Boston Weekly Globe in Boston, Massachusetts
13 Oct 1891

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Boston Weekly Globe in Boston, Massachusetts
13 Oct 1891

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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - October 13, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts $1.75 foe Only 50 cents. Bead great offer fourth Page. Of to cock it 6 to lie. Bead great offer. $1.75 for Only 50 cents. See fourth Page. Vol. . 41. Boston. Tuesday morning october 13, 1891. Price five contend in the intellectual , Nill Campbell Mckinley and Cav. speeches and discussions absorbing interest. New Yonis oct. 8.�?ex-president Grover Cleveland and gov. David b. Hill stood together Tho platform the Cooper Union Hall tonight and opened the democratic state Campaign. There were thousands within and thousands without Aud a mighty Roar greeted the two leaders while they stood Side by Side Awa Ting an Opportunity to advocate the e Keetion Roswell p. Flower. Daniel g. Griffin chairman the executive committee the state committee said Quot in accordance with instructions in the democratic state committee i have the Honor nominating the following officers the meeting for chairman. Grover Cleveland Quot the Gas i gets jumped the dust Rose from the beaten floor everybody yelled till the Arches the building rang. Tumultuous applause greeted the appearance the democratic sex president when he assumed the chair. Waiting for the Ann Lause to subside lie stood quietly at the Rea Ling desk and at length obtained silence by waving his hand. Grover Cleveland s speech was is follows my Estlow Coz Evsy i acknowledge with much sati action the compliment paid me by my election As your presiding officer tonight. If i May be indulged few moments i shall occupy that much your time in presenting some suggestions touching the condition and responsibilities the democracy to the people the country and the Obi gallon and duty at this particular time tile democracy our state. The democratic party has at All times been by profession and by tradition the party the people. I say by profession and by tradition but i by no Means intend to Bint in the use that expression that in its conduct and action it has failed to justify its proles been Recreant to its traditions. In View these things we cannot be honest and s Scere Ami Tad to see that a Stem and inexorable duty is now at our door. We saw the Money the people unnecessarily extorted Iron them under the Guise taxation. We saw that this was the result a scheme perpetuated for the purpose exacting to Ute irom the poor for Tho Benefit the Rich. We saw growing out this scheme the wholesale debauchery and corruption the people whom it impoverished. We saw a party which advocated and defended this wrong paining and holding rower in the government by the shameless anneal to selfishness which it invited. We saw the people actually Lauri Githins the Bonds misrepresentation and misconception which held them and we saw sordid Ness and the perversion All that constitutes Good citizenship every hand Aud sturdy americanism in jeopardy. We saw a party planning to retain parti san Ascendancy by throttling and destroying Tho Freedom and integrity the suffrage through the Moil Radical Aud reckless legislation. We saw waste and extravagance a Ding the Public Treasury justified in official places where Economy in gov eminent expenditures was ridiculed by those who hold in Trust the people s Money. We saw the National assemblage to Peoples representatives transformed to the Mere semblance legislative Assembly by brute Force a violently increased majority. And by unprecedented arbitrary rulings. While it was jeering by declared by those who usurped its functions to be no longer a deliberative body. Then it was that the democratic party standing Forth to do determined Battle against these abuses which threatened the welfare and happiness the people called upon them to Trust and promised them that the w airfare should be relentless and uncompromising. As results the struggle then entered upon never has the Resistless Force the awakened thought our countrymen been More completely demonstrated and never Lias the irresistible strength Tho principles democracy been More fully exemplified. From the West and East came tidings Victory. In the popular Branch the next Congress tile party we Iii lately impudently arrogated to itself the domination that body will fill hardly More than one fourth its seats. Democratic governors occupy the enemy a strongholds in Iowa Massachusetts Ohio Wisconsin and Michigan. In Pennsylvania tile election a democratic governor presented conclusive proof Republican corruption exposed and Republican dishonesty detected. But with All these results a just and fearless democratic policy our wont is not yet completely done and i want to say to you that any relaxation Effort within Tho lines established by the National democracy will be a violation the pledges we gave the people when we invited their co operation and undertook their cause. I do not forget that we Are gathered together to ratify state nominations and that to Are immediately concerned with a state Campaign. It seems to me however that while National questions the greatest import Are yet unsettled and when we Are the eve a National Campaign in which they must be again pressed the attention the voters the country the democracy the great state new York cannot and will not ent Nely ignore them. If we fail to retain Ascendancy in the Empire state no matter upon what Issue. It is lost and no matter How much our opponents May seek to avoid great and important topics it will be claimed As the verdict our people against the principles and platform the National democracy. It is evident that if our opponents Are permitted to choose the line Battle they will avoid All National issues. Thus far this is plainly their policy. There is nothing strange in this for they May Well calculate that whatever May be their Fate in other Fields they have been decisively beaten in the discussion National questions. In Tho present condition affairs it is not to be supposed that any consistent Aud thoughtful member Tho democratic organization can fail to see it his duty to engage enthusiastically and zealously in the id t support the ticket and platform which represent our parti in this Campaign. They Are abundantly worthy and deserving support their own merits and for their own Sake. We seek to place at the head our state government a Man affairs who in a Long business career has earned tee Good opinion and respect alibis Fellows Whoso Hon esty. Trust and worthiness have never been impeached and who i am sure will administer the great office to which he will be called independently fearlessly and for the Good All the people in the state. It we seek further to secure the Empire state in her democratic steadfastness Aud we seek to win a Victory which shall redeem the pledges we have made in regard