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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - October 20, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The Roston weekly Globe tuesday. October 20, 1891. Giovanni Ano the other. Joyt Kayces no in sox i Nett War Hor of Quot Little lord chapter i. Ign Anni walked up the enclosed Road leading to the great White hotel with the Many mar die balconies. It was quite a grand hotel and stood in a Garden where Palm Trees and Orange Trees and Bowers grew. A White Balustrade Terrace separated the Garden from the Carriage drive by the Gray Green olives and roses and Heliotrope grew in tumbling masses Over the Stone. It was on an Elevation and below it one could see the promenade by the sea and the great Lake like Sapphire Blue expanse of the Mediterranean. The Sun seemed always shining and the air soft there and there were always Flowers for the Little town was a pretty quaint one on the Riviera. It was called san remo and in the Winter was always full of foreigners who came to see toe Sun when it seemed finally to have left England or to escape from wind and cold when they were delicate. Most of them the Forestieri were More or less delicate. Some of1 them had thin Pale faces and coughed and walked slowly some of them were pulled about in invalid chairs and often one new one in deep mourning. But whatever had happened to bring them whether they were Well or ill or burdened with sorrow they were pleased with two things. They were always pleased with the Flowers and carried them about in Bunches and if any one played the guitar Aud mandolin and Saug Well they were pleased and gave Money to the players and singers. Giovanni was one of those who fortunately could a Man went with him who played the Harp. He was an italian boy. About 14 years old. He was Strong and plump and Well built and had a dark eyed merry pretty face and a Gay Bright smile. They had so much Money these Forestieri Giovanni thought they might Well he Good natured. Think what lives they must have these people who were Rich enough to travel away from unpleasant weather and who lived in the great Gay hotels eating wonderful things three times a yay waited upon by dozens of servants. A what a life it must be. To to sure. But though he was Only a Little peasant. Giovanni knew that Fortune had not been so unkind to him. After All. He had his voice and had had Luck with it Ever since the Man with the Harp had proposed that he should go and sing with him before the hotels and Villas. Giovanni had Ashare of the Money and he was comfortably fed and Given warm clothes even to the extent of having a Scarf to wrap round his Throat on Chilly nights for fear he should catch cold and become hoarse. The Man with the Harp knew he was Worth something. He had a full Sweet Strong voice and he Sang his songs of the people with a melodious freshness. He had a Little repertoire of his own. And was not reduced to singing a Santa Lucia As often As Many of the Street troubadours. There was a Little song of a reproachful Lover who rather embarrassingly recalls the past to his unkind fair one. And Giovanni used to stand with his hands on his hips and pour Forth these reproaches in his Clear full Boyish voice looking so Bawny and Young and Content that it was very charming. And then there was a Waje Carolien Aud the Ritirato and the gayest one of All a rattling Little one about the Bersaglieri. The morning my Story begins was a perfect one. It was in january hut san remo was flooded with Brilliant Sunshine the belonged to the larger apartments and at the end of one of these a lady was standing leaning against tile Marble Balustrade and resting her forehead on her head As she looked Down at him. Giovanni saw that she was one of the Forestieri who were in deep mourning she was All Plack hut that she had blonde hair which the morning Sun was shining on. There was something sad and fatigued about Ber attitude and As he looked up. She touched her eyes lightly with the Finger of the hand that shaded them. With tile other hand she made a motion to Giovanni. She held a tiny White package in it. It was some Money folded in a piece of paper so that it could be easily seen and found where she threw it. She smiled Down at him and threw the bit of paper with a sort of Friendly almost caressing gesture which made Hun feel that she had liked his voice very which caused him to lift his Cap with spirit and Call out with More than usual feeling his a Grazie then he ran Back to the Harp put the White papal into the harpists pocket without looking at it or of Ming it at ally which was really quite dignified artistic taste for a boy Street Singer and he began the song about the Bersaglieri. The lady in Black rested against the Marble Balustrade again and shaded her eyes with her hand. Quot Zrazik As she did so a tall girl came out upon the Balcony and stood close to her. She was a girl with a Lovely rounded face and Black lashed Gray eyes. Quot Fiat a Beautiful voice a she exclaimed enthusiastically. Quot what a Darling full Sweet boy voice what a Good voice and Bow Well he Quot he Lias a dear boy face said the other. A the looks so Bright and Happy. To is almost As old As goof. I think. Ile has just Sung one of Geoff a songs a la Bella Sorrentina a you know he sings the girl gave her a soft Quick Side glance and Drew closer to her touching her care singly. Quot done to she said Quot you must not have tears in your a Well Quot answered Tho lady in Black quietly and looking or the olives at the sea. A a it is so strange How every moment something reminds me. Everything makes me remember something the Palm Trees and oranges and Flowers that to hoped he would be Strong enough to he brought to see and when that boy began it brought Back the Days when Geof used to stand singing with his hands on his hips Aud How he used to sit near Aud listen Aud think it was so Clever. Quot and i could not help thinking that if it All the stories Are quite True tile stories of the far country where he has gone perhaps now he sings that was the beginning of Giovanni a acquaintance with the lady in Black. Chapter ii. He used to come Back to sing before the hotel twice a week and always after the first few bars of his song she used to appear on the Balcony and lean on the Marble and listen and watch him. Ile was always sure of having this Silver franc thrown Down folded in paper. Being a Bright spirited boy who liked to be appreciated he began to rather look Forward to his