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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa lnftA,0N.Al    W*VICl    tOtlCAil    to    7am    IST    -1-7+ JU DO \    \    TA    J    'I    A    AA 3Q0C DEATHS I’he Cedar Rapids Gazette; Fri., A us us! 2, 1074 Urban renewal UH WI AlHtl f OIOCASI ® Rain is expected Friday night -from central Texas, northeastward through the mid and upper Mississippi valley and into the lakes area. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. man, SH, Dubuque. Saturday at 10:30, St. Paul’s Catholic church, Worthington. Rosary: Friday at 8. Kramer’s, Dyersville. Joseph C. Modracek .Joseph C. Modracek, 71, of 3112 Pebble drive SW, died Thursday following a sudden illness. He had been a lifelong resident of Cedar Rapids. Born July 5, 1903, at Cedar Rapids, he was married to irene parcel of unsold urban renewal A, Adkison Oct. 20, 1928, at Cedar Rapids. He was employed by the Cedar Rapids Communi-! ty school system for 30 years. Mr. Modracek was a member of IZCBJ l/xige 91, and the Iowa Federation of Teachers. Surviving are his wife; a daughter, Mrs. Richard Reger, Ames; a son, Robert C Modra-jcek, Woodland Hills, Calif.; a I sister, Mrs. Jerry Savel, Cedar Rapids; six grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. Arrangements are pending at Cedar Memorial funeral home. Burial:    Cedar Memorial. Renewal Land Dobbin Named Up for Sale ^op Candlda+e Youth Accused of Beating Third Time tJ?    Elderly    Couple,    Robbery Norris Dobbin, 3853 Clark board r0,ld    Thursday night was Terry Dye, 18, of 1347 B ave-1 beaten when Mrs. Hladky, 89, Others Arrested Friends may call at the funeral!said he believes the primary home after I pm. Sunday, reason no bids were received Friends may, if they wish, do- was the same reason the city nate to Camp Hood Health or a was unable to complete the orig-charity of their choice. Infant Robertson Derek Todd Robertson, infant be graded. son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. The lines are being taken out members and city planners are    SP ('c ed as    Republican can-    nue    wantPd jn connection    awakened shortly before    3 a.rn hoping the third time will be a    I K'* ,.rr . 'J    , rcPrpson,a,IV(’    with    the severe beating of a    June 12 to    find someone    in the charm concerning the last large ‘coni the 25th district.    couple    in their home and an darkened bedroom Dobbin 38 a former instruc-armed robbery, was arrested The intruder beat her, then land    tor at    McKinley junior high    Friday while sleeping    in    a    sto-    her husband, 71, and fled with The board recommended Fri-    school,    was named at a legisla-    ]Cn car.    the money Dye apparently left day that the city council open    live convention of 25th district    j^ye was plcked up at 9:57    town after    the Hladky incident, bids on the parcel Sept. ll    committeemen    and women held    a m    Frjd jn fhp 38f)f) b]f)ck of    polire said The land, bounded by Fourth in Mt, Vernon.    yjne aVenue SF', after police Reports that Dye had restreet, Seventh    street, C avenue    The district includes nine Linn    were called to check on    two    per-    turned lo the citv were received and the future    route of 1-380 in    county    precincts, including four    sons sleeping in a car.    after he allegedly took part in c nor eas qua ran , was ion Cedar Rapids southeast.' police found Dye and Michael the holdup of the PDQ store under contract once to    two local    side, and seven townships    in    R Hanks, 22, Boulder, Colo., auto dealers, bul    the    deal    fell    Johnson county. Dobbin will    op-    asJe in the car> which was through when the    city    was    un-    poSP incumbent Democrat Rep    rerK)r1od]y stolen from Illinois.    