to constancy to the interests the people the Laud and which shall give Hope and Confidence to the National democracy in the struggles yet to come. With these inc natives. And with these purposes in View. I cannot believe that any Jemo Erat can be guilty lukewarm Ness sloth fullness. With a party United and zealous with no avoidance any legitimate Issue with a refusal to be diverted from the consideration great National Ami state questions to the discussion mislead to rings and with such a presentation the issues involved As will prove our Faith in the intelligence the people the state the result cannot be doubtful. Or. Cleveland was frequently interrupted i d he applause was especially enthusiastic when he spoke extortionate taxation the defeat the republicans sustained at the last congressional elections the merits the candidates for governor and when lie declared that no Democrat should now be guilty lukewarm Ness sloth ulness. Gov. H h then appeared. Or. Cleveland said be had now to perform a work uselessness and super rotation but he did not think it necessary to say More and he could not say less than that gov. Hui wits there. After being greeted by an outburst applause gov. Hill spoke As Lown fellow citizens a Tho political conventions have been held and the issues the present Campaign Are now ascertained. The same contest is presented in dealing with Tho questions the hours Between political honesty the one hand and political hypocrisy the other. The same struggle exists Between those who favor Taxa for Public purposes and justify ii for private purposes Between legislation for Tho people and legislation for individuals Between a Tariff for Revenue Aud a Tariff for plunder. Hie same conflict is up parcs Bel Ween the friends a constitutional bimetallic currency an i Tho friends Buonome Taliesin and de monetization. The same Contention is exhibited Between state autonomy and Federal centralization Between mate control Domestic affairs and Federal interference As exemplified in a Force Bill. These Are the Plain simple and explicit issues which Are rented for the consideration Hie people. They can not lie successfully evaded disguised by flippant oratory unseemly denunciation weak attempts at sarcasm. There w s no mistaking the popular verdict last fall the people desired prompt action the part their representatives but instead there has been inaction. Subterfuge an i prevarication. They a Sert now that the people did not understand the questions upon which they were passing that they were misled hoodwinked Aud deceived that although the people voted in favor a Low Tariff they really wanted a High one that although they protested against and criticised the Bill they will Admire its exaction when they become accustomed to them that although they apparently did not relish the Force Hill they do not seriously object to Federal control elections that although they denounced sneaker Reed they in fact approved his methods. Those excuses Are As unwarranted As they Are a Daisy. They re cot upon the intelligence the amen an Vot Crand Are an indict meet his common sense. The people understood exactly the measures and methods up n which they were passing judgment there was no deception Taise pretences implied. Nothing has occurred since last fall to change the attitude the people upon the Tariff question. The Mckinley Bill has not ruined the country nor has it benefited it. It has imposed additional burdens upon the people Tor Tho Benefit favored interests. It Lias created no new markets any appreciable value. It has not raised the wages a single Labouring Man. Our opponents Tell tis that the Mckinley Bill ought to be palatable to the poor people by cause the a tree list a has been greatly enlarged. They blow hot and they blow cold at the same moment. They cry out against free Trade in Otto breath and t Ien in the n it breath claim credit for extending the revisions free Trade to numerous articles not heretofore exempted from the Tarifi duties. This is an admits that a Tariff is a tax and that an abolition Tariff duties inures ordinarily to the Benefit Trio consumer. The people ire course thankful for Small favors but will naturally inquire Why the list is not made larger and Why their burdens were increased with increased duties upon other articles not placed upon the tree list. Mckinley pcs claim credit both sides. If the abolition reduction duties is a Relief to the Consumers then an increase dunes is an additional Burden imposed upon them. The enlargement the free list by the audit numerous articles was for a Purpo a. It was intended to give the appearance affording a cat Relief to the people to draw their attention from the increased duties other articles. Many the articles upon the free Gui Are that nature that it does not Mako any material difference to anybody whether they Are free not. Hut they Bein swell the list which accomplishes the object described. The poor Many a woollens Are made to pay 30 p r cent. More while the Many a Broadcloth pays Only to Der cent. More. The duty sea i a in sacks is reduced to per cent. While that silk Plush sacks which the poor woman wears is increased go per cent. The duty the worsted shawls which the Farmers Laborera a wife wears is a sed from 02 to to per cent., and Woollen shawls Tho increase varies from in to 30 per Cen i. In women s and children a cheap dress goods the increase is nearly too per cent., while higher priced goods the increase is much less. The tax flannels is increased at least 60 per cent. Hie increase ready made clothing is from 64 to 80 per cent. The increase hosiery is from 40 to 60 per cent. On cheap blankets the increase is Over too per cent. On milk cans tin nails tin cans Coffee pots kettles cups and other articles tinware the increase is enormous. But they say they Lave Given the country free sugar. Yes. They have with a string to it Burden attached to it. They have made sugar a certain Grade free but they have provided for a Bounty to be paid to sugar producers which in Alt amounts to about 87,620,000 a year which tile government must pay from Tho revenues it collects other articles. They shout in our cars the Boon free sugar but they omit to Tell us the Burden which they have imposed upon us to secure it. When you buy a suit clothes what do you gain if the Clothier throws in a Vest. Provided lie charges you a double Price for Tho pants what Avail is free sugar if you Are required to increase the duty other articles in order to raise Tho moneys necessary to pay the bounties the people understand the sugar situation better than the Republican party think they do. The people want substantial not fictitious Relief they want Low taxes not coupled with High bounties they want Hie lowest taxes consistent w Lii the actual needs the government. Our platform Renews the party a pledges Fidelity to sound principles finance. It reaffirms Hie National Democrat c platform 181, which exp i Tiv declares Quot we believe in honest Money. The Gold and Silver coinage the Constitution Aud a circulating medium convertible into such Money without the democratic party is the Friend honest Money. It believes in an honest Dollar. The responsibility for Hie loss the worlds fair to new York is directly traceable to the Republican candidate for governor and to Hie Republican Leader who dictated and controlled his action a series Mau i Vres were resorted to in an Effort to defeat Hie Bill Lief re tile legislature and the principal cons Rator in that scheme was senator Fassett acting under the inspiration Platt. The Republican candidate for governor has a lavs been the enemy tile doctrine borne Rule for cities. He has been consistent in wrong doing because his record is All one Way. For eight years in the Senate lie has been the enemy All legislation intended to ameliorate and improve the condition workingmen and women. Battle giants. Gov. Russell and maj. Mckinley the Tariff. Apa o., oct. 8.