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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa House Defeats Adoption Plan DES MOINES (AP) — A move    Brice    Oakley    (R-Clintonl and    Oakley,    “but to allow only the department of    others    to permit the individual social services and licensed so- placements. rial agencies to place children    Rop.    Joan    Upskv , R.Cedar    11.°"S (or adoplion has been defeated    Rapids), floor    manager of the    Placemcn,s- in the Iowa house.    biti.    said    lawyers    and    doctors    do casionally tions those will oc- shouldn’t have the choice of occur even if adopting to their family lawyer or are limited to agency family physician if they want to adopt a child, or to a child-placcment agency if that is their choice.” Oakley said The bill also would allow a Not as Widespread “I'd like to see some in stances of these black market! vvei or doctor ,0 ai range an investiga- or gray market adoptions be-l•Hdopcndent Ask Credit Course Study By L. Dale Ahem    salaries CALMAR—Five    Northeast terms. Iowa colleges proposed to the In its presentation, the faculty A bill lo revise Iowa adoption not have facimies ,h(, pr0. laws would have forbidden indi- fPssjonal qualifications or the P'acemcnls of children ,ime-’ conduct lhe Bul (he 'house0' ^Vcdnesdav *'0I!S 1,1 . prospective adoptive cause I don ! think (hey are as . ont hv Ron Pa,8n*s * ^ child-placing agen- widespread as we are led to! Slve UP I*18 child. des have.    believe.” declared Rep. LaVern Reg- Tom Higgins (D-Davcn- She said there have been Harvev I R-Rettcndorf I.    port)    said    he thinks that proce- unwed placement for mother who wants adopted an amendment by Rep. Senior Class Trip Okayed by Lincoln Board many abuses in individual adop- The Oakley amendment would dure should be outlawed betons, including adoption black require a pre-placement inves-Ta^^c the evaluation ol both markets in some places.    ligation    of    the adoptive parents)**18 c*1‘*c* atlf* **18 adoptive ■.....  ■    ■    I    parents    should    be    left    to    profes-jbe    given    the    list    at    its    meeting    sity    ct    Dubuque,    all    of Mrs. Yale Study Upskv said a study by sionals. STANWOOD — The Lincoln <    .    . Community school board a! its™e.u .nlv.e.rsl y ^“wed thai of (hey a|.e fj( adop|jvf regular meeiing Wednesday ap- .    ''I    u'! i,,0Pl0n f a<e" and maintain a home n ' 25 turned oui badly. f hjWi Monday night least in to proved the senior class trip St. Louis May 12-14. It was announced the hell tower will he removed from the elementary school at Meehan* icsvile during Faster vacation. The board accepted the resig- while only two of IOO agency placements didn’t work out Oakley, however, said agencies often set up unrealistic by the department of social scr vices or a licensed child-place-,    ,, men! agency to determine if But Rep. .Jean Kiser (R-l 83 some of the pioject.s ui parents Davenport ) said individual)^8 completed Ms year, accord-suitable placements should be retained!*n£ *° Mayor Eileen Neenan. because a doctor can otter an Other items on the list, in unwed mother placement of her order of their priority set by the child for adoption as an alterna- council, in ludo. tennis court (balance of concrete work): playground slide: ice skating Center Point Council Sets Park Priorities CENTER POINT - The town council, meeting in special session Wednesday night, made up a list of priorities for facilities Area 1 Voc-Tech slh°o1 board in Wakema park lo he presented Tuesdav lhat a i™" s,udV be to the Linn county conservation made to explore ways of offer-board.    ing Area I students credit The list, which is headed bv a courses tor the first two years fireplace and kitchen facilities 0f the baccalaureate-degree proin the park's shelter, contains items originally planned by the county for the park, but never completed.    Area I board and other officials The conservation hoard will vverr Clarke. Loras and Univer- Du- Thp (Vdar Rapids Gazette: I burs., April ll, lf). 4 for the next school committee stressed a cost-of-living increase for members of the staff. gram. Colleges meeting with the I! would have to be completed before the child could be placed in the home. That isn’t required *'ve *° abortion ....    .. uiL. m individual placements now.' “lf y°u c‘l°se up private adop- qualideations to be met by per- sajfj 0aklcy an attornev who tion procedures, the abortion sons wanting to adopt children. saj(, he has hand|od some indi. rate is going to climb/’ she nation of Debris Shaffer who is “There have been a lot of hor- vidual placements.    