mornings before Tho hotel. He Felt somehow As if these ladies liked him and were his friends and he always Saug his Hest under their Balcony and made his most Graceful Bow. One Day they were walking through the town and a boy passing them stepped aside from the narrow pavement and pulling off his Cap said brightly Quot Buon Gurino to Giovanni a a Surprise they turned Back and came toward him. He stopped and pulled off his Cap again. He had a smooth pretty dark haired head and seen close to a you sing for us before Ove botel done to tout Mediterranean was like a great Sapphire the air was soft As if it had been May. Giovanni was in a joyous Humora but then he usually was As he Aud the Mas with the Harp mounted the Long flight of Stone Steps which led into the hotel Garden. A i wonder How much we shall get a he said to his companion. Quot the strand hotel Des Langlais has not been so full this that was the name of the hotel they were going to sing and play before. The Man with the Harp planted it in a Good position before the Long flight of Broad White Marble Entrance Steps. Giovanni took his usual Boyish pose with his hands on his hips and began to sing. He bang the song of the reproachful Lover Aud the Bella sarrontin2, and in the Middle of the last he heard a window open. This was a sound always to be noted because it meant that some one was coming out on to the Balcony to ii Tea and would probably throw h n some Money. But he was artist it Quot ii not to look up until his Ong was finished. When he had finished la Bella Sarren Tina a he glanced Over the front of the botel. She fat were several balconies which he was a handsome boy with a merry smiling face. You sing torus before our hotel done to you a said the Gray eyed girl speaking italian. Quot is Signorina a he answered feeling pleased at her gentle Friendly manner. A what is your name a Quot Giovanni Calcagni a Quot and you Are fond of music a Quot Sisi Signorina a smiling. I Hen they asked him How old he was and where be had Learned to sing and lie told them he was 14, Aud had always Sang Little songs but about three years ago. A one eyed Man had taken him about with him to sing before the Villas and hotels and so he bad Learned to sing better. Quot the Signora said the tall girl Quot has ahoy who is 14 years old like you and he has a let eau Alful voice and sings some of your italian songs so the Signora likes to hear you sing very Quot is tile Signorino in san remo a Giovanni asked. Lye. He was not in ran ii Eton. He was Iii America. G Yovanni had heard of amur a. It was far away a Long voyage across she sea people went there arid be Anil Reb. To is made Tho lady in Black and her Friend additionally interesting. They were. Of course Rich. As they lived at the grand hotel Des Langlais Aud threw out Silver to singers. But it was More than interesting to hear of a Lioy of his own age who lived in America and also Sang Quot i Bella Horren tiny a and the rest Iii italian. It seemed enviable. The lady in Black looked at him with longing in Lier Eves and she gave him a franc for himself on the spot Aud then the two smiled and left him. Quot i said the lady in Black As they walked along the promenade under the Palm Trees Quot i wonder of he will have a line voice when he is a Man. It is difficult to Tell. I suppose. I Havo always heard so. Musicians always advise me not to let Jeff use his voice too much now to is growing Oiler. Quot it would to a cruel thing for it to be tile lady in Black reflectively. A think what a future it might make for him if when lie is a Young Man he had that splendid Quot now you Are making a Story out of him a said Tim girl. With a caressing Little laugh. Quot you Are imagining he May Nave a career Lefore him. And to a world renowned Tenor i know your Little the lady in Black smiled. Ane answered Quot of course. I am a romantic person and i will have my Story whenever i have a Chanco there is a Shadow of a Chance. See what a Story it would be Gertrude Here he is Giovanni a perfectly simple Ordinary Little peasant boy singing about the streets with a one eyed Man and a harpist and feeling quite neb when one throws him a franc. I have no doubt he thinks it is quite splendid to be one of the Forestieri and live in a hotel. Quot he probably lives in one of tile queer old tumbling Down houses in Hie a Cita Vecchia a one of those Iii the climbing streets which Aro like corridors and have Little archways thrown from House to House and apparently no windows Only tiny Square holes with Rusty bars across. Quot we will suppose he lives there and sits with the sheep when it is cold. He Oats polenta Aud Fermata and Castagnone those Brownish and Yellowish slabs which look like uninviting pudding when one sees Thorn cooked Over the charcoal fires in the narrow streets. Quot sometimes he has Macaroni and Goat cheese and Iii the summer lie eats Ripe figs an i grapes and Black bread. Perhaps he never had a franc All to himself until i gave him that one today. I wonder what be will do with it perhaps he will buy Carall that hard Sticky cake made of nuts. Quot now. Imagine to lat this Beautiful boys voice changes into a Beautiful Tenor. Imagine that some one helps him to cultivate it and brings him before the world and it begins to applaud and adore Quot it would be like a fairy Story a said Gertrude. Quot he would think he was living Iii a Quot we will imagine he would he perfectly Beautiful and perfectly delightful As we Are imagining things. It makes the Story prettier. Quot that is Tim advantage of said her Friend. Quot one can make tile Story As pretty As one likes. I wonder if he Lias a Kotlier Iii Tho Cita Vecchia and if he would remember her and love her when to was a great Tenor. I it us imagine that lie would and imagine How proud and radiantly Happy she would be. Poor Little peasant woman i Hope the grandeur and t he Kings and Queens would not frighten a think How she would feel sitting at a Box at tile opera at la Scala for said Tho girl. Quot she would have had to Lay aside Lier Short petticoats and her peasant bodice and have Learned to Wear a Bennet instead of a red and yellow and Green handkerchief tied Over Lier a Well he has a voice and lie might have a career and it is More than possible that he has a Mother so it is easy to imagine a Story for him. I wish we could do something to help to make it real. Why should lie eat polenta and live like a peasant always it he has a gift. I am going to think about him and see Lff Well ii there is anything