�?�?~�?~the meeting the governors will be a Long remembered event in the history Ada and Hardin county. For weeks the joint debate bet eau gov. Campbell and maj. Mckinley has been referred to As the impending Battle the giants and the discussion this evening fully demonstrates that Mckinley Aud Campbell Are Peerless exponents the High and Low Tariff principles which they respectively espouse. The Union meeting was held in the vast amphitheatre in the fair grounds. As the two leaders appeared a governors Salute was ared the meeting was presided Over by Tyro chairmen. J. M. Van Fleet the Hardin county democratic Central committee be bait the democrats and Jamest. Howe it the Republican county Central committee behalf the republicans. At 1.46 tile meeting w As called to order by Rev. Or. Campbell presbyterian minis seven thousand people were then the it Numis. Chairman Yan Fleet the democratic presiding officer announced that gov. Campbell had gained the privilege opening and closing by casting lots. Gov. Campbell after being introduced As Plause and prolonged cheering col. Howe. Republican Chain meeting introduced maj. Mckinley As Quot an Ideal typical american one known not Only at Home but applause the major Baliti Quot a Revenue Tariff raised Revenue for the government. A protects a Tariff would do that. Quot but a Revenue Tariff would Only raise Revenue while a protective Tariff industries encourages the skill and Genius american citizens. It secures to us As it has done in the last 20 years the first rank in the industries the mining and agriculture All the nations the Earth. Applause Quot Tell me Why the foreign producer should be allowed to enjoy the markets the american producer. They pay not a Dollar toward your county your state your municipal improvements beyond our jurisdiction. Tho Only Way to touch them is to tax. Quot the governor says Liev done to pay Tho tax that it is the people. Then what Are Tho English making so much fuss about Why Are the germans making such a noise about our 1 Drift Laws a maj. Mckinley quoted a number articles that Are cheaper today than under the old order things Aud said the rebate raw production for Export had been in every Tariff Law since the Days Washington. Thoro was deafening applause As maj. Mckinley who had spoken one Aud a half hours resumed his seat. Gov. Campbell then made his closing remarks in which he said . Mckinley had not pointed out Why the wages worker has not had an increase in wages and that if there were any so cent dollars in circulation the Republican party was responsible for it. Gov. William e. Russell. Clean Cut replies to criticisms his new York speech. Gov. William e. Russell Massachusetts defended his speech Tho decadence Massachusetts industries As follows in Boston last week. As i believe it is the privilege and duty every citizen carefully to examine the acts a Public servant so it is Tho privilege and duty such a servant to account to the people for every act and also to defend himself from unjust and malignant criticism. One such criticism tonight i propose to answer. The great Honor has been Given me by the people the Commonwealth presiding Over her Aff airs. With that Honor has come the grave responsibility faithfully Aud unselfishly to serve her interests to defend her glorious institutions arid to uphold her Honor. Any Public servant hers unfaithful in this is disloyal to his Commonwealth. Among the foolish the false and the wicked issues which the Republican party has endeavoured to raise in this Campaign to excite prejudice rather than to carry conviction. Is the charge that in a Public address delivered by me in new York the Tariff question. I maligned the Commonwealth let me read the charge As formulated by Bim Iii his speech at Haverhill sept. 22. He then said Quot we have in Massachusetts this year As our chief magistrate a Democrat. Massachusetts bad a right to expect that every son hers especially if endowed with the highest honors in her gift would be a valiant defender her Honor wherever he Wem. Aud yet very soon after this inauguration. While the very plaudits his friends were ringing in his ears. He took occasion to detract from our industries to detract from this old Commonwealth. He spoke our abandoned farms and our Groat industries folding their tents like tile arabs and silently stealing a let me notice As the first mistake . Allen Small however in comparison with the others that i delivered that speech some time before i entered office As a private citizen and not As governor the Commonwealth. So much for the charge. Let us see upon what it is founded. The speech referred to was delivered by me dec. 23,1890, before the Tariff Reform club new York at its Celebration the great Tariff Reform Victory that had swept Over the country and in response to the Toast. Quot the place new England Iii that contest a once More she rebels against unequal and unjust a political revolution had broken Massachusetts away from her Republican moorings Ai the election her congressmen Aud governor. Itiat result after three years thorough discussion was due to the Tariff question unless . Lodge believes that himself and his Force Bill were a potent influence in turning Massachusetts from republicanism to the pleasant paths democracy. Applause it was her protest founded upon mature i consideration against hic Republican policy i the Tariff As embodied Iii the Mckinley Bill. Applause i in that speech i spoke As follow the in i continued the third vane. One Ohio s greatest governors launched into the debate and in the course his j speech said i Quot i protest against the crimes committed in i the name Protection a Protection which i increases the tiring necessities the poor Aud produces a reduction the wages workingmen and women. Quot our once proud Commerce has been swept from the seas and yearly farming is i growing More unprofitable. A the splendid palaces protected manufacturers Crown our Hills while Down in the valleys the italian and the bohemians Tare usurping Tho