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Cambridge Jeffersonian, The (Newspaper) - August 24, 1871, Cambridge, OhioThe of Imp. Of i 1 j t vol. 10. August no. The jeffersonian All Kenil of printing not Lar unit prices. Call Iltchi ilm Lis. A n . I n i i 1.1 ill n. 1 line ill i i it x i my 1 n i in of n r i i 4 soul at in t i la i Oal of pkg to a l Tylik. Us nun la i i i ii i n i ii i n ii. I. a . I Suomi i Iii. Small tin 1 in a in i Rimini i in i v in Small Orna mental t act i i in j i i.i1m in tin North 0. C Nim i it j it. I v of Hunck is. A. 01120. My m4 in Straw trunks and a. I n the Ouger sewing machine . M. A. I r i a ii nil 1 1 m. I m. .11 1.1 u Mill Yoi attractive and comfortable fit Iii t n in till i t i in Iii i1 f a cell l ill will j a k thin iu-1 n i lit ill Tell St n i p my the us llllltmrs4 la Lull l. Tin1 Lirl Uhl Swool Lillie Imu n h Lar i i Lair in rum rail i in i1 to tic Iii i Liol uni. My Iii t Hull Mil sit i lir i i Lillie i Lilly la ii tin Loul Rolls 11 it inti l to tin lir by. A Lull not i Ollie Iii Only in ii i in Linn no hut i i tinny its Lin Lii m Liny a Lilly -li.lli1. Tin n n Tun i in ill ill no thy Hii lil Liri in Llu Lii ii Liliu Linn Lintl i i by is Lii Iirilli or it Jurty ii jul i Glit. Lii a turn Toni in to till tin is won thou it inn hum not nil in. Tin Lickli in. Iilo Tler Vii ill no in Nilsi Anil i t thy no flirt Ilam i t i hi1 in Iii t in in inst. L in t ulily not Luil n Trier i Iii Iii h no Cut in Tny in our Mil. Ill s w i Lilly a i i i in tin i i i Iii. In Ami Lii Yback mini a a Ftp Gunnn Shuli lil. Thru n my my mighty w i my Luu no Sluty 1 no Llin ii in tint Thieu Uil Intuit i us t my essay on tobacco. By a Small Hov. Tobacco something Lille Hilt j in Voi Litho null Pinioli i have in Lii Hoil Oil with Viii Jar on and i i Vic la turd no ii Sny a Yiirs that was Pivon Llu in on i la lion Eltiy wus i oms Tibai to stores arc kept by Avo Tiloi who stands at thai Long an 1 try to fool boys Liv Olf Orinn them a Lii Iii a of c Inai h which is chained to the injun s hand and is made of Wood also. Hogs do Nob like to Paceoni Thor do j was invented by a. Man named Walter uak High when the people Lirosi saw him thru he was a and As they never saw a Thoy flight ened. My sister is a 1 Don t know lie Lucr she lilt i to Bacco or not. Thero is a Man by the naive of Leroy Enid is to see her. I Uii us she likes Leroy. Lie was on the one he had a Cin in in his find to s l no lie did t know is he would like it and she the perfume is agree i j we. Lint the next when i inv Bill brother Tom lion cd his Nancy out of the you horrid i lie smell of to Isacio Minakis me sick in ii is ii inn meal made out to Lac co i look a Little sni ill once and then i d. Old Kentucky s ear. Vote kick Willllr Vanoh . Aug. 10. Of Ocial i returns received at the Ledger Ollice from thirty Nini show that Leslie is re not Only the largest dem Vole Ever polled in Ken but Aliso Lully the largest vote Ever polled for any Man of any parly in the state his Vole in in is counties exceeds by the vote East for Seymour in the same noun pics in and exec Ali the vote East Tor Stevenson that year in the some counties by 2151 the Vole for the democratic ticket in those Conn ties last the Unrur Tovote was first lied at u of feral was Only for at the late these counties trave i so vol of the democratic in in Ivity in thirty nine counties exceeds those of 1 870 by his majority will reach near in quite j Leo when i it a an old then cars old. Aoi j s1 i ital Mil in Linn n from Iti nil inti liitle. T i c Iii Ilii i i i s i i in to i 10 ill to n 1 i. U 1 i i tin. N it 1 i u to r ii ii i i i i a i1 in i him .1j. Ii is i Lin 1 in ill i .1. Ill it a v. so drugs and medicines Ohio. I i l i 1 Iii a 1.1. I 4 to Fiatt full of 1 ill i i i 4 for ii Uil Uil a inn a to n t medicines null i. W for Sale. N. I i. I l Iii i i h i 1 ii in All k Iii i Nelll ill u m a no till a Annil la one 11 i i 11 1111 i n in in i p. I to Lill i h n n. I i. U in. I i i. U in a Inu i. U i n i i n i s n inn in in i uni i i aim. In u l in in 1 i in Chr Miu Nellil Mil i. 1 in ills uni no Llu i in 111 t i i null he be u Hli h i i n in inn in i inn i in u in. Mill la null i Nikii i i nut uni i 1 1 1 ii Neil ii 1 1 i. Ill mini in nil Mill run s ill i j 01 t ii. Lui Lii l my in Illel ii to Iii i u inn inn i i. Mill i 1 Al