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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Financial and Market News Markets Says Phosphate Deal with Prices paid on the Cedar Rap-    7    ' ids hog market Saturday were lower. Prices paid Thursday for the bulk of country and plant de- Soviet Will Boost Prices TALLAHASSEE. Fla. (AP) -Taxpayers are financing an- Stone said the fertilizer exchange had been approved by Secretary of Commerce Dent. “It is amazing that the U.S. Hood prices in the U.S., accord-1 would extend loans to an adver sed butchers weighing 200 to!other trade agreement with the lb., depending on grade and Soviet Union which will raise condition were $30.50 - $31 Packing sows 300 lbs. down! were $26.50-$27.00 ^U94n 9s;o 240 a«C 25°I *"^e people who brought you New York is IO percent, o f; 240-250 to m We off; and the greal grain robbcry nVare said. 75c of for each IO lbs. weight brin|ing fcyou thc ph over 250. Packers are 25c off for! deal/’ stone said Friday. each weight grade from 300-360! Sunrise Services Are Planned by Marion Churches Marion Churches The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., April 13, 1074 J U.S. Acts To Blunt Disaster By Earthquakes of Future Bethel Baptist avenue. The Thorpe. Sunday sc Marion churches are sponsor- Worship 10:30. Sermon By William R. Barrett WASHINGTON (UP the National Oceanic and Atmo- zones and to relate this to earth-A spheric Administration and the quake occurence. - 1000 Eighth KChoolC 9*30° fact s^ect a^out earthquakes re- National Center for Earthquake Laboratory and field expen ding to Florida’s secretary of sary uke Russia at 6 percent in-in§ sunrise services for Easter;^ J'c d jtbilitv of Christianity”, department says there is a 70 geological survey state, Richard Stone.    derest    when    the    prime    rate    in    Sunday.    ^    _    “The    Son    of    clod:' Raised by Per^cn^ chance of a great earth-    Stronger    S hc Bethel Baptist's service is at the Father Thejcently released by the interior Research operated by interior’s ments to determine feasibility of controlling maximum size of Structure First Baptist 2695 Four 6:30 with the Rev. Calvin phosphate! The agreement calls for $400!Thorpe is sermon topic, ' His- ^ Lee. Worship 9:30. Sunday school 10:30 quake in the densely populated areas of the Pacific coast within teenth avenue. The Rev. Lyle the next 30 years. earthquakes along a fault. Most of the projects are being I his consolidation provides a focused chiefly on the San An- million in financing, including *ory s Greatest Triumph . lbs, 50c off each weigh, grade    Rotns    W    The    Rev.    Do,sufCeptib,e't0 .such a campho -th,uake hoards. ,t a,so win weight    each^^ri    V^tluni^!^    P™.’rf    Faith    Bible    church    sunrise    sc-    The    department    did    no.    provide    ^io^folSS weight grade above SOO lbs. an(J b • at marRet    2fl    be    used    for    Soviet    plants    and    fa-    vice    at    6:15.    Squaw    Creek    Baptist    -    WH-    any    percentage    estimate    nor    did national program with stronger    dreas and related faults in the But the Pacific coast    area is    Ulganizational and research    densely populated Los Angeles 440 South    not the only part of the    country    sfri,cture for the reduction of    and central California areas. and buying, at market prices, 20 million tons of nitrates over years. Stone, a candidate for the $do so-542 so Democratic senate nomination. $39.50-342.50 S38.50-S40.50 I into fertilizer. “Perfect Record” CRAIN No. 2 yellow corn, $2.30. No- I yellow soybeans, $5.00 33 lb. oats, $1.15. Thursday prices delivered. CATTLE MARKET Choice and prime steers Choice and prime heifers Good steers ........... K:soS5olbank in Washington was making J" “ 3    what Si,MTU ,„d unity h,llers    „ia $I80-miHion low-in.erest loan!    chairman,    wha. Other Studies But other studies are being 9o■ ciliti^^o”convert