rights and privileges the american Workingman whose family Crouch in tile Corner their Hovel crying for bread. Quot i he wife the Miner starves that pro action May to promoted while the Coal Barons arc rolling in wealth. Quot tiler Are women in our great cities trying to maintain life 13 cents a Day that our infant industries May be protected. A in i860 Tho capitalists this country owned 37 i per cent. Of our wealth today they own More than one half and they live closer. Quot do they deserve better treatment at the hands Providence than the Farmer the wage worker the preacher Tho doctor and the lawyer wherever a Democrat Points to these facts the Only answer we get is a sneering allusion to the calamity croaker. The so called a Rotten Rich Are defying Tho people seeking Iii rough a venal press to destroy the reputation the Honor and the estate any who May wage War vigorously in the cause the people. Applause Quot we Are rapidly reaching a condition which was predicted by Abraham Lincoln when he said a the Money Power will Endeavor to prolong its reign until All wealth is aggregated in the hands Tim few Aud the Republic is applause the governor stated that the total number mercantile failures in the United states for the nine months 1891 is 8866. As compared with 7638 in a like period 18110, a gain 17 per cent. A a this a a said he Quot is i flier the Mckinley Bill. Yet when in 1890 Mckinley accented the nomination for Congress he said that if his Bill passed the Senate this country would w in a Boom More marvellous than it had Ever known. Laughter Quot where is that Boom democratic applause. Quot were it not for the present abundant crops the Best in to years these failures i would Boa great Deal worse than they Are. A one the greatest causes the depression Aud failures Tho present season is that we Are paying too much taxes. Quot Mckinley May 5, 1888, at Philadel phia. Said the Tariff was a democratic applause Quot the major says this tax is not paid by the consumer. Now. The supreme court the United states announced that a duty imports is a tax that is paid by the democratic applause j lie governor then said Quot when genuine reciprocity comes in we w ill have not a Little one sided reciprocity with the Little countries South America but but Antral with eng and. France Aud the world. Applause Quot the duty plate Glass is 140 per cent and last year we imported $160,000 Worth plat Glass As valued Iii England yet upon that Glass there was paid 1223, duties. Or $63,000 More than the Cost Glass in Englan i. Did the English manufacturer give us the Glass Ami nay $61,000 besides to get us to take it Appl lose and laughter a there were manufactured in this country last year fifty live Hundred millions dollars Worth goods. If the Tariff dutiable goods is 60 per cent., it is fair to presume taking protected and unprotected industries together Itiat at least one third that sum is paid in lieu duties to the manufacturers at Home upon the american product. Or. Campbell said Quot i s ate it As a fact thai not one Farmer in one thousand in Ohio is As w Ell off today As in 1880.�?T�?T Quot a Gilt right that a a fact a shouted various voices. The speaker said Over 300 great manufacturing establishments had Cut Down wages s Nee Hie Mokin by Bill was passed and not one had raised wages. To asked maj. Mckinley if he favored the banishment Over 36.000 organized workmen from the great factories the country i the governor said he would nut a pro hib Tive Tariff upon an alien who comes Imre without the intention becom Tig an american citizen and with the intention displacing american workmen. Great a Parnell noted son suddenly called his Ireat struggle with hostile burial made the occasion great demonstration. Charles Stewart Parnell the Well known Leader tile Home Rule party d cd at his residence in Brighton. Eng., Early the morning the 8tli amt., after an acute sickness Only a few Days. Ile had been in poor health for some time but no immediate danger was feared. Congestion Tho lungs following induced by acute rheumatism is Given As the cause death. Diaries Stewart Parnell was born at Avondale in 1846. He w As a descendant Parnell the poet and his family have been associated with Irish parliamentary life for Over a Century. His great Grandfather sir John Parnell was Chancellor the exchequer in Grattan a parliament and w is an irreconcilable opponent the Union. Or. Parnell smother was a daughter com. Stewart the in. S. Navy. In 1874. At the age 28 years having hut shortly before completed ids education in Magdalen College Cambridge and travelled for some time in America he offered himself As a Home Rule candidate for the county Duhl n in opposition to col. Taylor. Who had just been appointed to Orfice n the Disraeli government Aud was seeking reelection. Parnell was then High sheriff wicklow an face which lie had to resign Iii order to become a parliamentary candidate. The contest he kit a was a hopeless one. But behalf principle tie was wiling to make the sacrifice. He resigned the Post Tion High sheriff Aud issued his address to tile electors Dublin. His Start in Public life however gave it to indication the ability and be Ineneo which in later Yea s he so fully displayed. Cynics predicted that if he Ever got into parliament he would lie known As the Quot silent member Quot single speech time has however falsified the prediction. He was not to in successful that time for his opponent received 2122 votes to 1141 cast for the future Leader Hie Irish people. Parnell then retired into private life and he w As not Beard again until another momentous arose in the history his country. John Mitchell the convicted and Nore pendent rebel 1848. Went Home from Mer Ca and offered himself As a Par Hame Mary candidate for the county tipperary Early in 1876. His audacity was an insult to the whole British nation and to the landlord class in Ireland in particular. Parnell immediately endorsed Mitchell s action Aud subscribed 8250 Tow Ard the expenses the contest. Mitchell was elected. Nut before he had an Opportunity to test irs Rifer lit to take his eat he died in the arms Victory Ami was followed a few Days later by his political colleague fellow Eon Virt Aud brother in Law. Quot honest John Martin a a member from meath. Parnell was immediately selected As Tho Home Rule candidate for the seat left vacant by tin death Martin being supported by the Home Rule league. Ile fought Tho constituency with grim determination. And was elected by 1771 votes As against 902 for Bis opponent j. L. Napier and 138 for another opponent. J. T. Hinds. Elected april 19. 