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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa OFFICE HOURS The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat , Auk. 3. 1*74 PEANUTS AMANDA PANDA Beethoven DAS A BAD INFLUENCE! By MARCIA COURSi LOTS OF MUSICIANS NEVER 6ET MARRIED JMT BECAUSE beethoven never eof married THATS WHAT I CALL A PAD INFLUENCE'!! Saturday MORN I MG ' y    f I LOOKED OUT MW WMPOW    ,,A%. r "A , --    I AMO WHAT PIP I GEE7    -    p;, / / ' SIX SPEERS SPINNING,! ^    V.l(%    j. * "~ SHINV WESS, / y    '',"'1.......gYL. FlVE F^EGH FunnM-LOOKING FOOTPRINTS,    « Four Finely Featherep Finches,Three hovering Hummimg&irps Two gtuE Blossoms Pupping amp a pig^iack-amp-Veclow _©isf.w,w      Putting    Pum^lepee/ MOOSE IU BET VOO Set TIRED OF DOI MG HOUSEWORK! HEN Ny... > StACjfiafii / SORE WOOED » ‘ I UKE TO, V    V THOUGH.' y STEVE CANYON By MILTON CANIFF I FJ6UKEP THOSE PDINTy-TOED SANDALS WOULD HOLD A J KREIN- 6KAB QUEENIE - SHE'S (SOINO ^ TD JUMP ' CA^'T COMPLAIN OK AV, LOATMAN -GUN JI' y £11 By ED DODD THAT SCOTTY SNEAKED EJ' SHARON AWAY WHILE I WAS HELPING BIDDIE... jjgm* TLL SEE HIM WHEN ISKI HE RETURNS/ Bl PPI E !. ARE YOU HURT? twinkle cut MV ARM WITH HIS HOOF/ MARY WORTH By SAUNDERS AND ERNST WITH A BLISSFUL SMILE, ELSA UNLOCKS A DESK DRAWER AND TENDERLY LIFTS OUT A PHOTOGRAPH- BEETLE BAILEY By MORT WALKER BUT I MAYE A PATE W UM PUNNY/ I 3 J(J£T TOOM A ^ £MCWER/ WELL, UN-DMOWER/ beetle, were &HO&T A MAN ON £jARD DUTY TONIGHT. VOL'LL MAYE , TC* OO.    /1 Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section BUZ SAWYER DARK AS YHHH PITCH... GOTTA I v . Wm&k. a/" .. . Bv ROY CRANE "i've found a secret ^ PASSAGE INTO THE OLD , PIRATE'S HOUSE. ^ NANCY AND SOME CANDLESi * WELL, PANG MV I I?    DING    I    ES/... Jpf( I*    AND    A    BOY    OF \matches; Wk ^ IL. A DOOR ^ TOO/ . YOU CAN SPIN * YOUR OWN J m ^KNITTING/ (HSkYARN/ v IT MUST BE A NEW INVENTION I JUST SAW A NEW WONDERFUL HOME APPLIANCE WHATS THIS? SHE LF/ WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP Answer to Previous Puzzle Bv WAI T DISNEY Globetrotting SHOULD If ^ ( FORTUNATELY _ S Tm a dog! r SOMETIMES you DON'T EVEN ACT 7 HUMAN! r ACROSS    37 der ma n    IR IAI Nj A I—Vinas. New articles    ILLLJij' Mexico    :I9 Mud    *• • •"r I 4 Nevada city    40 Existed    QiTffijB 3 Baba and    41 Detective    Stalk IS others •    bomb 12 Yemenite robe    42 Consiellatmn    IpIAIl ll 13 Verbal    45 Achilles    OIMIA H 14 U S com    captive    p c. y e Ii Ear off 'comb    4^ Compress    IsY/aV I or id)    51 WVWI group 15 Shared by two    tab * 18 Kenton in the    52    Brink    *    Ireland llkraine    53    Keinmme    8 Italian en 20 Noted fabulist    suttix    ~    Palm leal 21 Adult male 54 Ana inst    <var » 22 •— of tile Rising    55 Suiihsavet    HIVitonm Sun    56 lawyer s    "'tan** 24 Declines    cha rues    H    Hawauar 26 Become    57 Lands ——,    garland' submerged    England    B* Pieposrti 27 Jamaican    ll    Pace product    17    More olle 30 Clergyman    DOMS 32 (Brl s na im*    I Coins ut laity ta I®    * 'audio 34 Baltimore bird    2    Encourage    23    IY*kei 'la 35 Expunger    3 Thessalian    24    N)l(' I** ' 36Caribbean, lot    l iver    25    I neb8ms instance    4 Bird    26    ,s*^(*u    ( ■ Nfc'WSl’AI'KK FNTKHI’HISF: “I wonder if that bear s mounted head understands your growling any better than I do?” DICK TRACY By CHESTER GOULD GRIN AND BEAR IT NO, I WONT NEED THIS. I HAVE A BETTER IDEA. By AL CAPP LIL ABNER WINGS HAV£ FBATHB* 6 OUT, VOU IF HIS CHEF LEFT A~ -SHUPpgjp. "-QUIVez-FEATHER ON HIS -r grouse— V WHAT FLSe WOULD A SANES MAN RO WINGS OF SONG - "You'll hove to compromise, Junior! . crom Monday to Friday it's your tree house ... on weekends it's Daddy's Comp David!" Bv LEONARD STARR ON STAGE IP THC&€'S ANYTHING Cise YOU WANT TO KNOY/, POH'T c -I . ne si rAre to c IHL , PUL Hie/ A IT /5?0M... THATS Rl&HT IT /S'... r-< BLONDIE BOY the cost OF LIVING KEEPS gong up - ! /) AI HAVEN T BEEN TO *• ( A FAR V , L ATELY- • -t "d* Bv CHICK YOUNG r I LL bet all.the | |( CHICKENS are wearing J MINK FEATHERS r jCASH! EF ;

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