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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 Tile Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tri., April 12, 197 Television loden '-AP Report Erroneous on Revival of Farm Subsidies They'll Do It Every Time Bv Jav Sharbutt PT This and That NEW YORK (API - Young and old baseball fans probably still are boasting they saw Hank Aaron make baseball history on TV. NBG estimates 35 million of them watched one of the greatest moments in sports live. But at least one viewer, a professional viewer by trade, can't honestly tell his grandchildren someday he saw Babe Ruth’s record broken the moment it happened right there on national television. The viewer’s set was on, but he was off. Lulled by a hearty dinner and the pre-game hoopla, he was deep in slumber by the third inning on the fateful night of April 8. 1974. While he snored, a nation united in excitement and suspense was glued to TV screens from Flatbush to Beverly Hills. Commercials costing $40,000 a minute flashed on and off and still he snored. When Aaron stepped up in the fourth inning and belted his 715th homer into history, the viewer was still snoring. Not even the roar from the TV set or the tavern down the street prevailed. * * * When the viewer finally was abruptly awakened by a nightmare about a tax audit, he saw empty stands at the Atlanta stadium on KBC. Was it rained out? he asked his wife. No, she said as gently as possible. So many years from now, when the viewer’s grandchildren say, “Grandpa, did you see the home run,’’ he’ll also try to answer as gently as possible. “I saw four reruns of it on the ll o'clock news,” 1 11 tell DST, when Aaron broke Ruth's record. * * * But the half-hour only was the peak viewing period. NBC says on an over-all basis, the three-hour game was seen only in about 14.8 million homes. Still, a spokesman says “that's the highest we’ve ever gotten for a regularly-scheduled game. WASHINGTON (AP) - The Associated Press erroneously reported Tuesday that a federal conservation subsidy program has been revived to pay farmers ! for land improvement projects they carried out in 1973. That will not be the case. The agriculture department said Wednesday the 1973 program was reopened but that it will however, said the full $225.5 million set by congress would be made available. Smith, in an interview, said if a farmer had applied for 1973 benefits and tbe application was approved by his county ASCS office by Dec. 22, 1972, he would have been eligible for compensation. But if a farmer had not been AAV BROTHER-IN-LAW DOES MY INCOME TAX' MESA CRA."'WHY? IS /THE GUY I GOT, OSE!? TO WORK FOR INTERNAL REVENUE"* HE KNOWS ALL 4E ANGLES' provide payments to farmers cleared for 1973 REAP before; only for projects approved and the cutoff and had carried out; carried out during the re- improvement plans anyway he I maunder of 1974. not for work is not eligible for compensation! last year.    under the revived program,”! Last Monday the department Smith said, announced: “The total author- “Approval now for 1973 work! ized funding level of $225.5 mil- will not be retroactive.” Smith! THE GUY WHO DOES MIME DOES ALL THE BIG POLITICIANS’ \RETURNS"; EVERYBODY KIDS THEMSELVES THAT THEY GOT EINSTEIN MORKIN’ ON THEIR APRIL 15*™ / \f fHey VALENTINES'/^!* CALLED -tx—7/ IN POR AN f M AUDIT THEIR TAX DOODLERS PUT IN A GOOD .WORD TD THE WARDEN Wallace Backed Ray Endorses By Black Mayor pj f f gusjng TUSKEGEE, Ala. (AP) - The a ,un    M © I black mayor of Tuskegee en-1 DES MOINES (AP) — A bill dorsed Gov. George Wallace for |0 a||ow loca] school dis-re-election Thursday and pre- ^ (o provjde transportalian that Wallace, once a studen(s attending nonpubhc symbol of segregation,st resis- schoo|s Thu].sday received in. |tance In the South,    will    get    fornlaj endorsement    from Gov. more black votes in    Alabama    ({obert Ray I than ever before.    ^ measure has    passed the Mayor Johnny Ford,    who    has    house and is before    the senate | worked closely with Wallace on appropriations committee. I governmental issues, issued a ! formal announcement endorsing j the governor. He said in an in kids has a particularly timely study coming Saturday at noon. DST. It’s called “What’s Impeachment All About” and it’s a good effort, considering its intended audience. It aims at defining both the process of impeachment and the complicated issues in the possible impeachment of President Nixon. Some parents may object to one very brief excerpt in which an auto worker says, “Our President is a damn crook and we all know it.” But that’s immediately followed by the President's own rebuttal. * * * Ifs strong material,, but worth viewing, even by grown-ups who feel they’ve already been told more about impeachment than they care to know. Gasoline Prices Hiked by Exxon HOUSTON (AP) — Wholesale gasoline prices for about 24.000 Exxon Co. USA dealer-operated service stations have been increased by 1.6 cents per gallon. Exxon also said Thursday it has boosted prices by 4.6 cents them. Then I'll say, “Now let per gallon for about 1.000 com-grandpa go back to sleep.” pany-operated stations. Those who care more for An Exxon spokesman said the the silver screen than base- additional three cents boost for ball will be happy to know the company-operated stations re-A. C. Nielsen ratings say last fleets Federal Energy Office week’s Academy awards show authority to make adjustments on NBC was a far bigger TV to include increased operating draw than history at bat. The Oscar ceremonies were seen in an estimated 24.3 million homes, compared to the 17.3 million homes the ratings people estimate were tuned to NBC between 8 and 8:30 p.m. CBS’ fine news special for lion has been released for the said. “A farmer will have to 1973 Rural Environ- start all over again with his Assistance Program application and county office I approval.” U.S. Campaign Reform Bill Is Wded in Senate reinstated mental (REAP).” The AP story said the program “will pump $225.5 million back into rural areas as payments to farmers for projects they carried out last year.” Gardner Smith, a program official in the department’s Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, said the REAP funds will not be used to pay farmers for conservation work they may have initiated on their own in 1973 when title program was not in politics. effect    provides    for    the    use    of    tax The ’department terminated ftmds in finandnS general and 1973 REAP on Dec. 22, 1972, a pnmar>' camPa|S"s f°r federal J few months after announcing it I would be in effect at a spending! I level of $140 million. Congress ! had authorized $225.5 million. Court Reversed A federal court late last year1 I reversed the cancellation, and terview later Wallace’s aid to predominantly black Tuskegee has demonstrated his willingness to “help all the people, I particularly those who really need it.” It would repeal an act passed by the legislature last year. That law is to provide auxiliary services such as library and counseling help for students of nonpublic schools. The law has never been in force because it is being consid- MENS'/ CASILLI?, tfOM APiVM yow, AW' “Our citizens have come to ered by a three-judge federal realize that voting for people is panel. one way of assuring that their Proponents ol the law before community will get at least its Hle judges say they fear it will fair share of resources,’’ Ford de declared unconstitutional. 4-1*2- O Kin* F*«Kur«* Syndicate, Inc.. 1974. World rifkt* t Ervin Misquoted' on Lack Of Impeachment Evidence said. “That’s what it’s really all about.” Ford, a Democrat, was elect-cd mayor in early 1972. after;    , working for the Moral Model .    transporting Cities program. He endorsed , ., President Nixon for re-election c1, fun- Ray said he approved the auxiliary services bill because he felt it would benefit children, regardless of what school WASHINGTON (AP) — The WI I 11 i    111! I ! 11 L, Y 1CI /LU because, he said, the President senate Thursday passed a far- HfACUIWrWM UD,    . un had helped Tuskegee get consid- reaching campaign reform bill WASHINGTON Al bena-, icJeral income taxes by a I r.?.v crab]e federal aid. with the avowed aim of elimi- t°r Ervin (D-N.C.) said Thurs- ident is a crime against the gov- Ford said he believes Wallace nating big-money influence in day he was misquoted in a ernment, and for that reason ii will carry Tuskegee, a universe published report last month that an impeachable offense.”    