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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - October 20, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts $1.75 foe Only 50 cents read 0reat offer fourth Page. It Soston week to s Loire. Bead great offer $1.75 for Only 50 cents. See fourth Page. Vol. Xix no., tuesday Mohning october 20, 1891. Price five cents. The Farmers and Tariff Hon. John e. Russell discourses the subject what the Farmers want Ami what they say they inst have. Raw material for manufacturers some Plain Points. Waltham oct. 14.�?an enthusiastic rally was Beld this evening in the Park theatre under Tho auspices Tho Young menus j democratic club. Timothy Leary chairman Tho democratic Ward and City committee presided and the sneaker was John e. Russell. Or. Russell was received with great enthusiasm he bowed his acknowledgements and then said i Ain glad to meet the citizens Waltham. It is a place which i have the most agreeable recollections. It is connected with influences that changed the current my life. Aud made me. M some measure i am told useful to the years ago i was invited to lecture before the state Hoard agriculture at their annual meeting held in this town. I had never attended a meeting the Board i was acquainted with but one its members. I met them delivered my lecture answered their questions Aud joined in their discussions. They did not forget the occasion and two years after invited me to take the important and responsible position Secretary the Board and trustee the agricultural College. For six years i represented the farming in Terest the common wealth and if there is a Village Hamlet in this Commonwealth where there is a Farmer who does not know me he is Remote and a friended. I know something the agriculture Tho state by practice and a great Deal More from conducting the Public meetings Tho Board the discussions and institutes Tho societies and from my intimate relations with the Farmers. I smile when i Bear the information vouchsafed to Tho people by political Fence menders that our Farmers Are growing rapidly Richer under the protecting Power High taxation and my smile Broadens when i find them proving their assertions from the census 1885. They read from the figures 1865 and compare them with 1885, and show the Farmers How much Richer they Are owing to the Tariff made Home Market but they do not look Back tile census 1885 to see the change rules under which the last census was taken. They Are like the scotch merchants bookkeeper. Who added the year our lord among the pounds the profit Side the Ledger. It is a Good thing to have an accurate and Correct census but it does not create wealth and when compared with a census taken a different basis it is most misleading. The wealth gained by such figures is like the grass that growth upon the Housetop wherewith the Mower fillet not his hand nor be that bind eth sheaves his bosom. The Junior senator . Hoar is particularly Fly this topic and declares with exultation that in spite taxes general waste and extravagance the increase in farm products in 20 years was 815,000,000. If this was True it would not be a gain in proportion to the increase other property and would show that the farming interest was relatively declining. The census 1885 shows a heavy decline in the production Barley beef cheese Mutton Oats pork Rye tobacco potatoes and Wool. A Large gain in butter and Small gain in Hay. These figures do not show an increase in actual fanning in 2t years As quoted by . Hoar yet there is an increase in agricultural products. Let me show some these increases and some tile fallacies this comparison. Since 1865 we have lost 26,000 Bead cattle but we have gained in the value manure $8,000,000. We raised in 1865 a great Deal More Rye Oats and Barley than in 1885. But we find a gain $285,000 in Straw though Straw was Worth $3 a ton More in 1865. We raised less acreage in Corn in �?T85, but we gained nearly a million in Corn fodder. In 1865 we made no lumber farms in 1885 we pocketed nearly three quarters a million with less Woodland in 1865, a time High prices the entire Corn product was less than f5,000.000. In 1885. With cheaper milk and Only about a Quarter More cows their product was $13,500,000. In 1865 we realized less than $22,000 for cider but under the Temperance teaching Republican politicians we got $350,000 for the Price Small apples in 1885. If these things Are considered in a practical Light they show that More than half hoards increase is from a change rules in taking the census and that manure Cut Flowers florists Stock Hothouse products Straw fodder cider vinegar lumber products gardens and other such matters which were not included in tile census 1866, give More than half . Hoar s vaunted increase. Massachusetts Farmers have a hard time to make a living Aud pay taxes. There is no denying it. They know it. Protection cannot reach them. Their farms decline in value in sight Large manufacturing towns. There has been a heavy movement City people to country places for summer residence who have added their costly experimental farming gardening and greenhouses to the census figures but the Farmer the Hill towns Ana even the owner the richest lands in the Commonwealth knows that he cannot sell his farm borrow it As men could do 20 years ago. Boston Aud Worcester Are great agricultural towns in the census 1886 from cow keeping and suburban gardens but the Rich land the Connecticut and Deerfield valleys have declined in value. Farming cannot be carried Distant from cities profitably unless Cattie Are fattened for Market hogs raised sheep pastured. Milk making impoverishes the soil and where in Massachusetts can beef pork be made at a profit it the Massachusetts Home Market eats beef from West the Mississippi and hogs come in Long trains every Day through Waltham. The Massachusetts Farmer is As much the dupe Protection As the manufacturer the wage earner. It keens the word Promise to the ear hut Breaks it to the Hope. But the great number people before me tonight Are not Farmers but people employed in the industries Waltham enterprises for the most part established by the grandfathers the present generation your direct interests Are in labor and its Reward. Y Are called upon by the republicans to vote for a w Orthy and reputable gentleman but one who unfortunately has a record that is opposed to everything done in legislation for the Benefit labor. The democrats for years have been trying to abolish the property qualification for voters. To put All the citizens Massachusetts the Broad ground manhood suffrage. The republicans have insisted that the highest human dignity the right to participate in government should be valued at $2 a head. The most worthy citizen who by his toil has reared a family who has paid hundreds dollars indirect taxes May by misfortune failure health the dishonesty others be so reduced in Means that he cannot pay his poll tax. And then Nas disfranchisement added to the bitter cup poverty it is a Mission the democratic party to better the condition the poor Aud in its fulfilment it Bas urged the abolition the j loll tax. When this came before the legis nature in 1881 . Allen was a member and voted against it. In the same spirit lie voted the same year against a Bill to prevent the improper use Money in elections. In 1883 he voted against reducing the amount the poll tax and also Aga Mist a Bill to prevent intimidating interfering with voters at the polls the Only Opportunity he Ever had to do anything for free Public schools was when the feeling the Commonwealth was that the schools to be really free to the poor must be provided with books As Well As teachers. This