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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapids Gazette: Fri , Auk. 2. 1974 HEATHCLIFF For Better Health Several Options Are Open To Those With Hay Fevei By Dr. S.L. Anrielman Sneezin’ season is almost here for those who suffer from hay fever. From late summer through early fall, nature dumps 250.000 tons of ragweed pollen into the air. and millions of hay fever victims suffer sneezes, sniffles, tears and downright misery. If you’re a hay fever sufferer. now’s the time to decide now you’ll cope this season. Fortunately, there are several things you can do. First, ask your doctor about receiving a pollen “desensitization’’ treatment. This may relieve the symptoms when the pollen starts flying Also ask your physician if he thinks drugs, such as antihistamines, might help you get through the season. If your doctor can't offer anv relief, you have two other alternatives. Get a good supply of reading material, some games and friendly companions and stay indoors with air conditioning This helps rn Dr. Andelman WIN AT BRID6E By Oswald & Jamrs Jacoby “Nice play, partner.” said West. “When you gave South a ruff and discard, you cooked his goose. ” South had ruffed the second heart; drawn trumps with three leads and led a diamond toward dummy’s jack East had won with the king and led a NORTH 4 Q 1086 *86 ♦ J 3 ♦ K 8642 WEST    EAST 4 532    4    4 * K Q IO 7    *    A 9 5 4 3 2 4 A 97 4    ♦    K8 ♦ J 3    ♦    Q 1095 SOI TH (D> 4 A K J 9 7 ♦ J 4 Q 1065 2 A A 7 East-West vulnerable West North East Pass Pass 24 Pa J Pass Pass South 14 44 Opening lead-K4 third heart. This gave South a i chance to ruff in either hand and discard in the other, hut it also left him no way to score IO tricks. It was brilliant play by East, but South gave him his chance when he pulled trumps South had two ways to make his contract, but neither involved early trump play. South needed to do some ruffing first One line would be to set up dummy’s clubs He would cash his ace and dummy’s king, ruff a club, enter dummy with a trump, ruff another club, lead his last trump to dummy's queen, draw West's last trump and eventually concede two J diamond tricks. The other line was to go right after diamonds. He would lose tricks to the ace and king and then ruff a low diamond before drawing trumps and taking the rest of the tricks isolate you from pollen in the outside air. Get Away If the indoors isn’t for you, take a vacation where ragweed is scarce or nonexistent. San Francisco, the beaches of Florida, the northernmost tip of Maine and the coasts of California, Washington and Oregon are excellent places for hay fever sufferers to spend this dreaded season. Anyone who suffers from it knows hay fever is an allergy Curiously, it has little to do with hay or fever. It has much to do with ragweed When a person sensitive to ragweed inhales some of its pollen, the body produces specific antibodies to fight the invader. When pollen and antibodies meet, it’s believed a substance called histamine is released in certain cells of the body Histamine causes the small blood vessels to dilate and their walls to become more permeable so that an increased amount of body fluids can leak into nearby tissues. This results in an outpouring of fluids, runny eyes and nose and sneezing. Treatments Treatments for hay fever generally begin several months before the season The patient is given injections of ll pollen or its extracts in small || amounts to improve his body’s natural defenses. Dosage is gradually increased until the body builds a shield against the action of the pollen Once patients have been through the treatment, they are desensitized for that particular season. Patients who haven’t been desensitized are often helped by antihistamines which relieve the symptoms caused by pollen Cortisone and other steroids have also been found useful for severe and stubborn cases. However, since these drugs are potent agents that can cause side effects, doctors weigh their use carefully That’s why your doctor may prescribe air conditioning or a vacation for you. Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns He regrets, however, he cannot presonally answer mail Write to him in care of The Gazette *4CRRD«&»*4» The bold in, West North has been East Pa.4 South 14 Pass 24 You Sooth. hold 4 A Q 6 5 4 f A Q 6 5 4 ♦ A D 4 2 What do you do now'? A—Just bid two hearts This is a one round force. You can show real strength later TODAY 8 QUESTION Your partner jumps to four hearts What do you do now? Japan, Russians Set Trade Pact TOKYO (AP) — Japan and Russia have signed an. agreement on a Siberian forestry resources development project Cnder the agreement. Japan will extend to the Soviet En ion $500 million in credits for Soviet purchases of equipment, machinery arid other materials from 1075-1979 The Soviet Union will supply to Japan some \lx2 million square yards of unprocessed limber and nine million square yards of processed logs from 1975-19811 The I nvestor's Guide By Sam Shulsky 0 — My husband’s salary is $.35,000 He is due to retire in ll years We currently have $27,000 iii various sav ings accounts — but are worried about inflation Our pension will be about $1 .OOO a month, but if inflation continues, that won’t be so much We have never invested in stock or real estate — other than out home. A — About the only IOO percent sure comments I can make arc that: I inflation \\ ILL continue; 2. there is no IOO percent safe, absolute method of offsetting it. The hook answer to offsetting inflation is to own things which go up in value as rapidly as the dollar loses purchasing power. These things include land, buildings, real estate, rare coms, rare books, fine paintings. antiques, businesses or parts of businesses (common share's). All these involve risk. since tin' value of any assot can go down as well as up But if you are concerned about keeping step w itll the rising cost of living then you must cither grit your teeth and take' till' risk which goos with owning things; or hold on to dollars, hope the pace of inflation will slow and resign yourselves to making do with whatever purchasing power remains in your dollars I don’t know any other formulas. <) —- About five years ago, without knowing anything about stocks, I invested funds for the formation of a bank Eve received the shares but lo date have received nothing in I hi' w ay of dividends I don ’t understand the financial reports I receive. The bank's shares are not listed on the stock exchange, so there is no way to know the value of my shares. A — Most hank stocks, especially small banks (which I assume is the case in this instance). arc not listed on the exchanges, but arc traded over the counter. Since there arc, perhaps, IM),(KH), 4(1,IMM) or more stock issues traded ovcr the counter it is obvions that no paper can carry all these quotations lf you unested iii a local bank, you might ask a local broker for a quotation or go to the bank directly. The fact you have not received dividends is not significant. Many bank stocks pay little in the way of dividends, and a new bank may not pay any for several years When an investor puts (us money into a new small local Sam Shulsky venture, he should first make sun* that his lines of information can be kept open Investing first and asking afterwards is poor policy * ♦ * Mr Shuhkv welcomes written anes lions, but he WHI tx- obis to provide onsweis onlv throuqh the column t or information on mutual funds please include a sell addr essed, stamped en velour Address your requests to Sam Shul- e y. can* Of The Gazette COMPLETE MUST EVERYTHING POSITIVELY SOLD MAKE AN OFFER In order to reorganize our business to better serve the people of the Cedar Rapids area, we find it necessary to dispose of our entire inventory of fine furniture immediately. Every item is sale priced for immediate sale-no reasonable offer will be refused. Two Cushion Contemporary Sofa nylon cover Regular $239.95 Now $ 95 Early American Wing Back Sofa nylon cover itow‘119,s 90 Inch Naugahyde Sofa Regular $339.95 Now $ 129 95 Two Piece Spanish Livingroom Set three cushion sofa and matching chair, choice of colors Now Regular $539.95 $OOf195 299 Queen Size Hide Away with 4 inch foom mattress Regular $499.95 n.w5239,s Five Piece Maple Dinette Regular $2? 9.95 Now $ 119 95 High Back Swivel Rockers several colors Regular $ 189.95 SX.A95 Now 69 Three Piece Mediterranean Seven Piece Dinette chrome or bronze Regular $189.95 Now $ 95 Bedroom Set door dresser & chest, queen size headboard Regular $569.95 Seven Piece Pedestal Dinette Regular $339.95 Now $ 279 95 Now $ All Lamps, Pictures and 199 95 Wall Decor tremendous selection your choice Five Piece Keller Diningroom Set Regular $439.95 30% off Now $ 229 95 The above listed prices are not misprints. Every item is in stock and will be sold to the public. Hundreds of other spectacular values that we do not have room to advertise. EASY CREDIT TERMS , JI nn’d 7) 4398 Mi. Vernon Rd. S.E. OPEN Mon.-Thurs. & Fri. 9-9 Sat. 9-5 Sunday 1-5 ;

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