ty town that was the scene of a said he told an audience in “I will never adjudge that the number of racial demon-Cleveland that no evidence had President has committed any sIra^ons a decade ago been produced at the senate impeachable offense unless and    French    Candidate Watergate hearings to support until evidence convinces me j>.\}<is (UPI) — Communica-President Nixon’s impeach- that he has done so.” Ervin lions .Minister Jean Rover ment.    said.    Thursday became the third Ervin, chairman of the senate He said the President’s con- (7aullist candidate in Prances Watergate committee, said he duct has led him to two conciu. presidential race, further week-Another kev section estab- has not made up his mind dnn<. Th.)t Mr V]Ynn ,wH_ omng the divided conservative 'eftist Francois offices. Also for the first time it puts a ceiling on campaign contributions and limits the total expenditure of presidential and congressional candidates. him to two conciu the department on March ll an-lishes a bipartisan Federal Flee- whether Nixon is guilty of an si°n": T,lat ‘^r’ Nlxon net'd‘ opposition to nounced it would comply. At j lions Commission empowered impeachable offense.    lessly    prolonged for himself and Mitterrand. Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance.........366-7654 FBI .......402/348-1210 Fire............... 398-5343 Highway Patrol ....364-5171 After Hours    363-5629 Police............. 398-5353 Sheriff.............398-3521 Medical Society 365-2527 (if you hove no physician) Foundation ll ......362-2174 (Crisis help, I p m.-midnight) (Clip and carry in your billfold) ®mm He said the President has the nation the that time USDA officials told re-to bring civil and criminal pros- _ .... ................ porters thcv thought the original locutions, independently cf the needlessly prolonged “the agony SaR‘    n<1^    I $140 million level would be in ef-l justice department, for viola- of Watergate” by withholding faPes and Hiat he Nixon Signs feet.    <    Itions of campaign financing. presidential tape The announcement this week, lassage of the bill, 53 to 32, from investigators. ____   after a debate that began March 26. climaxed a battle in which the senate's anti-filibuster rule was invoked by a one- Vpt    <:U>    ni:!I^in' 1 irivOwtii w The controversy centered around the provisions for public financing of campaigns, but all moves to remove this part of the bill were rejected. I costs. Exxon lowered its prices for WASHINGTON (UPI (-President Nixon Thursday signed an urgent supplemental appropriations bill providing $750 million for Vietnam veterans’ benefit payments. The White House said the ma- No Opinion But Ervin said in a speech to the senate that “I have steadfastly refrained from forming or expressing any opinion on the question of whether or not President Nixon has committed any impeachable offense.” Ervin said he was quoted correctly in saying that he believes agony of Water-producing the has not acted rccnrdinps with the forthrightness which ought to characterize the occupant of his high office.” diesel fuel and home heating j0r supplemental appropriations oil by two cents per gallon, bill now pending in the house The company said the reduction I was not expected to be enacted Much of the impetus for pas- that under the Constitution an sage of the bill, which now goes impeachable offense must be a to the house, came from the serious federal crime and a Watergate affair and related crime that is directed against scandals of the 1972 election, the government rather than However, the legislation is ex- against an individual. Ferry Accident GENOA, Italy (UPP — A ferry carrying 125 persons ran aground Friday minutes atter leaving for Sicily Authorities said 40 persons were hurt in a scramble to leave the vessel. LAFF - A - DAY reflects a seasonal decrease middle distillate imports. Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Roches'er I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Friday Night 6:00 9—Jimmy Deon 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots. 3—News, Weather. Sots. 