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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Big Demand Strains I A    *    I    C    I    I -5-    Against    schools I    ransport Industry On Truck Driving By John Cunniff Scientists Use Recorded Howls To Attract Wolves WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Trade Commission has of midwestern truck - driving couldn't be delegated to some- schools' one of wWch already j bankers or senators over    the NEW YORK    (AP) —    Where in I telephone," he explains.    He the    world    is everyone    going    alljdoesn’t quite come up with    an comPlaints against a string the    time,    and    why? Never    be- answer when asked if the duties fore have people had more reason to ask why they are running about, what with the gasoline j shortage and rising fares. In 1929, Americans spent less than $8 billion on transportation. I John Cunniff i t. s w rn Now they spend around $100 billion in a year’s time. Whereas coming and going ac- it isn’t the thing to do. counted for less than IO percent But as the bills grow and the of personal expenditures in 1929. deficits mount, public and pri-it now approaches 14 percent. vate, staying around home The situation is coming into could be provided with the most more critical focus every day. reasonable, logical defense of Gasoline is in short supply, all. Urban mass transportation sys-j - terns are urgently required. Some railroads are on welfare; some airlines seek that role. is involved in federal mail fraud charges. The FTC ordered the companies Thursday to stop representing that they are offering employment. It cited want ads with such inducements as “Semi-Drivers Needed. On-the-Job-Tvpe Training.” The companies were ordered ers a logical explanation for to give back any money they going from one place to another. Shave gained through deception. The government encourages it. Steven Bradshaw, his brother Advertisers promote it as the'John and another associate are modern way to live. Nobody!™ trial in U.S. district court in , ,    ,    , Indianapolis on fraud charges tries to defend flaying in place; ?rising from ,hejr opcratinn of one in the East. A group of teachers takes advantage of an income tax deduction and a group fare rate to Paris and Rome, so they can further their education in the great museums. Have they mastered all the museums at home? Embarrassing question. Everyone has what he consid- Bigger Demand Never has there been a bigger demand for transportation. But! Former 'Man of Year' Fined for World Wide Systems, Inc. and other schools. The government charges that men    answering    their    ads were sent    what looked like    a job ap plication and were asked for $195 to cover bonding and other items. William Thompson of the U.S. attorney’s office in Indianapolis said 2.258 persons sent in B» I •    £    I    $195 and 236 of them sent an riDinCJ or \I7U0rCl additional $700 after being sent LOS ANGELES (UPI) - John'3? OTroll™"t agreement. Men! probably    never    either have    the    Alessio,    63,    former    San    Diego    J    ,enr‘ economics of transportation    “man of the    year.” was fined,Strunk.^    Ky. and Middletown, been so confided. Demand    |$5,000 Monday    for giving gratui-,10, ho    sa    ' usually    means    profits for    the    ties    to    a guard    while    in    federal    addition to    the    Bradshaw sellers, but it isn't alw aes so in    prison.    operations,    the FIC    named. transportation.    '    Jud,e    charles    Parr    ncrmittcd    Nat,onw,de Moav-v Equipment TU .    .    ,    ,i ij ,.    '    -    1    .    •    Training Service, Inc. of Strunk, The trustees of the I eon ( en- Alessio to go free without proto- Tri.stat° Driver Training. Inc., tral Transportation Co have an- (ton after hts attorney said the „f Middletown and Djes0| Truck pounced they will seek $400 mil- onetime director of the Caliente Drivers Training Schoo], lnc of lion in federal grants and in-    rum tro^L- at    Tnnana Mn»tm l_ _    ___.