to be a you always want to make your stories come True done to you Quot said tier companion. The lady in Black looked out far Over the sunlit Sapphire sea. She seemed to be thinking of something that stirred in her a sad tenderness. Quot i might make him one of Leos friends a she said. Quot one of those boys he Quot you Are always thinking of Leo i the girl said very gently. Quot he seems very near to you. Quot very was the answer. Quot i could not let him seem far away. He is More real than anything else. Sometimes i think he is even More real than Geo who is alive and Strong and Happy and always Busy. A year ago Leo was alive and like him. He was so Strong and Bright and so full of the things he was interested in. Quot i can to let him go just because of that morning when his Brown eyes closed so softly and his arms a clasped themselves and slipped slowly away from my neck. I must Comfort myself in some Way so i try to imagine things about him too and i try to make them seem quite the girl with Tho Gray eyes put her hand through her Arm and Drew it to her Side with a tender pressure. Quot dear a she said. Two Large Quet drops slipped Down Hor friends Cheeks but soothers followed them and she wont on speaking with even a Little smile on her lips. Copyright 1801. To by continued West Point in War Days. The Entrance examinations and the tricks played on new Comers. By capt. Charles King u. S. A. L he contrast Between the life of a Quot new cadets at West Point today and what it was some to years ago is striking to those who Are at All interested in the National military Academy. Today the aspirant is not received until the graduating and furlough classes Are Sutof therway. Within 12 hours of his arrival during which time he is entirely secluded from the battalion itself his physical examination is Over and done with and if passed successfully he goes the very next Day to the mental examination so that within two certainly within three Days of his appearance at Tho Point he is either admitted or rejected. Very often it happens that the would be Cadet arrives at 9 a. In. And departs on the noon train rejected but whether it be three hours or three Days during this Brief period of examination he is carefully protected from All possibility of annoyance at the hands of the Quot old cadets a he sees nothing of them except the three or four who Are detailed to conduct him to the examination or mess Hall. Let me say at once that in the Days i speak of the War Days it was simply impossible to maintain the discipline in the corps of cadets that is observed today. Every officer Worth his Salt wanted to be at the front with his brigade battalion Battery or Squadron. The military Academy was Short handed in the Days of a i and �?T<>2. Officers wore so scarce that Many of the cadets themselves were detailed As instructors. Later we had officers in plenty but with very few exceptions they were suffering from such severe wounds that bodily activity was out of the question. When our class reported for duty in june 1862, the superintendent was a superannuated Veteran of the corps of engineers who rarely left the Shadow of his own roof and knew next to nothing of what was going on in Tho Barracks. The commandant and his senior assistant were Fine soldiers hut were there on parole having been captured in Texas and were Only praying for orders announcing their Exchange and assignment to Field duty. As for the corps itself there never was a jollies merrier More mischief Loving gang of Young scamps on the face of the Earth than Tho set that received us with All honors when our Meek and lonely lot began to reach Tho scene. In those Days we were required to report Between the 1st and 20th of june. One of the officers of the tactical department was designated commandant of new cadets a Cadet lieutenant and three corporals As now were assigned to duty Over the newcomers and a line was traced on the hard Barrack area from the Angle to the guard House inside which All old cadets were forbidden to set foot an order they observed Only when somebody in authority happened to he looking. As Early As the morning of the 1st of june the Quot plebes began to arrive. The Soldier sentries at the Dock would direct them to the adjutant a office then Iii the Library building their names would be recorded certain questions answered then a Small scamp of a Fifer or drummer would appear and singly or by twos and threes the strangers lie directed to follow him. Then the fun began. No sooner did this Little squad of strangers heave in sight of the Cadet Barracks than the windows of that imposing Structure would suddenly swarm with Gray coated forms Aud the instant the party go within Range Down upon their devoted Heads came Shower after Shower of Belt buttons accompanied by the braying of donkeys the howls aaa roars of All manner of wild Ani Mals and shouts of Quot plebe a Quot be Anta candidates were denominated Quot beasts in those Halcyon Days until drilled and in uniform sometimes until the end of Camp Quot turn out your toes there or. Higginbotham. Hold up your head. Sir. You that b g beast with the Straw hat. Turn the Palms of your hands to the front sir and get that Little Finger on Tho seams of your trousers. Keep step there plebe. Hep Hep a Iii those Days too nine tenths of our membership came from Tho Rural districts and wore Homespun or country Stro clothes. What racked Tho corps to its foundations and called Forth All the Reserve of ridicule vituperation and taunt was the arrival of some Citi fied Young fellow in swell clothes and a silk hat. The Quot yearlings a they who had just finished their own year of meekness and serfdom would simply go wild Over the sight of such a prize Ann the instant the drum or Bugle sounded release from quarters Down the Iron stairways they would Rush and with one Accord come leaping and tearing across the Barrack Yard to Quot the menagerie As the Quot beast quarters were termed. The officer in charge might or might not be at tile guard House. It made Little differ approach toward Home As one recognized spot after another was passed gave Forth its exhibitions of Delight. One Day towards the last of february Oolooah came across an Eskimo rein Deer Hunter but he had no news from Hudson a Bay. To having been Alment from there about a year. We left All our heavy material in his charge and started with lighter sledges for our poor dogs had dwindled from 4/1 in number to 19 through famine and hardships. Enthusiasm got so High that