1876, he cast his first vote three nights later in the House commons against the coercion Bill for Ireland. Parnell and Biggar fought every proposition introduced by the govern in int proposed amendments discussed others and generally made things Lively for the government which had formerly Boon in he habit listening to the Calm and quiet pleading . Butt. Their action had its effect they not Only exasperated the gov eminent but secured the hatred their whig Gish colleagues who did not want to to compelled to appear in opposition to Tho government. Even . Butt himself made a determined Effort to have them expelled from the Home Rule party. The Gaud league agitation was started by Davitt in 1879, and soon after Parnell gave his adhesion to the movement travelled through the country addressing meetings in its behalf and was everywhere received with enthusiasm As the new Leader the people. That same year. Accompanied by John Dillon lie started for America for the avowed purpose bringing the Irish Iii America into line with their countrymen at Home. Among other declarations which he made at this tune during ins tour in America was Hie following Quot a Power will Spring up in Ireland which shall sweep away not Only the land system bul the infamous government that maintains March 8, 1880, while at Montreal he received news the dissolution parliament and immediately set out for Ireland. He landed at Queenstown March 21. And immediately threw himself into the breach. The elections were in full swing and when hip Smoko Battle cleared away he found himself elected for three constituencies Cork City meath his old stamping ground and Mayo. In Cork he had unseated a Catholic whig w to had represented the City for 16 years. And whose family had been for generations prominently connected with its business interests. Sixty eight Home rulers were elected at this election though Many them could not have been by the merest stretch fancy to deserve Tho title. At the first meeting the party Parnell was elected Leader receiving 23 votes to 18 cast for . Shaw Aud Tho w Wisdom the Choice was shown a few months later when despite the fact that no mention was made it in the Queens speech. Gladstone was compelled to introduce a land Bill in the House commons a Bill which while it was far from satisfactory proved one the greatest boons to the Irish tenant Given by an English parliament since the Days con Nell. The customary coercion Bill was soon after introduced and Parnell fought it with might and main. He urged his countrymen to stand firm and resist the oppression the government and the consequence w As that in the latter part 1880 he with John Dillon Thomas Sexton. T. D. Sullivan Joe Biggar Pat Iegan now our minister to Chili and Thomas Brannon Nebraska As Well As several others were tried for conspiracy. The result was a disagreement the jury but tile Victory was Only Short lived for a Fiat the government was unable to do by fair Means it did by foul. He was arrested As Well a several his colleagues in october 1881, and cast into prison where he remained until May 188 j. Or. Foster better known As w As carrying things with a High hand in i Rebind during Parnell a imprisonment. Owe thousand Mew were in jail without trial Hope trial Aud the country was in a state chronic revolution tempered Only by the Scarcity arms. Parnell so it Rusoti entering prison were a i shall take it As granted that my countrymen have not done their duty if t am very soon Tho Quot no rent Quot manifesto was issued and it became a hand to hand struggle Between the government and the Tenanty. It did not last Long however Tor while in prison overtures were made to him by Gladstone toe result which was that the prime minister promised to pass a. Arrears Bill wiping out a Groat portion the arrears the Irish tenants to throw Over Forster release the pol heal prisoners and inaugurate a new policy minus coercion provided Parnell agreed to the suggestion. Always Leady to acc it any practical Benefit for ii i Rountr Orpen. He acceded Ana the As it was called pectin a reality it is worthy note that in the-., be Oti Anions Between the Liberal i leaders amt a rite 11 the intermediaries were j none others than cant Shea and the lady who lately became mrs Parnell. Parnell was released in May. L882. And two Davs later the world was shocked by the murder Laird Frederick Cavendish Chiel see tory for Ireland who came to inaugurate the new policy peace and . Burke the under Secretary. Ireland was again plunged into chs i. The new Era which seemed about to Dawn the country was clouded and Parnell in despair offered to retire from Public life. The English press and people demanded More and stringent coercion and no ministry could dare to let the cry go unheeded. Up to 86. From the passage the Quot crimes aet a the Irish party led by Parnell and the Liberal party led by Gladstone were continually at Daggert redrawn. It a a regular stand up fight and it ended with Hie Knock Down Gladstone who a hurled from Power by the votes the Irish party in june 1886. A Short time previous Tho Irish people As a Mark their regard for Parnell had sub scribed a testimonial Over .640.000 to enable him to Dolray Lite debts his estate which had been contracted because his work in b half the country. A general election occurred in november i880, and aft r fruitless efforts Parnell s part to gel . Gladstone during ids mid Thian Campaign to declare How far he was prepared to go in the direction Home Rule for ire a id Tho Lush Cader issued a manifesto to hts countrymen in England counselling them to vote against lie liberals the coming elections. They did so unanimously and the result was that the liberals strength was considerably reduced in the new parliament though Gladstone still commanded a majority. The tories seeing that they were defeat a at tile polls thought coercion would be a better rallying cry than borne Rule Aud immediately announced toe r intention introducing further repressive measures. Four hours later the votes the Lush party had hurled them from Power and Lite Treasury benches for Tho time biting knew them no More. Gladstone took the reins office and signalized h s entry therein by introducing the Beme Rule Bill . 1886. The measure was to a great extent sprung the country wide i was by no Means prepared for such a departure. The issues were purposely clouded by the opponents the scheme the time Lor discussion was too Short and As a consequence t in Bill was Defeated Tor a second leading by a majority so. Gladstone appealed to Tho country however Aud met with defeat. From that time up to november last year the liberals and the Irish party worked unitedly for Hie Success it the Home Rule cause and t was not until alter the unfortunate proceed mrs Iii the divorce court proceedings who. H cast the Only Cloud the career Parnell a that any difference arose Between them the i Rocee Ditis and occurrences the eventful month succeeding the verdict Are still fresh in the memory All. They were the me in disrupting the Brilliant party which Parnell had founded and dividing tie people Ireland to an unfortunate extent. In the to blast it All Parnell himself preserved the a a ame Calm impassive quiet Demeanour. While he fought the question political issues and maintained that political issues alone should it be decided he carefully re framed from Sayig anything the moral phase it through which the controversy first arose. Buried at great defeats Nelson in a close fight grand rapids Mio the scene a very remarkable the two leaders the american turf. Grand rapids Midi. Oct. 8.