was . Allens Opportunity. met in by voting against the free school. His w Hole record Bas been against those progressive measures urged by the democratic party to better the condition the Labouring poor and now you Are asked to elevate Nim to a place where he will have More than a vote be will have the Power a veto. A year ago after full argument the questions at Issue the Republican party was Defeated All Over the country. It was a vote a majority 12,000,000 voters against inflation the currency extravagance administration excessive pensions and increased taxation. In Massachusetts it was a vote want Confidence in the state government. Wre have Given the Commonwealth an honest faithful Reform administration. Now the republicans ask to be returned to Power with . Allen As governor. What reason can be Given for this action a what has . Allen done to gain the Confidence the people what has the discredited party done that it should ask to be restored let them show cause As lawyers say remain where they Are. Hie whole democratic ticket should be supported. Or. Russell then spoke upon wages and Tariff and upon decline Massachusetts industries. _ what the Farmers want and what they say they Are going to have. To the editor the Globe a great Many people who frown upon the idea the government loaning Money to the Farmers at 2 per cent., with a pledge their crops a Security forget Liat the government has loaned Tho National Banks for 25 to 3u y ars Money at i per cent which has enabled them to loan it to Tho Western Farmer at from 6 to 15 per cent., and still higher in some cases i hey say Tho Grain crop Tho United states for the year amounts to 2,660,457, 000 bushels. At least two thirds it will a Quot retained at Home for consumption. This will leave 886,819,000 bushels that will be stored during the your. These crops mature at different dates and Tho demand for their consumption is evident. It is therefore Safe to say that not More than one third Tho whole amount will to in Tho elevators at any one time. This will to not quite 300,,goo bushels. It is a Well known fact that those elevators will not Cost exceeding to cents per Bushel this amounts to $45,000,000. To be Liberal say that it will be necessary to erect 1000 warehouses each costing $30,000 this will necessitate an additional expenditure 01 $30,000,000. That is to say it will require to carry this plan into full and perfect operation All Over the country $75,, not twice As much As the deferred payments whiskey. The question naturally conies in just Here will this expenditure in any manner impoverish tile Treasury tile United states by referring to Tho last inon thl statement the treasurer the unite. Stales it will be seen that there is now and has been Nince 1875, locked up in the treasure $100,000,000 in Gold that has been lying Idle for 16 years a Law Congress enacted three years later says positively that it never shall be used for the purpose for which it is held. The interest upon this Money computed at 4j/a per cent per annul for the time it has been Idle amounts to the enormous sum $67,500,000. If any individual were to lock up $100,000 and hold it Idle while he had outstanding notes drawing interest his heirs would have him arrested for lunacy if that fact was clearly proven there could not be found a court a jury that would fail to convict him and place his effects in the charge a guardian we can use $75,000,000 this $100,000,-000 locked up and not Rob t he people the use a Dollar. On the contrary we can put it in circulation giving our starving poor work and at Tho same time effectually protect the producers All wealth from the merciless extortion organized speculators. Money to build a Navy to rot upon the seas is handed out with a lavish hand it is also proposed to increase the army and mobilize the militia an organized army composed mainly thugs that is used to drive american citizens out workshops to make room for foreign paupers imported by our plutocrats in open violation Law. Effete european monarchies keep Large standing armies ostensibly for the purpose watching each other while every Well informed person knows they Are kept for the purpose keeping their vassals in subjection. Why imitate their example in this country unless our self constituted masters aim at the same Rasul a a Bill covering these demands will be prepared and introduced in Congress without delay and if supported by the people with the promptness and unanimity that the times and its merits demand Congress cannot refuse to pass it in that event great Relief will speedily follow among which May be enumerated the following it will place about $550,000,000 in circulation Ana in the hands the people at an annual Cost $5,500,000. The Farmers will save $76,950,000 annually. Besides under our system the rate fire insurance can and will be reduced to at least one half the present rate. This will add $20,000,000 to the savings. The Economy in handling that will necessarily follow the carrying out this plan cannot add less than $20,000,000 More. Again the Grain raisers will save at the very lowest estimate to cents every Bushel stored. This will add another $88,-681.900 and not raise the prices the contrary the prices will be reduced. The Cotton raisers will save by this system at least one half cent each Pound hot Cotta this will add $17,347,000 to Tho savings a Noi raise the Price to the manufacturers one cent 50 Bales. The savings tobacco sugar Rice and Wool cannot be less Tim $8,000,000. All the savings together would amount to the enormous sum $220,978,900 to the Farmers annually. Thus we see that by investing $75,000,- in erecting buildings that will last 50 years More we will be enabled to save annually in Tho hands t in producers $220,978,800 that now goes into the pockets the usurers and speculators. W. wants free raw materials. Or. Bryant writes As to his convictions upon the Tariff question. To the editor the Globe the Farmer says that he has an inherited right for everything that comes out the Earth and sea. And what he cannot raise his own farm he claims a right to buy wherever he can buy it cheapest. The Farmers and labourers Are in a Large majority and their rights ought to be respected they want tree sugar molasses Tea Coffee Salt fish Rice potatoes lumber and bark free Coal free scrap Iron and Iron Ore hides Aud Goatskin. East India sheepskins with the Wool Spanish Sumach Aud crockery Ware. The duty has been taken off sugar but they have saddled the people with a great wicked mortgage it As a condition. As to Wool it takes live pounds Wool to make a Yard cloth and it takes six Yards cloth to make a suit clothes including the overcoat that would be 30 pounds Wool at to cents per Pound amounting to $3 it takes to pounds Wool to make a pair six Pound blankets at to cents per Pound amounting to $1, the duty Wool now is to cents per Pound. The United states does not raise one half enough Wool for its people to Wear and if those Hardshell protectionists Ever gut into Power they will raise the duty w ool from to to 20 30 cents per Pound. With free Wool we can make Woollen goods As cheaply As they can anywhere else in the world then we could Export blankets ready made clothing Cotton and Woollen clothing and open a great Trade with our Northern neighbors. The government can collect All the Money it needs manufactured goods and not let our poor neighbors freeze and starve in Labrador. If we buy their fish and lumber and bark we need not pay them any Money we can sell them goods enough and open a Good Trade. As for crockery Are the duties and expenses amount to Over 80 per cent every crate crockery that comes into the store and that rate comes out poor women and child Ieti who break dishes and have to pay their mistress for them. We do not make one third the crockery Are in this country and never shall. It is about time for Massachusetts to big in to look out for herself. Pennsylvania thinks the country belongs to her and that she has a perfect right to get All that she can out the rest the country. She has had a great duty Coal and Iron and one the members Congress and an a governor tried to get a duty Hemlock bark. Pennsylvania has Oak bark and the Law is now that All shoes for the government must be made tanned leather. Seth Bryant. Ashmont oct. 13. Foster will put in his oar. Secretary to defend the administration in Ohio Campaign. Washington oct. 18.