The    other    two    persons    wanted able to deliver title.    John Patchett, North Liberty. Hanks was being held on a m holdup were arrested in Robert Danielson of North ,.bartfP of larceny of a motor ,ast    Dan    Crate* Liberty sought the Republican Chicle.    18, no address, was arrested last nomination in the 25th district    Two Warrants    ; Friday in Montrose, Colo., fol- by write-in, but failed to receive    U1    1(>wing car accident when he sufficient votes. Party officials 1}ye has ub(‘pn    ^ ^ showed police a driver’s license said he did    not    wish    to be    grants    charging him    w,th t;he|    (/)    ^    dprk    whosp named by the convention.    *all"8 12 of Mtr' and Mrs- was taken in the holdup. Dobbin was unsuccessful    irJ aI Hladky rn their home,|    colorado    authorities    recog- inal contract - steam and other:seeking the Republican    Craig    because    he    formerly utility lines in the property must lion for state    senator in    the nth    $850 from    a dresspr drawer. checking    dcteratoed"1hat"ther ivnr    The    second warrant charges drjver*g license was taken in the Ivor stanley.    pye with    participating    with two; holdup In accepting    the    COP    nomina-    other persons in the    July 18 Bids were invited a second time, but none werp received. Primary Reason Planning Director Don Salyer be relocated before the land can district He was defeated by The Weather Saturday at 1:30, St. John’s Lu Wallace E. Goodwin. Frederick! theran church. Martin Broth Waukon — Bessie Olson RO. Robertson, 8526 Asbury lane NE, now in conjunction with the A tjon in thc 25th representative armed robbery of the PDQ til av of I * jI A VI lAhn’e I    .    ..    .    .    i        -    _     i___a ........•    ...    a.    .    ...    J High temperatures Thursday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation: Anchorage 42 $2 L. Angeles 13 43 Atlanta (eel .47 Miami 88 7* Bismarck    82 52    Min'apolis 84    41 Chicago    70 44    41    n. Orleans *0    74 .0* Denver    82 54    New York 88    71 Duluth    74 54    .SO    Phoenix 105    77 Honolulu    8* 77    seattle 88    54 Houston    *2 71 I.Ss    Washington *1    72 Extended Forecast — F’air Sunday through Tuesday. Highs in 70s with lows in the 50s. C. R. Weather John and Linda Rae Holtz. Grant and Virginia B. Collins. Louise M. and Lamont A. Myers. Danny Joseph and Dc-531 horah L. Emig. Donn L. and Lois L. Bowers. Debra Susan and John Randall Hedrick. Denise L. and Kevin Michael Collins. Fires 8:42 p.m. Thursday. Fire; under investigation at 1024 A avenue NE. 7:32 p.m. Thursday. Mal- ers Officials Probe Two Blazes at C.R. Hospital died at birth Friday.    avenue    viaduct    project. Surviving in addition to his Salyer said several potential parents are a sister, Wendy Sue buyers, all of them local, have and a brother, Christopher shown an interest.     t Scott, both at home; maternal If everybody bids that is become actively involved in that grandparents, Mr. and Mrs ',l       1 district, Dobbin said, “The only store, 225 Edgewood road NW, in way public confidence can be which $114 and the wallet of a restored in the political process clerk were taken of America is for the public to    M„ Hladkys suffered Craig’s arrest led to the ar-r e s t Wednesday in Cedar Rapids of a 17-year-old youth, who police charged with the store holdup. Police charged Dye and High Thursday ............ A    function    of    alarm    system    at    Luke’s    hospital, Police and fire officials arejE. Robertson, investigating two fires Thursday Arrangements are pending at evening on the sixth floor of St.' the Cedar Memorial funeral i nil, niMpniflht    cm---------- —    —-----   —    Luke’s    hospital, which caused home. Low overnight ...............60    1820 First avenue NE.    minor    damage    _ Noon Friday ................ 67    8:36    p.m. Thursday. Fire n „ 8    .    .....    .    .    .    ,    . •> p m Friday    73    unt*pr investigation at 1024 A    Both    fires    were in utility Memorial Services PreciDitation ............ None!avenue    NE’    rooms'    ^    fire    was reP°rted at' Total for August '.7.7.. .7.7. .1.56    Petition    tor    l6:24    P    m and ‘he other at 8 36i Friday Normal for August .........2.97 Normal through August ...23.16 showing an interest, we’ll    have    process.    None of us    can    afford    The Hladkys suffered head    Hanks with carrying    a con- Douglas    M. Farran, Waverly;'mor* than one bid on most    of    f0 on    tbe sjdeijnes    any    longer    bruises and lacerations and    coaled weapon and possession of paternal    grandmother, Ada    M    the land,’ he said.    because    our children’s very fu-    were admitted to St. Luke s hos-    a controlled substance. Robertson, Boulder, Colo.;    and    Parties Unnamed    ture is at stake.”    P>tal at Me Rme of Me breakin    \yben the pair was    arrested paternal grandfather, Douglas    •    * Dobbin said he is particularly at their residence. 1 He dec ined to name thc inter-    ,    .    ..     police    caid    th< . .    .    .    .    . impressed by the “progressive ‘nl,r,p    Im ested parties or their plans for, y    J    m    .    . .• a j , ..    record of Governor Ray in edu- the land. One of the actions the!.    ,    ,    .    J urban renewal board took in.cat’°" aad helP'n«,'he eonnee.ion with the parcel    Fri-    and    handtcapped. My    expen- , ,i u ,    1___lienee    with young people    should day. though, was to recommend    3    ,    *    ____ the city council clarify    that    ^'P    me 'ormulate pr    gram Tracey. Dona M. - 2 p.m. | commercial activities are    pPr.‘hat    wdl deal with the causes of ||    juvenile delinquency. Dobbin received his B A. degree from Upper Iowa university in F'ayette in 1971, and was Friday morning, police found Police said the couple was wba( appears to be a handgun and a quantity of drugs in the car. Dye was also charged with larceny of the car in which he was sleeping. . Newsprint Price Rises for Fourth Time This Year ; Friday at Cedar Memorial    .    f.    . d hi_u D .    .    pm.    Chapel    of    Memories by thc|m,tted    me lana, wmcn is Bankruptcy    awm    u    Rev-    Fredrick    Moore of Den- zoned for industrial use Dennis Dean and Barbara J.| A lo-year-old youth who wasirnarg United Congregational! There are about 323,(HK) square NEW YORK (AP) — Newsprint prices went up again Friday for the fourth time this Former Police Officer Sues Total for 1974    ..    °..... 33.05|LonS>    124    Tenth    street    SW.; in the hospital at the time of the church. Burial: Cedar Memori- fppV of" a7e"a involved Bids can ty 10 V aye,,p ln ana was vear after lingering price con- =-.riL.“ -sn.........rsxzrzz's Humidity at noon ..........89%I listed as exempt. Wind direction and velocity at Magistrate's Court when he asked an employe if    in    immaculate    Con-    property. the fire was in the same place! ception church by the Rev.| ^ value set on 47.760 square facturers ended Thursday. 0 «™ cur ,1 c    -    as    the first one.”    iRichard J. Hess. Burial: ML.    .      ,,    ------------------ 1 p.m. J»W at 6 mph.    Speeding    —    Rosemary    Kath-;    vou»h    wac    released    after    Calvary. Friends may call at Met at the east end of the parcel fQr ^be    Rapids    schools; Sun rises Saturday, 6:01; sunken Johnston, Hiawatha; ..y.    