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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thp Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., August 6, 1974 "Serious Omission"—Nixon WASHINGTON (AP) -Here is tile text of a written statement issued Monday by President Nixon: I have today instructed my attorneys to make available to the house judiciary committee, and I am making public, the transcripts of three conversations with H. R. Hal-deman on June 23. 1972. I have also turned over the tapes of these conversations to Judge Sirica, as part of the process of my compliance with the supreme court ruling. On April 29, in announcing my decision to make public the original set of White House transcripts, I stated that “as far as what the President personally knew and did with regard to Watergate and the cover-up is concerned, these materials — together with those already made available — will tell it all.” May Review Shortly after that, in May, I made a preliminary review of some of the 64 taped conversations subpoenaed by the special prosecutor. Among the conversations I listened to at that time were two of those of June 23. Although I recognized that these presented potential problems, I did not inform my staff or my counsel of it, or those arguing my case, nor did I amend my submission to the judiciary committee in order to include and reflect it. At the time, I did not realize the extent of the implications which these conversations might now appear to have. As a result, those arguing my case, as well as those passing judgment on the case, did so with information that was incomplete and in some respects erroneous. < This was a serious act of omission for which I take fun responsibility and which I deeply regret. Since the supreme court’s decision 12 days ago, I have ordered my counsel to analyze the 64 tapes, and I have listened to a number of them myself. This process has made it clear that portions of the tapes of these June 23 conversations are at variance with certain of my previous statements. Therefore, I have ordered the transcripts be made available immediately to the judiciary committee so that they can be reflected in the committee’s report, and included in the record to be considered by the house and senate. In a formal written statement on May 22 of last year, I said that shortly after the Watergate breakin I became concerned about the possibility that the FBI investigation might lead to the exposure either of unrelated covert activities of the CIA, or of sensitive national security matters that the so-called plumbers unit at the White House had been working on, because of the CIA and plumbers connections of some of those involved. “Alert FBI” I said that I therefore gave instructions that the FBI should be alerted to coordinate with the CIA, and to ensure that the investigation not expose these sensitive national security matters. That statement was based on my recollection at the time — some ll months later ' plus documentary materials and relevant public testimony of those involved. The June 23 tapes clearly show, however, that at the time I gave those instructions I also discussed the political aspects of the situation, and that I was aware of the advantages this course of action Cyprus Truce Signing Delay; Fighting Flares By United Press International Turkish and Greek Cypriot forces exchanged fire along Cyprus’ embattled northern coast Tuesday and Turkey said its forces repulsed a Greek armored assault west of the key northern port of Kyrenia. As the fighting flared, military representatives from the two sides postponed the signing of a breakthrough agreement on lentative cease-fire lines. A U. N. official said the Greek delegate delayed the signing ceremony for nearly two hours to receive last minute instructions from his government. New Round U. N. sources said Greek and Anger at Cyprus Exclusion Implied In Soviet Article MOSCOW (AP) - The Soviet Union Tuesday called on the; U.S. to abide by its commitment to work with Moscow in settling international military conflicts. There was a suggestion that the Kremlin was miffed at being ignored during the Cyprus crisis. The note of dissatisfaction over the working relationship between the White House and; the Kremlin came in a Pravda analysis of President Nixon’s Moscow summit meeting this summer with Leonid Brezhnev. Tho article contained lengthy praise for past Soviet-American efforts to resolve crucial international problems such as the war in Vietnam, the West Berlin issue and last October’s Middle East war. The Cyprus crisis was not on the list. Instead, the leading Communist party daily merely declared the Soviet government had been “true to its principled” policy and demanded the return to power of Archbishop Makarios, whose ouster as Cyprus’ president precipitated the crisis on the island. The analysis said: “The U S. must act in conformity with the Soviet-U.S. communique, which placed on record that the USSR and U.S.A. have set themselves an important joint goal of contributing to the elimination of the existing and the prevention of the emergency of new seats of military conflicts.” The Soviet Union previously expressed displeasure over the West’s handling of the Cyprus crisis, but the Pravda article was the first time the Kremlin publicly castigated Washington for not following the terms of the Nixon-Brezhnev communique. Turkish delegates postponed the signing and began a new round of talks. Tile new' outbreak of fighting occurred in the area of Kavaras and Lapithos, two towns on the island’s northern coast where sporadic fighting has erupted over the past week. In Ankara, the military head-I quarters said Turkish army I units on Cyprus repulsed a Greek Cypriot armored assault west of Kyrenia, the northern port where Turkish forces es-j tablished a beachhead during the July 20th invasion. The announcement said the Greeks attacked behind a barrage of artillery and mortar fire, but were turned back. “Our units have stopped the Greek assault,” it said. “The cease-fire is once again in force on Cyprus.” Not Implemented In Nicosia, Turkish Cypriot Defense Minister Osman Orck* said the second round of the Geneva conference on Cyprus would not start as scheduled Thursday because provisions of a July 30 agreement had not been implemented. The agreement seeks not only the establishment of U. N. j buffer zones but the freeing of thousands of hostages held by both sides. “It is not practical to start political talks with half the Turkish Cypriot population held as political hostages.” Drek said. In Athens, Greece threatened to boycott future full scale negotiations in Geneva unless given safeguards against fresh Turkish violation of the truce. would have with respect to limiting possible public exposure of involvement by persons connected with the reelection committee. My review of the additional tapes has so far shown no other major inconsistencies with what I have previously submitted. While I have no way at this stage of being certain that there will not be others, I have no reason to believe that there will be. In any case, the tapes in their entirety are now in the