ill l Lull my Llo. Tun in i it 11 ii Iii i my will in n n i i jilt l ill 1 to Idun 111 i i. I my. A Muir is. C i. Ill great Western gun i double Anil simile barrel Sling Ili film . i la a 1. Sill l i m la a i la i h. Enlil klan. I in tit Velv Minu . Mih Imti in i Milt i Ili Lilje n us Mill Ina us in us in l Ith Lill. Mil ill Low i i ill. Null Smull i i la Ullh t i us n i Lull Lull i l in i Ini Lunn ii jul w ii Iii Ilii Linn ill Vii ill . Tifrit i Ini Luibil Ulilis Mill i ill in i Mill in a la Lanui 11 it i i i i i it ult Iii Iii i s no ill nit ii Uil. Us v n Iii i r ill . In a i ill ill Lul i Nimlin i in r ill in. I lilt Innon ill y it till Nulli i . Lucuil. Will ii Iiams dish i Lili us Lull ill Una ill i m in ii Liln --1 i i i i in ii. I or i to 111 ill will t a ii Linn Roi Nihil film la kill. A Iii Lii la Lite a Akrigg. Lou Yunni. On Tiik j id Lull no i in in i hid i n no to Inu my i it h in in in Ini Irrl in Lull la in 11 m in i tilt la i la inti Ailion a till Ward at to Fox i. 1 u. Man named Ayed Alit iut s verily came Here from and after n. Brief he i ii exiled to new Oil cans in keel boat. That Oil Man died last anti widay in at the of one Hundred and Unity i or Fournaux was Proha Lily the Onliest Man lie was a Cana Dian Fieneman by but for Mike thin half a cent Niy was a in stir and a to Apper in the employ no the i or one of the i Reid Lias they lie never and Only a it n minutes Belore he died about the room. Lie s Lul in the in the that he Only see the Sun go Kluun and jul before aim t the the old nit i dead his was entered of the Cen sus Roll last year As which is an near As from the lit St evil Lanceit could be fixed. His recollection of important events was very he was an illiterate Man. Ins memory held to isolated Oeum not of he toy As obtained from Reading books while it made his information Fiat Mcnary and unsatisfactory us to the into to of that Early period of his yet All on cd the Hest evidence As to his great lie said he was working a in the Woods of a piece of land he had f r r near when Olfe was killed in the Heights of Abraham. This Nas september and lion what he told of his life previous to must then have been Over Twenty one years of age. Thinking he have confounded Wolf with was questioned but his recollection of names and incidents was toe Dis incl to leave any and Tho same account had been Tiven to Solhei i before. Another j remembered Ami which lie set med 13 s to look upon As a Good that Dpi t the occupation of new Orleans by general to he had been n fused enlistment cause lie was too the old Man of thu told this with i eat he must have been about eighty years old. Lie accompanied the expedition of Lewis Ami claim in Iligir exploration ii of the Missouri add the discovery of the Columbia River in Isdij-7 his experience Dunlin the making nun a Vul in file Man to the i or company lie was As we stated until thirty years for the past seven or eight Yesus the old Man s recollect ions of i ices were often at but his memory of find incidents seemed As Strong As pictures in his this retention of occur Lences was the great help in do in re. The last la orly years of his life were a swed in Rani it and Comfort. Lie preferred living by and always had his own he kept his pipe and tobacco and such things As were articles of Cost Oit to mostly such us he had from he Resit levee with the not forgetting Iii Rosary Ami a few religions pictures which Huig above his he was very neat in his clot and House and up to Tho Day of his Ali with a tended in summer to his tobacco plants and his . One of his great desires was to see a when the first Loco motive came screaming into the Bottom near Kansas which was in full View of his he was nervous As a child until he visited it. Lie then expressed him self Satin lied saying he Tell god he had seen a and a Hoy s composition. Post Hohs first invented in 1730 a Man Cut up an old cellar. digging them with an augur. His child into to and i rows Eil it killed Iho child. Somebody Alle did the Fin dial the next Day. His aunt rime from Scotland in the May Apple. She landed in Linin Green her Maiden name Sophia Green. Pans Green lie was death or later bugs. So is Frost. Lick your own Stamps putting your Tongue to a red hot Iron is a dear Ink. A Hornet a warm loot to settles ins Bill when he comes i ear How hippy the Bootle