ii    under    the    direction    of    two    low . rn return for favors by he state. '« an“ '    ^• ' a'd'(™|YMCA staff members. Ka; Dyersville. because of video technical problems. But ABC wasn't alone. * * * NBC had similar initial difficulties. After the speech, all three networks aired live reports assessing the public mood — but offering surprisingly few man-in-the-street interviews. All broadcast live coverage of Ford’s brief speech to newsmen outside his home in Alexandria, Va. Public TV, which stuck mainly to the studio, except for a Lay-Fayette Park “remote.” didn't air the Ford speech live. Interviews with various political figures flashed on and off the network TV screens throughout the night, which for CBS ended at about 12:30 a.m. and NBC and ABC about 90 minutes later ed to the men’s reformatory at by two [.inn county deputies.    asked    the    jury    if    they had It was a solemn jurv that r°-,"hPard ^ hunters being ac-turned the verdict against.Now- cidcWaliy shot -tin. On leaving the courthouse. (|e a|so sajd |hc knj(e wounds jury Foreman Jacobson de-|migh( have been made by Sor. vey himself in a struggle with Nowlin. “The fact that it was in Axtell, judo instructor at Central Y, Tom Hronik. c u rn s t a n t i a I evidence pro- while, he said. He said he did not know the to the de- condition of the squirrel. Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWt-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, lowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Friday Night 11:3(1 4 —Rock Concert ill 12:00 h OII 7- News. Weathe- Sots 9 Eyewitness News 2- Action News J News, Weather. Sots 4 News, Weather, Sots (i -6 O Clock Edition 8 News. Sots Weather IO News,Weather, Sots 12- Aviation Weather 13 Eyewitness News Newsline -Midnight Soeciai - Creature Feature Man Beast Lost Word Midnight Sdpctai Midnight Soerial Midnight Soeaa Jetsons Superstar Mo. Pebbles Suoerstor Mo, Pebbles jetsom Pebbles Jetson', Jetsons Superstar Mo. iclined to comment on the delib-leration. “I’d rather not talk 'about it,” he said. “It was ai (new experience for all of us. I d just rather not say anything." ,duced_.. acoordlng , While waiting for the Jury s , fenSe counsel    ----- decision, chief prosecutor and    ^    so    YEARS    AGO    —    The    Red Asst. Linn County Atty. Eugene    “Loses    Cool”    army    tightened    a    noose    around Kopecky said that he “might He attempted to rule out pre- German Baltic forces estimated not try a case again’ it some- meditation on the ground that at more than 20 divisions and thing less than a first-degree;--you don’t ponder in a fight."js rn a s h e d a deeper wedge j conviction was handed down. He I He continued by saying that through Poland toward German (commented that anything less (bowlin was a “hot headed guy (Silesia. ; would be “an injustice.’’    -——- Closing Argument In closing arguments Thurs-j day afternoon. Kopecky reiterated the contentions raised! throughout the four-day trial! (that Nowlin “willfully, dobber-1 : ately and with premeditation j committed the murder” of Ser-j Ivey. i He reminded the jury that six witnesses had testified that ] Nowlin had admitted the killing. : And. he said, Nowlin “had a* considerable amount of time to; iinflict 34 stab wounds, time to hit Michael Servey and time to; (shoot him — he had time to -think.'' “It would be impossible to1 (commit an act like that and make statements about it with- also knocked out of service for a Mary Beth Ormiston, V\ ate! loo; Bonita Richards. Fargo. N.D.; Free Skate $ Mon., Aug. 12 I P.M. 'Til IO P.M. 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Brit K rift* Times Times Keith Keith Street W< Keith Addoms F ar Yogi s Gong ■ Sob r mo Yogi s Gang Sabr mo Addams Far Sabr ma Addams Far Addoms Far Yogi s Gang Bonanza Bandstand Children s Festival Bandstand Children s Festival Laredo - Childr en $ Festival Outdoors Wrestling Bandstand 12:3ft IO — N I I IMI MIMI Super I 'awa Shr Football iowa Shr Foofbati lowa Shr F not ba I 8 IMI tho NB< CBS Movie "Christmas I rot CBS Movie ' Christmas Ttee NBC Movie "Limbo ' • CBS Move ■'Christmas Tree NBL Movie - 8:30 1J NR’ 8; 3ft 9 IMI Toma Toma Sigmui Lassie Favor i • Lassie Fa 9 IMI 9:3ft 9 - PGA Highlights 3 PG A Highlights 40 PCA Highlights Fay rite Martians und rite Martians und und HMH! 7 News, Weather, Spts. 9- Eyewitness News 2 Aition News 3- Newsbeot 4 News. Weather, Sots. A IOO Clock Edition I - News. Sets, Weather 12 Day at Night 13—Eyewitness News 40 Newsline 19:39 7 — I anight 9—Creature Feature — "Captive Wild Woman ' 2— Movie — Pressure Point ‘ 3—Wide World of Entertainment 4 - Wild Wild West 6—Tonight I- CBS Movie- "Dracula Has Risen F rom the Grove1' IO Tonight 12--Ingmar Bergman Films 13— Tonight 40 Wide World of Cruel tuinmenf 9:3ft jeanme Jeanme Goober Jeanme Pink Panther Jeanme Pink Panther Pink Panther Goober 111 IMI Star Trek Brady Kids Speed Buggy Brady Kids •Speed Buggy 5tar Trek Speed Buggy Star Trek Star Trek Brady Kids 6 Baseball % Orioles Twins Movie Old f ashioned Way Baseball Or.oles I wins Baseball 40- Orioles Twins Roller Gomes 2:00 40 Car and T'ar * 2:3ft ’ Wide World of 40 Wide World of 3:10 8 Movie 4:0ft i Porter Wagoner 9 PCA Golf Move 3 "Great Missour Raid PCA GM 4 Bible 6 Movie IO ■ Adventures of MoiM Baba Bonania I'J Mlsftrooer % 13 Consultation 40- PGA Golf Ul) Wrestling 8 - Untamed World 12- Sesame Street ; ; Police Story 5:0ft 4 jimmy Dean 8 Jimmy Dean IO Jimmy Dean iowa Talent • pts. 10:3(1 7—Butch Cassidy 9 Mission Magic I Josie and Pussycats 3— Mission Mogic 4 Josie and Pussycats A Butch Cassidy 8 Josie and Pussycats 10 Butch Cassidy 11 Butch Cassidy 40 Mission Magic 30 40 NBG News ABC News CBS News ABC News CBS News NBC News CBS News NBC News • Electric Compar NBC News ABC News pick a pack of picnic packers Picnic Packer #1 For only $5.49 you get... 10 pieces of chicken 2 pts. salad (your choice) 6 rolls 4 paper cups 4 napkins 4 sporks (fork/spoon) 1 table cloth 2 family size Cokes special picnic bag Picnic Packer #2 For only $8.49 you get... 15 pieces of chicken 3 pts. salad (your choice) 12 rolls 8 paper cups 8 napkins 8 sporks 1 table cloth 3 family size Cokes special picnic bag Fried thicken Visit The Colonel And Have A Barrel of Fun • 1435 1st Av*. 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