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Cambridge Jeffersonian, The (Newspaper) - August 3, 1871, Cambridge, OhioThe i1y claim. X3. C . Ohio. Ali Tiffni i Liln of site inti re one copy our or a Iii . Wit Htu i i Alu i i la year i of to Altum. Alloi Iky and notary will ii Kium Ili i to nun of Niy Ami Tuki i at Drury it and notary i umu1. Lilo. Up Itti trs wait hint floor i ill lir Minim. Attention Xiv ii to pfooiiu1 Jujj. At Olio. In purr Iii Puiul Oil i Titus null a mul t or Ali Rry Sloier. Jew. Alpoim yet Dino. Ill Alti to Lii Miri Ous lir Aiu la i of in tin or this a my adjoin him on titles. Oulu t1 upstairs in Hank a Hohto. Atlo Rury it 1 unt a is m lir unit All will it s. Ii k All. Of Law. Ami fial attention d. Us 1. 1. I mix us 1 Ollio. To Ittem Hii Unm tin in ii i in ii to in l l n m Cambridge vol. 40. August no. 12. C Oal and malt c of stall Ohio. A Tiitu i capital Stock. I i t i St. 1. I. V. Kun Limoll. M. Nathan slept. Ii. 1. U. Am. Ltd Kos i Jnet . Small tin Small Orna mental t null Ralleis Tii Iii Liy or his of tile c ele Natl la North now enav if j Iii Hnnry Nonty. I. A no rim. T i i i Uno i Cueny All l tin tiklu4 let plot vol pm r i Lolly i Nti Oll. Cd. . M. I inn. M1.m Lillie nil a . M. . -i.oh. F. S. Mill in. at t 11 i Viii in lid i a it in. J. P. To a Lull Mill la Ovid 1um.f.h. S a my . Lit i Ile. Ili r. I is i. . Iii Niin r run i l u i i u. F Flor Mill Al St i ii Iii e x alter Imi Tuty. Una. Wlllie i Kois. A of Lilak onto. Straw Init Tom Pouilh trunks and i i h i i the Singer sewing machine 1 j House keepers Tii inf i attractive and comfortable a Ali Hill Ali limn in no Jas. 01110. First speech by in from my from sir. S in to to i 10 1.1 Iii till. A Kinu i h.iii1 i Ilii. La h i m kill Al. ill i to e Man Idle v i. Jil Tuu. Up plot Liy i i. No ii ii Ami i Kiili r in drugs and medicines Ohio. It Tut i am i Nin now prepare l to Irive or in. L e on the Iii to n a of. A full of Patent edic Inos or by mail. It my a. R. Sti i Ai Liri l . T. K. Us Nukk 1 in Riott a a k. . Ohio. Public court Jyh new Mil Huilt 111 Flo Lern be. It Iii Iii Musij Anil m Jit a i a Iii Herfi fill 11 ample i us Lotf n. 1 Iorli Tor. 1tihk Corner Ami a our Ltd Ohio. I i l Init All Colin warrant Poi Iii i in Irwin Aioli re a to 1 p. To. Mill Iroini m. I Zuratt cum nip Jun r tic open in in. P. In. A i a Orin a my Lull strip Al. Tolu Ohio. I Iii or re. Ati l for at a Ilarue of we. H. M. Kick i Anil window Haiti Iii i Wall it. Lit Nyi Sluti la Lam a Liet 11014 Ali l in in 11 t illion Nui .1. Pm. I in i unit am rec Iii a. In Ali l in. I a. N i i u us i i i i in. .1 i l k lit i 11 r i Iii i a i i in. 11 i ii l i 1 a Iii Iii Iii i i i m Llumi. J Ali l i u k a i n All i. Inn Al. i. I a . Joti nil for Sale. In i i Miln i Uniti at i i x k. Ural Rren 1 it Ami i Tom i k. In Ohio. Mol i a bin an l ill i l h in in i i i. At mini Uiti in 1 Alt ilk a Olioli Nili mini i tall Mai Akilia Nii l Illi i i i Irini Ilmi l i la fart Iiri re of i. I i pm i i Khz Ilc crop Loii. No. Ii Minn Snitch lion k a in i to r. a stick to i inks. In Kon Lull ill . Kim in Lucli Mii no . La. O. Ute l i Lull t loin a ii Alai Maihoa l l unil Chin cent conv Iii Nih will -.-i. Of turf i f a to. Nui la to ii i Ion u Pur in i Apul july Ninnat Ion or a e her1 to win in id in Cam third saturday. Ini l the enl . To Liiri Sut inlay. Ii i ill i Lia will in d in Letl Kwh i nut lout will com prom til to clock. A. in. Rippli Imit will permitted to join to n Lei it a k. S. R u. . T i i exam is. Great Western gun double Anil single Larrel shot . Spor Liliu too l1. He tic Mimini Illk. Uini is Ihl for ii Lext. Adilor xxx j. Johnston. Or at in Sun snip Littlie y c to Zuffi Tom news Laferl a Polk ii l in a Mist lil Civ ii i l Atli a n Lor on 1kn Kalis fun Kilt. Siml no Low Pru i i. Six i i i it. Ini l in will t to alter pin i Lurt Liascos in St Cuimei Siml Winlun tin limit lock lit i Liki to tin nolo i i. Volin Al Ami it regular Iuno it i Lioi Lulitu 111 Ilii ily of Ilalio Iii Kil. Thl Civi it Iri i pais or tin Lii t i the land bought is Locati in. Kit Nurani Roann in it fit Story of the fidtr1 -. A hic Iii Stiim f vol Iii in Biol nit Tiu Lor Luti l. A or Iowa . Up ply to or i Ili Lri is . Iowa. For apply to or Itilio rpm Uku. S. T . Neb Nisan. M. I la Ohio. It Ulutu the Kepi Mican tart j fails to he store peace and Prosperity. The of the country in the i Lii Rivy at the Llomo Crecy. Colonel a Kook w. demo Cutic Cyndi Ilac for govern of of commenced tie world of his Canvas of the state addressing Ali demo i Finicy of Asli Tsibula. Colonel to Cook spoke As follows ti1k ten Kaiss since Sumter. It is Mare than ten a cars since the at Stim tur pm Nuccil Tho country into always hut this in its most hideous a Rivil War. To were and doubtless those who told us so believed that it wins to lit ivc its like a Poi Missory in ninety was to be won by n Levy of seventy live thousand and it a Cost much less than j incurred the mexican War. But this War. All expect Timi. In its expenses and at Hist came to an All wars must at the moment of last exhaustion of Ihu