i nun is a Hornet a riot swing him it to i d hate to be the Hor i wish i was a Board of Edu edition. I d i City Lols Ehe in of the owner and t in i d Tell the Lux p Ucris 1 paid twice what 1 d agreed to p in i d Issue the l in payers Bonds for the whole Anil tin n put one Haf in i pocket and Tother Haf too Sci of land. Wurn t i have Nice Hai Ness and lots of Nice things in a Little while thought i wish i s a Hoard of kudu Cashup i in reports from about one in i the counties of Tho state. Show that while Lailan Lias polled a he Ivy Nenio there has been a defection of White men from the and if the whole democratic had been it would have reached at be ironing shirt fronts. A sub Sci Iber of the new York Tribune receives this i Fonn Ilion from the editor have been through a first class and can Tell you All about it. The starch is made in the usual to a painful of starch a whole sperm Candle is added when the Linen is dry it is dipped in thin cold and ironed the Ordinary Way then it is dampened with a wet cloth and the polishing Iron pressed Over it. This is an Ordinary smoothing Iron ground Oil so that the edges arc All rounding. To this last manipulation the Linen is indebted for the Peculiar laundry gloss which we All Admire so but which Many housekeepers have vainly striven to leave upon orc and wristbands of their Hus bands a correspondent Rotthe Cincinnati the t for Twenty the years it ins been his to let his grape vines run on and climb higher and higher if they lie Invar has a Large yield of Uit ipes lie says he feels considerably elated when he con i elitists his Venos with those in the j vineyards around Cincinnati. While on one or his vines there will be thousands of Bunches of gripes without live minutes labor in a those Litt e pipe Stem vines lied to and requiring con slant Caie Only produce a few hunches. In ski Vialls in Tho Husum body. A number of pm ions eases of the Progress of Musket balls 1 join the where arc they Are Fust lodged have been observed by military surgeons we have heard of a re matk Ablo Case where i he Ball struck the forehead above the and inning Ilia idea. It into two halves one half went round beneath Tho Suin on the nit and the other on the advancing in con tact with the Skull to do not ask our i eiders to believe the poetical edition of this i that the two h ill bullets a Iii aft i luring performed the Cue Iii of the he id in opposite and a so Oli Lydi finished pulled and killed an inf of innate Man who stood in the fact of the split Ting of tiie and the Advance of each half in opposite directions is unquestionable. The singular Prog ices of n Bullet from Lefco Iurii Hond a i Iho Tuipul has Hecea recorded by or. Fielding. At the first Bailie of in the time of the reign of the cromwellian civil a medical gentleman was shot near the right Eye. The Skull was fractured at the but though the surgeon could see the pulsation of the brain beneath the yet the Bullet had turned on one Sale and could not be various Bones discharged from the wounds. The month and the nos tails at the time of the second Battle of Neubury the wound heal cd and could not kept open but about twi he Eai s a i la re when the doctor was in a dark he Felt a pain about the of the which occasioned a pin till deafness having stopped his ear with he was surprised one Day in by a sudden pull or crack in his when All tint Side of his Cheek Hung Loose As it it had been Para and a hard knot was jell under the Eye. Various tutors now appeared about the and in August. The Bullet taken out of the mag Azine. Milk diet will cure the dyspepsia. Anaconda skins Mike line boots. A now name for the grecian Bond is the through tickets around the world Are now for Sale in London. Crnz nil on horseback is Tho female idea out West. Right is a Dull in los i skill and Good sense held it. A celebrated writer says has killed kissing 1 the Clinite of Louisiana is three degrees colder than fifi Eun ars Canary in their native wilderness Are being j the Ellet of culture. An Indiana paper tells about a Man cutting Tea acres of i in a Day. J a coloured preacher is in a notch Carolina jail on Tho charge of poisoning the Wells a Man who most compliments a woman is the one who most de her. There were Ianul a t red in the United slates last year Over halt a million of machines. A polm Isler by Tho name