warned, rrtirinti    r0r s*or*es about parent-child    mr-    *    After    *our hours of debate, the Debra Sweet’s part time cie- mismatches resulting from in-    1    0    on    house    adjourned without com mentary ' vocal teaching mn- dependent placements," said “I see no reason why people pleting action on the bill. tract was amended so she hopes that at biique; Luther, Decorah, and Upper Iowa. Fayette. Representatives of the live schools requested the meeting to report their desire for a joint study with Area I of how best to instigate baeca-laureate-degree instruction bittie vocational-technical students of the Northeast Iowa school. Our new drive-up windows are now open! con-wili assist the band in- Dr. Max (Hark. Area I supcr- DES MOINES (UPI * The Iowa house Wednesday ap- be able to structor. Authorization was given Robert Meyer, instrumental music leacher, to hold a 30-day summer program. He also will give lessons during this program. Contracts were offered to Dale McNeeley, voc-ag teacher replacing John Graettinger, and P,ov°d MO legislation placing to principals Louis Grimm and bl foster care homes under the Peter Adam Leroy Miller, guid- supervision of the state social anre counselor also had his con- services department, a move tract renewed    backers said would establish Legislative Notes by Frank Nye One or the Other Orr ncurred Gannon's Proposal Puts Foster Care Homes Under State Social Services Unit foster uniform standards for care throughout Iowa.    !young children He said allow Rep. Joan Lipsky (R-Cedar ing the .juvenile courts am Rapids) said the bill would dim- hand in the children's future rink (lagoon): footbridge: horseshoe rink; stage and playground fort. It was reported a shuffleboard court has been completed ex- intended, reported Wednesday copt for the painted lines and that directors of the district and trees are to be planted soon. other officials are taking the In other action, the council set five-college proposal under con- an environmental hearing for . ,    ..    ..    ..    . 7    r    sideration tor discussion at the 7:30 p.m. for April 17 for the proposed Municipal building ex- board meeting May 14 in Du-tension. and went into executive buquc. session to discuss a personnel Another item of business on courts to determine th*1 fate of battel which was tabled until the boards agenda luesday re D ES MOINES State Sen. Joan Orr iD-Grinneil) must have have been shocked if she saw a certain headline story datelined “GRINNELL The story was about a speech former State Rep. William Gannon (I).Mingo*, a Democratic candidate for governor, made there. The headline Gannon: “Orr Is Incompetent”. Turned out his target was Director George Orr of the Iowa crime commission. With One “/ Fe Lit i 1973-74 lcgisla- ER SINGE his first name appeared in the live director;*, with one “L” there s been the impression it was a misprint. So Rep Russel De Jong (R Pella I. the lellow who was tho subject of a recent attorney general s opinion whether he could keep his seat ho cant - because he has moved to Des Moines, was asked whether ll s Russell or Russel He said it made no difference to him. His clerk, Fred Krevkes, could shed no light on the matter, saving De Jong usually signs his letters “Russ” . . . Rut when he turned in nomination papers for state senator recently, the secret was out and there s a spate between “De” and “Jong. SPRING IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING mate the current discrimination against many children and would lead to personalized care for troubled youths who otherwise would be “slapped into institutions." Currently, Iowa's 99 counties administer their own foster care facilities individually, and several legislators charged the counties’ inadequate payments are forcing people out of the foster care practice. Rep Elmer Den Herder tR-Sioux Conter) said parents in some counties are getting only SHO to $130 a month for children arid are heme expected to subsidize the foster care program He said the bill would be a tremendous bargain” that would allow placement of 2.OOO homeless Iowa children in foster care homes However. Rep Thomas Higgins i D-Davenport i strongly objected to a portion of the bill which would allow juvenile would “perpetuate system. ’’ an awful Higgins argued that the professionals in the social services department should exclusively determine where troubled children will he placed. Hp said the juvenile courts are not equipped to deal humanely with the problem. Mrs. Lipsky said, however, if the state funded the foster care program the financial burden would be lifted from the counties, which could then put their time and attention on upgrading the juvenile court svstem next week. abr (triter 3\ajribs (&azrttr Established in 1883 by Th* Genetic Co. and published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa Subscription rates bv carrier I? cents a week Bv mail Niqht edition and Sunday 6 issues $2 25 a month, 524 a year; Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issues 52 50 a month, 525 a year. Otne’ states and U S territories 540 a year No mail subscriptions accepted in areas hoving Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclu sively to the use tor republication at all the local news printed in this newspaper as well os all AP news dispatches. was a salary presentation by a faculty committee. 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