weaker in a peace with out a Heo Ause they were then and at All Only states in and it was Only on this principle that the War could have lasted for a and upon this theory thai o was no Patty with whom we could peace too. I will admit for the without ally ouch i do not forget and history will never allow us to terms vouch Sal de by to Lee and his sol they could depart to their Homes in peace and be called in for what had been done peace without condition but at in conduct Nir War which no nation Hud Ever spent in any and in behind it a debt a Liili no nation except one Ever aggregated so Large u and in that Case by hostilities of one Hundred and Twenty years after a lapse of years which i made the hearts of those who had son or brother yearn almost to breaking at the Hope of Peac deferred. Lint Mon Strous As has been the expense to us. And to generations pct the Burden is insignificant Compa red with that Cost not to be Meas for which Lime brings no re of the hundreds of thou Sands buried on the so often in unknown and of hundreds of thousands scarcely More who Bear honorable disabling wounds As Many broken in health by the sickness which lung like a pall Over our Camps. Hopes of the county after Ai l Mattox hut notwithstanding Oil these the country was full of and a Sheri instead of breaking up into guerilla As so Many an expense scarcely less than actual we saw that army after then Hope became and from the heart of the nation there sprang to All lips the Sublime words of the Christian god from whom All blessings of there were private Griefs which could not be and sorrow for which in this life there could be no but the Sull errs were full of and Fieira losses were not thrust in to dam in ii ardor of those who were to receive husbands and children Back again to love and life. To the nation it gave that with peace the ways of peace and her works would return v and now Tenil great was Lin Uncial men Felt that us the Strain upon our resources was to the nation would Oon recover from the disc edit which had almost crippled our and the merchant Felt that business was More to be a wild and gambling but that the Laws of unt Rammel were once More to have away and the Merclyn Mim who believed that it was Only Hebel cruisers like the Alabama and her Consort which kept his ship in or compelled him to Transfer to a foreign Ila Elic Ved that the add times were to return with the close of the that he was to have his Good deck under him once and Salute in every foreign port the Flag of his Ami a Llovet american manned by american sea men. There were men of Intilli Many of whom i Hope Are Here when passion had began to reflect that Legal and especially constitutional principles were that without gktt1.vo Maili led. Foil Young on the 1 or Ini Propri to Orwell ii with sail itary help Lor Limsi who feel null Tecil i of Sci it Rue. Lii vital ail Ilenin Howard Asso Box 1 u. Of Budiono to to lick there could be no who in Tho Cal of their patriotic impulses i or measures they deemed necessary to sustain the unconscious perhaps committed themselves to violations of the Constitution and of the very principles of civil older than which they now re and for which they will Antonc by support of the party which in the spirit which actuated o to to restore Iho govern mint to an honest and constitutional administration of nil its de part Meub. Aud this represented at that Lime the feeling of All Good men Over the including the South and without distinction of parly in Tho North for men then for a while Felt that the country was higher Thun and that the As construed by statesmen and was in deed the Law of the land. There were bad men in the South who had mostly been sheltered through in bomb proof a by had absorbed Tho properly which belonged to soldiers in the and bad men in the North who cried for vengeance on the people who had Laid Down their arms. They were men whose vehemence was Only equated by their absence from our own or the Camp followers who knew How to gather what Brave men in order to keep with their or Tho broken and disappointed men who went to gut into Ollice which they did not and which they won by under pretence of the worst enemies of the coloured and whose Hope of continuance Lay in keeping up and fostering strife. Anil to help the All of them without and Many of them who spell Pray with an and never prac Tice in under any Oiler Orth Ogra whom i r. Greeley has so recently and justly denounced peace in the and their occupation is disturbance is the Only element in which their foul lives could survive. There arc doubt less Here and there in the Northern men who went with honorable purposes and with designs to make a Home amongst the peo but they will be found opposed to the foolish system of Captain As it was called in Tho Days of and now adopted fool because Una isl and oppressive. The Keit Kucan 1 Autv its pkg Opi of unities it seems to me that there was a in the history of this country when the exercise of magnanimity n the part of the North would tic secured a country once More filed in Asiu Territo