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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4A    Cec!?r    Rapids    Gazette:    Sun..    April    7,    1971 Citizens' Unit Has Reached 3 Goals for Handicapped By Mike Deupree If you’ve been downtown recently, you may have noticed signs like the one pictured on this page adorning doors to some public buildings and businesses. The signs, a “stick figure” of a person in a wheelchair, indicate the building has facilities that are accessible to handicapped persons. The signs — and the campaign that made them possible — are largely the work of the Citizens’ Committee for the HANDIcapped ft ft ft THE COMMITTEE was formed, more or less spontaneously, in late 1972. Although it is affiliated with the governor's committee for the handicapped. and works closely with local units of government and social services, the committee is not an official arm of any governmental or service body. It’s just a group of people, representing various facets of the community, who are con cerned about the special problems faced by handicapped persons in everyday life, howto help solve those problems and how to educate others about the problems. The group was instrumental in working with the city council to formulate a new building code, which provides that all public buildings must be accessible to the handicapped. Another aspect of the committee’s work that’s not as well known is ite effort in finding jobs for handicapped persons. Working with the slate employment service and department of vocational rehabilitation. the committee regularly sends newsletters to employers listing qualified, handicapped persons who are available in the w-ork force. •    •    ft JACK GILBERT, 2525 Towne House drive NE, said the newsletter has been so effective that other similar groups around the state have difficulty believing it works as well as it does. Over IOO persons have been listed in the newsletters. Mike Deupree Educational Effort Set on VO by 15 Organizations A “VD Inform-a-Then” will be'man; and legislation, Mrs. Gene ’ held April 27 with the aim of Carson, federal government VD| reaching every home with edu- task force, chairman, rational material, officials of Other committee chairmen; the Cedar Rapids-Marion Ven- listed Saturday by Mrs. Dennis: ereal Disease Task Force an- and the organizations they rep-nounced Saturday.    resent on the task force are: In announcing plans for the Dr. Marian Barnes. Linn educational undertaking, Mrs. County Medical society, medical Clinton Dennis, chairman of the commmittee; Marty Ralston, task force which includes repre-Linn county public health de-sentatives from 15 organza- payment, public health commit-tions, also named chairmen for tee; Phil Kuhn, Jaycees, speak-other projects being mapped by ers’ bureau; Robert Sample, the group.    Jaycees, publications; Mrs. Richard Hayslip, a Jaycee Phillip Vesey, Mercy hospital representative on the task force, auxiliary, membership and vol-wili head the “Inform-a-Thon”. unteer recruitment; Larry Erb. Task force committee members Jaycees, finance, and David and representatives of partied Spatula, Jaycees, publicity, pating organizations are start- Sue Peta, representing the ing to recruit additional volun- mayor’s youth council, is serv-teers for the project.    ing as task force secretary. All the volunteers will be other organizations represent-asked to do Is deliver education “It’s my understanding that over half of these people have found jobs as a result of the newsletter,” Gilbert said. “It’s been pretty successful.” Gilbert, chairman of the committee, said the newsletters provide an unemployed person with more exposure to prospective employers than he can get through other employment services. The names for the list are compiled by the state employment and rehabilitation services, which certify the applicants as job-ready. The newsletters are then printed by the committee and mailed to employers. In a typical case, an employer looking for a bookkeeper would perhaps find, in his morning mail, a newsletter listing a qualified bookkeeper who’s looking for work. The system isn’t magic or mysterious, Gilbert explained, but simply a way employers can be made more aware of trained persons in the work force — who happen to be handicapped. Browning Is Elks' Ruler a1 leaflets.” Mrs. Dennis explained. “There will not be any solicitation for funds.” DeWayne Browning DeWayne Browning, filO ed on the task force are St. Luke’s and Mercy hospitals, Linn County Pharmaceutical Assn., Cedar Rapids public Representatives of the 15 or-    schools, city government and! ganizations to the VD Task    Family Planning clinic. Force will meet April 17 at 12:30 Persons who would like to vol-P rn. to map final plans for the unteer to assist with the “In- For,y-second street NE, was in-project. The meeting will be form-a-Thon” or would like to stalled last week as exalted held at St. Luke's hospital.    schedule speakers who can dis-ruler of    the    BPOE    Elks    ledge Mrs. Darryl Cheney, who,    cuss venereal disease control    No. 251. w’ith Mrs. Dennis, represents    and !radi^ti^n/reP!nv‘,edT.t0    Other    new    officers    are    John the St. Luke's auxiliary on the ?    ,Rap    y*|L.    Neuhaus,    esteemed leading task force, is chairman of spe-    (CCS omc(N JM-ai.a    knight; Daniel Ockenfels, es- cial projects for the education--    teemed loyal knight; Harold G. oriented organization In addi-    Highest    Price    S h a e f e r , esteemed lecturing tion to the “Inform-a-Thon”, the The highest price paid at an knight; Harry W. Dunker, sec-special projects division in- auction for a painting was the I retary; Thaddeus J. Snarzyk, eludes a crisis line with Alison ‘Portrait of Juan de Pareja”, tiler; Peter Bailey, esquire; Yamold of Foundation II as sometimes known as “The Bob Kacena, inner guard; Wil-chairman; information and re- Slave of Velazquez”, sold for I i a rn Vermocka, treasurer; ferral Midge Phillips, Linn    SS,544,0(H) in 1970    to    the    Wild- W. B. “Bob” Blake, chaplain, County Health center, chair-    enstein Gallery of    New    York. I and George E. Hill, jr., trustee Abu arc invited to our Mise The Morns Plan consumer loan and securities investment office located in downtown Cedar Rapids in the American Building has just completed the remodeling of their first floor office area. We have enlarged our quarters and expanded our personnel to serve you more efficiently in comfortable and colorful surroundings. Friends like you have always helped us celebrate these occasions. On April 8 and 9 we will hold an Open House. Come visit our garden and fountain display. There will be refreshments and free seeds for everyone. With over fifty prizes available, you could win a blooming, potted plant or garden accessory. Swing into Spring and grow with us! Hours: Monday, April 8 — 8:30 to 8:00 Tuesday, April 9 — 8 30 to 5:00 Morris Plan Mot America Financial Corporation IOO American Building Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 Besides helping the handicapped to find jobs, the committee is concerned with removing architectural barriers. ft ft ft A SURVEY was taken in a 20-block arca downtown last year, to determine what buildings and businesses are accessible to persons in wheelchairs. Out of 175 places surveyed, 77 were found to be eligible for the new decal that designates them as accessible. Ease of entry was the main criterion. The places with decals on the front door either have no change in elevation from the sidewalk to the buildings or have gently-sloping ramps instead of stairs. Rest room facilities are another matter. Some of the buildings with decals don’t have those facilities. The committee “approved” them anyway, because they are the type businesses where persons would be unlikely to spend a large amount of time. Ed Winter, city building official and a member of the commitleo, said almost all business men have been cooperative with the eommittee’9 efforts, including some who were not found to be accessible. “A number have asked what they can do to qualify,” he said. In several cases, par- Meetings, Tours Af Junior Highs Informational meetings and tours of the buildings will be held Monday at 7:30 p.m. at Franklin and McKinley, two of the four older junior high schools scheduled for remodel- in£-    ,    u Parents and the general public are invited to attend either of the two meetings, which are being sponsored by the Parent-Teachcr-Student Assn. Meetings were held last week at Wilson and Roosevelt. Floor plans and summaries of the work to be done will be available in each building. Thorp will be an opportunity to ask questions about the renovation plans and the proposed bond issue. A referendum on the $7.8 million bond issue for remodeling Franklin, McKinley. Roosevelt, and Wilson junior high schools is set for April 30. SEVENTY-SEVEN of 175 businesses surveyed in a 20-block area downtown are entitled to display this sign on their doors, /indicating the premises are accessible to handicapped persons. The decals — and the survey — are the work of the Citizens1 Committee for the HANDIcapped. ticularlv where only minor modifications are necessary, businesses not now entitled to the decal may have one soon. The city council has also acted to ease the way, with ramps and rest room modifications in city buildings, and by eliminating the step from the curb when an asphalt overlay was put on downtown streets. The third goal of the cornin i 11 e e , creating greater awareness of handicapped persons, is being realized with a series of annual awards, ft ft ft A BANQUET will be held May IO to present the awards, and will be attended by Gov. Robert Ray. Last year, outstanding employer awards went to Lmk- Belt Speeder and the Town House Motor Inn, while Rob Stock, an employe of Iowa Electric Light and Tower Co., was named outstanding employe. Special awards for meritorious service went to the city, Winter, Bill Pohorskv of the Greater Downtown Cedar Rapids Assn. and the Sorop-timist dub. Regis Concert Is Wednesday The Regis high school concert band will present a spring pops concert Wednesday at 8 p m. in The school gym. 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