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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat-L Aug. 3, 1974 n u” 1    ^    y    %    »wr    r Mayor Finds Enemies Come with Job Shades of Tom Sawyer As temperatures soared in California's upper Sacramento Valley earlier this week, young Adam Raimer dressed himself like Tom Sawyer, outfitted his dog with some cut off blue denims and headed for the old fishin hole. The pair won a blue ribbon at the local Tehama County fair in the children s pet parade in Red Bluff, Calif. By loin Baker I TH V \ Y (AIM - When Kdvv .in! 11 ii ii ll a w .is elected mayor of lins city seven months aye he found that "I had no friends, no enemies — I inst had a int) lo do Since then the 51 year-old outspoken, populist mayor has made picots of both Hanna claims N7 percent of the people are behind him. yet he continually finds himself .it odds with the city council, the ('(lumber of Commerce mid the c ity s two newspapers “People's Government” I nca s first independent mayor since IHNS, Hanna luis oast aside tradition and the es-iablished -political structure iii fax or of a straight forward, nothing - swept-under-the-rng "people s government.'' The gravelly-voiced mayor who was born and reared here and says he didn't go past the loth grade, claims he's obligated to no one and says that “no politician, no news. paper, no ‘Chamber of no Commerce* is going to scare me off.” lh1 says he is working first and foremost for "the little guy ’’ Hanna s opponents accuse him of everything from one-man government tit erratic behavior They say he is unable to delegate authority and changes policy from day to day. “Lousy Town” Hanna replies "I took this job because I was thoroughly disillusioned with the phonies and the bluebloods and the fakers in this city who did nothing for the people Ifs J time to stop playing games ■ We Ae got to look at ourselves a^ a community in trouble. The sooner we do the sooner we’ll get this lousy town back on its feet.” Mid-Year Right Time for Tax Planning By Sylvia Porter NKW VORK - Nearly 2.000,000 of you overpay your federal income taxes each tear because of mathematical errors — an utterly silly waste of your own money which the U. S. government does not welcome and tries to avoid At the last reporting date covering individual returns filed in 1972. one of every 17 returns had a mathematical error. Included were 1.900.000 taxpayers who had overpaid their income taxes to the tune of a hefty $158 million. But that’s only part of the tale, for the fact is that additional millions overpay in ways that go far beyond mistakes in arithmetic If these taxpayers would only take the trouble to understand the tax laws better, they could substantially reduce their tax bills The proper time for my annual how - to-slash-your-in-eome - taxes - before - the -yearend series is the fall and I plan to discuss it then But now, in mid year, says P. K Seidman. senior consultant of the international accounting firm of Seidman & Seidman, “is the time to start planning intelligently and the way to do that is to look at what taxpayers failed to do. or did incorrectly last year, and build on that ” Sylvia Porter Excellence in Food and Entertainment * NOW PLAYING UPSTAIRS AT YORGO S JAN BIGGER AT THE BABY GRAND Playing Nitely 5-8 pm DOWNSTAIRS AT YORGO S “SPECIAL DELIVERY” (FORMERLY TRIO 70) FRIDAY & SATURDAY Ending in August NO COVER CHARGE CONTINENTAL DINING 530 ll PM orgoi More specifically . Seidman suggests these guidelines Try now to estimate what your income will be in 1974 and if possible, to form some idea of what your income might be in 1975. This will tell you whether to attempt to increase your income during the balance of tin1 year or shift it to next year — a sort of do-it-yourself income averaging The objective is to even out your tax brackets if you have a wildly fluctuating income. Don't he a conformist on your allowable deductions For instance, says Seidman. “if this year is loaded with income. prepay such items a> your state income taxes, real estate taxes and interest on loans Build up your income or reduce your expenses to protect any net operating loss deduction With a three-year loss carryback and a five-year loss carry-forward, the use of a loss you incurred in 1989 expires in 1974 lf you have a paper loss on securities but you want to maintain your position in the industry, take the loss ami switch into other companies doing a similar business so you can share in any rebound in the stock market ll this. is a low income year for you. it may Im* a fine time to pick up income from Series F bonds you hold Assuming you are a cash-basis taxpayer (which nearly all of us are), you can elect the way to report the annual increment in interest — treat the increase in redemption value as income in each year as the increase occurs. or include in income the entire increment in value at maturity or other disposition of the bonds. You can change to annual reporting with a pickup of all the accumulated interest at any time without seeking government permission lf you’re now planning your charitable contributions for the year, carefully consider taking full advantage of the tax laws by giving securities on which you have capital gains You will pay no tax on the gains and if you are a high bracket taxpayer. you actually can wind up cash ahead lf you are holding what is now next to worthless stock, try to make an actual sale of it. even for pennies Otherwise. you will Ih> required to present "outside criteria for proof of total worthlessness,’’ cautions Seidman Do not waste your medical expense deduction —■ which is available only to the extent that the expenses exceed 3 percent of your adjusted gross income Try to concentrate your payments in a year which will enable you to exceed the 3-per-cent limitation Think this through Should | - Sentenced Man Really Moves Car SAN DIRGO ( AIM - A judge gave a Bakersfield, Calif man four hours to move his ear before reporting to lad But thr man. Johnnie lories. 