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6—6 O CIock Edition 8—News, Sots.. Weather 10—News, Weather, Spts. 13—Check and Mate 13—Eyewitness News 40 —Nashville Music 6:15 12—Inside Out 6:30 9—Lift High the Cross 2—To Tell Truth 7—Hee Haw 3—Price Is Right 4—Easter Is 6—Hollywood Sauares 8—Dirty Sally IO—Dustv's Trail 12—One Man's China 13—Hee Haw 40—Treasure 7:00 9—Brady Bunch 2—CBS Movie — "Ben Hor" 3—Brady Bunch 4—CBS Movie— "Ben Hur" 6—Santord and Son 8—CBS Movie— "Ben Hur" IO—Sanford and Son 12—Washington Week 40—Brady Bunch 7:30 9—Six Million Dollar Man 7—Lotsa Luck 3—Six Million Dollar Man 6—Lotsa Luck 10—Lotsa Luck 12—Woll Street Week 13—Lotsa Luck 40—Six Million Dollar Man 8:00 7—NBC Movie— "Greatest Story Ever Told", PL I 6-NBC Movie— “Greatest Story Ever Told", Pf. I 10—NBC Movie— "Greatest Story Ever Told”, Pt. I 11—Mastcrpiece Theater 13—NBG Movie— "Greatest Story Ever Told", Pt. I 8:30 9—Odd Couple 3—Odd Couple 40—Odd Couple 9:00 9—Tama 3—Oral Roberts I?—Verdi's "Requlm" 40—Toma 10:00 9—Eyewitness News 7—News, Weather, Spts. 3—Newsbeat 6—10 O CIock Edition IO—News, Weather, Spts. 13—Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 10:30 9—Creature Feature— "Invisible Man Returns" 7—Tonight 3—Wide World Of Entertainment 6—Tonight IO—Tonight 12— Ingmar Bergman Films 13—Tonight 40—Wide World Of Entertainment 10:45 2—Action News 4—News, Weather, Sots. 8—News, Sots., Weather 11:15 2—Movie— "Entertainer" 4—wild Wild West 8—CBS Movie— "Flame and Arrow 12:00 9—Creature Feature— "Secrets of Blue R oom ' 7—Midnight Special 4—Rock Concert 6—Midnight Special 10—Midnight Special 13—Midnight Special 1:30 2—Last Word 4—Country Music Saturday Morning 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 8—Sunrise Semester 13—Agriculture 7:00 9—Bugs Bunny 2—Hair Bear Bunch 7—Lidsville 3—Bugs Bunny 4—Hair Bear Bunch 6—Lidsville 8—Hair Bear Bunch IO—Lidsville 13—Lidsville 40—Bugs Bunny 7:30 9—Yogi s Gang 2—Sabrina 7—Addams Family 3—Yogi’s Gang 4—Sabrina 6—Addams Family 8—Sabrina IO—Addams Family 13—Addams Family 40—Yogi's Gang 8:00 9—Super Friends 2—Scoobv Doo 7—Emergency 3—Super Friends 4—Scoobv Doo 6—Emergency 8—Scooby-Doo IO—Emergency 13—Emergency , 40—Super Friends 8:30 7—Inch High 6—Inch High IO—Inch High 13—Inch High 9:00 9—Lassie 2—Favorite Martians 7—Sigmund 3—Lassie 4—Favorite Martians 6—Sigmund 8—Favorite Martians IO—Sigmund 13—Sigmund 40—Lassie 9:30 9—Goober 2—Jeannie 7—Pink Panther 3—Goober 4—Jeannie 6—Pink Panther 8—Jeannie IO—Pink Panther 13—Pink Panther 40—Goober 10:00 9—Brady Kids 2—Speed Buggy 7—Star Trek 3—Brady Kids 4 -Speed Buggy 6—Star Trek 8— Speed Buggy IO—Star Trek 13-Star Trek 40— Brad/ Kids 10:30 9 Mission—Magic 2—Josie and Pussycats 7—Butch Cassidy 3—Mission—Magic 4—Josie and Pussycats 6—Butch Cassidy 8—Josie and Pussycats IO—Butch Cassidy 13—Butch Cassidy 40—Mission—Magic 11:00 9—Superstar Movie I 2—Pebbles 7—Jetsons 3—Superstar Movie 4—Pebbles 6—Jetsons 8—Pebbles I IO—Jetsons 13—Jetsons I 40—Superstar Movie ll:30 2—Fat Albert 7—Go* 4—Fat Albert 6-Go1 8—Fat Albert IO—Go1 Saturday Afternoon 12:00 9—Bandstand 2—What's Impeachment All About? 7—Combat 3—Bandstand 4—NBA Highlights 6—Laredo 8—What's Impeachment All About? IO—Roller Games 13—Wrestling 40—Challenging Sea 12:30 2—NBA Playoff 4—NBA Playoff 8—NBA Playoff 40—Fred Bear 1:00 9-Earth Lab 7—Baseball— Detroit-Boston 3—Lassie 6—Baseball— Detroit Boston 10—Baseball— Detroit Boston 13—Baseball— Detroit Boston 40—Rifleman in in time to make veterans' pay merits required by law. ~ The supplemental funds were requested for the benefits provided in the February budget of the Veterans Administration JVA). The VA has been under fire for delay in issuing benefit (checks to veterans going to school under the GI bill. The funds provided in the I new law will benefit an addi tional number of veterans who are seeking training and educational opportunities It also will provide funds for the increased advancements and pre-payments aphorized ._ petted to have rough going in Since one of the primary thp house where opposition to functions of the federal govern public financing of congession- mcnt is t0 administer justice. a1 races and primary campaigns die uj]|fui obstruction of the ad- the ■egarded senate. as stronger than in under the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance stopped completely, Act of 1972.    