-Secretary the Treasury Foster will go to Ohio during the last week Tho month to take part in the Campaign. is putting off his departure As Long As possible because it is feared that his presence in the state will be the Means stirring up sex gov. Foraker considerably but the Secretary cannot very Well avoid going to Ohio and representing the administration. Foster and Foraker have no great love for each other and this dislike is intensified at the present t Ine As Foster is Man Aud is anxious to see him returned to the Senate. It is said that . Foster is hard at work getting up a statement which will represent the National finances in a Rose coloured Light and that just about the time his departure lie will Spring this statement the Public so As to have something to talk about in Ohio. The Secretary however will have to Cook his figures considerably to make them palatable. During the first ten Days in october Tho customs receipts were nearly $5,000,000 Leas than they were in the same period a year ago. And vet tile Protection organs Are endeavouring to show that under Tho Mckinley Bill imports Are increasing. Henry George to Leo. A servant the servants a marry again to religion All that is High in social presents his holiness with a new Book the labor problem. Eney Georges letter to Pope i to Xiii the subject the recent encyclical was yesterday presented to Bis holiness in italian and in English. The italian rendering is by prof. Ludovico Eusebio the translator a Progress and poverty a and is to be at once published by tile uni Otio Tipogr fico Edi Trice. The copies presented to the Pope were beautifully the English title is printed and bound. A the condition labor an open letter to Pope Leo the work is a respectful presentation to the Pope and through him to the Christian world what those who think with . George hold to be the real causes the condition labor which the encyclical deplores und a review All the remedies which Are suggested for it. What gives it a strikingly original character is that the economic views the Pope Are controverted apparently from Tho lat terms own religious teachings and socialism is attacked from the standpoint the rights labor. It is difficult to make anything like a synopsis a document which would fill nearly four pages the sunday Globe. A portion the Newyl Ork heralds abstract follows a your holiness i have read with care your encyclical letter the condition labor addressed through the patriarchs primates archbishops and Bishops your Faith to the Christian world. A since its most strikingly pronounced condemnations Are directed against a theory which we who hold it know to be deserving your support i ask permission to Lay before your holiness the grounds our belief and to set Forth some considerations that you have unfortunately overlooked. With the declaration Quot we Are not atheists who deny god nor Semi atheists who deny that he Bas any concern in politics and legislation . George contends that since the need for Public revenues that arises with the institution governments is a natural need. God must have provided some Way supplying it. In turn provision for needs. Further contending that the intent god that the state should obtain its revenues by taxing land values is shown by the same order and degree evidence that shows that god has intended the milk the Mother for the nourishment the babe and that the social evils oar Timo Are the result our neglect to follow gods intent . George quotes a striking passage from a letter to the clergy and laity his diocese by Bishop Nulty meath who As he says Quot sees All this As clearly As we do a and adds a we see that god in his dealings with men has not been a Bungler a Tiggard that he has not brought too Many men into the world that he has not neglected to abundantly Supply them that he has not intended that bitter Competition the masses for a Mere animal existence and that monstrous aggregation wealth which characterizes our civilization but that these evils which Lead so Many to say there they Are gods ordering Aro due to our is no god yet More i piously to say that a a a a order denial his moral Law private property in Laud. In the second subdivision it is granted that private ownership does attach to things provided by Many a reason and forethought but it is denied that it can a attach to things provided by the reason and forethought god a Tho principle is thus illustrated a let us suppose a company travelling through the desert As the israelite travelled from Egypt. Such them As had the forethought to provide themselves with vessels water would acquire a just right property Iii the water so carried and in the thirst the waterless desert those who had neglected to provide themselves though they might ask water from the provident in Charity could not demand it in right. Quot for while water itself is the Providence god the presence this water in these vessels at such place results from the Providence the my who carried it. Thus they have to it an exclusive right. Quot but suppose others use their forethought in pushing ahead and appropriating the Springs refusing when their Fellows came up to let them drink the water save As they buy it them. Would such forethought give any right a your holiness it is not the forethought carrying water where it is needed but the forethought seizing Springs that you seek to defend in defending the private ownership land in proposed remedies. A believing that the rights True property Are sacred we would regard forcible communism As robbery that would bring destruction. But we would not be disposed to deny that voluntary communism might be the highest possible state which men can conceive. Quot nor do we say that it cannot be possible for Mankind to attain it. Sisoe among the Early christians and among the religious orders the Catholic Church we have examples communistic societies a Small a St. Peter and St. Paul St Thomas Aquin and Fra Angelico the illustrious orders the carmelites and franciscans the jesuits whose heroism carried the Cross among the most Savage tribes american forests Tho societies that wherever your communion is known have deemed no work mercy too dangerous too repellent a were Are communists a knowing these things we cannot take it ourselves to say that a social condition May not be possible in which an All embracing love shall have taken the place All other motives. Quot but we see that communism is Only possible where there exists a general and intense religious Faith Aud we see that such a state can be reached Only through a state ustice. For before a Man can be a Saint in must be first an honest a a so Long As private property in land continues so Long As some men Are treated As owners the Earth and other men can live it Only by their Sufferance human Wisdom can devise no Means by which the evils our present condition May be avoided. A nor yet could the Wisdom god. By the Light that right reason which St. Thomas Speaks we May see that even he