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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa —Daily Record— C. R. Weather High Saturday............. 61 Iowa Deaths Low ....................... 35 ll p.m. Saturday.......... 50 Rainfall...................None Total for April ............ 1.63 Normal for April .......... 2.79 Normal through April.....7.81 Total for 1973 ............. 7.08 Barometer, falling ........29.75 Humidity at ll p.m........56% Wind direction and    velocity at Gazette weather    station at ll p.m. S at 16 mph. Sun rises Monday, 6:38; sun sets, 7:40. Year Ago Today - low, 37; rainfall, .ll. Births — Mercy April 5 — To the families of Robert J. Curtis, 3001 Sixth street SW, a daughter; Ronald Barthelmes, Newhall, a daughter. April 6 — To Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Neuhaus, 5435 Vermont street SW, a son. Births — St. Luke's April 5 — To Mr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Swank, 204 Windsor drive NE, a son. April 6 — To the families of Brent E. Carlton, 4421 Rush-more drive NE. a son; George G. Lippisch, 2307 Bever avenue SE, a son. City Briefs (More Briefs on Page WA) Vinton — John School, 87, Services Tuesday at ll, Campbell’s, where friends may call after I Sunday. Independence — Floyd H. Klotzbach, sr., 77. Services Monday at 2 p.m., White’s. Military services Sunday at 8 p.m. Kinross — Cicil D. Ballard, 07. Services Sunday at 3. Powell’s in North English. Casket will not be open at any time. West Liberty — Edward Ca-wiezell, 89. Services Monday at 1:30, Snider’s. Decorah — Joseph Dahle, 73. Services Monday, ll a.m., I Madsion Lutheran church. Bur-... , jial: Church cemetery. Olson-High, 54; Fjelstol. Decorah — Freeman Alberts, 76. Services Monday at 2, Decorah Lutheran church. Olson-Fjelstul. Sigourney — Paul Adolph Scibel, 65. Services Monday at 2. United Presbyterian church. Reynolds’. Brooklyn — Maria Williams, 90. Services Sunday at 2. United Presbyterian church. Neve-hoven’s. Earlville — Leo P. Sellner, 67. Services Monday at ll, St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Clifton’s, where Rosary will be I recited at 8:45 Saturday and j wake service at 8 Sunday. Iowa City — Cyril J. Tauber, | 70. Services Monday at 2, Don-i ohue’s, where friends may call j after 7 Saturday. Keystone — Philip Feucr-! bach, 78. Services Tuesday at church. Fellmet’s, where friends may call after noon Monday. Onslow — Francis Orr, 82. —Nixon— (Continued from Page I.) The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., April 7. 1974 talk with large, enthusiastic: crowds. Crowds also cheered his motorcade. In Sunday’s meeting with Podgorny, Nixon was expected 3A George L. Kibler George Lewis Kibler, 75, of to deal with the arms limitation 1405 Center Point road NE. died Impeachment Plans Reported Aiming for July ing arrangements for a house vote on impeachment in late July and a senate trial of President Nixon, if necessary, begin- New York Times Service * „ u ,    in ,    ,    t    „    .    ,    WASHINGTON    -    Congres- talks, balanced troop cuts in    Saturday morning at a Cedar sional    ieaders arc    (,ujetjy    ma}<. Europe and his scheduled visit    Rapids hospital following a brief to the Soviet Union this sum-1 illness. mer-    I    Mr.    Kibler    was    born    June    21, The President’s talks with    1898 in Ross and lived in Cedar Tanaka probably will cover Ja-    Rapids for 61 years. He retired ning in    late August. pan’s relationship with NATO as las an engineer of the Rock    pjans are based    on    the well as bilateral U.S.-Japanese Island railroad after 51 years’I expectation that the house judi- i issues.    service with the company. cjary committee will complete On several occasions Nixon He and the former Edith Ross its impeachment inquiry by the has indicated an effort would be Were married in Des Moines end of June and on a growing made to form a new and im- March 9. 1918.    assumption that the committee mMmmi rn • ii */>.*?j'.♦iiliyf5 < ■ —Gazette Pholo bv Duane Crock AMONG those attending the Linn county Democratic convention Saturday at the coliseum were Steve Root, 1412 Ellis boulevard NW, left, and Charles Lingren, 1124 Eighth street NW. Other delegates are shown in the background. Delegaies Pass Planks To Decriminalize Pot, All Sex (Continued from Page I.) ing until later, debate on some 25 issues. Several more planks were added from the floor by delegates.    