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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Aug- I. 1974 Crisis Lines Don't' Discourage Suicides Telephone suicide crisis lines do not discourage suicides, concluded Dr. Paul Huston, former head of the UI hospitals psychopathic department. “Those who wish to commit suicide do not contact a telephone suicide line,” he told members of the Linn county psychiatric clinic, family service agency and mental health advisory board in a joint meeting Wednesday. Huston said that conclusion dispelled the notion that suicide is a cry for help. Those who cry for help don't want to commit suicide generally, he said. Huston offered suggestions on suicide prevention. He prefaced Drive To Oust Nixon Mounted Conservative WASHINGTON (AP) — A campaign to enlist conservative support for President Nixon’s impeachment or resignation has been launched by the govern rn e n t ’ s former anti-poverty director. Howard Phillips said Tuesday that Nixon no longer stands for the conservative mandate which voters gave him in 1972 and “survival itself has become the principal aim of this administration.” his comments with statistics on deaths in Linn county. He said that over the 27-month period from Jan. I, 1972, through March 30, 1974, 3.225 deaths had been recorded. 12 Suicides Of the 3,225, 81 people had been seen at the mental health center at some time. Of those that the health center had come into contact with, 12 were listed as official suicides. Huston emphasized that mental health clinic staffers should be capable of recognizing the “suicide type.” He said there was a “high-risk group who had better chance of committing suicide than others.” lf a person expresses suicidal tendencies or extreme depression, case workers should be alert to his suicide potential, Three Bicycle Riders Injured In City Mishaps Three bicycle riders were in Grand Jury Receives Magistrate Court Drunk Driving Case Clyde Nelson Price, jured Wednesday in separate traffic accidents. None was hospitalized. William Rosburg. 15. of 22061address» bas been bound over to the grand jury on a charge of drunk driving, second offense. He was arrested July 14. Eighth avenue SW, was treated at Mercy hospital for a fractured right arm suffered at 5:10 p.m. in the 2300 block of Williams boulevard SW. Police said Rosburg was in-1 jured when he emerged from a driveway to the fire station located at 2247 Williams boule-jeenth street NE, was sentenced vard SW, attempted to cross the to 14 days in the Linn county road at an angle and hit the jail on a charge of larceny. Prisoner Asks •*/"* I T* I* feood I ime , Money Damages An inmate at the men’s reformatory at Anamosa has filed a complaint in Cedar Rapids federal court, charging Warden Calvin Auger and eight other prison employes with a variety of offenses. Barefoot Robber Compromise Bill On Arms to Nixon - A ako set a $i billion ceiling on IJ. Hits PDQ Store WASHINGTON (API $22.1-billion weapons procure S. military aid to South Viet-ment authorization bill has been nam. A barefoot robber wearing a sent to President Nixon by the it nlso established an active pillowcase over his head and senate on an 88-8 roll tall vote. J duty militate manpowt i .oiling Man Given Two-Week Jail Term on Charge Ralph Swallom, 400 Eight- said Huston. By ConS0 TV alive 'Vken a person is suspected as •    likely    to commit suicide, Huston said the topic should be avoided directly but can be approached subtly. ‘Unrecognized Suicides He said questions can be asked such as, “Did you ever feel so hopeless as to not care whether you live?” “Did you feel like hurting yourself or doing away with yourself?” “Do you sometimes wish you were dead?” Huston noted that there are , ‘a lot of unrecognized suicides Phillips, who briefly headed jn tbe county. I don’t know how the Office of Economic Opportu- would be possible to identify nity last year when Nixon was them for sure.” trying to dismantle it, said rnail-^ ne characterized the work of ings are going out to conserva-fbe psychiatric clinic as ade-tives around the country in a quale, but said there was a need drive to build grass-roots sup- (0 “tighten up on some of the port for the President's re- procedures—records and the moval. “Conservatives have long provided Richard Nixon with his most dependable support,” said like. Lack Staff The primary