process of being furnished to Judge Sirica. He has begun what may be a rather lengthy process of reviewing the tapes, passing on specific claims of executive privilege on portions of them, and forwarding to the special prosecutor those tapes or those portions that are relevant to the Watergate investigation. It is highly unlikely that this review will be completed in time for the house debate. It appears at this stage, however, that a house vote of impeachment is, as a practical matter, virtually a foregone conclusion, and that the issue will therefore go to trial in the senate. In order to ensure that no other significant relevant materials are withheld, I shall voluntarily furnish to the senate everything from these tapes that Judge Sirica rules should go to the special prosecutor. I recognize that this additional material I am now furnishing may further damage my case, especially because attention will be drawn separately to it rather than to the evidence in its entirety. In considering its implications, therefore, I urge that two points be borne in mind. The first of these points is to remember what actually happened as a result of the instructions I gave on June 23. Acting Director Gray of the F BI did coordinate with Director Helms and Deputy Director Walters of the CIA. The CIA did undertake an extensive check to see whether any of its covert activities would be compromised by a full FBI investigation of Watergate. Reports Back Deputy Director Walters then reported back to Mr. Gray that they would not be compromised. On July 6, when I called Mr. Gray, and when he expressed concern about improper attempts to limit his investigation, as the record shows, I told him to press ahead vigorously with his investigation — which he did. The second point I would urge is that the evidence be looked at in its entirety and the events be looked at in perspective. Whatever mistakes I made in the handling of Watergate the basic truth remains that, when all the facts were brought to my attention, I insisted on a full investigation and prosecution of those guilty. I am firmly convinced that , the record, in its entirety, j does not justify the extreme step of impeachment and removal of a President. I trust I that, as the constitntional process goes forward, this perspective will prevail. '(rlif (fedivr HttpuU CbvicHe Established fn IMI bv The Goiette Co. and published dally and Sunday al SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa $2400. Second class postage paid at Cedar Rapids. io*o. Subscription rotes by carrier 9$ cents a week Bv moll: Night Edition and Sunday 0 Issues ti 75 a month. S39 OO a year: Af-ternoon Editions and Sunday 7 Issues S3 IS a month. $40 OO a year. Other states and U S. territories too OO a year. No Wail Subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled elusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed In this newspaper as wet) as ail AP news dispatches. “WDOh FOOD STORES SUPER SPECIALS LAND O'LAKES —PLASTIC JUG MILK M $119 Gat. Swift’s Premium (BV    ■    »    V. fill %# tie SLICED BOLOGNA 69 806-34th. Street S.E. 225 Edgewood Rd. N.W. I 944-42nd Street N.E. Saudis Want To Decrease Price, Oil Chief Says BONN. Germany (AP) — Saudi Arabia wants to cut its oil prices to head off a worldwide recession, Saudi Oil Minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani was quoted as saying Tuesday. “We in Saudi Arabia are convinced that the oil prices rose more strongly than they should have. We thus favor a price reduction,” the German magazine Quick quoted him as saying in an interview. “In Iran and other production nations, in contrast to us, there are calls for further price increases. We, however, are convinced that forcing up oil prices will shatter the world’s economic order and cause a worldwide recession.” Yamani said if the Arab world wanted industrialization with the help of Western nations, “we cannot endanger this at the same time.” Senate Probe Doubts End to Vietnam War WASHINGTON (AP) - A staff report to the senate foreign relations committee says the war in Vietnam is likely to con tinue as long as outside powers support the opposing sides. Two investigators suggested that the key to “a real ceasefire” would lie in an agreement among the U. S., Russia and China for a drastic reduction in military assistance to both 'South and North Vietnam. Progress Unlikely “Left to their own devices, the parties to the Vietnamese conflict appear unlikely to make any progress toward a lasting settlement,” the report said. In the absence of an outside effort, the investigators saw' no end in sight to U. S. military and economic aid as long as the maintenance of the South Vietnamese government remains a U. S. policy objective. The report of staff investigators Richard Moose and Charles Meissner, based on inspection in Saigon in May, was made public Monday by Committee Chair man Fulbright (D-Ark.). They said at least 80,000 Vietnamese were killed in continued lighting iii 1973 despite a ceasefire agreement signed in Paris in January. The investigators said U. S. officials see no prospect of phasing out the U. S. military aid program, expected to amount to $1 billion this year. U. S. Provides They said the U. S. provides virtually all of the supplies and equipment used by the million-man South Vietnamese military. They said the $750 million proposed by the Nixon administration for economic aid this year basically is a continuation of the policy of supporting the Vietnamese economy with outside resources to fill fiscal and trade deficits. “With a few exceptions,” they slid, “South Vietnamese officials tend to view their eco nomic problem as a function solely of how much assistance th(' ll. S. congress will provide.” I The report accused the I S. embassy iii Saigon of bias | toward the South Vietnamese! government and sometimes) withholding significant, information in relaying reports to Washington. “One consistent pattern which emerges from a study of these reports is the embassy’s tendency to play down or to ig nore obvious cease fire violations by the South Vietnamese armed forces,” the investigators said Graham Martin, U. S. ambassador in Saigon, told the committee at a hearing July 25 that information sometimes is deleted in state department reports if it already has been reported through defense department and Central Intelligence Agency channels. Meany Pledges Support to Ford CHICAGO (AP) - AFL-CIO President George Meany says trade unions would support Vice-president Ford if President Nixon were impeached or resigned from office. Meany told newsmen Monday it would bi’ better for the nation if Nixon resigned rather than wait for impeachment to run its course because a possible senate trial would aggravate an already bad economy. He said the ills of inflation would be cured faster by resignation than by impeachment because of what he described as a lack of confidence and integrity in the President. Meany e,aid he thought labor could get along with Ford. 30 YEARS AGO — Premier Mikolajczyk’s Polish coalition government was reported to have the approval of Stalin. 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