Ial connection. Generosity by he victors to the vanquished was lever thrown and the Gratis Ude would have been for the re Tho parly in ind already committed to a Long ease of it in the Congress and the and the administrative de Lai to Clits had they acted Ivi Soly and justly. They would Lave won to themselves the sup port of the secured for the i Turc an immense body of democrats who had acted with them politically during the and they would have retained with them great numbers of who told the opinions delivered by he saints of their honoured old Constitution Loving whig had they been Wise and to have continued them in Power for administration. Hut they were wanting in Faith n the in the principles on which our state and or careless of the obligations which they n love with tic centralization of ill Powers in the Federal govern were ready for the coming of the Man on know no the they chose the a Vorster part there were no necessities of legislation to yield to or they had two thirds in each body. The Power was supreme to Loas they for they saw no Udie iary interposing Tho limitations of the Constitution. And so this party and and is to responsible for the condition into which the country has been brought by the unconstitutional and oppressive mens res which they have adopted measures destructive to the interests of ibo Whites who owned the muss of the and of the Blacks who owned All tic labor of the country. Nor can it be they had not time for the task. Of the ten years of which i four were spent in War and six in peace Long enough to give Lime for trial of measures even if they were tentative but no Man can look Over them fairly without believing that they were not to Ascer Tain what was Best for the people of the North with these nearly All of which were in derogation of what had been right 1 in the minds of All our peo ple. Military Gove sment. I have gone into no details As to this legislation. Some of it perished in the or was found impracticable in execution. Some expired by lapse of some by re peal but each did its part in Assur ing the White that there was no Hope of Justice for and Assur ing the Black that there was intern nity for no matter what he might and their result has been to make everything insecure in the an insecurity which must continue until that govern ment which or. Lincoln declared to be the government in the a military is taken whole away. It was so odious to him that he said he preferred the government of one tenth of the people to that kind of gov which must be be cause the Case could not be investigated by proper persons the general in charge could not incs go Down from subaltern to Subal and perhaps to the most Igno rant in the certainly not to a judge or a lawyer. 1 heard the never read but i believe i do no injustice to his in bred haired to the exercise of mar tial except in the plainest cases. Blows at the South reacting on the Noktih. I do not refer to those Lawa by Ceatise they have any Force in the or should control our nation in a tatters now to be decided by your votes. I do not refer to them because their legislation was injurious to the people of the South Foito Many that would be an argument in their but because it was injurious to us in the every blow aimed at them was est rally injurious to for our material Prosperity was bound up indissolubly with theirs. There Are higher political find than any which could arise from our material in but i do not urge them. They would be useless against the passions which arose from the an 1 my Only object in refer ring to the condition of the coun try following the War. Was to show what an Opportunity was in the hands of and How it was recklessly thrown away. In remains for us to consider How we May Lestore the country to its condition of former and to Whoso hands should be commit Ted the great Trust of the. Govern which we believe to have been abused in every Rui Suu and the Sivin Jwuc. We charge upon the Congress that it has legislated so As to in crease tilt Burden of debt upon the has been guilty of extravagance never by lure known in our and carelessly appropriated the Public Noncy without bring ing Toji slice the men in the departments which squandered that they have in Force a Tariff which draws the support of the country from a vast number of when there should be Pul but a Ihus invoking an immense number of except for corruption and opening doors for increasing that this Tariff is so at jus Ted that it brings the Burden upon consume and taxes a Man not in pro portion to his ability to but i proportion to Tho Mouths Lio has to tied and the Bucks he has and under the name of Protection. You can have no protect Ion to the few it the Cost of the who have to pay the additional sum gained. I rot Calion was once a name to Charm by in the but it has no longer any Power in for we know that what is Given to one is taken from there is no Protection for one unless there is oppression of another. Neither is it the Protection of american labor against foreign at no moment of difficulty with their men have the