y0Ur    damn    business.” That procedure appeared to, panding it to include students attending state schools and community colleges. Maintain the 55 mph speed ,    ...    limit permanently and build e plank said it indeed highways accordingly 111 homosexuality. "We, Rc(ur„ to the traditional time for Daylight i proved relationship between the U.S. and Europe, but instead the existing relationship has, deteriorated and a hoped-for Europe-| an visit by Nixon this month to sign a new Atlantic policy docu-j ment was called off. The major factor in the increasingly difficult relationship between Washington and the European community has been France. Progress is not expected on Atlantic problems involving that country until a French president is elected He was a member of the W*U recommend that articles of Cedar Christian church, Cres-    impeachment    be    sent to    the cent lodge    AF and AM, Iowa    house floor. Consistory,    El    Kahir Shrine, If so, and if    the    house should Malta chapter, OES, Goth- vote to impeach the president, semane White Shrine of Jerusa- the timetable would mean that lem and the Brotherhood of Lo- the senate trial probably would comotive Engineers.    not be concluded until shortly Surviving in addition to his he I ore the Nov. 5 congressional wife are two daughters, Mrs. A. elections. T a I rn a n Hanson of Cedar Lew of the senior leaders, of Rapids and Mrs. Robert Haas of congress are willing to discuss new'Fargo, N.D.; four grandchildren the tentative plans openly be-and three great-grandchildren; cause, they say, they do not two brothers, Harley C. Kibler wish to give the impression that and Donard    they are prejudging the    out- of the meant homosexuality don’t ask you to tolerate homo sexuality,” said another propo- j nent, “but arc saying it’s none —Libya— I Continued from Page I.) Office Robbed - Dr. Mender- Presbyterian church. Hayden’s tu iu * a    in Wyoming, where friends son Galbreath reported someone mav cau aftdI j sunday. entered his office at 1030 Fifth      L_ avenue SE between 6:30 p.m. Friday and 8:15 a.m. Saturday and stole three money bags containing $265. ♦    *    *    ing for the shift of duties from Home Entered — Raymond Khadafy to Jalloud. It said Westrom, 1316 Third avenue SE, copies of the decree, dated April reported someone entered his 2, had been circulated to foreign home between 9 p.m. and ll embassies in Tripoli, p.m. Friday through a rear window. He said a television valued at $135, men’s watches valued at $150 and $150 cash was taken. * * * Radio Stolon — Harold Hill, No Clarification In Washington, a state depart ment spokesman said the U.S. speed things up until snafus de-v e I o p e d over definition of amendments and substitute motions, and confusion over the request for roll call vote on the amnesty matter. Convention Chairman Henry Madden twice asked delegates to vote on the roll call request, and twice the convention voted down the request. He then reversed himself, saying the issue was not debatable. The confusion was augmented by a supper hour desire of some delegates to grab a sandwich. There was a short delay as sergeants-at-arms rounded up The convention adopted by a sizeable margin a plank opposing the death penalty after voting down amendments which would allow capital punishment in cases of rape mutilation murder, premeditated murder and other high capital crimes. One Linn county official urged the convention not to bring into arguments on either side of the death penalty issue the circumstances and names of those involved in two recent local murder cases. . While the platform committee ni    j    .    of Gulfport, Miss., and Donard    ,n°y are r lane Damaged    in    E. Kibler of Kent, Wash;    and    come of the    inquiry under way I I • a • I I four sisters, Mrs. Hazel Tipton *n the house judiciary commit- Lanaing AcciaenT and Mrs. Fred Ohlman of    Los    tee- But the leaders must be Saving cedar Rapids News—    Alamitos, Calif., Mrs. RJI.    