the phosphate! The Luther league of Ascen-(k>ns school. The Rev. Kermit it define the other likely areas, in earthquake-related research, conducted in south-central Alas-' into fertilizer    sion    Lutheran    will    conduct    ’    Worship    9-    Sun"    but    it    did    note thc areas where Already more than 150 scien- ^a: western Washington; Neva- earthquakes have oc- lists and engineers are partici- da; the eastern border of the pating in several programs un- basin and range province in sunrise services at 6:30. day school IO. Robins Faith Bible Coiner sever “Let’s Celebrate Life” is the of Main and Mentzer. The Rev. curred in the past said the U.S. Export-Import $36.50-$38.50 S29 50-532.50 ! Utility coir U"",V h'i,,rS “n.T'cowic0*'    m■to tbe Soviet Union, apparently; BU/vLi.j 'J >    ,    $34.50-$37.50 rf , dTrade 4 overfat steers and heif ance the U.S. had assur-that the discounted $5 per cwt. and yield for the nhnsnhate Brede 5 are discounted $10 per cwt )    pilUapildlL (Wasty and Bobby overfat steers are $3 mereiai cowsT 100 lb5'than rC9Ular c°m'    70-MiUion    Claim ~    „ money would be repaid, but had to pay Occidental Petroleum Co.|nol received a , “The Russians have a perfect record — they have never re- 995 FEEDER CATTLE Thursdays quotations from Lamson Eros An Occidental spokesman dej paid any loan,” Stone said. r    ‘'Tim    Imnnrt    K    r Apri May nied any taxpayer funds would involved and claimed the deal involved buying 70 million tons cf nitrates rather than the Close Prev no trades    46.SC    I hp 47.50 47.47 1 IOWA FARM EGGS MOINES—The Federal-State Market News Service reported prices un- movement^ to^retaTl oube^increa^eTln !20 mdlion claimed by Stone. some quarters but generally completed i for holiday requirements. Supply ample I Cents per dozen at farms, cases exchanged, qualify and volume incentive I Grade A tame or better 46c 49c, mostly ! 47c; Grade A, medium 35c-38V»c, mostly ! 35c-37c. ^ Y,ther,«farm cags: Grade A, iaroe or better 32c 40c. mostly 34c-36c. Grade A, i medium 22c-34c, mostly 26c-28c: Grade B. largo 20c-30c, mostly 23c-28c; C quality1 dirties and checks 16c-28c, mostly 20c-53c; 1 small and peewees 16c-25c, mostly 20c-23c. i POULTRY Iowa live hens, light type undertone1 barely steady to mostly weak. Offerings I light. Off-farm movement relatively I he#vy but current sales too few to report ' prices Cents Per pound at farms: Commercial I flocks 5Vt-4*,ic; small farm flocks 3-5c, mostly 3-4c. SHEEP Choice to prim* shorn lambs under 105 ! lbs., $38 00-S4C OO. Stone said he had asked Ar- topic of the Rev. John D. Huber. Bd Bateman. Worship» 9:30 and rn and Hammer, Occidental jr., at the St. Paul’s Lutheran ‘‘ st.,njosrph’s00Catholic service at 6. First United Methodist has set its service for 6 with “Sunrise Service” as the topic. * * * Breakin Is Reported At Fisher Residence Marion police reported a It said the increased popula- derway. which include:    Utah    and    Wyoming: and    in Motion in major urban centers is    G e o I o g i c and geophysical S0U[’i and South ( arolina. estimated The Export-Import bank is supposed to be for responsible developing nations and Russia is brcakin prj(jay before 10:40 Doyle E. Fisher Asked Refund of 97 Cents, But Got Much More neither a developing nation nor a responsible debtor.” The agriculture department said Russia has made installment payments “right on time” since getting a $750-million package of credit to buy U.S. grain in July, 1972. That loan was under a dif- p.m. at the Doyle E. home 1199 Twenty-fourth street. The family was gone at the time of the burglary. Filth avenue. The Rev. Justin! causing residential development mapping to delineate areas of Although interior A. Kane, the Rev. Martin W. to spread into areas considered high risk including ground mo- ^hc chances of a great earth- Pfab and the Rev. John Casey more susceptible to severe lion effects, fault displacement, cluake would be greatest on the will celebrate mass Saturday at ~    . 