--Allerton is King. Fully 20.000 people saw til son Jay Bird wrest All claim to Hie title from Nelson hand. Before the third at reached Iii 1.49, he had Gli fighting distance his adversary up Down the stretch tie pulled up even with the Eastern horse by oho i phenomenal bursts Speed. Nelson desperately applied the whip but his horse had been pumped oui and Allerton trotted easily under the wire winning by an open length in Nelson in the fourth heat held his horse in Check Tho two making the Quarter neck and neck in 331they with head by head All the Way to the Homestretch and it was the prettiest Lieut too race. The half was made in l.1, and the three quarters in 1.42. In the stretch Allerton again showed ins superiority and passed the grand stand leading by an open length which no one doubted lie could have increased to four five if he had so desired winning the heat and the race in 2.16�?~j. The enthusiastic crowd broke through the Fence Aud packed the track about Allerton and his owner and Hung garlands Tho Iowa King. In the 2.17 rare Harry Noble. I Cleveland a. 2 Conklin 3. Best time 2.17va. Immense crowd and great excitement spite a storm. The funeral Parnell ended with a crush and disturbance Over the grave Parnell w Blob made it the scene a Light. People were beaten Back with Sticks from the grave Side Aud sent Home with bleeding Heads. Many Parnell s colleagues who had followed the Hearse for Miles in the mud were unable to get near the grave and had to plead with the crowd not to trample Down Parnell a relatives. The Poi co Aud government authorities re framed from taking part. Dublin municipal police arc under the charge tile Gin eminent presumably therefore the Parnellie did not care to Call it their assistance owing to their principle that the police should lie under local control. As a result we had Parnell a remains guarded the reception at the station by a squad with clubs and Guardu in the City Hall by firemen. This indo end it plan worked All right until faced by the great unruly throng in the cemetery then it. Went to pieces borne Pul Cemen were seen stationed at various Points about the streets during the Day. But they w Ere simply instructed to act in Case emergency and told not to Render the h ast assistance usual in such Saxon in progressing the movements a procession. In to funeral procession from the Steamboat wharf consisted an immense crowd. At the head Tho procession Tho City marshal in uniform Blue cloth arid Silver buttons cocked hat and White feathers with a Silver Mace in his hand appeared horseback and cleared the Way. Hie Parnell leadership committee marched in lines four deep in front the to arse each wearing a band Crape his left Arm tied with a Bow Green ribbon. Following the Hearse walked Parnell s adherents in parliament who covered the entire Long route foot. Members the municipal Council attired Iii Lull insignia cocked hats Scarlet Robes trimmed with fur followed the carriages headed by the lord mayor Dublin. Next came members the gaelic athletic association earn bearing a curious Bat stick used to strike a Ball in the game hurling. Following the Young athletes were a Long line four wheel cabs Irish haunting cars which rather detracted from Hie appearance the procession As it stretched in an unbroken Lino along the quays from the courts to Kingsbridge. It is be Dies to say Street windows and every available Point observation were thronged with people. When everything is said it was really an impressive spectacle. Nothing like it has been known in Dublin sin cd the Mcmanus demonstration in 1861, and today s event oven transcends that. Dread the Black fever. Pennsylvania Village once afflicted fears another Scourge. Ca Rhonda la penn., get. 11.�?Tho Village Uniondale is alarmed by the appearance a Case that has been pronounced by a Council physicians to be genuine Black fever. The patient Bas died Aud there is great fear the contagion spreading. In 1864 this City was visited by an epidemic which resulted in an average eight deaths a Day for Over a month. Others who were attacked hut who survived were left hopelessly crippled deaf and dumb. The fever carries Many its victims off in to hours after the attack and in All cases Hie body turns Blade after death. At the time the great epidemic Here All the clergymen hut two Aud Many physicians fled from the town. Connecticut Rich soil count. Elisha Anderson Danielson Ville conn., is proud some potatoes he has raised. To astonish Bis neighbors he opened one Hill in the Field w hich they looked in Awe. Out that Hill he dug 21 potatoes one which was decayed. The 20 sound ones weighed 13 pounds and filled a Peck Basket. The potatoes Are All about the same size and were remarkably smooth Aud handsome. At Winsted conn., mrs. Wallace persons has succeeded in raising tomatoes Cucumber vines and cucumbers Tomato vines. Scientific curiosity was the motive Ber undertaking. She wanted to see what she could do. I cant. Charles Hall Westerly conn., has a great curiosity a twin Apple that weighs j i Pound and 4 ounces. It is the pecks pleasant variety and is the same sort a to in that a boys Cheeks Are though a j slender Twig runs Between the two Herm j s holes the Apple twin. Copt. George ii. I Lissu Tho seme place has an Odd Bald win Apple synodical is it being three immense apples a single Stem. I in the 110,000 race Between Hie two stallions the fast grand rapids track today. It was a Long Way from a Ideal racing Day. The sky was overcast All the afternoon and untie twice fugitive rain drops found their Way into Hie grounds. Tho weather was Chilly enough to preclude any Hope record breaking time. Hon. Daniel j. Campau Detroit owner the Chicago horseman acted As starter. S. A. Browne Kalamazoo c. L. Benjamin Saginaw Aud l. C. Webb Mason,mich., were the judges. B. W. Taylor Independence. La a. Ii. Munger Detroit and William Calson Bangor mo., were the timers. Don. J. Leathers the owner bars. Who had offered the purse announced that the race would be the greatest and most important in the history the turf As it would to a Battle to the finish Between the two Kings the track. The throng gave Nelson a Shade the Best it in the w a applause when Tho two stallions appeared but Allerton was very decidedly a favorite in the pools. Both horses were driven by their owners and it was evident that Nelson had put himself through a rigid training to reduce weight when Tho Maine stallion made his 2.10 record the grand rapids track recently the weight his owner Aud Driver was Given As 183 pounds. When starter Campau announced the weights the two men after the horses were called for the first heat Nelsons was Given As 170 pounds and 20 pounds Over hic regulation weight and Williams As 166 pounds 15 pounds