proprietors fulled to bring in foreign labor where they from England and Wales for the and the chinese for the works in new England. I need give no details As to the for Hoy Are becoming familiar to the Consumers and some of the and the great body of labor reformers Are fully awake to the too acute to be deceived and too num Erous to be disregarded. The Kun Dill. Nor need i More than ruler to the Kun flux which surrenders to the president the right to judge when the t let Jii i should be suspended and giving Iho Power to use the army to any extent which the framers of j the government would not Grant to the father of Bis and which if a should entrust to any mortal much less to n Man v Hose whole Duea Tiou and associations Ami tendencies have been with Soh ices and not with citizens legislation i of which they refused inquiry at the commencement of the took no Steps during the nor until Tho extra session when they fell that from their con duct on the Santo Domingo ques Tion they were losing the Confidence of the and that Thuv must continue in session until the Kun flux Bill was and so Endeavor to raise some question which would overturn the reason of the people by exciting Over again those passions born of the War. And which should have died at its close. D1.i1t and a few words will dispose of what i have to say As to the Public debt and the currency. We Are paying Oft the Public this is the Only answer to any argument against the administration which you hear from an intelligent Man. I believe we Are reducing but to what and from what who Lias been Able to to Are reducing by spas it which every Nevin in business and if it were reduced by the amount of annual steal Ings which now exceed the whole annual expenses of the administration of the younger and we would be reducing it rap idly enough for the Good of the least until there should As Well As it would be to bring to punishment the robbers the try Asuit. It will be remembered in the year preceding the presidential the Republican slate convention passed resolutions almost identical with our own. I have heard recently that they with us in a double and that a gentleman in into acct and had Olhorn tilings to give him had struggled for hours to make their construction doubtful to people. They had All the advantage in the before the that they stood upon the Stone ground that did. And not More than three Republic i can members of Congress could j have been elected that year if they had not. Upon the financial ques stood on the ground As was occupied by the and two of these three would have come from the although 1 believe you Are too shrewd to pay More than you or to pay Gold where you Are Only Boud to pay greenbacks. I cannot give the res but i remember the of Aud Felt it where i addressed the people. Now it is not need Sriry for me to argue that by the Law of their is sue and Tho of Iho 5 20 their in Teresa was payable in so i Anil the principle in Jar Cen backs. The Bonds of 1871 and the Jojo were but on Dif Ferent Points in Law. Both principle mid in it was said to Ihu desire of the party in Power to change this loan of 5-20j into Bonds maturing at different limes Anil Rales of in to rest not exceeding per cent now it was Clear that the bondholders held a Security which was Pav Able in greenbacks if Blun were the currency the time of and in Gold if at Linns to had returned to the old Chin envy of the Constitution. What Means did the Secretary and Congress resort to for the purpose of accomplishing a result so much 13id they Tell them that it was doubtful whether the country could have re turned to specie payment when the Bonds came duo All argument on the to Call them in and pay at once in and that it would be the part of Wisdom to fix the relations of debt or and creditor by issuing another bund at a. Lower in which Law and Bond should declare the Princi pal rus Well As the interest paving in they knew who were the creditors and who were the the creditors were the bondholders who paid no tax on their and the debtors wore the whole people who did pay taxes. It is True there was duty on one Side but interest was on tie other. And they did not Long hesitate. The first fact of the first Congress of the administration of general Grant was approved on the isl i of March hearing this act to strengthen the Public its text is As follows the Faith of the United slates is solemnly pledged to the payment in Coin or its equivalent of All the obligations of the United not bearing known As United Stales and of All interest bearing obligations of the United except in cases where the Law authorizing their is sue has provided that they May be paid in lawful or other cur Rency than Gold. None shall be paid before unless United states notes shall be convertible for Gold at or unless at such Lime Bonds at a lower rate of inter est than the Bond to be redeemed can to sold at Par in there is no difficulty in Ascer Taining the of this act. Nor can its motive be made Scurf. It pledges what was not pledged the Faith of the to Tho ment of All bonded except the