J the Stewart funeral ‘    r,“;    **    ‘    *    “,] sets, 8:23.    [Casper    A.    Bowers,    Center[queauoning. Year Ago Today low, 57; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast High. 79; |Point: Federal Aid Patricia Mac Mont-; gomery, Lisbon, all fined $301 and costs. Davis Clark Ferguson, 1651 Thirty-fourth street' Neil Brownfield a    i    f "•‘"SS,her.Ht-Lo "ir'iSnf Approved tor Risma-rk ........PtCIdy    76-50    A-    LenschJ208    Thirty-sixth    j    rr day until 9 p.m. Linn Project en J street SE; Clyde Christian Si- Chicago     .......t ,rc    "iiIrr'monsen,    Winthrop, and James Cincinnati.. Tshwrs <9-60,F Th t 934L Fifth De^Mohies ..... ^Cldv 70-54 nue\’ Mari00- fined $20 and; Nparly threequarters of a Detroit  .....LJ;*”    2Hg|    3714'johnson aTnue nW. as-' rtlll|®n do,l»r5 ta> be<'n <'a|- Indianapolis sessed $6.50 in costs.    marked for the I.inn County Kansas Ut'  itLidy    /»-.    i)n„,k    driving — Daniel Car-;    Manpower Consortium    bv    the K?pl»*St.    P»ui ’::picidv    73-52    "‘cb”“nd road NE-    federal department of labor,    it 0m»ha  ..Cloudy    75-531    1)lso$b4'yW traffic sitnal _    «a5 announced Friday. John Jeffery Marshck, route three. Cedar Rapids, and Cletus Saturday, Ja home west by Phillip Stein.) Burial: Czech National. Friends! may register at the funeral! home. The casket will not be opened at anv time. Ly 0 L I-    c a uT    for the cedar Rapids scnoois, international Paper Co., in Linn district court Friday home Fri- is $1 per square tom, while! the served as b)ack student counSel- wbjch supplies newspapers in asking for $5,737.67 in wages he ti  i nm.    air ls vau    or and assistant baseball coach tbe East and Midwest, will claims accumulated during hi; F' * I Anni c ruar cm 1iflAt    .    .j       -    '    - Barger, Mrs. Harold - i p.m.; f cniiare foot neha-Kuha funeral    ^    sduare    ,'K” Attorney Named In Police Case St. Louis.........Shwrs    78-56 Sioux Falls ........Fair    80-51 A court-appointed attorney was named Wednesday for Robert Manchester, 1717 Seventh avenue SE, one of five Cedar ‘PL’ Rapids police detectives indict- d *u d iu i    ».j    j uled by the Linn county grand Ruth R. Johnston filed a suit jury ,ast month F riday james P. Hayes of Iowa City Marion Teacher Says Job Lost Because of Age Mississippi Staqes (Flood stases in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.6, fall 3 Lansing (18) 8.5, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 13.0. fall .1 McGregor (19) 6.9. no change Guttenberg (15) 4.1, fall .2 Dubuque (17) 7.1. fall .3 Davenport (15) 4.6, fall .1 Keokuk (16) 3.5. fall .8 in Linn district court The consortium board said contending her contract as «Lyvas appointed by Linn district $730,800 has been approved to teacher in the Marion indepen- ,udge william R.‘ Eads to repre- the University of Iowa uary.    Producers blamed rising costs Anne drive NW, filed a petition He is a former liaison officer raw materials.    against the city of Cedar Rapids International Paper Co . in Linn district court Friday he ____ M    ....    _    his at Upper Iowa; and was a 3bc ppj^ 0f standard 30- tenure on the city police force. Methodist youth leader in pound newsprint to $230 a ton. Vanous. who served as an of Fayette.    Canadian producers such as ficer and detect!’ e on »he force Dobbin was a member of the canadian International Paper from March I, 1954. until Jan. Negro American Giants base-co., MacMillan Bloedel, Ltd.. 23. 