Over weight. Allerton coquette in the scoring but the horses got away Iii Beautiful style the fourth attempt with Nelson closely hugging the in de a head in Advance. The Pace was the son that kill from the Start. The Quarter was made in .32. With Nelson a length in Advance and both horses trotting with the precision wonderful piece mechanism. Around Hie half they swung at the same terrible Pace Nelson making it Iii 1.05v, two open lengths in Advance Allerton. The Western stallion narrowed the Gap before the Quarter was reached in 1.39 and then Williams gathered his Deqi chested Beauty in Banc for the finish. But just As they swung to the stretch with Allerton at his rivals wheel the Independence stallion went off his feet for an instant and the heat a decided right there. Williams made Little Effort to regain the length lost but wisely saved his horse while Nelson rushed under the w re with that Long. Swinging strip which had never faltered All Hie Way round winning by an open length Iii 2.13. The crowd went crazy Over the result but its Roar disturbed the a cookie a a very Little. They promptly uttered Nelson at $14 and Allerton at 826. In the second heat the two got away Tho first trial. To the three Quarter pole the heat Wax nearly a repetition the first Williams played a waiting game. Hut hanging closer to the Maine horses wheel than before. The Quarter was driven in .32v, the half in 1.06 and Hie three quarters in 1.41 a. As they swung into the stretch Nelson swerved toward the Middle the course and faltered for a moment. Inch by Inch the Western horse closed up the great Eastern horse. At the distance Post Nelson brought the whip Down upon lit horse sharply hut the latter was already going at his Best stride. And Bot stallion and Driver seemed to grow faint hearted when 30 Yards from the wire Allerton Marie a marvellous finish winning by bal a length in 2.14 let. The crowd yelled itself hoarse Over Allerton. And Nelson dropped in the pools to $6. In the third heat the stallions got away again like twin pieces a single machine. Nelson gave an exhibition rash driving at the outset by showing his horse to the front at a terrific gait. the pole the first turn. Tho Quarter was made in 32s. And Hie half Iii in. 5vys. Around the Back stretch it was a procession. Nelson leading by half a dozen lengths while Williams sat Back easily in Nia sulky and Beld Allerton Well in comes Wilkes Stock. Allerton has trotted three heat in one week inside 2.10. Allerton. 2.09/, is the Champion stallion and last season was the 4-year-old Chain i Pion with a Mark 2.13va, and Champion racing stallion with a Mark 2,15v. He Wax foaled Xii 1866 sired by Jay Bird i he by George Wilkes Aam aussie w ikes dam Burn Horti. By Mambrino boy second dam Nora Wilkes by George Wilkes. Thus Allerton is strongly inbred to George j Wilkes. Allerton is one the two Colts bred j raised broken and driven to the Chamoion-1 Shin stallion record the world by c. W. W ill Anis. When this gentleman sold i Axtell for 106,, the biggest Price Ever i paid for a Trotter he told Hie Syndicate that lie had a better Home than Axtell. Allerton has proven this for inlaid sex trotting in 2.op1/ against watch he forced out Nancy Plank Iii 2.12, 2.12v, 2,12 in a rare the three fastest trotting beats in a contest Between horses. Allerton trotted three Miles in one week. Inside, a Leat Nevei before accomplished by any Trotter. He has been campaigned heavily in his three four and five year old form and is known As one the games horses that Ever lived. Allerton is bred fora Trotter and his con formation is that a bulldog for stay and a greyhound for Speed. World famous Nelson. Pedigree the Maine stallion and Hie great work the track. Nelson. 2.10, is known from end to end am Rica As the stallion King 1890. He was Hie second horse to neat the Mark that Maxey cob put Down As the Hest record and supplanted tile 3-Yoar-cld Axtell with a Mark 2.10�,. Nelson is now 9 years old. Being foaled in 1882. He is by Young Rolfe a Trotter himself dam Gretchen dam Hoxie Owenby Gideon second dam kale. By Black Hawk 6. Nelson is the purest gaited Trotter that Ever wore harness Aud has done wonderful work in exhibitions during the past two years. He was a Trotter from his earliest ago and under disadvantages that would have stopped most horses has proven himself a world s wonder. Ile held the 3-Vear- Champion Mark new England but it was in 1889 that he first came into Public prominence. Then c. H. Nelson trotted him a Down the line a and worked him in 2.14v. Then lie took him to Kentucky and he was beaten for the second time that year. The Story the Balch stallion race and Nelsons disqualification is known to every one. Baa season Nelson trotted to a Mark 2.lo. The Hest record for stallion at that time. N Bison a Hest race was that at Buffalo in i had when he won three straight heats Over a Good Field at 2.15. 2.171 Aud 2.15, the last half the last mile in 1.06. Latent about Raum. Report that he has definitely resigned. Washington. Oct. 2.�?it is regarded As certain now that Gen. Raum commissioner pensions will have to go. Tho general left last night for Chicago and it is said placed his resignation in the hands the president before leaving. Lie spent some time at the White House yesterday afternoon and this step is said to be Hie outcome the conference. It cannot be positively stated that this Rumor is True and that Gen. Raum is no longer commissioner pensions a Sall information at Hie White House is withheld and Raum apparently has no one Bere in is Confidence who is Quadder to speak for i in. But even if Helios not yet resigned that action it is believed cannot by much longer delayed although i is probable Itiat the Public announcement hat fact May not be made until after the elections next Mouth and in any event it is not believed that the new commissioner will be appointed until november. For political reasons the president does not care to make an appointment now. As lie thinks it might be Apt to have some effect Republican Success in the close states _ joke due in 1002. Richmond Register lamp vent made stovepipe jokes this sea-3ut wait till we get the stove paid . Grant in equestrian statue unveiled at a giant hero outlined against the scene the Shore Lake Michigan yesterday. Chicago oct. 7.