of when ill a signs himself xxx. Statistics show that in the majority of cases the applicants Are women. Intuition is a Bird of drinking in Trio Arona of celestial Powers. Kissing of tub sly. Us Iii Tutor and Wlms i in lieu this Lii in me i in in Ali lays much Swei for to lieu 11 kiss Kapci Biilly Hen parents or Watt Litulu Eye sure fan to any Sceli a than the Fly f some love Yoni 011 the to and sume to Hom tin1 Ibbons with ones at their Sio but i know w hat u j to till of m hat i is on the ily. A in Alfi May look As though Jln t know of such u thing As of in Lilc of doing of course All this is when anybody s but watch your of Poi culty. Anil kiss her on the sly. Poverty and tue uie Ineo veni Cut companions but when it Deneb unites with the depth of wretchedness is attained. A love Lorn broke a wish Bone with his Queen some flu in in new blimps one. What did Yon demand i with a tender Grin of expectation. Wished i was re plied the fair As a re plied you re Haid Sivin null now. Hut i la tinier what i wished Yon was locked up in my and Tho key says n Exchange a few Days ago the wife of Samuel of was kicked in the Chin by a causing her to bile off the end of her Tongue. Since then or. Flames ill s been offered thousands of dollars for that mule by Hen pecked but stoutly declines All offers. Pii Zes mule higher than anything else on Eaith. Bold Roli Bory. A bold robbery was committed on Sal in Day at the House of Luther Ujj d a about six Miles from Ohio 3ir. Gay was at Home while the lest of the family Weie unending a picnic while in the about he was addressed by two one of whom had a policeman s Star of his and pointed a pistol at or Gay s while the said. Surest Yon in the i Une of the United slates As a Counley at the same time putting or. Gay s bands in i he robbers then look him the blindfolded and lied him to bed and demanded the keys to his being unable to they blew the Safe open with powder and robbed it of in United states Bonds and several thousand dollars in Bills. The robbers Niheu succeeded 111 making their escape. Never after expressed buy curiosity on the subject. A Young Man living in is humility person lied. The other Day he asked a Young lady if he might be allowed privilege of going Home with Hei and indignantly refused upon which he inquired very if she would permit him to sit on the Fence and Sec her go by. A Western Man who was to to Woik and his Neihbors being tired of keeping Tho indolent Date min Dlo drown him meeting the slim his Pill was touched. Him he give a Load of Corn to keep him the i clan raised his head from the it can l you Shell it the head dropped again. The army of Tho United states is to tie reduced to the Sui Date of enlisted men. Miss 51. J in 1 Auline the Linale his returned from and intends making a Star ring tour during the season. A mind too Active and vigorous wears away the As the finest jewels do soonest Wear their set Tings. They have to in sensed the blood of a sheep into the Luis of a dying North and so saved his million. At one of the towns in Alabama lumber is a Legal the Price of Julep by Init tinn Ouncie at ten feet planks in Georgiana Washington was stabbed with a Little Sheath knife by mrs. Who is now a Rover. Tho Queen of de k wins the hearts of her people by driving about in. A Barouch and wearing a cent Calico. An Indiana girl undertook to break a Colt the other Day. At last accounts her head was Tvan Sixes too for her she had ordered a set of false Teeth. An Arkansas preacher interfered with a dog fight which a Young member had Inan operated in and now the flock u without a Shepherd. You will All Only do wrong and be sorry for you will go to is being extensively quo led As the last remark of an Indian who was hanged recently in Cali fornia. Philadelphia contains the largest locomotive the largest Book distributing largest Wall paper and the largest dental instrument and artificial Teeth Mann factory in the to ild. A woman at collected Money for soldiers or plums and used it to buy a Bonnet. Sin said after they got used to could get along without but woman must have Bon nets or starve. Thero is a coloured woman preaching in South who Din ing the past five years has Raisch Money suit Lucient to build two Large churches establish three Sun Day schools. The local papers slate that she is an eloquent speaker. An