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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa —Worship Services— (Continued from Page 4.) “Jesus Christ — Tho Center of Human History”. St. Andrew — (LCA) 4420 Center Point rd. NE. James M. Posher. S.S. 9:40. Easter serv. 7 a.m. Serv. 8:30, 10:45. “What A Wonderful Day”. St. Mark’s— (LCA) 2100 1st ave. NE. David Frans Larson. Easter serv. 6:30, 8:30 a.m. Serv. IO. “Behold Your King”. Communion serv. ll. “Do Not Be Afraid”. Fri. eve. 6:30. Rev. and Mrs. Fred J. Wolff. St. Stephen’s — (ALC) Meadowbrook, 31st st. SE. Landis J. Olson. S.S. 9:40. Serv. 8:30, 10:45. Eve. 7. Trinity—(Mo.) 1363 1st ave. SW. Richard A. Osing, Richard L. Thompson. S.S. 9:15. Serv. 8, 10:30. Sat. 6. Wed. eve. 7:15. Word of God—Deaf — (Mo.) 1363 1st ave. SW. Allan C. Page. First and third Sun. of month. S.S. 2. Serv. 3. Zion —■ (Mo.) Highway 150, Hiawatha. Larry Brelje. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:15, 10:45. METHODIST Asbury — (United) 351 26th ave. SW. Charles R. Mehaffey. S.S., serv. 9, ll. Bertram — (United) L. Neil Townsend. SS. 9:45. Serv. 10:30. Bethel—(AME) 512 6th st. I OTHER CHURCHES SE. George Moore. S.S. 9:30. Baha’i Center—Tues. 8, 1810 acrv. ii.    Ridgewood    terr. SE: Wed. 7:30, Buffalo— (United) B I a i r s 12415 4th ave., Marion; Fri. 8, Ferry rd. NE. Wilbert R. Tru- 2773 C st. SW, Apt. A. sheim. S.S. 10:15. Serv. 9. -K.P. Hall, 1001 Old Marion rd. I NE. Mark Pett. S.S. ll. Serv. I IO. I Kenwood Park—(United) 327 35th st. NE. L. A. Chamberlain, Murry Haber. S.S. 9:30, ll. Serv. 9:30, ll. Easter serv. 7 a.m. Cedar Memorial. Knox—(United) 1525 Hollywood blvd. NE. Floyd J. Conroy. Easter serv. 7 a.m. Cedar Memorial. Serv. 10:30. “The Empty Cross”. Olivet—(United) 237 10th st. NW. Francis Roy King. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8:30, ll. “Love Letter From Heaven”. Westminster—(United) 1285 3rd ave. SE. Dr. John P. Woods. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 8, 9:30, ll. “Happy Morning!” UNITED CHE RCII OF CHRIST Eden—(E and R) 351 8th»ave. SW. Glenn D. Hunt. S.S. 9:30. Easter serv. 7 a.m. Serv. 10:45. “Christ Is Alive”. First Congregational — 361 17th st. SE. Glenn N. Bender, Robert L. Myren. S.S. IO. Serv. 8:30, IO. Hope — 150 9th ave., Hiawatha. Lyle V. Kuehl. S.S. 9:30. Easter serv. 6:15 a.m. “The Many Moods of Easter”. Serv. 10:45. “The Man Who Wouldn’t Stay Dead”. Big George! Virgil Partch The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., April 13, 1974 Oil Boom May Aid Trinidad By William F. Nicholson    recent    speech,    using    the    lilting    'dents of the capital shop, im-average in the Caribbean. His BARRACKPORE, Trinidad island dialect.    (ported frozen beef has risen report warned that more money (API - Each day at dawn, The government already has from $1 to $1.05 a pound in in the hands of the country’s inaner a quick breakfast of bread 5(u pcrccnt inlcresl in Trjni.    .    habitants could increase the and tea. Seeram Dhanesar, 24, dad-Tesoro a small nptrnlpum . I i I Viu    current inflationary pressure, joins thousands of other men operation with the Tesoro Petro- * lr fl0ppcr ic average And he rajsed t^e possibility of this time of year in the harvest E Co of San Auto b    ^    Mk‘X    of    °UtSide |of the sugar cane that covers Tcxas    *|$8uamontn. the land like a thick, green carpet. No Details Dhanesar toils 12 hours a day i Williams has not given details in a stooped position while wield- 011.w    governments    par ing a machete on his family’s ^ip^1°ntr^0nll.ld 1)0 1‘1 ,hc 0{he* passing on to the consumer I five acres in this rural farm    ^vestments, or how it will hj h cQst f diesel f j town    be    carried    out. ’ .    ,    ,    .    .    ,    Trinidad    and    Tobago    also    has He is a descendent of people deposUs of na(ura, gas umj(;r the waters of its Atlantic side. Foreign companies were already scrambling to get in on it. The government has who came from India in the 19th Century as indentured laborers. He helps bring in the $500 a year that he, his mother and father, two sisters and brother laborers to take up menial jobs Inexpensive Fish    spurned by nationals as the Shoppers are also buying inex- econom>' burgeons. This would pensive types of fish caught Put a sfvore burden on Aready offshore because fisherman arc ^r<*tned housing and education- tj10 a1 facilities, the report said. higher cost of diesel fuel and Despite these forebodings, imported twine for their nets. Trinidad and Tobago appears “Buy today for tomorrow the to be committed to obtaining an- price will be dearer,” advised Iona Gill. 57, a central market fish monger She was selling tasty red snapper for nearly $1 a pound up from 75 cents. “It's Isn t there anything in the rules about browbeating ball into the hole?” vival serv. B. L. Hovvse. Tues.-Fri. eve. 7:30. B. L. Howse. Grace Brethren—2905 D ave. NE. Gilbert Gilgan. S.S. 9:30. «.- 1*1.    /,t    w    i    Bethany    Congregational—1300 Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:15. — (United) 1000 30th I 6th st. NW. Mary A. White. S.S. Interdenominational — 3rd st. st. NE. Wilbert R. Trusheim. 18:45. Serv. IO. “A Psalm of the | and 5th ave. SW. A. J. Stokes. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. jive. 6:30. S.S. 9:15, serv. 10:30.    J    Resurrection”. Free—-800 G ave. NW. Wayne    Cedar Hills Community Be lows, formed —■ 4980 Gordon ave. SW. Leon Aalberts. S.S. 9:45. Easter serv. 7 a.m. Morgan Creek Park. Serv. ll. “The Power and Joy of a New Beginning”. Cedar Hills Evangelical Free Ryan. S.S. 9:45. Serv. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30 Hillside Wesleyan Church — 2600 1st ave. NW. Richard Ernst. S.S. 9:45. Easter serv. 7:15 a.m. Serv. 10:50. “He Isn’t Here!” Eve. 7. “Easter Echoes”. Wed. eve. 7:15. Kenwood—(United) 302 33rd st. NE. Clifton W. Ellerbeck.1 Eve. 7. Wed. eve., 7. S.S IO. Easter serv. 6:30. Serv. i Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel— 9. IL “I’d Like To Teach the!3412 Oakland rd. NE. S.S. ll. World”.    Serv. ll. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. Lovely Lane—(United) 42nd Cedar Rapids Friends Meet-nnd Wenig rd. NE. Don F. his — 9:30 a.m. Contact W. R. Maple. Serv. 9, 10:30. “She | Haworth. 363-6o67. Thought It Was the Gardener”. I Cedar Valley Bible Church — Salem — (United) 225 First 3636 Cottage Grove ave. SE ave SW. Paul Pfalt/graff. S.S. Reagan Benedict. Thomas V. a. serv. 8, ll). "The Un-Doubt- f°*f- Dwight L Taylor S.S ers”    110:50.    Serv.    9:45.    “The    Gospel ...    /rT .. .. 00, 1fW,    of the    Risen    Lord”. Eve. 6. J?" i- (I.mtod) 331 18.h    “Cjrcat    Grace    for    the Least eVc’oSc’ EvfJett K- BurhamJApostle”. Wed. eve. 7:20. 5.5. J, Serv. IO.    Central    Church of Christ — St. James—(United) 1430 Kl-    1500 1st ave.    NW.    Penney F. Us blvd. NW. Stephen R. Root,    Nichols.    SS. 10:45.    Serv. 9:30. 5.5. 8:45. Serv. IO.    