Ishoo veh the oldest Hunter of the party crawled to the top of a High Hill near Camp and announced that he could see Salt water which declaration from aloft was greeted with shouts from All the Eskimo in Camp. The next Day we came upon the Salt water Hummocky ice at the Mouth of the Inlet and All of us at once recognized tile place we had left lacking a few Days a year before. It seemed of if the cheerless mass of Snow was More like the welcoming Entrance to a Palace than the dreary blocks Thev were in reality. Down the Salt water Inlet we seeded. Object after object As familiar As the streets of the City of ones Home kept crowding on each other and then depot a Futek tue court martial. Ence. So Long As nobody actually Laid hands upon the plebes it seemed to be a tacit in Der Tandvig that tie sooner Quot Trio conceit was taken out of him a the sooner would tile youth be transformed into Good material for a Soldier. The shy silent awkward country boys were Quot Devil led but Little. It was the Young swell from College or count no House who came Iii for a perfect Cyclone of torment. I he son of a prominent official or army officer got ton times the Devilling that Tell to the lot of the Ploug Liboy and no men i Ever heard of wore so persistently systematically scientifically worried badgered plagued teased extra drilled and double extra worked As tile grandson of the inspector of the Academy and Tho son of one of its most honoured and distinguished professors. What did the ordeal consist of the court martial was a Good specimen of it. Quot How is it or. Ferguson that Yon have failed to report to the superintendent of the fourth division Goat uce sir. Front room second and the poor fellow abashed goes knocks timidly finds himself Iii the August presence of a court martial seven cadets in Blue Quot furlough uniforms false whiskers Etc so lie is arraigned and tried for insubordination sentenced to be stripped and a run the Gauntlet a is promptly stripped and suddenly rho surgeon of the court discovers a physical defect one leg is surely Shorter than the other the sentence cannot be carried out. Because a Man so maimed is unfit for service. He must mount an Iron table and dance to satisfy the court he is physically sound Aud dance he does and stands on his head climbers Over the Alcove partition leaps Over brooms held higher arid higher Ana suddenly Call to quarters sounds the court disappears Iii a twinkling and so do his clothes. The officer of the Dav. A Cadet just about to graduate inspects the room and is properly shocked to find a cadets even a new one without a stitch to his Back. Quot How dare you appear at inspection of quarters in this condition sir dress at once Aud accompany me to Tho dark through the kindly ? ministrations of neighbouring cadets he is speedily dressed. One contributing an old uniform coat three sizes too big another an old pair of Riding trousers three sizes too Small another shoes into either one of which he could shove both feet. An old Quot tar bucket dress ii placed on his head a Rusty cavalry Sab Vuk Girt about his Waist. Quot now. Go at once sir. To the presere1 the superintendent and plead Yoi it. Osoff you Are reported absent from a Fitt a quarters and off limits in the Barry set of company b. Nothing but prompt measures can save you. Go at once a a fancy the sight the poor Devil makes As in this Motley Iru a followed by Tho delirious mirth and suppressed plaudits from every corridor in the Barracks he timidly ventures Forth upon Tho Plain thronged with visitors As it is in june and shapes his course As directed to the superintendents House. What was done to the persecutors nothing in those Days the plebes could rarely recognize them again and to my knowledge never told when they did. We were Quot smoked out a physically examined court martial led aroused in the the Welcome. Dead of night and marched up the Mountain roads and left to find our own Way Hack had All our clothes stolen alter Midnight and distributed All Over the Post and when reveille sounded we were ordered out clothed like so Many Sioux in blankets. We were sent on absurd errands to indignant officials were badgered bullied teased tormented laughed and tested at Day after Day never told anybody in authority a word about it. And liven to grow into a stanch feeling of comradeship for Many and Many a fellow whom we hated in �?T62. But All this is changed. Captain Charles King u. S. A. A narrow escape from starvation. By Frederick Schwatka. He whaling vessel a it that carried my party c to to the Arctic was called the Leothen. This vessel was to land us in the Northern part of Hudson a Bay. On an Island called by the Whites depot Island and from this Point i was to Start on a Long Sledge journey. When the Leothen landed us at our Point of departure instead of waiting to unload All our provisions and trading material that we had brought with us from the United states it Only left with us such stores As we would need and the Best was left in the ships hold. The master of the vessel agreed to Deposit All our provisions on Shore next fall and Winter for she remained two Summers in her cruise Aud they were to be left in charge of a trusty Eskimo. had been a faithful servant of Captain Hall and also for Many other Whites. Of course i had to Trust to the honesty of the Captain of the Leothen to fulfil his promises to leave the stuff and Ahmone a Fidelity As to being Able it to keep it carefully until we returned a year later. For about nine months while we were away from our old Camp our food was exactly the same As the natives with us. We had lived almost entirely off the Reindeer and As we approached our Home one can partially imagine our emotions at the Prospect of tasting civilized food again. Every Island itself came in sight but not a thing could be seen of any of the natives. The White men chaffed each other As to what they would have for dinner repeating a Bill of fare that would take a first class restaurant to furnish. When we were within about two Miles of Tho Island some Eskimo were seen at the Eastern end. And Oolooah jumping on Tho highest Sledge waved a Reindeer skin from Ono Side to the other. I afterwards Learned that this was the signal Oolooah told them he would use on his return and in a few minutes from behind and around the Island quite a number came and found us on the ice some of them actually with tears Iii their eyes so glad were they to see us Back. We now Learned that the master of Tho Leothen had not left