the almighty so Long As his Laws remain what they Are could do nothing to prevent poverty and starvation while property in and As for the state helping workingmen to buy land that is treated by . George As hopeless and what the British government is attempting in Ireland is compared to the attempt to build Snow houses in the arabian desert Plant bananas in Labrador. Will not be Content with a living. A the ferment our Timo does not arise merely from the fact that workingmen Rind it harder to live the same scale Comfort. It is also and perhaps still More largely due to the increase their desires with an improved scale Comfort. This increase desire must continue for workingmen Aro men. And Man is the unsatisfied animal. is not an whom it May be said so much grass so much Grain so much water and a Little Salt and he will be Content. On the contrary the More he gets the More he craves. When he has enough food then to wants better food. A when he gets a shelter then lie wants a More commodious and tasty one. When his animal need Are satisfied then mental and spiritual desires arise. This restless discontent is the nature Mao that nobler nature that raises him above the animals politics at red heat. Brisk warfare along the Lins in the old Bay state. Presidential race Cleveland Speaks. plate making mrs. Gouda re shunt for tin. By so immeasurable a Gulf arid shows him to be indeed created Iii the l Kenes god it is not to in quarrelled with for it is Tho motor All Progress. Quot it is this that has raised St Peter s dome and Dull dead Canvas made the Ango to face the Madonna to glow it is this that has weighed suns and Analysed stars Aud opened Page after Page Ute wonderful works creative intelligence it is this that has narrowed the Atlantic to an Ocean ferry and trained the lightning to carry our that is opening to us Obs Sites Blaines health re Ops him out the which All that our modern Civ Izzat has As yet accomplished seems Small. Nor can it he repressed save by degrading and in Bruning men by reducing Europe to Tiro moral leaching the ency Lic it. Quot you Tell us that virtue is the common inheritance All that Alt Mon arc children god the common father that All have Tho same last end that All Are redeemed by Jesus Christ that the blessings nature and the gifts Grace belong in common to All and that to a1 except the unworthy is promised Tho inheritance Tho kingdom heaven a if theology be. As St. Thomas Aquinas held it the sum Aud focus the sciences is it not the business religion to say clearly and fearlessly what that wrong is it was by a deep impulse Tim old to Hon threatened and perplexed by general disaster men came to the oracles to Tusk in what have we offended the gods a today menaced by growing evils that threaten the very existence society men conscious that something is wrong Are putting the same question to Tho ministers religion. We hat is the answer they get Ains with few exceptions it is As vague. As inadequate astute answers that used to come from Heathen oracles. Quot now what is the prayer Christendom a the Universal prayer Tho prayer that goes up daily and hourly wherever the name Christ is honoured that ascends from your holiness at the High altar St. Peters and that is repeated by the youngest child that the poorest Christian Mother has taught to i up a request to Lier father in heaven it is. A give us this Day our daily bread a a yet where this prayer goes up daily and hourly men Lack bread is it not the Busi a fore Long. From a gentleman who is i voluminous and the next two weeks will i a fully employed in tiring the popular to the i resident i git am a great every where. A full report Hon. In it cannot Dock its ministers a Ness religion to say wit so shall not scoffers Natoci Elias mocked the prophets Baal saying a cry with a louder voice for he is a god and perhaps he is talking is i an inn. Or a journey perhaps he is asleep and must to awake in a there is the answer the Only trite answer men Lack bread it is not that god has not done hts part in providing it. Of men willing to labor Are cursed with poverty it is not that the storehouse that god owes Man has failed that the daily Supply he has promised for tile daily wants his children is not Here in abundance. A it is that i piously violating Tho benevolent intentions their creator men have made land private property and thus Given into the exclusive ownership the few the provision that a Bountiful father has made for All. Quot any other answer than this no matter How it May be shrouded in the Mere forms religion is practically an atheist Cal answer. Today. A today a wider deeper More Beneficent revolution is brooding not Over one country but Over the world gods truth impels it and forces mightier than he has Ever before Given to Man urge it . It is no More in Lite Power vested wrongs to stay it than it is in Many a Power to stay Tho Sun. The stars in their courses fight against Sisera and in the ferment today to him who Halo cars to hear Tho doom Industrial slavery is sealed. In Trinity Church. A last sunday evening in Tho new York Church that All the churches in the world is most richly endowed i saw the Cross carried through its aisles by a bundled choristers and heard a priest that English Branch the Church that 300 years since was separated from your obedience declare to a great congregation that the labor question was at Bottom a religious question that it could Only be settled the basis moral Rig it that Tho first and clearest rights is the equal right to the use the physical basis All life and that no human titles could set aside gods gift the land to All men. A and As the Cross moved by and the choristers sanguine be the christians War cry tile Cross Christ the lord men to whom it was a new thing bowed their Heads and in hearts Long steeled against the Church As the willing hand maid oppression Rose the a god wills it a the grandest and mightiest crusades. To tile i Oil a. Quot servant the servants god i Call you by the strongest and sweetest your titles. In your hands More than in those any living Man lies the Power to say Tho word and make Tho sign that shall end an unnatural divorce and marry again to religion All that is pure and High in social aspiration. Quot wishing for your holiness the Chiefest All blessings that you May know the truth and be freed by the truth wishing for you the Days and the strength that May enable you by the great service you May Render to humanity to Matte your pontificate through All coming time most glorious and with Tho profound respect due to your personal character and to your exalted office. I am yours Washington Ort. 13.