28 apparently moved his ear too fur — he failed to report to the jail Judge Hugo Fisher issued a $5 900 bench warrant for his arrest pay ments he accelerated into 1974 or should you try to postpone payments to 1975 ’ lf your controlled corporation has a medical payment plan and pays all these hills, the corporation has a full deduction and the payment is not income to you. Do not overlook such legitimate deductions as fees paid for investment serv ices and other costs for market advice. Keep track of these expenses through the year so you have the figures at hand when you fill out vour return in 1975 SUNDAY NOON TO IO P.M. .ocm1 Every Sat 5 30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.96 per person Children under IO, $3.04 Root! Round of krl, Stroganoff, Salad*,    Detwts Grant Wood Kitchen Our New Czech Heritage Display /iii fit /< fj ti? a a/J Til 5431 32$ I WASH!MOTON >WA city Convenient parking in our ramp [DOWNTOWN ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL cum nuns, iota Chimney Traps Skinny Santa’ SAN JOSE. ( alif (I PI) -John Lopez. 24 was lucked out of his parents’ home after midnight so he slid down the chimney He didn t make it Firemen worked two hours to pump him hack up the chimney with a jack after he was caught, inches from success. just above the damper. “I couldn’t believe it.” said Fire (’apt. Hon I .ane "I looked iii from the top and all I could see was his head And from the bottom all I could see were two feet wiggling.” The sooty Lopez, who stands 5-5 and weighs HO pounds, was not injured. Trophy Lounge prrsrats WEBESTERJ0N playing this Saturday evening SII H Street SW \ sign on the wall behind Hit* mayor s desk proclaims, l ins city government belongs to the people The last talking Hanna has opened lits office lo everyone "I’ve had reporters come ut here who helped inc open nix ma ll and left w it Ii a bettcr story than thev were after,” Hanna says Ile had flu’ door to his office removcd for severat months, hut later had it reinstalled because ”1 was getting tim many drunks in here who slowed me tip t oilet Tissue Pleas No issue is too petty to warrant Hanna s personal attention He is. by Ills ow ii definition, “a tireless, hard worker” who regularly lolls 1H hours a day and commands tin' same kind of dedication from those who work for him His office is often jammed with everyone from citizens concerned about his health to thost* complaining of no toilet I issue at a city playground restroom The may or is a vveall liv . self-made business man who says la' made his money from such diverse interests as a rope factory a photo equipment factory and |>romotion al photo vending machines Ile takes home only $1 of his $2(1,IMM! annual salary and has been known lo write personal cheeks to cover city expenses Fired 225 Hanna didn t waste any time setting in motion Ills "people s government ” In his first three weeks in til flee, he cut 225 employes from the city payroll aller he found their work could be done more efficiently by fewer person* More recently lie predicted tilt' city would wmd up in tilt1 black at the end of tilt' year and city taxpayers would realize a healthy tax reduction — tilt* first tax cut in a non-election year in 28 years. Hanna’s prediction was a welcome announcement in tins central New York city, the fourth-highest taxed city iii the state, vv here unemploy mc ut stands at about 12 percent aud economic growth long has been at a near standstill Promises Bioken ? Hanna at one time banned tape recorders from all news conferences He also ordered that all questions from news men Im* iii writing aud sigma!, and he would then answer them iii vs riling Those policies have disappeared and during one week lie held five news conferences Some critics claim the mayor is nut keeping his campaign promises, rutting that he promised monthly employe seminars and public announcements on the hiring of employes Critics say he has not conducted the seminars and Ins only announcements about employes concern firings Although no formal plans have been revealed. Hanna has proposed several times tho construction of La Promenade. a European-flavored downtown project which Iii* envisions would have tm lo 99 commercial stores, residential houses and fountains But a survey showed ilia! Mica merchants favor a plan proposed by the Mohawk V aliev \ssoeiai ion for Progress, the new name for the area (’(lamber of < ommerce Political experience Although lie claims there Is "not one ounce of polities iii this city government.’' politics is not new to the may or IL* was elected last Nov ember vv it Ii les-, I hail 111 percent of the vote. defeating a Conservative and the H cpu hilt* ti n incumbent He say s lie s nevcr accepted a nickel from any body and that he