Eve.    6. Wed. 7. St. Mark’s - (United) 4700 Christian and Missionary Al-Johnson ave. NW. Lee Roy Col- hance — 1622 42nd st. NE. S.S. I lins. S.S. 9:45. Easter serv. 7 9:30. Serv 10:45. David Beck-] a.rn. Morgan Creek Park. Serv. neb. Eve. 7. Wed. eve. 7. Islamic Center—2999 1st ave. SW. S.S., serv. 11:30; prayer, 12. Friday prayer 12 Sorv. 9. New Apostolic Church—2930 Wilson ave. SW. S.S. 8:45. Serv. God in Christ—631 9th ave. SE. II. Bassett. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 12. Eve. 8. Peoples Unitarian — 600 3rd ave. SE. Walter E. Kellison. Sorv. ll. “Easter Masterpiece”. Waldemar Argow. Salvation Army — 1123 3rd st. SE. Eugene Adney. S.S. 9:45. Serv. ll. Eve 7. Se vent h-Day Adventist—42nd st. and Edgewood rd. NE. Siegfried Roeske. S.S. 9:30. Serv. ll. Seventh Day Church of God — (Mcridan) 3336 Prairie dr. NE. W. T. McMickin. School Sat. IO. Serv. 11:30. Mor ll. “He Lives! Known by Experience”. St. Pauls — (United) 1340 Third ave. SE. Arnold Herbst, James II. Riegel, Warren S. Webb. SS. 9:30, ll. Serv. 8, 9:30, 11. “From Tragedy to Triumph". Shueyville — (United) Rt. 2. Leonard Showalter. S.S, 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Trinity - (United) 3rd ave. 5th st. SW. Ernest W. Larson. S.S. 9:30. Easter serv. 6:30 a.m. Serv. 8:30,    10:45.    “Be    Not Amazed: Ho Is Risen!” Union—(United) Ely rd. SW. Report Iowa’s Elevator Costs Up 20 Percent AMES (UPI) — Iowa State Moth-Wick Chapel — 1224 University Economist Bob Wis-13th st. NW. Donald Artman. per said Friday grain handling and storage costs at Iowa elevators have jumped an average - West Post rd "and Midway 110-Evc- 5- Wed. eve. 8.    of about 20 percent in the past r. NW. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:45.    „5l    V1*.    o”    three years. Wisner said costs for each bushel of grain handled at elevators *— averaging stored and nan-stored grain together — currently runs from IO to ll cents. He said storage costs — including interest, shrinkage and insurance — have gone up more sharply than other items, nearly doubling in the past 18 months. The ISU economist also said Temple Judah — 3221 Lind- the futures market has served say lane SE. Serv. 8 p m. Ex- slightly better this season than 7-30'pm.    m S<?rV' last f'or PricinS and hedging Unity Center 1015 2nd ave. grain, but he said major uncer- SE. Mabel K Swanscn. Serv. tainties still persist. live on in their two-room shack nounccd plans to build its own on stilts on a hill surrounded by Ras pipeline to a local port. cane fields.    There is also talk of chemical But there is a bright spot on    a°d s*ecl P^nts in Trinidad lo the horizon for the poor of the is-    take advantage of the energy land nation of Trinidad and To-    8as would provide. Local bago in the Caribbean. It is oil.    sources said .Japanese and The rural poor of Indian descent make up more than 40 per-I cent of the one million people of Trinidad and Tobago. Five per- ,cent are blacks and the remain-U supply has been aboon to «amrsaid,'siudlcs as much as possible from the energy windfall to spur economic development and raise the living standards of its people. A local calypso song perhaps cheaper now to eat chicken, expresses how the optimis- It’s European investors are already in discussions with government officials. complained a shopper, only 50 cents a pound. " The Williams’ government is concerned about increased investment stemming from the bright prospects in oil and gas production. tic but unsettled future facing the country. “Ifs a mad world I am living in; It’s a crazy, crazy world that keeps on spinning. “Round and round she goes; local motorists, who jam the district of Trinidad suggest that streets of Port of Spain during energy-connected investments] would ultimately give work to