�?although Tho surface Thoro is very Little going in National politics at tile capital just now the underground wires Are being very adroitly manipulated the effect which will to seen be fur very clo Deal interesting and valuable information. Coming As it docs from the White House it can he relied . In the first place Tho president does not believe that . Blaine has any intention returning to Washington. The news has Corno to him that . Blaine is a paralytic that Hoha a stroke paralysis before lie wrote his Anions letter from Florence and that he As Well As his family realize that if . Blame s health is to to preserved lie must abstain from All excitement and hard work menial and physical every kind. Out deference to . Blaino s feelings and because to do. S not want to have it suggested that to is crowding the Premier out his Cabinet the president will not even remotely intimate to him that he Hail better tender his resignation. To Long As . Blaine cares to retain the title Secretary state Ami nominally appear before the Public As the head the Depari Mem state the president is willing to allow the arrangement to Continuo but no one need be surprised at any time to hear that . Blaine has tendered his resignation and that Gen. John w. Foster Indiana has been appointed his successor. Loud cheers for Grover. Enter Exco Gressman John e. Russell congressman George Fred will Ains mid Joseph Neil Aud Josiah Quincy continue to pour hot shot into tile Republican ranks and sex speaker Thomas b. Reed Maine has been imported to add his weighty Bel to the Republican orators among wide congressman Henry Cabot Lodge Benito Hoar col. Allen c candidate for governor. Collector Beard take leading places and do notable work. T e speeches both id Bear a remarkable likeness to All that has gone before and arc based National issues rallies than those relating to the state. Both parties profess the utmost con Fidenco lit the result course hut gov Russell carries great weight with him and is highly popular while the criticisms hts arc Little Force and fall lather Fiat this is notable tit View the fact that the governor is a different political Faitt from that his Council t in legislature. Tho Republican orators chuckle Over the fact that the governor has been kept in a a political Strait jacket a a fact which show Bow pile Rdo All their Erit Cisin hts administration must be. The literature tile Campaign ii master general is not so enthusiastic As he Tho two principal Point that will be dwelt in . Wan am Akers. Recommend a the Trot the year tons Arete Extension the free delivery system and Tho improvement the in Allerton Al hit till i Ufi Cit Section service. A sex president addresses the democrats Kings county n. Brooklyn n. A a a oct. 14. The democracy this City held a grand ratification meeting this evening. Sex president Cleveland was presort and delivered an address. When he entered the Hall he was cheered for two minutes. was introduced by cite works commissioner Adams in a Eulogi Stic speech which was interrupted frequently by applause. When . Cleveland arose he was greeted with Quot three cheers for our next president a after some preliminary remarks . Cleveland said my extreme interest in the state Campaign now pending arises from a Conception its importance which i do not believe is at All exaggerated. The fact that it immediately precedes a National Campaign in which Tho vote new York May be a controlling Factor is itself sufficient to enlist the activity y every Man entitled to claim a place n democratic councils. Besides this the failure the part the democracy the state to further emphasize its support the reforms to Whilt Tho National democracy is pledged we must All Contess would be a party humiliation. Mckinley a whipped Man. Sincerely Henry mrs. Thurman dead. Life partner the old roman passes away their Beautiful life together. Columbus 0�?z oct. 17.�?mrs. Thurman the wife judge Allan g. Thurman died this afternoon. Or. Thurman a Early Law practice was at Chillicothe o., and its income was devoted to the support a widowed Kotlier. So it was late in life when he married Mary Dun daughter Walter Dun Kentucky. They were therefore both Southern birth which in a great measure accounts for the hospitality for which they have always been noted. Mrs. Allan g. Thurs an. Their son and two daughters Are married the latter residing one in the East and the other in the far West. The following Beautiful tribute to mrs. Thurman and tier distinguished husband was written last year just before the enthusiastic birthday Celebration Quot the old roman a and though death has changed the tense one would much prefer to leave it As it was written in the Happy belief that Quot somehow somewhere a the old relationship will be revived never again to be dissolved a a mrs Thurman is living and shares the happiness her distinguished husband. Wha is about his age and is his True helpmate. In fact they Are two lovers whose attention to and care for each other is As constant and affectionate is though they were in the Bloom youth and just entering Iron the sea Matrimony. It is with Peculiar Devotion that mrs. Thurman Waits upon her husband. His pet name for Lier is Mother,1 and sometimes he is heard to Call her she directs his every movement about Tho House and he obeys with a smile As meekly and lovingly As a child. Her watchful Eye is always upon him and always bespeaks affection and care. Such is their daily association that it is a matter common remark that they Are As lovingly foolish As two Young a ready maid suit. Chicago Tribune Algernon Kitty in in that is will you cry a Kitty yes Algernon i wiil did you bring a ring tin plate fake and whiskey have floored him says mrs Gougar. Mrs. Helen . Gougar one the most Earnest Ami indefatigable speakers the prohibit tamp arrived in town today and will i so in Tremont Temple tonight go Iso has just completed a Long e. A Jed. Avg oar Iii Ohio where she in r exuded the Humbug Campaign n i the republicans at Piqua. Into Ety intelligent political observer and tier no Lysis the situation in Ohio is to a Lute sting and i Retty sure to be As accurate to can be made at this time. To a Globe reporter this morning she talked entertainingly the Buckeye Campaign. Quot two weeks she said Quot maj. Mckinley would have carried the state by 25,000. Today i think to would be Defeated beyond a doubt. The Campaign is going right against him now. Here is not Tho great interest thai the outside Public have been leu to believe existed out there. The attendance at the rallies has been greatly exaggerated and Lite Campaign Bias been so Long drawn out that the reaction has commenced. Quot it has degenerated now into a Campaign Boodle Aud whiskey Mckinley is elected it will be Wigely heralded As a Victory for Protection but it will really be due to the whiskey Clement who Are generally in favor the Republican Candi state As Campbell has made himself unpopular in that Quarter account his enforcing the sunday Law. Quot but i think Thero is no danger his election. This tin plate fake i can Call it nothing else will defeat Nim Quot you remember How maj. Mckinley went to Piqua Ana made a piece tin plate which lie proudly exhibits tile stump. A Well the Republican press heralded that fact far and wide and glowingly pictured the Gallant major buttoning his run e Albert closely about him. Seizing Tho tongs and tin plating that piece Sheet Iron. Quot a there the question is settled now. To plate can be made in America a they All shouted. Quot a Ell i went to Piqua determined to see that no plate Mill. I went to the office the firm saw the manager and asked to to shown Over the establishment. A a a i would like to see some the product your in Iii a i said. Quot a Lien he picked up from his desk a Diece tin plate about 24x18 inches. Quot i asked him if that was All lie had hand and to said that it was. Orders had been heavy late he said and the product had All been shipped away. Quot a Well a i said a if orders have been so heavy i suppose the Mill is running night Aud Day to keep up Wilt tile demand. Please take me Over the lie smiled a sort sickly smile and said that the Mill was not running that Day but he would show it to me. Quot while we wore going out to look at the Mill i asked him what the output tile Mill was Aud he hesitatingly said that he supposed they could turn out 26 boxes a Day a Pinch. A i found that tile Mill was nothing but a corrugated Iron Mill and it was not till we had bean nearly through it that the manager pointed to a Small Kettle surrounded by a Small Brick Furnace that i saw Tho tin plate part it. Quot he said that was the place where Mckinley had made Bis tin plate. The Kettle wits nothing More nor larger than an old soap Kettle such