1974. contended that the city ball club in Chicago and played;and British Columbia Forest had agreed to pay him the on the Globetrotters baseball; products, Ltd., raised their wages but never fulfilled the team, and was a member of the prices Friday, but many Cana-1 agreement. New York Yankees organiza-idian producers did so in July, i The wages include accumulat- An agreement between 33 U.S.led sick leave, vacation pay, He and his wife. Noreda, have manufacturers and the Cost of overtime, back wages and lon-one son.    Living Council held down the gevity pay, according to ——.—  -price of U.S.-produced newsprint; Vanous’ attorney. to $213.50 a ton for standard    -- weight from May I until Aug. I. Higher prices will raise newspaper publishing costs millions Graduates —Cyprus— (Continued from Page I.) insc’    .    x, .—rn ‘h of dollars One ton of newsprint .    ...    Tj    s    .. The appointment was made: Michael Hanahan. 675 S auh    about    7,onti copies ^ b^,b«*n raP°r »“** the it « Mi#. mpoivpH a harhpinr si e    r    1    Turkish    landing    on    July    20. Cedar rise .03 at C. R. (13) 3.96, fined $25 and costs Veryle Moser. 2535 Fourth av-j provide manpower services forint school district was ter-; sent Manchester at public ex-aSdeloS“r^’tte‘CrWo«. 397 r J '*ib Ic county residents jminated merely because of her ^ Sixteenth avenue SW, fined $151 Mrough June 30, 1975.    I    ■ I and costs.    funding of $395,944 has been    According to the petition, she    on    tbe condition that Haves not    court NE, received a bachelor’s Improper    muffler    _    Ray-    provided to start the program.    was notified of an April ll deci-    be    paid mileage to and from    degree    with    honors in political    ,<K Klinger street    SW,    fined    $ IO1 ln addition. a vocational edu-^ion to terminate her contract    cedar Rapids nor for time spent    science    at    the University of and costs.    cation agreement between the    Notification of contract termina-    jp    traveling between the two    iow’a. Failure to have vehicle under consortium and the state de- tion must be given prior to that! cities.    James Lee. 1606 Maplewood control — Cletus Veryle Moser, - partment of public instruction I time in accord with chapter Manchester was indicted on drive NE. received a bachelor’s 2535 Fourth avenue, Manon,'r    r    1    ' has also been approved in the [279.13 of the state code, accord- charges of perjury, obstruction degree with honors in zoology at Striking unattended vehicle    amount    of $43,857.    The money    mg to the petition. Coralville Lake    — Dayid Raphel Sedlaeek, ll 18    will be provided    for use by    Johnston said the    only reason Pool    level Friday .    682    66    Twentieth street SW, fined $20    schools    under the    coordination    the Marion school    board ter- Out of Town Births Disturbing the peace - Tru- of the consortium.    ruinated her contract was be- At Des Moines — Mr. and man Rlackcloud. 702 Seventh I Manpower services provided ] cause of its retirement policy. Mrs. David L. Brodsky, a j street SW, fined $25 and costs, by the larger grant include The board did not show that her daughter born July 30, Mrs. Excessive noise —- Eugene|Ciassr0om training, on-the-job age had any relationship to her Rrodskv Is the former Diane Sigwarth, Hiawatha, fined $10 .    • •    ...    f    ., J , 1    . Rapo po rf, daughter of Mr. and and co.ns.    training, adult and youth work ability lo periorm the duties of Mrs. Paul Rapoport, 3221 Ridge- Failure to carry and display experience and subsidized pub- her profession, alleges the peti- more drive SE. Brodsky is a valid driver’s license — lie employment.    tion. the son of Leonard Brodsky, Frank Gorup. 