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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Linn Dentists Meet Tuesday By Bill Lavalette Last year was a banner year for thieves who took a record number of parking meters from the streets of Cedar Rapids. If Public Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck has his way anyone convicted of taking parking meters won’t have anything of a banner nature for a long time. Last year saw the thefts of more parking meters than in all of the last ten years combined. The figures kept by the city’s traffic engineering department show a record 222 meters taken in 1973. The loss comes to $27,750 worth of equipment a n d maintenance costs. Steinbeck freely admits he thinks the courts should make Library Award Luncheon Set A national award for outstanding elementary library programs will be presented to Cedar Rapids Community school officials at a luncheon Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at the Roosevelt hotel. The school district received the award, which is accompanied by a $5,000 cash prize, from Encyclopaedia Britannica and the American Assn. of School Librarians. Presenting the award will be Warren E. Preece, editor of Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Bernard M. Franckowiak, AASE president. The award presentation will follow a tour of selected elementary media centers beginning at 9 a rn. The money will be used to buy books and materials. B.C. and A.I). The custom of dating events BC. (before Christ) and Al), (anno Domini, in the year of our Lord I was introduced about 525 by Dionysius Exiguus, a Roman abbot and astronomer, who set Christ's birth 753 years after the founding of Rome. Put your finger on what you need . . . read and use want ads regularly.    I an example of anyone caught stealing meters. “I want the support of the court system to make the punishment severe,” he said. “I think it would surprise a lot of people to know that the crime is a felony,” Steinbeck said. “When people really start to thinking, ifs not child's play. “We’ve got the laws on the books to deal with this problem.” The state legislature has passed a specific law to prosecute the thefts of parking meters. The crime is not included under genera) larceny laws. The law' provides for a jail sentence of up to one year or a fine of not more than $500 or both on the first offense. Subsequent convictions may bring a jail term of up to five years or a fine of not more than $1,000 or both. “If this problem continues, we'll have to consider this a priority and we’ll take l?ie manpower needed to handle it,” Steinbeck said. The effort to combat the crime may include plainclothes officers staking out the problem areas. The department’s helicopter would also be available, he said. “Let someone be a victim of circumstances. I don’t pity the person.” Steinbeck said. “It doesn’t bother me one bit to make an example of someone.” Thefts of meters have increased over the years, according to Mel Meyer, city traffic engineer. Each of the last ten years has seen a continued rise in thefts of meters. Alvin Moscow Newsman-Author In C. R. Thursday The man who was special assistant to Richard Nixon during i the President’s unsuccessful 1962 gubernatorial campaign in | California will be in Cedar Rapids Thursday for two speeches, i Journalist Alvin Moscow will speak on “Richard M. Nixon: The Aftermath or the Aftermyth” at 8 p.m. in Cherry auditorium. A reception will be held for Moscow after the lecture in J Stuart lounge. Gage Union. Associated Press, has written Moscow will also speak at magazine articles for “Reader's 12.30 p.m. that day at Kirkwood Digest”, “Life”, “Saga ", and college, room 140, Linn hall, the New York Times Magazine Both speeches are open to the section, and served as a corn-public.    mentator for the ABC Evening During Moscow’s work with ^evvs m He has written Nixon, he wrote speeches and several books, served as a spokesman to the Moscow is the author of Moscow also helped or- Merchants of Heroin (1968i and research Nixon’s which dcals with organized best-seller, “Six Crises”,1 which crime in narcotics. He traveled press. ganize was published in 1962. Moscow said that he is one of few' newsmen to have both worked with Nixon, and covered the President from a journalistic viewpoint. Moscow’s speeches in Cedar Rapids will attempt to explain Nixon from both views. He lias had experience in virtually all phases of journalism. He has served as assistant to the night city editor for the New York Times, as a reporter and radio news writer for the New York City bureau of the to Afyon. Turkey, to speak with the opium farmers, and then traced a shipment of narcotics to Istanbul, Damascus, Beruit, Marsailles and New York. He is currently completing “The Rockefeller Inheritance”. a biography of the five Rockefeller brothers, which will be published next year by Doubleday. The book deals with the Rockefeller family from ’the time of John D Rockefeller. sr., who founded Standard Oil. “until the day I stop writing it.” Use Pop Music As School Bells CLEVELAND, Ohio (API -Solon high .school has switched from bells to the Beatles, ballads and blues to mark breaks in classes. E. James Kotora, assistant principal, said the bell system the s u b u r b a n community's! school had used “sounded too institutional and sometimes it wouldn’t work.” Now the school uses four-minute. tape-recorded musical selections including rock, country-west em and seasonal songs. “The kids like the rock,” Kotora said. “The teachers seem to enjoy more of the romantic ballads and blues. “The atmosphere is more re loxing and humanizing,” he added. Eleven years ago just two meters were reported missing. In 1964, the number dropped to one. But in 1965 it totaled 12 and went to 13 in 1966. Just three meters were taken in 1967, but 15 were reported missing in 1968. The year 1969 saw 13 meters disappear. In 1970 the number of missing meters reached 34. In 1971 the number totaled 59 and in 1972 the number was 71. The city’s meter department not only considers the loss of the meter mechanism, but also the revenue that could have been earned from parking fees. Each meter taken in 1973 was valued at $85, Meyer said. When the cost of manpower needed to replace the missing meter is included, the total cost per meter is $125, he said. The loss of revenue is unknown, Meyer said. Each meter varies in volume. Thefts of meters have continued through the early months of 1974. The rash of thefts that hit the city during the holiday season continued for the first weeks, but has tapered off recently. So far this year over 40 meters have been taken, Meyer said. Presently there are about 2,100 meters on the city’s streets, most of which are concentrated downtown. Few of the missing meters are recovered. Police and city officials think the meters are removed and then broken open in the privacy of a residence. The empty mechanisms are disposed of in deso-1 a t e locations, authorities theorize. Dr. Forrest Scandrett of the University of Iowa college of dentistry will speak to the Linn County Dental society Tuesday at the Montrose hotel. The cocktail hour begins at 5:30 p.m. with dinner at 6:30. His topic will be “Current Concepts of Removable Partial Denture Design”. A native of Ames, he was graduated from the U. of I. dental college in 1965. Following graduation he spent three years in the U.S. Public Health service including an internship in San Francisco. He received an MS in prosthodontics in 1970 from the University of Texas. He has been on the U. of I. faculty since then. He is acting head of the department of removable prosthodontics. Reservations can be made by calling Dr. Igram at 365-3216. Lincoln s Party Was Only Successful Third Since 1854. there have been only four presidential elections I in which all third parties together polled more than IO percent of the vote; in most elections since 1860 fewer than one vote in 20 was cast for a third party. The only successful third party in American history was I the Republican party in the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, Tile World Almanac re-! calls. 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