As our mothers used to have to make soft soap in. There was some Black looking stuff in it which the manager poked and showed what looked like a mass Lead under it. A id like to make a piece tin plate a i said a to show that this is not a fake a but the manager said the Metal was not molten and it could not be done. Next i asked him to show me the boxes in which they shipped the tin plate away. Ile said they were All out them lie could give me no idea their size. A i then told him that i thought the w Hole thing was the greatest piece political trickery i Ever saw. Quot i spoke in Piqua that night and when i mentioned the tin Mill every one laughed. It was a standing joke in Tho town. Quot the democratic press Lias done nothing but make fun it. Aud have not treated it seriously. The Independent Aud prohibition press has exposed the Humbug and it has been finally moved to Pennsylvania where the republicans Are again claiming they Are making Large quantities tin plate. The democrats Are asking them Why if the Industry was so valuable they permitted it to to moved away from Ohio. Quot Mckinley is working hard and making a Brilliant Campaign but to has not the personal popularity gov. Campbell and s not at All a magnetic Man. Quot Hie joint debate helped Campbell with the independents. stuck to the Tariff and would not be switched off to t e Stiver Issue although Mckinley tried hard to do in Massachusetts. Cry where. A Mil report John e. Russells address to the Farmers the Tariff will lie found in another column Tim prohibitionists Are especially Active this year and among the coloured voters they Are putting in seed which is expected to yield att abundant liar Vest election Day. They Are to place upon the stump Rev. C. N. G ran Iii son president Bennett College Greenville n. C. Anil a Coal Black orator in opposition to i aug ton who is to resume Tim Republican stir no. Next thursday evening mrs. Helen m. Cougar Indiana will make her second address in Tremont Temple Aud the col lowing thursday the 29th, she w ill speak at a noon meeting in Faneuil Hall. The prohibitionists have printed 40,000 copies a circular containing the party platform together with Quot Tho decline and fall the Republican party Quot and Quot Republican progressive Temperance legislation a and there is still As much Deina Uii for it As Ever. The Republican club is preparing a Cir Cular for Railroad trainmen who Are sup posed to be inimical Togo. Russell because his Arluro to Crocker. There is considerable activity at Headquarters and there is a feeling among republicans generally that Victory is in Tim air Georgia a governor seeks re election. Birmingham ala., oct. 17.�?gov. Jones opened his Campaign for a renomination in this City last night. declared himself against Tho sub Treasury and tie land loan schema and government ownership rail roads. On the Silver question to said it was no use to fall out about it. To believed that Grover Cleveland was one Tho great est democrats this country which Solu Tion Tim question w As greeted by Thun tiers applause. Little rumpus a bout Ruth. Or. Cleveland says there is some mis unde standing concerning the b rth certificate the baby a cunning silk socks. New York Ort. 15.�?baby Ruth Cleveland is not yet two weeks old but the pretty infant Lias raised a rumpus among the Oft vials the health depart moot such As has not been known in a Long time previous. Health commissioner . Joseph in Bryant who is also Tho family physician the Cleveland was As mad As a Hornet yesterday Over what he termed a tempest in a Teapot. Or. Tracey was non committal and . Nag to said that the Jungle was founded Ona misapprehension. A Story was published to the effect that the birth the lobby had not been reported to the Bureau vital statistics within to Days after the event As is required by Law and intimating that . Bryant and Grover Cleveland were liable to indictment and Tine Tor Tho alleged neglect. It was intimated also that in order to shield commissioner Bryant a Dummy certificate Only partly titled out had been made by chief clerk Tracy and placed the files Tho health department. The facts were Learned yesterday by a reporter. On oct. 8 . Bryant filled out the usual certificate birth but for borne reason he did my desire it to be Scon. It was therefore carefully placed away in the big Safe the health department and a copy made for Tho regular Blo which certificates Are kept. The copy was not a Complete one and an observing reporter who caught sight it jumped to the conclusion that no certificate had been made out in proper form. The Story followed and aroused much indignation among the health officials. Fir. John t. Nagle the Deputy Register vital statistics said that lie could not Tell w by . Bryant w anted the genuine certificate kept so closely guarded so far Ashi was aware there were no other certificates the birth famous personages kept in the Safe. Or. Bryant would not Tell his objections to allowing Tho certificate birth to Boex posed to View he said that it was against the rules the department to do so however. Once a month the certificates Are taken out and bound. Until oct. La therefore the baby Cleveland certificate will remain locked up while its place the tile is taken by the copy. Or. Cleveland had nothing to say about the matter except that to regarded it As Ute result a misunderstanding. Miss Ruth Cleveland is having such a Good time that she does not concern herself whether she is registered not she has not been ill beyond the usual ailment babies since tile Date her birth and mrs. Cleveland too is progressing rapidly toward convalescence. Presents front All quarters continue to come into town for the baby. A in my factoring firm in Buffalo who do not want any free advertising have sent . Cleveland a Beautiful baby Carriage for the use miss Ruth when she grows big enough to use it. The head the firm is said to have made a Carriage for mrs. Cleveland when she was an interesting baby. The Carriage is made the finest wickerwork the body resting Springs especially made for the purpose and which respond instantly to any weight placed upon them. The Carriage is lined with the most delicate tint Bine silk and is provided with an adjustable canopy top a Darker Shaie. The whole is set off with a Dainty edging valuable lace giving the effect a Fleecy Cloud like Bower. When baby Ruth is rolled along Madison a. In this gorgeous equipage it is predicted that All the other babies will Chew their thumbs in envy. Tile baby a wardrobe Lias been completed and it is said to have Cost almost As much As a Young Belles Trousseau. Among the articles Many which were gifts from the society friends the proud Mother the following Are described As being particularly Fine six silk skirts each four feet in length Anil different colors imported expressly from Paris six pairs soft blankets five hand embroidered flannel skirts tour Satin lined shoulder blankets six silk wrappers six hand made dresses a dozen pairs cunning silk socks a brocaded Satin coat costing $75. And a finely engraved toilet Case filled with Silver articles which must have Cost Over $100. A a Ozug men who think that it does not Cost much to dress a baby would be surprised if they could see a b la for miss Ruth Cleveland a expenses so far in Lier Short life. In about three weeks it is the intention mrs. Cleveland and the baby to go into the country far away from the Bustle and noise the political Campaign. Or. Cleveland will stay in town until the voters have decided who is to be the next postal savings ranks. New y Ork oct. To. A a Washington special to tie Herald says that postmaster general Wanamaker is collecting data for Bis annual report