1004 Seventeenth People interested in training She of justice and conspiracy. the University of Iowa. Extended Fighting Couple Accused Of Running Out On Hotel Bill "Junk" Painting Is Worth $150,000, Experts Report Fighting extended from La-pithos on the western edge of the Kyrenia mountains lo the southern slopes near Greek Cypriot villages of Sysklipos and A man and a woman who Ayias Ermolaos, U. N. spokes-allegedly left the Roosevelt man Rudolf Stajduhar said in hotel in May without paying Nicosia, their bills were arrested Thurs- In New' York, the Security day w'hen they returned and the Council voted 12-0 Thursday to man registered under another request Secretary-General Hurt name    Waldheim    to “take appropriate The pair, Dennis C. Brimrose,|action’’ to implement a recom-27. of 2034 Franklin avenue NE,inundation by Greece. Turkey SYRACUSE. N. Y (AP) -ling, ‘ What do you want it for? Tile church secretary says she;Rsordy Jun^ T    .    .    ,,    .vurr    j    gig    j    *    ,        ...^i    asked    that    her    1973-74    wouldn’t pay $10 for it. But an After the secretary told him and Christine A. Gardner, 26. of! and Britain that U. N. forces on Rrodskv >' **    ** **    s (e°    ’ me ’ ‘ an cos or subsidized work should con- contract be held valid and sup- art dealer says he thinks sever- she wouldn t give him $10 for iL|2U Twentieth street NW, was Cyprus act as a buffer between KA    I Ironer    ,owa    tact Larry Harmon, operations plemental relief be granted her al    wOU|d    be    wining    t0    Jen,l,,e it to a Syracuse ar charged with defrauding an inn- the Turkish invasion force and Marriage Leases    vi(,tor    _ Dalp Hcnscn. 22. director, at 398-5105 or at the under rule 266 of the Iowa Rules    .    t^nnn for an dfa,cr’ Peter Schu z’ ,° r u keePer of $l21 for IodS,n8 and the Greek Cypriots. The Soviet Jerrold Dean Blevins and;Sunday at 2, McAnlnch’s. manpower office on the second of Civil Procedure    pa>    as much as $150,000 lor an.cieaned as a preSent for his other accommodations.    Union earlier had vetoed an ^*b^y ai: Rtay, St floor of 445 First street SW.    ________ [old    painting acquired by the as- brother, an antique collector. The two allegedly stayed    at identical resolution but ab- Besta; Danny Lee Dalziel and!w*sX Liberty Unitecf Methodist The program is geared chiefly r\ ±    n ~,lle sistant pastor of a Syiacusr Schulz, an admirer of the the hotel from May 9 through stained in Thusday’s vote allow- Deborah Jean Sellers; Roger;church. Visitation Friday eve- toward aiding the low-inctSiic,I lruiSl/fl «\0CCUIS    church.    painter’s work, said, “My first May 14, and signed papers ing it to pass. Hugh Dix and Jerri Sue Red- ning at Snider’s.    minorities, handicapped and HO?    The    “tutted”    painting    the    impression was that it must be under the names of Dennis and The U. N. soldiers on Cyprus Jo A unH f M a rte' ° Da n I ’ ."LnX of%S? okb''    1:30    d'aadvantag«i    persons.    RI Rev. Henry Gentile rescued a fraud or somethinc but when I Christine Bemrose, Prescott. haU bwn restricted to separat- Jean Reed and Wayman Hayesjal Trinity United Methodist   --ANGELES    (Ari    ~    Oat-,about two months ago from a examined it the first thing I Arr/..    jng tfoe Greek and Turkish Cy- Bernard; Larry Junkins    and church. Visitation Sunday at    C •    I    sun says it us recalling 63,02:1 Staten Island. N. Y., seminary realized was that without a When the pair checked    into priot communities. Deborah M- Oiblin !!odg(. Overton's.    !