An-    P'cpared to    aet on the house A light plane sustained minor    derson of Hemet, Calif.,    and    committees    decisions and thus, moratorium, at damage Saturday afternoon,Mrs. Leonard Davis of South they arc looking ahead to the possibility that the impeachment process might run its full Institute both the    state    and national    when one of    its wheels    struck    Gate, Calif, levels, on    new    nuclear power    mud beside    a    runway    at    the    Services at    1:30 p.m. Tuesday plant construction until it is de- Cedar Rapids municipal airport al q-urner ea£t by the Rev. {ermined that it is in the pub- and it nosed over. ^    Neville Clayton of Cedar Chris- lic s interest to resume con- The pilot, Donald K\ indlog, of church and Crescent lodge, sanction.    3618 Northwood    drive NE,    was    R u r . a, .    Cedar    memoriai. Make a    complete .and thor-    not injured.    Friends may    call at    the funeral ough congressional investiga- at; chapel. All Master Masons are tion into the charges against! about I p.m the President, so that impeach-attempting a “touch and go t j.-io p in Tuesday ment proceedings can be justly landing on runway 26. The right ' and rapidly concluded. A sub- main landing gear dropped off stitute plank urging congress to the edge of the pavement into    Memorial Services rapidly impeach President Nix-.deep mud, causing the four-; on was defeated.    place, single-engine plane to tilt    Myhre, Arthur Ilo — Mon- Require the news media to up on its propeller and right    church    by the‘Rev8 provide free and equal public- wingtip. service time to all bona fide' A truck and tractor became course. The following is the current — hut decidedly tentative — outlook of the leaders: The house judiciary committee will take about six weeks, did not report it out, the conJ“ndidates for public office. as Kvindlog was asked '(o mcet at (he chapc, at beginning in early May, to ex-‘touch and go ,.,A—    amine    evidence    being as sembled by the inquiry staff and to decide whether it constitutes grounds for impeachment. If the committee, by majority vote, recommends articles of impeachment in the latter part of June, the house would defer consideration of them until returning. probably on July 9, mission had received the de- Comping delegates, from the vention gave strong support to a cree, but the department had downstairs armory, not been able to obtain anv clar- David F. Larson. Graveside services at 3 p.m Monday in Wallingford. Friends may call at Turner east until 9 p.m. Sun- Delay on Delegates    which would allow medical per- 1704 Thirteenth avenue SW, told lfjcatjon it. .....' ..... Put off to the end of the con- sonnel the riSht to refuse to pur pose someone stole a citizen’s ^ decrcc spok(, of changcs ventj#n was the mattcr of se. Ucipatc in an abortion. in functions and did not refer to leeting delegates to the May 4 Also submitted from the floor any changes in lilies. Currently, district convention at Maquoke-;and defeated was a proposed band radio valued at $100 from his truck while it was parked outside his residence between 10:45 p.m. Friday and 9 a rn. Saturday. day and at the church from from an Independence day | stuck in the mud, which the ai.u..- un ut t Limit future governors of pilot estimated at about eight frnmTh!!    Iowa to two four-year terms in inches deep, while trying to pull    153b a rn. to 9:25 a.m. Monday!(recess office.    the airplane from the site of the!The casket will not be opened    .    .    .    , Get the state of Iowa out of accident. .    i •«« the service.    HW*.    b the liquor business      Berry.    James    Frederick - sena)e wl" Probably delay as I> | ,    .    ...    ^    _    ma rn    All Saints church it 10:30 a.m. much as a month —or until late Regulate smoking in public I*fly Ply IfpfjJpC Monday by the Rev. Edmond J. August — the start of the trial. P*nS-..a .u -.sa- • ..e WOW. may WCMK*    Becker. Military services at the Thc8 de|ay would enable the ii . . ,    ,, ,    Allow    “death    with    dignity    ’    bv    ■    ii    I    _    graveside in Mt. Calvary come- piHf. lowvorc rn Khadafy is the chairman of the ta, and the June 15 state con-plunk which would have man- choice for suffering terminally    P JI W ^ v jp    2    rv    hv    Uanfr,rr1    rk/'cf    Ar:,T1    '    ' Revolutionary Command Coun- vention at Ames.    dated    penalties for failure to j]j patients . . . “not to be in- cil and, as such, the president of I Under new Democratic rules, report cases of child abuse.    