anything on his departure from the Bay neither provisions trading material nor supplies of any kind. My first disappointment was for Tho natives for these would be deprived of the material i intended to leave with them As a Reward Over and above my Promise. But the second disappointment was greater for Tho absent provisions would have saved these same people and the men of my party from threatened starvation. We found the Eskimo at the Island had been enduring a Long siege of very reduced living what civilized people w Ould not hesitate to Call famine though As yet no one had died. This state of affairs had been caused by incessant winds from Tho North Wost making Hunting almost impossible. The Walrus is Tho main dependence at this season of tile year and when the wind is inshore or not towing at All they Are found on the outer Edge of the ice does or ice Parks but when the wind is off Shore the ice Parks go sailing out to sea and tile w Walrus with them. A Walrus and a Lew seals had been secured that very Day however and All were Happy for it was hard to imagine that the Gale would be renewed. In an another Day it was Down on us again and for 14 Days blew with unabated vigor. Tho first Day or two of the storm Only made us reduce our rations but every Day made matters worse. In a few Days they ceased feeding the dogs anything and it Wras not Long before they began economizing on the Oil for lights and without Light the Little Snow houses were Slomov in the extreme. A death the tenth a foreshadowed the dreadful possibilities. Down the coast about i to Miles at Marble Island the natives said there was a whaler Frozen Iii Winter Harbor and it we As suggested that a Small party attempt to reach the ship Iii three Days and return with enough provisions to Avert a calamity for the storm was As hard As Ever. Two Fine Young Fellows who had not been on my journey were Given me and Early in the morning we three started. Our first forty Miles was nearly due West with the Northwest wind nearly in our faces. Our provisions consisted of two pieces of Walrus Lade about the size of the Palm of the hand. One Way of eating it was to Cut it in Smau strips and Swallow it whole for it was uncooked Aud could not be chewed. And when night came we found we had made Only about 20 Miles. We were hungry and discouraged for at this rate it would take us nearly a week to reach the ship. When we left Camp Hie thermometer was 42� below Zero and it had grown no warmer. We slept in our clothes in a deserted Igloo. And ate nothing that night. Tho second Day was Only a repetition of the first Only 20 Miles More and 70 More to make. So violent was the Gale during these two Davs that at times the Sledge would be blown around from its course at an Angle of 30 or 40 degrees and if any obstruction was encountered so weak were the dogs the Sledge would have to be lifted Over. The third Day the weather was a Little better and almost All Day we ran at a dog Trot beside the Sledge. In the Forenoon the dogs began giving out and by nighttime but three were left and worse than All. My Eskimo Young men showed signs of failing. Thev were in no condition for such a walk for they had been doing Only such Hunting As was needed from Day to Day. While i had just completed a walk of Over 3000 Miles and. As far As fatigue was concerned Felt As if i could walk the rest of my life. That evening at 6 of clock we were at Tho Cape on the Mainland and Marble Island 25 Milos straight out to sea and i determined that night to reach the ship. So. Leaving the broken Down team and one Eskimo at the Cape. I started out to sea to travel the 25 Miles of ice hummocks that stretched Between to Ana Tho ship. Our Only Light was from a fitful Aurora and we went stumbling through the great blocks of ice As if at anytime we might break our necks. My companion would throw himself on the Snow Aud beg for rest but i urged him on As much As possible at 3 of clock in the morning the great White Bluffs of Mamie Island were right in front of us and by 5 of clock we were on the we Baler. Ive sent Relief Back at once but the very evening we had started on our walk out to see the wind had died Down and Oolooah had killed two Walrus. Copyright 1891. Encouraging. Indianapolis journal Quot and next you Lutish ask Quot cannot you do that you know him better than Quot Yuos that is Why i prefer not to take the risk a make others reverse it now As then. Washington Star it seems something like retribution when a woman gets employment in a Telephone office and Bas to say Quot hello a As often As she did Quot goodbye when she was taking leave of feminine acquaintances. And loth get left. Atchison Globe there Are two kinds of women in the world one kind sits and cries silently about her wrongs and the other storms Aud raves about her rights. Baths of the cursed. Curious resort in the heart of Algeria. Hot waterfalls which make Yon hold your breath in admiration. Several legends about them which read like fairy tales. Chamber journal Hai Mani Mes routine. Or the a Raths of the cursed a is a Lovely Little resort in the heart of Algeria within easy reach of Algiers Bone or Constantine. It is rather too far from Algiers to be got at in a single Day. But by travelling All Day to Constantino and sleeping there one May then take the 6 of clock train in the morning which reaches Mes routine at 9.30. Forests of olives and thickets of scrub Gladden the eyes and toll of the game which is Viere plentiful enough to make Mes routine Worth visiting for the guns Sake Alono. And so having passed through two or three defiles we finally draw up in a More open country with Hills in the distance on All sides and with Green Meadows and dark Woods far and near Over the plateau. It is preciously hot but then no wonder for tile very streams in the gullies Are of warm water and if you Are near one or other of Tho Many Springs which Here burst from the ground they May be warm enough to scald you. The writer when to left the train at Mes Outino on a Fine May morning did so in company with two or three Rich arabs in Gay apparel and a family of jews and jew esses with enough Gold about their persons to keep them for years. These were some of the clients of the Baths of the cursed. By and by we saw one of the ladies Iii one of Tim Baths draped in a Sheet and there was a look of pain in her eyes. Here at the station however though it is a fashionable resort for europeans As Well As africans was none of the tumult of Welcome with which porters and