problem, he Phillips. “It is appropriate that|sa‘d- is the lack of staff. we should now play a decisive ‘‘They’re just overwhelmed, he part in requiring his departure said- They’re running with from public life.” He said “it is important for their tongues out,” Huston said there was a need conservatives at the grassroots i°r SetfinS patient histories, to realize that President Nixon contact*n8 patients who did not is not in effective control of the come t0 tbe center* visiting government” and that the con-,tbem in tbe borTlf and keeping servative cause is not dependent records—a1! of which would re front door of a car driven by Floyd E. Fisher, 67, Leawood. Kan. No charges were filed. * * * Kathleen I,. Martin, 19, 4402 Westover road SE, was treated at St. Luke’s hospital for abrasions and contusions to the right arm suffered at 3:42 p.m. at the entrance to Lindale Plaza on First avenue E. Miss Martin was injured when she rode a bicycle across the intersection and was hit by a car driven by Joseph Howe, 62, 111 Fifteenth street, Marion. No charges were filed. Police said Howe had the green light when Miss Martin’s bicycle crossed into the path of his car. * * * The third bicyclist, Travis Fiser, 5. Marengo, was heated at St. Luke’s for a bump on the head and a cut toe suffered at 6:57 p.m. Wednesday in the 3600 block of Midway drive NW. The boy was injured when he emerged from a driveway, was unable to stop and hit the front fender of a car driven by John E. Blumer, 53. of 65 Cherry Hill road NW. No charges were filed. Police said Fiser had just learned how to ride a bicycle and was unfamiliar with the handbrakes He pled guilty in magistrate’s court to taking a billfold containing $6.25 belonging to Edith C. Clark, 626 Sixteenth street NE, on July IO. armed with a Docket knife ob- The compromise measure, at 2,149,300 at the end of the tis . .    , .    . J/,    .. , pnn adopted Tuesday, trimmed $1 cal year, 2.800 below the figure tamed about $.>() from the billion from the administration’s;recommended by the Pentagon. 1944 Forty-second street budfiet requests for the 12 Civilian personne' months ending June 30, 1975. In addition to weapons spending for U. S. armed forces, it store. NE, at 1:19 a rn. Thursday. A clerk, Christine C. Sparks. 25, of 6523 Laurel lane NE, ro of the defense department was set by year-end, 32,327 payment requests. at 995,000 under de- George Goff, who was convict-, . , tu . ,. ,    , od on „ state charge of breaking|j^ " the and entering in March of 1971,:    ,    .,    . « , requested *2» in damages, thel^ “>>    IT east on foot from the building. «    ,    e    ,    Police    said    the    suspect was time. and a change in reforma- . ..    , ,    ...    h    white,    about    20,    and wore a tnet; no home issuance to him of 111 days good Gold Ownership Bill to President WASHINGTON I API - A bill permitting Americans to buy and sell gold has been sent to the White House by congress. The measure, enacted Wednesday, would allow the buying and selling of gold as of Dec. 31 if the President finds that the transactions will not disrupt the U. S. internal monetary position. This would be the first time since the 1930s that private citizens could conduct gold transactions. Zero in on a want ad and sell those useful but not longer needed items. Dial 358-8234. tory policies In the petition. Goff claims to bt' a “sealed revelation minister in the Church of the New Song.” And, he says he has suffered “persecution because of religious beliefs” in violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In addition, Goff charged reformatory officials with “inhumane treatment, unnecessary harassment” and “multiple sentencing” for the same prison offense. Auger and others are also named for sending certain prisoners to the Fort Madison penitentiary in violation of guidelines set down by Federal Judge William C. Hanson. green long sleeved army shirt and blue jeans. Vehicles Damaged WAUKON - Vandals stole two cars from the Mark Mauss Motors, and a pickup from Brandt’s DX station here. All three vehicles later were found in roadside ditches, badly damaged. Thieves Must Be Expecting To Work Hard Police received two separate reports Wednesday of thefts of tools valued at nearly $3,500. Richard J. Sojka, Washington, reported tools valued at $2,000 were taken between 5 p.m. Tuesday and 7 a.m. Wednesday