eight out of every IO people now without a job. More Inflation Depending on whom one talks to, u n c rn p I o y rn e n t in the country is 15 to 25 percent — ing are whites or Orientals. As in other Caribbean is lands, the sugar cane industry rush hours. Premium gasoline here is losing ground because I costs around 40 cents a gallon. of a reluctance to mechanize Regular is 33 cents. There is no and because of increasing cul- rationing, tivation of sugar beets in “We got the golden spoon in Europe and the U.S.    our    mouth,”    smiled    a    Trinida- Trinidad and Tobago, which i^an waiter became independent from Bri-    Finished Goods J tain in 1962, has problems with But, like other developing 'unemployment, housing short- countries dependent on imports I ages, overcrowded schools and 0f finished goods from the rich-ja lack of opportunity for young er countries, Trinidad and Tob-I professionals. The country was ag0 js suffering from what one I caught up rn the black power sugar jndustrv official calls I movement^ sweeping the Carib-(“imported inflation.” 'bean in 1970.    “The    price    of    producing    sugar, Rioting broke out in the capi- for example, keeps going up tai, Port of Spain, and a mutiny .because we have to pay more erupted briefly in the tiny army. for imports of farm machin- Where this world stop, nobody In a confidential report this knows.” month to leaders of his People’s Having its own refineries and National Movement party. Wil- in just one abc (£rimr Sahibs turtle Established in 1883 by Th* Gazette Co. and published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406. Second Clcss Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rates by carrier ll e#n‘s a week. Bv mail: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues $2.25 a month, $24 a vear Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issues $2 50 a month, $25 a year. Other states and U.S. territories $40 a year. No mail subscriptions accepted in areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of ail the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. They'll Do It Every Time Chairman okra ear her name ow THE CUDS LETTERHEAD AND HER PIC IN THE SOCIETY PAGES-•• “The Proof Of Immortal- Lronard Serv. 9. ihovvalter. S. IO. NAZARI.NE First — 3113 1st ave SW. Hardy J. Powers. SS. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7. Oakland—1515 29th st. NE. Crawford Howe. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 7. Wed. 7:30. Trinity — 1328 K st. SW. James L. Hayes. S S. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wed 7. ORTHODOX St. George— (Sy.) 1202 10th st. SE. Constantine Nasr. S.S. 10:15. Matins IO. Liturgy, 10:30. Sat. Vespers, 7:30«p.m Bt John’s ( ! SE. Dcmetrios Walker. S.S., Matins, it). Morning Prayers,] 11. St. John’s—(Cr.) 501 A ave. NE. Alexander Anastasiou. S S. 10:30. Orthros 9:30. Liturgy 10:30. PRESBYTERIAN ( alvia - Sinclair — (United) 715 38th st. SE. Earl A. Hueb- I ner. S.S. IO Serv. 9, 11:10. j “He Is Risen". Easter serv. 7 i a.rn. Cedar Memorial. Central Park -(United) 1700 R ave. NE. Allen S. Van Cleve, i S.S. 9:45. Easter serv. 6:30 a.m. Bever Park. Serv. 8:45. ll. “You’ll Know' Him, All Right!” Christ Church (United) 2000 1st Ave. NW. Robert Bou- I ton. S.S. 9. Easter serv. 6:30 a m. Serv. 10:10. “The Stone Is Rolled Away". First — (United) 310 5th st., SFL John S. Shew, Larry Ii Johnson. Feaster serv. 7 a.m. Serv. 9:15, ll. “Unmistaken Identity". Huh Memorial — (United)1 2808 Schaeffer dr. SW. George B. MeDill. S.S. 10:30. Serv. 9:30. j “The Peace of God”. Indian Creek (IUformed) I Peace Christian Reformed — 6600 C ave. NFL Eat I D. Dv-kema. S.S. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. I “The Change Feaster Makes”. .Eve. 6:30. “The Joy of Easter”. Church of the Brethren — 1200 Second ave. SFL Dr. Wayne ! A. Shireman. S.S. 9:30. Serv. 10:50. Five. 6. Ministry of Deliverance ( hurrh—1510 2nd st. SW. ll. G. Kurth. F. R 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Evc Church of God Prophecy — 3211 FMgewood rd. SM’. Michael Boots. SS. IO. Serv. ll. Eve. !7:30. Wed. 7:30. Covington—Pick Miller. S.S. !);30. Serv. 10:30. Church of God — lid Oakland rd. NE. A. R. Moslander SS. 9:45. Serv. 10:45. Eve. 6. Eastview Church of Christ— Christian—601 Old Marion rd. NFL Lawrence W. Merritt. S.S. .    ..    ..    ,    , .    ,    , 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Eve. 7. Wcd.lb-V presidential friends and op eve. 7.    ponents. Reagan Denies Any Knowledge Of Memo on Tax SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -Davidson. S.S. An IRS memo indicating Gov. Ronald Reagan was assessed $13,091 in taxes owed for the years 1962 through 1965 is news to the governor, an aide says. The memo was produced in Washington by Sen. Lowell Weicker (R-Conn.) as evidence he had showed that the White House had a strong interest in the tax problems encountered He said hedging has offered modest short-term storage profits at times this season for elevators capable of moving out grain quickly. LAFF - A - DAY Enough To Help But the world energy crisis has brought hope to Prime Minister Erie Williams’ government. Trinidad and Tobago doesn't have as much oil as nearby Venezuela, but it has perhaps, enough, to help solve problems. It produces 166.000 barrels of oil a day — a rate at which it takes a year to produce what Venezuela turns out in a few weeks. Trinidad and Tobago’s government has drawn up a half-billion cry,' says Norman Girwar.i president of the country’s Cane Farmer's Assn. The country’s refineries also depend on foreign oil imports to keep working at capacity since domestic production cannot keep up with demand. Thus, the Arab oil boycott and subsequent price increases were passed on to consumers here. Food prices are a current complaint. Trinidad and Tobago produces much of its own poultry, dollar budget for this year, expecting to reap a windfall of fish* vegetables and fruits. But $300 million to $500 million in mos* meat is imported from increased oil profits during 1974. Australia and New Zealand. "No, Helen, I don’t want to see a picture of the rock garden Ellis Bark Church of God —•    “The governor has no knowl- ^ouve bui^ *n tbe backyard!” <26 I. avo. NW. John Little.    „r    „ l, , c... w • i SS. 9:30. Son 10:30. “V-I-C- ed8e of w"at ben- Weicker is _ Williams has also indicated that his government will seek participation in the operations of the big foreign oil companies operating wells and refineries here, Shell, Texaco and Amoco. “If the sheik could play, who is we ” he told his people in a Down at tho cavernous central market, where most resi- Y Is for You!” Evc. T-O-R-Y 6. Wed. eve. 8. First Church of Christ, Scientist 1242 2nd ave. SE. S.S., serv. 10:30. “Are Sin, Disease and Death Real I*” I irs! Covenant 701 25th st. NFL James FL Lange, Dean F’ord. S.S. 9:30. Sen-. 