Iferred as meaning euthanasia.” * BES MOINES (AP) — Gov club, 420 Fifth street SE Over S500 Million In Tornado Damage By The Associated Press Federal officials who toured six tornado-stricken states said Saturday that damage to insured properties hit by last week’s storms was more than $500 million. They estimated that be in Cairo the    mass    circulation    i a4ion. blit    some    weighing must    by the Democrats: ■VI Akhbar    said    Sun-1 bo given    In    sex. minority    Enact strong gun control legis- groups. vanous    agc groups anc*    Jation, after deletion of    the statement:    “. . .including    the revenue bond issues. lowed the department of social cite the Rosary at 7:30 p.m. Libya. Jalloud is    vice-chairman j there is no    quota system in de    Following are some    of the    Require 50 percent voter ap*    Robert Ray Saturday vetoed a All Saints    parish and    Catholic Wallet Gone — Kenneth Roth-0f the council and    premier. termining    delegate represent-    other platform planks    adopted    proval on general obligation and    treasure which would have a1-    Daughters    of America    will re meyer, 522 McKinley street SE,    ....    —------*•-    r    K    fe    b    ....    ^    ............. said his wallet, containing $280 newspaper cash, was lost or stolen at about day Hie changcs in Libya were 11:30 a rn. Saturday at the 420 made under pressure from the tory by Hanford post, American J    PrePare Legion. The Knights of Colum- a defense and permit the senate bus will recite the osarv at 7 to act on such important pend- p.m. Sunday at Turner east. ing legislation as appropriations measures. The trial, according to one estimate, could last two months. Revolutionary Command Council. but that "Khadafy is still the boss of the Libyan KCC which is the absolute authority in Libya ” The semi-official Egyptian newspaper Al Abram said the step “might bi* a tactical procedure by Khadafy after which he will regain his full authority.” Telephone communications ■sW.'tS*-* ;vr“r „ Dr,™,,    *>.-««„       ““J™ whelming^ voted not to send    .'    • —Hearst— (Continued from Page I.) delegates to the district and state conventions backing specific candidates. This followed speeches by Michael Blouin. Harry Sullivan. C. J. Adams and Martin Jensen. s convict Clifford “Death Row Rescind the I edar Rapids city Jeff” Jefferson. Those meetings ordinance whereby police of- Vvere announced last Saturday. fleers lose their jobs if they ex- “This would mean e r c i s e their services to establish a furlough Hallene, Ruth Amy — Tur- program for inmates serving! pcr oast at 1:30 p.m. Monday U    , .    ,    by    the    Rev.    Glenn    Bender. ; uncommuted sentences.    Burial:    Cedar    Memorial,    i The law now provides for a Friends may call at the funeral} ! furlough program under which!chapel until I p.m. Monday. inmates confined in institutions The casket will not be opened, under jurisdiction of the depart- „    '    MIAMI    IAF)    -    It took some ment of social services can be >Iort°n. John m. _ Private, 500 ice cream and banana lovers mini or social sci vices eau uc graveslde servlces ln Cedar Me- Banana Split Record Claimed constitutional perfectly well at said, adding that he believes she state restitution is still alive. Dismisses Dogma He totally dismissed Patty’s tween 6.090 and 7.000 homes, bet ween Europe and the Libyan Rasmussen. were destroyed or uninhabitable, (capital were operating normally party’s and the official Libyan news' ! agency said Tripoli was calm. Text right?. Create all    running    for the Democratic    ^un(^ *° indemnify the victims    of nomination    for Second district    crn}ne* congressman: and William Gan- . n?ct f statute meeting con-    ,    .    ,    ,    M .. James    Sehaben and Clark    sMutional requirements    that    comment on the tape that all ' all seeking the    prohibits child molesting. “f" „wf temporarily released under cer- Sl“ Monday05 Mcndf 28 minutes lo dispose of what is that time, he fain circumstances.    'call    at    Turner    east    until    9    p.m'b^ng    claimed    as    tne    w'orld    s But Rav said    he believed    the    Sunday. Mr. Morton w    a , ,    a • a,   .    