domestics assail the visitor at other Quot Baths cities. Two or three Tawny individuals lounged against the palings of the Little Flower Garden of the station but offered no Aid to any one. Jews. Arabs and europeans were left to look after themselves As Best they could. It is a walk of but three or four minutes to the Bath establishment and some of the various wonders of Mes routine. Wonders you ask. Why yes there a no doubt the word is applicable Here. A for Ere you have walked a Quarter of a mile you come face to face with a Superb Waterfall hot Waterfall which makes you hold your breath from admiration and the plenitude of its steam. Yet it is not All of water. For the most part it is rigid like a thing of ice. It is in fact mainly a Petr faction. The calcareous Deposit in the hot Springs above has encrusted the rocks so that they have the corrugated appearance and something of the color of Barley sugar. Here and there Over and Between the still masses there is an ooze or trickle of warm water adding to the work already done. Grass and Flowers grow Well by the sides of this nutritious Waterfall though tile whitened soil in the neighbourhood does not seem adapted for vegetation of any kind. You climb to the level of the top of the Cascade and then see close by a number of Olla looking Cones and columns standing up from the blanched surface of the ground. The soil is hot to the hand and you tread with an Echo. Tile Springs either were or still Are under foot making for the vents by the Cascade. There they Bubble up merrily with a temperature of More than 200 fahrenheit. A litter of eggshells and fowls feathers by the Edge of them tells of the purpose they serve to the residents at Mes routine. What is Hie use of lighting Domestic fires when nature offers her Kitchen for human service night or Day All the year round and so Here tile dinner is cooked and the clothes Are washed in one or other of the Little basins by which the Springs Eddy up to the Daylight. Though the arabs give the Baths so impolite a name and Tell various weird tales about them they love them Well.,. You see two or t free of them wrapped in their Burn uses lying All White save their faces near the foot of the Cascade fast asleep in the Shade. But the Cones Well. To borrow the figurative explanation of a French authority Thev look like a procession of Gigantic phantoms suddenly petrified. Some Are six or seven feet in height and some Are fourteen or fifteen feet. Thev Mark the site of ancient Springs now subsided. At one time each of these Cones was but the Mere rim or lip of a Basin in which tile hot water bubbled As we see it at the top of the Cascade thus the water continued to boil upward in jets like tee geysers for centuries gradually by the Deposit of Lime which loll from it raising the height of its lip. Anon Tim subterranean Force which impelled it vertically weakened. The Cone had attained its full stature. The Springs one by one found other exits and the Cones themselves closed their orifices. Such is the matter of fact history of these eccentric Rock masses. The arabs however have their own theory about the things. King Solomon Thev say. Here created Baths for All tile world and put them in charge of a number of Genii who were deaf dumb and Blind. The Cones Are these Genii. And the worthy guardians who still think that King Solomon is alive continue to keep the Baths warm As they did at the first for the use of the Kings subjects. It is supposed to be a matter of great difficulty to announce to these afflicted Genii the fact that their master is dead. The inference is therefore that they will continue to warm the Baths until the end of time. There is also another tale which is less pleasant. A certain Rich Arab had two children a boy and a girl both of remarkable Beauty. These children loved each other with exceeding affection. When they grew up their love remained unchanged indeed increased until it became uncontrollable and so they resolve to marry each other. The Cadi of the tribe alter protest agreed to Sanction the marriage they were so Rich and so Lovely a couple that it seemed to him and his neighbors that even heaven itself would forgive such a crime in their Case. The marriage Day Arri Ved. The concourse of visitors was immense. It was a Calm Bright morning Aud All the a Guries were hopeful. The preliminaries of the marriage were soon settled and then feasting and dancing began. The married couple were about to withdraw to their tent when suddenly a fearful tempest broke upon them there was an earthquake flames shot up in their midst and boiling water Rose into the air. When at length this diabolical storm and outbreak abated nothing was left of the Bride and bridegroom the Cadi and the guests except these scores of Cones. Like of wife they had All been transformed into stationary pillars from that time Forward. The Arab imagination goes farther. It interprets the Echo of your footfalls upon the hollow ground As an Echo of the music of the marriage festival. The steam of the Springs is that from the cauldrons preparing the least and the White stones in the bubbling basins Are the grains of the Quot Kous Kousz itself. If you go among the Cones at night the scene revives you see All the details of that awful marriage. But at the coming of Dawn Tho men and women All turn again into Cones. There is no luxury in the Bath hotel of Mes routine. That is against the principles of the place which claim to to health restoring. Not through the medium of the Kitchen but by its air and its Waters. You Are informed that the Quot cuisine is of the Quot Bourgeois Type and so it is. But the wine is Good and Ono May be sure of fruit Here As Early As in most places of the same latitude. The hotel is a spacious building occupying three sides of a Square the quadrangle in the midst being Laid out Iii plea ant gardens and planted with Orange Trees which in Spring Are massed with the sweetest Bloom in the world. There is further a Fountain in the Centre of the quadrangle and an aviary in which canaries and parrots As Well As divers of our English summer Birds live together on fair terms of Equality. As the building is of but a single Story bedrooms As Well As the living rooms open immediately upon this Garden plot. It is a primitive place in which one is Content for a time to dispense even with some of the conveniences. Breakfast Aud dinner Are of course the two chief events of the Day for the person who is not out among the Woods and mountains with his