7 p.m. at the school, 1430 earthquake damage. Fourteenth street, and Sunday at 7. 9:30 and ll a.m. at thc church and 8:30, IO and 11:30 at thc school. Marion Christian Gowan boulevard. Action Needed M. earthquake-induced landslides    West Coast, it pointed out se- and liquefaction.    vere quakes have occurred at Studies to develop the capahii-    New Madrid, Mo.; Boston; For this reason, it    said, there    ity for forecasting time, place    Charleston. S. C. and in Utah. 1050 Mc-    was a need for action    gainst    and magnitude of earthquakes.    Nevada and Montana. It said The    Rev.    earthquake hazards    —    and it    Field mapping and pho-    they could occur again in these Morgan. Sunday i listed some being taken by thc togeologic studies to recognize or other areas. active faults, and to determine 0ne did occur iust recently. Chief among these is an earth-; the recurrence intervals of fault There was a mild tremor centered in the vicinity of Olney, Peter school 9:30. Warship 10:45. federal government Sermon:    “The Cross and Crown”. Robins Church of the quake Brethren — 355 Second street, proved warning building system, im- movement, design stan- Studies of ground motions and NI. However, no injuries were Police said a quantity of day sch°o1 10' Worship ll and household items, jewelry, $100 I!1.?    dards,    and    effective    land    usejtheir influence on local site cf- reputed and there apparently and emergency planning. Intcri-'feds, including analysis of was only vcrY minor damage in change and a shotgun were stolen. A complete list of the theft Church of Christ 1087 or estimated that potential earth motions in building, dams, resulting. Eighteenth street. William Cain \osses from a grcaf earthquake bridges, and other engineered scnooi iu. worsnip ii    ,    ,    ,    ,    tv,™ still Iowa Hogs DES MOINES (AP) (URDA) Estimated receipts Friday at Iowa and southern Minnesota packing plants, important concentration yards and buying stations 25,000; week ago 62,000; GRINNELL (AP) - When :ferent Pr0Eram- was    al    loss    ......... „„ Bruce Scars, IS. Grinnell. 'regular commercial interest Sa, d morninf,. ,onH u'qc for thrnn vntirQ wrote a Chicago firm for a 97-cent refund he received more than he expected — $100,000 more. Sears said he had miscalculated thc postage on an order to a photographic supply firm. After realizing his error, he wrote the company for a refund. A few’ days later, “I found and 6:30. Ascension Lutheran was being compiled Grand avenue. Thc Rev. Denny methods could be reduced by more than structures. 2210 half within 30 years bv such was gained to the house. ★ * * year ago 56.000. Butchers fully; they had sent me a check for h J f J K or * * k t' a rv-i 4 «ln..f A**    MAA AAA A *7 **    I    A    C     « 50 higher, movement slow’, de- i mand good; sows steady. A large share of interest out of thc market because of Good Friday. Country points: U.S. 1-3 200-230 lh 30.75-31 OO; 230-250 lh 30.00-30.75; 250-270 lb 29.00-30.00; sows U.S. 1-3 270-330 lh 26.25-27.00; 330-400 ll) 25.75-26.50. Packing plants; U.S. 1-3 200-230 lh 31.00-31<50; 230-250 lb 30.50-31.25; 250-270 lh 29.50-30.50; sows U.S. 1-3 270-330 lb 26 50-27.50; 330-400 lb 25.25-27.00. $100.000 97.” said Scars, Grinnell high school senior ! rates and was for three years. j    ■ ------ --— Regents Adopt Grievance Policy AMES (AP)—The state board, .    ..    „    ,    .,    on,.    .. '    . ,    ,    ,    ,    April    22nd    thru    29th.    Vacation.- of regents has adopted a policy J clarifying the procedure used by 1    ________ ! regents’ employes with work-! related grievances. Regents rules provide that at I each step of the grievance procedure, an employe may he J. Brake. Worship IO. Sermon: "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y”. Rock deformation experiments and computer simultation p..,    .    .    .    