member of Crescent lodge, AF measure sent to    him goes    far    and AM not Mt Hermon beyond what is    requested    and    previously announced. as non, Housing and Urban Development Secretary James Lynn led a group that visited the six states that President Nixon de dared federal disaster areas. tion gubernatorial nomina-Sex, Marijuana Debate on    the platform began Here is the text    of the    decree    at 4:15 and    was wound up at The officials toured Kentucky,|'that the Egyptian    news    agency    10:30 p.m. Indiana and Ohio on Friday and    ** Tennessee, Georgia bania on Saturday. circulated in Beirut:    Democrats    also    voted in favor and Ala "Article I — Without upset- of planks to decriminalize posting the post of commander-in- session of marijuana for personal use. and to decriminalize Increase the funding of the Iowa tuition grant program, ex- Junior Classical League Elects Kennedy Junior of the lower class and at least half of the middle class will be is 14 Fire Bombings use, all sexual activity between consenting adults conducted in private. Linn county Sheriff Walter G**ant argued againsf the decri- chief of the Libyan armed forces, it has been agreed that Col. Moammar Khadafy devotes In London Stores fnhif'il"elTpu''Yor.Banii!a' tional and ideological action. LONDON (AP) — A rash of j “Article 2 — In accordance fire bombings erupted Saturday with Artide , it has ^ at crowded stores throughout agreed that Col. Moaminer Kha-north London, police reported, dafy be relieved from undertak-A total of 14 bombs exploded jng work related to political, ex-within an hour, but there were ecutive and traditional affairs.,    ,. no reports of any casualties and in addition to relieving him s v.3 0,in H°Pk|ns umversi-damage was minor.    from all protocol matters jn-lLv claimed that continued use of Firemen suspected other in-eluding greeting heads of state mar,Juana    morc    dangerous cendiary devices might be con- at airports, seaports and receiv- J th?¥n use °f ^concealed in the buildings.    ing ambassadors.    1 H°wcver, a not her delegate A number of the stores are “Article 3 — The Jewish owned and the explo- minister will undertake all the sions coincided with the Jewish' affairs mentioned in Article 2. Feast of Passover. A junior at Kennedy High which the department feels desirable and necessary.” He said there is merit to a pre-release transition program unemployed in the next three (if handled wisely but said this years and that the removal of bill “extends the furlough prounneeded people has already (gram beyond a started.”    limit.” With some irritation, Hearst The bill would have allowed both male juveniles, were ap- cream, said. “No rational person could UP to 14 days turlough to any in- prehendcd    as they streaked in    filings, believe that sort of nonsense.” mate if a member of his imme- the 1900 block of Mt.    Vernon He said the theory that his ^*ate fam‘ly were seriously ill road SE.    Streaking, a    current    "ant daughter might have been in- or hatl died’ thc inmatc wcre fad among    young people,    means Pol ice Nab Two C.R. Streakers Two adolescent streakers reasonable were nabbed by Cedar Rapids police Saturday night. The two, largest banana split. The 226-foot-long split was devoured under the sponsorship of a University of Miami student group vying for a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records — world’s largest banana split consumed at one sitting. The split contained 160 pounds of bananas and 60 gallons ot ice plus the usual trim- school Saturday was elected vo^ved ’n ber vice-president of the state ior Classical league. Clyde Guillaume, son of J un- Mr. was “idiotic.” ininalizing of marijuana. “I de:d with it every day. Ninety percent of the hard drug users started out on marijuana.” Sheriff Grant said a recent to rent your garage' A want ad will do it quickly and at own kidnaping!^0 be interviewed by a prospect    running nude    in a public place. I low cost. Dial 398-8234. tive employer or if he were au-    Police said    the two will be thorized to participate in a    charged with    indecent behavior Liberal, but.. .    training program not    available    and turned    over to the youth Hearst said that    “like    all    chil-within the institution.    bureau. and Mrs. Alvin A. Guillaume of dren today” Patricia was a lib- The measure also would have--- 6525    Minden    lane    NE,    was one    of    eral    and    against “many of the allowed the furlough if an in-    put your message where it five    new    officers    elected    at    the    injustices,    that    trouble our soci-imate wrere participating in pro-    will be seen.    Want ad column? conclusion    of    the    league’s    annu-    ety today.”    