gun. At the dinner table however the company May be very Good. Mes routine has Long been used by the military authorities As a station for invalids and convalescent. One May therefore find ones self among several agreeable and even distinguished officers who Are Here to recruit. But the Idle life suits them for Long As Little As it suits a healthy englishman and one May be sure that they too will devote i heir hours to Tho Chase just As scam As the Doi Tor will let them. Hico upon a time and not so very Long ago it was possible to shoot a lion in the neighbourhood of Mes routine. Those Halcyon Days if such they were for the Arab agriculturist have passed Man must go Many a mile Over the Hills to Tho South Ere there is word of such Royal game. The skins hanging about the Walls of Tho hotel Are of a less dignified kind raccoons panthers and others. The sportsmen of the District Aro Content with such prizes and the hotel officials Are very Content if they can sell to the visitor one or other of these trivial pelts for but half the absurd Price they presume to ask for them. Cooking vegetables. Recipes and suggestions for preparing the part of the daily by of fare that is usually least thought of. Any housekeepers give a less important place than they should to the proper cooking and serving of vegetables in Many families. Although of soem singly less consequence than other foods yet Thev Are a delightful part to the daily Bill of fare of the same carefulness is Given to their preparation As to that of other foods. Canned vegetables have come to be the chief Reliance with Many but they can never have the flavor and relish of fresh ones. A tin cooking cup holds one half pint a Tablespoon of dry material Means that it is measured lightly rounded just As the spoon rounds underneath. Measure butter in the same Way packing it on the spoon with a knife. Have Salt always sifted in something Broad enough to allow a Teaspoon to be used. For the proper making of a sauce of any kind nothing equals a Granite Saucepan holding about one quart. A White or Cream sauce plays so important a part in the serving of Many of them that a Rule for that is Given. White or Cream sauce boil one cup of milk or Cream. Cook together in the Saucepan one Tablespoon flour Aud one of butter scant if Cream is used. Add tile hot milk gradually stirring rapidly All the time. When All is added the sauce should be of the consistency of Chick Cream. Season Well with Salt White Pepper and celery Salt. Stuffed tomatoes. These Are Nice enough to serve As a course by themselves. Cut Tho tops from Large smooth tomatoes but do not Peel them Seco out the soft inside. Chop any kind of cold meat and mix it with what was taken from tile tomatoes. Season with a Little chopped onion Pepper and Salt add a few bread crumbs and a Little water and use an egg to hold it together. Fill tile tomatoes heaping hem on ton. Cover with a few buttered crumbs and bake half an hour. If these Are served alone a Tomato sauce is very Nice with them making it the same As the White sauce but using stewed and strained Tomato instead of milk and a Little onion juice in addition to the other seasonings. Cauliflower. The whiter this vegetable is when it comes from the Market the fresher it is Tho stale ones Are always Brown Aud discoloured. Soak for an hour or two in Strong Salt and water to remove any Worms Cook in salted water to cover in a porcelain or Granite Kettle. When tender Drain from the water arrange in the serving dish and pour Over it Tho White sauce or it May he broken in Small pieces after dolling arranged in a baking dish the sauce poured Over it. Covered with buttered crumbs and baked until the crumbs Are Brown. Cabbage. Chop a tender White cabbage rather coarse boil in an uncovered Kettle with plenty of salted water. Dram arrange in a dish and pour the White sauce Over it. Or dress simply with a Little butter Pepper and Salt and you have something very different from the Strong article so often served. Creamed onion. Boil the onions in three changes of salted water. By doing this a great Deal of the Strong flavor is avoided. Then put them in a baking dish cover with the White sauce and buttered crumbs and bake quickly until Tho crumbs Are Brown. Serve in the dish in which they Aro baked covering the outside of it with a Napkin folded diagonally Aud pinned tightly. Macaroni anti Idee. When these Are served As vegetables they should be rapidly boiled Iii an uncovered Kettle with plenty of water four quarts is none too much for one cup of either. The Rice should to washed to remove Tho Loose grains of starch which in cooking mane the grains adhere. Macaroni should not be washed. Both after cooking should be Well drained and ton plenty of cold water run through them. This prevents any adhesion which so often makes both unpalatable. Macaroni cooked in this Way and put in a baking dish and covered with Tomato sauce one pint for one cup of the Macaroni before it is cooked and the whole covered with buttered crumbs and baked makes a delicious dish Tor Tea. The quantities Given Are enough i for five people. Hints. Be very careful in washing beets not the break the skin As much of the goodness will be lost in the water if this is done. In parsnips Are Best boiled and served with a butter sauce poured Over them after being Cut in slices Lengthwise. In seasoning Squash add a Little sugar if it does not taste Sweet. Turnips Are delicious Cut in Small cubes boiled in salted water until tender mid then served with the White sauce poured Over them. Tile White turnip is Best for this Mode of cooking. Dried Lima Beans Are much nicer in the Winter than Are the canned ones. Soak them Over night pour off the water the next Forenoon and Cook in salted water for two hours or until tender but not broken. A Quarter of a Teaspoon of soda to one quart of Beans added before tile last half hour of cooking softens the skins. Season with butter Pepper Aud Salt. A Little soda is a great help in cooking peas or Beans of any kind. It not Only softens them but helps to preserve the color. A baffled Romance. Carlyle Smith in harpers Bazar she was a Beautiful Type writing maid and he a susceptible youth. She As a nun was As quiet and staid while he was devoted to truth. Dally they sat in the same office room and daily she clicked tile machine strange How the Maiden dispelled ail his gloom and made the rough hours Serene. Strange the Delight that he took in her eyes eyes melting soft and deep Blue strange How her color