j    “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y”.    Also,    the    government    recently    of    fault    zone movements and be- ) once were    continuing    to in-    Lutheran church of the Res-    consolidated    the    earthquake    re-    havior to determine the geology \estigate the    bteakin Saturda\    urrection — 2770 Eighteenth    search    formerly    carried    out    by    and and did not reveal how    entry    avenue. The Rev. Otto A.    I_________________ Zwanziger. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sunday school 9:15. deep structure of fault Common Cause Counsel Cites Three Crises „    ,    ,    ,    St.    Pauls    Lutheran (Missouri Marion Barber Service closed gynod) — 915 Twentv-seventh Cease-Fire Void: Syria However, he said the check ’ represented by one oi two per- could not be cashed because it had “not valid for more than $5” printed at the bottom. Sears said he probably would not have cashed it anyway “because that would not have been honest ” Sears had planned to keep the check as a souvenir, but sons of his own choosing The rules also provide that the employe and his representative may work to investigate S2.5 Million Hike in State Liquor Profits DAMASCUS (AP) street. The Rev. John D. Huber, I jr. Worship 8 and 10:30. Sermon: “Where Shall We Look for Life?” Sunday school 9:15. First Inned Metnodist — 1277 Eighth avenue. The Rev. longer considers last October’s Glen W. Lamb and the Rev. J.I M. Steffcnson. Worship 8 ands I dow Hope school 9:30. Prairie Chapel United Methodist — Route 3. Thc Rev. Rites Monday for Milo D. Randall SOLON—Milo D. Randall. 75. a lifelong resident of Solon and Syria no vic>mty, dicd unexpectedly at his home Thursday Born in Solon Oct. 30, 1898. IOWA CITY - Ken Guido, Washington, D.C., head of the legal division of Common Cause, the national citizens’ lobby, Friday claimed the nation faces three crises arising from abuses of power in the Wa-he tergate breakin and thc cover- Middle East cease-fne still in marrje(j \fjna Minor Jan. 24. up of what actually happened ll. Sermon: “The Easter Win- effect, according to a common- 1923, in Solon. He farmed •We Havo^This HopeM.SSum?av ’tator on the s>Tian state- con- Solon vicinity until his ment in 1959. Surviving in DES MOINES (UPI)—Profits    c,m8a„    H’ii    I    » * i    4;    N*    t I    ,    r    .    ( live C ook. Sunday scnooi 8**1).! take time oft from from thc states liquor sales in- worship 9:45. the griev- {creased $2.5 million in the last fiscal year as sales on ance without loss of pay. The board adopted a policy Friday stating that time off will the Iowa beer and liquor control bt' granted only after a prelim- department said Friday. now plans to return it to the inar>’ mceting between the em- \Vine saies increased sharply 965 south trolled television. “We now consider ourselves war with    Israel.” he    said 8()2: Friday night. “The fighting that has been ;c h i I d r e n , taking place daily in the Golan'grandchildren. rho Cross and The    Resurrect    I Heights for    more than    one    Frances Ruark, tion”.    month is a clear proof of    this    Mrs. Presbyterian    —    fact.” in the Speaking at the college of law’ retire- at the University of Iowa, Guido identified crises in the political addition to his process, in law enforcement and First Presbyterian both! Twelfth street. The Rev. Jay A. wine and distilled spirils rose, woiship ^and^O^s'ormon: wife are two daughters. Mrs. the judicial process, and in the Joe Zbanek. Ely. and Mrs. Mer- legal profession itself, lin Davis, DRESSED MEATS DES MOINES (AP) (USDA) — Mid-vw»t carlot ma*! trade for Iowa and river market areas fleet trade slow, demand remains good on most all classes, choice steer bee* I SO higher than Wednesdays sales, choice heifer beef steady; steer beef choice OOO 9*50 lb 62.50; heifer beef choice $00 700 lb. 64 50 Fresh pork cut trade only fairly active, limited trade Picnics strong skinned hams steady to I OO higher, bellies steady to i heTfer I OO higher; loin-, frozen, two loads 14-17 lb 69 00, picnics 8 lbs and up 38 00; skinned hams 14-17 lb 54 50. 