Indi Noplis Man has got a nose which he can put out of join and swing it around on Tho Side o his face like a Gate. To Don t do anything for a living but fall Down on dilapidated sidewalks and us attic City for breaking his am when he gets his Money to straight ens his nose and sets it fora Nothe locality. At a meeting of the at Mich on sunday eve at Moses one of speakers said that when a Little he could see faces around his Bei every and knew Thov wer said a master to his Apas he was about on a you inn t occupy my place while i am absent thank replied i d rather sleep with the an old lady from one of the Rural districts astonished a clerk in one of the a Lew d is by inquiring if he had any Yaller developments Bich As they did up letters in a gentleman one Day indiscreet a asked a lady How old she was. Rue see. I was eighteen when i was and my husband was now he is twice and that is sixty of i am twice that is Unity Sacramento Man Gaveau Oung lady a lottery which alter word Drew he then Ivel and told her that it had drawn is jul. And asked her to go la fives with him. She consented and go a him the ticket for the women of Naland violently deprecate the habits of their american who cowhide recalcitrant swains. The gentle daughters of Albion throw in their lovers eyes whenever go Back on their first love. A bashful Young Man was escorting a bashful Young she Chitre tingly. Don t Tell anybody you Bearid me Home be replied i am s much ashamed of it As you Are hat settled it. A school committee in a Frontier District Are reported to have Stim Neil up their opinion of an examination which they had in making the pupils this you be spelled you be sphere but Vou Hain t Sot will you take this woman to be Well was he you must be a Green in o a me such a question As that. To Yon suppose i d be such a fool As to give up the bar 1 in and Lake ibis Gal to the quilt no frolic if i warn t conscript or Nasiy Sarlin and determined to have drive on your bus Ness what Are you disturbing the whole House with your yells in this Way demanded a new Jersey from a Yuesu whom he Hail found late at Nishil seemingly in Pursuit of invisible and yell 112 at the lop of his voice. I m shouting the Bailie cry of Bleadorn answered the is he went ahead with Lis search and yells. Bad1cal . Serious Ami damaging charges by detective Wood. Secretary bout in his fight with general has called out the following brought to Light since Boutwell left the commission ship of internal where has stood against him on the Hooks of the Bureau a Little cd accosted Roit in his to the amount of Lieo millions two Kun die a and fifty six thou annd dollars. Nobody int Mutos that Boutwell made a Way with this or knowingly allowed others to do so. What is charged is simple ignorance and incompetence in Man aging his Tolice. At the beginning of the War Revenue Stamps were is sued from his office and distributed through agents 1 under Bonds to account to the govern ment through him. Either from. From or from is Imp other cause to be Here alter inquired As commissioner of internal charged to this Day with the amount above stated unaccounted for to the sk1uols and important charges. Or. William f. chief of the secret service of the treas Ury has published a card assail Nii Boutwell. He was for a Long time in a position to know the secret Workings of the department. He now says he will prove the following facts in reply to Young Tirend Leav ing town because some things in it wore not exactly to her taste or an old lady of sex Perianne said Clear when you have found a place where everybody and is always pleasant and nothing is let me know and i will move there at Lawrence. While a minister was holding Forth in the a crowd got up a cock fight in the Yard. The peo Pic who had congregated to near the went out to put a Stop to the but awaited until the Battle was Over before objecting the minister looked out of the window the crowd and to Are All miserable which whipped v pcs of those in the spirit land his Mother reproved him by him to to for nothing ailed him but loud no mean judge considered Julius Casar the Roo accomplished character of All an Liquify. He certainly was not in Fenior in military go eloquent and to any Man the world and his Clemenc was Superior to that manifested by any conqueror. At a recent English wedding the