in Coin. It provides against the government falling in to other and prevented even a Secretary of the Treasury of their own differing from them on ibis paying any Obliga Lions before unless Green backs Are at Par with or unless Bonds at a lower rate of inter est can be sold at Par in Coin. Is intended to Cut us off from a determination of this question by the political Power of Tho govern the responsibility must i be Mea in Washington whose in without subjecting the coun try to the imputation of a violation of Public expressly pledged a Cluro the world. This act besides prevented any determination favourable to the tax payers by the supreme had to United states allowed a suit to be brought to test the construction of a live Twenty because the although not in terms a declaratory did give the previous act legislative construction. There had been no desire on the part of the party to repudiate the but to pay it honestly and according to the Law and the con and if Tho decision of the supreme court had been allowed to holding the Legal tender act there would have been Little More disturbance on this question in the and the people might have reconciled themselves to the necessity of sub mitting to an injustice which they could not avoid. Knok Mous a Punser and neglect of duty. You have already read from other persons serving in Congress Zund necessarily More familiar than i can be with the expenses of con Gress and the several departments the eur Moua sums which Are expended but As i wish to shorten As much As i can my remarks to i shall say nothing is to their details. They Are enormous enough to startle any one who will set himself to an examination of the accounts. But i would be wanting Iii duty to you if i did not refer to the fact thai nearly All the Cabinet of fliers Are habitually absent from when under former with far less labor inc pres ident was at his and a Large majority of the Cabinet Ollices. Public affairs go to rack without the Eye of the j Istas your fortunes would go to Day if you failed to oversee Anil watch your business and your farms. The government is allowed to manage and the people in charge Are at their pleasures or their private affairs. San to Jingo. There is another Public question demanding attention because the president is connected with it. I allude to Santo and i speak of it now at greater because the in Clintion came from the president and to him comes Home the responsibility for this business. I say nothing of the private jobs which Are said to clip it like because i do not know that the charge is and there Are enormities enough about it to require no such added shame. Have been exposed by one of the victims of the Matroci senator from Massachi by senator Shurz. Whom by would have made a victim if they dared. Matter what we nay think of the opinions of the senator of of his As arrogant. Lie was self conscious of his assured of the of his i knowledge of tie How would he but feel equal to his task and conscious that those who were him knew nut King of the his Peers on tie floor in though none approached Liim in the detailed knowledge of the All sympathized with him and it was Only the partisan Politi Jimatis and those who looked to the Uther end of the Avenue who joined in the attack upon him. But Thev fell upon him in the Senate and cd him Down from his High place by blows As ruthless and cowardly As Ever fell in that Cham Ber by fur. Their excuse was that he was not in Accord Wili the administration. A Noble Conception Inducil of the duty and office of a senator not in Accord with the president who had told us and who told us when this scheme was turning to ashes on his that he had opinion of Nis own in opposition to the opinion of the when every one connected with the administration doing his utmost to disparage or. Tuirner and Are now till ing the mails with the speeches of a Man famous Tor his administration of a and who Are endeavouring to bring to Bear the Power of a great on this and is meeting from the religious or Gans of the denomination the Fate which it deserves. And All this Santo Domingo the Pur Chase of a part of an Island Distant from our the Lar Ger part of by a hostile nation with whom we would be instantly at had never been known of or noted by our except a few who careless of any patriotic hoped to win by it when the Waters were . The a Busk of Power i shall Only say of his appoint ment of the last two judges of the supreme that it has Mai e the judicious Grieve and if the prevail Init motive was to change to his will the decision of that great Tri Bunal on a question of infecting the whole it brings reproach on the Cotril which it has never borne As i that Tho judges appointed had no connection with their their views on the Legal tender act being enough. I regret to Call at Tulion to another his exer Cise of the pardoning Power. But it shows either that the president is careless in his or that he trusts himself to the con Trot of men who betray his Confidence. A wretch by the name of Owen was beaten by a coloured Man for Congress by