17-20 lb ' 50-53 50. 20-26 lb 46 5^47.CO 26 lbs and company “because their bookkeeping must be awfully fouled up.” ploye and his supervisor during the 1973 fiscal year, thc Reformed Fifteenth street i’he Rev. John M. McMillan Ia's Chisholm, business agent department said, up 29 percent Sunday school IO. Worship ii. Israel with precipitating these and Carl, Solon. JOLIET LIVESTOCK JOLIET. III. (UPI) - Cattie LOBO; steers steady to 25 higher under 1,175; So *h' ghe r\° c hoi ce*' st«»r £$*42 ooS&o! I vestigate a grievance before it high for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal | hie the national Employes, protested the action. “Removing the right to in- UP 45 5<M5 7$; bellies 12 14 lh 46 50, 16-lb 43 (XMJ 50 I* 70 lb 41 'n and prime 40 00-44 OO; choice j 42 00-43 50; hiah choice and prime 43 OO. no canner or cutter cows Hogs 900. steady to 50 higher No 1-3 700 230 lb 33 00-33.50 No 1-2 700-230 lb 31 00 33 00. No 1-3 230-250 lb 31 00-38 OO Monday estimated receipts ie. 1.200 boos. 4 000 cat. is presented will make it practically impossible to resolve the grievance at the first step,” Chisholm said. Evening study group. Church of God (Seventh Day) — 600 Ninth avenue. W. J. Kurvluk. pastor. Song ser vice 9:45, Sabbath school IO, ,    ,    .    .    .worship    ll,    Saturday.    Friday, as gin, rum and whisky, rose Bible studv 8 from fiscal 1972. That was dou-ratc of increase. Sales of distilled spirits, such Solon: four grand-1 Citing the strong bill for pub-five great-j lie financing of political cam-three sisters, I paigns passed this week in the Ogden. Utah; j senate, Guido noted “only by Frank Hensen, Minong, removing the dependence of and Mrs. Ena Jones, Clin- candidates on private funds arc The commentator charged ton. and two brothers. Alfred you going to prevent future Wa- tergates.” clashes “with the aim of taking Services: Brosh funeral home Guido cited the naivete of fed-as much time as possible to Solon Monday at ll a.m. by the eral law enforcement officers in Wis. Levacuate the occupied Arab tor- Rev. A. T. Washington. Burial: ritories.”    'Oakland    cemetery,    Solon. facing the Watergate crimes. For example, he said Henry Pe- He said Syria had accepted Friends may call at the funeral tcrsen in the department of jus- Big Boy is cooking for you and your family on Easter Sunday! Reg. 1.95 Big Country Style Chicken Dinner Three whoppin big pieces of chicken served up with whipped potatoes and our country gravy, crisp salad and a fresh rd! and butter. Sun. Apr. 74 Only PECIAL CARRYOUT VA LU ESI DINNER BOX 3 Big pieces with the fixin’s. 4/13 Only BUCKET I 5 Big pieces. Serve 5-7 for less than 704 each. Reg. 5.89 J169 ^ 4/13 Only BARREL 21 Delicious pieces. Serve 7-10 for less than 65c each. Big Bo FAMILY RESTAURANTS 4801 FIRST AVE. SE 377-7391 less than 8 percent during the period, while profits increased !from $21.2 million to $23.7 million. Officials attributed part of the increase in profits to lowering the drinking age. “Although it is impossible to measure the exact impact these new consumers (those under 2!) the cease-fire only after receiv- home Sundav ing “full guarantees” from the United Seventh Da? Brethren — 2400 Second avenue. w. Alien Bond, pastor, super powers that Israel would Controlled Substance Worship lo, church school ll completely withdraw from ter-Saturday. tice could not believe the Watergate breakin was any more than a burglary by underlings in the Nixon administration. Yet, investigations revealed the Water- Salary Proposa Review Asked Charges Against Two Linn county sheriff's deputies gate schemes were discussed by AMES (AP) The state ritories occupied since the 1967 war. But he said Secretary of arrested two men Friday night Nixon's closest political ad-State