Bride s pet terrier got into the Church and via iced the proceed Ings. When the Groom administered the kiss the animal went for his wedding breeches in a War that required the interference of the Church officers. A Man wrote to Horace Greeley for a and received the following letter in Lorieo s hand writing is the 2000th application in a week. Go to the Devil t Cui t hire every the document was signed Horace Grce but no one could read it. The Man presented it to the who looked it Over Ami handed the Man supposing it to be an older for his and lie has been drawing the salary on that letter regularly for six months. What a warning is this to the youth of the country to learn to write. A citizen of thus details his grievances at the hands of his backs Woods Nigbor i was determined to keep the fourth of july but those pikes Don t understand anything about it. Fco last year two or three of us took an old aim Down to the loaded it and began to Blaze away. By and by 1 saw a lot of Black objects Bobbing up and Down on the Al wins up Stream. I thought they were ducks at but discovered them to be a lot of pikes swimming the with their rifles held Osil of the water. Soon they came along to and a gaunt six footer in butter their arc millions of dollars of government Bonds which have been or Are now in daily pro Gress of Exchange and redemption. The True owners Are receiving the interest due of said and those identical Bonds of which such interest is being drawn have been i or by the govt in Mlot Urock Stu Italy As also his through the Connivance of unscrupulous Bankers and ignorant i and corrupt Ollie als of the gov i by erasures and fictitious numbering of genuine the result of which will be that the creditors of the government will either to Pulfor the loss of their Bonds or be from loss by some special act of con in which Case the govern ment will be the loser of thousands and thousands of dollars on the article of Reau used Bonds alone. Paper transactions of the Treasury department will not Bear a fair with out exhibiting Secretary s ignorance of the subject or his Connivance at the glazing frauds or favouritism which has been in prac Tice under his administration of the department. He will also show that Fibre paper for Bank note or other purposes As a preventive against counterfeiting is a delusive which will be established by details and mechanical experience. The Secretary Dis posed of the valuable Piper making machinery of the government at one fourth its original and at less Man one half of the sum of of Rcd for the machinery by parties not his favourites. Boutwell Stoops to mean resorts to defame those around him who do not Volunteer subservience to his in Dill Erent himself As to whether such dictations Are in accordance with 1 in or otherwise. Synopsis of his Cler political his tory will be As Well As his career As Commisso Ner of internal Enue. And by examples an in Quiry will be submitted to know in what other Light than a defaulter to the government the now Sec Leary boil Well can be regarded because of the amount or equal in amount to Between two a old three millions of Liis administration of the internal be Venn and which re Mains unsettled to the present these Are serious Ami charges. So far As they speak f the party prejudices inc rope Tency of or. They Are no True to the beyond Thoy Are they de serve the at i t on of impeach ment. Pang interest on can celled Bonds is a litle Loo much of or something worse. If the facts Are not As let or. Boutwell speak at once. Nut called out to whar s the War Isaac the Boston courier mentions a pretty fair anecdote of the individual whose name is at the head of this article. He was a graduate of Harvard. Isaac stuttered quite but he was a Chap of considerable humor. Ore Day while crossing a Meadow he Cane to a ditch said he to i i i a i Betyo of a a half to of a cant j jump Over. Said done. Going Well he started. Ami running lie gave a leap and went Over. Said 1 i i Saar. You of owe me 8 half pint. Yes. But a i ill bet Yoo on another a half to of can t a jump bark again. Said and not using the same exertion of he struck toes against the opposite and fell sprawling into the ditch. When he bad got himself oat As Well As he he Shook himself and i i Isaac Yoo of Nad i Are

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