financed his entire campaign for less than $5 oho Former Gov VV Vverell Harriman appointed Hanna to the Central New York park commission in 1955. and he was city parks commissioner from 1958-811 He was elected as a Democrat to the state assembly In 1985, but hist a bid for re-election. Protecting Individual With Pancake i By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) -Senator Thomas Eagleton has introduced a bill to revoke the regulation requiring installation of seat licit buzzers and interlocks in new cars “It is one thing to protect society against the imprudent or criminal acts of an individual.” the Missouri Democrat said in his introductory remarks. "But it is quite another to attempt to protect the individual against himself "Carried to its extreme, that principle could justify federal intervention in such personal affairs of citizens as I heir diet, their recreational activities or lack of thereof, and even the movies they watch.” Dick West I'm not sure what type of intervention Eagleton had in mind. But in my mind his remarks conjured up something along this line: It is early morn iii the Fur-mils Auug household. Mr. Auug has just sat down at the breakfast table. “Gina. what in tarnation is wrong with these pancakes?” , Greek Cartoonists Roast Deposed Military Rulers ATH FN S (AP) - After seven years of military dictatorship. Greece’s liberated newspaper cartoonists arc hav mg a field day. An edition of tho bi-weekly Paratiritis (Observer) featured ex-strongman George Papadopoulos — ousted las! November by another military man — in tiny shorts, muscles rippling, in a wrestler's pose. His wife. Despina, was in a micro-miniskirt with. a sash reading “Miss Democracy 1974 ’’ Soother cartoon in Paratiri-tis shows deposed King (ohs tantine offering Papadopoulos a large silver cup “tor winning the (areek dictatorship marathon His six and a half years was the longest rule of any Greek dictator since the modern state was founded in 1830 An evening daily showed Papadopoulos’ deputy premier Nicholas Makarezos arid one of his appointees holding candles at a church service. The cap- SAT. NIGHT LOOK! Lyn County lion read “At their own funeral." There was strict press censorship under the military dictatorship. and even under the new civilian government of Premier Constantine Cara-manlis police control of newspapers has not entirely disappeared. But the new government apparently does not object to ridicule of the old military dictators Many cartoons now focus on the emblem of the old dictatorship. a phoenix rising from the ashes with a soldier at arms. The emblem, which decorated all public buildings. has been ordered removed by the now government ii ii MODERN COUNTRY MUSIC OPIN 9 2 Don Geater, Bob Ti ichor FIREPLACE LOUNGE HIAWATHA AIR CONDITIONED—NO COVER “I didn't know anything was wrong with them.” “Well, every time I try to take a bite they start buzzing ’’ "So they do. Have you bud your vitamins today?” “Not yet.” “Then that explains it Every new box of pancake batter mix has a buzzer system to warn consumers when they aren’t getting enough v itamins Take Vitamins “The buzzing means that pancakes alone won’t give you the minimum breakfast requirement. Take a couple of these vitamin supplements and the buzzing will stop." “Never mind. The pancakes are cold now anyway. I think LII have a bowl of cornflakes instead . . . confound it! Ican’t get the box open “Of course not, dum-dum Those corn flakes have the new box top interlock that prevents the lid from opening until the automatic calorie-counter is activated. ” When Auug, 45 minutes late to work, finally gets to the shop and punches in on the time clock, an alarm sounds. Whereupon the federal recreation inspector rushes up. Too Many Hours “No work for you today, he says “That alarm means you bove spent too many hours on the job lately and should take some time off for recreation.” “But I need the money ’’ “Sorry. sir. regulations are regulations. Why don’t you go sec a good movie ’” Auug makes his way to the Bijou and buys a ticket to ‘ Deep Throat” But as he turns away from the box office. tin* ticket self-destructs. An usher explains that under new federal regulations tickets to X-rated films an* chemically treated to react to color changes in the skin. Persons who start blushing even before they enter the theater are considered too modest for admittance It’s the finest try our really Delicious PIZZA Skillfully prepared in one of Iowa’s most experienced Pizza Kitchens. Prompt service. ALSO ITALIAN BEEF OR HAM SANDWICHES NASO’S PIZZA HCUSE OPEN I SAS first Avenue SE - 363-9697 Daily, ll a.m.-I2 p.m. Fri. & Sat. TIU 2 a.m. — Sun. 4 to 12 p.m. SNEAK PREVIEW TO-NIGHT AT 7:40 P.M. METRO GOLDWYN-MAYER S NEW SPECTACULAR THAT YOU HAVE BEEN READING ABOUT IN THE NEWSPAPERS AND HEARING ABCjUT ON RADIO AND TELEVISION! STARRING FRID ASTAIRE • BING CROSBY • GENE KELLY • PETER LAWFORD LIZA MINNELLI • DONALD O’CONNOR • DEBBIE REYNOLDS \ / We’re Celebrating Our Pastor’s 6th Anniversary At Our Church Featured in our Service Will Be The Singing Sterk Family SAT. 7:011 P M, SLY 9:45 A M. DON R MARTIN. CASTOR THU SIK HK KAMIIA’ Everyone is Invited Our Sunday School Goal is 300 Free Bus Transportation - Phone 377-5032 GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH 140 South 15th Street, Marion, Iowa 4 I ;

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