the election Erin in management taught by the White men who went to civil Lxi them. Bowen was about to obtain his he was a Friend of a Sena Tor who was a Friend of the pros and an enemy of a senator who was unfriendly to the Percsi Dent. Bowen was convicted of and on the in order to procure his produced the record of a divorce from sow in which the parties bore the name of and the husband was the plaintiff. By striking out the first names of the substituting those of himself and his wife in the proper h Mado it appear a record of divorce in his favor. In the same proceed it became necessary for inn to verify it by his oath. He the record was found to be a forgery and the president be cause some of Tuc parties engage. Jeffersonian Sall of printing Flop i gently Antl Proi Anil to Turalo prices. Call and it of week 91 of i or each week _ 59 Pius in a. Pt-l1 year o of Hull mini curium Sadver tlic1 usual rates. The n the prosecution were political opponents of overlooks the question of his and the Graver that in endeavouring to escape his punishment he commit Ted perjury and the forgery of a record. No prisoner who in Ashta Bula county would commit a Penitentiary and to Elud Ejus Tice would bolster his Case by two other crimes of equal or greater would escape the con sequences of his crimes by Pardon or and if he did the peo ple of Ash Anlu county would lose a incidence in the administration of Ustico. Other questions. If the president did nut know these thing they were spread on the he ought to dismiss those who betrayed and if he knew them your answer in your own been Given Al ready. There arc questions on which i wished to have addressed you at a greater length. For that american injured As it was by the has had a far greater depression since the War and if you search for a you find it in our Tariff. I should have liked in connection with the to have considered the question of the National t on with their in and Tho reduction of currency which they to the great corporations which seem almost to rival the govern ment in the aggregate of their and to exceed it in tie num Ber of their to present before you the Finan Cial condition to which the states South Are being such As Georgia and beginning with scarcely any debt at the end of the and now each rivalling Ohio in their whilst theirs is increasing and oars and our ability to pay ten times that of you saw it As or Jie Eiselin saw As honest a Man As Ever went in search of you would submit to such aws no longer Thun the election which would you an Opportunity to remedy them by your votes. The ass War of the radicals. And now what answer to be made to we know that at a meet Iniz held in apparently to compliment a senator from which was graced by the presence of the and on which occasion the vice presi from a shed the Eter Nal summer of his and i re Joice that his life is no longer in a speech was made by the in which the president was nominated Tor a second election. And not Only was a nomination but we were told that the distinguished senator had sounded the key note of the and the republicans were again to be hurried into tie ranks to repel the who were determined to restore the country to its Condi Tion before tie to repudiate our own debts and assume that of the state and and by revolution and violence overthrow the last amendments. It May have deceived honest men for a but As soon As demo cratic conventions assembled they were assured by then by that no such revolutionary movements were in that no foolish efforts was to be made assist the inevitable. I do not think it necessary to speak of it until some Republican can show me by the Law and cons Titu these Are sacred words with we could make any change in these amendments except As other parts of the tons citation May be amended. The Flucke. You believe in on sincerity when we have taken our you know that we will maintain it with and you know your selves that your present course to the keeping them by political arts the Mere counters in your is the worst injury you can inflict upon them. The dead past is behind us with its its and its by whichever party committed. You can no More revive it and the passions which Accra pan edit during the than you can Stop the Progress of human reason or the aspiration which is born with our people for Liberty regulated by Law. And for Legisla Tion controlled by constitutional limitations. The future is before you with the issues of the and the Days to come. Your interest and duty compel you to pause and answer us with if any you and not with the passion and hatred which comes up from below. What concerns the Democrat who is his neighbor. The evils and the Good of government fall upon you alike. Stop the so that the in Quiry should where a the Money to come from to meet tits obligation and not How shall spend the Money that to the Treasury do not Trust to limiting the a but to limiting the. Tax Bills. Keep the Money in the people s where alone it if pays no commission any and you be sure on fourth Eri

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