«"■    late-model sports cars because he was visiting has been iden- question it was an original. ' the hotel Thursday afternoon  ______ __ haiUa^neantrBeslTrnVRKii Ste- wuwmVr    :3«    at    I    (ContinU(,d    from    Pa*c L) a zinc fuel pump cover could tiffed as a masterpiece of a Gentile said several other art ^e man signed under the    Flood    Aid    Plea phen High and Carol Jean Harrison’s    the other carrying E and F ave ^ak and cause a fire.    19th-Century Get man aitist. experts had verified Schulz name of Kirt Larson, an em- DACCA, Bangladesh (AP) Boardman; Harvey V. Brasel Clutier - William J. Krezek,; nues    '    The    company’s    U.    S.    distribu    now    Gentile    is keeping the finding and appraisal. He said Ploye thought he recognized Bangladesh issued an urgent ap- and Karen J. Renosh    and 73> Saturday at IO, Mason-    Severa| asnccts    of    thp inint tor' Nissai1 Mo,or CorP • said i painting in a bank vault while the money received for the them and called police.    peal for U. N. help    Friday as Wavne Ellis Rogers and Joyce Hand’s. Burial: St. Wcnccslaus;    ai    “apvy5* UI l,,e J«ini jhursdav the recall affects eer-L « u    ,    •    Tho    noir    nnct«H Marie Pennc, all of Cedar! cemetery, rural Clutier. Rosary: agreement, such as location of ^K . ^C*U    lhe awa,ts bids from museum canvas would go toward mis- Rapids. Dale John Funster and; Frjday at 8. Mnson-Hand’s. .fulie A. Peters, Marion, Vir- Vinton gmia Brower and Richard Cre- Campbell’ gap. Lisbon Richard D Sig- Lamont mund, Richfield. Minn , and |gg. Saturday at 2 p.m., Kreussel Janet A. Wheeler, Watkins.! Faw'cett’s. Colin Lippincott. Cedar Falls. Cnralvillp — Florence Craw tain models of the parking areas and maintenance. . 1Q7. jMsie Prier. (ft. „ sidewalks, will tired lo bo an,l 1974 260Zs111 .    .    ... clarifcd lator    The    CaFK W'11 ^ fl,ted W,th Reuben L. Ward,    1    ,. _ .    .    aluminum    fuel    inimp covers. " who will hx»e ,^nn^ihl> f ^ IflNiSSiH sa,d- R sald ^,w”CrS will .I *h0.S'.^ rcsp0ns'b!e _f0r ,raf-1 bo nolitiod in .bo next tow of the recall, which is without charge i Lippincott. cedar rails, C oralville — Florence uraw- fjc sicnais ,♦ six Intersections uu and Karen Kay Johnson, Cedar ford. 77 Saturday at IO, St. UC J , L f    I    weeks Rapids. Richard Glenn Jenson,    | Mary’s Catholic church.    Rosary    0fl *Oira and Fourth    streets Bode, and Eileen Kay Flitseh,    Friday at 8. George L.    Gay’s,    from Third avenue SW    to thc Alburnett. Tbemas F'arlie | Iowa City.    1    north. Fortner, Marion, and Elizabeth Belle Plaine Emma Pcska,    Tun    Ko    ,inc;nn.>i a Jeanne Titus, Cedar Rapids.; 97, Saturday at IO, St. Michael’s    The    struts will be    designated Ga y I o n J. Swehla, Cedar    Catholic church. Burial:    Hart-    as highways, and will    require Rapids, and Catherine M    wisr cemetery. Hrabak’s    expensive upgrading of    signals. 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Pakistan I API —China has decided to give 1973 240Zs J curators and art galleries for sionary w'ork. the work by Peter von Come-    ----- lins.    20    YEARS    AGO    -    President He said he had no idea of the frjSPnhower signed a compre-value of the panting, which had    bjjj overhauling the been hanging in the seminary s government’s housing programs library and attic for 20 years. and makmg p easier for Ameri-Gentile quoted the priest who cans fQ b homes gave him the painting as say- _ The pair posted $125 bond and floods continued to engulf the was released.    country. BROSH CHAPEL ( edar Rapids "Devoted to I'lihlir berrier " Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Servicei Solon She'* Spetiall Let bar Know with Flower* PIERSON’S mJop RC KOO El I IS Bl VI). NU Flowerphone .‘Mia* 162$ Fit KSU . . FLOW Fit* , Fromp! Ilvlhvru I'M K S FTI* FMIWKH SIMM* 5(K)s Center Pl. Rd. 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