® WASHINGTON (AP) - Government scientists are using the eerie sounds of tape - recorded howls to hunt wolves in Wyoming, in the hopes of proving that a once-numerous species thought to be extinct still survives. “Wolves love a howl,” says a 1958 study cited by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. So, in their effort to lure the northern Rocky Mountain wolf into view, biologists of the federal agency enlisted the howl of a near relative, the eastern timber wolf of northern Minnesota. For the last two winters, biologists Fred Christensen and Dennis Goyn have criss-crossed Wyoming’s Shoshone national forest in low-flying aircraft for wolf prints in the snow-. They repeatedly spotted tracks, but when the trail led into the high timber it blurred. No wolves were ever found As their next step, they obtained recordings made by another Fish and Wildlife Service biologist, David Mech, who has been studying eastern timber wolves. Both species are gray wolves. Experts believe their howls are similar enough that the scat-*ercd wolves of the Shoshone forest, east of Yellowstone national park, should respond to the recordings. The remnant population of northern Rocky mountain wolves in the area is believed lo number about 20. At one time the species ranged over wide areas of the West, but poisoning, trapping, hunting and land development brought about decline of the wolves, the Fish and Wildlife Service said. The experiment with recordings will continue through next month's thaw. If a pack is spotted it will be photographed and studied in an effort to determine its territory. Authorities have reported that in addition to recorded howls, wolves will respond to human imitations and even fire sirens. Jelly Beans for Tornado Victims AKRON, Ohio (AP) — Candy merchandiser Bill Honadle is giving 3.700 pounds of jelly beans to the children of tornado-stricken Xenia. He said he had more Easter candies than he needed and felt it bater to give them to the youngsters than to sell them at half price. “Any little bit that we could do we felt would be important to them,” he said Friday. He valued the candy at about $2,900. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., April 12, 1974 No Antis Pact in 1974: Kissinger WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State Kissinger said Friday that there “would not be a permanent agreement this I year” on nuclear strategic arms; limitations with the Soviet Union. In a brief session with reporters, he said it was uncertain whether the U.S. and the Soviet Union could achieve a partial agreement in strategic arms limitation talks. This was the strongest public statement yet by any administration figure casting doubt on the likelihood of a SALT treaty limiting offensive nuclear weapons systems bv the end of 1974. President Nixon last month said he expected to reach a SALT ll agreement with Moscow this year. IRS Office To Be Open Saturday The Cedar Rapids Internal Revenue Service office will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday to assist taxpayers in preparing individual returns. Assistance may also be obtained bv phoning the office at 366-0436. IO YEARS AGO - The army general who led the successful military coup against Goulart’s government was named interim Brazilian president in congressional elections. Boy, 9, Questioned For Startinq Blaze Police are questioning a 9-year-old bov who allegedly tried Thursday to start a fire at Lincoln school. The boy was stopped by a janitor. Donald L. Drehousc. who noticed him .setting the fire in a windowsill on the roof of the school, police said. The fire was extinguished before any damage was done. in teoerai grants ann in- race track at Tijuana. Mexico. s Prairie Wi«T dicatcd they might consider needed to be able to leave the selling the line’s assets if the country to look after his Mex-j money wasn’t forthcoming On the same day. the nation's two international airlines. Pan American World Airways and Trans World Airlines asked the Civil Aeronautics Hoard for annual subsidies that could exceed $300 million. While their reason, the spiraling cost of fuel, was unique, their request wasn't. Back in Joseph Clark, an Indiana pri- .....    i    vate school accreditation official lean business interest.    who has bcen battHng ,hp Carr also fined Alessio’s operations, said the Bradshaw brother, Angelo, 57, $2,500 and schools have closed. levied a $250 fine against Daniel__ Morgan, a former prison guard at the Lompoc, Calif., federal institution when the Alessios Louise Franzenburg were serving time there from 1971 to 1973 for income tax evasion. Rites Saturday for KEYSTONE — Louise Franzenburg, 85, Keystone, died in Virginia Gay hospital in Vinton The government said the gra-j Thursday after a long illness, tuities were given to Morgan so Survivors include twin daugh-1968. the federal government that the brothers would have ters, Mrs. Henry Rice, Warned to bail out Northeast Air- special treatment, including terloo, and Mrs. Don Paulsen, lines, which since has become 8°*n8 1° a motel to have sex Cedar Rapids; a sister, Mrs. part of Delta Air Lines.    