10:45. Eve. 7. First Open Bible ave. NWL Neal B. 9:30. Serv. 10:30. Evt. 7:30. First Pentecostal ( hurrh — 860 Center Point rd. NFL James O. McCoy. SS. 930. Serv. 10:30. Tues., Thurs. Five. 7. I oursquare Gospel - 609 1st ave. SM’. Lee Griffis. S.S. 9:30. Easter serv. 6 a.m. “Hallelujah. What A Savior”. Serv. 10:45. B. L. Howse Eve. 7. Rc- italking about,” Reagan’s press secretary, Clyde Walthall, said Monday. The memo did not say whether Reagan ever paid the alleged deficiencies. A good salesman has to cover - 1911 E bis territory Want ads do this Gail. S.S. daily. GALILEE BAPTIST CHURCH 1947 Washington Ave. 5.1. 9:30 AM Sunday School 10:40 AM Morning Service 7:00 Evening Service Wed. Service 7:00 PM The body of Jesus Christ was the first to be resurrected from physical death, lf you will accept Him as your Savior, you, too may hove the assurance of receiving a resurrected body that will live eternally with Him I Corinthians 15:20-23 and 51 -57 DANIELS PARK CHURCH OF GOD I 101 OAKLAND RD. NI Beautiful Free Easter Basket to every youth, infant through 14 years at 9:45 a.m. this Sunday. Come and grow with one of Cedar Rapids fastest growing churches—over 600% growth since one year ago. Everyone Welcome—Phone 365-5615 ye war WELCOME! To Worship at St. Mark's Lutheran Church 2100 First Avenue N.E. SUNRISE EASTER DRAMA - 6:30 A M. EASTER BREAKFAST - 7:15 A M. FESTIVE EASTER WORSHIP WITH A PRODESSION OF EASTER BANNERS - 8:30 A.M. EASTER CANTATA BV THE ST. MARK’S CHANCEL CHOIR -10:00 A.M. EASTER COMMUNION WORSHIP - 11:00 A M. ST MICHAEL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 220 Fortieth Street, N.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa EASTER CELEBRATION!!! 8 OO o rn Eucharist with Hymns IO OO a rn Festal Choro! Eucharist 6 00pm Eucharist Joyous music for brass quartet, organ & choir, featuring works by Gabrieli, Mozart. Flor Peelers & Marcel Dupre' Thomas C. Aycock, Jr. Rector Stephen A. Steely, Director of Music NOTICE CHURCH OR ORGANIZED GROUPS WANTING SITE FOR SUMMER CAMP Contact EASTERN IOWA PRESBYTERIAN CAMP (Camp Wyoming) with ifs capacity for 40-100, Swimming Pool & 380 acres. Available June 16-22, Aug. 11-17, Aug. 18-24. 488-3893, Wyoming, Iowa. • St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Third Avenue and Fourteenth Street S.E. SUNRISE SERVICE 6:00 A M. Sponsored by Senior High U.M.Y.F. JU :>-y THREE WORSHIP SERVICES 8:00. 9:30 and 11:00 A M. Sermon by Dr. Arnold Herbst "From Tragedy lo Triumph” Faster Music bv St. Paul s Choirs Ministers:    Director.    Music    Ministry: ^Arnold Herbst David R. Noble James Riegel Organist: Warren Webb Mrs. Betty Debban A Cordial Invitation to Attend SPECIAL SERVICES EASTER SUNDAY APRIL 14 8:45, 9:45 & 10:45 a.m. REV. BERGE NAJARIAN Speaker JUST RETURNED FROM ISRAEL.. . . REV. BERGE NAJARIAN, district superintendent of the Nazarene missionary work iii the Holy Land, is now on his second furlough since being appointed to the field in 1960. In addition to his work as district superintendent Mr. Najarian has preached regularly at the Jerusalem Old City Church and the beautiful International Nazarene Center in Jerusalem. When he first went to the field, he served as teacher at the Bible school in Beirut, Lebanon. His missionary services will capture your interest with God’s miraculous undertakings and answers to prayers in this, one of the most strategic and challenging areas in the world; illustrated with some personal experiences on the field. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3113 First Avenue, S.W. • Cedar Rapids, Iowa REV. HARDY J. POWERS, Pastor The Lutheran Churches In Your Community Invite You To Watch CASTER IS! On Caster Sunday April 14 6:00 P.M. WMT-TV Channel 2 The meaning of Easter Through The Eyes of Benji and Waldo Stars of “Christmas is” IT BC ATS THC BENNY! ;

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