to Congress the features which will be similar to those last year. During the past year he has been making experiments in one two branches the service and to i t Likely to make a special Point for their development. Hts postal Telegraph scheme is not dead All reports to the contrary notwithstanding. Or. Wanamaker is thoroughly convinced that one the most beneficial additions to the present postal service would be the establishment savings Banks at Post offices. His experience and the reports from the country generally during tile last year convince Nim More thoroughly than Ever its practicability. The demand for such institutions Iii farming districts and Small villages where there Are no regular Banks has been growing steadily. will recommend that there be no More than one Bank for every to Miles area and that the interest paid deposits he one half i per cent. Lower Titan that paid by private i Ankers. With regard to Peony postage the Post political warfare waxing hot speaker Reed the stump. Tho political contest in Massachusetts grows exceedingly warm As the Day election draws near. The democratic speakers among whom Are Chat lies to be noted gov. W. E. Russell Hon. Gen. John to. Corcoran candidate for lieutenant gov ruined wheat Fields. Millions bushels destroyed by rain smuggling horses from Mexico other business matters. Minneapolis minn., Ort 14.�?the suspense Over the wheat crop North Dakota and the Northwestern counties Minnesota a grown into positive alarm. Up to yesterday it was generally hoped the Grain could to threshed during monday night however heavy Rains set in Alt Over the North country which changed to Snow yesterday morning and kept falling All Day. The storm extends As far South As Minneapolis and All threshing operations Are suspended and will not be resumed before next week even there is no More rain Snow Mill and elevator men declare this morning that from 3.000,000 to 6,000,000 bushels wheat will be utterly ruined. Col. P. B. Walker said the situation last night a i have just returned from a trip through Tho threatened Section. It Renado my heart ache to witness Tho ruin. In order to appreciate it one must actually see it. There Are thousands simply wonderful wheat Fields almost utterly destroyed by the Rains. The report published do not cover half the in Richland Cass and Mickey counties it is probable that at least one half the Grain has been threshed and one half the remainder is in the stack. In Sargent and Ransom counties not Over one third has been threshed and it is possible that one third the crop has been stacked. In grand Fork. Walsh and Pembina counties not Over 15 per cent. Of the Grain has been secured and very Little stacking has been done. In Traill county but one third the Grain is thrashed and a very Small proportion is stacked. The wafer stands several inches deep Many Fields in some parts Walsh county and the Grain is thoroughly soaked by capillary attraction tit addition to Tim moisture from the Rains. Around devils Lake in the Turtle Mountain District and in the James River Valley about one third has been threshed and most the rest has Lieen stacked wheat left in Shock has been very badly injured All Over the state but some it will Grade fairly woh when threshed As it has been placed Iii stack to sweat after being somewhat bleached. Tilers has been much careless stacking this year and considerable Grain which it was impede to protect m this was is now wet through Aud heating. This is As accurate a statement the situation in lids state As can he gathered through conversation with the Farmers All Over the state and through Many correspondent. plate again. Now a Bonus $2.40 per Box is talked . The Baltimore american reports a con stinger tin plate As saving that $200,000, too $20,000,000? will be paid in duty in to years tin to establish american tin works. Ile argues if the government were to do with tin As it does with sugar Aud pay a Bonus tin plate $2.40 a Box. It would not $15,000,000 to establish the am bean tin works beneficial for the sugar Trade it might to beneficial for the tin Trade against these statements and arguments them eau lie set a Long account with illustrations. Printed in the Philadelphia inquirer tin plate works in operation in Philadelphia. All that this account wants to be real value significance is a Clear statement the actual production at the establishment de scribed. A daily capacity to boxes 112 sheets each rooting tin is claimed for the Philadelphia works. It is added the Tho firm intends to set up big works where Tho Sheet will be made from american Iron steel the tin and Lead will come from american mines and none but americans will be employed the inquirer notes the other works in use in process erection and gives a desorption several now in volition and processes applicable to tinplate manufacture. From this account it appears that the prices foreign and Domestic to. In pigs is about the same. Until july i 1893, tin is free which explains Why the american article costs no More than that imported. How much the american mines turn out is another matter and statements relating to that Point Are yet to be made. Busy week in Cotton. New Orleans get. 17.�?Secretary Hester a weekly new Orleans Cotton Exchange report issued yesterday shows the largest movement Cotton during any single week in the history Hie Trade. Tho amount brought into sight during the week was 499,851 Bales against 386.197 for the corresponding seven Days last year an increase 30 per cent., making the total thus far for Tho season up to Date 1,796,213, against 1.687,869. An increase Over last year 108,364 Bales. The statistics the Trade prior to the current year show that Only one occasion has the amount brought into sight for seven Days been Over 450.000, Aud that was during the week ending oct. Is 1890. Tariff fights in France. Parts oct. 17.�?the customs committee the Senate met in session yesterday. M. I Bot minister foreign affairs and m Roche minister the colonies defended the governments proposition for raising the american pork and to substitute therefor a duty 20f. Several members spoke at length in opposition to the measure. A deputation the synodical chamber the Corn Trade yesterday waited upon m. Roche the colonial minister and urged the establishment a duty upon foreign flour in order to prevent an excessive importation american brands. Smuggling horses for Mexico. San Antonio tex., oct. 17.�?Henry Terrell. Deputy United states attorney for que District who returned yesterday from the upper Rio Grande Border states that a heavy business in smuggling horses and attle from Mexico into the United states is being carried All along that part the Border. Since tile passage the Mckinley Bill which places a ditty $30 per head horses Aud $10 per head cattle the smugglers have found the inducement to Carryon a profitable business irresistible. It is a hard matter to get All the offenders. Owing to the fact that the River is at such a Low stage during the greater part the year and Lite animals Aro driven to its Banks and allowed to ostensibly stray across. When they Roach this Stile they Are again rounded up Aud sold at a big profit. Scientific rain making. Texas expedition produce $500,000 Worth at Cost $25,000. Camp Edwards Powers tex., oct. 18. A rain has come and Given the expedition under John t. Ellis the wetting they have been working for. Thero is not a Man in the whole Region who does not agree that it was brought wholly by the efforts Tho rainmakers. Tho barometer was rising and fair weather was predicted. The Moon Rode High in the cloudless sky. And every one said the rain Experiment must necessarily fail when at i in get the heavy firing which had been kept up for several hours closed and five minute guns were substituted. At 4 a. A. A balloon a exploded almost in the Clouds that were gathering and the mortar Battery began heavy firing. In two the rain came Down and continued for an hour and half. An Inch water fell during that time. Reports from places from 15 to too Miles away say it rained even More heavily at other Points. The stockmen value this rain at about half a million dollars and it has Cost just about $25,000.