with women visitors.    Chester Tuttle, Cedar Rapids; Regional and local service Morgan was fired and lost his ll grandchildren and ten great-airlines also receive subsidies federal pension rights.    grandchildren. so that they will offer service to Charges were dismissed Services: Saturday at 2 at St. communities with insufficient against John’s son. Tony, who John Lutheran church, Key-traffic to provide a free market had been accused of attempting stone. FellmePs is in charge of North Viets Topple Base SAIGON (AP) - North Vietnamese troops and tanks Friday overran a ranger base 50 miles north of Saigon that had been under siege almost 14 I months, the Saigon command .said. Government military sources said waves of South Vietnamese bombers retaliated within hours ny leveling the base and attacking the Viet Cong headquarters at Loc Nimh, 25 miles farther north. A government spokesman said Tong Le Chan base was manned | by 259 rangers, and their fate was not known yet. He said 58 wounded men were awaiting evacuation by helicopter when the North Vietnamese attacked Thursday night and the rangers reported in one of their last messages that 40 to 50 more had been wounded during the night. 1    in 3 Repeats Crime: Survey WASHINGTON (AP) — A new justice department survey shows that one of every three federal offenders commits a new crime within two years after his release from prison. The survey, released Thursday. said the rate of repeat offenders among federal convicts is about the same or slightly less than the figures reported IO years ago in the last such study. Despite that, “the fact that it’s stayed the same or perhaps a little better means we are making progress,” said Norman Carlson, director of the Bureau of Prisons. Nowadays, Carlson said, federal prisons are getting a much larger proportion of so-called high-risk inmates likely to persist in committing crimes, with low-risk offenders more often placed on probation rather than 'behind bars. 20 YEARS AGO — Vietnam’s new war cabinet decreed total mobilization of all its male citi-j zens between 21 and 25 to fight the communist-dominated Viet-minh rebels. incentive. “Commutes” Where is everyone going? A West Coast executive “commutes” each week to New York or Washington. “You can't do business with Sportive Vests! to bribe guards during his fa- arrangements ther’s imprisonment.    --- The Alessios had pleaded guilty to the gratuity charge. Good, usable priced right, sol low cost want ad. 20 YEARS AGO — Admiral William ll Standlev, former chief of naval operations, said merchandise, that the real responsibility for fast with a Pearl Harbor lay with leaders [in Washington. NOW'S THE TIME TO omn no nano n cc I (nfi CUL Uk WI vccCLt Cie sportive together in vests at top skirts, pants. Lace up fashion’s liveliest ok-alikes in an instant! Knit cod, fringe-trimmed vests of 11 ky yarn with big needles, attern 587: Misses’ 10-16; olds 4-14 included. Seventy-five cents each paint — add 25 cents each pattern r first-class mail and special milling. Send to Laura heeler. The Cedar Rapids azette, 42 Needlecraft Dept., ox 161,.Old Chelsea Station, ew York, N Y. 10011. Print attern number, name, Idress, zip. WORKS TWO WAYS ... • stops crabgrass before it starts! • fertilizes f:r last green1 $ SEEDING? You can stilt prevent crabgrass as you fertilize! Trebl“ is especially formulated for new lawns! SMU LE KOF FS ,    2'/a Acres of everything for the home J Jewelry Dept., Main Floor SATURDAY ONLY SPECIAL ON FROM $495 to 5795 1881 (9 ROGERS W SILVER PLATE Model RR-4 Buy a / MICROWAVE/oven made only by Arnatta, SAVE 50-75% OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD — NONE IS WASTED! The Amana Radarange Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cook! You can make big savings In the electricity you use!* 56*/• SAVINGS —4 lb. Beef Roast 63*/a SAVINGS —4 (8 oz) Baked Potatoes 61 */• SAVINGS —Two Layer Yellow Cake 76*/• SAVINGS — Frozen Broccoli (10 OZ. boil in pkg.) ‘Comparison of microwave oven and electric range made by Sacramento utility District. From the Amana Test Kitchen: / 2* a SAVINGS — 2 lb. 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