from a construction site on Waconia drive SW. The Rev. Clarence Prana reported a one ton hoist, five tarpaulins, two s m a 11-horsepower engines and assorted other tools were taken from a tool garage at St. John’s cemetery, IIH Third street SE. The items were valued at $1,490. APPLIANCE SPECIALTIES CORPORATION 5519 Center Pf. Rd. N.E./393-29I6 ■- : I EASTERN IOWA HEADQUARTERS FOR: • CHARMGLOW* Gas grills, lights, & logs . • WHIRLPOOL*-Home Appliances • ROPER"—ranges • CALORIC"—ranges • PRIWAY^t—space heaters A fireplaces • CALCINATOR *—incinerators • RUDD"—water heaters on Nixon remaining in office. Phillips said his views are shared by leading conservatives m*£bt be employed to relieve some of the burden although some home visits would need a in and out of congress, but many are reluctant to speak out because of support for Nixon among their constituents. Britain's Heath Powdered with Flour Bomb LONDON (UPI) — A 17-year-old girl hurled a bag of flour at Hearing Begins In Dispute on Futures Trading Trial began in Cedar Rapids federal court Thursday in a case brought by a Des Moines, brokerage office against a Law- j ler resident in connection with non-payment for commodity pur. chases. Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner; and Smith. Inc., contends Larry Orville Kurtenbach had an ac-i count with the company totaling $19,125. but paid just $4,344. Prior to the trial, Kurtenbach going to happen.” he said. “You'agreed to pay the portion of the quire more staff work and staff. He suggested volunteers trained social worker or nurse. Yet even with all these precautions, “suicides are still will never get all of them.” $14,781 owed for hog futures. He argued, however, that he had stopped orders on the purchase of soybean futures and therefore Reinecke Hears Penalty Aug. 30 should not have to pay for them. The trial was expected to end WASHINGTON (AP) - Call Britain's former prime min- forma Lt. Gov. Thursday afternoon, at which Ed Reinecke, time Judge Edward J. McManus ister, Edward Heath. Tuesday convicted of perjury last week, will set up a schedule for the and hit him squarely on the back of the neck, covering him with flour submission of briefs by lawyers. 20 YEARS AGO - South President Syngman Rhee said the armistice terms halted the Korean war an agreement reached. being will be sentenced Aug. 30 by U. S. District Judge Barrington Heath, unruffled, strode calm- Parker, the court docket showed|K"r e a n ly into the Excelsior hotel at Thursday London airport for a champagne    jn Sacramento, Reinecke said    which party welcoming the British    he would voluntarily resign his    were void    as    soon    as the    Geneva rugby football team from a con-    office. He made the statement    conference came to    an    end    with- troversial playing tour in South    after his lawyers asked that his    out Africa.    conviction    be    reversed. It was just one of many _ bombs for the former prime minister, who was dumped from power when his Conservative party lost heavily in the February general elections In 1970 a left-wing demonstrator spattered Heath with paint as he entered No. IO Downing street to take office as prime minister. An English woman threw ink over him in Brussels as he prepared to sign Britain’s adherence to the European Common Market in 1972. The girl Tuesday was identified as Sonia Haines, 17. sister of the organizer of an anti-apartheid protest outside Heathrow airport. Miss Haines and a young man were reported taken into custody. ISI Refund o 30 YEARS AGO — Germany introduced its Messerschmitt-163 rocket-propelled fighter plane in an attempt to halt American bombers. “I've been doing my trading here for over 21 yrs.," says one of our many satisfied customers. SONOROUS 1507 1st AVE. S.E. OPEN SUNDAY Wipe out Crabgrass! Scotts CLOUT Makes crabgrass shrivel and begin to disappear within days. Also controls other grasses such as foxtail and barnyardgrass. 5,000 sq. ft. Bag $7.95 . See details in our store. >. Kansei Make Lawn Weeds Fade Away! Scotts KANSEL Controls dandelions, plantain, clover and 38 other lawn weeds. Lets good grass grow unharmed. Satisfaction — or money back. 5,000 sq. ft. Bag $6.95 j $1 Refund ... See details in our store. JE :AaArAl wO Lindale Plata 393 6721 lGARDEN CENTER t i A|tn Iii. 9 9 Sat 9-5 33. 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