sa.d in a statement. Servants to Generals Cut, Proxmire Reveals WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense Secretary Schlesinger has trimmed the number of enlisted men who serve as servants for generals and admirals from I 722 to the congressionally allowed 675. Sen. Proxmire (D-Wis.) said Thursday night. But “there is no reason why the practice of using servants at public expense cannot be Proxmire ministration of justice is a erime against the federal government, and for that reason is an impeachable offense. ’ Ervin said. Taxes “And since the federal government is dependent upon taxes for its support, the .Vaudu-lent evasion of the payment of Advertisement The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. “You re standing there quietly without moving a muscle and holding your breath just to annoy me, aren’t you?” DR LIFT HIGH THE CROSS SIXTH IN FIRST LUTHFRAN CHURCH LENTEN SERIES WITH THE REVEREND GEORGE W. CARLSON AND GUESTS I W REINERTSON. CEDAR RAPIDS PEDIATRICIAN. ANO IANVOSSIOHNSON 6:30 PM FRIDAY “GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD OF DEATH” Untamed World Bandstand 1:30 3 40 2:00 9—Limits of Man 3—Showcase Three 2:30 9—America 3—Movie— "West of Zanzibar” 40—Stagecoach West 3:00 9—F-Troop 3:30 •Facts of Fishing -Masters Golf -Masters Golf Masters Golf -Law and Mr. Jones 4:00 9—Wide World of Spfs. 7-Death Valley 3—Wide World of Spfs. 6— Movie— "Gunpoint'' IO—Saint 12—Misterogers 13—Cancer Society 40—Wide World of Spts. 4:30 7—Wrestling 12—Sesame Street 13— Police Surgeon 5:00 2-Hogan's Heroes 4—Jimmy Dean 8—Jimmy Dean IO—Jimmy Dean 13—Iowa Talent 5:30 9 - ABC News 2—CBS News 7—NBC News 3—ABC News 4—CBS News 6—NBC News 8- CBS News IO NBC News 12—Electric Company 13—NBO News 40—ABC News The Lutheran Churches In Your Community Invite You To Watch CASTER IS! On Easter Sunday April 14 6:00 P.M. WMT-TV Channel 2 The meaning of Easter Through The Eyes of Benji and Waldo Stars of “Christmas is” IT BEATS TUE BENNY! RADI01600 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA UPER April 12, 1974 1. HOOKED ON A FEELING 2. THE ENTERTAINER 3. THE LOCO MOTION 4. THE SHOW MUST GO ON 5. SUNDOWN 6. TUBULAR BELLS 7. ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK 8. BENNIE AND THE JETS 9. I LL HAVE TO SAY I LOVE YOU IN A SONG IO. I'M A TRAIN I I. YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW 12. OH MY MY 13. KEEP ON SINGING 14. ERES TU (TOUCH THE WIND) 15. A VERY SPECIAL LOVE SONG 16. SEARCHIN FOR SO LONG 17. DANCE WITH THE DEVIL 18. LET IT RIDE 19. T S O P (THE SOUND OF PHILADELPHIA) 20. THE LORD'S PRAYER 21. SUPERMAN 22. MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS 23. THERE WON T BE ANYMORE 24. MOCKINGBIRD 25. I WON T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU 26. I VE GOT A THING ABOUT YOU BABY 27. TELL ME A LIE 28. STANDING AT THE END OF THE LINE 29. MY GIRL BILL 30. DANCING MACHINE Blue Swede    I Marvin Hamlisch    4 Grand Funk    I    3 Three Dog Night    5 Gordon Lightfoot    9 Mike Oldfield    6 Bill Haley and His Comets 7 Elton John    2 Jim Croce    3 Albert Hammond    I    4 The Stylistics    I    2 Rmgo Starr    I    8 Helen Reddy    16 Mocedades    8 Charlie Rich    I    I Chicago    19 Cozy Powell    IO Bachman-Turner Overdrive 27 MFSB    22 Sister Janet Mead    20 Doc & Prohibition    HB Maria Muldaur    28 Charlie Rich    I 5 Carly Simon & James Taylor 17 Carpenters    29 Elvis Presley    25 Sami Jo    24 Lobo    HB Jim Stafford    HB The Jackson 5    HB HIT-BOUND NOTHIN’ TO LOSE    Kiss IF YOU LOVE ME    Olivia Newton-John BAND ON THE RUN    Paul McCartney & Wings I DON'T SEE ME IN YOUR EYES ANYMORE    Charlie Rich Records listed on the KCRG RADIO 1600 “Super 30” are selected by KCRG after evaluating and considering record sales, listener requests and the station’s own opinion of their audience appeal. 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