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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bills Differ, but Subject Matter May Be the Same DES MOINES —When State Sen. Ralph Potter (R-Marion) left the senate chamber for a few minutes during the debate on a bill to tighten state laws governing the sale of securities, he was asked by an outsider: “Are they debating the rape bill in there?” His answer: “No, they’re on the securities bill. But I guess it is the same subject matter.” □ □ □ “It's a Law71 STATE SEN. TOM RILEY (11-Cedar Rapids) received a thoughtful thank you note recently from 12-year-old Kevin Jon Alexander of Victor for the tour of the statehouse his group got with Riley’s 16-year-old daughter, Marty, as their guide. Kevin added this postscript: “Tell your daughter that she better get to school, rt’s a law to go! But she SHOULD know.” If it will relieve young Kevin’s mind. Marty is a sophomore at Washington high in Cedar Rapids and has to keep pace with her class - as do all house and senate pages - by doing work assigned each week and by reporting at school every other Friday during the legislative session. When the session ends, she becomes a full-time student again. NYE $7,800 Salary Base Set at W, Delaware Bv Mary Belle MANCHESTER—Teacher salary negotiations were completed at the regular meeting Monday of the West Delaware school board. Board Member John Tegeler said, “As of our last meeting, we have been informed that the staff has accepted our initial offer of $7,800 as a base for starting teachers, with an additional $200 at each of the steps.” This is a $500 increase in base pay from the previous starting salary of $7,300. The teachers had asked for a base salary of $8,200. A first-year teacher with a BA degree will receive the $7,800 figure, while starting teachers with an MA degree will receive $8,970 in the school district. The board approved issuance of teaching contracts for the 1974-75 school year, with a legal due date of April 30 for returning the agreements. West Delaware Education Assn. President Milt Kramer was present at the meeting Monday to “thank and commend the board for the way in which negotiations were handled this year.” Board approval was given to the school’s cosponsoring, with tho city of Manchester, the town’s swim team and Red Cross swim lessons. The school will provide the transportation and drivers to Carl Goetz Asks Re - election as pick up children from towns outside Manchester involved in the program. The resignation of high school social studies and vocational coop teacher, Dennis Rulisson, was accepted by the board. * * * In other business, the board approved contracts for the following low bidders on three different projects. Installation of ten-foot high chain-link fence, that will serve as a backstop at a new tennis court area behind the junior high building—Baumgartner Gate Factorv, Manchester; $2,566.28. English classroom ceiling — Dubuque Acoustical Co.; 484 cents per square foot. The approximate total will be $1,220.20. according to Dick Justice, transportation director. Storage shed at lambert elementary—Cashway Lumber Co., Manchester; $630.75. The building, a 12-by-18-foot six-pen hoghouse, will be used as a storage shed for physical education classes. Confirmation was given by the board to Justice to continue with proposed plans for a greenhouse as part of the vo-ag program. Inquiries by Justice with different manufacturers showed the original estimate of $700 was insufficient. Justice said a lean-to type structure, approximately 20 feet long and 12 feet wide, would cost about $1,250. $80,000 Bond Vote Johnson Attorney    ln Sigourney    April 17 IOWA CITY - carl J. Goetz!    SIGOURNEY -    An S80.« of Iowa City Tuesday announced; ^on(^ *ssuc complete the that he will seek re-election as I athletic fields at Sigourney Johnson county attorney on the Community high school, will be Democratic ticket. Goetz hys voted upon April 17 by Sigour- se~ved as county attorney since „    ..    .    .    .    .    . .    in„, J    J    I rev tommumtv school district January, 19/1.    j .    J In his statement announcing residents, his candidacy Goetz said that    Voting will be at    the Mem- during his administration the 0rial Hall, with polls    open from county attorney’s office has 7    U18 been reorganized and is now on the path to providing increasingly better service to the community, the criminal justice sys- The $80,000 would be used to complete grading, drainage, surfacing and lighting of the! tem, the juvenile courts, social athletic fields adjacent to the j welfare, and lo county govern- hlKh scho01-ment.    Lighting    the football and base- Goetz continued that in 1971, ball field is estimated at $42,000, before he took office, the county attorney’s office was burdened with a backlog of several hundred stale criminal cases which clogged the court’s docket. Goetz declared that under his leadership the county attorney’s office has processed and tried more cases to the courts, in a like period of time, than any previous county attorney in Johnson county. He, continued, prompt disposition of criminal cases is now a reality and as county attorney, he was prepared to move forward in devising innovative ways to deal with law' violation problems, such as community based rehabilitation of offenders with alcohol and drug problems. Goetz said the welfare of the community requires and needs an experienced county attorney and staff, and he continued, if re-elected, I pledge to continue my efforts to improve the county attorney’s office. Goetz is a member of the Iowa Bar Assn., Iowa County Attorney’s Assn., National District Attorney’s Assn., and serves on the National Survey Panel of the National District Attorney’s Assn., Johnson county regional planning commission and the East Central Iowa Area Crime commission. Goetz and his wife, Janet, reside at 1415 Davenport street, Iowa City, and are the parents of three children. completion of the quarter-mile track is estimated at $31,000. and $7,000 is expected to be absorbed by inflation. The cost does not include new football bleachers. The bleachers now used at Glen Shafer field would be moved to the new location. Oxford Junction Sets Stage Band Festival OXFORD JUNCTION - The Oxford Junction Stage Band Festival will be held Wednesday in the high school gym at 7:30. Performing during the evening will be the Oxford Junction Stage band, the University of Iowa Jazz band and the Mt. Vernon high school jazz band. Several bands from the Wap-sie conference schools will participate in a clinic and competition at 1:30 Wednesday. The winning band will perform during the evening concert. Admission to the event will be $1. (The (triter Samite (£azrttr Established In 1883 by Th; Gazette Co. and published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406. Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rates by carrier lf cents a week. Bv mall: Night edition and Sunday 6 Issues $2.25 a month, $24 a year: Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 I issues $2.50 a month, $25 a year. Other j states and U.S. territories $40 a year. No mall subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. ■ 111 - !' SWHIt&Efti “How can I mail a birthday present so it gets Blere in time for the birthday?” -Postmaster Charles Seda, Cedar Rapids, Iowa wants you to have the answer. Your postal people deliver your packages everywhere in America. All of us at the Post Office hear lots of questions about the best way to send packages. 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