�?a giant hero in the sky that Wax what suddenly Outlin cd against the heavens through the smoke and Roar artillery the huge Bronze statue Gen. Grant looked like to Lav to nearly 100.000 people the Shore and ships at the Long Beach in Lincoln Park. High in the air. Topping a Hill. Gay. Shapeless Bunting surmounting a massive Pedestal Granite had quickly been withdrawn disclosing a if by magic the old. Commander in magnificent proportions scores band at the instant peeing Forth the a Star spangled Banner Quot thousands troops presenting arms the mighty assemblage in the background. Almost As far a the Eye could reach bursting into a cheer reverberating like the surf in a storm while out Lake Mich g in. Through a Tat Iglo masts an i flags and shrieking whistles thundered the deafening Boom a presidential Salute. Tile orator the Dav. Gen. Walter q. Gresham judge the United states court appeals Wax worthy the occasion. Among them mrs Gen. Grant her White bar showing beneath har widow s Bonnet was the Ynos tre thousands eyes. Massed to the for m Ute platform Ana to the immediate right and left in one Ina in in and no vacant inc driveway grass were close upon 20,000 uniformed men guttering infantry cavalry Aud artillery both regular and militia. Grizzled pc Erans the g. A. A. Bright plumed knights pythias and seemingly Conn less similar organizations. Back All these there swarmed overtime wide. Far stretching Stone Beach and Esplanade to the Waters Edge a veritable Locust Cloud the general Public beyond this living Panorama could to seen an in nos ing to Ilia. Of nearly 200 vessels. Three abreast was the order to the Marine display and a Noble 9ig it it was As the Squadron made its Way along almost within Bai my distance All decorated in regulation Sty e. From Bow to Stern up Over the Mast tops there Hung a Lino fluttering flags. On rho inside next to the Shore the tugs Small yachts and Little passenger steamers were . In. Nelson a. Miles commanded the Croce son. At a prearranged signal miss Margaret Strong daughter the late Gen. William e. Stron r. Tooled the Cut re h ending the Hunting that concealed the 18-foot Bronze horse and rider toe great pile Stone and As every curve the Noble Steed and Soldier too i out and the Stern face the Den sprang in View the great plaudits and Salute arose that was from the the rumble the last gun had ceased Hon. W. G. Goudy a president the Lonco n Park commissioners made a Graceful speech acceptance and mayor Hampstead Washburn accented the Monu mint the part id the citizens Chicago. Judge Walter Gresham a address was the Attar a the Dav s exercises. Although the Prece Ding speeches had been Long scarcely a Man All the multitude had left the Vicinity the platform Aud when the great Jurist arose lie Wax erected by an Aud once such As rarely looked upon a Public speaker. Great in War and peace. Such True Strong men indispensable to the nation. Some judge Gresham s sayings were As follows Quot Grant was remarkably free from that vanity and conceit which have been Hie weakness Many great minds Ami seem to be Fie Peculiar vice men who have risen inks Nim from Humble antecedents to a lofty Eminence. Quot greatness was never More unconscious itself than was in him. Quot there is nothing Tho braggart in any his official reports despatches there s no arrogance no regard for dramatic effect no Parade him Elf. Quot to thought More giving an impulse to the Pursuit peace and Industry amongst a disorganized people by aiding them in the maintenance themselves bringing them Hack into social As Well As poli ucal relations with Hie rest Hie country than upon his own Par and Lotin the accomplishment these salutary ends. Quot in t a struggle to attended in final capita intern he was never actuated by tile spirit revenge hate by aught else than a High Sene patriotic duty. Quot wrong As they As they will Ever be rated by impart re history he a did not question the sincere y the a Massof Tuo who were opposed to Quot i should like to Sec impartial history written a lie also said a such history will do full credit to the courage endurance and sold Erly ability the american citizen no matter what Section the country he hails from in what ranks he he was never misled by rating himself too High too Low. A he became conscious his Powers to relied with unshaken Confidence upon hts own judgment. He Beld new if and councils War. He succeeded in great emergencies by his Natl pc strength will an i intellect and his Resolute persistence where men More learn ing and better versed in Mil tar science. But with lies natural capacity would have failed. What they Are obliged to learn he seemed to know intuitively. He w a equal to any command emergency but there w As no affectation dash brilliancy about his movements. The boldest his cauda Gas and Battles were not det a rained upon w thou de Iber Tiou. Obstacles which seemed insurmountable soothers Only served to inspire him with determination to overcome them. Nape icon s Genius May have been More Active and Brilliant but if he had been endowed w Ith judgment As Strong Aud unerring he would never have ventured upon the disastrous russian Campaign. Giant never lost the fruits Victory through inactivity no Success Ever turned lits head. Tie rigorously subordinated All private sentiments and feelings to the Good the cause that to served. He was incapable envy jealousy and he never appropriated envy credit that was due soothers. He was silent thoughtful patient and sincere. He commanded himself As successfully As lie commanded armies and win re he leu All Felt Sale against the consequences incapacity rashness. Although 1 educated at West Point he was not a professional Woidier. Instead liking w a he abhorred it As the greatest human calamities and his temperament inclined to peace. To did not believe that because military Force had saved the Union it was a proper instrument government in the time peace. In his last Days while bearing with serenity and fortitude Hie tortures an incurable disease it. Mcgregor he gave his life a final retrospect and it was the reunion Hie warring sections under the old Flag that gave Nim the greatest sati fact . And enabled him to close his Eves for the sleep death with the comforting reflection that his work had been w Ell done and would outlive him. It was the successful Leader our armies in our greatest War who took the Lead in bringing the civilized world to a practical recognition the value a peaceful arbitrage it International disputes and the treaty is a Monument to his memory which will outlive those Bronze and Stone. Its Nora. Indu it Nee extends infinitely beyond the immediate parties to it the age in w h Chi it was negotiated More than once he displayed Independence High courage and Strong sense duty by vetoing legislation which seriously threatened the Public welfare. It is a mistake to suppose that popular government is an Art a mystery. 4 men like Grunt Tio have sprung from the people. With Strong Aud Resolute character unspoiled by luxury Clear minded Aud level headed Able to see men and things As the y really Are a deceived by outward show and conventionality Are Worth galore to our nation than All its Mere Cun Mug self setting politicians its political theorists its plutocrats. La War and peace these qualities lie at the foundation ail True character. A nation not Only needs such men. But they Are indispensable to it. In times peril it May perish without big Money for agents. A $50 appointment 30 dare time guarantee $150 profit in four weeks no Gay. Free Sample Tor stamp Audrey a. B. Shoop Wjk co., Racine wig. We son

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