Kissinger, who arranged for possession of a controlled;visors, and that the former head the cease-fire, and “other par-; substance. Authorities declined of the FBI destroyed evidence. ties” were paying attention only to say what the substance was. Two hundred people attended to    “superficial    details”    rather    Held in Linn county jail are    the noon-hour forum,    and the had on    liquor sales,    ’    the    report    bourd    of    regents has appto\cd    <i    than going into    the    basic    issue    Richard John Maske, 18. of 349    audience included law    students said,    “there    is    no    doubt    they    proposal    asking    Gov.    Robert    of    withdrawal.    Ninth avenue, Marion, and Scott    and faculty, several state repre- ----------Moulds, 19. of 1050 Eighth street,    I sentatives, S. I    Marion ign Language Classes Are Set were a major contributor to the Ray to request a review of rcc-r cc old increases ot 1973.    ommended salaries for state de- The report said the biggest partmen( hcads. I n/rpaso in wino Chloe mim i ng 1 and many area members of Common Cause. Board President Mrs. IL Rand Petersen, Harlan, said the salary recommended by Hay increase in wine sales involved the so-called pop wines, which usually sell for about $1 a bottle. Sales of those wines in-| creased 277 percent in fiscal 1973, reaching more than 317.-000 gallons. The report also said Iowa’s , .    .    tA„0    . per capita consumption is lhe,s,oneJd m,c'arly 9,3 0 .r!com- mend salaries for legislative Classes for hearing persons who would like to learn the fourth lowest in the nation although liquor sales in the state have increased for ten straight years. Miner Kin Sue For S12 Billion and judicial employes. Gov. Robert Ray also asked for recommendations for all state department heads. The report was the basis for Ray’s salarv recommendations b°°ks ma>' be purchased, for more information, telephone the seventh street, Marion The classes will meet Tuesday nights from May 7 through June 25. An intermediate class will meet at 7 p.m., and a beginner’s class at 8 p.m. The course is free, but text- to thc Iowa legislature. Members of the board agreed |^ev- Allan Page at 362-6528. with Mrs. Petersen that Ri-BOISE, Idaho (AP)- Almost che>'’s $24,000 salary was too $12 billion damages are soughtdow- Return Bodies of 17 from Vietnam OAKLAND, Calif. (AP)-Sev- m a suit filed by the families of 56 men killed in the Sunshine Mine disaster. The underground fire in the | ! Kellogg, Idaho, mine May 2 1972 killed 91 miners. Agues House filed thc suit for, enteen dead Americans, their herself and 220 others in U.S. coffins draped in red. white and I district court, charging 21 com- ^ue, are home at last from the j panics and the federal govern- Vietnam war. in the 'Inhere was no ceremony Friday as an air force cargo plane jinent with complicity deaths. The suit claims the defendants bearing the last American ser-provided false or inaccurate in-|v*cemen said to have died in formation about the hazards of North Vietnamese prison camps products used in the mine anti !atlded at Travis air force base. were willfully negligent by pro- *nal identification of thc viding or installing inadequateibodies was being made at the' equipment and materials for Oakland army terminal mortu- use in it. Each of the families of the 56 ary. No names were released. Thev had been classified miners claims $1 million in gen- missing in action until their eral damages from each defend- deaths were confirmed by the ant and $10 million punitive North Vietnamese at the signing damages from ail but three of tde cease-fire Jan. 27, 1973. the defendants, for a total of $11.87 billion. In addition, the survivors seek medical, funeral and legal expenses. Want ads perform an important community service, read them daily! Phone 364-0213 for F-A-S-T APPLIANCE SERVICE I lotpjoint ;

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