grams or activities that    serve    a    are read    regularly. a1 state    convention,    held    Friday    “She wasn’t a    radical.”    he    rehabilitation objective. MESH . . . Prompt ELOM E Its llrtirrry ritks FTI! FLOW FII MMM* 5008 Center Pt. Rd. N.E. 393-5565 Established In U83 by Th* Gazette Co. and published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5240A. Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rates by carrier lf cents a week. By moil: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues J? ?5 a month, $24 a year: Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issues $2.50 a month. $25 a year. Other states and U.S. territories $40 a year No mail subscriptions accepted in areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitledI exclusively to the use tor republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper os well as all AP news dispatches. “Article 4 — This decree does j drinking . not affect the authority and obli-j have ev Ch? (Criar fiajjius (bazcuc gations of the Revolutionary i Command Council stated in the constitutional declaration. “Article 5 — This decree takes effect as of the day of its publication, and it is to be published in the official Gazette.” .    .    .    “She    wasn't    a    radical,” and Saturday at Washington sajd “j think, frankly, most!  — High school.    people should be liberal, if the    Czech Cardinal Dies About 160 Latin students from definition of liberal is treating, VIENNA (AP) — Stepan Car-14 high schools attended the citizens of this country fairly, dinal Trochta, Czechoslovakia’s convention. In addition to a freely — no matter what his'only cardinal, who was elevated mixer dance Friday and con-color, race, creed or religion.” to the post in secret five years nrimeisaid **    aIso bc said that tests in acadei™cs, olympics Radical attorney Vincent Hal- a8°> died in Czechoslovakia on .. - (nine out of ten heroin users “a1- and costumes, seminars were Jinan offered Friday to meet Saturday. He was 69. so started out bv drinking held on the subjects of women secretly with Miss Hearst to de---- milk. He said people die from ] and love in ancient Rome.    termine if she is unharmed and alcohol, “but died from juana.” Homosexuality One delegate asked implications of the plank decri- cade, are Pat Hayes, treasurer; minalizing sexual activity be- Neil Manternach, secretary. tween consenting adults. nonef Corrine Murphy, a student at tree to leave the SLA man- G0]umhus High school in Waterloo, was elected president. Other new officers, all students the full at Aquin High school in Cas- But Hearst said such a meeting would not satisfy him — and wouldn’t comply with the escrow agreement. Include thc price for faster and Lynn Devaney, parliamen- results when you advertise in A delegate speaking in favor \ tarian. the Classified Ads. Looking for a specific item? quick. Dial 398-8234. Always A Welcome Gift! Planters with Green Foliage Terrariums PIERS0N’Sfshwr 1800 Ellis Blvd. NW k FLOWERPHONE 366-1826/^ Pick up the phone today and let a want ad go to work for you. Dial 398 8234. STEWART FUNERAL HOME * Formerly Monohon-Stewort 1844 First Avenue, N.E.    '    ,    '    362-2147 NOVAK MONUMENT CO. FINE MEMORIALS SINCE 1S92 203 14th Ave. SE Phone 364-4439 Markers, Monuments and Private Mausoleums CENTURY BURIAL VAULTS Since 1927 Charles, Henrietta, & Charles Jr. Pochobradsky 4219 MT. VERNON RD. S.E. 364-7478 llllHlllMIHIIttlimiltlttlllUIHIiilllllMtillllMIIIIIIIIMItiriMitklllllllllltUIIMtlillllllMiltlltlllllllMMItinitlMlllitllHlltllHtltlltlllUMMIIMIII TEAHEN FUNERAL HOME Since J9.36 Marian F. Teahen    Elden    B.    Rohn OWNER JOH* E. LAPE* flowers Since 1909 Convenient downtown location 308 Third Avenue S.E. 365-0511 _r Phone 364-6627 MORTICIAN 600 First Ave. NW iHlatlMMIINMMIKMMllllllilMtlltimHlltMltllllMltlllMIIIMItlMIIIIUIMNIUMIItltlMHIIIIHIMItlHMtllltlllHIIIIIMItlllMNdllllHMIHIMUMti O We have so many beautiful ways to say something special FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-3139 phone answered 24 hours every day Comforting, Warm, Dignified... Feeling words, words that families served by the CEDAR MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME have used to describe candlelit services in the Old English Chapel of Memories. (fcdarjljcraoriut 12(H) 1st Ave. NE FUNERAL HOME Cemetery, Flower Shop 393-8000 ;

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