would fall and then Rise whenever he bade her Adieu. Strange How she Hung on each word that he said and strange How he mourned her not there you think that they Twain would have wed this youth and this Maiden so rare ? yes Well they did no to and this is the Why for each was engaged to some other he was betrothed to a girl up in Rye and she to the janitor s brother. Then Why did lie like to gaze in Lier Eye and Why did she Blush All the Day she was the image of Lier up at Rye and he a the double of Jay the curious flour worm. Interview in St. Louis every Miller in town or for that matter in the United states would like to know where hour Worms come from and How they manage to disappear. You take the Best flour that Ever came from a roller Miller. Set it aside for a few weeks in an air tight barrel then open the barrel and the probability is that you will find in the flour a number of Small Worms about an eighth of an Inch Long. Head up the Darrel and wait awhile longer and the Worms will appear. Nobody knows How they got in. Nobody can see where they got out nor does their presence impair the Quality of the flour. It is one of the mysteries of the business. An expensive Friendship. Lowell courier a Man who paid an assessment to the supreme Lodge of the annual Friend for Apex i Ridge. Said that he had already Caid $73 on his certificate and it would not mature until november. If he could sell out for $50 he would be glad to. Not a journalist but a newspaper Man Washington Star managing editor do you think that new Man has had any experience in a newspaper office City editor yes. Indeed. Quot what makes you think so a a a the first thing he did when i gave him a desk was to hide the Ink and lock Bis pen do you subscribe to a Magazine or a weekly Story a or news journal if Tou ooh it will pay Yon Hanels Offley to read the following offers you can Seanro your favorite Magazine or weekly Story or news journal in connection with the Yve Ekly Globe at a Price for both that will re Duce the Cost of the Yve Ekly Globe to 50 cents or less a year. File postage is paid by th9 Bobo and costs you nothing. If there is any Magazine or Story or news journal that you Yovish and you cannot find on this list please write to the weekly Globe for its combination Price. No publication will to sent for less time than one year and no order for a publication will by accepted Miles it bolide a yearly to the weekly globs. Epes j amp a to Init Arthur s Home Mac Aikins $2.09 $2,6c Atlanta Constitution weekly 1,00 1,80 american machinist. 2 59 agents Herald.59 jog american Rural Home. ,85 Andover review. 4,09 4,3. American Dairyman new subs. 1,50 2,05 Art interchange Maline 3 00 3,85 american poultry journal 1,00 1,60 Atlantic monthly. 499 439 american Art journal. 3,00 3,80 american Garden. 2 of 2,30 american agriculturist. 1,50 2 Joart Amateur. 4,09 4 Jaq army amp Navy journal Only new subs 6,00 615 Book buyer. 1,00 1.90 Banner weekly. 3,00 3,37 Brainards musical world 1,50 2.10 Burlington Hawkeye. 1,90 1,85 Ballon a Magazine. 1.50 2d 0 Bee keeper s Magazine.23 1,25 Bab land. Boston Pilot. 2.50 3,00 Boston medical journal. 5,99 5,10 Boston medical and surreal journal 5.00 5,85 Christian Leader. 2.50 3,10 critic literary reviews. 3,09 3,50 Cleveland weekly Plain dealer 1.00 i so Cincinnati weekly times 1.00 1.75 Century Magazine. 4,00 4,50 Christian Union. 39 3,39 cottage Hearth. 1,50 5,69 Cassell s Magazine of Art. 3,50 3,91 family Magazine 1.59 2,0 on or. 1.50 �.0 i country gentleman. 2.50 3.19 Christian Herald. 1,50 2.05 courier journal weekly. 1.00 2.00 Chautauqua Komur folks journal. 1.00 2,00 decorator and furnished. 4,00 4,10 Demorest Magazine without preen. 2,09 2 60 Donahoe s Magazine. 2.09 2 39 Domestic monthly with premiums. 1.50 2.05 Detroit free press weekly 1,03 i go engineering and Minim journal. 4.09 490 farm Field and Stockman 1.50 2.09 farm jonrnal50 1/ fireside companion. 3,09 Floral Cabinet. 1,25 Folio musical. 1,60 Forney s prowess. 2.- 0 Frank Leslie s illustrated Weevil 4,00 sunday Magazine m y 2.50 popular monthly 3,00 pleasant hours m y 1,75 Forest and St Eam. 4.00 Germantown Telegraph 2,09 greens fruit recorder.50 Gardner s monthly. 2.03 Godey s lady a Bock. 2.09 Golden Argosy. 4,03 Golden Days for Young people. 3.09 Harper s Magazine. 4,00 harpers weekly. 4,00 Harper s Bazar. 4,09 Harper s tonne people. 2,09 Herald of health without premiums 1,03 Home and farm50. Household. Liq Home decorator. 2.00 housekeeper. 1,00 Home journal. 2.00 Indiana Fanner. 1,00 Independent. 3,00 illustrated companion. 1,00 Iowa Homestead. 2.09 Irish world. 2.50 journal of microscopy. 1,00 ladies world no Premium .,35 life a morons weekly. 6,00 locomotive Engineer. 1.00 Louisville weekly courier journal. 1.00 Pippino Otto a Magazine. 3.00 Littell s living age. 8.00 Magazine american history 5.00 mining record. 3,00 North american review. 5.00 nation. 8,00 a y. Fashion Bazar. 3.03 Nursery. 1,50 n. Y. Critic. 3.00 n. Y. Ledger. 3.00 n. Y. Weekly Post. 1.00 n. Y. Weekly world. 1.00 n. Y. Weekly gun. 1.03 n. Y. Weekly Herald. 1.00 n. Y. Weekly. 3.00 n. Y. Sportsman. 4.00 new Princeton review. 3.03 new York witness. 1.00 our Little men and women 1.09 Ohio Farmer. 1.00 puck the Best comic weekly 6.00 Phreno logical journal without pre. 2.09 Pansy. 1,00 Phreno logical journal. With prom. 2.15 practical Farmer. 2,00 Prairie Farmer. 2.00 Peterson s lady s Magazine 2,09 popular science news. 1.09 popular science monthly. 5.00 presbyterian review. 3.00 Philadelphia weekly times 109 Philadelphia medical times 4.00 Philadelphia practical Farmer 2.0 Rideout s Magazine. 1,00 Rural new yorker. 2,50 saturday evening Post a. 2.00 scientific american. 3.00 a a with supplement 7.00 sunday school times. 2.09 Scribnor s Magazine new. 3.00 sunny South. 2.00 St. Nicholas. 3.00 saturday night weekly Story a 3.00 Southern bivouac. 2.09 san Francisco chronicle weekly 2.00 spirit of the times. 5,00 the Republic Irish Amer Boston 2.50 Texas sittings. 4,00 True Flag. 2.50 turf Field and farm. 5,00 Vick s Floral Magazine. 1,25 wide awake. 2.40 Waverley Magazine. 4.00 watchman. 3.00 Welcome Friend. .50 Yankee Blade. 2,00 youth s companion new names. 2.00 we cannot Send More than one Magazine to one address. Orders covering More than one Magazine to one address will be returned. Always state with what Issue you wish your subscription to begin. We do not furnish specimen copies of the publications. Address e weekly Globe. Bouts

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