__ Mutual congratulations. Marneros Bazar Jack congratulate me old fell in a engaged. Fred a so am i. Jack no that so who is she Fred Lulu Smithers. Aud yours Jack Lulu Smithers. We re in Luck old shake. Lexington by. Ile hold the fastest Lark Ever trotted by a stallion. 1111 detail the spirited Bac with Champion de March. Lexington. By. Get 15.�?the great Day the Kentucky breeders meeting is Over Aud Allerton reigns undisputed King All trotting stallion he holds the fastest Mark Ever trotted by a horse and today beat de March in a race and de March held the race record Foi stallions. It was easy for the son Jay Bird it wrest the race from his opponent so easy that de March looked like a poor race horse alongside him but Allertonwa in the shape i life and could bar beaten his rival had he been Able to go three beats Clove up to 2.12. So Good was Allerton that c. W. Illiam expressed the desire before the race that he meet the trotting race Queen. Nancy Hanks in which now have an interest for today she a bought by j. Malcolm Forbes for a reported Price $45,000. The people came from the uttermost Cor tier sew England from All the state around Kentucky from Tho East Tho a est Aud away from California to see the great races and when Allerton heat de March Aud was crowned King All trotting Quot Tai Quot Lions 25,000 people looked and hailed him Victor. It was a sight never to be forgotten. It was a race the Ike Man had never gazed . And it left Allerton just where he was tie fore though it would have Cost him a great Deal reputation to lose. The Day was Chilly though the morning promised Well. Hie track according to John Splan and other Good judge that Rod Over it was rough and too hard for phenom malty fast tune so that the great race was a wonderfully fast one. Allerton can beat Alt the Trotters a he stands at present a the Best judges. Racing commenced shortly afternoon. There were to starters in the 2.32 Pace and the betting was no indication the result the heat was a close one Between in Rector and Lucy by a but Proctor won in then came Tho greatest trotting event the age. A race Between stallion Kings. It is Allerton Aud de March. With 5 to 4 Tho Jay Bird though sometimes Del Anarch sell even. Quot Are you ? asked starter Walker. Both Drivers nod. A de March has the pole Quot is the next remark and the horses go up to score. Once they came Down und then Allerton led too far Ami the hell rung. The second time Down de March is unsteady and although lie was never known to leave hts feet be Breaks. It is in Tup same Way in the third Allerton outscored de March. In Hie fifth score Allerton is a neck behind. But starter Walker says Williams has the reputation being a game Man and he drove the beat As if he had it won from the Start. Laid up to de March and Felt him out. Then after the Quarter was passed lie came tip to Del March wheel and waited. On that stiff upgrade to the three quarters Allerton went up to his opponent neck and Doble hit the Sou la a it brine with the whip. Wonder wonders be Canto Back to him and then Allerton could not lose the heat unless he made a mistake lie was not doing it. And the Home stretch the Jay Bird horse a Tad him Renton at Hie distance. Then to came Home easy in 2.13 a. A crowd is a Peculiar thing. De March does not get a word a he come out for Tim second Lieut for he did not win the first. Allerton is the Peoples idol. In jogging Down de March does not go Quot Good they score ouch Down and again Allerton seems to want to run away the Trot. Lie is too far ahead. The next score away they go. And Allerton takes a length from de March tit 60 Yards. Doble tries to get Tho pole but when he finds Allerton can Lieut hint at that game he takes Back and trusts to Del March s Brush the stretch. The Jay h re horse has an open length from de March at the half hut at the head the stretch Doble had reached Auer Tou s sulky. Doble gives his horse the Whin but at the distance Flag the son Ramorino is beaten hopelessly and Williams takes the horse Back so As to give him an easy heat and he absolutely jogged Allerton borne in 2.15. Then what a yell though the keen Edge the thing is taken away by the ease with which Allerton beats the racing King. The yell goes no again when . Walker announces that the last Quarter the mile was in 311 As. It was now $100 to $5 Allerton and there were a few bets at tile Odds $1000 to 50. Allerton had a Little the Best the Send off and drove out into second horse position. Then he took his horse Back and Only we ent slowly to the Quarter. Williams looked Over Bis shoulder and saw that Deh Narch was not coming up Lam so lie sent Allerton along to the Naif. had two lengths the Best de March at that and was going at an easy gait Foi him. was going with that Resolute skills that denoted his Power. beat de March at the distance stand Aud then Williams looked Over at his rival and. Came Home easy in 2.15%. Special race. Burse $8000 3 in 6, to harness. Allerton to. H., by Jar Bird. I i i de March b. Ti., by ilarubriao.9 2 2 Tiu. Quarter. Half. First heat.33% 1.00% second heat.36 1.09v third heat.35v 1.09% mile. 2.13% 2.13 2.13% prize for a play. One thousand dollars for a dramatization a Black through . George t. Angell the american humane society offers a prize $1000 for the Best equestrian drama Quot Black Beauty a to embody the merciful teaches that famous Book t is proposed to have the decision and award made by a committee consisting three the managing editors Boston dailies who May consent to perform the duty by a committee to be appointed by them. The drama must in the judgment the committee be sufficient interest to entitle it to a proper Public presentation by a dramatic company. All dramas competing for the prize Are to be sent to the office . Angell 19 milk St., before the first Day next May. A memorial Fountain red scotch Granite is now being erected in Ansonia. Dunn., in memory miss Ann 8ewell, author a Blac Beauty. Sex gov. Hale dead. New Hampshire sex executive fames away at Brooklyn yesterday. Keene. N. a oct. private despatch announces the death sex gov. Samuel whale at Brooklyn. N. Y., this morning at the residence his brother. Henry a. Hale aged 68 years 6 months. Samuel Whitney Hale a born in Fitchburg. Mass., april 2, 1823. Hts Grandfather. Moses Hale came to Fitchburg from old Newbury and was a Farmer by occupation. Samuel Hale a also a Farmer. was a director the citizens Bank Keene Aud the Wach sett Bank in Fitchburg. Mass. His benefactions have been numerous and generous. While he was Verv reticent concerning such matters it is Well known that he bad been instrumental in educating a congregational Clergyman a missionary a physician Aud a Young lady the latter at Holyoke Seminary in addition to which he gave at one time toward building a congregational Church in Keene. In the 12th Day september after a most exciting and hotly contested canvass he received the Republican nomination As candidate for governor. His election followed and As governor he continued until 1885. Way up. New York Telegram Quot what did you like Best in Europe a a Weil i heard the Eiffel Tower highly spoken .�?�

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